Disclaimer: I borrowed the names Ninja White, and the others from the little knowledge I know of "Ninja Sentai Kakuranger." Other than that, the Hydro Riders, Ninja Green, and the Rangers' Combat Cycles and Cruisers are mine.

Aquitian Transfer
by: Apollo

"Are you sure your coordinates are correct, Cestro?" Delphine asked, her hand ready to grab the sword on her back at any second.

"I'm positive, Delphine." He answered. Cestro held a gray object in his hand, a red dot danced from side to side on its surface. He pointed.

"There!" Aurico shouted. A sphere of energy rose up from the water near them. They unsheathed their swords and pointed them toward the form that stepped out.

"Well, if it isn't the welcome wagon." She smiled.

"Leave here, Hydria. Aquitar has no room for the likes of you." Delphine warned.

"I'm afraid I planned otherwise." Hydria said. Her teal wavy hair fell neatly to her hips. She put her hands together in front of her silver kimono and stared a little past the group. "Who's the new one?" She asked motioning for the Ranger a little shorter than Delphine clad in green armor.

"You'll find out soon enough." The Ranger answered. Hydria frowned.

"Well then, we might as well get this over with now, shouldn't we?" Hydria almost innocently asked. The Aquitian Rangers formed a line.

"Tidal energies of the galaxy, hear out call. Battle Borgs, power up!" They shouted. Gold beams of light flew to the sky and formed their Borgs. The machines splashed down to the surface of the water. The Rangers silently guided their individual Borgs through telekinesis.

"You asked for it." She said. Ripples of water formed around her as she grew to a height to meet the Battle Borgs.

* * *

"So what did you want to see us about?" Adam asked. All the Rangers stood in the Power Chamber.

"Follow Me." Billy said. A door on the wall of the chamber slid up, revealing a new room. Fog rolled on the floor and the only light was from the Power Chamber. "Think of it as a reward for three weeks ago." He smiled. "I've been working on these."

"What are they?" Brian asked. The fog covered whatever Billy was presenting.

"I call them the Combat Cycles, and them best part is that I get to present them." A headlight shone from the fog. A Red and white motor cycle drove out, on the side of it was the word 'Wildfire.'

"Tommy, your is the Wildfire. It can withstand high temperatures and has a side mounted cannon." It flashed its headlights another time before the fog swallowed it again.

A green beam cut through the fog and a green and white motorcycle rode forward. "Adam, the Earthshaker. It has a drill in the front that can plow through almost any substance you can think of." The Earthshaker drove back to the fog and cut its engine.

"Brian just the opposite of Tommy your Combat Cycle is the Icestorm, which can operate through sub-zero temperatures." A beam broke through the fog and the white and light gray motorcycle drove up near Brian. He studied it for a second before it drove back to the fog.

Twin beams of light shone through the curtain of fog and two cycles drove forward. One gold and white, the other yellow and white. "Kat yours is the SunRider armed with twin cannons. Tanya yours is the Thunderclap, the fastest Combat Cycle." They drove back to the fog and turned off their engines.

Two more headlight beams shone forward as the one blue and white, and one pink and white Combat Cycle drove forward. "Kim, yours if the Tornado with the capability to fly. And last but not least, mine is the Sea Skimmer that can ride on the water." The headlights of the cycles each flashed once, and then the lights in the room lit up. "Each Cycle has the ability to combine with another, forming the Combat Cruisers. I borrowed some technology from the Turbo Zords for the mini-scanners on the Cruisers."

"These are awesome, Billy. How long did it take you to make them?" Kim asked.

"Not long." He answered. "You can call on them in Ninja Ranger mode. We can use them for traveling only short distances or when the teleportation is down."

"Hey, why don't we go out and take them for a test run?" Tommy asked.

* * *

"Tideus, watch out!" Delphine yelled. Hydria hurled a bolt of magic energy at his Borg. With the telekinetic link between the Borgs and their Ranger Tideus went tumbling down. The rangers stood in front of Tideus to protect him. Hydria levitated a huge funnel of water and launched it at the Battle Borgs. Each Borg was knocked down along with their Ranger. Hydria cackled and shrunk back down to her normal size, and the Battle Borgs went back to their secret location.

"Let's get this over with." Hydria sneered. A magnetic force pulled all six Alien Rangers toward her. "How nice of you two join me!" She smiled. She reached down and grabbed their coins from their belts. She knocked them away and raised the hand the contained the stolen coins.

"No!" The Green Alien Ranger cried. Hydria cast a last glance at them and crushed the coins in her hand, sending a fine gold dust floating on the surface of the water.

"Gotta book it!" She smiled and teleported off to an unknown point.

"I have an idea." Cestro said.

"What?" The former Green Alien Ranger asked.

"If we can teleport to earth, the Rangers could help us." He suggested.

"Right, get ready to teleport everyone." Delphine said. The Alien Rangers teleported out in water molecule looking circles of light.

* * *

"Alien Rangers, what are you going here?" Zordon asked.

"Something happened on Aquitar. A new foe name Hydria crushed our coins." Delphine said.

"Where is Billy?" Cestria asked.

"In his room, Cestria. I'm sure he'll be ecstatic to see you." Alpha said. Cestria thank him and walked off to the hallway.

"Alpha contact the Rangers, and Ninjor." Zordon said.

"Ninjor?" Aurico asked.

"Yes, you can journey to the Desert of Despair to revive your power." Zordon said. Cestria knocked on Billy's door before cracking it open just wide enough to peek through. She cleared her throat. "Billy?" She asked. He sat quietly on his bed reading a physics book.

"Yes?" He asked and put his book down. Cestria opened the door and walked into the room.

"Cestria." He smiled and wide as he possibly could. She smiled and pulled him into a hug.

"What are you going here?" He asked.

"Well, you don't sound to happy to see me." She smiled. "Just kidding. We came here because Aquitar is under attack. Queen Hydria destroyed our powers and Battle Borgs."

"You're a Ranger?" Billy asked. Cestria nodded.

"A little while after you left Delphine asked if I wanted to join them." She said.

"We'd better get to Zordon." Billy said. He took her hand and led her back to the main room.

"Will they have to pass through the Desert of Despair?" Brian asked.

"Yes, Ninjor is already expecting them." Zordon said.

"Does Rielik and the other know about this already?" Adam asked.

"I'm sure they do." Demitria answered. Cestria walked over to where the rest of the Alien Rangers were.

"Prepare to teleport." Delphine said. The Rangers nodded.

* * *

In a flash of light and a whirlwind of sand the six Alien Rangers appeared in the desert.

"I didn't expect it to be this hot!" Cestria said while fanning herself with her hand.

"Billy said the temple is by a rock formation." Cestro informed them.

"Well, we have a day's walk ahead of us. We should get going." Delphine said. She led the group into the desert in search for the rock formation that led them to Ninjor.

"What's that?" Aurico pointed. A huge sparkling lake of clear water caught his eye. "Water!" He shouted overjoyed. He ran for it without saying another word. He cupped his hand and dipped it in. The second his hand touched the surface of the water a shadowy hand shot out and pulled the Red Alien Ranger in. Cestria screamed and the others ran toward the pond.

"It disappeared." Cestria said dumfounded. All that was left was a pit and a scrap of black cloth.

* * *

"What are YOU doing here?" Sophia asked. Hydria tossed her teal hair.

"Business." She answered and followed Sophia to the thrown room. "Who is this?" She asked smiling slyly.

"My husband." Sophia snapped. Hydria held out her hand for Rielik to kiss it.

"Hydria, Queen of the Dark Tides. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance." She was disappointed when Rielik reached out and only shook her hand.

"Pleasure." He answered and glanced at his wife who had the largest smile he'd even seen frozen on her face.

"So what is this business you were talking about, dear?" She finally snapped out of her trance and asked. "I use the term dear loosely." She smirked.

"I had a but of a quarrel with the Alien Rangers and-," Rita almost spat out her drink.

"Alien Rangers, did you say?" She coughed.

"Yes, why?" Hydria asked. Rita tossed her goblet to the ground and stormed out.

"Anyway, they have something that I want." Hydria finished.

"And that would be?" Rielik asked.


* * *

"Look!" Corcus shouted and pointed to another pond. A wounded dolphin clicked and whined in the center of it.

"Corcus, no!" Cestria warned. A black funnel of dark energy rose of from the pond and sucked in the Black Ranger.

"And then there were four." Cestria sighed.

"How far away is the rock formation?" Tideus asked.

"About an hour's walk." Delphine answered. Tiedeus caught sight of something and nudged Cestro.

"The temple!" Cestro said, the both hurried to it. It was Delphine's turn to warn them.

"It's an illusion!" She shouted. They walked in the entrance and the rock vanished. Cestria swung an arm around Delphine.

"I promise not to leave." She said.

* * *

"We'll need hydration soon." Cestria said, feeling terribly drowsy.

"Yes." Delphine agreed. A figure with his back to them stood twenty feet in front of them. He wore dark parks and a plain blue shirt. Cestria could recognize him by the back of his head.

"Billy!" She yelled and ran to her love. He turned around and hugged her. Delphine noticed something about the person Cestria was hugging. He smiled and stared at Delphine with his black pupil-less eyes.

"No!" Delphine shouted. Billy chuckled before he and a confused Cestria disappeared in a flicker of light. Delphine cried and turned her head. It was then that she noticed the strange shape of the rock formation about one hundred yards before her. She almost smiled.

"I guess it's my turn now, too." She said sadly and walked toward it. She walked into the entrance and was surprised when it didn't vanish like the other cruel illusions.

"The temple."

* * *

"I'll protect Aquitar in your memory, my friends." Delphine promised as she ran blindly through the halls of the rock. She placed her on a wall to steady herself. She gasped when she fell through the side. She stood up and screamed. Her five closest friends stood on stone pedestals looking at her.

"What took you so long?" Cestria asked.

"You all are dead." Delphine said.

"It was all fake, Delphine. A test to see if you were still worthy to lead the newly empowered Rangers of Aquitar." Ninjor said.

"Did I pass?" She asked.

"Of course you did." Aurico said. She took her place in the center and Ninjor tossed her a new morpher, a gray rectangle with an arrowhead shaped symbol on it.

"Your new morphers and powers are infused with the Ninja Power." Ninjor began. Ninjor lifted both his hands. One hand glowed yellow, and had a triangle shape floating in the center. The other glowed black and encased a pentagon shape. He threw the energy to Tideus and Corcus respectively. The energy hit their chests and they morphed. His hands shone with power once more. One hand held a red circle, while the other held a blue square. They flew from his hands and hit the two Rangers.

"Delphine, and your newest addition, Cestria." Ninjor added before tossing two power forged symbols, an arrowhead shape and a diamond shape, to their Ranger.

"Delphine, donning the power of Ninja White, you again will lead the team. Aurico, Ninja Red, your new power will serve you well. Tideus, Corcus, and Cestro, Ninja Yellow, Black, and Blue, your powers are returned to you once more. And finally, Cestria, Ninja Green the youngest. Now is the time to use these new powers and defend good."

* * *

"They're back!" Kat shouted as she looked at the viewing screen. Six shapes of light materialized in the park, forming six morphed Rangers. A blue blur raced across the park and struck the Rangers.

"We should go there." Adam suggested.

"No, let them handle it. It's their fight." Billy suggested. The blue blur formed floated to the center of the lake and formed Hydria.

"This is IT!" Cestria screamed. She unsheathed her sword and pointed it to the sky. "Green Hydro Rider! Power up!" A green skateboard sized rectangle flew from the sky and landed near Cestria feet. It had two places for her to place her feet and a propeller in the back. She jumped on and secured her feet in the slots. The Hydro Rider whirred and skidded along the water.

"No." Billy said while looking at the screen. He teleported, morphed while in teleport and landed in front of the lake. His trident materialized in his hand. He spun in with skill and shouted.

"Tidal wave!" The water around Hydria stirred but that didn't stop Cestria. Hydria laughed madly and slashed at the Green Alien Ranger with her talons. Cestria cried and fell off the board. Her Hydro Rider collided into Hydria and she was pummeled to the other side of the lake.

"Now!" Billy shouted. The Alien Rangers looked at each other and nodded and put their swords together.

"ALIEN RANGER BLAST!" They yelled. A bright starburst of power flew form the sword tips and smashed into Hydria. She screamed and fell to the ground for the second time.

"Cestria." He whispered softly and he carried the fallen Ranger out of the water. He placed her on the ground and unfastened her helmet. Her pale face was cold and she almost smiled. She brought her hand up and lightly touched Billy arm.

"It was wonderful while it lasted, Billy." She said before she closed her eyes.

"Goodnight, Cestria." He said softly, blinking back tears. The Power Rangers teleported behind the Alien Rangers and watched Billy as he got up and faced Hydria.

"It's his fight now." Kim said. Billy picked up his trident.

"Tidal. . ." He started. Hydria stood up and held her deep wound.

"Burn in hell, Blue Ranger." She said.

"Go first and tell me how the weather is. WAVE!" He finished. Water shaped flash of light emitted out from the three-pronged tip of the trident and devoured the queen.

* * *

"Keep it." Delphine said and handed Billy Cestria's morpher.

"I have no use for it. But you're in luck, I know someone who does." Billy said. Xander walked toward them and smiled.

"You are sure about this?" He asked again.

"I'm positive. Take it!" Billy said. Xander hesitated but reached out and grabbed it. In an instant a burning power inside of him ignited and mage him feel more confidant then he ever felt as the Shadow Ranger.

"That fire inside you is the Ninja Power." Billy answered without Xander even having to ask.

* * *

"I'm glad that little space hussy is out of here." Sophia said.

"You're telling me." Rita agreed. Sophia slouched over Zedd's throne and glanced at the stars.

"Do you ever feel sorry for them?" Sophia asked.

"Who? The Rangers?"

"Yeah, I mean, that Cestria chick didn't even know Hydria until a couple of days ago. And she had to go kill her off."

"Good." Rita nodded. Sophia smiled.

"Very good. That harlot actually did something intelligent." Sophia added.

"Brainstorm!" Rielik shouted.

"Better get an umbrella." Rita commented before laughing with Sophia. Rielik actually smiled before he walked over to them.

"What if we play a little game with Billy's emotions?" Rielik suggested.

"Keen." Sophia added.

"It would tear him apart to see a demonic Cestria look-alike making chaos around Angel Grove." He said.

"Let me do the honors." Rita said. She took out her staff and tapped it on the floor. In a cocoon like shape Cestria's double stepped out and glanced around the room.

* * *

Alarms echoed throughout the Power Chamber. Billy almost cringed when he looked into the viewing panel.

"Cestria?" He asked.

"They've hit a new low." Tommy said. "We'd better get down there."

"I can't, I can't fight her." Billy said.

"Billy, she's not the real Cestria." Kat tried to make him feel better.

"I'm sorry." Billy said. "I'll stay here with the rest of the Alien Rangers. Xander, this is the perfect time to try out your new powers." Xander nodded and led them in morphing.

"Ninja Green, Power UP!" He shouted.






"Gold SUN Pegasus!" Kat shouted in memory of Brianna.

* * *

"It's a pity Billy couldn't make it. I wanted to give him a goodbye kiss, too." Cestria mocked. She glanced over at Xander. "Wearing my armor, ah?" She asked before knocking him off his feet with a blast of burning energy. In sparks of blue, the Blue Ranger teleported and stood in front of the Rangers.

"I'm glad you came." Tanya said.

"Thanks, I guess I realized that Rielik and the others were just trying to get to me." Billy said. With a gentle sway of her hips, Cestria walked over to Billy.

"Hello, my love." She cooed. "You let me die. And now it's your turn." Her eyes flashed crimson.

"No." He picked up his Water Trident and swung it at her. Sparks flew out from her shoulder and the sharp edges of the Water Trident slashed across it. She ran forward and slammed her shoulder into Billy's chest. She landed on top of his and pulled out a blade from her sleeve.

"I don't think so." Tommy said and knocked her off with a well-placed hurricane kick. Cestria growled insanely and ran toward Tommy. Brian knocked her off course with a snap kick and a smash with his sais. Cestria wobbled to her feet and held her stomach.

"Don't let them hurt me, Billy." Cestria whined. Kim snapped her whip forward.

"Would you CUT it out with that act already?" Her whip tied Cestria in place, giving Tanya just enough time to get a clear shot with her boomerang.

* * *

"This isn't going exactly how I planned." Rielik said.

"Let us take care of it." Zedd said. He and Rita crossed staffs and sent a blue current of electricity down to earth. Cestria laughed and pointed her fists to the air.

"Ultra Zords Power up!" They shouted. The whole group of Zords flew down and landed in front of the Cestria copy. Each Ranger jumped into their respective cockpits.

"Looks like you guys brought in the heavy artillery." Cestria noted. She shrugged and marched forward. She first ran to the Green Battle Borg and wrapped her hands around the metal neck.

"She's not wasting any time." Adam said.

"Neither are we." Tommy said. He started the configuration for the Ultra Megazord. The Zord lurched forward and slashed its huge sword. Cestria caught the sword before it came in contact with her and snapped it in half.

"Is that all?" She asked sweetly.

"Take the controls." Tommy said to Adam. Tommy teleported in the cockpit of the red armored warrior Zord, Red Knight.

"This is getting really boring, really fast." Cestria sighed and dusted her nails on her shirt in mock boredom.

"She's really getting on my nerves." Kim commented.

"Red Knight, Wind and Water Pyro, and the Green Battle Borg." Billy said.

"What about them?" Tanya asked.

"A new Zord formation?" Brian answered.

"Exactly." Billy answered. Kim and Billy teleported to their Zords in brilliant sparks of light. "I'm sending you the plans now." Billy said and pressed a combination of buttons before him.

"Warrior Megazord Power UP!" They shouted. Groans of huge engines and clanking noises of gears shifting sounded as the four Zords responded to the new sequence.

"Battle AX!" Tommy shouted as he hopped over the back of the chair and landed in the first seat of the new cockpit. Cestria put a finger to her chin in thought.

"Two of you to get rid of. This should be fun." She said.

"I wouldn't count on in." Adam said. The two Megazords stepped forward.

"ELEMENTAL POWER BLAST!" The Rangers in the Ultra Megazord shouted in perfect unison. The Megazord gathered energy in its huge hands and flung it at the Cestria look alike.

"War LASER!" Tommy shouted from the Warrior Megazord.

"Oh SH-. . ." Cestria said before the twin attack exploded on contact.

* * *

"Are you okay?" Kim asked. Billy stood in front of the clear water filled pod that held Cestria's body. He hated of thinking about her just as a body now. He bent down and placed a white lily on the surface of the pod.

"Not really" He confessed.

"Do you want me to leave? She asked.

"I don't know what to say." Billy said, ignoring her last question. She hugged him.

"I think your silence is just as good as anything." Kim answered.


* * *

The Shark Zord swam silently through the deep waters of Aquitar. Billy sat, morphed, in the seat in front of the glass windshield. An occasional light flashed across the glass from the stars above. He fiddled with the object in his hands, Queen Hydria's silver and jeweled crown.

"You're at the spot, Billy." Alpha's voice echoed through out the speakers in the Zord.

"Thanks, Alpha." He said. He teleported out of the Zord into the water. His helmet provided more than enough air to breathe. He saw Cestria's pod; it still hadn't been buried under the sand and seaweed like the rest of the pods in the graveyard yet. A green tinted stone under it anchored it down. He swam closer and brushed his gloved hand over the pod. He reached out and placed Hydria's crown down on the pod, for some reason it didn't float.

Sleep well. He though and brushed his hand over were her lips would be. He turned the other way and teleported back to his Zord. He landed in the center of the cockpit and demorphed out of his wet armor.

"I'm coming home, Alpha." He said.

"Good, we'll see you then." Billy went back to his chair. He glanced at the blue waters of Aquitar for probably the last time. He hugged his knees and cried.