Games of the Mind
by: Apollo

Kat stretched her sore fingers as Billy adjusted the white sling that hung on Kat's shoulder.

"Sorry there was no gold." He smiled. "Your arm has healed some from the gold ranger powers but I wouldn't recommend fighting unmorphed." She nodded.

"So, blue ranger. How does it feel to be back?" Kat asked.

"Well I suppose it's all right." Billy said. She shot him a disbelieving glance.

"I saw how sad you looked when Rocky got the blue Zeo Sub-crystal."

"OK so I'm glad to be back." He paused. "But I really miss Cestria." She hopped off the table.

"Maybe you can write her a letter and Alpha can teleport it over." She suggested. He nodded and walked out.

* * *

Some many things have happen since I left Aquitar that I don't know where to begin to describe it to you. Tommy, Kim, Adam, Tanya, and our newest member, Brian were destined to receive powers from the earth. Kat was abducted by Lord Rielik and Queen Sophia. She was given new powers also. As much as I am happy to see my old friends I miss you. Tell the others I say hello. I promise to write soon. Even though we are so far away I'm still there with you. I love you and hope to hear from you soon.
William Cranston, the blue ranger

He sighed as he folded the letter and put it in the small white envelope. "I was never good at love letters." He said as he put it in his back pocket.

* * *

"I just thought of something." Kim said. "How are I supposed to explain just vanishing from Florida without a trace?"

"Um. I just thought of something." Tommy said.

"What?" She asked.

"How am I gonna explain disappearing from my race car." He asked. Brian yelped as he glanced at his wrist watch.

"I have school I five minutes." He groaned. "At least I can teleport." He smiled and teleported from the cave.

* * *

He tapped his pencil lightly as he stared at the test. "Not my fault I couldn't study."

"Is there a problem Brian?" Ms. Applebee asked.

"Um. . . no." He said softy and returned to his test. He jumped as his communicator beeped. He quickly muffled the high-pitched tone with his hand. "I guess Rielik doesn't believe in sleeping late." He thought to himself. He timidly raised his hand.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Ms. Applebee, may I please go to the bathroom." Brian asked.

"We're right in the middle of the test."

"I know but I won't take long." She nodded. He hopped out of his seat and ran down the hall. He hurried to the bathroom.

"Yeah Zordon?" He asked.

"Brian please join the other rangers. They'll need your help."

"I'll be right there." He pushed open the bathroom window and glanced down. "Here goes nothing." He said softly. He took a deep breath hopped out of the window and grabbed his morpher from his pocket in mid air. He stopped himself before he morphed. "Yeah good one Brian. Morph were everyone can see you." He thought. He landed on the ground with a hard `thud.' His legs racked with pain. "Three strikes and you're out Einstein."He mocked. He pulled out his morpher and crouched to the ground as to not be visible by anyone. "Ice ranger power." He said just loud enough to activate the morpher. His ranger armor covered his civilian clothes and as quickly as the pain from the fall had come it vanished when he morphed.

* * *

"Nice of you to join us." Billy said as he blocked a blow from a near by Serpent Soldier.

"I was tied up." Brian said as he side kicked a serpent in the stomach. "So where is Rielik anyway? I don't see Shadow Ranger anywhere."

"I don't know." Tommy answered. "Maybe he was bored and needed a little excitement."

"Bored maybe." Rielik answered as he and Sophia appeared where they were fighting. "But I have enough excitement."

"Today is not the day to mess with us." Adam said and he clutched his hammer in his hand.

"Don't make me laugh." Rielik said as he pulled a gun from his holster and fired at the rangers.

"What's your problem?" Kim yelled over the sounds of the lasers.

"I like seeing you earthlings sweat." Rielik answered as he drew a sword and ran at them.

"Let's see what these power can do!" Kim said as she jumped in the air and thrust her arms out send a wind gust at the two of them.

"So what happened?" Kat asked Rielik as she ran towards him with the staff pointing forward. He pushed the staff out of the way and flipped her to the ground.

"We landed on the moon and lived. Your good friends Rita and Zedd helped us out." He answered as he brought the blade of his sword down at her head. She quickly rolled out of the way and jumped up.

"So that's what happened!" Tanya said. "They blew up the Machine Empire and now they're back in the ranger destroying business."

"What a bright little earth child." Sophia said as she strung an arrow on her bow. "Too bad I have to kill you." She fired the arrow at Tanya sending her to the ground. Billy quickly called his Water Trident and sliced through as many Serpent Soldiers as he could.

"Go back to the moon where you belong." Billy said as he grabbed his Laser Blaster from his belt and flipped in the air and fired at the two of them.

"Nice try blue boy." Rielik said. He punched in the air and Billy came crashing to the ground.

"Billy you OK?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah." He said as he slowly got up.

"So when are you guys gonna give up?" Sophia asked. "We could do this all day long."

"I have get to class!" Brian whined as he spun his sais in hand. Rielik ran up with his sword in front of him. He slashed at the rangers.

"Rangers teleport now!" Alpha yelled. "That battle is going nowhere."

"But-." Kim protested. The seven of them were teleported to the Cave.

* * *

"I'm sorry rangers but Rielik was just trying to tire you out. The fight was pointless." Alpha said. Brian stared at his watch.

"I'm gonna be in so much trouble." Brian said as he looked at is watch. He walked to Zordon's tube. "Alert me if anything happens." He quickly teleported out.

* * *

"Suspended?" Brian gulped. He gripped the arms of the chair in Mr. Caplan's office.

"You should be glad you're not expelled Brian. I'm very disappointed. Not only was it incredibly FOOLISH to jump out a window I'm very surprised you're not hurt."

"But-." Brian protested.

"I'm sorry. You're suspended till further notice. I'll call your father." He picked up the phone. "Of course if you have a good REASON for jumping out of the window.."

"Well, I do have a reason. But I doubt you'll believe me." Brian said. Mr. Caplan leaned against his desk.

"Try me."

* * *

"Interesting." Rielik said as he studied the console. "So are you sure we can divide the Shadow Rangers powers?"

"Positive." Selcor and Finster answered.

"So is it ready?" Sophia asked. Rielik turned to Selcor. Selcor nodded. Sophia walked to the console and pushed a bright button. A circular platform in the center of the room raised. The Shadow Ranger armor was propped up on a steal table. Finster began furiously typing in commands. The armor glowed faintly and then split into two ranger uniforms. A dark gray ranger uniform was now next to the Shadow Ranger's.

"Presenting the Mist Ranger." Finster said. Sophia grabbed the morpher from the belt and morphed. In a brilliant flash of gray she was changed into the Mist Ranger.

"Neat." She said as she stared at her new armor.

"Zedd." Rielik said as he walked over to him. "As much as I hate to admit it I will need you and Rita's help on this mission."

"Gladly." Zedd boomed. "As long as I can deal with the leader myself." The two of them shook hands.


* * *

Brian sat on a computer console. "So did anything like this ever happen to you?" He asked the six of them.

"No." Tommy answered. "I guess we were just lucky." He sighed and slid off the console.

"So what do we do now." Brian asked.

"All we can do is wait for something to happen." Billy said. "Hey I was searching through some files and I found some stuff."

"Like what?" Kim asked.

"Well, we each have." He arched an eyebrow. "A signature move I guess you could call it." He pulled a disk from his back pocket and inserted in into a computer. An image of the red ranger flashed on. The ranger moved his arms in a powerful fashion. Flames flashed from his hands in twin beams.

"Whoa." Tommy said.

"I don't have to show you the others. The power will tell you them when the time comes." Billy said.

"Hey, so where'd Xander go?" Adam asked.

"He said he had to adjust to his `new life' he went to talk a walk downtown." Kat answered.

"Maybe you should make him a communicator Billy, just in case he gets in trouble he can give us a call." Tanya suggested. Billy nodded.

* * *

Rita, Zedd, Sophia and Rielik gathered in the main throne room of the Lunar Palace. Rita skimmed though her book of spell.

"HERE!" She screeched as she pointed to a paragraph. Zedd impatiently grabbed the book and read the paragraph.

"Interesting Rita. We drive them insane." Zedd laughed.

"See I had a good idea." Rita said.

"Your first." Zedd said.

"HEY!" Rita yelled and nudged him in the stomach.

"How do we lure them out?" Sophia asked. Rielik's eye flashed.

"Finster is it possible to create a look-alike of something?" Rielik asked.

"Well yes but."

"Perfect!" He yelled. "We can create a double of Xander. We'll act like he's in danger, and since he no longer carries the Shadow power he can't protect himself." There laughter echoed through the dark halls.

* * *

"Rangers." Zordon boomed. "Xander is being attack in the park. You must go to his rescue." They nodded and pulled out their morphers.







* * *

Serpent Soldiers formed a circle around the Xander look-alike. "Leave him alone!" Tommy yelled.

"Makes us!" A serpent hissed as it lunged forward at Xander. The seven of them ran forward and fought off as many of them as they could.

"Help me rangers!" Xander pleaded as he dodged the flying fists of the snakes. Tanya reached into the sky and called for her boomerang. She flung it at the attacking serpents slightly stunning them. The rangers grabbed their weapons and destroyed the hissing snakes. They caught their breath and ran up to Xander.

"You all right buddy?" Tommy asked.

"I. ah.. I think so." Xander answered. In four flashes of red light Zedd, Rita, Rielik, and Sophia materialized behind Xander.

"Watch out!" Kat yelled to Xander.

"Oh, I should be telling you that." Xander snarled. His flesh melted away revealing a screeching Tenga Warrior. The four of them raised their hands. In a flash of light a net appeared.

"Say good night." Rita said as they threw the net of the seven morphed rangers. Their ranger armor disintegrated. The seven of them exhausted from the power reverse fell to the ground in their civilian clothes. Billy tapped his communicator.

"Alpha." He said weakly. He pulled the crumpled envelope from his pocket. "Send this to Cestria." He took off his communicator and wrapped it around the letter. He pushed the button on the side and the letter and his communicator vanished to the Power Cave in a flare of blue light.

"Time to go." Rielik said. Zedd waved his staff and the entire group teleported to the Lunar Palace.

* * *

The seven rangers landed on the cold floor of the dungeon. Zedd locked the heavy iron door.

"I do hope you enjoy your stay here rangers." Zedd laughed. They pulled off the net and stood up.

"Let us out!" Adam yelled, shaking the door.

"Conserve your energy green one." Sophia said. "You'll need it later." Zedd, Rita, Sophia and Rielik turned and walked away to the throne room.

"What does she mean we'll need it later?" Brian asked.

"I don't know." Tanya said. "But I'm not taking any chances." She sat down and leaned against the wall.

* * *

"Teleport Xander here." Zordon Boomed. "He could be of some assistance." The robot nodded and punched a combination of buttons on a nearby console. In a flash of black Xander appeared in the Power Cave. He had since lost the cloak and borrowed some of Tommy's clothes.

"What is it Alpha?" He asked.

"The rangers have been kidnapped." Alpha answered as he began a scan of the Solar System.

"Where's the dagger?" He asked.

"It's by Zordon. But may I warn you that. . ."

"We don't have time!" Xander interrupted. He grabbed the dagger and pointed it at the Viewing Screen. He closed his eyes and waited.

"What has happened?" Xander asked.

"That's what I am trying to tell you!" Alpha said. "The dagger no longer recognizes you."

"What. . .?"

"The dagger can't help them Xander. This is something they have to do for themselves. I am very confident in them. I hope you are the same." Zordon boomed. Xander nodded and walked to Alpha.

"May I be of assistance?"

"No, you should probably get some rest. We will alert you if anything happens."

"What's this?" Xander asked as he picked up the crumpled envelope near Alpha.

"A letter I have to send the Cestria for Billy." Alpha answered him. "You may sleep in one of the chambers down the hall"

* * *

"This place give me the creeps." Kim said as she crawled over to Tommy.

"Zordon and Alpha will get us outta here. Don't worry." Tommy said.

"QUIET!" a serpent hissed as it paced along the entrance of the doorway.

"Billy you're sure you can't morph?" Brian asked.

"Positive. The walls will block the morphing energies." He answered.

"I'll give it a try anyway." He said as he fumbled through the darkness searching for his morpher. He grabbed it and stood up. "Ice ranger power." He said as quietly as possible. A white beam fired from his morpher and disintegrated into golden sparks as they fell to the ground. "There goes that idea."

"Why don't they leave us alone!" Adam yelled.

"Being captured, put in danger. It all goes along with the Power Ranger package." Tanya said. The iron door clanked as Rielik and Zedd opened it.

"Time to party guys." Rielik said. Zedd, with the help of Rielik and a few Tengas grabbed the seven of them and forced them to stand.

"You're going to enjoy the little surprises we have planned for you." Zedd said. He would've grinned if he had a mouth. Tommy tried to wriggle free from the Tengas' grasp. "'fraid not fearless leader." Rielik said as he pushed Tommy and forced him to move onwards.

"We'll be in the throne room Tengas. When they are ready contact us." Zedd ordered. The Tengas squawked in reply are shoved the seven rangers.

* * *

"The Lunar Palace!" Alpha shouted.

"Can you teleport them here?" Xander asked.

"No, they have block all forms of the Morphin Grid's power from penetrating the Palace walls." Zordon said.

"I tired of waiting!" Xander said as he balled his fists. "We have to do something."

"Xander please calm yourself." Zordon said. "I see your eight-teen hundred years of life has caused you to develop a temper." Xander chuckled a bit.

"I am sorry, but I feel it's my responsibility to save them." Xander said. Alpha pointed his small metallic finger to the hallway. "All right I'll go."

* * *

The group of Tengas teleported the rangers to a grassy field. "Where are we?" Kim asked. "I think we might find out soon enough." Billy said. A pillar of fire shot out before them. Rita, Zedd, Sophia and Rielik stepped out. They laughed uncontrollably.

"Oh. . ." Rita whined when the laughing finally ceased. "I think I singed my cones."

"And now our little surprise." Rielik smiled as he Rita, and Zedd plunged their staffs in the ground. The field separated into six sections. Kat and Kim on the first one, Billy on the second, Adam the third, Tanya the fourth, Brian the fifth, and finally Tommy stood on the sixth section.

"The mind is your worse enemy." Rielik said as he stepped in from of the others. "You will battle your worst fears." A sly grin appeared on his face. "Good luck, and may the power protect you." He mocked their mentor. He raised his fist. In a crackle of lightning Kim and Kat vanished.

* * *

They landed hard on the red, clay dirt. Kat grunted and came to her feet. "I guess this is their idea of a joke." They walked forward only to be stopped by the edge of a slopping canyon. "Somehow I don't think they're joking." Kim said. Kat nodded in agreement. A surge of light over came the two of them.

"Um. . . Kim?" Kat asked as she glanced at what she was wearing. Kat now wore her old pink Zeo ranger armor. She stared at Kim through the dark, oval visor.

"A little. . . weird." Kim said. Kim now wore her old pink ranger uniform. "Um. . . something tells me this happened before."

"What do you mean?" Kat asked. Kim snapped her fingers.

"My dream!" She suddenly lost control of her arms. Without thinking she grabbed her Power Bow and slammed it into Kat's chest.

"Hey! What was that for!" Kat asked as she lurched over and clutched her stomach.

"I didn't do it!" Kim said. Only to be answered by Kat taking her shield and tripping her. Kim tumbled along the side of the canyon. Kat jumped down to where Kim fell and helped her up.

"I'm really sorry. Something went on with my hands. I just. . . lost control." Kat said.

"Yeah I know. It's something to do with my dream."

"Do you know what happens now?" Kat asked.

"I sure do." Kim said. She jumped in the air and fired an arrow from her bow. It hit Kat in the chest and she staggered back. "Watch out!" Kim yelled. The white ranger jumped from the sky. He ran at Kat and lashed at her with Saba. Kat back-flipped out of the way.

"What happens now?" She yelled.

"I don't know!" Kim answered. "In my dream the white ranger knocked you down."

"I guess we have no choice then." Kat said as she grabbed her shield and flung it at him like a discus. Kim quickly pulled her Power Blaster from her belt and fired red beams of energy. The shield and laser struck the white ranger in the chest and he crumpled to the ground. Their ranger uniforms melted away and they walked to the fallen ranger. Kat kneeled down and pulled off the helmet. Kim nudged it with her toe.

"A cog?" Kat asked as she tossed the helmet aside.

"What are those?" Kim asked.

"They were the Machine Empire's Tengas." Kat answered as they walked farther. The dirt road they were following broke up into two.

"Should we split up?" Kim asked.

"I guess so. But if anything happens just scream." Kim nodded and walked to the road on the left.

* * *

Kat walked for a few minutes. "Who's there?" She asked as she turned around. When silence answered her question she continued walking. Rita appeared behind her in a flash of purple. Mumbling a few unrecognizable phrases she vanished before Kat could notice her presence.

"Why am I so tired?" She asked out loud. She yawned at sat in the grass. Before long she was asleep.

* * *

"Morning Katherine." Rielik whispered as he tapped her shoulder.

"Huh. . .? But how did I. . ." He quickly sprayed a red liquid on her and hid it before she could notice.

"Don't worry. You can get more sleep later but we have to prepare for the battle. We're going to destroy the rangers. How's your head? That was a nasty little bump the rangers gave you."

"What. . .? But. . ." She put here hand on a small swollen bump on her forehead.

"Aww, she's so happy she's speechless." Sophia smiled. She lifted Kat up gently. "I think Rita made some breakfast. Go eat and conserve your energy." Still confused from her sleep she followed Sophia to the dark dinning room.

"Hey Kat!" Rito said as he pulled a chair out for her.

"Please sit down Katherine. We are all very excited about our battle today." Zedd said as her sat in a chair besides Rita.

"Hold on a sec. . . I'm your enemy right?" She yelled. Rita exploded into giggles.

"She's such a joker!" Rita said between giggles.

"Not very hungry?" Goldar asked as he took her plate away.

"Why don't you morph now and we can go to Earth in about five minuets." Rielik suggested.

"Um. . . something's wrong here. I feel kindda weird. Something's REALLY wrong I just can't quite place it."

"Nonsense!" Zedd said as he handed her the morpher. She took it slowly and morphed.

"Much better." Sophia said

"Isn't this my morpher? How did you get it." Kat asked.

"Katherine you have been working with us against the rangers for almost a month. You gave us your morpher for protection. Just in case Zordon tried to take it and use it for. . ." she shuddered. ". . .Good"

"This is getting way too confusing." Kat said. She took her coin from the morpher on her belt and studied it. "You're sure I'm on your side?" Rita nodded.

"I guess that bump did a little damage. I'll have Finster take a look at it Later" Rita said. Kat nodded and teleported. She landed in the park without a sound. Rito arrived moments after her. In streams of light the 6 rangers teleported. Kat nudged Rito in the arm.

"The rangers right?" She asked him.

"You know who we are Kat." Tommy said.

"So what do I do now?" Kat asked.

"THIS!" Rito yelled. He pulled out his bone sword and ran at the rangers.

"Oh. . . I think I get it now." She flipped in the air and landed a kick in Billy's stomach. Rito clapped.

"Now that's how ya do it!" Rito grinned. Kat stood up and ran towards Tommy. In a gust of gold energy a force knocked Kat into a near by tree.

"What was that?" She asked as she stood up and brushed her uniform.

"I told you NOT to use the powers for evil Katherine. You were warned." The ghostly figure of Brianna said as she sailed towards Kat reaching for the morpher on her belt.

"That's my morpher!" Kat yelled and she back-flipped for the ghosts grasp. "And who are you anyway?"

"You know who I am Katherine. I gave you your powers. They can be taken away just as easily as they were given to you."

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Kat said as she glanced back at Rito who was trying his best against the rangers.

"Give me the morpher my friend. You are not truly evil. What potion did they pollute your mind with?" Tommy jumped at Kat and held her arms.

"Teleporting now!" He yelled as they teleported in sparks of light.

The two of them landed in the cave in front of Zordon. Kat broke free from his grip. He morpher fell from her belt and clattered powerless to the floor. Her ranger uniform quickly vanished.

"What did you do!" She yelled. She grabbed the laser blaster from Tommy's belt and aimed it towards Zordon.

"Katherine please-" Zordon boomed.

"Tell me what you did to my power! It was mine!"

"You gave us no other choice."

"I'm warning you. Give my powers back. . . or else." She tightened her grip on the gun in her hand. Zordon kept silent. She pulled the trigger on the laser gun and fired brilliant colored light towards Zordon's tube. Millions of glass pieces cascaded to the Power Cave floor.

* * *

She screamed as she awoke from her sleep. A dream? She wondered she got up slowly and looked around. She was still in the strange field like place she was in before she had gone to sleep. She looked up ahead to see a white pillar like object reaching to the sky. It seemed to be roughly half a mile away. "I wonder what that is?" She thought aloud as she walked towards it.

* * *

Tommy sat down on a near by rock and studied his surroundings. He balled his hands into fists. "I'm gonna get all four of them for sending us here. If I ever get out." He whispered. Zedd muffled his evil laughter as he stood behind Tommy. He waved his staff at pointed it at him. He chuckled and vanished. Before Tommy had time to protest red waves of energy encircled him.

* * *

"Wake up!" He yelled as he kicked the sleeping Tommy in the arm.

"Hey! What'd you do that for?" Tommy asked as he opened his eyes.

"I guess it's what we evil twins do."

"Whoa! It's like staring into a mirror." Tommy said. His double crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"I think we've established that fact haven't we? I'm your twin."

"So what do you want?" Tommy asked.

"Do you have to ask?" Tommy's double held out his hand. "Your morpher, fork it over."

"Now why would I want to do that?" Tommy asked. His double smirked.

"Because if you don't give it to me I'll take it, and I'll destroy you. With the help of your other doubles of course."

"Other doubles?"

"Yes, but if you give it to me know I will consider killing you fast and painless."

"I can't give it to you. And if you were really my double you would know that I don't succumb to threats that easily." Tommy remarked.

"I knew you would say that." His double grinned. "That's why I brought some company." Evil Tommy held up his fist. Several circles of light radiated from it. The circles became larger and multiplied into five images of Tommy. They each wore his ranger uniforms of the past. The first one wore the green ranger uniform, the second the white ranger's, the third the white ninja's, the fourth Zeo ranger V's, and the fifth the red Turbo ranger.

"Ready to surrender your power?" Evil Tommy smirked.

"Come and get it!" He yelled. He launched and attack and the white ninja. He jumped in the air and lashed out with his foot, aiming at the ninja's head. The white ninja grabbed his foot and yanked Tommy down to the ground before he had a chance to kick him. How can I fight myself? He thought. He quickly recovered and ran towards the green ranger. Tommy punched at the ranger's torso. The green ranger laughed at Tommy's attempt. He grabbed his fist and jerked him forward, sending him falling into the dirt. "We could do this all day you know." Zeo ranger V said as he called for his star-handled sword. I hope this will work. Tommy thought as he got up, spun around and grabbed his morpher in his pocket. He raised his morpher to the sky. FIRE RANGER POWER! He yelled.

"Nothing happened!" Tommy yelled. "Grab the morpher!" The red Turbo ranger yelled. The whole group of Tommy's ran towards the real one. The white ranger jumped in air and kicked the morpher out of Tommy's hands.

"Perfect." White ranger said. "Now if you'll excuse us." He raised Tommy morpher. The five clones merged into the one evil Tommy. He laughed and vanished.

* * *

Tommy jumped up and brushed the dirt off his jeans. He had somehow moved during his strange sleep. He saw a white line reaching to the sky in the distance. "Maybe if I climb up there I can see where the other guys are." He said. "I know it's a little high but I'll manage."

* * *

Brian kicked a pebble across the dirt. "Is this what being a ranger is all about?" He wiped a bead of sweat from his brow. He leaned against a tree and took a break. "I hope the others are all right." He could hear a muffled giggle behind him. He spun around. "Whose there!" He yelled. Sophia jumped down from a tree bough above him.

"Say goodnight!" She giggled. She landed lightly on her feet. Brian turned to run. "I don't think so Brian." She sang an unknown beautiful song that left Brian standing mesmerized. He crumpled to the ground and fell asleep.

* * *

He walked through the hallway of his old school. "So Brian you're gonna give me the answers to the homework right? Don't make me hurt you." Derrick straightened he leather jacket.

"Yeah sure thing Derrick. Don't you have a test to go flunk?" Brain remarked.

"Oh. . .that was good did you make it up all by yourself?"

"Face it leather man, when it comes to quick wit." Brian turned around. Where'd he go? He felt a fist from behind.

"C'mon Brain don't you wanna punch back?" He taunted. Derrick ran forward launching a punch. Brian quickly blocked it with his book.

"Well, thank you. I've been wanting to snap the cover off my book for a while." Brain said. He spun around and back kicked him into a wall. Derrick quickly recovered.

"Here comes trouble." Derrick smirked. He ran forward and knocked Brian into a row of lockers. He knocked his head on the dial and fell to the floor in pain.

"Huh" Brian asked weakly. He opened his eyes. He was in a hospital room. Bandages were all over his chest, both his legs were in casts and suspended from the ceiling with ropes.

"Good you're awake." A man smiled. He put down his clipboard. "I'm Dr. Bradford Riley." Brian lifted his arm to shake Dr. Riley's hand until he noticed both of them were hooked to IV's. "All this happened over answers to homework?" The Dr. asked. Brian smiled a trifle. "Any questions? Anything I can help you with?"

"Well I have one question. What happened?" Brian asked. Dr. Riley put his pen in his pocket.

"You were thrown into a locker and knocked unconscious. The locker toppled over and crushed you." He answered. Brian shuddered.

"How did I live?"

"I'm not sure, but it was a miracle." He turned to walk out of the room. "Oh, and one more thing." He threw off his white lab coat. He waved his hands and laughed.

"Rielik!" Brian shouted. Rielik pulled a knife from his pocket. He ran forward and sliced the ropes the held his feet up. Both Brian's legs crashed down to the wooden foot of them bed. Brian howled in pain. "You think that's pain?" Rielik smiled. He tipped the side of the bed over, sending Brian to the ground in a painful heap. Rielik spun and his heels and ran merrily out the door.

* * *

"I'm gonna be sick!" Brian said as he woke up and jumped to his feet in a fighting stance. "How perverse can they get?" He took his morpher from his pocket.One more time. He whispered. He raised his hands to the sky. "ICE RANGER POWER!" He yelled. When nothing happened he returned his morpher to his pocket. He turned his attention to a white pillar that rose to the sky. An unknown force drew him to it. "Here's goes nothing."

* * *

"Kimberly Hart." The announcer's voice echoed the arena. She smiled, and raised her arm. She ran towards the beam and mounted it with a flip. She continued her routine listening to the soft cheering of the crowd. She walked a few steps forward and did a handstand. After a few more impressive actions she walked to the end of the beam and prepared her dismount. She smiled a trifle and spun around when she reached the end. She ran, did a cartwheel and flipped off the beam. In the air she swerved and hit her head on the corner. She landed on the mats. Ignoring the gasps of the crowd she stood up and make sure she wasn't bleeding. Despite the pain she smiled, raised her hand and walked out.

"What's wrong with you!" Coach Schmidt yelled. "That was so easy!"

"Please Coach I really don't feel like-"

"I thought you could bring home the gold!" He yelled. His face was now turning dark red. "A medal was right in front of you!"

"I'm really sorry. I don't know what is wrong with me." She said as she wiped away a tear.

"Kimberly you're off the team." He said and walked to his office. She gasped and ran out. I've been waiting to be here my whole life! How could I have messed up! She ran out not caring were she was going.

* * *

She woke up and let out a bloodcurdling scream. It was just a dream Kim. She assured herself. But I was waiting my whole life to be at the Pan Globals. Did I make the right choice? She thought. She walked over to where the crack in the earth's crust split her up from the others. "Wait a second!" She thought. Realizing that she and Kat had split up, they were not separated. "Kat!" She yelled. Were is she! She looked up ahead to see a white object pointing up to the sky. "Kat are you there?" She asked. She got up and ran towards it.

* * *

"Welcome my friends!" She said as she walked to the balcony. "The destruction of the Power Rangers will soon happen!" Tanya watched as a mirror image of herself spoke. "At dawn we will strike." The other Tanya said. She raised an eyebrow. "Why wait till dawn? Let's attack now!" The double pulled out the real Tanya's morpher and became the yellow ranger. She, and a mixed army of Serpents and Tenga ran through the park. "Where are you rangers?" She asked as she charged her boomerang and flung it at a nearby tree. In flash of lights the rangers, except yellow, teleported in.

"Tanya, we're your friends. We can't fight you." Kat said.

"Good." The evil Tanya smiled from behind her helmet. "It will make it so much easier to destroy you."

"Stop!" The real Tanya yelled as she jumped out from a bush. "Guys she has my morpher!"

"She's lying! I'm Tanya!" The other one yelled.

"This is to confusing." Adam said. "How do we know who the real one is?"

"How can you guys not know who your friend is!" Real Tanya yelled.

"Destroy both of us!" Evil Tanya said. She pulled out her boomerang. "Second thought, I'll just destroy you!" She hurled it at the rangers. Each of them were hit by the glowing arch and lay on the ground. "So Tanya what's it gonna be? I can either kill you, or you can come work for us."

* * *

Tanya got up and looked around. "Still here." She thought. "It was just a weird dream." She dug in the pockets of her shorts and pulled out her morpher. "Still have it." She returned it to her pocket and brought her communicator to her mouth. "Guys? Is anyone there?" She tapped it and tried again. "Hello?" She sighed and walked on. She noticed the white line reaching to the sky and stopped. "It's probably a trap." She thought. But walked towards it anyway.

* * *

Adam stood on the cliff and watched through the high-tech binoculars as the torpedoes sped towards the Ghost Galleon. He flashed a worried glance. The torpedoes hit the ship, sending flaming pieces of debris flying in all directions. He waited for Tommy and the others to drive the Turbo zords out. Were are they! He thought. He ran down a path to a beach. Justin, Kat, Tanya, and Tommy had managed to swim ashore. "Why didn't you warn us!" Tommy said and he stood up and brushed the sand off.

"But I couldn't!" Adam said.

"Now the Zords are destroyed Adam. We'll never save Jason, Kim and Legirot. Now Divatox will free Maligore, and it's all your fault!" Kat yelled.

"Guys it wasn't my fault!" Adam said. He turned to see Alpha to the side of him.

"I need your key Adam. You don't deserve to be a ranger. We have to find a replacement." Alpha said. Adam looked down and went to Desert Thunder and took out the key. He handed it to the tiny robot and walked off.

* * *

He jumped up. "This is all their little plan." He thought. "They'll get me and the other guys so scared out of our wits that we'll surrender our power." He chuckled a bit. "It IS a good plan. But it won't work." He looked up to see the red streak dart across the sky and land in front of a white object. "Tommy!" He yelled. "He teleported!" He brought his communicator closer to his face. "Aww man!" He looked to see his communicator was smashed. "I'll just go the old fashioned way." He ran towards it.

* * *

"Anything yet Alpha?" Xander asked.

"No. The Palace is still impenetrable. I wish Billy was here! It would be so much easier!" Alpha said. He wobbled to a near by console. "They seem to be." He paused. "It's say's they're in another dimension. Like Goldar's Dark Dimension, only bigger."

"Alpha please try your very best to return the rangers to us." Zordon said.

* * *

Billy walked through the hallways of the Lunar Palace. "How'd I get here?"

"There he is!" Zedd shouted. He pointed a metallic finger towards Billy.

"What?" He asked as he spun around. A group of Tengas pounced on him. They held him so he stood face to face with Zedd.

"Ah. . .Billy. I'll need your coin." Zedd said.


"Billy, you're very intelligent I'm sure you can figure out why." Billy kicked his legs out. They hit Zedd in the chest and he staggered back. Zedd lunged forward and grabbed Billy's coin from his morpher.

"Give that back!" He yelled. He broke free from the Tenga's grip and ran at Zedd.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you Billy."

"Good thing you're not me!" Billy yelled. He jumped and launched a flying kick. Zedd blocked it and shone Billy's coin towards him. A blue beam of light shot from the coin and fired at Billy's chest, sending him into the wall. Zedd towered over him. "You have no idea how much power this coin contains." He said. Zedd brought his staff up and pointed it toward Billy.

* * *

He shivered as he got up off the ground. "That dream was so lifelike." He looked and the shinning white pillar that was about a five minute walk in front of him. The cracks that Rielik made had stopped, and the rangers were no longer separated.

"Guys?" Billy asked as he ran up to the others.

"Billy!" Kim shouted.

"Just asking but did you have a weird dream like the rest of us did?" Brian asked.

"Yeah. It was one of their tricks." He answered.

"Tommy you didn't teleport did you?" Adam asked.

"No. Why?" Tommy said.

"Oh. No reason."

"So what's that?" Kat asked as she pointed toward the pillar ahead of them.

"Don't know, but something called me to it." Tommy said.

"So how do we get out of here?" Adam asked.

"Good question." Tanya said. "I just wish I knew the answer." In a flash of dark energy the field filled with Tengas.

"So much for fighting without being morpher right Billy?" Kat said as she tightened the strap on her sling.

"This day keeps getting weirder and weirder doesn't it?" Kim asked. In a flash behind them Sophia, Rita, Rielik, and Zedd appeared. Rita waved her staff and the seven of them disappeared.

* * *

When the seven of them woke up they were in the Lunar Palace with their hands and feet bound to chairs.

"Once I get out of these ropes" Kim said. "I'm gonna give you a swift kick in the-"


"What are we doing here?" Brian asked.

"All of you are guests of honor at our wedding." Sophia said as she walked in wearing a snowy white dress.

"I'm surprised Sophia. You in white?" Kim remarked.

"Me, white?" Sophia asked. She exploded into giggles. "Yeah right." She waved her hands. In a flash of light her dress changed to scarlet red. Rita stood beside her carrying a bouquet of dark roses, Zedd in front of them and Rielik off to the side.

"So what are you going to do with us?" Tommy asked. Sophia leaned against a wall.

"You mean besides torture you and throw you into the pits of hell? Nothing much." She answered.

"But." Rielik said. "We do have a little favor to ask all of you."