Dark Star Two
by: Apollo

The new Ranger, Darkstar Geo, carefully tiptoed behind Alpha. A mace materialized in his gloved hand. Zodacia had carefully messed up the Power Chamber's censors. He raised his arm and slammed the mace into Alpha's back. In a shower of sparks Alpha collapsed. In his left hand a green blaster appeared. He aimed both weapons at the two tubes in the Power Chamber. In a shower of glass and light Zordon and Dimitria were finally gone. Geo laughed to himself and teleported out.

Adam awoke with a gasp and shot up in his bed. It was the third time he had the dream in the past four days. Zodacia hadn't attacked since. She was obviously trying to strengthen her Rangers. He checked his bedside clock that read 6:30 in bright digital numbers. He pulled off his sheet and got up. It would be long before the alarm went off so he got out of bed and practiced his new stunt show routine.

* * *

"I'm bored." Zodacia sighed. Her Rangers were sleeping happily in their chambers. She wasn't planning of returning them to their homes. She tossed the black empty coin into the air and caught it.

"Zodacia, I grow weary of your failures." Zedd grumbled. Not to mention he didn't particularly like Zodacia herself.

"It will all be over soon. I promise." She was confident in herself that things would go her way soon. She still had two Darkstar Rangers to discover and she already consulted the mirror about her latest two. "I'm off." She said before teleporting in a mandala of flame.

* * *

She landed in her next victim's room it was an early Saturday morning and the girl would sleep for hours. Like her last visit she hadn't thought up a plan for this one yet. She smiled as a plan came to mind it was perfect. In a flash of yellow she was changed into a Yellow Turbo Ranger look alike. She shook the girl's bed just enough for her to wake up.

"Huh?" She asked herself as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. She opened her eyes and saw the Yellow Turbo Ranger standing a few feet away from her.

"We need your help." She tossed her the coin. "We need a substitute for the Pink Ranger. Will you do it?" The black coin in the girl's hand glowed yellow then a bolt of lightning appeared on it. She blinked again as to check if she was still dreaming.

"Yes!" She said happily and then jumped out of bed only to have black light surround her. Her armor was black, like the others, while everything else was yellow. The light disintegrated into the coin and she fell back into bed and continued to sleep.

"Darkstar Thunder, forget. And now one more to go." She smiled and teleported to her next stop of the morning. She now stood in the young man's room. He was still soundly sleeping in his bed. She was bored and felt like being cruel. Her Charge Pistol appeared in her hand and she kicked the bed.

"Hey!" He said and shot up in bed. Zodacia had the pistol aimed carefully, not that is was loaded or anything. "What are you doing here?" He asked. She tossed him the coin.

"What do you want me to leave?" She asked innocently with the gun still pointed at him.

"Yes I would." And then the coin worked it magic. Finally her last Ranger stood before her, Darkstar Geo. "You will forget."

* * *

"You have your orders." She said to her fully assembled team of Rangers. The nodded and teleported. Darkstar Geo landed in the Power Chamber. Zodacia had carefully messed up the Power Chamber's censors. He raised his arm and slammed the mace into Alpha's back. In a shower of sparks Alpha collapsed. Adam felt a wave of dizziness wash over him as he carefully practiced his routine. He tapped the button on his communicator and teleported to the Power Chamber.

"NO!" He shouted. The Ranger in his nightmare already had both weapons aimed and Zordon and Dimitria. Zordon tried the alarm but it didn't work. Adam jumped up and kicked the two weapons out of the Ranger's hand and pulled his Morpher.

"Earth Ranger Power!" He shouted. He squinted as nothing happened. Geo knocked the Morpher out of Adam's hands and reached for his mace. Adam grabbed the blaster on the floor and pulled the trigger. Beams of dark light flew from the tip and struck Darkstar Geo painfully and he teleported out. Alpha VI hobbled in from the back room and looked at Alpha V on the floor.

"I can repair him. Just gimme a day or two." He said with his over exaggerated Brooklyn cab driver accent.

"Alpha, scan Adam for any spells." Zordon said.

"Gotcha, big guy." Alpha VI said. He prayed Alpha V would be allright soon, he really didn't want to listen to Alpha VI's voice nonstop. Alpha VI held a blinking device in front of Adam. "Nope, negative. But there seems to be a power radiating from him." He answered.

"Adam, how exactly know when Darkstar Geo would be here?" Dimitria asked. Adam looked up.

"I don't know. I just have been having a dream about it." He answered. Zordon nodded.

"Adam it appears that some of Kalika's power has been transferred to you. You can see into the future, but that power is blocked off your Morphing capabilities." Dimitria answered.

"I'm psychic?!?" Adam asked bewildered. How could Kalika's power rub off on me? I was only with her for five seconds? She must be powerful then.

"It appears so." Zordon answered.

"Then how can I get rid of this power?" He asked.

"There is a weapon in the center of the Maze of Illusion. But no one has ever successfully accomplished the task of getting to the middle." Dimitria answered.

"Alive?" Adam asked. She nodded. "Why was I expecting that to be the answer?" The ever-annoying alarm echoed through out the Power Chamber. The Viewing Screen showing an image of all six of Zodacia's Rangers out in the park.

"Alpha, send the other Rangers to deal with them." Zordon said. "Adam, you'll have to leave for your quest immediately. There is no telling what could happen with a Ranger short." He said.

"You must go now. Prepare for teleport." Dimitria said. A soft white light exploded in the Power Chamber then replaced by green.

* * *

"Hey, Tommy!" Kim said. She sped closer to him on her Roller Blades. She cautiously put her foot out in front of her to maintain balance. Darkstar Aero laughed.

"This was supposed to be challenging?" She asked to herself. A wave of invisible energy swept by the two Rangers.

"Watch OUT!" Kim yelled. She lost her footing and crash-landed on Tommy. They both were sprawled out on the pavement. Tommy sat up.

"You should watch where you're going Miss Wheels of Death!" Tommy said angrily.

"ME? You're the one that popped out of nowhere!" Kim said and brushed herself off.

"Yeah OK. And what color is the sky in your world, Miss Perfect? You crashed into me!" He said and stood up. Kim stood up to meet his eye.

"HA! Smashing into pedestrians at mach eight is just one of my many hobbies. Plus, the only thing I could possibly crash into is your ego! It's huge enough!" Kimberly snapped back.

"Why don't you look me in the eyes and say that, Small Fry." Tommy said.

"And WHY don't YOU quit bossing me around. Mr. 'I'm the almighty Red Ranger. Do as I say!'" A flying kick, which barely hit the two, interrupted their argument.

"Would you two SHUT UP?!" Aero said. A second later their communicators beeped and Zordon informed then to teleport to the park.

"We'll finish this later." Tommy said before teleporting. Kim turned to Darkstar Aero.

"Can you believe this guy?" She asked her before teleporting out.

* * *

Adam landed in a lush green forest. Ivy wrapped its way up trees and an occasional bird would sing. A thick mist covered up the path ahead. He walked through it to find two doors. Each neatly painted white with the words 'Easy' written in neat calligraphy on one, and 'Difficult' written the same way on the other. He brought his hand to the doorknob of the easy door then hesitated. "Nothing right is even done the easy way." He said and opened up the difficult door. The woman in the trees nodded and was obviously pleased.

"Good luck, Adam." She said. The door opened soundlessly and he stepped into another cloud of fog. The door closed and disappeared behind him. When the fog cleared he saw an ugly looking torch-like monster.

"Hold still!" The monster ordered. The orange-stripped kitten meowed pitifully and dodged another tongue of flame. An unexpected line of fire singed the cat's fur. It meowed again and licked its coat.

"Hey!" Adam shouted. That was the perfect distraction he needed. He leapt through the air, grabbed the cat, and rolled out of harm's way. The torch monster growled and disappeared. "Are you alright?" Adam asked the cat. He was glad he was there alone. He really didn't want anyone to think he was nuts for talking to a cat. The cat meowed and struggled out of Adam's arms. "OK." He said. The cat jumped to the ground and walked off into the trees. Congratulations. Adam shivered. He though he heard a voice through the trees. He walked forward only to stop. A small, not sturdy looking rope bridge way the only way to get across the canyon. An angry river flowed hundreds of feet below. He started across the rope bridge. When he was halfway across the rope on the left began to snap. He shouted as the left side let go and he hit painfully against the right way of the canyon. Adam looked up and prayed. The frayed ropes were starting to rip slowly with Adam's weight. The rope completely snapped. Adam started to fall. He searched for anything to grab onto on the way down. About ten feet down he finally grabbed a hold of a green ivy plant that was growing its way down the canyon. He sighed in relief. And then the plant ripped.

* * *

"Where's Adam?" Tommy asked as he was fighting a shadow.

"What too tough for you?" Kim asked. She was doing just fine so far fighting Darkstar Thunder. Zodacia stood in the middle of the field just watching. She enjoyed the little arguments Tommy and Kimberly were having. Kim abruptly shoved Tommy away from the shadow and destroyed it.

"Show off." Tommy muttered as he got up to his feet.

"What's with them?" Tanya asked.

"I don't know. They're acting strange though. I'll get Alpha to run a scan." Kat said and tapped her wrist. The battle suddenly stopped the Darkstar Ranger just stood there. Then suddenly threw the coins on the belts to the sky. Six vehicles landed noisily. In a thin gold line Darkstar Solar jumped into his vehicle.

"Solar Jet!" He shouted. The jet flew into the sky.

"Geo Driller!" Darkstar Geo shouted.

"Aero Glider!" Aero shouted.

"Marine Sub!" Marine shouted.

"Thunder Rover!" Thunder shouted.

"Storm Tank!" Storm shouted.

"They have Zords? Oh goody." Brian mumbled.

* * *

"Need help?" Kalika asked. She just teleported into the backroom that Alpha VI was working on Alpha V.

"Da though occurred to me." He said.

"Hand me that thing over there, OK?" She asked and pointed. Alpha turned to look for it. Kalika pulled out the compact disk from her sleeve and placed it in his back. Alpha V shook slightly then hunched back over again.

"Is this it?" Alpha VI asked. He turned around to show Kalika the item in his hand but she was gone. Alpha VI returned to work. "Dat girl creeps me out." He mumbled.

* * *

Adam shouted as the plant ripped out of the soil. He was falling down the canyon again until he grabbed onto a ledge about an inch or two thick. Then the idea hit him. The falling ropes of the bridge were a few inches away from his head. He couldn't grab it with his hand because he didn't know if he could hold himself with one hand. He stuck out his left leg and a rope landed neatly on his shoe.

"And now the hard part." He mumbled to himself. He lifted his foot up and high as he could and quickly grabbed it with his left hand. He was relieved that in the millisecond he was supporting himself with one hand he didn't fall. He hoisted himself onto the small ledge. He checked to see if the rope was sturdy, and it was. Probably one of the strongest pieces. He tied a loop at the end and looked up. About five feet above him was a large rock jutting out of the side of the cliff. He swung the rope up and the loop of the rope looped around the rock. He yanked on the rock twice to check if it was sturdy. He climbed up and looked for something else to climb the rest of the way. Two wooden posts that the rope bridge was tied to stood another five feet above him. Like he had before he looped the rope around the post and hoisted himself up. "I made it!" He said happily to himself. He turned to see Zodacia about a hundred feet away running toward him. He knew it wouldn't be long before she got there. He looked at the impossible jumping length of the canyon and frowned. "Not even a gold medallist can jump that far." He groaned then looked back. Zodacia was halfway toward him. He took a good length of running room and sprinted as fast as he could to the ledge. He jumped off the ledge and tried to run in midair. Everything seemed to go in slow motion to him, as he was less then halfway to the other side. He still continued to soar through the air. His senses returned to him, as well as gravity. For the third time that day Adam was beginning to fall. . .again.

* * *

The Ultra Megazord and the Warrior Megazord were doing terribly. Pegasus was just thrown violently back by the Darkstar Megazord. Then the evil Megazord stopped in its tracks.

"I hate it when they do that." Kristin said from her ship. The Darkstar Megazord's eyes lit up and a barrage of laser flew to the Warrior Megazord. The Cosmic Ship flew forward to shield the Warrior Megazord. The Ship went down and Kristen fell out.

"One down." Darkstar Solar said. The evil Megazord's eyes lit up again and a huge sword appeared in its grip. The Darkstar Megazord jumped into the air and slashed a multitude of time. The Zords tumbled and each Ranger fell out. Zodacia teleported in a flash. Each of the Rangers were on the ground unconscious because of Zodacia again. Tommy groaned and got up slowly. With a snap of Zodacia's finger he de-morphed. He floated slowly to her. She grabbed his shirt.

"I knew there was something strange about you." On Tommy's forehead shone a green symbol, the claw-like shape that was on his Dragon coin. The Mirror of Clairvoyance appeared in her hand. She knew the mirror couldn't lie but she altered his vision so that he saw what she wanted him to. She let him go but he stood still, mesmerized by the images in the mirror. The original Green Ranger in various battles with the others was displayed clearly in Tommy's mind. She stroked a hand through his hair. "Thomas. You know you were evil. You never stopped being evil. You betrayed your friends once you can easily do it again." She said.

"No." Tommy shook his head weakly. "I was under a spell. I wasn't my fault." Zodacia laughed and traced her finger across his cheek.

"Tommy, you are evil. Evil inside, and never stopped being that way." The mirror glowed green and continued the show the scenes of previous battles. "You were never good. Why do you think Rita chose you? She chose you because of a fire of evil blazing inside you. . .pun intended. Zordon was a fool to try to tell you otherwise." Tommy looked down in shame.

"I did betray them didn't I?" He asked. The symbol on his forehead shone brighter than before with a brilliant shade of green. The green light engulfed his body. In front of Zodacia was the Green Ranger with his flute dagger in his hand. In a mandala of flames and a burst of green the two teleported out.

* * *
"NO!!!!" Adam shouted. In a flash of light green energy surrounded him. He was suddenly floating. He stopped floating when he was a few inches above the other wall of the canyon. "What happened?" He asked. Everything was shrouded in fog again. When the fog cleared he was standing in front of a mirror exactly his height. The glass on the mirror waved and shifted. He saw himself sitting chained in Zedd's cave just before he, Rocky, and Aisha became Rangers. The snake inched its way toward him. Adam thought exactly what he did then. He just wanted to give in before that snake killed him. He felt like such a coward. The image shifted he was now in the Youth Center just itching to punch Tommy more that a few times. The Hate Master's spell was totally controlling him. "Stop it!" He shouted. "I made up for those things!" The image shifted again but to this time what Adam was thinking about. The Black Ranger and the Green Ranger fighting against evil and helping his friends. He took a deep breath and the images stopped. He heard clapping behind him.

"Congratulations, Adam. I knew you could do it." Adam turned to see a woman with the fieriest hair he'd even seen.

"Excuse me?" Adam asked.

"My name is Kia. Adam, you passed half of the test. The illusion part." Kia answered.

"This was all a test?" Adam asked. Kia nodded.

"When you chose the door marked 'Difficult' over the one marked 'Easy' you passed the test of knowledge. You knew that whenever you're in a crisis with evil there is no easy way out. When you saved the kitten you passed the test of compassion. You risked your life for the life of another, which you do daily. When you got across the canyon you passed the test of perseverance. No matter how many times you fell you kept getting up. You faced impossible odds but still came through at the end. And lastly, when you passed the mirror test you looked back at some times that you regretted in life but passed the test with flying colors." Kia said.

"What was the green energy that made me float?" Adam asked.

"That was the power of Earth, with a little help from me." She answered.

"So where do I go now?" Adam asked. Kia nodded and led him to a tree. They both climbed up. Kia pointed.

"That is the maze. In the middle in the weapon you seek." She said. Adam could see and of the winding passageways of the ivory colored maze, but most importantly he could see shinning green light in the center.

"Where you the voice?" Adam asked.

"Yes I was." Kia nodded.

"When do I begin?"

"Now." Kia answered.

* * *

"What the hell is he doing here?" Rita asked enraged. She would never forget her old Green Ranger.

"Chills please, Rita. He's with us." She said. "Well, he will be as soon as you finish the spell."

"Spell? What spell?" Rita asked.

"The spell you will cast on him to make him permanently evil." Zodacia answered.

"Listen, Blondie, I'm not having HIM in this palace." Rita said. Zodacia grabbed Rita's book.

"Fine I'll do it myself!" She flipped through a few pages. "There is nothing for permanent evil spells in here."

"Duh." Rita said and rolled her eyes.

"Oh well. This will have to do." Zodacia mumbled a few words and green shimmers of light flew off her fingertips and surrounded Tommy. "It's done." She said. Tommy sat back on Zedd's throne and ran the tip of his Dragon Dagger across the surface of the handle.

"Oh yes." Zodacia said. She raised her right arm high. In a line of blood red light a double bladed sword appeared. The sword's blade was silver, with a scarlet colored dragon coiling around the handle and ending in the middle of the blade. The handle was gold with a ruby starburst adorned on it.

"It's amazing." Rita said wide-eyed. She was actually jealous of Zodacia for once. "What is it?"

"The Serpent Sword." She answered. She noticed three finger holes, like that of a flute, in the hilt, and a mouthpiece-like handle. "The Scarlet Serpent power is the twin to the Green Ranger. Now that I have awakened him my powers have finally returned." She sighed happily. "OK Green Ranger. We're going to have fun." Zodacia snickered.

* * *

He ran as fast as he possible could. A hungry shadow chased after him after he triggered some mechanism is the wall. He ran into every winding passageway there was but he couldn't shake off that damn shadow. He finally lost him and he stopped to catch his breath. Adam knew he had just triggered a booby trap of some sort he felt a button click under his shoe. He dropped down just as spears whizzed by where his head was.

"Ouch." He said and continued on. "I need a marker." He said. He picked up a stone and drew an arrow on a tile. "I think I've watched The Labyrinth one too many times." The passageway forked into three ways. He chose the middle way and walked on. Like an Indiana Jones knock-off he heard a rumbling sound. A huge boulder rolled swiftly toward Adam. He ran as fast as he could and leapt into another passageway. From out of nowhere the kitten he saved ran past him and scratched at a wall. "What is it?" He asked the cat actually almost expecting an answer. He leaned on the wall to pick up the cat and it knocked over. "Thanks cat." He smiled and rubbed its forehead. Adam now stood in a room with jade colored floors. Seven crystalline pedestals where in the room, each beside a mirror. On each pedestal was an animal. "Our Ninja Spirits." He said.

* * *

"Where's Tommy?" Tanya asked.

"That man is just probably to arrogant to ask for directions." Kim mumbled.

"Yup, there's definitely a spell on 'er." Alpha VI said.

"Yeah, sure. What's wrong with hating Tommy?" Kim asked.

"Alpha, is there any way we can reverse this?" Kat asked.

"I'm working on it." Alpha VI answered.

"How is Alpha?" Billy finally asked.

"Why don't you ask me yourself?" Alpha V said. Zordon nodded.

"Alpha VI. Since Alpha V is back to normal why don't you do something? Preferably far away?" Zordon suggested. Billy has GOT to rewire that robot's voice circuits!

"You're OK!" Kim smiled. She was happy Alpha was all right.

"Alpha never goes down without a fight." Billy said.

"Speaking of fighting. That Darkstar Marine-. . ." Brian began.

"Josh Hart." Alpha said abruptly.

". . .is one hell of one." Brian finished.

"What about my brother?" Kim asked.

"Darkstar Marine." Billy said.

"Josh Hart." Alpha said again without hesitating.

"Zordon, was Kalika here?" Billy asked.

"She was, Billy. But only for a short time." Zordon answered. Billy nodded and circled Alpha.

"Here it is." He said and pulled out the silver CD that was in his back. He inserted it in a computer drive. A hologram of Darkstar Marine lit up. Blue light flashed form the morpher on the hologram's belt. Billy pointed.

"There, that's his weak spot." He said.

"Darkstar Marine is my brother?" Kim asked shocked.

* * *

Adam touched the statue closest to him, the crane. It let out a deafening screech and he backed away. Next was the Falcon who fired red beams out of his eyes. The Fox, Wolf, and the Panther growled angrily. Next was the Frog.

"Of course." He said to himself. He touched the statue and the mirror rolled open. Kia was waiting for him at the other end.

"Adam, you made it!" She said.

"You had doubts?" He asked. Kia pointed ahead. Levitating above three white stairs was a brilliantly shinning green bubble of light. Adam slowly walked up the stairs. As soon as his hand touch the green bubble he was wearing his Ranger uniform but with no helmet. He grabbed something and pulled it out.

"It's the Emerald Ax." Kia smiled. The entire weapon was gold and Emerald. Now on the handle was the engraved symbol of the Earth.

"It's awesome." He said as he ran his hand along its surface. "So does this mean I'm healed?" He asked. Kia nodded.

"You're not psychic anymore. If you need to know you're future you'll have to talk to Latoya on that one." Kia laughed.

"When do I leave?" He asked.

"Whenever you're ready." Kia answered.

* * *

"ATTACK!" Zodacia ordered. Her Rangers charged forward.

"Aim for the coins." Brian reminded them.

"I heard that." Zodacia said and then brandished her Serpent Sword.

"I want a turn too." Tommy said and teleported in. He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

"I would hurl but I have a helmet on." Kim muttered. Zodacia turned to her.

"Kill her." Zodacia said. Tommy morphed into the Green Ranger and ranger at Kim with the Dragon Dagger upraised. He was about to bring the dagger down on her when Adam teleported in and blocked that dagger with his new ax.

"Green is sooo you, Tommy." Adam remarked. "Zordon filled me in."

"Hold on." Brian said. He whipped out a Sai and hurled it at Darkstar Aero's coin. She hunched over in pain and groaned.

"She'll need time to heal." Zodacia said and muttered a few expletives under her breath. Kimberly clutched her head and groaned.

"I was right." Brian said. "I smashed her coin and the spell was broken."

"How did you know it was her?" Kat asked.

"The Power Chambers' sensors tracked Aero at the park this afternoon" Brian answered.

"So are you guys leaving?" Adam asked.

"Shove it." Zodacia groaned and teleported.

* * *

"Goo-. . ." Jarock began.

"Don't talk to me." Zodacia muttered. "Have you seen my sister?"

"I don't know. Maybe a house fell on her." Sophia said with a smirk.

"There you are." Zodacia slapped her sister. "Bitch! Why the hell did you let their weak spot?"

"Where you trying to tickle or chafe me?" Kalika asked. Kalika and Zodacia continued their argument. Sophia went to her husband.

"Ever since Miss wonder bra showed up you haven't noticed me!" Sophia shouted. Rielik kissed her. "Are we always this articulate?" She kissed him and whispered in his ear. "You know, those aren't real." Rielik nodded.

"I know." He answered.

"WHAT? You've been looking?" She clamped her hands over his eyes.

* * *

"So you really think he's up there somewhere?" Kim asked. Kristin nodded and stepped away from the telescope.

"Yeah, he's there somewhere." Kristin said.

"He's really over the moon for me." She said and laughed.

"So do you miss him?" Kristin asked. Kim nodded sadly.

"Yeah. I do."