by: Apollo

Kimberly let out a weary sigh and started the routine again. She began practicing the martial arts with Adam and Tanya to brush up on her already rusty skills. She knew that with an evil Tommy around she wasn't exactly safe. She brushed off her pink tank top and threw the final punch.

"Allright guys, I have to book it," She said after checking the time quickly. Tanya went to shut off the tape.

"Me too. I need something to eat," Adam added and went to gather his gym bag.

"Same time tomorrow then?" Tanya asked then took a gulp from her yellow water bottle.

"Same time is fine," Adam nodded. Kim turned to leave. Adam put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. "Be careful," He said. Kim smiled and nodded.

"I will."

* * *

Tommy aimed the crossbow skillfully. "Careful," Zodacia said. The arrow flew from the crossbow with chilling accuracy. The arrow pierced Tommy and Kimberly's prom picture at their joined hands.

"Excellent," Zodacia cooed and rested her chin on his shoulder. Tommy reloaded another arrow. "Happy hunting," She said. In a flash of light he teleported out. Zodacia went to her room with a smile on her face.

"Badin," Zodacia sighed and touch the frame with the picture she painted of him on the dresser in her room. That was the only time in her life she regretted who she was. She sat down on her bed. "I miss you so much," She continued. He didn't even know who she was when she passed out half dead at his doorstep. She made up an identity and he took her in. He died fighting her army. Zodacia's eyes brimmed with tears and she reached out a trembling hand to place the picture back on the table but the picture fell off the edge. Zodacia was crying when the frame shattered; muffled sobs and tears streaming down her cheeks. After a few minutes a gentle knock came at the door. She immediately stopped weeping and wiped her cheeks on a tissue she pulled from the drawer.

"Zodacia?" Kalika asked and popped her head in the door. There was still a mark on her face where her sister slapped her a few days prior. "Are you all-. . ."

"Go away," Zodacia grumbled. Her sister shut the door and Zodacia sighed. What injured me so badly anyway? The memory hit her and she stood up suddenly. "The Sword of Omni!" She shouted loudly without meaning to and ran out of the room with a look of determination on her face. "Kalika!" She called.

* * *

"Tommy?" Adam asked. He could've sworn he saw him. An arrow pierced the air and nearly hit his shoulder. Tommy was already reloading another arrow when Adam brought his wrist up.

"Zor-. . .," He began. With lightning quick reflexes he jumped up, lashed out and broke the tip off the arrow. The arrow without a tip burst from the crossbow. Adam jumped to the side but unfortunately not fast enough. The arrows skimmed across his shoulder painfully. Adam put his hand over the wound and looked up. He caught a good glimpse at Tommy. He was in green Ninja garb, although it was different than the normal Ninja Ranger uniform. His face wasn't covered at all, and a cape like cloth extended to his mid back. He wore no gloves and the black sash at his waist was adorned with three red circles. On his chest was a gold wicked-looking dragon.

"Oh, I sorry! Was that your shoulder?" Tommy sneered.

"I see you've been brainwashed . . .again," Adam added with gritted teeth. Tommy laughed at that remark and grabbed Adam by the throat.

"Adam?" Brian called. He dropped his gym bag on a nearby chair. "Lieutenant Stone said to lock up when we're done," He suddenly looked up. "Tommy!" He said and bit back a mouthful of curses.

"I'm touched you remember me," Tommy said and tightened his grip around Adam's neck. Adam made a wheezing sound as Tommy picked him up off the floor.

"Put him down, Tommy!" Brian shouted. He already brought his hands behind his back and tapped his communicator. Tommy smiled strangely and literally hurled Adam across the room and Brian. Tommy took out the Dragon Dagger and hurled it at their feet. Green mist spiraled from the floor and the three of them vanished.

* * *

"She actually did something right!" Zodacia said. Kalika safely teleported her to Deristan. She pulled her black hooded cape around herself to hide her face. She stopped at a door with a strange symbol carved on it and went inside. She saw and old woman sitting quietly opening a green drawstring bag. When the old woman looked up she definitely realized that the woman was older than Zodacia first assumed.

"Sit down, child," The old fortuneteller motioned to a chair across from her. Zodacia nodded slightly. She didn't particularly like being called "child". She took off her cape, underneath was a dress that matched her eyes that she whipped up, and sat down. "What is your purpose here, child?" Zodacia leaned forward.

"I need information," Zodacia answered plainly. The old woman was silently placing several colored orbs, each bigger than a large marble, into neat rows.

"Information," The woman repeated and placed a purple orb with a symbol in its middle in the center of the table. "That orb represents you, Now tell me, what do you seek?" Zodacia hesitated; with the wrong wording she would blow her identity.

"I need to know about the Sword of Omni," She said simply.

"Now, why would a nice young girl like yourself seek such a weapon?" The fortuneteller asked.

"I'm older than I look."

"So am I. Please tell me your story, I'll try not to interrupt," She said. Zodacia pondered that for a moment. If she told this woman her whole story she would obviously reveal her identity. But a warm aura of trust seemed to flow from her.

"My name is Zodacia, I am a five thousand year-old sorceress. I need the sword to destroy and enemy of mine, and the earth," She answered.

"Is that your whole story?" The woman queried.

"More or less."

"Why is it that you want to destroy Earth?" Zodacia shifted uncomfortably.

"Badin, someone very close to me died. So I destroy every planet I can get my hands on," She replied.

"Wasn't it your fault that he passed on?" The old woman questioned carefully. Zodacia cast her a horrible piercing-eyed stare.

"You old fool," The old woman tapped her fingers lightly together.

"Looks can be deceiving. Please continue," The fortuneteller added. Zodacia started from the beginning of her story and didn't leave out a single detail. She brushed away a tear that slowly crept into her eye and noticed more of the orbs on the table. The woman motioned to the orbs in the center of the table and each one seemed to give off a shinning brilliance.

"As I mentioned before the purple orb is you," She said as touched it slightly. "Your sister, and the weapon are these." A white little orb twinkled as well as a black one with four multicolored orbs behind it. "Your love," She said, and again motioned to two orbs.

"But Badin is dead." Zodacia added. A little twinkle seemed to dance in the woman eyes.

"Your love reincarnate," She added carefully. I don't love Tommy. Zodacia thought to herself. "The moonlight, and the end." She motioned to the last two orbs. Then suddenly the orbs all flared up, their colors all spiraling in spectacular iridescent beauty. Zodacia put her hand in the light and the rainbow of colors seemed to light up her smiling face.

"It's breathtaking," She sighed wistfully thinking of her past with a shade of regret. The old woman reached out and held Zodacia's hand warmly.

"This will heal in time," The old woman said. The lights suddenly stopped.

"If only that were true," Zodacia cleared her throat. "I'm sorry could you please explain? I don't understand."

"I don't expect you to, child. You will be successful in obtaining the sword, although you will lose someone close to you. You will find unimaginable love and the moonlight will set you free. Do you know the story behind the Sword of Omni?"

"I know of it," She added.

"Badin. . ." The woman paused for a second seeing the hurt look in Zodacia's eyes. "I'm sorry." Zodacia shook her head.

"No, please continue." Zodacia smiled faintly to herself. Badin told her once that he was named after a Deristanian God.

"The god Badin sent down the sword to the King of Deristan, who at the time was Vaudeir, to defeat a huge army from the rebel continent beyond the Polar Circle. After his victory an assassin poisoned him and stole the sword. It turned out that the sword was stolen again and returned back to our side of the circle but never given back to the Royal Line. The father of Badin, your love not the god, got a hold of the sword and before he died gave it to his son. When Badin was older he somehow split it into four pieces and sent them into space and they happened to land on Earth. You have three, when you put them together you will discover the fourth."

"He was always special," Zodacia smiled fondly to herself.

"That is all," The old woman finished. Zodacia pulled on her cape and took out a small leather purse.

"How much for your service?" She opened it and pulled out a few gold coins.

"No payment is necessary," The woman put up her hand to stop Zodacia's protests. "Be well, child. And please don't hesitate to visit me." Zodacia smiled and hugged her.

"Wait," The fortuneteller called before Zodacia went to the door. She tossed her the gold orb. "Chose your decisions wisely."

"I always do," Zodacia said, and then she stepped out.

* * *

A gentle rap came at Tanya's door and she shut off the blow dryer. "Come on in, Kat. The cookies are in the oven," She said and continued to dry her hair. The bathroom door suddenly burst open. "Ah!" Tanya gasped. "Oh, sorry Kat," She said and ran the brush through her hair again not bothering to look up. A forceful kick knocked the brush and the dryer from her hands. Tanya looked up and screamed.

"It's nice to see you too," Tommy added. Tanya ducked and narrowly missed a well-placed tornado kick. She hopped up on the toilet, leapt onto the counter and made a mad dash for the door. She grabbed her communicator.

"Hey Tanya! You better not be burning those cookies!" Kat called from the stairs. Tanya almost never cursed but this time a whole chain of colorful expletives escaped her mouth. Tommy shut off the light seconds before Kat opened the door. A strangled cry came from the darkness and Tommy wrapped a muscular arm around Tanya's neck. "Tanya?" Kat called to the darkness.

"I'm in bed," Tommy whispered hoarsely into Tanya's ear. He loosed his grip slightly.

"I'm in bed, Kat." Tanya called. Kat flicked on the light. Kat, don't! Tanya mentally screamed.

"Tanya?" Kat called again. Tommy's kick connected solidly with Kat's shoulder. She grunted loudly as she fell to the hard tiled floor. The gold dragon on Tommy's chest flashed briefly and green mist rose from the floor.

"Zordon!" Tanya shouted.

"Tommy, NO!" Kat screamed. The green mist enveloped the three of them and they all disappeared.

* * *

"Billy?" Kristin asked and opened the door Billy jumped and dropped his shirt. "Sorry Billy I should've knocked." She lowered her eyes and turned pink.

"It's OK. Just hold on a sec, I have to finish dressing," Billy said and picked up his shirt. Kristin turned her back to him.

"Hey, have you seen Brian? We were supposed to do something today," She asked.

"How are things with you two anyway?" Billy questioned. Kristin smiled briefly.

"Perfect," She replied.

"No, but I haven't seen Adam since yesterday. Oh, you can turn around now,"

"Hey, has anyone seen Kat and Tanya? We were gonna go to catch a movie somewhere but they never showed," Kimberly said.

"Maybe we should talk to Zordon and Dimitria," Billy said. Kristin shrugged.

"Sure," The three of them walked to the two tubes.

"Does anyone know where Adam, Tanya, Kat and Brian went?" Kim asked. Alpha put a finger to his little tin head in thought.

"They haven't contacted us," Alpha answered. Billy furrowed his brow.

"That's odd,"

* * *

Zodacia sat in midair with the little gold orb in her hand. "Choose your decisions wisely," She repeated. A red flash of light enveloped her body. "It feels so good to be back in my armor again," She sighed. She was clad in a dark red bodysuit with an oriental style dragon on her chest. Her hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail and a red cloth covered her mouth and nose. The Serpent Sword appeared in her hand and she ran her finger across the blade. She placed the gold orb in her belt buckle.

"Zodacia!" Rielik shouted. "What the hell are you doing up there?" Zodacia touched the group soundlessly on her red heeled boots.

"Shouldn't you be torturing a few Rangers by now?" Sophia asked.

"Why don't you?" Zodacia asked.

"I did, until that idiot Kat bit me," Sophia muttered.

"I just love the outfit," Rita added while rolling her eyes.

"Like you should talk, Madonna," Zodacia added. Rita turned her head slowly.

"Madonna? Did you just call me Madonna? MADONNA?! That's IT! This bitch is TOAST!" Rita rolled up your sleeves and summoned her wand.

"You should just apologize or something before Rita blows a gasket," Zedd warned.


"And it's even worse when she starts shrieking," Zedd added.


* * *

"I will scan Angel Grove for the other Rangers," Zordon boomed from his time warp. Billy went to a computer. Alpha hobbled over to the remaining Rangers.

"Alpha?" Kristin asked and walked to him. "How about the Darkstar Rangers' identities? Could we possibly find them out?"

"Voice patterns?" Xander suggested. Alpha shook his pie pan shaped head.

"The voice can be easily distorted," He replied.

"Well, that CD said that their Coins are their weaknesses. Maybe we can just destroy their powers and not worry about their identities," Kim added.

"Kim, it's been a week and a half since those Rangers were fully assembled. They're most likely more powerful by now; they grow stronger every day. Just hope we can get rid of them soon," Alpha answered.

"I have an idea!" Billy said excitedly and rambling off a mouthful of science babble.

"Breathe, Billy." Kim remarked. Kristen just made a motion of her hand flying over her head with whooshing sound affects.

"Sorry." She added. Billy nodded and repeated only a little slower. All of them made the same hand motion.

"A retina scan. It should work if we get close enough," Billy replied.

"Could the scan go through their visors?" Kristin asked.

"If I make a device powerful enough it should. Alpha, see if you can narrow down the Darkstar Rangers to as few people as you possibly can," Billy said.

"Right on it." The robot answered and gave him a thumbs-up. Billy went back to his computer work.

"They're gone," Billy answered simply.

"How?" Was all Kim asked.

"Yesterday, Tommy must've went for them," Billy paused for a moment and motioned to the viewing screen after the alarm went off.

"Is that. . .?" Xander asked. Kimberly studied the screen. In the middle of the Darkstar Rangers was Tommy, in a strange Ninja uniform and Zodacia donning dark red armor.

"Aww, hell," Kim muttered.

* * *

"Well it took you long enough," Zodacia muttered as the remaining Rangers teleported into the park. The pink and black cylinder appeared in Kim's hand and she whipped it forward. The whip lashed out of the cylinder and headed straight for Zodacia's neck. "Tsk, tsk Kimberly. You really must stop playing around with these weapons. You're liable to get inured." She smiled and knocked the whip right back at her. "See?"

"Oh, do be gentle with my sister, Zodacia." The Blue Darkstar Ranger sneered.

"Do think I won't kill you if I have to, Josh," Kim added. Marine readied his twisted looking scimitar and made a helpless little gesture with his hands.

"I'm waiting, Big Sis," Xander threw his sword to Kim and she ran forward with it pointing to his neck.

"KILL THEM!" Zodacia screamed and made a beeline towards Billy.

"That little sword doesn't scare me Sis," Marine remarked and parried one of the Pink Ranger's swipes. She quickly kicked him in the stomach and knocked him away with her blade. He flipped in the air and landed agilely on his feet. With blinding speed and godlike force and spun around and landed an amazing kick to her chin. She flew to the ground to catch her breath. Tauntingly slow, Marine walked to her and put his foot on her stomach. "I see you have a little problem, Sis," He said innocently. Kimberly, enraged summoned her Wind Whip again.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" She lashed forward but he caught the whip between his two palms. He yanked her forward and wrapped the whip around her neck.

"You're dead, Kimberly."

Darkstar Storm stalked forward, racing after Xander. Storm suddenly leapt into the air with gravity defying height and slammed his foot into Ninja Green's back. With a loud "Ugh!" and a dramatic topple Xander fell painfully to the ground. Xander quickly flipped back to his feet and used Kim's trick. He kicked Storm in the stomach and while he was hunched over, backhanded him quickly in the helmet. Storm, expecting that punch grabbed Xander's arm and flipped him forward. Storm stood on his stomach and pointed his laser.


Kristin aimed carefully from the top of the hill. She shifted her aim to follow the two evil Rangers and moved her elbow to the left on the grass. Darkstar Aero and Geo stood below looking for her. Aero suddenly pointed. "There!" She boomed. Kristin sent a steady stream of purple lasers at the two of them until Geo slammed his fist into the side of the hill. The ground beneath her rumbled and Kristin rolled down. She immediately booked it to the other direction. In twin streams of pink and green the two evil Rangers dashed forward and knocked her feet out form under her. She tightened every muscle she could and flipped back up to her feet again. The two dark Rangers summoned a multiple stringed bow and a huge club. Kristin put up her fists and gathered her courage.

"So you're the brain, huh?" Zodacia asked and nonchalantly parried one of Billy's powerful swipes from his trident. She thrust her Serpent Sword forward only to be blocked. "You know, you be have bad if you were on my side," she continued, blocked, and then brushed off her nails. "And, hey, you're not too bad looking either," She added. Billy dashed forward and kicked her in the stomach.

"Does that answer your question?" Zodacia smiled sweetly.

"Perfectly," She flipped through the air with superhuman agility and tackled him to the ground. "Oh yeah, don't bother with that retina rinky-dink thing. It won't work."

"How did you find out about that?" Billy asked.

"Do you honestly think you can hide anything from me?"

"Zodacia, stop!" A shout came from the center of the battlefield. A figure dressed in a bodysuit like Zodacia's, but white with an owl with outstretched wings stepped forward. It was Kalika, with her dark hair tied back and a crystalline sword in her hand.

"But out, Kalika," Zodacia shouted back and tightened her firm grip around Billy's neck. She turned around again slowly and put a hand to her mouth in shock. "Th-th. . .," She stuttered. The Serpent Sword beside her glowed with crimson intensity. She picked it up and walked closer to her sister. "I'm glad you remembered," Kalika held out her sword.

"How could I forget?" The two of the lashed forward and the fight began. Sophia giggled from her seat atop the monkey bars at the playgroup as she watched Kalika and Zodacia thrust, parry, block and slash at each other repeatedly. She was even happier when she realized that Zodacia was losing horribly.

"Hey, don't hog all the popcorn," Rita said and tossed a golden kernel in her mouth.

"What I would do just to live this moment over, and over," Sophia contently sighed and flicked some buttery popcorn up and caught it in her mouth. There was a great sound of metal against stone and Zodacia grunted. Rita laughed so hard she almost fell off the bars.

"You know Kalika's such a good fighter. I almost feel bad for Zodacia," Rita added.


* * *

Everything was deathly silently except for the loud clangs of the two powerful swords striking against each other. Zodacia blocked and then flipped herself into the air at Kalika. With deadly grace she landed on a stunned Kalika's shoulders and somehow got a hold of her neck with her feet. Zodacia flipped again, but this time sending Kalika spiraling into the air with her. In the seconds they were airborne Zodacia knocked Kalika's sword from her grasp.

"Yes!" Zodacia said once she landed and stuck Kalika's sword in the ground. Kalika sprinted forward and knocked Zodacia's sword from her grasp. Kalika put the blade to Zodacia's throat.

"Walk," Kalika commanded and pushed forward with the blade causing Zodacia to flinch.

"Kalika, I'm your sister. You can't kill me," Zodacia said and snapped her hands behind her back. Silent green mist collected behind Kalika as Tommy solidified and wrapped his muscular arm around her neck. She dropped the sword and gasped. Zodacia looked at the Dragon Dagger in Tommy's holster and almost fainted.

"Hello, Kalika. I knew you'd go against us sooner or later," Tommy sneered. Kalika struggled to reply but Tommy's grasp was too strong.

"Oh my goddess," Zodacia gasped and yanked the Dragon Dagger from Tommy's holster.

"Hey!" Tommy protested. Kalika's eyes widened in fear when the Mirror of Clairvoyance materialized in Zodacia's hand and she realized what was happening. Zodacia laughed evilly.

"That's right," She plunged her own sword in the ground near Kalika's and placed the mirror and dagger near them. It was subtle at first. The ground around the weapons rumbled and broke apart leaving only a chunk about a foot long floating holding the four items. The four weapons started to gain a prismatic-like sheen until they vanished. The blade appeared first; it was the most beautiful all of them had ever seen. It seemed to be completely one large diamond with coils of silver and dotted with emeralds and amethysts. The hilt was a rainbow of colors that glowed in the moonlight with a gold coin embedded in the center of the handle. Carved in the coin were two animals that Zodacia knew well, a dragon and an owl. Zodacia picked up the Sword of Omni and held it above her head. All the gemstones flashed light that surrounded Tommy. His eyes darkened an ugly blood color and the dragon on the shield on his chest seemed to smile with dark pleasure. He was evil permanently, and Zodacia wanted him to stay that way.

"Oh yes," she said. Her hair whipped behind her like blonde fire and her eyes burned with scarlet light. "Prepare yourselves!" She shouted triumphantly. "Prepare for the destruction of your world once and for all!" Her laugh echoed through the night as she slid the Sword of Omni into the sheath on her back. Zodacia noticed that her sister was gone. She pointed her finger at the remaining Rangers. "Get them! But the girl stays! I want her to watch as the people she loves the most slowly perish."

* * *

"You fool!" Rielik bellowed. "Why did you get rid of them when you had the chance?" He demanded.

"I'm not here for you to order around Rielik. I actually accomplished something unlike you and that bimbo of yours. I have the power now so back OFF!" She snapped back and unsheathed the Sword of Omni.

"Do you honestly think that little blade of yours can harm me? Zodacia, your little parlor tricks and snares of jealousy and entertaining for the Rangers but not for us."

"I am the one with the power NOW!" She pointed to blade to his neck. "You have absolutely NO right to order me AROUND!" Matching the tone of her voice the sword flared up with black fire. Rielik knocked the blade away form his neck and pounded his fist on the stone banister of the Lunar Palace.

"You are nothing, Zodacia. You're a heartbroken little blonde with a light bulb of a sword and you're trying to tell ME whom I CAN and CANNOT order around? Go back to your little magic tricks 'cause you have no idea what you're dealing with." He finished and stormed out. She sheathed her sword and though to herself. I'll find a way to pay that idiot back. She muttered mentally and finally thought of something.

* * *

"Damnit!" Kim shouted and tossed her helmet to the floor. Her armor melted away in a splash of pink.

"Kimberly, we have an even bigger problem," Kalika added and took a seat on a table in the Power Chamber. Kim sat down next to her.

"How can anything possible be worse?" She commented.

"Believe me. Zodacia has my flute, the one that commands the Darkstar Rangers to morph," Kalika said.

"Can we hold them off by ourselves?" Kim asked. Kalika paused for a moment.

"Truthfully? We haven't got a shadow of a chance, and now Zodacia has the sword she's even worse,"

"So what can we do now?" Kim asked.

"The first thing you must do is destroy the Sword of Omni, Kimberly," Zordon answered.

"But no weapon can't destroy it, only you can," Kalika added.

"I don't get it,"

"You will," The Power Chamber's alarm shrieked and flashed suddenly. "No. . .," Kalika trailed off. A mandala of flames around a huge flaming sphere suddenly entered the Power Chamber and opened up. Zodacia was sitting in a huge stone throne with her legs draped over of arm of it, and nonchalantly fiddling with the jeweled hilt of the Sword of Omni. With a little gesture of Zodacia's hands the alarms stopped.

"Hello," Zodacia said with an almost friendly tone.

"Just kill us and get it over with," Kim muttered. Zodacia appeared shocked.

"Kimberly, I'm hurt that you would think such a thing. I just came for my sister and I'll be on my way. Unless you really are looking for a fight," Zodacia added with her eyes almost smiling.

"Not a chance. Let's go," Kalika told her. She walked to her sister.

"Nice to see you again," Zodacia smiled. Kalika chose to ignore her.

"I'll be back soon, Kim," Kalika said. Zodacia grinned and her sword flared.

"Oh, I wouldn't count on it. And Kimberly, be at the park tomorrow at seven in the evening or you're friends are going to die," She put up her hand and the throne, herself, and Kalika disappeared.

* * *

"Stupid pillow," Kim muttered and punched her pillow for the millionth time that night. After she woke up again she got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Kimberly passed her couch and almost expected to see Kristin sleeping there. I'll get you guys back. She promised mentally. She uncapped a bottle of cough medicine, drank some and was revolted and the horrible taste. She drank a gallon or two of water before returning to bed. "That stuff better work," She added sleepily to herself. She knew she'd have to be fully rested to face Zodacia by herself. Kim didn't remember drifting off to sleep.

"Kimberly!" A soft, yet powerful male voice said. She groaned.

"Can't you let a person get a single second of sleep? What is it?" She opened her eyes to find her self in a strange place. I was a room with golden walls studded with shinning gemstones. A hazy mist floated through the air that covered most of the room's splendor.

"Kimberly, Zodacia is planning a trap. It will be impossible to defeat her tomorrow and still get your friends back."

"And why is that?" She asked the voice who's owner still had yet to show himself.

"She's planning to sacrifice them for more power," He answered.

"Then how can I win?" She finally asked. The man stepped out from the mist. He didn't look familiar to her at all. His short dark hair perfectly framed his pale skin. There was almost a smile on his handsome face as he put his hand out and let something drop from it.

"Use this. Good luck." Kim awoke with a gasp and shot up in her bed. The dream didn't scare her at all it was just the fact that she was to meet Zodacia in four hours. "Christ, that stuff really worked," She mumbled to herself. She went back to sleep, forgetting most of what the man said to her in her dream.

She woke up again at 6:00 PM to the sound of her annoying alarm clock, which gave her just enough time to shower and get in some last minute sparring at the Power Chamber. "What's this?" Kim said to herself. She narrowly missed stepped on a ring on the floor. She brought the ring to the light of her window to find out what it was. "A star sapphire." The silver ring had a gold coiling design around it with a beautiful star sapphire in the center. "Maybe it's Kristin's," She added to herself and slipped it on. "I hope it brings me luck." With a strange feeling of Deja vous she teleport out of her apartment.

* * *

"How nice of you to join our little party," Zodacia said sweetly. She was sitting on a huge stone flipping through some aged book while the other Rangers sat in uncomfortable-looking positions tied to stones near her.

"Can we please skip these little cat and mouse games on just get on with this?" Kim asked. Zodacia shrugged innocently.

"As you wish. You morph, they die. You don't morph you die." Zodacia said.

"You use that black flame of yours and you die," Kim added. Zodacia smiled to herself.

"Making threats, are we Kimmy? You are in no position to," Kim turned her head slightly.

"And you are in no position to be wearing something that short," Kim retorted.

"And me being such a good sport, I'll even let you use a weapon." Zodacia finished, choosing to ignore that last comment, and tossed Kim a pink sword.

"How kind of you," And that was all Kim could say before Zodacia charged. Kim stepped aside and tried to sweep Zodacia's feet from under her. She failed, and Zodacia managed to slightly cut Kim's shoulder.

"If you want to quit now I'll understand," Zodacia paused for a moment obviously enjoying herself, "I don't think you friends will mind either." Kim shouted something and ran after Zodacia with amazing force. Kim wished she were back in bed. Nonchalantly, Zodacia ran two steps up the tree and flipped high into the air. She seemed to hover with grace in the air; she twisted while airborne and landed neatly beside Kim.

"That was amazing," Kim breathed, not remembering that she was two feet away from death. Zodacia pointed her sword.

"I think we have a little problem, Miss Hart." Zodacia thrusted her sword forwards. With newfound strength, Kim hurled herself out of harm's way and rolled on the grass. Metal clanged as the moon rose high and Zodacia and Kim parried and thrusted. Kim jumped into the air and grabbed a tree branch. She thanked her mother for every gymnastics class she ever drove her to and spun on the branch like as if she were on the uneven bars. She slammed her feet into Zodacia's back causing her to topple over, and jumped down. Zodacia got up quickly, with her back still to Kim.

"My, aren't we nimble." Anger boiled inside Kim.

"SHUT UP!" She slammed the but of the pink sword into Zodacia's head causing her to groan with pain. Zodacia spun around with rage bubbling in her eyes and knocked away the sword from Kim's hands. The memory from Kim's dream flooded back to her.

"You are so screwed," Zodacia said with chilling calmness. Zodacia brought her sword up and a scream echoed through the night.

But it wasn't Kim's scream; it was Zodacia's. The ring from Kim's dream that she had hurled at Zodacia cut a star-shaped wound on her cheek. Zodacia dropped the Sword of Omni and fell to her knees, and that's when Kim noticed it. On Zodacia's hand was a duplicate of the ring she just threw, but the stone was purple. With every ounce of strength Zodacia possessed she lifted her hand and the Ranger's disappeared. Before vanishing Zodacia warned her, "This isn't over. It will never be."

* * *

"OK, go ahead," Adam said from his spot in the cell. His muscles screamed as he hung from the bars of the windows above. Kalika, who was now is regular clothes let out a scream.

"Hey! Keep it down in there!" Rito yelled, "they're gone!" He yelled again and fumbled with the loop that held all the cell keys. Kat's leg muscles were screaming as she stood on her tiptoes on the extremely small rock that jutted out above the bars of the cell door. She was suddenly thankful for all of the ballet class she had ever taken. Rito finally found the right key and placed it in the lock. There was a satisfying click as the key unlocked the metal door and a sliding sound as he opened it. "Where the heck did they go?" He asked to himself.

"Up here!" Kat said and dropped from her place above. She landed on Rito's shoulders and knocked him to the ground. Rito moaned and fell unconscious.

"Got 'em," Adam announced and held up the loop containing the keys. The whole group of Rangers, being as silent as they could, locked Rito in the cell and left. Adam placed the key ring in his pocket and turned around and waved.

"Sweet dreams."

* * *

"I'm going in," Kim finally said.

"But Kim-," Alpha protested. Kim put her gloved hand up to silence him.

"Alpha, please? I have to do this. I'll be back with the others don't worry." In a flurry of pink sparks she teleported out of the Power Chamber and into the Lunar Palace. "Someone forgot to put on the alarm," She muttered to herself and removed her pink helmet. And she spotted the sword out of the corner of her eye.

"No weapon can destroy it, but you can." Kalika's words came back to her.

"Yeah, that's helpful," She added. The Sword of Omni glowed with a soft white light as she slowly approached it.

"Kimberly," A stern voice said for behind her. She gasped and turned around to see Sophia staring icily at her.

"I don't need any trouble right now, as you can see I'm a little busy," Kim replied.

"Since we both hate Zodacia I'm going to let you destroy the sword," Sophia finished.

"And how am I going to go about doing that?" Kim asked carefully.

"No weapon can destroy it, only you can," Sophia told her.

"Well that doesn't help much," Kim added and turned toward the sword.

"Oh and Kimberly. If I ever see you again in this palace I promise to kill you myself," Sophia warned with a serious look on her usually playful face. Kim swallowed and nodded slowly. The Sword of Omni again glowed with white radiance and she raised her Power Blaster to its blade. When she fired the pink laser bounced off and darted out in all directions. No weapon can destroy it, only you can. The words returned again. Do you think you can elaborate a tad? She mentally asked. Then a thought struck her like lightning. She pulled back her fist and punched the sword's blade with all her force. The Sword of Omni snapped like glass and separated into its pieces, the Serpent Sword, Kalika's sword, the Mirror of Clairvoyance, and the Dragon dagger. The mirror and Kalika's sword teleported to the Power Chamber and the Dragon Dagger melted away. Somewhere in the palace she heard a scream of anguish.

Tommy. Now that the thing that made Tommy evil was destroyed he was himself again; the spell was only permanent if the sword remained intact. Thank god for loopholes. Kim said.

"Kim?" Adam said and embraced her in a huge hug.

"You have no idea how much I missed you guys!" She added with her eyes brimming.

"I don't think this is exactly the place for reunions," Tommy said, except when Kim looked at him he wasn't in the strange Green Ninja uniform, but wearing regular clothes. Tears were springing out of Kim's eyes as she ran up to hug him.

"I think we should go home."

* * *

"I let her destroy the sword," Sophia said proudly to Zodacia. Zodacia hurled a book to the floor.

"You IDIOT!" Zodacia fumed. The book at her feet burst open and flipped to a page. "Let's settle this once and for all, shall we?" The words on the page glowed as Zodacia chanted. Her words blended into a melodious curse as the echoed throughout the halls of the palace. Sophia placed her finger on her chin and flashed Zodacia her 'I'm not amused' look. Slowly, the space behind Zodacia seemed to bend and soon a gaping blue vortex of light. The Serpent Sword materialized into Zodacia's hand and she charged forward.

"Oh please," Sophia said. She tossed up her hands and changed her clothes from her normal sapphire dress to loose jeans and a plain blue top. She needed no sword and she launched herself into the air, flipped, grabbed Zodacia's shoulders, and hurled her to the ground near the vortex. Sophia looked over her. "What kind of a fighter are you?" Zodacia sneered.

"A hell of a lot better than you," She snapped her feet up and knocked Sophia down. Sophia answered quickly with a punch to Zodacia's stomach, and while she was hunched over snapped her arm back and slammed her elbow into her back. Sophia tossed Zodacia's sword into the vortex, which disappeared after the sword went through, and grabbed Zodacia's mane of blonde hair.

"Listen, Blondie, don't even try that on me again. I kicked your hinnie once, and I won't hesitate to do it again. Be warned, oh and that lipstick completely clashes." She spun on her heels and tossed up her hands and changed her clothing back to her normal dress. "And have a sunshine day."

* * *

Kim giggled and struggled with her chopsticks. The two of them shared a romantic little take-out Chinese dinner near the edge of the lake. "Stop it," She said and playfully punched Tommy in the shoulder. "The hell with it." She said, and grabbed a fork to finish off her noodles.

"So what did you do while I was gone?" Tommy asked and placed a CD in the stereo.

"Hey, you know the usual. Fighting battles, getting a visit by some strange dream guy who gave me a nifty ring to toss at Zodacia, wild parties. A day in the life of Kimberly Ann Hart."

"All by yourself?" Tommy queried.

"No, Kalika helped me out some," She answered. Tommy nodded and took a sip from his cup.

"What do you think of her?"

"Kalika? She's really neat, I think so anyway."

"I think she likes Adam," Tommy told her.

"Really? I could almost see that happening."

"Hey, being away from you got me thinking," Tommy began.

"Good things?"

"Uh, yeah. Kim this is kinda a spur of the moment thing and this is probably going to sound really corny. Kim, you know how much I love you. . .will you marry me?" Kim stared at him for a second before fainting.

* * *

"This was one screwed up week," Zodacia said to herself and took out the little gold orb the fortuneteller back on Deristan gave her. Her Rangers slept in sleeping bags of their color on cots scattered around Kalika's old room. Zodacia didn't expect to see her anytime soon.

"You're still up, Zodacia?" The Gold Ranger said.

"Yeah. I'll head to bed soon. Goodnight," She told him.

G'night," He answered. Zodacia looked at the gold orb again and knew then that her life would never be the same. Darkstar Solar's armor was the same color and the orb. Zodacia brought a quivering hand up to her lip.