Disclaimer: This disclaimer is just to say that the poem below is not mine. It is by Tennyson and called Merlin and the Gleam, but it fit the situation so well I had to find a way to stick it in somewhere. Sorry if I didn't copy it write, I'm using a little printout from my town library's copy machine so bear with me. I didn't type all nine stanzas because I'd be rambling on forever so I'm sorry for that.

Follow the Gleam
by: Apollo

"I need your coins and morphers." Rielik said. "Now, either you give them to us and we use their powers for evil, or we put a spell on all seven of you and we use your powers anyway." He produced a ruby studded hourglass and placed it in the center of the table. "You have one hour to decide." Rielik said as he stared at them. He turned and left the room with the others.

"What do we do?" Tanya asked.

"We really don't have much a choice do we." Tommy said.

* * *

"I'll need you to listen carefully." Zordon spoke. The lights in the Power Cave were dim and Xander leaned against a computer console. Xander nodded and returned his attention to Zordon. "You are linked with the ring. Reach out with your mind and search for it." The words puzzled him at first, but he closed his eyes and concentrated as best as he could. His eyes flashed open.

"Nothing." Xander answered. "Maybe I was apart from it a bit to long." He said. "What do we do now?" He lowered to the floor and sat down.

"You may pilot a Zord to the surface of the moon, however forces will be able to detect you if Alpha's plan fails."

"Why did you not mention this earlier?"

"Now is the perfect time to strike." Zordon began. "They do not expect us on entering considering they have the rangers hostage." Xander thought for a moment.

"Is it not just the opposite? I mean, will they expect us to try to enter because they have the rangers?" He asked.

"Please, trust us." Zordon said. He reactivated the lights to their normal power and summoned Alpha.

* * *

The last grains of sand poured into the lower chamber of the hour glass. Rielik, along with the others, walked in with huge grins on their faces.

"Have you decided? As if you have a choice." Zedd snorted. Tommy looked at the others.

"Untie us and we'll give them to you." Tommy said. Rita, Zedd, Sophia and Rielik erupted into laughter.

"Yeah sure, dude, and we'll just let you go too." Rielik answered.

"That would be nice." Tanya mumbled.

"We'll untie you one at a time." Rita said as she walked to Tommy and sliced the ropes with her talon like fingernails. He made a fist and prepared to punch Rita. "Don't even try it!" She said. She produced her staff and let Tommy stand. He looked around the room for an exit.

"Give it a rest." Sophia sighed twirling a strand of hair with her fingers. Rita held out her hand. Tommy, seeing no other way held his hand out in front of him. In a streak of red that ran from his shoulder to his hand, he summoned his morpher. She grabbed the morpher from Tommy and tossed it towards Zedd. With her staff Rita pushed Tommy to a group of hissing Serpent Soldiers. When they had possession of all seven morphers Rielik put them in a wooden box and shoved the rangers into a small cell.

* * *

Alpha pressed numerous buttons in the computer while he explained his plan to Xander. "I'll place a computer virus into the Palace's censors. I'm not entirely sure it will work but IF it does it will allow you an hour before they can decode the virus and destroy it. In the process, it will hopefully power down the shield and destroy it."

"Amazing." Xander remarked. "When do I leave?"

"You can leave as soon as I send this virus." Alpha said. "I recommend taking the Fox Zord because of its missiles, in case of attack. I'll adjust the Zord to allow you to pilot it." After a minute of typing the automaton finally stood up. "It's sent. I'll teleport you to the Zord Holding Bay and you can pick of the Fox Zord there."

* * *

"We might as well get some sleep," Billy said. "I just wish we could get something to eat." The others agreed and did their best to get comfortable and the cold floors.

Brian walked through the light drenched room. He noticed something in the corner and went to it. He picked up a simple book with a leather cover and opened it to a random page. He read it silently.

O Young Mariner,
You from the haven
Under the sea-cliff,
You that are watching
The gray Magician
With eyes of wonder,
I am Merlin
And I am dying,
I am Merlin
Who follow the Gleam.

Mighty the Wizard
Who found me at sunrise
Sleeping, and woke me
And learn'd me Magic
Great the Master,
And sweet the magic,
When over the valley,
In early summers,
Over the mountain,
On human faces,
And all around me,
Moving to melody,
Floated the Gleam.

Once at the croak of a Raven who cross it
A barbarous people,
Blind to the magic
And deaf to the melody,
Snarl'd at and cursed me,
A demon vext me,
The light retreated,
The landskip darken'd
The Master whisper'd
'Follow the Gleam.'

Then to the melody,
Over a wilderness
Gliding, and glancing at
Elf of the woodland,
Gnome of the cavern,
Griffin and Giant,
And dancing of Fairies
In desolate hollows,
And wraiths of the mountain,
And rolling of dragons
By warble of water,
Or cataract music
Of falling torrents,
Flitted the Gleam.

Down from the mountain
And over the level,
And streaming and shining on
Silent river,
Silvery willow,
Pasture and plowland,
Innocent maidens,
Garrulous children,
Homestead and harvest,
Reaper and gleaner,
And rough-ruddy faces
Of lowly labor,
Slided the Gleam-

"Hey what happened?" he asked. He noticed that the next page of the poem was smeared with what looked like dirt, making it unreadable. He shrugged and continued reading the parts he could.

Not of the sunlight
Not of the moonlight
Not of the starlight!
O young mariner,
Down to the haven
Call on your companions,
Launch your vessel And, ere it vanishes
Over the margin,
After it, follow it,
Follow the Gleam.

"Follow the Gleam?" He asked and shut the book. Although he royally despised poetry he recognized the poem from somewhere. He snapped his fingers. "Mr. Johnson, tenth grade." His teacher had spent half the school year studding poetry. He dismissed the thought of ripping out the poem and keeping it, and returned the book to the floor. He turned to the hallway that he entered in, and walked to it.

Brian got up slowly. He leaned against the wall and stretched his arm. You OK?" Tanya asked sleepily. Brian nodded. Tommy wrapped his arms around Kim for warmth.

"Kim?" Tommy asked.


"I'm just wondering why you left the Pan Globals. I'm not complaining about having you back or anything." He asked. She flinched at the thought of talking.

"Well what would've happened if I didn't come? Sure I'd still be in Florida but I'm not to sure how good the games would be with no earth to host it on." She smiled and turned to look at him. "Well I mean, you couldn't have formed the Ultra Megazord or anything, and maybe the powers wouldn't be able to transfer with a ranger short." She paused for a moment. "The Turbo team might have been able to hold him off for a bit. But, I'm glad I came back. Leaving Angel Grove wasn't a great idea. My common sense would've kicked in sooner or later anyway."

"But you've always wanted to go to the Pan Globals."

"I know, but I guess I couldn't take it. I loved just practicing the beam whenever I wanted. But I had no life really. Practice, eat and sleep." She yawned and leaned against his shoulder.

"They should really invest in heat in this place." Adam said as he brought his shirt over his shoulders.

Kat looked at Tommy and Kim. I'm glad they're so happy. She thought and smiled. Kim was one of her best friends and she wanted the best for her. She looked a Billy who was leaning in the corner of the cell. His arms were crossed in front of his chest and he was sound asleep. He looks so adorable! She laughed softly. What in the world are you thinking! She scolded. He's like a brother to you! She leaned her head against the wall and tried to sleep.

* * *

"Lever to the right. Missiles to the left, the communications radios are on the sides." Alpha instructed. Xander nodded and strapped the seat belt on. "Press the red button to your left to activate the thrusters." The robot paused. "Oh, and stealth is the button above. If the virus if successful you won't need it, but it's there just in case."

"Stealth? What in the world is that?"

"Something Billy worked out a while a go, but only recently finished because of leaving Angel Grove. When you initiate stealth you can't be detected."

"I hope I can remember all this!" Xander said.

"You'll be fine." Alpha assured him. "Just be careful and radio us every ten minutes just to be on the safe side." Alpha said before he walked out of the cockpit of the Fox Zord and shut the door.

"Thrusters. . .thrusters." Xander repeated as he searched for the button to activate them. He slammed his palm into red button. In a spout of fire the zord raised up and crashed into the ceiling of the Holding Bay, sending sparks flying in all directions.

"No! No!" Alpha yelled and waved his hands. "Activate the thrusters when you get OUTSIDE of the Holding Bay!" The yellow Zord wobbled and flew out of the Holding Bay. Alpha let out a mechanical sigh. "Doomed. . ."

* * *

"Now comes the hard part. Once we have the morphers what do we actually DO with them?" Rielik asked. He picked up Tommy's coin and tossed it in the air. "The only thing I can think of is if we break the bond between the rangers and their powers. And then turn their powers on earth."

"I've always loved a good world domination plan." Zedd rubbed his hands together.

"Go Zeddy! I'm starting to remember why I married you!" Rita smiled.

"I hope we won't be doing that anytime soon. I'm having fun watching the Rangers' lives flashing before their eyes." Sophia grinned.

"Of course we won't." Rielik said.

"We don't have the bond broken yet. So what do we do with the coins?" Rita asked.

"Do you think if we called their Zords with their coins they would respond to us?" Rita asked.

"It's worth a shot." Rielik answered.

* * *

The Fox Zord increased speed is a flash of blue. He gripped the arms of the chair. "It's been so long in one of these, I forget what it's like!" He said to himself. He pulled on the lever causing the zord to roll in mid air. He laughed with delight. "This is amazing! Once I get the Shadow Ranger powers back I have to get Billy and Alpha to make me one of these." He calmed down and resumed his course. "If I get them back." He added. The Zord raced across the star-studded sky towards the moon. "Alpha how are things?" He asked.

"Fine." The robot answered. "Just continue on your course be careful." He nodded and closed the communications link.

* * *

"I just saw something coming toward us at an incredible speed." Selcor announced as he walked into the throne room.

"Well what is it?" Rielik asked as he followed Selcor to a computer.

"I don't know. The alarms haven't sounded so I doubt it's the rangers." Selcor answered.

"What rangers!" Zedd yelled. "We have all of them captive!"

"Calm down Zeddy. It's probably just an asteroid or something." Rita said.

"What about the scans? Do they detect anything?" Rielik asked.

"No sir. Everything is fine." Selcor answered.

"It better be. . ." He muttered.

* * *

Xander deactivated the thrusters. The Zord landed lightly on its feet. "Now where do I park this thing?" He asked. "It might be a little hard not to a notice a towering Zord." Xander sighed and command the Zord into the shadow that the palace cast over the ground. He pressed communications button in front of him. "Alpha how much longer till the. . ." He rolled his eyes and thought desperately looking for the right word.

"Virus?" Alpha asked.

"Yes, how long till it can be detected?"

"You have about forty minutes." He nodded. Xander started toward the door.

"Eh. . . Xander, you might not have known this, but you can't just go parading around the moon. There's no oxygen." Alpha said.

"Well, is there a helmet or anything?"

"Upper left compartment."

"Oh." He opened the small door and pulled out the white and clear helmet that enabled him to breathe.

"Zordon and I would have liked teleporting you to the moon, but it's dangerous with this certain teleport, and without ranger armor to be teleported such long distances. From were you are you can see the hole in the force field, right?" Alpha asked.

"Yes I can. So does this mean the virus was successful?"

"Yes it does. Now good luck, and hurry back safely."

"Isn't this a little strange? I mean it is not everyday that some one just walks around the moon." Xander said. "Well don't I need a suit or something?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. It in the upper right compartment." Alpha answered.

"What DON'T you have stored is this zord?" Xander asked jokingly. He pulled the white suit from the compartment of studied it. "Put this on? You have got to be kidding me."

"So soon you forget. Remember walking around in a cloak for a couple hundred years?"

"I see your point." Xander said. He closed the communications link and slipped on the suit.

* * *

Sophia held up Kimberly's coin. "Um. . . Wind Hawk!" She shouted while waving her hands in the air. She stood still and waited for a reply. "Um. . .Hawk power?"

"No that's not right!" Rita said. She took the coin from Sophia and pointed it to earth. "Magic Wand make the Pink Ranger's Zord. . . .ah. . . .grow?"

"That only worked for monsters." Zedd said.

"Well it doesn't take someone with a brain the size of Jupiter to figure that one out." Rielik said. "I guess the power bond counts for the Zords too. Unless we break it only they can pilot the zords."

"We should be thankful we haven't killed the brats." Sophia said.

"Yet." Zedd answered. "We'll find away to break the bond between the rangers and their Zords."

"Is that possible?" Sophia asked.

"Ask Finster he's the technical genius." Rita said.

"I'm not familiar with those Zords." Finster answered. "I'm sure Billy can do it."

"Get the rangers." Zedd ordered. "We're going to have some fun."

* * *

The opening of the heavy door woke the rangers. "Jeepers! You won't even let us sleep?"

"Jeepers?" Adam asked. Kim shrugged.

"I don't know, but that word sounds eerily familiar. Like I've used it a million times before." She answered.

"So, snake man, where are you taking us?" Adam asked as he was forced to stand by a Serpent Soldier.

"Guess." Tanya said. "Maybe they decided to torture us."

"They won't do anything to us, Tanya, don't worry." Billy said. "We'll get out." The serpents shoved them out of the cell.

"I know." Tanya sighed. "But I'm still scared."

"Me too." Kat agreed. "But I know we'll get out sooner or later."

"Oh shut up with your optimist babble will you? You're giving me a headache." Sophia said as the serpents shoved the rangers into the throne room. Rita knocked her with her shoulder.

"Hey! I said that way before you did, stop stealing my quotes!"

"What do you want with us?" Kim asked.

"We would like it if you'd join our side and destroy the world, but I think we'll be happy if Billy brakes the bond between you and the Zords."

"When hell freezes over!"

"I think you'll find that we just might change your mind." Sophia said with a wink.

* * *

"And I thought jeans were bad." Xander commented as he tossed the helmet and suit to the ground. "Stairs? How convenient." He ran up to the staircase. "What do I do just wander around looking for them?" He asked. "Hold on, I'm coming." He whispered.

* * *

"Now how would you little alien girlfriend feel if you were dead?" Rielik asked. "Or better yet I think it would be better to spare her the pain and just kill her off instead."

"I swear you lay one hand on her. . ."

"Now don't be rude. Billy the thing that you don't understand is that we can be your friends or you're worst enemies."

"In the wonderful words of Kimberly a few years ago, I'll take duh for two-hundred, please."

"Now, you help us and we can give you a mighty empire. You could rule the world with us. But you have to break the bond and kill off your friends first."

"He won't betray us like that. You should know that by now." Kim said.

"Nothing you can do, Rielik, can make me change my mind." Billy answered.

"I think there is." Rielik said. "Billy you know we can destroy Aquitar don't you."

"He's bluffing." Tanya said. Rielik turned his attention to her.

"Maybe." Rielik answered.

"So what's with you and killing people anyway?" Kat asked.

"I guess it's kind of a hobby." He replied. He grabbed Zedd's staff and pointed it at the others. "They have no coins on them to protect them now Billy. They'd be gone in one energy bolt."

"Then why didn't you kill us before?" Adam asked. An idea sparked in Billy's mind.

"He can't get rid of us. He wants the Zords and without breaking the bond there's no one but us to pilot them." Billy said. The staff glowed a deep red color. Billy raised a hand to stop him. "I'll do it just don't hurt them." With a pleased look on his face Rielik led Billy to a computer.

"I'll leave you to your work. Don't try anything stupid this palace is full of alarms." Rielik said. "I'll be back in a half an hour."

"What do we do?" Brian asked.

"Stall." Billy answered.


"Just do it." Kim smiled a bit.

"I have an idea." She said. She sat on the floor and cried a flood of faux tears.

"What IS that annoying sound?" Rielik asked as he walked back in. He placed Zedd's staff against the wall.

"I'm sorry I just don't. . .want to die." Kim whispered between sobs. Rielik sighed.

"Well maybe you don't have to die. We can work something out later ok? Just please stop crying." Rielik said.

"Okay." Kim whispered and brushed away the false tears. He took Zedd's staff and walked out.

"Good job." Adam laughed. "If I didn't know better I would've thought you were really crying." Kim bowed.

"Thank you, thank you. Angel Grove's drama queen." She giggled.

"So what'd you find?" Tommy asked.

"This is the palace's system." Billy began. "Sure, Rielik is evil but I'm not to sure about his brain capacity. I can sneak in some files and disarm the alarms."

* * *

Xander crept through the darkness. He heard the shuffle of footsteps and quickly hid in the darkness. He ran up a flight of stairs and reached the top level. "Where are they?" He said. He ran up to a door and peeked inside.

"Perfect!" Zedd shouted. "Once Billy brakes the bond we'll unleash the Zords on Angel Grove and then the world!"

"Think big Zedd." Rielik said. "Once we have those Zords we can swipe the Turbo Zords, move on to Aquitar. . .take theirs."

"Interesting." Rita remarked.

"What do you say we split the world up equally?" Rielik suggested.

"I've always been fond the Greek islands." Sophia said absently.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll be fine as long as I can personally brake into the Power Cave and be responsible for the final destruction of Zordon." Zedd yelled. Xander jumped to the other side of the doorway, being careful not to be caught. "I have to help them."

* * *

"I'm in the alarm system." Billy said as he continued typing. Brian leaned towards to keyboard.

"Oops. . ." Brian said as he stood up.

"What do you mean oops?" Billy asked.

"Oh. . .nothing I just hit a couple of keys." Brian said. He was answered by the sound of a blaring alarm that echoed through the palace.

"Hey set off the alarm!" Billy shouted over the obnoxious sound as he covered his ears.

"We're just sitting ducks here now. We might as well make a run for it." Tommy suggested.

"To where?" Adam asked. "If you've forgotten we're kindda on the moon."

"We'll figure that out later." Tommy shouted back as he led the others to the door. They ran down the hallways until they bumped into a familiar person.

"What are you doing here?" Kim asked.

"I came for you guys." Xander answered. The eight of them turned their attention to the ever-familiar sound of hissing Serpent Soldiers.

"Run!" Kim shouted just before she was knocked to the ground by a serpent. Billy swatted him away with a swift kick and helped Kim to her feet. "Thanks." She said as they continued to run.

"What happened?" Adam asked as they ran.

"Alpha sent a virus through the system, it was supposed to give me just enough time to come in here and get all of you." Xander explained.

"And I set off the alarm." Brian said and mentally smacked himself.

"It is all right." Xander said. "The alarm would have gone off some time anyway."

"There are the little ranger brats!" Sophia pointed. Rita and Zedd summoned their staffs. Rielik reached his hand out waiting for his own staff, and scowled upon remembering it was now Kat's weapon.

"Brats?" Brian asked to no one in particular.

"Forget them we have their coins!" Rielik shouted. He turned to Selcor. "Quickly, give them to me!"

"Um. . .I didn't know I was supposed to bring them." Selcor whispered. With a wave of his staff Zedd shut off the buzzing alarm.

"You mean you didn't bring them?!" Zedd shouted.

"Hey . . .a henchman has more work than you would think. I can't remember all these little things." Selcor added.

"You're lucky we're in a partnership, Rielik. If we weren't I would've just zapped your little friend for talking to me like that." Zedd muttered.

"Can we just PLEASE get the bloody COINS?" Sophia shrieked.

* * *

"This way." Adam suggested.

"No, over here." Tanya added.

"Hurry!" Kat said.

"Do you think they're spying on us?" Brian asked.

"Maybe." Billy answered. "Either that or they're just planning something."

"What's that?" Tommy asked pointing to a hallway that gave off an occasional flash of colored light.

"Call on your companions." Brian said before realizing he was thinking aloud. Kim flashed a bewildered look. "Follow the gleam." Brian said remembering the poem in the eerie dream.

"Brian you're not going nuts on us are you?" Adam asked.

"No, it's just something weird that happened. But believe me I think we should go that way." Brian said pointing towards the lights. The others agreed and walked toward it.

"Locked." Tanya said as the approached the door with the flashing lights coming underneath. With one fluid movement Tommy ran at the door with his shoulder and forced it open.

"You make it look so easy." Kim remarked.

"So what are we looking for Brian?" Adam asked.

"I don't know." He said as he and the others walked into the room. "I think that might be what we're looking for." He smiled as he pointed to the wooden box that sat open on a crystalline podium. Each coin and morpher gave off a fantastic light of their color.

"No way." Xander said as he walked over to a small stone podium. "My ring." He said and reached for it. He touched it and the door to the room swung shut.

"What was that?" Brian asked. Xander tugged on the ring only to find it was stuck.

"Don't know. But we do have our coins now." Tommy said. The seven of them reached toward the box. In a beam of dark energy they were knocked into a nearby wall.

"I'm fully awake now." Kim groaned as she got up.

"A force field of some sort." Billy said as he brushed the hand a few inches from the box.

"It's a trap!" Tommy said as the podium sank into the floor and rose again with a crystal set in the middle. A barely visible image of Rielik appeared.

"Well, I see you fell for our little trap. I figured you would be this predictable." Rielik smirked. The message repeated until Billy finally went up and smashed the crystal under his foot.


* * *

Spikes slowly poked out from the ceiling. "This doesn't look good." Tommy said.

"This is my fault. I should have known my ring just being out in the open would be a trap." Xander said.

"Do you think if the spikes hit the force field it would brake it and we could get the morphers?" Kat asked.

"They'd hit us first." Billy answered.

"Try the door." Kim suggested.

"It's still locked." Tommy said before the eight of them vanished in bursts of light.

* * *

"This place again?" Brian asked as he got up and moved to his corner of the cell. "Not so creative. But then again for them that might be a bad thing."

"We're sorry for dragging you into this Xander." Tanya said.

"No it's all right. We'll get out and I'm going to help. After all of you saved my life."

"Well, one good has come out of this. Xander used a contraction. Maybe modern times are starting to rub off on him." Kim laughed.

"The virus and has long been delete, and we still have to find a way out." Billy said.

"I hate to be the pessimist of this situation but just how are we going to get out of here? With all the alarms and everything." Brian said.

"We'll just have to take the chance." Tommy said. Billy smirked and held out a hand to Kimberly. She mumbled, dug into her pocket, and handed him a bill.

"What was that for?" Tanya asked.

"Our bet." Billy said. "I bet Kim that sooner or later Tommy would say his famous leader quote. And of course, I was right."

"Billy, You bet against me?" Tommy asked. Billy's only answer was another chuckle.

"Get him, Grim Reaper." Sophia spoke to a Rito. She pointed towards Xander.

"Mrs. Rielik ma'am?" Rito asked.

"That's Sophia."

"Oh. Well, the name's Rito actually." He said.

"Whatever." She said with a shrug.

"What do you want?" Billy asked.

"I think you'll find out soon enough." Sophia grinned. Rito pulled out a gold key ring and plucked off the correct key. He stuck the key in the door and slid it open. Before Tommy had a chance to get up he grabbed Xander and slammed the cell door shut.

"Long time no see." Rito grinned.

"Unfortunately not long enough." Adam remarked.

* * *

"Are they ready Alpha?" Zordon asked.

"Just about, Zordon. I'll send them as soon as I double check the shields."

"Good." Zordon answered.

* * *

Xander sat chained to Zedd's 'Z' throne. "What do you want?" Xander asked for the second time.

"Don't get all mad. We're doing you a favor." Rita answered.

"And what favor would this be?"

"We are giving you back you powers." Zedd replied.

"Well, with a little catch anyway." Sophia grinned.

"It was good while it lasted." Rielik sighed as he took off the ring. "But you'll have to give up Mist Ranger, for the powers to be at their peak level, of course."

"Pity. I didn't even get to go into battle with my special Morpher." Sophia whined as she called for her morpher and handed it to Rielik. Rielik held the morpher and ring in front of him. In a flare of white energy the gray morpher dissolved into the ring. He handed it to Xander. Rita broke the chains with her staff. Without thinking he slipped the ring on.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked.

"Oh, well, we can be nice at times. When we want something. And right now we want the rangers space dust." Rielik answered.

"I always pictured all of you so much more evil."

"Hey, make no mistake. We're about as evil as we can get. But you're going to help us be rid of the Power Rangers. After all we did do you a favor by giving you your powers back." Rielik replied.

"Then why was I chained up?"

"You can't be too careful." Zedd answered.

"The Shadow Ranger's power is not connected to the Morphin Grid, so kid, you can morph now if you like." Sophia suggested.

"I know that. But I'm not going to help you destroy the rangers." Xander answered.

"We know that too." Rielik grinned. Finster wobbled behind Xander on plunged a needle into his forearm. His vision went blank as he sank into a strange sleep. Zedd looked to Selcor who came in shortly after.

"I have it right here." Selcor announced showing them the object he carried.

* * *

The seven Pyro Zords soared through the charcoal canvas sky dotted with brilliant stars.

"Are we reaching our assigned destination, Fire?" The Earth Pyro asked.

"Yes, the moon is a short distance from our current position." The Zord answered.

"Scanners say at our current speed we will land in one-sixth of an hour." Lightning Pyro confirmed.

* * *

Adam took of his communicator and handed it to Billy. "I smashed when we had our nightmares. You can fix it when we get home but for now it'll be put to use." Adam said. Billy thanked him and took it. He slipped his hands in between the bars in the cell door and stuck it into the keyhole of the door. "No luck." He sighed.

"Man," Tommy said. "And we thought Divatox was bad."

"Yeah." Kat agreed. "What about this?" She asked as she unclasped her bracelet and handed it to Billy.

"I'll give it a try." Billy said as he took it from her.

* * *

"Stealth mode activated." The seven Zords echoed as they deactivated their thrusters with a puff of smoke. The Zords walked towards the Palace.

"Alpha 5 warns us to be careful because of the shield. It still hasn't been totally destroyed, only very much weakened." Wind Pyro warned.

"Affirmative." Blue Pyro answered as he joined the other Zords forming a line in front of the force field. In perfect sync each Zord fired a beam of light in their respective colors from the symbol on their chest. In a bright flash the beams bounced off the shield and flew into the air.

"It worked." Fire Pyro said. "I'll go first." The others nodded and stood near the field. It powered the thrusters in its feet, and charged towards the shield with its hands outstretched in a fighting position. Instead of going through the shield he crashed into it with a brilliant flash of red and white light. In a great thrust of force the Zord was knocked back and crumbled into a heap of colored metal. The five remaining Zords plowed through the shield and somehow made it through the palace wall. Kneeling down and barely scraping the ceiling of the Lunar Palace Water Pyro sent a shower of sparks from its fingers and repaired the damaged wall. "My data banks inform that as long as we are in stealth mode to alarm system in unable to detect out presence." Earth Pyro said.

"Yes, but we will be in desperate need of a recharge." Wind said.

"I see. But I only hope Rita, Sophia, Zedd and Rielik do not notice us." Sun Pyro remarked.

"Wouldn't it be difficult not to notice us?" Lighting asked.

"Of course, this is why we must be swift in rescuing the rangers." Water said.

"Then lets go."

* * *

Xander eyelids flickered open. His eyes gave off an eerie crimson hue. With a grin on his face he morphed. "What can I do for you guys?" He asked.

"For starters you can destroy the Power Rangers, former Rangers, for that matter. They don't have their power, so it should be simple. And then we'll talk." Zedd answered.

"And just for your work. A little token of out appreciation." Rita said as she handed him his new weapon. A long silver ended staff. At the top of it was a glittering blue orb. "The Doom Staff."

"Oh, doom. . .I like it." Xander grinned. His expression went blank. "I sense something."

"What? You really should stop communicating with that psychic friend of yours." Sophia said with a playful grin.

"A Zord. No, wait six Zords. They're near the cells." Xander announced. He clutched the staff and walked where his sense told him.

* * *

Earth Pyro turned its head. "Intruder. Computer indicates it is a ranger."


"Uncertain." Earth answered. A bolt of energy struck Earth Pyro. Xander stood below it with the orb at the top of Doom Staff aiming towards the head. Xander hurled a dark bolt at the Zord. Lightning Pyro jumped and took the blast for the green zord. "Oh well. Whichever Zord is first to go doesn't matter to me. As long as you're all gone by sunup." He spun to staff till a blade was at the top. He threw the staff like a boomerang. It struck Earth and Sun in the chest. The three zords toppled over and crumbled into dust. Water Pyro and Wind Pyro, the remaining Zords fired beams of light from their eyes. Xander swung the staff and teleported to the throne room in a cloud of dark smoke.

* * *

The two Zords stomped to the cell. With a tap of its finger Wind Pyro forced the cell door open easily. Tanya looked up at the two zords. "Wow, they look so much bigger when you're so much smaller." Kim remarked.

"Please we have no time." Wind spoke.

"Since when do Zords talk?" Tommy asked.

"Alpha 5 has given us the temporary capability to speak." Water answered in its ringing metallic voice.

"Hold on. Let me get the morphers." Adam said.

"No need," The blue Zord said. "I have them." It reached down its metallic hand for the rangers to climb in. The seven of them filled into the cockpit. "What about Xander?" Brian asked.

"We can find away to rescue him later, but at this moment we have to evacuate," Wind answered. "Before the Shadow Ranger comes back."

"Hurry!" Kim shouted. "I can see them coming!"

"There's a hole in the shield." Brian pointed.

"That's probably how Xander got in here." Kim said. Billy shook his head.

"The virus ate away at the shields. They're a lot weaker now." Billy answered.

"I think we have a little business to take care of right guys?" Billy asked. The others nodded. The Zords unleashed their full weapon arsenal on the Lunar Palace. In minutes, besides the gray tower, the Lunar Palace lay in ruins. The seven rangers, Water Pyro, Wind Pyro, and Tanya's Fox Zord teleported to the Holding Bay.

* * *

Xander dug the remains Doom Staff from the rubble. He mumbled a swear when he noticed the orb in his new weapon was broken, colored vapors flowed from the crack. "It's useless now." Xander muttered. Finster, Selcor, Goldar and Rito walked out of Finster's former lab with as many devices as they could carry. Sophia, Rita, Zedd and Rielik studied what happened. Zedd managed to uncover his throne from the rocks, and Rita recovered her staff. Sophia brushed off her Sapphire dress and stood near the others.

"Those damn rangers are going to get it."

* * *

The seven rangers, exhausted, hungry and thirsty arrived the Power Cave. "It's great to be home." Billy smiled.

"Yeah, but to bad about the Zords." Kat said.

"Ok now comes the hard part. I have to find a place to sleep." Kim sighed.

"My apartment is always open." Tommy suggested.

"Well, I'd actually be better off crashing here for the night." Kim answered.

"And now the hard part. I need a lie quick!" Brian said before he teleported.

* * *

In sparks of white light Brian teleported to his bedroom. "Calvin?" He asked. "What are you doing in my room?" He asked his little brother.

"Well, I um. . ." The seven year old thought.

"HEY! Those are my CD's!" He shouted.

"Well I thought you wouldn't need them," Calvin said. "Dad said you ran away."

"You didn't see. . .me did you?" Brian asked.

"Yes I saw you fly in, or teleport, or whatever you call it." Calvin answered. Brian walked over to him.

"You aren't going to tell anyone are you?" Brian asked.

"Only if you take me in a ride in your Zord or whatever you call it. It's a lion right?" Calvin smiled.

"Actually, a panther. But, I can't do that."

"DAD! Brian is a Power RA- . . ."Calvin shouted. Brian covered his hand over his brother's mouth. Mr. Thompson rushed in.

"Calvin are you all right?" Mr. Thompson asked before he noticed Brian. "Brian Aaron Thompson, where in God's name have you been?"

"You're in trouble now. He said you middle name." Calvin giggled.

"Um. . .school?" Brian asked.

"Try again. Today is Sunday; you've been gone since Friday. I got a little call from your new principal saying you we suspended, and call me crazy but I don't think school is held on the weekend."

"I know what happened," Calvin grinned, "Brian is a. . .," Calvin said before receiving a sharp elbow to his stomach from his brother.

"School camping trip. I was in such a hurry packing I forgot to tell you." Brian covered.

"Well, I guess that explains it. But you should get some sleep. You look exhausted. Oh, I almost forgot, Mr. Caplan decided to let you back into school, he said something about three strikes and your out. "

"Sure thing dad." Brian smiled.

* * *

"At least we have four Zords destroyed. That's a teensy start." Sophia said.

"Of course. But I'll have this palace back up and better than before in no time." Rita said while she scanned through her magic book.

"Well, no surprise. They took the coins." Selcor said.

"And it's all your fault Selcor, you imbecile!" Zedd shouted.

"We'll be back up on our feet so fast it will make their heads spin." Rielik said.

"Our next target is their powers, again." Zedd said with making a fist in his muscle and chrome hand.

"We still have him." Rielik said pointing towards the Shadow Ranger who stood a yard away and stared blankly at earth.

* * *

Brian jumped out of bed and took a shower. He pulled on his jeans, white T-shirt and tossed on a white button-down shirt over it. He looked to see is brother standing in the doorway.

"Hey, I have show-and-tell in school today. You wouldn't want me to blurt out your little secret would you?" Calvin asked with a smirk. Brian pulled a wad of bills from his pocket.

"Here's three dollars." He said while he tossed it to him. "You're more of a twirp then I was in second grade."

"Just for saying that, you owe me another buck." Calvin giggled.

"Here's a dollar and fifty cents. Buy a clue." Brian said as he grabbed his bag and ran downstairs.

* * *

Brian walked into Mr. Caplan's office and dropped the hallway pass on his desk. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes. I hear that you had a good reason for leaving school." Mr. Caplan said.


"Oh, don't worry the Power Rangers came to tell me that you helped them with a monster, I believe?" The principal answered. Brian turned to see his fellow Rangers, minus the blue ranger, standing behind him.

"Yes sir. We owe him a favor." The Green Ranger said as he turned to the Yellow Ranger.

"Well, unfortunate for him, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saw a monster's lair, and we didn't know where the exact location of it was. So we had to ask him to help us, although it wasn't our intention of taking him out of school. So it's our fault." Yellow Ranger answered. Tanya almost laughed at how well she could whip up a lie.

"But I- . . ." Brian protested. The Pink Ranger cleared her through loudly before giving him a light kick in the shin.

"It was nice talking to you sir, and thanks again Brian." Gold Ranger smiled before they teleported.

"All right Mr. Thompson, you may return to class now." Mr. Caplan said pointing to the door. Brian nodded and walked out. They're the best.

* * *

Kim, Tanya, Kat, Adam and Tommy walked in the park enjoying their occasional day off. "So where's Billy?" Tanya asked while she tightened her grip on the picnic basket she held.

"He was up all night scanning the remains of the palace." Adam answered.

"Former palace." Tommy corrected with a smile. Kim couldn't help but grin. Of course no one expected their battle to be anywhere near over.

"Yeah, sure sounds like Billy to me!" She laughed.

"Well, he took off that sling on my arm. I can actually move it again!" Kat said.

"Is this an all right place?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah." Kim answered as she helped her unload the basket and place the blanket in the shade. Tommy looked over to see Xander staring, with his back turned from the rangers, at the lake. "How'd you get out?" Tommy asked.

"No story. I just left." Xander answered, his back still facing the rangers.

"Are you all right?" Kat asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Yes, I'm fine." Xander said, quickly brushing Kat's hand off. "I suppose I'll see you later."

"Okay. We'll probably be around the Juice Bar a little later. You can join us if you want." Adam suggested.

"Maybe." Xander answered as he walked off. Oh, I think you should count on seeing me later. I sure you're going to wish you never meet me. Xander grinned as he ran into the shade of several leafy trees. He pointed his hand to were he guessed the moon would be in afternoon sky and vanished in a flash of crimson.