by: Apollo

"Alpha, let me help them." Billy pleaded.

"Billy you're very sick you can't fight yet." Alpha said.

"I know but they're a ranger short. They can't form the Ultra Megazord."

"Don't worry Billy, the other rangers are fine. You need your rest."

* * *

"I've got an idea." Adam whispered. He pulled out his Earth hammer and struck the ground. With a rumble the ground around them shook violently. Sophia fell backwards sending the dagger flying forward in the air.

"I'll get it!" Kat yelled. She ran towards it.

"Kat no!" Kim yelled. She whipped her whip forward, it wrapped around the dagger mid air on fell to the ground before the rangers. She picked it up and tossed it to Adam.

"You useless little tramp!" Sophia screamed. "You can't even catch a dagger. How pitiful is that."

"I'm sorry I.I" Kat stammered.

"Well sorry doesn't cut it you poor excuse for an evil henchman." Sophia yelled.

"Now!" Tommy yelled. The five rangers jumped towards Kat and grabbed her arms. They teleported away in a rain of colored sparks.

* * *

Sophia pulled off her helmet and set it down on a control panel.

"So how'd it." Rielik asked.

"DON'T ASK!" Sophia yelled.

"I take it you lost."

"YES! The rangers have little Miss Kitten" she pouted. "So any more brilliant Ideas?"

"Well now that the dagger is gone I suppose you can leave." Rielik said. She thought for a moment.

"Hmm. maybe if I stay here a little longer I can help you get rid of the Power Rangers. I'm sure you need the help." So de-morphed and glanced at the black and silver shadow ranger ring. She took it off and handed it to him. "I suppose you want this."

"No you keep it." Rielik said. He paused for a moment. "You know just a little observation but wouldn't this make an excellent wedding ring?"

* * *

"Quick Alpha put up the intruder shield!" Tommy yelled. A fence of green light encircled Kat. The punched and kicked it wildly.

"Get me out of here!" Kat yelled. Adam went to Alpha.

"We have to dagger. I hope it's not too late." He said handing the silvery dagger to him. The rangers removed their helmets. Tommy took the staff and put it against the wall.

"So what do we do?" Brian asked as the six of them walked to the medical room where Xander was lying. Alpha handed the dagger to Tommy.

"Me?" He asked.

"You are the leader." Alpha said. Tommy took the dagger and closed his eyes. He pointed it at the slightly moving body before them. A beam of white light shot out from the tip and hit Xander in the forehead making him glow brilliantly for a few seconds. Xander coughed slightly and sat up.

"Thank you." He said softly.

* * *

"Guys." Billy choked out from the next room. The seven of the ran towards him. For the first time in the little robot's life he didn't know what to do. "My chest." He wheezed.

"I'm sorry rangers. I don't know what this virus is. I don't know what to do!" If the robot was capable of crying he would've then and there.

"Billy!" Kim yelled. Xander took the dagger from Tommy's hands at pointed it at Billy. It give off the same white beam it had before but when it reached Billy it turned blue. For a few seconds Billy was bathed in the healing blue light. When it stopped he felt as if nothing had happened.

"Thanks." He sighed.

* * *

"You are going to be so sorry once I get out of here!" Kat threatened.

"What do we do about Kat?" Tanya asked.

"It's a good thing you brought Rielik's staff. Now we can reverse the affects of the spell." Alpha said. He walked over to the wall and got the staff which was more than a foot taller than him. He handed it to Billy. "You know what to do." Billy nodded, and pointed the staff towards the green fence. A beam of red shot out from the tip and penetrated the force field. The glowing beam encircled Katherine and she fell to the floor.

* * *

"Wake up Katherine." The gentle female voice urged. Kat pt her hand on the ground to steady herself and got up. They stood in a never ending sky of white emptiness.

"Where am I?" Kat asked the glowing golden figure to her side.

"You're unconscious but don't worry you'll be conscious in a bit. I have just enough time to tell you my story." The figure said.

"You're story?"

"Yes. My name is Brianna. I was a Power Ranger. Many years ago my team mates and I fought Lord Rielik. He captured my friends and I. He killed them." She wiped a translucent tear from her glowing face. "He killed me too, but not before he drained my powers. He used my powers to create the crystal on the top of his staff. He used my powers for evil, and he did until now. My soul was trapped in the staff just like my powers were. I'm free know Katherine, and so are my powers. I giving them to you now, so that you can protect them. Don't ever let the power fall into the hands of evil." Golden light flowed through Brianna's arm. She now held her golden shimmering morpher. She handed it to Kat. "Don't ever let the power fall into the hands of evil." She repeated. "Your power source is the Sun. You are the new Sun ranger." Golden light poured from every direction of the vast sky. A winged horse danced down on the shimmering sun beams to the former Sun ranger and the new one. "Your zord is the Pegasus."

"It's so beautiful." Kat whispered. "Your friends are waiting." Brianna said. She hugged Kat and then faded away in a glimmer of golden light.

* * *

The green fence melted away. "Hi guys." Kat said. She ran and hugged her friends. "It's feels great to be good again."

"Just a little test." Billy said. "What do you think about the Power Rangers?"

"They're my friends." Kat answered and smiled. "I'm really sorry about being such a witch." Kat apologized.

"It's OK." Tanya said. "I sure you tied to fight it."

"Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm going to go to sleep. You have no idea how exhausting being evil is." Kat laughed at went off to her room. "I almost forgot!" She pulled her morpher out of her back pocket. "Some weird happened while I was unconscious. Someone came to me and gave me ranger powers. She was trapped in the staff, and when you used it for good she was set free."

* * *

Kim and Tommy sat together in the Juice Bar. "So what do we do from here." Kim asked.

"Alpha, Billy and Xander will think of something." He wrapped his arm around her. "For now I think we should be thankful for ten minutes off ranger duty." Tommy said.

"It's great to be back in Angel Grove." She said. She leaned against him. "That was weird fighting one of our really good friends wasn't it?" Tommy agreed. "What was it like on Muiranthias when I was evil?"

"All I can say is I don't want it to happen again." he smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

* * *

"So who's Queen Sophia?" Adam asked Alpha.

"Queen Sophia is here?" Alpha asked.

"Yeah. She was the one that used the shadow ranger powers today."

"She is a Queen from another universe. From my scanners it's says that they're on the same ship. They could've easily teamed up together." Alpha said.

"So do they still have the shadow powers?" Adam asked.

"I'm afraid so Adam." Alpha said.

* * *

"Is that a proposal?" Sophia asked coyly.

"Yes it is."

"Well then, I suppose I can't refuse can I?" Sophia said. "But before we tie the dark little knot. How about we get the rangers first?"

"Sounds fine to me." Rielik said.

* * *

Tommy and Kim's communicator beeped.

"Great." Tommy said. They walked to the Juice Bar's hallway. He brought his wrist closer to his mouth. "What's up Alpha?"

"You two should teleport here. Something just happened." Alpha said. In sparks of their respective colors they teleported to the Power Cave.

* * *

They gathered around Zordon. "Rangers, even though Rielik no longer has the dagger his zord is still charged with it's energy." Zordon boomed.

"So can we just fight it until it looses the energy?" Tanya asked.

"That is our plan. But rangers please beware. The Shadow Samurai is extremely powerful. You must use the utmost caution is battling the zord." Zordon said. "And Xander, I and afraid to tell you that the powers of the shadow ranger will be destroyed." Xander nodded sadly. Sirens echoed throughout the cave.

"It's Rielik. You must teleport and stop Rielik from destroying Angle Grove." Alpha said. The rangers nodded.







In sparks of light the six teleported out. "Good luck guys!" Kat said.

"Kat you're a ranger now remember?" Alpha said.

"Oh yeah. I forgot." She took out her morpher. The power told her what to do.

GOLDEN POWER!! She yelled. A golden column of light surrounded her. She stepped out from the light in her new ranger suit. He armor was made of glittering gold. Wings decorated the side of the sparkling helmet. She held the silver staff in her hand. The crystal that had once been blood red now was the same shade of gold as her ranger uniform. He reached her hand high in the air and teleported away.

* * *

Rielik, as the Shadow Ranger, and Sophia at his side carrying a golden bow. "Well if it isn't the Ultra Rangers." He smiled. In a flash of gold Kat appeared. "That's my staff!" He yelled.

"Yeah." Kat agreed. "It's put to better use now." She spun it in her hands.

"I take it you had a talk with Brianna?" Rielik said. Kat nodded. The six rangers called their weapons and ran towards the two evil warriors. Sophia strung and arrow on her bow and fired it. The golden arrow multiplied into six in mid air and struck each ranger square in the chest. "Now we're having fun!" She laughed. The white ranger held out his fists making a puddle of ice under Rielik and Sophia. The two slipped and landed hard on the ground.

"No fair, you fight dirty." Sophia complained.

"Yeah like you don't?" Kim said taking out her whip and holding it at her side. She thrust the whip foreword aiming at Sophia's Bow. Sophia moved the bow quickly, just missing the leather end of the whip. Rielik pulled the sword out of the black sheath on his back. He ran towards Tommy, who then called for his own sword and block Rielik blade.

"Surrender." Rielik said as he stood face to face with the red ranger. Tommy pushed him away and side kicked him in the stomach.

"Now why would we want to do that?" Tommy asked.

"To save your lives, and your pitiful planet." He said coldly. Rielik elbowed him in the shoulder and Tommy staggered back. "Consider your self warned." He shot his hands in the air calling on his evil zord. In a black flash of light it appeared. The zord took a defensive stance and pulled out the twin swords. The colossal zord struck the ground near the rangers with it's fist, knocking them to the ground.

"We need our zords." Tommy said. Kat waited on the side as the six rangers formed a circle.

"Fox!" Tanya yelled.

"Rhino!" Adam boomed.

"Shark!" Billy bellowed.

"Panther!" Brian cried.

"Hawk!" Kim shouted.

"Eagle!" Tommy yelled.

They thrust their hands in the air summoning the zords. The six machines floated down and landed gracefully before them. "My turn!" Kat said. She jumper into the air.

"Golden Pegasus!" The horse flew from the sky and landed near the others. In sparks of gold she jumped into the cockpit of her zords.

Rielik and Sophia jumped into the Shadow Samurai. "What in the world is that?" Sophia asked pointed to the golden zord.

"Katherine's new zord." Rielik said. ".And in a little while it's gonna be scrap metal."

* * *

"We have to keep him busy for a bit. Billy, scan the zord's shield and look for a weak spot in its armor." Tommy said.

"Affirmative." Billy answered. The seven zords surrounded the evil zord.

"Hmm. so many zord to destroy, so little time." Rielik cracked. He raised the swords aiming for the red eagle that was soaring towards them.

"Whoa!." Tommy said. he reared the zord to the right missing the piercing blades. The white panther roared and leaped into the air knocking Rielik's zord over. The panther pinned the Samurai down to the ground.

"OK guys that you're cue!" Brian shouted into the zord's microphone.

"Oh. they're good." Rielik grinned. "But I'm better." Rielik's zord kicked it's feet up sending the white panther soaring to the ground behind him.

"Form the Ultra Megazord! I'll keep him busy!" Kat yelled. The tips of the gold wings of her zord transformed into razor sharp silver blades. The zord galloped forward, its wings pointed straight ahead.

"Don't think so!" Sophia yelled. She punched in a combination of buttons. The Samurai punched the zord, sending it toppling to the ground.

"We'll take it from here." Tommy said. The Ultra Megazord approached the Shadow Samurai. "Billy did you find anything?"

"No, the armor is almost impenetrable. I'm not sure how much power it has left from the dagger. Until it runs out of power we'll have to keep it busy." Billy said.

* * *

"I have a little surprise for you rangers." Rielik said. He held his fist above the red button to him right. "Say goodbye!" The zord glowed black. The light traveled to the Samurai's arm's and fired and the rangers in twin beams on black energy. One beam hit the Ultra Megazord, while the other struck Pegasus. The zords burst into flames. The flames died down leaving the smoking zords paralyzed. The rangers coughed as the dark smoke filled into the cockpits.

"Zordon, Teleport us and the zords outta here!" Tommy yelled. In sparks of their respective colors the zords returned to the holding bay and the rangers to the Power Cave.

* * *

"Rangers!" Alpha shouted as he ran over to them. The removed their helmets and dropped them to the floor.

"Something weird happened." Adam said. "Rielik shot some weird energy beams at us. The zords are seriously damaged."

"I can fix them. With your help of course Billy, but it will take some time that we don't have to waste." Alpha said.

"Work on the zords." Xander said. "We'll have to get new ones."

"You're just full of surprises aren't you?" Tanya asked. Xander chuckled.

"Maybe I am."

"Should I come to?" Kat asked. "I mean would I have an extra zord?"

"You should come. It's wonderful watching lifeless zords receive owners." Xander said. The put on their helmets and the eight of them teleported out to the Sacred Caves.

* * *

"We defeated the Power Rangers! We defeated the Power Rangers!" Sophia chanted. Rielik Clenched his fist.

"If I know Xander as much as I think you do than he has another little trick up his sleeve." Rielik said angrily.

"So we'll get `em later. And then we can live evilly aver after." She sighed. "The end."

* * *

In a rain of sparks they landed in the Sacred Caves. The took off their helmets and held them at their sides.

"So these are the Sacred Caves." Kat said looking around.

"This is the same room we got our powers in." Brian said. Xander nodded.

"So I suppose your going to take out your little wonder dagger and open the wall right?" Kim giggled. Xander chuckled and placed the dagger in the wall. With a low rumble it slid open. Torches flickered and lit the chamber. The dormant zords stood against the glistening cave walls.

"They're kindda our Shogun zords." Adam stated.

"Yes in appearance perhaps. These zords are far older and more powerful." Xander said.

"Wait a sec. There's only seven zords. Were mine?" Brian asked.

"The Ice ranger powers are far younger than the rest. Since your powers are similar to that of the Water rangers you share the same zord."

"Oh." Brain said quietly.

"Just one question." Tommy said. "Why didn't we get the new zords when we first received our powers?"

"The Earth has many powers. If they were unleashed all at once Rielik would figure out the weaknesses and you would have no new zords to counter his attacks." Xander said.

"This is all getting way to technical for me. Maybe we should invent a Power Ranger dictionary or something." Brian said. The others laughed.

"Your new zords are the mighty Pyro zords." He began. He pointed his hand towards the first zord. "Kimberly, your Pyro zord is the Wind Pyro." She smiled at the thought of the zords she had piloted in the past. "Billy and Brian, your zord is the Water Pyro." "Adam, the Earth Pyro. Tanya, the Lightning Pyro. And Tommy, the Fire Pyro."

"Fire Pyro?" Billy asked. "The two words mean the same thing." Xander shrugged his shoulders. "I don't name them."

"What's that?" Kat asked point to the zord in the corner.

"I've never seen that one before." Xander said. He looked at the emblem on the chest plate. A golden sun. "Katherine, your new zord, the Sun Pyro."

"I thought I didn't have a zord!" Kat said.

"Perhaps when you freed the gold ranger you also freed her Pyro zord." Xander said. The chest plate of each zord was decorated with the rangers' element symbol. The zords shone with their respective colors. "Go now rangers, Earth needs you." They slipped on their helmets and teleported to their new zords.

* * *

"Man is Rielik gonna be mad when her sees our new zords." Tommy grinned from behind his red helmet. The rangers maneuvered their zords through the cave and teleported them to the zord Holding Bay.

"How damaged are the zords?" Tommy asked.

"They'll be all right, but it will take some time to repair them." Alpha said. The robot read the readouts from a nearby computer. "The zords' power levels are very low, but than can be fixed by some energy from the Morphin Grid."

"How'd that happen?" Tanya asked.

"The beams probably drained some energy from the zords." Billy said.

* * *

Rielik glanced at the computer screen. "The ship is back to full energy." He smiled. "I suppose I'll have to thank the rangers for letting me swipe some of their zords' power."

"This is amazing!" Selcor said. "The ship ship's shield power has increased by 52%" He handed the readout from a computer to Rielik. "It has also enhanced our weapon systems. This is amazing!" Selcor repeated. "We'll be using the rangers' power against them!"

"Hmm. Selcor you actually did something right for once." Rielik grinned. "We'll lure the rangers out from hiding. I lead a group of Serpent Soldiers and they'll have no choice but to show up and defend themselves. I use my zord and squash the rangers bugs."

"Sounds like fun." Sophia said. "But didn't you say that Xander probably has another trick up his sleeve?"

"Yes, but know I have my super powered ship and my zord!" Rielik said excitedly.

* * *

"Hey rangers!" Shadow ranger shouted. Twelve serpents hissed behind him and Sophia at his side. The rangers flipped through the air and landed on their feet.

"What do you want?" Tommy asked.

"You know what I want. I want you to surrender or be destroyed." Rielik said.

"That is so clich,." The pink ranger cracked.

"Let's cut the mindless babble and fight." Sophia said stringing an arrow on her bow.

"Fine with me." Brian said spinning his silver sais in hand.

"Tanya, you me and Kim can take the serpents. You guys keep the happy couple busy." Tommy said. The rangers nodded.

"LIGHTNING BOOMBERANG!" Tanya yelled. She threw the glowing boomerang. It hit three unsuspecting serpents and returned to her.

"WATER TRIDENT!" Billy shouted. He ran towards Rielik, the forked end pointing forward. Rielik pulled out his saber and knocked Billy of his feet. Kat called for her staff and charged and Sophia.

"You shouldn't take things that aren't yours." Sophia said and she blocked the silver staff.

"Tell that to your boyfriend. I do recall hearing a little story about him stealing some powers from some one. Am I right?" Kat said. Sophia shoved her aside.

Tommy and Kim raced at the running serpents. The two jumped in the air kicking four serpents two the ground. "Seven down, five to go." Kim said. Rielik raised his hand and the remaining Serpent Soldiers vanished.

"I have a surprise for you rangers." Rielik said. He called on his zord and he and Sophia jumped into the cockpit. "What are you gonna do now?"

"Call on our new zords." Tommy smiled. The six zords in human form teleported from the zord holding bay to the rangers. They teleported to their respective cockpits.

* * *

"Do you think these zords will be as easy as the others?" Sophia asked.

"Of course." Rielik said. "We'll keep them busy for a little while, then I'll call my ship and have them destroyed."

* * *

The six zords charged towards the Shadow Samurai. The dark zord spun around with it's hands outstretched knocking each zord down.

"I guess he means business." Brian said.

"It's Pyro Megazord time guys!" Tommy shouted. The pink, yellow, green, blue, and white zords joined together, while the gold Pyro zord waited to the side.

"Interesting." Rielik said studying the new Megazord that stood before him. "But, thanks to you I have some brand new tricks too." He initiated he zords new sequence. The hands were now covered with spikes. It carried a silver shield with a black "S" inscribed in the center. Rockets mounted it's large shoulders and it carried a black mace.

"That's it!" Billy yelled. "He drained power from the Ultra Megazord and powered his zord with it."

"We can take `em!" Kim said enthusiastically.

"That's not all a power William." Rielik said. "Selcor now!" He whispered. His ship floated down to Earth. "Rangers, this is my Space Sphere."

* * *

"This doesn't look good." Brian said. The ship and the zord began to fire random lasers.

"How do we block this?" Adam yelled over the sounds over explosions.

"We have a shield!" Billy shouted. He pressed a combination of buttons. Seconds later the black shield and golden sword appeared in the Pyro Megazord's hands.

"You can't do that to them!" Kat shouted. She commanded her Pyro zord. It ran forwards and knocked the Samurai down. The falling zord's hands flew up knocking down the Space Sphere.

"You're gonna pay for that!" Rielik yelled. The zord threw it's mace. It crashed into the gold Pyro zord sending a shower of sparks into the cockpit. A transmission interrupted the battle.

"Lord Rielik." Selcor said feebly. "The Shadow Samurai is low on power. We have to repair it."

"Well I had fun rangers, but I do have a life." Rielik said. The zord Sophia and Rielik teleported out.

* * *

The rangers teleported to the Power Cave.

"They're ready." Alpha said.

"What's ready?" Tanya asked.

"Your Ultra zords." Alpha said. "I thought it would take longer to repair but with the dagger of light we easily fixed them."

"I thought you." Kim said.

"Don't worry Rangers. The Earth knows what she is doing. You have to trust her. I honestly did not know we could repair the zords with the dagger also. The Earth informed me that we could." Xander said.

"The Earth talks?" Tommy asked. Xander nodded.

"To those who listen."

* * *

"So are they ready?" Rielik asked.

"Sir it will take some time. We don't want to waste all of the power we drained." Selcor answered.

"The rangers are weak!" Rielik yelled. "Use all the power. I am certain we will win this match."

"But Sir that's very dangerous.." Selcor said.

"You dare question my authority you little twirp!" Rielik boomed. "Do it!"

"Y. yes Sir." He stammered. He hurried to a nearby computer. "Ten minutes and counting Sir."


* * *

"So when do you think he'll make his next move?" Kim asked.

"I don't know. I guess we just have to wait." Tommy said. "I guess we should be thankful for the two minutes we have together that we're not battling evil space aliens." Tommy said playfully as he ruffled Kim's hair, and pecked her cheek.

* * *

"Is the pesky thing ready?" Sophia asked.

"You're too impatient for your own good Muffin." Rielik said.

"Muffin?" Sophia asked curiously . He shrugged his shoulders, before she leaped to her feet, called him "Pumpkin" and pranced out of the room.

"It's ready Sir." Selcor said.

* * *

Sirens echoed through the Power Cave.

"Surprise, surprise." Kim said. "It's Rielik."

"Rangers, Shadow Samurai is in downtown Angel Grove. You must morph and call on your zords immediately." Zordon boomed from his time warp.








The seven morphed rangers hurried to downtown Angel Grove and called their zords.

* * *

"Look who decided to join us." Sophia said. "It's the Power Poodles."

"Hey we have a surprise for you Rielik." The red ranger shouted from the cockpit of the Pyro Megazord. "ULTRA MEGAZORD POWER!"

"Huh?" Sophia said. "I thought you said those things were useless now."

"I thought so too." Rielik said. The Ultra Megazord stood to the side of the Pyro Megazord. Pegasus galloped over to were the gold Pyro zord stood.

"DO SOMETHING!" Sophia shouted to Rielik. He took a deep breath.

"No problem I have things under control, don't worry." Rielik pressed the power accelerator to his left. With a low moan the Samurai lost all power and stood lifeless.

* * *

"Why did Selcor talk me into this!" Rielik yelled in anger.

"Um. Pumpkin?" Sophia said.

"Yes?" Rielik answered.

"I think we should leave now." She said.


"Because this zord is gonna blow!" She yelled. The two teleported to the Space Sphere seconds before the machine exploded.

* * *

"We did it!" Adam said excitedly.

"Not quite." Billy said. "His ship is still out there."

"Not for long." Brian said smiling behind his white helmet. "I have a plan. How does an inter-stellar race between a team of zords and a space ship?"

"So what do you mean?" Tanya asked.

"Why can't we just chase him out of the galaxy? He'll be so scared he won't step foot in this solar system again!" Brain said.

"Sounds like a plan." Tommy said. "Billy are the zord equipped with the shields for space travel?"

"Well. yeah of course." Billy answered.

"Great." Tommy said. "Let's do it."

* * *

"Sir I think you should take a look at this." Selcor said.

"Haven't you already wasted my time enough Selcor?" Rielik said.

"But this is very important Sir. It's the Ultra Rangers. They've set a course for out ship. They're coming for use." Selcor said.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Rielik yelled. "Get us outta here!"

* * *

The Megazord raced out of the atmosphere. The dark sky was dotted with millions of silvery stars.

"This is so beautiful." Kim said.

"It's up ahead." Tommy said pointing at the gold dot ahead of them. The Ultra Megazord, Pyro Megazord, gold Pyro zord and Pegasus sped closer and close to the Space Sphere.

"Sir they're gaining on us!" Selcor yelled.

"Increase power!" Rielik yelled over the roar of the engines. Selcor knew better that to argue with Rielik.

"Um. Sir." Selcor said.

"Selcor, if it's bad news I'm going to kill you."


* * *

The zords raced behind the ship.

"You think it's working?" Brian asked.

"Yeah." Adam laughed. "Rielik is running for his life!"

* * *

"What the heck is that?" Sophia said pointing to the gray object the was coming closer to them.

"It's an asteroid!" Rielik yelled.

"No it's not." Selcor spoke. "It's the moon."

"Do we have enough engine power to get there?" Rielik asked.

"I think so. We just have to lose the rangers." Selcor said.

"Good. Set a course for the moon."

* * *

"He's going to the moon." Billy said.

"We can't let him get there!" Brian shouted. "Tommy what about Red Knight?"

"Oh yeah!" Tommy said. He teleported to the zord and caught up with the rangers. "Guys I'm gonna try to catch up with Rielik." The Red Knight accelerated speed and raced towards the Space Sphere.

"Hey Rielik!" Tommy shouted as he caught up to the ship.

"Goody it's the red ranger." Rielik said sarcastically. The Red Knight rammed its shoulder into the side of the Space Sphere sending golden sparks flying into the main room.

"Selcor are we almost there?" Rielik asked impatiently.

"Yes Sir, the zord knocked us off course but you will be there shortly. "

* * *

"Do you think we should catch up to him?" Kim asked.

"No." Answered Billy. "I think he knows what he's doing."

* * *

"Give my regards to Satan." Tommy yelled. He sent a shower of red laser at the Space Sphere.

"Sir we have trouble!" Selcor yelled over the rumble of explosions.

"I KNOW THAT!" Rielik yelled. "How far away are we from the moon?" With the sound of scraping metal and explosion of rock the ship crashed into the moon.

"TOMMY PULL UP!" Kim yelled. Tommy pulled up and the zord's control lever, just missing the rocky surface of the moon.

* * *

"Does this answer your question?" Sophia asked. She glanced at the towering black castle near them. "What the heck is that?"

"I don't know, but go in. It's better than staying here anyway." Selcor said. The three of them walked over the rocky terrain to the entrance.

* * *

The seven of them arrived in the Power Chamber and demorphed.

"Congratulations are in order Rangers." Zordon boomed.

"Not just yet." Kat said. "Rielik and Sophia are still out there."

"I have something for you rangers." Xander removed seven silver chains from a pouch on his belt. Each chain had a stone, the rangers color on it.

"Think of it as a thank you gift, for saving my life." He said.

"So is it true your mortal now right?" Brian asked. Xander nodded. "What are you going to do now?"

"Oh, I'll think of something."

* * *

The three of them walked through a dark hallway. The ended up in a dimly lit throne room.

"Zeddy Who are they?" Rita Repulsa pointed the three visitors.

"Lord Rielik, and this is my fiancé Queen Sophia."

"Rita I just love those cones!" Sophia said.

"Really? Zedd here is trying to make me get rid of `em." Rita replied.

"I am Lord Zedd, sworn enemy of all that is good and decent."

"Now where have I heard that before?" Sophia asked raising an eyebrow.

"Hey Ed!" Rito called.

"That's Zedd you imbecile." Zedd said.

"Um. whatever. So anyway who's your visitor?"

"Why have you come to our Lunar Palace?" Zedd asked.

"I was chased here by the Ultra Rangers. My ship crash landed so appropriately."

"You mean the Ultra rangers have received their powers!" Zedd yelled.

"Yes, and your friend Tommy Oliver is leading them." Rielik said.

"So how would you feel about destroying them?" Sophia asked.

"Oh. destroying is fun." Rita smiled.

"My thoughts exactly!" Sophia laughed. The two evil females high-fived. Zedd began to glow bright red.

"I am going to crush the Ultra rangers and Zordon of Eltar. I will get my revenge!" He laughed evilly.