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Power Ranger Tradings Cards

Series 1

Series 1 cards were released in 1994 and had 72 cards in the set what makes it confusing is in each pack you got a foil bordered card so to complete the set you needed to get all the regualr cards and the foil set (hard to do) you would most likely complete the basic set in one box (sometimes two sets) but it takes 4 or 5 boxes to complete the foil set. Also each pack contained a P.O.G. there was 10 pogs in all 5 were pictures of the power coins and the other 5 were of the power morphers. There was no chase cards in this set. The cards were packaged 8 cards per pack 36 packs per box (box is purple) and they are longer available. WebMaster's Note: These cards can be found in Kay-Bee Toy Stores (Boxes).

Series 1
Series 1 Box


Series 2

Series 2 was again 72 cards and was a continuation of series 1 hence the cards start at #73. As with series 1 there is also a foil set to complete (fun stuff) also this set has 12 magic morpher cards which are packaged 2 per box. You can complete a full set of the base cards in one box (somtimes 2 sets) but it will take 3 to 4 boxes to complete the foil cards set. The magic morpher cards you would most likely need a entire case to get all 12 (I only have 2!). 8 cards per pack 36 packs per box these are no longer available. It was also released in 1994.

Series 2
Series 2 Box (hobby)

Also series 2 was release twice the second release was the same cards with red borders. The foil set also had different borders as well! To my knowledge there was no chase cards in this version of the set.To tell the difference between sets the boxes are different colours and the first set is labeled hobby and the red bordered set is labeled retail. The red bordered set was also more abundant to find ,so the yellow bordered are sought after by collectors. These were also released in 1994 and are also no longer available.


The New Season

Series 3
Series 3 box (retail)

The third card set was entitled Power Rangers: The New Season This set was again 72 cards (starting from 1) and had Yet another foil set to collect (see series 1&2) This was one of my favorate sets. The first release of this set had no borders and was printed on better card stock then the first 2 sets. This set Had 7 chase cards which were plastic cover cards. These were released in 1994 as well. this set was packaged 8 cards per pack with 1 foil card and 1 bonus card of the 3 new rangers (Adam, Aisha and Rocky) You could complete a set in a box (somtimes 2) you will also have 4 million bonus cards since there is only 3 different ones. The foil cards will take from 3 to 4 boxes to complete and the plastic chase cards will take 3 to 4 boxes as well. This set is no longer available.

New season card 12

The new season also had a second release. The second release had large green borders and did not look as good as the first release this sets foil borders were almost identical to the red bordered release of series 2 hence alot of confusion. This has not been confirmed but 9 cards in the set did not have foil counterparts cards 37-45. (if you have any information please let me know) also this set had a new set of 8 chase cards entitled the "white ranger series." This set also had the bonus cards of Aisha, Adam and Rocky. this version was also labeled retail and was packaged in a red box with the white ranger on the cover (the first release was in a blue box labeled hobby) this set is once again no longer available.

Kimberly [White Ranger]

New season (green)

White ranger card


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

This is one of (if not the) best Power Ranger sets yet. This set was released in 1995 by Fleer. The set is 150 cards (no foils!). The cards are printed on very good card stock (even better then the new season) and are of excellent quality The set has 3 types of chase cards the first the power pop up cards are packed 1 per pack and there is 24 different ones.

The second chase cards are holofoil cards which there is 12 different ones.

The third chase cards are the 8 NinjaZord Holo foil cards -- These ones look really kewl!. the silver foil cards are packed 1 per 8 packs and the NinjaZord cards are packed 2 per box.

The set was packed 8 cards per pack plus a Power Pop up card, it is possible toget all 3 chase cards in one pack. If you only want to complete 1 set this is the best one to collect. This set is no longer available.

Power Rangers the movie (box)


Power Rangers Turbo


This card set is a Kmart exclusive set and is a 60 card set with 50 standard cards and 10 foil chase cards (randomly packed). Most of the cards are pictures (drawn) of the rangers, most of the cards are very similar, there is about 5 or 6 cards of each ranger in a different pose, also the set contains some pictures from the movie but sadly none of everyones favorate ex-Pink ranger, Kimberly plus no mention of Jason either. The cards are packaged 8 cards to a pack and sold for about 1.15 a pack.


Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

This card set is divided into seven separate groups (PR, ZD, MR, MZ, WP, VC, and EA). Each group of cards consists of one regular card, one gold card, and one hologram card.


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