Note: Nothing much, actually. Sailorneptune belongs to Naoko Takeuchi (although I doubt I spelled her name right. . .) not me.

Dark Star One
by: Apollo

"Ladies and gentleman. May I please present to you, the class of 1998!" Mr. Caplan said from the podium to the left of the students. Brian ripped the cap off his head, tossed it into the air with the others, and laughed happily. Not even a year at Angel Grove High and he was sad to leave. Beside him was the class' valedictorian, and his friend Jonathan. He slapped hands with him and laughed again. The past week after the prom was strangely quite, not that he was complaining or anything. He was exceptionally happy.

* * *

"Like I said, is this moon a blasted landing pad or something!" Rita yelled.

The first woman stepped out from the darkness. She appeared to be only about twenty, in her heeled boots, leather pants, and white shirt that exposed her navel. He blonde hair just passed her shoulders, and a pair of violet colored eyes. She touched the silvery star on her necklace lightly.

"Well, you don't seem overly enthralled to see me." She said, and held out her hand to Sophia. She shook Zodacia's hand and was almost disappointed that she wasn't wearing something a little more. . . voluptuous. "My name is Zodacia."

The second woman stepped into the light. She wore an opened white tunic with blue edges over a flowing white, low cut, large sleeved thin dress. Her jet-black hair flowed down her shoulders to her mid-back. Her warm gray eyes fit perfectly with her lightly tanned skin; she looked to be about eighteen. She was much, much younger than her sister was, while Zodacia was over five thousand, she was twenty. "I'm Kalika." She finally said.

"Kalika? What the hell? What kind of a name is that? I'll just call ya Kali." Sophia said and stuck out her hand abruptly, she was almost disappointed when Kalika didn't move to shake it.

"It's Vedic, 'She who Destroys'" Zodacia answered. Sophia flinched slightly.

"Oh, remind me not to get her angry." Sophia said. Kalika didn't hate her name, it wasn't her favorite either. Her sister was hoping she would take after her, another evil seductress destroying anything standing in her path. She was neither good nor evil, she kept a balance between both. Giving her sister advice when she needed it, giving the side of good an equal balance. Kalika wrapped her arms around her self. The presence of evil made the room cold. She suddenly kissed her sister on the cheek.

"I'm going to find a room and sleep, goodnight."

* * *

"So what about college?" Tanya asked.

"I'm definitely going. I'll just take a little while off, maybe a year." Brian answered.

"I should probably start college next year, too." Billy said. Kimberly playfully slapped him in the arm.

"What are you talking about? You could teach college, never mind attend it." She said. The ever-so-familiar tone of a communicator beeped. Each Ranger muffled the tone with the hand and moved to their frequently used corner of the Youth Center.

"Yeah, Zordon?" Tommy answered. "Rangers, please morph and teleport to the park. You're needed there." Zordon's deep voice answered. Before long seven streams of light showed up in the park, lighting up the nighttime sky. Xander didn't tag along, he hardly ever morphed unless he was needed.

"What did Zordon need us here for?" Kimberly asked from behind her pink helmet.

No one as in the park except the Rangers and a young woman with her back turned to the Rangers sitting with her feet in the lake. In the darkness several figures could almost be seen, each a shade darker than the night sky. Out of no where Kat felt an icy grip wrap around her neck. She grabbed an arm, which could easily be seen against the white material around her neck, and flipped the thing over her shoulder. Suddenly the entire group of shadows attacked. "How are we supposed to fight what we can't see?" Kristin asked. If that blasted monster hadn't stolen my mirror this would be MUCH easier. She though.

The young woman stood up and turned around. The Green Ranger somehow fought his way through a group of shadow and made it to her. He put a hand on her arm.

"You should leave, Miss. This is a dangerous area." He said. The young woman threw back her head and laughed.

"You have no idea." She grabbed his arm and flipped him over her shoulder. Adam didn't realize what just happened until he was halfway to the ground. She stomped on his stomach with her heeled foot and ran off for the others. She lashed her foot out so quickly Katherine couldn't see it coming. The kick connected solidly, sending Kat soaring and smashing into a tree, she wouldn't be waking up for a few hours. The Blue Ranger came at her prepared with his trident in hand. She almost laughed as she kicked his feet out from under him and caught the Water Trident before it fell to the ground.

"No!" Kristin yelled. Zodacia could hear Tanya sneaking up behind her. She back kicked her into the lake. By now Billy regained his senses and stood up. She smiled again and punched Billy into the lake.

"Stop it!" Xander yelled. He teleported behind her and kicked her feet out from beneath her. He steeped over her, bad move. She grabbed his shoulders, planted her feet on his stomach, and sent him sprawling into a tree near Katherine. Now Zodacia stood still. Her violet eyes kept straying to Tommy, as if she was trying to figure out something.

"You the hell are you?" Kristin finally asked. Zodacia looked at her, as if she offended by her presence. Then she smiled almost warmly.

"I, my dear, am Zodacia." That was all she before she hurled her into the lake with the others, who still hadn't resurfaced. Their helmets provided enough oxygen, but they were probably unconscious anyway. She spun the trident with ease.

"Next?" She asked. A silver weapon whizzed near her face. She caught it and Brian was amazed. She threw one of his Sais to the ground. She stuck the bottom of the trident into the ground, grabbed it and swung herself into the air. She kicked Brian in the chest. He flew into a park bench. Zodacia swayed her hips as she walked over to where Tommy and Kimberly stood. Tommy stood in front of Kim trying to shield her. She knocked him away. She stared at Kim for a moment, as if trying to see through her visor.

"How are you this fine evening?" She didn't wait for an answer but kneed the pink-clad warrior in the stomach and slammed her fist down on her back. She reached back for Billy's trident when she saw Tommy holding up his sword. With one clean swipe she knocked the sword out of his hand. She grabbed him by the neck and pulled him closer.

"There's something strange about you." She said from behind gritted teeth. She arched her eyebrow. "And I intend to find out what it is." She said before she knocked him into the lake. She folded her arms neatly in front of her and sighed happily. "All is a day's work." She said and teleported out in a mandala of flame.

* * *

Kalika teleported into the park with a sweet melody, her long dress fluttering in the wind. She brought her long silver flute down and looked around. "Zodacia." She sighed wearily as she saw all the Rangers lying unconscious on the ground. She first moved to the lake. She brought her flute to her lips and played a beautiful repetitive tune. Four beams of light, one red, blue, purple, and yellow, rose from the water and teleported to the park. Still playing the flute she turned around to face the other fallen Rangers. Next sparks of colored light filled the park as the others teleported out. She lowered her flute and looked to the sky. She shivered as she looked at the silver moon. She teleported out in a white flicker of light.

* * *
"Oh, dear sister." Zodacia cooed. Kalika squinted and lowered her covers. "Zodacia?" She asked still disoriented. Kalika noticed her sister traded her normal attire for a black gown that fit her figure snuggly. Zodacia sat on the edge of the bed, fingering the silver star on her neck silently.

"I need your help." She finally said.

"With what?" She sat up in her bed. Zodacia looked up with an evil gleam in her eye.

"I need to summon my Rangers." She said excitedly. Kalika yawned silently.

"You know every time I help you I also help the Rangers." Kalika warned.

"Yes, yes, just get on with it." Zodacia dismissed her warning with a wave of her hand. Kalika reached for her flute from under the pillow beside her and began to play. After a few seconds a black coin materialized in Zodacia's palm. She closed it a laughed merrily.

"Thank you, sister." She kissed Kalika on the cheek and ran quickly out of the room. When she left her sister's bedroom she took out the Mirror of Clairvoyance from behind her back. "Who is the first Dark Star?" She asked plainly. The surface of the mirror rippled, revealing her first victim. "This is too good." She laughed. "I'm off to France."

* * *
"Open up." Zodacia said in a hypnotically sweet voice. She knocked on the window. The young man looked up form his computer screen. He looked out the window and saw a beautiful blonde standing on a tree outside his window. He didn't think twice. He ran to the window and opened it up. "Thank you." She said and climbed through the window. She studied his room. Models of planets hung from the ceiling. Glowing stars were stuck to the ceiling, and posters of galaxies hung neatly on his white painted walls. "Well, someone certainly has a yen for astronomy." She noted. The coin in her hand pulsed with power.

"What do you want?" He asked, not angrily. He was still dazed from Zodacia's hypnotic eyes and voice.

"Just you." She purred in his ear.

"How would you like power?"

"Power?" He asked. Zodacia laughed seductively.

"Yes, my dear, power." She pushed the coin into his hands. On the black surface a crashing wave appeared. "All you have to do is say 'yes'" He hesitated.

"Yes." He finally said. A second after he uttered those words black armor appeared over his clothes. A blue shield, gloves, boots, and a blue helmet materialized on his body. His armor melted away into his coin and he fainted. She carried him to his bed and pulled the covers over him.

"Forget." She whispered into his ear. "Darkstar Marine." She whispered to herself as she teleported to the palace in her customary mandala of flames.

* * *
"That was easy enough." Rielik said. Zodacia shrugged. She was back in her normal attire, for the time being anyway.

"He's a single seventeen year old. Of course it was easy enough." She said and pulled Kristin's mirror out of nowhere.

"Who's next?" Jarock asked. The image in the mirror shifted.

"You won't believe it." She laughed again. "Where's my sister?"

"I don't like her." Sophia said. She and Rita were in the palace's secret chamber. "She's making us all look like fools. Not like Rito doesn't do that enough already." Rita murmured. Sophia suddenly smiled. "I have an idea."

"Uh oh." Rita rolled her eyes.

"No, no. We mess up her plans and make her look like an idiot." Sophia said excitedly.

"The idiot that she is." Rita corrected, then laughed.

"Yeah, the idiot that she is. Anyway, so Zedd is so fed up he throws her out!" Sophia laughed. "This is going to be fun." Rita giggled.

* * *
Kalika teleported into the Power Chamber silently. Her flute allowed her entry. Both Zordon and Dimitria were gone, probably sleeping somewhere. Alpha was nowhere to be seen. Kalika was glad, she really didn't feel like explaining to anyone. She placed the shiny CD in the middle of the Power Chamber's floor and left silently.
* * *
Zodacia enjoyed her new look. Her auburn hair curled neatly over her shoulders. Her warm chocolate eyes were something new. She wore blue denim jeans and a white sweater. She admired the gold band on her left hand. Her next victim sat on his couch under a lamp, silently reading a book. "Hunter?" She asked. Tears of joy spilling down her cheeks. She silently agreed to herself that she was a terrific actress. The man knew the voice from anywhere. He dropped his book and gasped.

"Kara?" He started bawling out tears of joy mixed with sorrow. "Kara? But you're dead." He managed to choke out. She shook her head and ran her hand through his hair.

"No, I'm not. I came home." She said sweetly. Her false tears had died down a bit. So had his.

"Oh my god." He said and hugged Zodacia tightly. "But you're dead." He repeated. She handed him the coin in her hand.

"I love you Hunter. Do you love me?" Zodacia asked. She knew she was shrewd, and she enjoyed it. She snuck a glance at the black coin Kalika had given her before she left. An image of a cloud now appeared on its surface.

"Yes, Kara. Yes." He cried. Almost instantly he was shrouded in black armor. A white shield, boots, gloves, and a white helmet materialized onto him. He fainted in her arms. She picked him up and put him on the couch near his book.

"Darkstar Storm. You will forget." She whispered.

* * *
"Toying with human emotion is so cruel. I love it!" Zodacia laughed. Again, she had gone to Kalika for another black coin. "And now for my last stop of the night."

"So why do you keep saying 'forget'?" Jarock asked.

"So they won't remember me being there." She answered.

"Then how do they morph?" Rielik asked.

"They morph by the notes on Kalika's flute. Like for example Marine would morph when Kalika play an A" Zodacia answered. She looked at the Mirror of Clairvoyance again and was pleased with what she saw. "Gotta go." She said.

* * *
Zodacia landed in the girl's room silently. She hadn't come with a plan for this one. The first two were easy. She was looking around the girl's room. She was exactly fifteen. Her bedroom walls were painted a shiny white with posters everywhere. Her next victim was sleeping soundly under her blankets. They the idea hit her while she was looking at a poster. She ran a hand through her hair turning it a teal color. Her new wavy hair came past her shoulders. She studied the poster closely, and changed her facial features as well. Her clothes changed to a white sailor suit with a particularly short sea green skirt and blue bows. She now wore a pair of stylish blue-green high heels with straps around her ankles. "Hmm. . ." She said to herself and studied her new outfit. She stepped closer to the poster to find a phrase in multicolored Japanese writing. She translated it easily. "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Pretty Soldier Sailormoon." In pale blue-green writing under that said "Sailorneptune" in plain English. She tapped the sleeping girl lightly. She woke up and yawned.

"Who are yo- SAILORNEPTUNE?" She asked loudly. Zodacia put her finger near her lips. Although she knew she looked like an idiot doing do.

"Shhhh. . .not so loud. Yes I am Sailorneptune." Zodacia said, trying her best not to laugh.

"Really? Can I have your autograph?" She asked nervously.

"Yes you can." Zodacia answered. The girl fished through her desk looking for a pen and a piece of paper. Zodacia glanced behind her shoulder. The black coin now held an image of a tornado. "Do you really want my autograph?" Zodacia asked. The girl had finally managed to locate a pen. Zodacia handed her the black coin.

"Yes, of course!" She said. Seconds later she was engulfed in black light. Black armor materialized on her, as well as a pink shield, gloves, boots, and helmet. Her armor disintegrated into the coin and she fainted. Zodacia placed her in her bed and pulled the covers over her.

"Forget, Darkstar Aero, Forget." She whispered.

* * *
"Let's get going!" Zodacia shouted. Her first battle with half of her team was about to start. "OK, Kalika, do your stuff." Kalika raised her flute and played three notes. With each note a new form teleported to the park beside them.
* * *
Adam looked away from the viewing globe just as the alarms sounded in the Power Chamber.

"Let's get down there." Tommy said. The Rangers nodded in agreement. The Rangers teleported out, except for Adam who saw something on the floor of the Power Chamber.

"I wonder what this is." He said to himself. A flash of light entered the Power Chamber. Surprisingly the alarms didn't go off when she entered. Zordon and Dimitria said nothing. Out of reflex Adam morphed and hurled his hammer at his enemy. Kalika sidestepped the weapon and caught it. She effortlessly snapped it in two and dropped it to the floor. Adam gawked at the two pieces of his weapon. Kalika had literally snapped it, in half. Adam knew that not many people could do that.

"Now listen to me." Kalika finally said. She bent down and picked up the disk that Adam was about to pick up before she interrupted him. She placed the shiny disk in his gloved hand. "Billy will need time to build this. You guys need to buy him time, a little less than an hour would be fine." She explained.

"And how are we supposed to do that?" Adam asked. Kalika pulled out a silver device.

"This device is from Triforia. It's a dissolving force field; they only last for twenty minutes. The problem is that once they are fired they need half an hour to recharge." Kalika said. She handed it to him.

"Thank you." Adam said and took it. She hugged him, which was something Adam didn't expect.

"Good luck."

* * *
Adam arrived in the park is a mass of green sparks, only to dodge a flying bolt of energy aimed at Xander beside him. He ran up to Billy and handed him the disk. "There's something in this disk that you have to build." Adam said and then yanked the Blue Ranger down as to not be hit by a pink bolt of light.

"What is it?" Billy asked taking the disk from him.

"I don't know." Adam answered before Billy teleported out.

"I don't think you been properly introduced." Zodacia said as she teleported in and walked to her Rangers. She had a few dozen shadows behind her. The Rangers were thankful that they could see them this time. She placed her hand on one of their shoulders. "Darkstar Aero." She said. The evil Ranger bowed. "Marine, and Storm." The two of them bowed. The three evil Rangers tapped the coins on their belts lightly. Their fists glowed with power and each of them now held a menacing looking weapon.

"Oh, how nice. You've brought company." Adam mused.

"And these are my Shadow Soldiers." She motioned to the silhouetted soldiers behind her. They didn't need weapons. Each of them had their icy grip and their sharp claws. Zodacia put her finger to her chin. "And now, attack." She said. The Rangers were one step ahead of Zodacia. Tommy and Kat were already firing the cannons of their Combat Cycles. Xander was gliding through the air with his sword on his Hydro Rider. Kimberly and Tanya were fighting off a group of shadows with their weapons. Kristin approached Aero, and Adam, with no weapon went to help Kim and Tanya.

"Oof!" Brian moaned as Darkstar Storm hurled him over his armored shoulder to the ground. Brian took out his Ice Sais and spun them expertly in his hands. Storm brought his sword down but Brian blocked the blade.

"You're quite the fighter." Brian mumbled as he ducked a well-aimed punch from his opponent. Brian lashed out a quick kick to his chin.

"Likewise." Storm said as he slashed at Brian with his sword.

"Adam!" Kim shouted. A shadow had the Green Ranger in a headlock. The area around Adam's neck was freezing cold. He ignored the painful sensation and elbowed the shadow in the stomach and flipped it over his shoulder. Kalika seemed nice, but he wished she hadn't snapped his weapon. The Triforian force field device beeped on the holster of his belt. He had completely forgotten about it. He aimed the silver device at a perfect spot. He caught a group of shadows and the Darkstar Rangers.

"It seems and if my sister paid you a little visit!" Zodacia said. She ran abnormally fast to Adam and knocked the device out of his fist. She grabbed it before it fell to the floor and smashed it under her heeled boot.

"You won't be using that anymore now will you?" She asked. She kicked Adam in the stomach. He fell to the floor with his Power Blaster clattering near him. Tanya's glowing boomerang smashed into a shadow, completely evaporating it. "Or course!" She said to herself. Adam had just discovered the secret too. He grabbed his blaster and fired at a shadow that was about to slash its clawed fist across Kim's back. The shadow disintegrated.

"Guys, the laser beams' light from our Power Blasters can get rid of the shadows!" Adam said. Kat didn't have one so Tanya lent her hers. Tommy dismounted Wildfire and leapt into the air, sending an array of red beams at a few shadows.

"Great!" Kim said. She flipped in the air and fired her blaster. Finally only one shadow remained, and the coward teleported to where it came from.

* * *

"Almost got it." Billy said to himself. The plans on that disk were amazing. He grabbed a strange looking device near his helmet and placed it in the open side of what he was working on. The device made a faint whirring sound as it energized the many wires in what he was building.

"Billy, is it almost finished?" Alpha asked. The Rangers were still out there against Zodacia. Although they were fairing much better after they figured out the secret to destroy the shadows. And to make matters worse the force field was starting to disappear swiftly.

"Almost done." Billy said to Alpha who peered at the new machine on the table.

"The plans were amazing." The disk from Kalika was still in the Power Chamber's computer.

"Please try to hurry Billy, the Rangers need your help as soon as possible." Zordon said. Kalika said it would take a little under an hour to construct, but Billy was there slightly over a half an hour and he was almost done.

"It's done." Billy said. Pleased with himself he slammed to cover of the wiring shut. "OK I'll teleport out." He said.

* * *

"Hey Guys!" Billy said. Zodacia looked at the Blue Ranger and the new weapon that just teleported in. She cursed her sister for helping them. Brian ran his hand across the sleek surface of the new black cannon. Now the prisoners were about ready to break free of the force field.

"It's the Elemental Cannon and right about now is the perfect time to use it." Billy answered. The Rangers and Shadows broke free of their prison. Billy stood up at the top since he knew what he was doing. "Allright, lock into positions." He said. The Rangers kneeled down and grabbed onto their handles on the sides of the cannon. Each Ranger's fist glowed their color and the colors traveled into the cannon.

"Elemental blast, FIRE!" They said in unison. Nine colored spheres of light burst out from the cannon one by one and then joined to form one multicolored beam of energy and light in the air. Zodacia couldn't help but scream as the beam flew by her and slashed painfully at her shoulder. Her Rangers weren't as lucky, the great beam streak them head on. Zodacia's wound was already starting to heal, but she would have to bring her Rangers to rest at the palace or their powers would fade out completely. She touched her shoulder lightly. It was almost already gone but still hurt slightly. "Don't think I won't be back." Zodacia growled.

* * *
"Idiots!" Zodacia said enraged. "That stupid cannon of theirs weakened my best warriors!" She grabbed the Mirror of Clairvoyance off Kalika's bed and sat down. "I need the next coin." Her sister shrugged.

"You're positive you want me to do this?" Kalika asked as she went for her flute.

"Just do it." Zodacia ordered. A soft tone filled the air and the fourth coin materialized in Zodacia's hand. She closed her fist over the gold coin, surprised that it wasn't black like the others.

"Tell me who the next is." Zodacia said into the mirror. The image shifted again. Zodacia smiled, pleased with what she had just seen. She stood up and walked to her room with Kalika following close behind. She began to rummage through her draws looking for something.

"What are you looking for?" Kalika asked even though she knew the answer.

"My Charge Pistol." Zodacia answered. She grabbed the silver gun and loaded a gold cartridge into it. "This should be interesting." She added with a thin smile. She walked over to the throne room to get a good look at earth.

"Zodacia." Zedd growled from his chambers. He just realized what she did to the palace's dungeons. She ran a hand through her hair and tossed the pistol to Zedd's throne. She went to follow Zedd's voice. Sophia and Rita waited for the clicking of Zodacia's boots to fade away before they tiptoed into the throne room.

"We really owe you one, Kali." Sophia said. Rita nodded in agreement and picked up the silver gun. Rita handed the Charge Pistol to Sophia who opened it up and took out the cartridge.

"This should be interesting." Rita said, quoting Zodacia.

"Damn right." Sophia said and laughed. The two of them walked off. Zodacia finally came back to the throne room. She grabbed her pistol and placed it in the strap on her thigh.

"Happy hunting." Kalika said. Her sister winked and walked off.

* * *
"The mirror couldn't have been wrong." Zodacia said to herself. She climbed into the window and slouched on the next Darkstar's desk. As soon as she landed in a tree near the boy's window if when she remembered that traveling across the globe meant the time change. "But his Ranger counterpart is female." She said and tapped her cheek lightly. "Oh well. I suppose there's a good side to this. I really didn't feel like impersonating a guy anyway." She said and jumped off the desk. "Where is he anyway?" She asked and strode around the room. "Baseball game, eh?" She said as she glanced at his calendar. She heard voices and flattened out on his bed with her hands comfortably behind her head. She materialized a baseball cap over her face.

"Um, hello?" He asked. Zodacia sat up and placed her hat on her head. A sandy blonde haired seventeen-year-old leaned on the doorway of his bedroom and placed his bat in the corner.

"Hi." She smiled, almost surprised to see that he was surprisingly handsome, and that she enjoyed his accent.

"May I ask what you're doing in my room?"

"You sure can." Zodacia answered. "I was just wondering if you wanted to go for a ride." She said motioning to the window. She fixed his vision so he saw a shinning black car outside. She stood up and walked over to the window. Damnit! She thought. As soon as she got up he noticed her Charge Pistol on her thigh. "Oh my god." He said. Zodacia smiled.

"Y'know you're the second person that has said that to me." She brushed her index finger across his cheek. He turned his head. Zodacia flicked him the gold coin, which now had a sun embossed on it, and he caught it without thinking. "Do you want me to leave?" She asked.

"No. I want you to tell me how you got in here first." He said. Zodacia laughed.

"A mysterious young woman is lying on your bed when you come home form a baseball game. She's wearing a gun on her right thigh and you ask her how she got into your room?" Zodacia asked.

"Precisely." He answered. Zodacia wasn't angry that he hadn't given the coin permission to energize him yet, she almost enjoyed him company. Say yes, damnit! She was overly tired from running around all day long and she still had another battle.

"So now can I leave?"

"Yes." He answered.

"Thank you." Zodacia smiled. Gold light burst out form the coin. His armor was just the opposite of the other Darkstars', gold armor, black gloves, boots, and a black shield. His armor melted away but he didn't faint like the others.

"I was never here." She said simply. He nodded and he forgot everything.

* * *
"That's never happened before." Zodacia said and ran a hand through her hair. "They usually faint because they're overwhelmed with the power." She shrugged and stood up. Kalika's flute was right near her and she tossed it to her sister. In four tones from the silver flute each of the Rangers appeared.

"Do they have vehicles?"

"Yes the do." Kalika answered. "They'll call them when they need them."

"Good." Zodacia answered. In a snap of her fingers herself, and her four Rangers teleported out. They landed in the park without a sound. Zodacia rubbed her hands together.

"It seems we have company." Marine noted. In a mass of rainbow colored sparks the entire group of Rangers teleported in.

"Allright, let's get this over with." Zodacia said with an exasperated sigh. The Elemental Cannon was already. Each Ranger took their places.

"Not this time!" Darkstar Aero flung and energy forged arrow from her bow.

"She fried the circuits!" Billy yelled. Smoke was already billowing up from the cracks in the cannon's panel.

"Billy you need to fix it!" Kim said then blocked a powerful kick form Solar.

"Fast would be good to!"

"I need to get something at the Power Chamber!" He said then teleported. A few minutes later Billy returned with a strange looking device in his hands. He opened the panel and ran the device along the wiring. Darkstar Solar's booted foot kicked the device out of Billy's hands and smashed. Zodacia laughed and join the battle.

"That will have to do." He said.

"Is it fixed?" Adam asked, while having a hard time with Storm.

"Not totally. It's not at full power, but I think it will be fine." He answered. The Mirror of Clairvoyance appeared in Zodacia's hand.

"Oh Kristin, I think this might be of interest to you." She smiled and then the mirror vanished. Tommy stood at the front of the cannon this time.

"Fire!" They shouted in unison. The beam solidified and flew through the air.

"NO!" Zodacia shouted. The most of the beam was pointed at Darkstar Solar who stood at the front of the group. With amazing speed she leapt into the air and tackled him down. A millisecond later the beam of light struck her other Rangers. She was lucky that the cannon was weaker and they her Rangers grew stronger with every passing hour. Solar was still too weak to take such a hit.

"Get outta here!" She motioned for her Rangers, including Solar to leave.

"Running away? Aww. . .and the fun was just starting." Kimberly said sweetly.

"DIE!" Zodacia yelled and pulled her Charge Pistol from her hip. She pulled the trigger only to her the click of it due to no cartridge.

"WHAT? I just loading this thing before I left."

"Speaking of leaving." Tommy said. The Rangers had their Power Blastesr aimed and ready. "Like I said before, this isn't over." Was all she said before teleporting.

* * *
"How was the battle?" Sophia inquired happily. She and Rita enjoyed every bit of her flop fight.

"Go to heaven." She snapped.

"I take it that means it didn't go well." She said.

"You're still here?" Zodacia asked.

"Fine. I can take a hint." Sophia said before she left, and giggled all the way back to her room.