by: Apollo

The seven Rangers removed their helmets and let out loud laughs. They'd been doing what Billy called "testing the Zords." Better know as piloting their Zords all over creation till past midnight when the fearsome foursome were having their slow weeks. Although Zordon and Alpha didn't like them using the Zords for recreation, they figured even the defenders of the planet needed to have fun. As mush as Brian hated to admit it he had to be heading home.

"That was great!" Brian said and demorphed. The others nodded and did them same. Billy squinted and glanced at his watch.

"I think I should head home. I mean to my room." He said.

"Billy, you're still sleeping here?" Tanya asked. Billy shrugged.

"I'm here in case of emergency. And Zordon doesn't snore, so I don't mind." He laughed.

"I wish I didn't, but I have to get to sleep myself. School tomorrow." Brian said. "Good night Zordon!" He said and teleported out.

* * *

"Rielik your pacing is giving me a headache!" Rita said.

"Sorry Rita, just scheming." Rielik answered. He headed toward the balcony and leaned on the marble banister. He stared down at earth. Rita followed him.

"Well, as long as you're scheming I'll just take an Aspirin and head back to bed." She smiled. Rielik let out a chuckle.

"So, Rita, what do you think would have happened if Kat became the Gold Ranger?"

"That Pegasus Zord of hers has helped the Rangers out of a lot of tough spots. So, we might have had the Rangers long gone." She answered.

"Thanks Rita, you've been a great help."

"Anytime." She answered.

"Hey, wait." He said and walked over to her. "The Orb of Doom worked, didn't it?"

"Yes, it worked but the Alien Rangers came to earth and messed things up."

"May I borrow you're staff?" He asked. Rita shrugged.

"Sure, just bring it back in one piece." She smiled. She summoned it and tossed it to him. He studied it closely and found exactly what he was looking for. "I'll bring it back in one piece. Just after I'm done with it." He plucked the red circular crystal from the staff and glanced at it for the last time. He drew his hand back and hurled it toward earth. "A good substitute for a time crystal. The Gold Ranger won't bother me anymore." He grinned and watched as the red crystal fell toward earth. Lucky for him, the crystal's magic protect it from disintegrating. "No more Gold Ranger."

* * *

Katherine sat at the edge of her bed reading until she let out a startled scream.

"I'm sorry." Brianna said. The walked over to Kat and sat near her. Even though she only saw her a few times Kat felt like she was a part of Brianna in a way, besides her being the second Gold Ranger. She put down her book and turned her attention to Brianna.

"It's good to see you, Katherine. But I have some bad news for you." Brianna said.


"Rielik is trying to alter time. He is going back ten thousand years to Deristan, my home. He is trying to trap my soul in his staff, like he did before, but this time get rid of my powers first. If he succeeds then you won't be a ranger again. There will be no Power Cave, for you came up with the idea. And worst off all, without a seventh ranger Zedd, Rita, Sophia and Rielik have more of a chance in capturing the Rangers."

"What are you going to do?" She asked.

"I won't be doing anything. Katherine, you have to do this. I have no body to be sent into time with, and also you are my successor to my powers, therefore making the perfect candidate." Brianna answered.

"I'll do anything I can." She smiled. "I still owe you for making me a Ranger again."

"Just as you're six friends were destined to take on their power, you were destined to take mine." She smiled and placed a hand on Kat's forehead. "You will need to know some things before you go. When you leave the present time will be stopped. So, when you return it will be just as if you never left. Zordon has already been notified. I haven't said anything to the Rangers; I don't want them to worry. I have perfect faith in you. But another thing, when you are back in time you will not be Katherine. You will still have you memories and knowledge, but you will take on my appearance as not to confuse my fellow rangers. When you wake up you will be on Deristan when I was the Gold Ranger."

"When I wake up?" Kat asked.

"Yes, right now you are dreaming." Brianna answered. "Good luck."

* * *

Kat awoke on a cold floor. Before she could open her eyes she felt hands on her shoulder that brought her to a stand. The person hugged her and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Thank the gods you're allright!" He said as he put an arm on her shoulder. She looked up and saw him. A smiled danced across his face. His short dark hair fell over his forehead and his bright green eyes glittered in the light. She turned around to see four people smiling at her. She suddenly remembered her dream.

"Even if Rielik killed me, I wouldn't miss this day." Kat said without thinking.

"I am glad you are safe, Gold Ranger." A shadowy figure said. The figured stepped from the darkness revealing a tall woman wearing silvery silk robes. She must be their Zordon!

"Of course, Cassandra, our Brianna would not give up that easily." The male in black spoke. She glanced at what she figured was Brianna's fellow Rangers. She didn't know how, but she knew their names. The one that had his arm around her was Jagaire, the Bronze Ranger. Eiana, the woman in green, Ciera, the tall man in white, Garith, the muscular male black ranger, and Valare, the quiet blue wearing woman.

"Rangers, now is the time. Rielik is waiting." Cassandra said.

"Right!" Jagaire said. "Brianna, this one is all yours." Kat shook her head.

"I'll give you the honors." She answered. The Rangers, except Kat, raised their fists to the sky. They opened them and inside were their coins, but no morphers.

"Bronze Dragon!" Jagaire shouted.

"Black Raven!" Garith bellowed.

"Green Turtle!" Eiana cried.

"Blue Wildcat!" Valare screamed.

"White Leopard!" Ciera yelled. A column of their respective colors enveloped each Ranger; they stepped out morphed in uniforms just like Kat but in their respective colors.

"We'll meet you there." Jagaire said from behind his bronze helmet. Kat nodded. She glanced at a small pond set into the middle of the room. Brianna was right. Kat's blonde hair was replaced by brown hair that just came past her shoulders. She was wearing strange clothes, white pants and a sparkling gold shirt.

"You should meet them now." Cassandra said. Kat nodded and shouted a call that she never heard before. She summoned her coin and pointed it upwards.

"Gold Sun Pegasus!" She yelled.

* * *

The six Rangers were at a grassy field. Jagaire carried two swords with the heads of dragons craved in the handles. Kat called on her staff. She expected to see Rielik's but in place of it was a long crystalline rod with gold wings at the end. In a flash of light the armored figured showed up.

"Rielik?" Kat asked. He wore a long charcoal cape, silver metal boots and a silver chest plate bearing a strange symbol. He had his hand on the handle of a ruby sword at his side.

"The vessel." Blue Ranger answered pointing her hand.

"I am surprised you decided to show. But be smart, leave her at one if you value your life." Rielik said, his voice the same but slightly deeper and less sarcastic.

"You will be stopped." Green Ranger answered making a fist.

"Bronze Ranger, be intelligent and get her and the Rangers out of here." He said pointing to Kat. Jagaire shook his head and stepped toward her.

"We are not leaving. You will be defeated." He said. Rielik unsheathed his sword and let out a battle cry. He slashed at the White Ranger. Ciera fell over and was forced to demorph by Rielik's sword. Garith hurried to his fallen friend's side.

"It's a power stealing sword! We have to get him back to the mountain Cassandra can help him there." Garith said. "Cassandra!" He yelled. On his command Ciera vanished.

"Now where were we?" Eiana asked. She spun around and held a bow in her hand.

"Be careful." Kat warned. Eiana nodded and sent an arrow spiraling toward Rielik. He skillfully blocked it. Rielik pointed his sword to the ground them to the sky.

"I am tired of these games!" He said before growing to a huge height.

"We'll need the Zords!" Kat yelled.

"Zords?" Jagaire asked. "Well, I suppose that is a better name than just Vehicles."

"Zords!" They yelled, and pointed their hands to the sky. In a flashed of light the five Zords appeared. They jumped into their respective cockpits.

"I'm sending you the prophecy now." Cassandra said over Kat's Zord's speakers. Words gathered in front of her on the glass panel.

"It's in the form of a poem." Valare said. Kat read it while the six vehicles flew to Rielik.

"On the dark night
The seven will arrive in celestial light
They will conquer things against good and right
On this dark night

On the Dark night he will arrive
Evil and fury burning his eyes
The seven will trap him in the skies
On the dark night

On the dark night good and evil will fight
The clash of swords echoing through the night
And he shall crumble beneath their might
On the dark night

On the dark night good will prevail
On their starry ships they will sail Into the stars
Into the light

Kat finally finished as she received another message from Cassandra. "There is nothing I can do for Ciera." She said. "He's life force is weak, but he will live. He powers will not survive, I'm afraid." Kat nodded and mentally wished Ciera luck.

"Brianna, what can we do? One touch of his sword will drain the power from our Zords." Jagaire said from the flying bronze dragon to the side of her zord.

"Try to weaken him. Your Zord breathes fire, am I right?" She asked.

"Yes it does. I'll try to distract him while you think of something." He answered. Kat nodded and look to see they huge bronze dragon blowing streams of fire at Rielik.

"Ciera. Is there a Zord configuration we could use without the Leopard?" She asked.

"Affirmative, the Pegasus Mega." He answered.

"Good. Now, about the prophecy, how do we get rid of Rielik when one hit from his sword will drain our Zords' power?" Kat asked.

"The poem says 'the seven will trap him in the skies' I assume we need a net of some sort. But it says seven, there are only six of us." He said. "I can't shake off the feeling that we're doing something wrong."

"Allright, just tell Jagaire and the others to be careful. I'll have the Pegasus' computer analyze the prophecy. Keep him busy." She said. The Dragon, Turtle, Raven and Wildcat gathered together. Rielik let out a chuckle.

"What are you going to do now? You know about the prophecy. Only six Rangers." Rielik said. He unsheathed his sword and pointed it at the Zords. The five Zords rumbled as Kat initiated the Pegasus Mega. Raven and Wildcat folded into the two feet. Pegasus' legs folded in and connected with Wildcat and Raven. Dragon split at the middle and became the two arms. Pegasus' head folded back revealing a new human head, and the Turtle's arms, legs and head folded in, becoming the shield. Rielik stepped back and admired the new configuration. He dropped his sword and charged at the Zord. He punched the Zord, sending it spiraling backwards.

"I don't need my sword to get rid of you." He said.

"Brianna, we have to disengage the Pegasus Mega." Valare said. "The Zords are damaged." With a low hum Kat disconnected the Zords. All of the Zords except Kat's flew up in the air and prepared the fire another blast of energy at Rielik.

"Watch out!" She yelled. Rielik swiped at the Zords. His sword connecting with each one, draining them of all their power. The four Zords stopped floating and fell into the Cerulean Sea to the side of them. She quickly teleported them out of their Zords and into the Pegasus. They all crowded beside Katherine and the Zord controls.

"The vehicles are gone." Eiana said. Rielik ran forward. Pegasus flew into the air dodging Rielik's blows.

"I'm not sure how long Pegasus can last." Jagaire said. Kat nodded. She now knew why Brianna and her team hadn't succeeded.

"What about Sun Pyro?" She asked.

"Sun what?" Garith asked.

"Nothing." She said, figuring that they hadn't found the Zord yet. "Take the controls." Kat said. She got up from the chair and headed toward a corner. Brianna, what do I do? She asked.

"You have to trick him." Brianna answered. "No one can hear me but you. I'll help don't worry." Kat noticed that she couldn't see Brianna, but could definitely hear her.

"I'll try." Kat answered and made her way back to her chair. She sat down and commanded the Zord down to the ground. Rielik raised his sword high.

"You are wiser than I thought, Ranger. Now, this ending can be done quick and painless. I'm going to destroy your vehicle and powers." Rielik said.

"Wait, Rielik, Pegasus has to be that most powerful Zord on this side of the galaxy. Instead of destroying it wouldn't it make so much more sense just stealing it? And keep it, maybe in a crystal of some sort. So, when you become the vessel in another ten-thousand years, you can unleash it on another team of Rangers." Kat said. Rielik thought for a moment.

"I suppose you're right." He said. He dropped his sword a pointed a finger and the Pegasus. A beam leapt out from his finger and came in contact with the Zord. Before they knew it they were trapped inside a red crystal. They looked up and saw Rielik hideous grin. I did it. She said. She turned off the engines of the Pegasus and stood up.

"I'm sorry." She said. They de-morphed for the last time and started out the windshield of the vehicle.

"You did everything you could." Jagaire said. Kat shook her head. She wished Brianna would take her back, she hated saying goodbye. "When I die, I'm going to miss you." He said. Kat squeezed his hand and let a tear slide down her face.

"I love you too." She smiled.

* * *

Kat woke up with a jolt. She opened her eyes to see Brianna by her side.

"You did it. I'm very proud of you." Brianna said and patted her hand.

"I feel so horrible." She said.

"That's because you knew they were going to die, and you couldn't do anything to stop it." She answered. "But you behaved like a true leader out there."

"Did I really mean what I said?" She asked.

"That you love Jagaire?" Kat nodded. "No. You did me a great favor. At least knows he knows how I felt about him." Brianna smiled. "Jagaire was an obnoxious male, but he was also a kind human being. I'll see him again, I know I will."

"I still have to find a way to pay you back for every thing you've done." Kat promised.

"You already have." Brianna smiled. "Now get back to sleep. Alpha will take care of the time crystal."

"Wait, about the prophecy. What's the vessel anyway?"

"Every ten-thousand years all the evil beings of the universe can siphon their power into one being. Everyone gets one chance. If they successfully defeat a team of Rangers they get another one." Brianna answered. "We did everything wrong. We didn't follow the prophecy as close as we should have. As Garith said there was only six Rangers, the poem said seven. Our battle didn't take place in the nighttime either."

"Oh." Kat said. "So does this mean that we will have to face Rielik?"


"When?" Brianna looked away from her for a second.

"Five days."

* * *

Alpha wobbled to where the time crystal was. "Ah, there it is." He said. He reached out a finger to touch it and was blasted backwards by a surge of power. I huge flare of light flashed in the field where Alpha, and the crystal was.

"Are you allright, Alpha?" a familiar vice asked. Alpha almost fainted when he realized they were two voices.

"TJ?...Oh boy." Alpha remarked. A whole crowd of past Rangers, dressed in the pajamas stood in front of him. "Who. . .?" Was all he could stutter. He identified them all, Trini, Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Zack, and Tommy, although Tommy was wearing green. The next group was Aisha, Kimberly, Billy, and Adam, who was wearing black, Rocky, and Tommy. This time Tommy was wearing white. Then he saw another group identical to the one he just named, but with Katherine instead of Kim. He let out a tiny squeak. The new group was Tommy, who now sported a red nightshirt and boxers, Katherine, Rocky in blue, Tanya in yellow, and Adam in green. He next spotted Trey, wearing his Triforian attire, and Jason wearing black. He next saw the last group in the same colors, minus Rocky, but with Justin this time. Next were the present Turbo Rangers, as well Zordon's current Rangers in their colored nightclothes. Soon after that Ninjor and Auric joined the crowd.

"Alpha, what happened?" Billy asked as he looked around. In a few seconds the Aquitian Rangers flashed in and landed on the ground, and a past Xander, wearing his cloak.

"Please tell me this is some kind of twisted family reunion." Kim remarked, her voice still rough from sleep.

"What are they doing here?" Kat asked noticing the Deristanian Rangers, including Brianna with torn Ranger uniforms and dull, scratched helmets, and finally the last group to appear, which the current Rangers assumed to be from the future.

"Maybe we should get to the Power Chamber, I doubt the Power Cave will is big enough to hold all of us." Brian suggested, happy to see there was only one of him.

"I hope we can all fit!" Tommy said. In a barrage of colored sparks, glowing streams, clouds of dust, and water molecule looking circles of light for the Aquitian's teleportation, they all teleported to the Power Chamber.

* * *

"Oh hell." Rielik muttered as a violent rumbled roared throughout the Lunar Palace. Zedd, Rita and Sophia walked to the balcony where Rielik stood. "What did you do?" Sophia asked, covering her ears. A final deafening boom exploded in the Lunar Palace of the room filled with light. In a cyclone of swirling mists the huge crowd of oddly dressed beings filled in the room, the villains of the past, and a few others that they couldn't recognize. The Shadow Ranger ring materialized on Rielik's finger. The first form to steep up was the evil Green Ranger. They stared in amazement.

"Daddy!" Rita shouted.

"Divatox, Maligore, Machina, Sprocket, Mondo, Prince Gasket, Archerina." Sophia mentioned all the people she could name.

"Scorpina." Rita finished.

"Dark Specter, Astronema, and I guess that one is Ecliptor." He pointed. "What are you doing here?" Zedd asked.

"I think we want to know the same thing!" Astronema yelled.

"This is all my fault, people. A time crystal went nuts on me. But this all turned out for the better because you're all here! Now we can get rid of the Rangers once and for all." Rielik said.

"You said you bring me my staff back in one piece!" Rita yelled.

"You can always construct another crystal." Rielik said.

"It took me eons to construct that blasted rock!" She yelled. Rita walked to her Repulsascope. "I hate to burst your bubble." Rita said and motioned to her scope. Rielik peered in and almost exploded. An entire herd of past Rangers teleported to the Power Chamber.

"Not good." He mumbled. "Wait, this can work out after all! Since all the Rangers are all here we can work together to get rid of them."

"Work together? With you?" Astronema shouted.

"Asty, may I remind you that you're light years away from home and I'm the only one who can get you back to you're right time." Rielik commented.

"Why would we want to go back?" Mondo asked. "All that Rangers are right in front of us. In a huge group, easier to destroy." Rielik nodded.

"In the morning we'll get a plan. I can't think about this now, I'll think about this tomorrow." Sophia said.

"But for now, PIPE DOWN OR GET OUT! Some people were sleeping!" Rita yelled.

"Thanks, Rita." Sophia said.


* * *

The entire crowd of sleepy Rangers huddled near Zordon and Demitria. "What's going on?" Adam asked.

"Maybe if we morph it will cut down on the confusion." Brian suggested. Each group of Ranger pulled out their morphers or devices and started the barrage of morphing cries. The last group to morph was the future Rangers, whom suggested to Tommy that they are referred to as the Space Rangers. They punched a combination of numbers into a keypad. Their helmets and Ranger uniforms enveloped onto them. White lines on the helmets, and a row of colored patches on their chests. One by one they took off their helmets. The original Rangers, that Zordon first chose, were wearing their old armor, including Tommy as the first Green Ranger. The next group was Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy, as the white Ranger, along with Trini, Zack, and Jason's replacements. The next group was Rangers with Ninja Power. The next was Rangers in Metallic Armor, but with Katherine instead of Kim. Next were the Aquitians, along with the Zeo Rangers, including Gold Rangers, Trey and Jason. Then they spotted both Turbo teams, one with Tommy as the leader and the other with TJ. Next were the Deristanians, and the future Rangers.

"So what's going on? Adam asked again.

"Rielik sent a time crystal down to earth earlier this night. His plan was to get rid of Katherine's powers. But, Katherine succeeded in stopping him, and the crystal backfired. It sent all the Rangers from the past to this time." Zordon answered.

"Does this mean they could have all the past enemies at the Lunar Palace?" Brian asked.

"I can run a scan." Billy added.

"I'd better check the Astro Megaship, to see if it's damaged." The Red Ranger who had yet to introduce himself said.

"Spaceship?" Tanya asked. The Ranger nodded.

"Do you think we could come along?" Brian asked. The Red Ranger shrugged.

"Sure." He answered.

* * *

The Red Ranger, and the seven Power Rangers teleported to the Astro Megaship. He removed his helmet revealing blonde and black-highlighted hair.

"I guess I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Andros."

"I take it your not from around here." Billy commented. Andros nodded.

"KO-35 to be exact." He answered. "This is the Control Room, and our main computer is D.E.C.A."

"Do you mind if I go exploring?" Brian asked as he removed his helmet and placed it on a computer panel with various instruments on it.

"Go ahead, I just have to run some scans on the engines to see if the time leap affected anything." Andros said. Brian headed for the door. Soon after the other Rangers followed him to roam around the ship.

After a few minutes of walking aimlessly the seven of them came to the engine room.

"Hey! What are you doing there?!" Tommy yelled seeing a green armored figure tugging at a wire.

"The name is Ecliptor." He mumbled and dropped the wire.

"Back to action!" They yelled. Their helmets teleported from were they left them and formed on their heads. Ecliptor unsheathed a long sword and brought it up to strike the engine.

"Not so fast!" Tanya yelled. She launched her boomerang. The yellow arch came whirled at Ecliptor's sword and knocked it out of his hand. Tommy called for his own sword and ran toward the armor-clad alien, only to be kicked in the shins and knocked him to the ground. Ecliptor ran to a wire and brought his hand up to slice it.

"Get back here!" Kimberly yelled and unraveled her whip. She swiped it forward and it raveled around Ecliptor's forearm. Ecliptor let out and amused laugh. He swung his arm forward sending Kimberly to the ground with a single "oof!" Adam hurled his hammer forward and skillfully knocked Ecliptor on his armored head. Billy spun his trident and pointed it at the fallen foe. In a flash of jade light Ecliptor vanished to his unknown destination. Kim walked to Tommy and helped him up.

"Maybe Andros knows what that thing was." Kim suggested. The others agreed and made their way to he main room.

* * *

"Did it look anything like this?" Andros asked typing variety of keys. A lifelike image of Ecliptor appeared on screen.

"That's him." Tommy said.

"Computers indicate Ecliptor." D.E.C.A said.

"D.E.C.A's alarms should have gone off." Billy added.

"They were probably damaged in the time leap." Andros added. Adam checked his watch and yawned louder than he meant to.

"It's a little after five. I don't know about you guys, but I going home and getting as much sleep as I can." He said and prepared to teleport.

"Yeah you're right." Tanya agreed.

* * *

The pack on tired Rangers slept peacefully on the Power Chamber floor, except for the Aquitians, and Brian. Alpha persuaded Brian to get home, and Adam insisted the Rangers of Aquitar stay at his place. The dark figure crept through the Power Chamber, being careful not to step on arms and legs in his path. He grimaced when he saw the Rangers sleeping calmly, especially Kimberly and Tommy. He looked up to see two empty plasma tubes, he expected only one and figured Demitria was asleep. He shrugged and he to the entryway to the Power Cave. He brought his dagger up and sliced it through the number pad on the door. The only one to wake up from the mechanical crunching was Trey, who waited for the figure to enter the Power Cave until he morphed. Gold specks of dust collected as he summoned his Golden Power Staff. Kim and Tommy jumped up next and morphed when Trey motioned to the dagger in the keypad and the entry door open. Tommy studied the dagger that sliced through the keypad and pulled it out. He knew it all to well.

"The Dragon Dagger." He said himself. The figure brought the blade blaster from his belt and sliced through the computers.

"Hey!" Trey shouted and jumped in the room with his staff ready. Kim and Tommy followed. The figure turned around and stepped into the light.

"It's the Green Ranger!" Kim shouted. Green Ranger let out a homicidal laugh and jumped on a computer panel. He twisted his blade blaster till it formed the blaster and fired randomly at various devices. He pointed the blaster at Kimberly and fired a beam of light. Tommy threw the Dragon Dagger. The beam bounced off the dagger's metal surface and struck the Green Ranger in the shield. The Green Ranger jumped up and kicked Zordon's plasma tube, shattering it into a countless number of pieces.

"Trey, use your staff!" Tommy yelled.

"But it will destroy the cave!" He shouted.

"Trey, the cave is already gone." Kim added. He lifted his black and gold staff up.

"IT'S TIME FOR A GOLD RUSH!" He yelled. The staff collected energy and fired a multitude of energy balls at the ranger. A dark shadow leapt from the shadows and pounced on the Rangers. "It's Xander!" Kim shouted. She fought him off and pinned him to the floor. Trey and Tommy brought picked him up.

"What are you doing here?" Tommy asked.

"I came to finish the job." He answered. They dragged him over to the medical table and shut the cover. He pounded on the glass until a thick fog enveloped him. He took a deep breath and lifted the lid off.

"Thanks." He said.

* * *

The day went fairly well. All the Rangers made sure they weren't at the same place at the same time, not to confuse anyone. Rielik grabbed the banister of the balcony and screamed. "Oh come on, take it like a man, Rielik." Zedd said. A silver light enveloped him. A dark cape materialized on his shoulders. He wore ebony colored boots with silvery guards from him ankle up. A silver chest plate materialized on him, a carved symbol imbedded in the middle.

"The vessel." Rielik mumbled in his now slightly lower tone. Silver light shone from behind his eyes.

"Well, this is certainly interesting." Sophia mused.

"Quite." He said. "But now, is you'll excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I think it's about time to have a little fun." A silvery glow encircled him as he floated a few inches off the ground and vanished.

* * *

Rielik walked silently, a trail of dark mist following him. He reached down a grabbed a handful of dirt in his gloved hands. The silver light in his eyes glowed with intensity as he launched the fistful of dirt behind his shoulder. In a burst of hellfire, the ground cracked. Skeletal arms made their way through the soil and pushed the rest of their bodies to the surface. The ground reconnected, and hundreds of decaying bodies made their slow trip through the park. Rielik leaped into the limb of an old tree, and waited.

* * *

The high-pitched beeping alarm sounded throughout Tommy's small apartment. He rolled over in bed and reached for his nightstand. He grabbed his communicator and turned on the light.

"Yeah Zordon?" He mumbled sleepily.

"It's Billy, actually."

"Oh, so what's up?" He asked.

"Well, it's tough to explain. Can you teleport?"

"Sure, just let me put on something decent. Have you called the others?"

"Yeah, we're all waiting for you." Tommy closed the communication and grabbed the closest jeans and shirt he could find. Red sparks of light melted into Tommy as he landed in the Power Chamber.

"So Billy, you still haven't told us what's going on." Brian said.

"I'd better not, let's just teleport to the park." He said. They shrugged and did what Billy suggested. The streaks of light collocated into seven bodies as each of the Rangers teleported to the park. The seven of them stared in grotesque horror. "Zombies?" Adam finally asked.

"They don't look to friendly." Brian pointed out. The huge mass of decaying, groaning bodies lurched forward, dropping a few limbs on the way.

"Something tells me they're hungry." Kim said. Kat scrunched her face in disgust.

"That's disgusting." She mumbled.

"We'd better get rid of them." Tommy said.

"They're going toward the main road!" Billy pointed past the trees to where the parked ended and the road began.

"Let's lead them away." Adam suggested. Each Ranger added in their own comments and dropped into a defensive stance.

"Hey guys," Kim called out, "Looking for some fun?"

"Or a meal." Brian mused. The whole group of Rangers ran forward. Tommy launched his famous hurricane kick and knocked a chattering skull off an approaching zombie. A zombie grabbed a lock of Kimberly's hair, she almost screamed when its top knuckle snapped off and got caught. She leapt up and grabbed a hold of a tree branch and swung at a zombie. Her feet connecting solidly with its chest, sending it tumbling into a nearby tree. Brian rolled onto a van's roof, narrowly escaping the teeth of a hungry zombie. A few zombies scattered up the sides of the van reached for his legs. He promptly double punched two offensive zombies in the skull, sending them flailing to the ground. An arm on the ground came to life, and threw itself at Brian. He yelled and rolled off the roof. The arm crashed through the van window. "Sorry about the window!" He called back to no one in particular.

"Remind me never to do this again." Billy said to Adam, who was fighting off a huge group of Zombies. Billy snapped off a tree branch and used it as a staff. "Mingling with the dead isn't exactly my idea of fun."

Tanya and Kat flung two Zombies into the lake. "I'm going to bathe for five hours after this." Tanya said. Loud thunderclaps sounded and thick sheets of rain poured down. They looked at each other, and despite their current situation they almost burst into laughter.

"Never mind." They said in unison. Tommy snapped off a wooden rod from a park bench off. "I recommend the stake." He said, launching it into the air like a boomerang.

"We did it!" Brian shouted. They all sighed as they looked forward. Armies of the walking dead were marching forward.

"Let's morph!" Kim finally shouted over the rain. They all were drenched tired and sickened. They held their morphers high and shouted.

"What in damnation?" Brain asked. They were all knocked forward into a giant mud puddle/river.

"Speaking of the damned." Billy said.

"Alpha?" Adam shouted into his communicator. "Alpha?" He asked sadly.

"No one?" Tanya asked.

"I don't think whoever is doing this want's us to get help." Tommy said.

"Bingo." Rielik said as he jumped down from his place.

"Hmm. . . looks like you've been shopping." Kim commented.

"No comments from the peanut gallery." He shouted back. Tommy, Adam, Billy, and Kim formed a line. "Ninja Ranger Power!"

Rielik clapped, "And you said I went shopping. I love the Ninja getup, guys and gals. But do me a favor, let's make this slow and easy, I don't want any blood on my cape." He pointed his finger towards them, a beam of gold light shot out. The light stopped in from of them, revealing the holographic image of a spinning hourglass. "Three days left, I hope you're prepared." He turned around and walked off, the zombies and himself soon vanishing in a spiral of mist.

"I hate his little surprise visits." Kim mumbled.

* * *

"May I ask what happened?" Adam asked.

"Was this your doing, Ninjor?" Billy asked.

"Of course. You Ninja Power Coins were destroyed, but your Ninja power was just buried deeper inside you."

"Where are the others?" Brian asked.

"They went to sleep hours ago." Alpha answered.

"They had a good idea. I'm going to teleport home. Goodnight guys." Tanya said.

"Yeah, I'll hit the sack too. I'll sleep in the storage room. Call if you need anything." Kimberly said before heading to the door.

"Oh, Kim. The Deristanins are sleeping there." Alpha said.

"No problem. Alpha can I take you recharging room for the night?"

"Nope, the Trey's are sleeping there."

"Kim, you can always stay at my place, as long as you don't mind the couch." Tanya suggested.

"Great! And I promise I don't snore." Kim smiled. The two of them teleported out in yellow and pink sparkles of light.

"I should run some scans on the park, see that gap closed up." Billy said.

"Never mind that Billy, I'll take care of it. You just get to bed." Alpha said.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive. Now leave before I teleport you myself." Alpha retorted.

* * *

Brian rolled to him side and shut of the irate buzzing of his clock radio. The Friday morning sun peeked through the shades and he slipped out from his sheets.

"I wonder how I feel asleep with this on." He mumbled, placing his communicator on his bureau. He turned on the shower, washed, dressed, and made his way downstairs.

"Hey Brian, I've been meaning to ask you. What's your sudden infatuation with the color white?" His father asked while standing over a pan. He blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"It brings out my eyes." He said.

"Hiya Brian!" Calvin grinned from his bowl of cereal.

"Hey kid. Why don't I like that suspicious smile of your face." He asked and leaned over him. "We have ways of making you not squeal." He said in his most intimidating voice. Calvin nearly choked on his cereal.

"Brian quit pestering your little brother." Mr. Thompson called. He dropped his spoon when he heard a low rumbling. "Calvin MOVE! You're going to miss your BUSS!" Calvin squeaked and dropped his cereal spoon. He scrambled about the kitchen until he found his backpack, decorated with a masked superhero. He blurted out a quick 'Bye dad!' before he clambered out the door. He burst through the door again, huffing and puffing. "My lunch!" He said in between pants. Brian snatched the paper lunch bag from the kitchen table. "Go long!" He yelled, while tossing him the bag. He looked through the window to see the yellow rectangular bus turning the corner.

"Sigh." His dad said returning to his cooking.

"This has been yet another typical morning in the Thompson household." Brian said, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You have to drive him to school for me." His dad said.

"What?!" He shrieked.

"And pick him up, too. I have a meeting this afternoon." He over exaggeratedly groaned.

"Let's go, Cal." He said pulling his car keys from his pocket. Time for the truth. He though. "Hey Cal, wait in the car I'll be right there."

"Okay, just hurry up I don't want to be late." Calvin said. Brian nodded.

"So what's on your mind?" Mr. Thompson asked while transferring his eggs from the frying pan to a plate.

"Lots of things, actually. OK I'm just going to be blunt about it. In a few days I'm going to be facing a near death situation. I'm a Ranger."

"Forest Ranger?" <>"Sure Dad, my name is Yogi. I'm currently doing time for swiping one to many picnic baskets. The Rangers and are in a tough spot."

"Yogi ah? Maybe we can meditate together sometime." His father joked.

"I'm being serious dad. The Rangers and I are in a tough spot." Brian repeated.

"Such as?"

"Gee, I don't know. Battling evil, being a defender of justice, stopping an Apocalyptic Prophecy, the usual."

"Ah. . .I see. Just be back before dinner."

"It's nice to know you're so sympathetic. You don't believe me, do you?" Brian asked.

"Not the slightest bit." He said while bringing his food to the table. Brian placed a hand on his father's shoulder.

"I knew I could count on you."

* * *

Calvin slammed the passenger side door. "Hey congratulations! You haven't called me twerp or kid for the entire car ride. Bravo!" He giggled and skipped to the school entrance.

"I'll pick you up later!" He yelled hoping Calvin heard him. His tapped his hands on the steering wheel until he glanced at his wrist. He mumbled in frustration. "I'll pick it up later." He said referring to his communicator. Soon Brian pulled his car to the school's entrance and waited for Calvin to exit. The school bells chimed and a barrage of children of all ages rampaged out the door. Calvin caught sight of his brother's car and ran to it. The two of them drove by the park; he only stopped when he saw the dark figure jumping from treetop to treetop.

"Not now!" He yelled. The figure jumped on the hood of the car and punched at the windshield. He quite literally tossed his brother out the car door. "Run!" He yelled. Calvin didn't waste a second. He ran as fast as his legs could take him near the lake. Brian rolled out the car and took the cover of a tree. He gritted his teeth.

"Rielik, great of you to drop in."

"Skip the mindless gibberish, Ranger. If you value the life of your brother, come with me." Rielik snapped. Brian sneered with anger. No one threatened him. He jumped in the air and morphed. No fancy arm movements, no puns. He landed lightly on his feet just to see the blue flash of light condensed near him. "Billy!" He shouted. "I don't need you here, go away!"

"Brian, now is not the time for revenge." The Blue Ranger said and lifted his trident. "The alarms went off in the Power Chamber. Where's you communicator?"

"I forgot it. I'll take Rielik, you make sure Calvin is OK." Brain suggested. Billy agreed and ran over to Calvin. Brian turned his attention back to Super Rielik. He pulled his blaster from the holster.

"Now where were we?" He asked, and fired a well-aimed white beam from the blaster. Rielik put a hand to his chin in thought. He leapt in the air. No fair, Brian couldn't fly.

"Right about here!" He shouted from the air. He knocked Billy from near Calvin and grabbed his collar. Billy was enraged. No one picks on small children when he was around. His trident disintegrated into his morpher. His hands flowed with power and blue light at he pointed toward the lake. He let his reflexes kick in. Rielik sure hadn't picked a smart place to start a fight. Especially near Billy's element, water. A barrage of water levitated from the lake. In the shock of seeing Billy control nature, Rielik lost his grip on Calvin. The water revolved around the Blue Ranger and then flowed to the wide-eyed Rielik. He was drenched from the lake water and lunged for Billy. Calvin ran to his brother.

"Is it really you under that helmet?" Calvin asked as he hugged Brian legs. Brian picked him up.

"It sure is. But now I have to go help the Blue Ranger, okay? So I'm going to teleport you home. You'll be safe don't worry." Brian said. Calvin nodded weakly before the white light of teleportation engulfed him and brought him to safety.

"I'm not fully powered yet, but I can still do this!" Rielik yelled. Silver flickered in his eyes as he grew only to about half the size of a Zord. Billy commanded another barrage of water to lift up, hoping to get a good height on Rielik. He thought about standing atop the heap of water, until he remembered in was humanly, or rather rangerly impossible, to stand on water. A white beam of ice-light shot from Brian's finger and connected with the water.

"I've got it, Billy!" Brian shouted back. The water solidified into ice as Billy, soon followed by Brian teleported up to the top.

"Shouldn't we get the Zords?" Brian asked.

"Can't, Alpha is making some modifications for the big battle." Billy answered.

"And a perfect time to do it." Brian commented.

"Well, this is certainly interesting!" Rielik called.

"Was interesting. It's about to be past tense!" Billy shouted. Power rippled through the ice tower as shards of ice snapped off and formed a spinning cyclone of ice daggers. A glow of color encircled the Rangers as they levitated, commanding the hurricane of ice. They thrust their hands forward, just as they ice spun forward slashing, bruising, and slicing a multitude of times at Rielik. He howled with pain and teleported, but not before teleporting Brian with him. The light subsided, as Billy stood alone in the park and realized Rielik and Brian were gone. He briefly told Alpha his dilemma and got to work on the lake. He stirred his trident in what was left of the water, and soon found himself standing near the bank of the lake again.

* * *

Rielik strode in the throne room, with Brian, chained, following closely behind. He stood in front of the group of evil doers and grabbed Rita's crystal. He cleared his throat loudly signifying he needed quiet. "Well, I can't say it was fun seeing all of you. I'm sending you back now. See you in hell." He said. He smashed the crystal on the ground. It exploded in a myriad of colors as all of those, except Zedd, Sophia, Rielik, and Rita vanished.

"What the hell was that for?" Sophia asked bewildered.

"Let me explain. When I sent all of the other back to their time, I also sent all the Rangers back to their time too. Therefor no extra help. And I also have this one." He paused and motioned toward Brian. "I have him here because the prophecy states that seven will fight. Minus him is six. So I win, they lose, and the universe is in my clutches. The End." He sighed and plopped down in Zedd's throne.

"One more thing." Rita said.

"What's that?" Rielik asked.


"I'll take care of it, Rita." Sophia summoned her wand, only about the length of her forearm. She plucked the large green crystal from a silver crescent shape and handed it to her. "Just promise you'll take good care of it." She smiled. Rita looked at the green crystal and smiled as wide as she possibly could.

"Thanks!" She said and snatched it from her. She placed it neatly in the empty spot in here staff.

"I never knew you had a wand." Rielik said.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me." Sophia winked.

* * *

"What do you mean 'they're gone?'" Tanya asked.

"They were teleported back to their own time. Rielik destroyed the crystal." Alpha answered. Billy teleported into the Power Chamber and took off his helmet.

"Brian's gone. Rielik took him." Billy said.

"What!" Kim shouted.

"He took him. We were fighting in the park and Rielik teleported away with him." Billy answered.

"Billy, I hate to put that situation aside for a minute, but the Power Levels in the Morphin Grid increased greatly about fifteen minutes ago. Do you know what happened?" Alpha asked.

"It was us. The most amazing thing happened in the park. I levitated almost all of the water from the lake and used it against Rielik. It was the most amazing power, flowing through my hands. I controlled the water. I made a huge column and Brian used his element to freeze it. We cast a cyclone of ice at him. He ran away shouting in pain, it was great. I wish I had a camera. But he unfortunately left with Brian." Billy said.

"It's quite possible that the power of good is also at a peak." Zordon said.

"OK. Alpha, run some scans on the palace with me. We have to locate him." Billy said.

"One of us will have to go in there." Tommy said.

"Kat, I hate to do this but I recommend you. No one knows the palace better." Kim said.

"Right." Kat nodded.

"Are you sure you want to do that, Kat?" Billy asked.

"Positive." She answered.

* * *

Brian sat uncomfortably chained, blindfolded, and gagged, to a chair. An unexplainable fire was just ignited and was now burning inside him. He was on the borderline of consciousness and sleep, but he was certain he heard the voice.

"Brian." How the voice said his name made power radiate from his spine. It called again, only louder as he fell asleep.

He stood in front of an Iron Gate. He wrapped his hands around the bars and shook it. "Open!" He shouted. He shook again. The gates opened as he saw two visitors by his side. "What are you two doing here?" He asked Tanya and Kat.

"That's what we'd like to know." Tanya answered. They walked inside the room, only to find themselves in a temple. A blue light flashed from a vase and solidified in front of them.

"Ninjor?" Kat asked.

"In the flesh! Er. . .armor." He answered. "I bet you three have no idea why you are here."

"You got that right." Brian answered.

"I can answer your questions. But I need you to join hands and form a circle around me first." Ninjor said.

* * *

"Close your eyes and concentrate. I shall guide you to your new powers." He began the same speech he did when the Rangers first came to the temple. "Older than time itself man has always known the calling. Light of light, strength of the soul; ignite this eternal power inside of me! I am Ninja!" Streaks of their color ran up each Rangers arm. "I am pure of heart, body, mind, and spirit. Join with me as I become one with the power of Ninja!" The Rangers found themselves staring out from two pieces of colored cloth. They pulled down their hoods and cloths that covered their faces and hair. They looked down at their suits yellow, white, and gold, Ninja uniforms adorned with gold triangles at the sleeves. Each Ranger had an empty gold coin on their chest.

"Come with me to the garden so I may show you your talents!" Ninjor said. He led them out to an oriental style garden. They each stood on a rock and looked forward.

"Two white Ninjas?" Brian asked.

"Let me explain, Brian. When the Rangers first came to my temple they received totally new powers. When the Ninja Coins were destroyed their Ninja talents were buried deeper inside their being. Tommy will always be the white Ninja, just as Adam will be the black. Those are Ninja Colors, the colors that most represent them. If they weren't, when the Rangers came to receive their new powers their colors would have changed also." He answered.

"What are our Ninja Spirits?" Kat asked.

"I'm glad you asked that question, Katherine. Tanya, Step forward." Tanya stepped forward and was bathed in shimmering yellow light. "Tanya, just like your Ultra Zord, you are the Fox. Sly and cunning, the fox will serve you well. Yellow light flew from his hand in hit the coin on her chest. An image of a growling fox appeared. Katherine." She stepped up and was immediately washed in glowing gold light. "The mythical power of the soaring Pegasus is now yours." Golden light flew from his hands and landed on her chest plate revealing the head and wing of a Pegasus. Brian stepped up, he knew it was his turn.

"Brian, the fierce yet loyal Panther will serve you well." A whitish beam burst from his hands and landed on the empty circle on his chest. The roaring head of a panther formed. "Now go, earth needs you one again." Ninjor said. They all nodded then formed the horn-like Ninja sign with their hands. "Ninja Ranger Power!"




* * *

Then he woke up. He yawned from beneath his gag and almost flipped over the chair. A dream, although he didn't think it was. Damn it, don't be a fool. He though to himself. You can't be in two places at once.

"He's over there!" He heard a voice shout. It was Sophia. He mumbled an expletive from under the gag. If I could just get. . . Got it! His two hands formed the horn-like shape. He didn't know what made him do it. "Ninja Ranger Power now!" He shouted, which came out in a jumble of mumbles. "Panther!" Electricity crackled from his fingertips as energy forged panther leapt out and collided into his chest. "Awesome!" he mumbled. He bit the gag out from his mouth, in place of it was the cloth covering his lips. His face was covered with new white cloth, so it couldn't be seen. His hands were still chained, although. He twisted his wrists and somehow the triangles cut the chains off.

"Hey!" Sophia yelled.

"Not this time!" His legs were still chained together but he threw off the chair. He brought his hand to his chest emblem then out in front of him. "Energy Panther!" He shouted. The panther shot out from his fingertips and surrounded Sophia. She ran out screaming. Music to his ears. He teleported in crackles of white light to the Power Chamber and saw his all of his fellow Rangers there.

"Brian?" Alpha asked.

"In the flesh!" He was sure Ninjor didn't mind him borrowing his line.

"What are you doing like that?" Tanya asked.

"I'll explain, but first, Kat, Tanya, put your hand in front of you." He showed them the hand sign. "Tanya, shout fox, and Kat, Pegasus." They did, as they were told, and morphed.

"You mean you dreamt it too?" Tanya asked. Kat nodded.

"We were getting ready to send me to the palace when my vision went black. All I saw was that dream." She answered.

"This is great!" Brian commented.

"I hate to be the one to remind you but we have two days till a certain prophecy is about to take place." Billy said.

"Rangers, Demitria and I would like to have a word with you." Zordon spoke. They gathered around him.

"We have two full days until Rielik is at his full power." Demitria started.

"And we encourage all of you to go home and rest as much as you can." Zordon finished.

"I have something important to get to first." Xander interrupted.

* * *

All of the Rangers stood at the cliff. The California sunset sent colors burning across the sky. Xander dug into his jean pocket and handed Tommy the Shadow Ranger ring. "I think you should do the honors." Xander said. Tommy Ninja-morphed and held the ring in front of him. He let the remaining sunlight bounce of the black stone, before raising it up. He hurled the ring into the sky, it flew in a final act of glory out of the atmosphere and free from earth's gravity. It sailed on to eternity, patiently floating until forever, waiting for its next owner.

"I sure will miss it." Xander said. "I don't know what to do now."

"You can start over, forget Rielik and all that evil he made you do." Tanya suggested.

"OK this is getting just a little to sappy for my taste." Kim laughed. "I'm going to head back to the Power Chamber and sleep. Goodnight guys." She smiled at Xander, kissed Tommy before she teleported.

* * *

Mr. Thompson switched hands to carry the clothesbasket. He walked over to his son's bureau and something caught his eye. "What a strange watch." He said. A white flash of light entered the hallway, right near Brian's room door. His father was right about to reach down and grab his communicator when he hurried in.

"Hi dad!" He said.

"Hi Brian." He answered. "Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes. Can you call Cal for me? Thanks." He dropped a few clothes on his bed and walked back to the kitchen. Brian sighed and dropped down to bed.

* * *

The seven of them lined up in the Power Chamber in front of Demitria and Zordon. The Turbo Rangers joined shortly after and stood with the others.

"The day has come, Rangers. We wish you the best of luck. Come back to us safely." Zordon spoke.

"Your teleportation will unfortunately not work, and you can only access you Zords when he grows first." Demitria said.

"It's already sunset." Billy said.

"We'll help." TJ suggested. "We can take on the Serpent Soldiers any day."

"Great." Tommy said. Each Turbo Ranger flicked their wrists back and summoned their Turbo Keys, while the other Rangers used their morphers. They teleported to were Rielik requested, a little past the park and near a small bridge.

The last rays of sunlight disappeared under the horizon. The two teams of Rangers, twelve in all, patiently waited for Rielik. In a swirl of dark mist he appeared along with the others, and a huge group of Serpent Soldiers.

"I'm glad you came." He said.

"Come on Rielik, like we would miss this." Tommy said.

"Being the fair and noble-,"

"Like even." Kimberly mumbled.

"As I was saying. Being the fair and noble man I am I'm going to make you a deal. You break the hour glass and you live, you don't. . ."

"Let me guess." Adam said.

"You die." Rielik finished. His eyes once again shimmered silver and a dark colored metal hourglass appeared. Brian had to admit the glass was beautiful. It was dark metal with two instilled dragons on both sides. The sand was colored, red, then green, next blue, followed by gold, proceeding with yellow, then pink, and finally white.

"I'll give you ten seconds to think of a plan." Rielik said. The Rangers huddled.

"OK, Me, Billy, Kim, Adam, and Kat will take Rielik. Brian, go for the hourglass, Turbo Rangers, take the snakes." Tommy said.

"One, two, ten." Rielik grinned.

"Let the games begin!" Zedd shouted. The Serpents lunged forward, the hourglass flew into the air, and Sophia and Rita ran to cause havoc. Brian ran forward and darted for the hourglass, in flew near the bridge, hovering above the water. He ran to the bridge and reached over the railing to grab it.

"Yes!" He cried. His gloved fingers almost brushed the glass surface. To his dismay it only accomplished in making it move a foot or two. He was bashed from behind with a staff.

"Zedd!" He shouted. Zedd lunged forward with his staff, knocking him over the bridge. He luckily grabbed hold of a bar. Zedd stomped repeatedly and the bridge, hopefully knocking Brian off. Brian got an idea.

"Nooooo!" He yelled, and made his voice trail off. Zedd almost giggled, he knelt down and stuck his head over the side of the bridge.

"Helloooo?" He asked. Brian smiled from behind his helmet.

"Hey Zeddy!" He swung on the bar and smashed his left heel in-between Zedd's visor and mouth. Zedd stumbled backwards, giving Brian just the right time the hoist himself up. He was about to jump on the railing until he remembered Demitria saying that the teleportation was unavailable.

"You're not getting away that easily!" Zedd warned. A beam flew from his visor and melted away the bridge, except for the bar that Brian stood on. Brian held out his hands and teetered above the only-Gods-knows-how-many feet of a drop. He looked down and immediately regretted it, his stomach lurched. Zedd swung forward with his staff. Brian steadily back flipped and landed shakily on the bar. He wobbled, steadied himself, and then slipped off. He grabbed on with one hand and slowly brought the other up. Zedd walked forward and lifted his heel up to stomp on his hands. He swung forward, gymnast-like and caught Zedd by surprise in the chest. Zedd toppled over and fell down.

"Yes!" Brian shouted happily. He stood up only to find the hourglass was now at the other side of the bar. He caught a glimpse of the sand; the section of red sand was almost completely empty.

* * *

Tommy raised his Fire Sword high and brought it down on Rielik, he blocked with his arm braces. Red flames encircled Tommy as he demorphed. Rielik laughed.

"Six more to go." He smiled. An invisible barrier formed around him, and Rielik trotted off.

"Turbine Laser!" TJ shouted. The black laser cannon's handles shifted into place. Each of the Turbo Rangers took their positions. "Fire!" TJ shouted. A blinding beam of red light burst out of the tip and struck a group and serpents. Rielik struck his fists to the ground and grew to a monster's height. The Rangers, with the exception of Brian, Called on their Zords. Brian ran to the other side and caught a glimpse of the hourglass again. He pulled his Laser Blaster form the holster and shot at it. He skillfully hit it, unfortunately the beam bounced off and struck him.

The Ultra Zords, and the Sun Pegasus flew, to Rielik. The Green Rhino stopped in its path. One of its horns flew from its place and exploded on contact when it hit Rielik. Rielik punched at the Rhino, it went soaring through the air and disappeared.

* * *

The Rhinozord levitated in the air for a split second, and then started to fall down.

"This doesn't look good." Adam said. He slipped out of the emergency eject tunnel through its ear and jumped out. He spiraled through the air and landed in the sand on his knees. He ran as fast as he could in the other direction, his Zord was falling back down, fast. The Zord finally landed in the sand, making a huge hole and sending up a torrent of sand. Adam sweated from behind his helmet. The heat of the desert malfunctioned the suits cooling system. The hot sand crunched under his boots and he walked over to his Zord. He pried open the emergency door and jumped in.

"This is Adam, can anyone hear me?" He asked.

"Yeah Adam, this is Kim. What do you need?"

"I'm down in some desert somewhere. Can you come and pick us up? The Rhino's power is severely drained."

"Okay, just give me a minute." She said. The sand glowed green and the wind picked it up into the air. The green sand encircled Adam, and he demorphed.

"What the hell?" He said. He caught a glimpse of the huge pink hawk flapping it wings, and landing in the sand beside him. She teleported out of her Zord and materialized beside him.

"What happened?" She asked.

"I don't know. I was just waiting for you, then I demorphed, and my Zord teleported back to the hanger." Adam said. He walked to Kimberly but was stopped and was teleported to the barrier midway.

* * *

In a splash of water a school of Piranahtrons appeared before the Turbo Rangers.

"Just the great time for Divatox to join." Justin said.

"Justin, I think you spoke to soon." Ashley said. Two torpedoes burst from the water and struck a Piranhatron. A translucent form ran to the Rangers and solidified.

"Phantom Ranger." Cassie asked. "What are you doing here?"

"No time for questions, Cassie. You guys can finish off the Serpents and the Piranhatrons, I'll take the giant." He said and turned around.

"Wait!" Cassie called. She squinted nervously behind her helmet. "Thanks." The Phantom nodded. He pointed a fist to the air.

"Artillatron!" He shouted. The silvery gray transport Zord rolled near the huge Piranha. Phantom Ranger cast a final glance at the Rangers and teleported in human shaped clearness. He landed in the cockpit of Artillatron.

"High stance!" He yelled. Machines whirred and gears shifted as Artillatron stepped forward and stood on two feet. The Zord stood in human form and had it cannons mounted on its shoulders. The Zord stepped forward, and the monster cowered in fear.

"Artillery Power, Fire!" He yelled. A barrage of bullets and a burst of fire leapt from the cannons on Artillatron's shoulders. The blast came in direct contact with the Piranha, and it disappeared in a splash of water.

* * *

The blue Sharkzord flew through the air and slashed at Lord Rielik with its fin. A shimmering tidal wave of blue water revolved around Billy in his Zord. The water dissolved and he demorphed, along with his Zord teleporting. He now stood behind the invisible barrier with Tommy and Adam.

"He double crossed us." Billy said.

"I not surprised." Adam said. Billy stared at the remaining Zords and got an idea. He put his hands together and Ninja morphed. The Blue Ninja looked up as the hourglass passed though the barrier and tauntingly floated above their reach. A white figure jumped from behind and reached for the hourglass until he noticed it was in the barrier. Brian said quickly, "Sorry!" Billy looked up and noticed most of the gold sand was gone.

"Tell Kat to be careful." He said. Brian understood him and called for his Zord. The white Pantherzord roared and ran in from the distance. Brian jumped in and ran toward the others.

"Good, you're here." Tanya said.

"Kat, Billy says to be careful. Your time is almost up." Brian said.

"I'm not leaving just yet!" She said. She shifted her controls forward. The Pegasus lifted it wings and bared blades. The blades flew off and soared toward Rielik. He shook his head and ricocheted her blades back. A gold ray of light spiraled around Kat. She demorphed and was teleported to where the others were.

"Yes you are!" He taunted.

"Damnit!" Kim yelled. The three Zords gathered together.

"We have to stall him till sunrise." Tanya said.

* * *

Zordon and Demitria looked at the viewing screen and watched as the events passed.

"They just have to wait till sunset." Demitria said.

"I have all faith in them." Zordon reassured.

* * *

The two remaining Zords, Hawk and Panther, kept fighting. Kim could just barely see the hourglass.

"I'm sorry Brian." Kim said. A tornado engulfed her as she demorphed. Brian sat in his Zord Ninja morphed, choosing to let his Ninja power guide him.

"You double crossing. . .I can't think of anything bad enough to call you right now, but whatever that is, your it!" He yelled. Rielik could only laugh.

"My, my aggressive aren't we?" Rielik laughed. Shinning rays of triumph cut through the darkness.

"Sunrise." Brian said, he'd never wanted to hear that word so much in his entire life. A single beam of light hit Rielik and turned him to his regular self. Brian demorphed and ran down to the others just before the barrier dissolved.

"I can't remember the last time I was this happy!" Kat said.

* * *

The lights were off in the TV room of Brian's house. The seven of them were there, Kim who was leaning on Tommy, and Billy on the couch while the rest, including the Turbo Rangers except Justin, sat on the floor. Tanya pulled out the videos from a Blockbuster store bag and sat down.

"I have the popcorn, fresh from the microwave." Ashley said. She put the bowl down on the center of the floor and sat down.

"Okay. We have the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and. . ."

"Who would want to see Tim Curry dance around in lingerie and garters?" Adam asked and almost literally shivered. Tanya, Kim, and Kat whacked him over the head with a pillow.

"Grease, and Gone with the Wind."

"Oh God." Brian, Adam, Billy, Tommy, Carlos, and TJ said. The women whacked them over the heads with pillows.

"What's so bad about Gone with the Wind?" Kim asked.

"Oh, Rhett, Rhett!" Brian mimicked good-naturally. Kim tosses a handful of buttery popcorn at Brian's face.

"Oh, and you guys like moves with explosions and someone getting bullets pumped into them every two minutes?" Kat asked.

"It's drama." TJ answered.

"While we're at it. Anything for us?" Brian asked.

"I'm glad you asked. Let's see. . . Independence Day, and Scream." Kim answered.

"So who gets the TV first?" Kat asked. Kim, Brian, Cassie, and Tommy all eyed the popcorn and lunged at it to grab a few handfuls to throw at the same time.

* * *

Rielik groaned and walked through the throne room in his green buttoned pajamas.

"Where's that aspirin?" He mumbled sleepily. Rita tossed him a bottle.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked.

"That's the bad part about those energy power ups. You have the worst hangover imaginable afterwards." He said.

"I'm glad I haven't done that yet." Rita said.

"I'm glad you reminded me, you're next."

"Really? Good, you having all the fun out there made me jealous." Rita answered.

"You jealous? No way." Rielik said.

"I know." She answered.