Shadow of a Doubt
by: Apollo

The six of them removed their helmets and stood in front of Zordon. "Many of years ago Ninjor and I had herd legends of ancient powers in the Sacred Caves. We found the caves from the legends and also the power. Ninjor and I gave the duty of guarding the cave to a village boy around your age."

"Xander?" Kim asked.

"Yes. We gave him the shadow ranger powers to help him guard the caves. We also gave him the dagger of light to make him temporarily immortal."

"Is that the dagger he kept on his belt?" Brian asked.

"Yes. He was the guardian of the caves but when the chosen ones came to receive their powers he would become mortal again in a certain amount of time."

"So to make a long story short. Earth knew Rielik would come and she created powers to stop him from destroying her?" Tommy asked.

"I suppose you could say that."

* * *

"I just discovered something your evilness." Selcor said timidly.

"What is it NOW?"

"Th th. the dagger of light. Xander has it." Selcor stammered. Rielik removed his helmet.

"So what's so important about this dagger?" Rielik asked.

"It's a very powerful weapon. It will also control Xander's life force. If you steal it I guarantee he will die."

"Perfect! I can't have the rangers' powers, So I'll destroy the cave and it's guardian! I'm glad I thought of stealing the dagger." Lord Rielik said excitedly.

"But sir."

"QUIET!" He paused. "If you excuse me Divatox I'll be on my way." He vanished in a flash of dark light.

* * *

The rangers de-morphed and stood in the Power Cave. "So what do we do? Just sit and wait for the guy to attack?" Brian asked.

"Yeah that's the code of the rangers. We have to wait for him to attack." Adam answered.

* * *

Tommy and Kim sat in her room. "So do you think we should.?" Kim asked. Tommy nodded as Kat walked by the room.

"Um. Kat can you come here for a sec we have to talk to you." Wondering what was going to happen Kat walked in and sat in the chair across from them.

"Kat I feel really bad about this. Um. Tommy and I are.Um." Kim managed to say.

"It's okay guys. I know what's going on." Kim and Tommy exchanged surprised glances. "I'm not blind you know." She said jokingly.

"So your not mad?" Tommy said.

"No. If you guys are happy so am I." Her heart ached but she managed to put on a fake smile and walked casually out of the room. She ran to her room and shut the door behind her.

* * *

He landed in the cave in his ranger garb. To his surprise another figure besides Xander was in the room with him. ".And you are?" Rielik asked. The figure stood up.

"That depends on who's asking."

"Lord Rielik is." The figure stepped out from the shadows to reveal a woman about his height in a sapphire dress, and bright green eyes.

"Queen Sophia. Pleased to meet you." She bent down and tripped Xander. "Give me that dagger you little imp!"

"Please let me." Rielik jumped in the air and pulled out a black gun from the holster. He fired black lasers at Xander. He flipped out of the way missing certain destruction.

"Not so easy is it pretty boy." She scrambled to the ground reaching for the dagger.

"I take it your after the dagger of light also."

"You're a bright one aren't you?" Queen Sophia remarked.

"As much as I hate sharing why don't we team up to get it?"

"Sharing?" She shuddered. "Fine." Xander now stood in the middle of the two. Rielik lunged forward with a black saber in his hand. Xander turned side ways missing the blade and Sophia reached down and grabbed the dagger out of his belt. Xander crumpled to the floor in pain.

"Thanks for the help I'll be going now." Sophia said holding the dagger in hand.

"I don't think so. I'm taking it with me!"

"No you're not." She stuck her tongue out at him.

"You know you have wonderful eyes." Rielik said.

"Oh please. Listen pal. If you think I'm gonna hand over this dagger because you shower me with compliments your dead wrong. How about jewels? Emeralds maybe?" He removed the helmet.

"Cute." He said.

"I know I am cute aren't I? OK so maybe you're not to bad yourself." She winked. He grabbed her arm and they vanished in twin beams of dark light.

* * *

Kim rested her head on Tommy's shoulder.

"She took it well."


* * *

Kat slumped down in the bed and buried her face in her pillow. If you're happy I'm happy. She mimicked what she had said earlier. Sirens blared throughout the Power Cave. Alpha hurried to a computer and read the printout. He stopped just as he finished reading it.

"What's wrong Alpha?" Billy asked.

"It's Rielik." Alpha said softly. "He took the dagger. Xander is dying."

* * *

The six of them hurried to the cave. "He's over here!" Tommy shouted. They ran over to him.

"He looks so pale." Adam said.

"We have to get him to Alpha and Zordon." Tanya said. They gently lifted him up and teleported away.

* * *

"Nice place you got here." Sophia said.

"Actually it's a friend of mine's. My ship is further down."

"So do you always lounge around in ranger garb?"

"Oh. I forgot I had it on." He de-morphed. "Now about our little dagger dilemma."

"Simple. I have the dagger and you.well.. Don't."

"How do you feel about destroying a planet together?" He asked.

"Oh." She clapped her hands. "Destroying is fun."

"OK here's the deal. You help me destroy the Power Rangers, and being the gentleman I am I'll give you the dagger. As long as I can have some fun with it first."

"It's a deal buster." She said outstretching her hand. He held her hand in his.

* * *

They placed him on an examining table. "Alpha what do we do?" Kim asked.

"You'll have to get the dagger back. For now I think I can make him a little stronger." He ran a device over him.

"Oh. What happened?" He asked.

"Rielik took your dagger. So we're going to get it back."

"No." He said firmly. "I've lived long enough. You are not going to sacrifice your self for me."

"How old are you?" Billy asked.

"Only 18. hundred." He grinned. "Even though I'm dying I haven't lost my sense of humor."

* * *

Kat teleported out of the Power Cave in sparks a white light. She landed in her special secluded place in Angel Grove Park she'd discovered shortly after the Zeo Quest. She sat down on the grass and stared up at the sky.

* * *

"Look what I found!" Rielik said. "A poor heartbroken former ranger. Alone in secret place in the park."

"We can use her to our advantage. How about we cast a spell and let her do the dirty work of destroying the rangers for us." Sophia said.

"Why are you so excited about destroying the rangers?' He asked.

"So I can take my dagger and leave." She answered.

"I think I'll go get her right now." he raised his fist. "SHADOW RANGER POWER!"

* * *

He teleported to Kat. "What do we have here?" Kat spun around in fright. "Poor little heartbroken Katherine." He bent down to see eye to eye with her. "How about you pay Kimberly back? You can destroy her with my help Katherine."

"No." She said timidly.

"Oh. that's ok. I'll just force you to come with me!" She didn't have time to press her communicator button. He wrapped his hand around her neck and teleported away.

* * *

They landed in a dark dungeon. Rielik released his grip. "What is this place?" She asked.

"Lovely isn't it? It one of my favorite rooms." She backed against the wall and felt for anything she could use as a weapon.

"Why am I here Lord Rielik?" She asked him.

"Oh please call me Rielik. Your our guest now."

"How `bout I call you an ambulance?" She picked up a chain from behind her and whipped it at him. He caught it before it hit him and pulled it from her grasp.

"Don't play games with me Kitten." He threw the chain on the ground. "Now, you're going to help me destroy your friends right?"

"I'd rather go skydiving without a parachute." She cracked. He looked at her sternly.

"That can be arranged." He warned. "Selcor!" He yelled. He hurried in with a blue test tube in his hand.

"What is that stuff?" She asked.

"Oh..nothing special. You know it'll intensify your emotions, make you evil, stronger. All the good stuff. Now drink it."


"Aww come on drink it!" She shoved his hand away. "Sophia. I think I'll need you on this one." She walked casually into the room.

"You rang?"

"Yes. We have to get our little friend here to drink this." He said. Sophia sat next to Kat.

"I think we need to have a little girl talk." She said to her. "Now, if you drink that we can help you get back at Tommy and Kim for what they did to you. Doesn't that sound like fun? Come one Katherine. Revenge is the best, and when opportunity knocks." She handed her the tube.

"I won't drink It!" She threw it at Rielik aiming at his face. He caught it.

"I think I'll have to work my magic on her." Sophia stood straight up and began to sing. Kat stared bewilderedly at the wall in front of her and drank the contents of the tube.

* * *

"Hey where's Kat?" Brian asked.

"Last we saw her I think she went to her room." Kim said.

"I'll go check." Tanya said. She went off to Kat's room. She came back a few minutes later. "No she's not there."

"Where do you think we went?" Adam asked.

"Don't worry about it. Maybe she went to the juice bar or something." Tommy said. "I'll go to the park and look around for her."

"I'll meet you there Tommy." Kim said.

* * *

Kat stood up and her eyes flashed red for a split second. She looked at the three of them that stood to the side of her. "Hello." She smiled.

"Did it work?" Sophia asked.

"Let's check. Katherine, what do you feel about the Ultra Rangers?" He asked.

"I hate them!" She shouted. "I want to destroy them!" She looked at her cast and ripped it off. "I guess I won't be needing this anymore."

"I suppose that answers your question." Rielik said. "Now how about we go into battle?"

"Then I can take my dagger and go." Sophia added. He morphed and stood in front of Kat. He handed her his staff. "Let's go." The two teleported away.

"No fair." Sophia whined. "I wanna have some fun!" She stomped her feet on the floor.

* * *

Tommy walked through the clearing in the park. "Kat!" her called.

"Oh, hi Tommy." Kat smiled.

"Where were you? Alpha almost blew a fuse." Tommy asked.

"No where special. Just went for a little walk." Kim saw Tommy and Kat from the corner of her eye. "Hi guys!" she said running a little closer.


"Yeah?" he turned to her. Kat wrapped her arms gently around his neck and kissed him. Kim gasped and ran into a patch of tress. She pressed her communicator button and teleported away in a shower of pink sparks. He pushed her away.

"What'd you do that for? Now Kim's gonna think something's going on between us."

"What do you mean?" She giggled and ran the other way.

* * *

She disappeared in a flash of light and materialized in the ship's main chamber.

"Are you having fun yet?" Rielik asked her.

"I'm starting to wonder why I was ever such a goody, goody." She spun on her heels and skipped off to her room. He caught up to her.

"How would you like to have even more fun?" Rielik smiled.

* * *

Sirens echoed through out the Power Cave. "What is it now?" Adam asked.

"It's Lord Rielik. He's using Xander's powers. He has Kat with him rangers, she's under a spell." Alpha said. Tommy teleported in.

"Guys I can't find Kim, and there's something weird going on with Kat too."

"I'm right here. The others told me what happened. I'm really sorry I thought you and Kat were."

"It's OK."

"So what do we do? We can't fight our friend, and what if we destroy Xander's powers or something." Brian asked.

"I guess that's a chance we have to take. We have to get Kat back." Billy said. The six of the stood in a straight line. They pulled out the shiny new morphers and held them high.








In a rain of sparks that illuminated the cave they teleported out in their respective colors.

* * *

"Look who finally decided to show up." Kat smiled. "The Power Rangers. I'm so scared." She held Rielik's staff in her hand and ran and the six of them.

"Kat don't do this. You're not evil. You were once a ranger like us remember?" Billy pleaded. Kat look at Rielik. He nodded his head and she rammed the staff forward making contact solidly with the blue ranger's chest.

".And you." She ran to Kim. "You little witch!" With the red crystal at the top of the staff she ran towards Kim. She tripped her and aimed the top of the staff to hit directly on Kim's head. She rolled away. Kat snickered. "You can't get away that easily!" She threw the staff pinning the pink ranger to the ground. "Oh, Kim please get up!" She mocked the ranger at her feet. She picked up the staff and aimed it to stab the pink ranger in the chest. A glowing arch of light flew to Kat knocking the staff out of her hand.

"Cool." Tanya said as the glowing yellow arch returned to it's boomerang form.

"Rangers look what I have." Rielik said holding Xander's dagger above his head. Tommy charged at the shadow ranger with his fire sword in hand. Rielik pushed the blade away and punched him solidly in the hip.

"My turn!" Brian said running at Rielik with his sais. He knocked the dagger out of his hand sending it soaring to the ground.

"I'll get it!" Billy said. Kat quickly pushed him out of the way and grabbed the dagger.

"That was a nice workout. Maybe we should do this more often." Kat cracked.

"Rangers, your problems are about to get a whole lot bigger." Rielik smiled from behind his helmet. He raised his gloved hand to the sky. "By the power of darkness. SHADOW SAMURAI!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Billy asked. A black object fell from the sky. A shiny black zord in oriental style armor stood in front of the rangers. Rielik jumped into the cockpit.

"I guess it's time to try out our new zords." Kim said. The stood in a circle and raised their hands. ULTRA ZORDS, POWER UP! They shouted in unison. The rangers jumped in the air and teleported to their zords.

* * *

The Panther zord formed the waist and legs. The Rhino converted into the torso and chest. The Fox and Shark's head flipped and they became the Megazord's arms. The hawk folded and became the head, and the eagle's wings made a chest plate for the zord.

"Ultra Megazord online." Tommy said, the chair of his zord sliding into the middle of the zord's cockpit.

"Let's go!" Said Rielik. He pressed a series of buttons commanding the zord to run forward. The black zord ran toward the Megazord and punched it in the chest, sending sparks in all directions. A sword appeared in the Megazord's hand and blocked a side kick from Rielik's zord. The zord reached back and pulled out two silver swords from it's back. The two towering zords lashed at each other with their swords.

"This isn't working!" Adam shouted. "No one has the upper hand." Rielik intercepted the Ultra zord's radio system.

"Rangers, I'm about to get the upper hand." Two silver rockets emerged from the Shadow Samurai's shoulders. If a flash of fire the rockets flew of it's shoulders and exploded on contact when it reached the Ultra Megazord.

"Hey I have an idea." Tommy said. He jumped out of the cockpit and called his Red Knight Zord. The two zords stood side by side as they plotted their next attack.

"Yawn... Well I'm sorry rangers but I do have better things to do with my time than sit here and wait for you to attack. So I'll be leaving, and I'll take Katherine with me." The zord, Rielik and Kat teleported to his ship.

* * *

He walked to Divatox. "Thank you Divatox. It was good to see you again. Now I must be going. My Space Sphere is in a desperate need of a recharge and I will continue to plan to destroy the Ultra rangers." Sophia walked in with Selcor behind her.

"Hey Rielik so when are when leaving this floating trash heap?" Sophia asked. Divatox looked at her.

"Oh, if it isn't little miss Sophia." Divatox said coldly.

"Divatox, hello. I see your fashion sense hasn't changed much since the last time we met." Sophia smiled. Divatox quickly straightened her mini skirt and shook Rielek's hand.

"I suppose it was good seeing you again too." The three of them walked onto Rielik's ship.

"So. What happened between you and Diva?" Rielik asked.

"Nothing really. Just an argument in the Alliance of Evil. Speaking of the Alliance. I hear you had a thing for Divatox." She said.

"Oh yeah, sure." He lied. "Divatox and I are like brother and sister. I visit her once and awhile."

* * *

"Did you send the rope?" Kim asked.

"Yes. I knew you had forgotten to bring a rope so I had to help you." Xander said. His body quivered in pain.

"Zordon what's going on?" Kim yelled. Alpha ran over to them.

"It's something to do with the dagger. He's using it for evil." Alpha said.

"So what do we do?" Kim asked. Alpha picked up the device and ran it over Xander.

"He should be fine for a little while, but I can't keep giving him power changes. His body will get used to it and it won't work." Alpha said.

"Zordon, gather the others. We have to find away to help him."

* * *

"So if we keep using the zord for evil it will eventually destroy itself?" Sophia asked.

"Yes. However if we power the zord with the dagger, it will not only make the zord stronger it will also drain Xander of his life force." Selcor said.

"So we can destroy the rangers and Xander at the same time?" Rielik asked. Selcor shook his head. "Neat."

"Give me that ring." Sophia said grabbing his hand. "We had a deal. Now I want to help destroy them."

"Fine." He said. He slid the ring off his finger and handed it to her. "Katherine." She pranced into the room.

"Yes Sire?"

"Our friend Sophia is planning on attacking the rangers and I think she'll need your help."

"I have a better idea." She smiled.

* * *

Kat appeared in the Power Chamber in a flash of pink. "Thank goodness I found you!" Kat said. She slumped on the floor and caught her breath.

"Kat what happened?" Tanya asked.

"I escaped. The spell wore off or something. I broke into the ship's computer room and found a teleportation Device. I messed around with it and I ended up here." She said. The walked over to her and helped her up.

"Were glad you're all right." Adam said.

"I'm all right, but you aren't!" Kat yelled. She whipped out the silver staff and smashed it on a computer panel. She teleported out before the others could morph.

* * *

"What just happened?" Brian asked.

"She's still under a spell. I think they planned that." Billy said. He walked over next to Alpha. "She smashed up the scanning and long range teleporting system. It will take a little while to get it back up. I guess we'll have to spend the night here."

"What's time is it anyway?" Tommy asked. Billy glanced at his watch.

"Half past seven. I hope they don't plan on attacking anytime soon. I'm beat." Billy said.

* * *

"When do we got into battle?" Kat whined.

"The dagger is charging. It will be ready tomorrow." Rielik said. "By smashing that computer you blocked the scanning systems in the Power Cave. They won't detect a thing until it's too late. How did you know which one to destroy anyway?"

"I designed the place for the rangers as a surprise, when I was good of course. I know every little detail about it." She thought for a moment. "What's the most painful way to die?" She asked.

"Why do you want to know?"

"No special reason. Just thinking about how I'm going to torture Tommy and Kim. How do you feel about smothering them in barbecue sauce and them throwing them into a pit or rats?"

"Hmm. very morbid. It's works."

* * *

The pink ranger slammed her bow into the pink Zeo ranger's chest. Taking her shield, the pink Zeo ranger tripped the pink ranger sending her tumbling down the canyon side. Calling on her bow the pink ranger jumper in the air as a pink arrow or energy flowed onto it. In a flash of the arrow hit the pink Zeo ranger's chest. The white ranger jumped from the sky and landed on his feet between the two pink rangers. He pulled Saba from his holster and jumped at the pink Zeo ranger knocking her down.

"Thank you so much." The pink ranger said as she put her hand on the white ranger's shoulder. White ranger elbowed the pink ranger and sent her sprawling to the dirt. He removed his helmet to show the face of Tommy, the former white ranger.

* * *

Kim gasped and shot up in her bed and glanced at the glowing clock on the small plastic night stand Alpha had made for the rooms. "One a.m." She said softly to herself. "That was the strangest dream." She straightened her bed sheets. "I wonder if Coach Schmidt pulled out his hair yet." She giggled and returned to her slumber.

* * *

"Go rest Billy. I'll take it from here." Alpha said. Billy sighed.

"OK I give in. Good night Alpha." Billy said yawning. He began to walk to his room. A machine buzzed softly.

"Billy!" Alpha yelled. He ran over to him and read the monitor screen.

"The machine say's he's fallen into a strange coma." Billy said.

"It's the dagger Billy. He linked to it physically, he'll die soon. He's very weak already. Lord Rielik is doing something with it. I can't tell what. Katherine damaged the scanning and teleporting systems." Alpha said.

"Do we have enough power to send me to the cave? I should probably check it out." Billy said.

" I think we'll have enough power for a short trip, but maybe you should get the others."

"No I don't mind. Let them sleep. I'll go by myself." Alpha nodded. "I'll morph and go. Maybe he left something behind." He morphed, being careful not to wake the others, and teleported out.

* * *

He walked slowly around the chamber examining the floor. "3 sets of footprints?" He asked himself. He tapped his communicator. "Hey Alpha I think I found something here."

"Like what?"

"I'll teleport and tell you. Be right there." He tapped his communicator and teleported from the cave and landed silently in the Power Cave. He removed his helmet and walked over to Alpha. "I saw something weird. 3 sets of footprints. You think Rielik brought a visitor?"

"Are you positive they weren't his footprints?" Alpha asked.

"I would think so, considering Rielik doesn't were heels." He yawned. "OK I'll get to bed."

* * *

"Don't be so impatient." Rielik said. "The charging is almost finished. Give it another hour or so."

"Fine, But does Miss ex ranger have to come with me?" Sophia asked.

"Yes. She was friends with the rangers for a long time. She knows their weaknesses. That can be of some help to you."

".And what will you be doing?"

"With Katherine's communicator I'll try to tap into the Power Cave. I'll drain some power from it and recharge my ship. Soon we'll have a warrior, a ranger, an evil zord, and my ship battling the rangers at the same time." He snickered.

"Well at least try to hurry up." She sighed.

* * *

"Morning beautiful." Tommy said. Kim sat up.

"Hey. Morning already?"

"Yeah everyone's up but you." He said. They walked to the main chamber were the others were waiting.

"Hi guys." Kim said. "So Billy is teleporting online yet?"

"No. Sorry guys. While you were asleep I teleported to the Sacred Caves to look around. I used up some of the teleportation energy. It will take a little longer. Probably about another hour and a half."

"Well I'm starved how `bout I make breakfast?" Kim said. The five of them looked at each other in worried glances. Tanya caught up to her.

"I think I'll make breakfast." Tanya smiled.

"Yeah I don't wanna be held responsible for anything that happens in result of my horrible cooking." She giggled. The two of them walked of to the kitchen.

"So how's Xander." Brian asked.

"He's not doing to good. He's in a coma right now. Everything has to do with his dagger. We have to somehow get it back." Billy said.

* * *

"What am I doing?" The last good part of Katherine Hillard thought.

"We're destroying our ex friends."

"I'm not trying to hurt them. YOU are!" Kat yelled inside her mind.

" You know we're evil."

"Your not me. Your the influence of a potion. I'm not evil!"

"You remember how much fun we had when Rita unleashed me with her spell. Let me out again Kat. Give the Earth defender act a rest and let me take over."

"Get out of my mind!" She yelled.

"It's not use Kat. I'm here to stay. I'm going to destroy the rangers. Starting with pony tail boy and Kim. You can't stop me."

"My friends will find away to reverse the potion! I'm getting control of my mind and body back."

"Oh give it up, please. Your friends gave up on you. They deserted" The last voice of good dissolved, and sank into the dark void of the evil mind.

* * *

They sat around the small kitchen table. "So what are we going to do?" Adam asked.

"I don't know yet. First of all, we have to get all our systems online. We can talk about a plan after that." Billy said. "Give it about twenty minutes. Then we can start scanning he ship for any foreign energy readings. Pain shot through his chest as Billy fell to the floor in pain.

* * *

When he came to he was laying on an examination table. "Billy, why didn't you tell us you were sick?" Alpha asked as he checked the results from Billy's test.

"Would you believe me if I said I forgot."


"I'm really sorry. I guess I didn't have time to. Well I mean Zordon teleported in and two seconds later we went to the cave. We teleported home and got locked in. I guess the power blocked the pain away for a bit." He said.

"Is it contagious?" Tanya asked.

"Yes, but you don't have to worry. I got sick while I was on Aquitar. I didn't have my power then. You won't get it because you have your ranger powers blocking foreign viruses."

"All the systems are in working order. We'll go to the park and scan Rielik's ship from there." Tommy said.

"Wait for me!" Billy said. He jumped on the examining table and fell back down.

"Billy, you're very sick. You have to stay here and rest until Zordon and I can work an antidote."

"Don't worry we'll be fine." Adam said. The five rangers morphed and teleported.

* * *

"Is it done yet?" Sophia whined.

"Yes. Just finished. Would milady like the honor or piloting our super charged, super evil zord into battle?"

"Love to." She held up her fist and morphed.

"You know Sophia, you look dashing in black."

" think so?" She looked at the dark ranger uniform she wore. "It really brings out my eyes. Don't you think?"

"OK, OK enough with the fashion babble go down there and show those rangers who's better! I can't even see your face through that helmet anyway."

"Oh. I forgot `bout that." she winked behind the helmet.

* * *

"I'm getting an energy reading in that direction." Adam pointed to a small clearing. In flashes of black the two appeared.

"Ultra Rangers I presume?" Sophia said.

"You know who we are Rielik." Brian spoke.

"I'm not Rielik you ingrate. Queen Sophia." She held out the dark handled sword. "Charmed I'm sure. I believe you've met my good friend Katherine." Kat stepped out from behind her spinning the staff in her hand.

"So Rielik has a little girlfriend now?" Kim said.

"You're gonna wish you never said that little pink one." She pulled out the black gun from her holster at fired at the rangers. "I love the smell of burning ranger armor in the morning. Don't you?" She giggled and ran at the rangers with Kat close behind. Each ranger taking out their own laser blaster fired at the evil queen as she ran towards them.

"Hey Kim what do you say we go shopping after the battle? Just like old times right?" She said as she ran towards the pink ranger kicking and punching wildly in the air.

"Give us Kat back you little hell spawn." Kim yelled.

"Was that an attempted insult?" Kat asked.

"Enough with the rough housing. How about we play a little game? You destroy my new zord, and being the good sport I am I'll give you the dagger back." Sophia said in a bemused tone.

"We don't make deals with evil entities. It's bad for the ranger reputation." Tommy said.

"Oh, Cute." Sophia said sarcastically. In a black cloud of mist the new powered zord appeared. She motioned for Kat to join her and they both jumped into the cockpit of the zord.

"How do we form the Ultra Megazord with only five zords?" Tanya asked.

"I don't know. We'll keep them busy in our individual zords for a while until we can put together a plan." The rangers called on their zords and jumped into the cockpits.

"Wait a second." Brian said. "The answers right in front of us!" He typed numerous codes into the zord's computer system and sent it to the other rangers. "I don't know Billy as long as you guys have but from my point of view he's a genius."

"So what's your point?" Adam asked dodging a flaming missile launched from the dark zord.

"We have six zords right now right? Rhino, hawk, eagle, panther, fox and the Red Knight. All we have to do is command the zords to form the new sequence."

"Is everyone ready?" Tommy asked. They each nodded from their zord. "NOW!" He yelled. The rangers pulled on the lever in front of them initiating the new Megazord sequence.

"No matter how many tricks you have up your sleeve evil will always win. You should know that by now." Sophia said. The fists of the Shadow Samurai glowed brilliantly and shiny blades surfaced. The two swords formed into a staff twice the size. "Now we're ready to play games." Sophia said. Kat laughed evilly as the zord flew forward spinning the staff in it's hands. It connected solidly with the zord's chest sending a rain of sparks to the ground.

"Nice move!" Kat laughed from beside the evil queen.

* * *

Frustrated Rielik threw the useless communicator to the floor and crushed it. "Zordon is better than I though." He said angrily. "Any luck yet Selcor?"

"No sir. Zordon has all out frequencies and search beams blocked from penetrating the Power Cave's shields.

"Once I find a way into that cave I'm going to take great pleasure into shattering his little time warp in a million pieces." Rielik said.

* * *

"We have to get them out of the zord so we can get the dagger." Tommy said.

"How about the old helpless rangers falling from the huge zord act?" Kim asked.

"Hmm. that one works all the time." Tommy smiled. The rangers jumped out of the Megazord landing on their backs on the ground.

"You think they bought it?" Brian asked.

"There's only one way to find out." Tommy said.

* * *

"Great, here's my chance." Kat leaped out of the zord.

"It's a trick you idiot!" Sophia screamed.

"I'm so glad you guys are OK!" Kat said as she landed before them. "I had to fake being evil for a little while, to get some secrets from the Space Sphere." She said.

"Oh, cut the helpful act Kat. If you're gonna fight then fight. If you're gonna play mind games then leave." Kim said.

"I'm hurt you don't believe me Kim." She said as she pulled out the staff and ran over to her.

"Yeah. So am I." She pulled out her whip and wrapped it around the staff. She caught it and threw it to Tommy. "Maybe we can use this or something." Sophia walked to them.

"Rangers just a little warning. The dagger's energy is almost gone, and so is Xander's life." She pulled out the dagger and dangled it above her head. The rangers took defensive stances.

"Come and get it." Sophia stated with a grin.