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Bullet Akiko Bullet

"The Purple Ranger Saga"

Who is Alex Jamison?
Here's the inside scoop on the Purple Ranger!

Rough Starts
How did Alex meet them all?

The Purple Ranger
King Mondo does his metallic best to get his hands
on an Adam's old girlfriend!

Think Pink!
When you something done right the first time, you get a lady to do it!

Brawn over Brains!
There's a lot of trouble for the Rangers caused by
Rocky and Adam's old girlfriend not getting along.

Knight in Green Shining Armor Saga
Without his powers, Adam must rescue a friend on an
entirely different world!

"Unda da Sea:"
Earth's Rangers return the favor when three of the
Alien Rangers disappear.

Two Become One
After returning from vacation, Alex discovers that things have changed.


Bullet Akiko and Aya Bullet

The Virus Hunters
A mysterious illness has targeted the Rangers!

The Fan is Mightier Than the Sword
Trini shows that it isn't your weapon but how you use it.

The past and present meet.


Bullet Chasarae Albert Bullet

"Mutant Rangers"

The Untold Power of Yin and Yang
There's a stranger haunting Angel Grove . . .?

The Heir
Michael is the heir to what????

Reflections of the Past
Is Michael, the son of Lord Zedd and the heir to his empire?

The Quest
Is this the end of the Power Rangers??

The Fight for Freedom
The fight will never end.

The Search for Answers
A friend shows up where least expected.

"Children of the Universe"

It Begins
A tale begins . . .

The Weapon of the Egyptians
They land in a strange universe.

"Stand Alones"

A Wrestler's Nightmare
What every wrestler worries about!


Bullet Apollo Bullet

"The Trials of Triumph"

The Beginning
With a new enemy, the world needs some old heroes.

Shadow of a Doubt
Armed with their new powers, the Elemental Rangers
must fight a foe they don't want to beat: Kat.

Things look bad for the Rangers, but the light of victory
is just around the corner.

Games of the Mind
Their enemies trap the Rangers in nightmares that could destroy them.

Follow the Gleam
Is it truly the darkest hour for the Power Rangers or is
there a gleam of hope left?

Kat must do some timetravelling to keep history on track.

Aquitian Transfer
Billy's reunion with Cestria isn't a happy one, when the
Aquitian Rangers need new powers.

The Visitors
Two new arrivals spell trouble all around.

Dark Star One
Two sisters arrive on the moon, and the Rangers have
trouble they might not be able to handle.

Dark Star Two
The quest for the evil Rangers continues, while Adam goes
on his own search.

Zodacia seeks the ultimate weapon of darkness, which
only Kim can destroy.


Bullet Arielle Bullet

"Return of an Old Friend"

Pink Homecoming
An old friend has come back.

Life or Death
Andros has been injured!

Together at Last
Are Andros and Kimberly together at last?

Now and Then
A lot can change over time.

The Silver Surprise
Kim and Billy discover a new ranger???

Family Reunion
Andros finally finds his sister.

"A New Generation"

The Discovery
A new generation has come to be.

The Decision
The kids find out the truth about their parents

"Stand Alones"

Double Trouble
The Rangers meet Sweet Valley High. . . !

Man in Black
Adam is having second-thoughts about stepping into Zack's shoes.

Truth or Dare
The gang play a game, and they may never look at each other the same.

Lights, Camera, Kat
Katherine has a class assignment to make a video.

Family Tree
A class assignment proves VERY interesting...

Kimberly in Wonderland
Kimberly finds herself in another world.

The Full Moon
A LOT can happen in the events surrounding a dance.

False Accusations
Words can hurt the one's you love!

The Face on the Postcard
Not all junk mail is junk.

The Dark Rangers
Lord Zedd creates another batch of Dark Rangers.


Bullet Ashley Bullet

"Ashley's Past"

Building a Mystery
New friends arrive . . . or are they old ones?

Sword of the Ninjetti
To rescue their friends, a quest for three mystic swords must be held.

We Need You Back Here, Now
Another Ninjetti is discovered, and old friends are found.

The Split
The Rangers have to split up.

Gaining the Power
TJ gains a new power.

"The Beginnings Series"

Stay With Me
What if Ashley had stayed with Andros?

Ashley is the victim of an attack.

Ashley and her family learn something about their past.


Bullet The Angel of Death Bullet
Paladar`'s Exclusive

Dark Red Turbo Ranger Legend

Danger Detonator

"The Black is Back Saga"

Chapter 1
The last battle of a young warrior named Tomlics.

"The Phantom of the Green Ranger Saga"

Double of Tommy
Lord Zedd decides to make a double of Tommy to
destory the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but
turns badly wrong.

Phantom Green
The Phantom Green Ranger calls to Tommy for help . . .??

"The Mega Saga"

The Mega White Ranger
A new White Ranger is born.

Mega Learning
Tommy stars to learn how to use his new power, a new Ranger comes to
town, and Lord Zedd's mother comes to help him destroy the Mega White


Bullet Melanie Bisson Bullet

"Allies of Destiny"

Dark Legacy R Rated Story
Tommy and David find they have a sister, but could being turned evil
run in the family?

Shadow Child
An old friend returns, with a dark secret.

Ancient Tale
Danger stalks the Earth.


Bullet Tarma Brighthawk Bullet

The Preludes Saga

Desire for Power
Jason is reeling from his experiences on Muranthias.

Pink Kitten
Kat remembers being under Rita's spell. . .!

Broken Blue
Is Rocky regretting his decision???

Blue Choices
Justin gets some advice from an unexpected source.

Trini is returning to Angel Grove!

Golden Melody
Tanya is in love.

Silence of the Mind
Zack's not dancing now.


Bullet Brooke Bullet

"Reunion Series"

Rocky finds his sister that he thought was dead.

Identity Crisis
Rocky and Kris have a couple of inside guests. ..

Nature's Fury
Mother Nature at her best ????

Remember Me
Kris's past comes back to haunt her!

The Crossing
Someone has not yet passed over.

"Stand Alones"

History's Echo
What happened once, will again!

The Ultimate Armageddon
Has Earth's fate been sealed?


Bullet Elisabeth Anne Bullet

The Reunion and The Wedding
Two weddings taking place, and Divatox can't resist causing trouble!

The Reunion of Original and Space Rangers
Just like old times . . . .!!

"Non-PR Stories"

Karone's Story
Touched by an Angel
Part 1
Parts 2-4
Karone gets a summer job.


Bullet Shelly Corvin Bullet

An Old Flame Returns

"The Road Rules Adventure"
They've been chosen as the new cast . . . and they're in
for the ride of their lives.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

"I Will Remember You"

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Missing Your Love
Kim is back, and Tommy knows what she wants to do but
can't do . . . in person.

"Stand Alones"

I'll Try to Forget You Too
Tommy is having a problem with understanding the letter.

Another Day Alone Without You
Tommy needs to talk with someone about the letter incident.


Bullet Dazzler Bullet
Paladar`'s Exclusive

A demon clown haunts the young Rangers.

True Love
They were meant to be together.

Kim is charged with murder. . . !

Never Marry a Cowboy!
Mama told me "Never Marry a Cowboy!"

This Kiss
A tale of witches and spells. . .

Secret Prince
Is Billy a long-lost prince?

"Love Forgotten"
A Sailor Moon Love Story.

Part 1: Dark Sailor Moon


Bullet Cara Fox Bullet

"Dark Legion Series"

Hidden Identities
Is it possible that the Ranger teams were created
for something more than defending one planet. This
and more is revealed when the ranger's are brought
back together by a hidden force.


Bullet JC Festa Bullet

"Syber Series"

New Friends
Only time will tell, if these new friends are good or bad!

The team is gonna have to make some adjustments.

Blue No More?
Is there a "new" Blue Ranger????

Adjustments 2: The Transfer
Help is never too far away!

Are You That Somebody?
Jc is having a bit of an identity crisis.

The Boy Is Mine
In a young man's mind, a mental war is raging.

Return Of The Ninja
A celebration for the Rangers could be interrupted!!

A Purple Rising
Jc must overcome his past in order to have a future
as a Soldier.

A Recharged Spirit
Kimberly must face her shadowy past before she can
become a Ranger again.

"Stand Alones"

Raising The Dead
As Andros parties away his first Halloween with the Rangers,
Astronema decides to crash and make it a Halloween Andros
will never forget!


Bullet Patricia Huffman Bullet

"The Guardian Ranger Series"
A predication of the future holds the key!

Part 1
Part 2


Bullet KrazieKat Bullet

"Guardian Shadow"

Gathering the Guardians
Tommy learns he has more family beside David, while Rocky
learns of a tragedy that his hit his family. Meanwhile, some old
Rangers learn some things of their own.

Alex's Past
Alex learns something big about herself.

Jen meets a person who is surprisingly like her.

Two new people have arrived in Angel Grove.

Secrets Revealed
Two more people have arrived in Angel Grove, but they
are from a dimension where the Rangers are on television.

Shadow Lords and Ladies
The side of evil has their eye on Alex.

Barrier's Fall: Imminent Release*
The Barrier is weakening and Rangers and Guardians alike
must spring into action to deal with this.

Barrier's Fall: Banishing the Shadows*
The Barrier is to be sealed, no matter the cost.

Barrier's Fall: Focusing the Shadow Nexus*
Defeating the Shadow Lords did not bring an end to their troubles.

Lonely Among Us*
The search for their lost friend continues, while Tommy begins to heal.

Muiranthias Adventure
The trip to the unholy island isn't quite the same as we know!

Web of the Dark Lord
Co-authored with Hellfire
A strange visitor from another universe means
danger for Rocky especially.

Wishing You Were Here
Nightmares and regret are on the menu for this day!

Cause and Effect
The travellers return home to something they didn't expect.

Welcome Back
Alex is still in grave danger.

Times of Change
Changes are arriving.

Shadow Twists
More evil Rangers are gathered.

"Gem Born"

Gem Beginnings
Zedd's sister has arrived seeking reborn warriors to serve her.

Gem Breaking
Dejanna has one Gemborn already, but she wants them all. . .

Gem Cracking
Dejanna will do anything to dominate her warriors.

Gem Discoveries
Tyler learns something that could end her servitude, but is it in time?

Gem Dreaming
Tyler tells the others of the past.

"The Archer's Tale"

Sibling Rivalry
Jason's sister has a deep secret.

"Reality's End"

Reality's End
Reality ends...and a new one begins.

Zedd's Rangers are waiting.


Bullet Adam Safran Bullet

Q War
What do you do when the one of the most powerful beings in the
galaxy joins the forces of evil and its your job to hunt him down?

First Blood
The first blows are struck and they are fatal ones.

Let It Begin
There's no turning back.

The First Coming
The Rangers have to deal with one large monster.

Slice and Dice
Battle time.

Rogue Hunting
Past and present encounter one another.

Enter the Path
Ravage wakes up.

An Explanation
A few answers come to light.

Coming of the Darkness
Evil is coming...

Good versus evil.

Is it over?

A resistance begins.

Assembling the Forces
Various forces of good are drawing together.

What is happening to the Rangers?

A Daze in the Life
Just a day.

A dangerous battle takes place.

The battle dawns.

"In an Imperfect World"

In An Imperfect World
Zordon chooses an entirely different set of Rangers.

Day of Disaster
Something goes wrong.

"Non PR Stories"

Code of Vermin
Dinobot is out of commission. Now who is going to save
the Valley from the Predacons?


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