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Double Trouble
by Arielle

It was a perfect sunny day in Angel Grove

"Perfect shopping weather." Kim thought to herself as she drove to Tommy's house that morning, A new mall had just opened between Angel Grove and it's neighboring city of Sweet Valley.

When Kim got to Tommy's house she walked up the front step and rang the doorbell a few minutes later Mrs. Oliver answered the door

"Good morning Kimberly." She said, "Please come in."

"Good morning Mrs. Oliver." Kim said pushing back a strand of her shoulder length brown hair

"Tommy should be down in a few minutes. You can wait in the den."

Kim sat down on the den couch and waited for Tommy

"Hey Kim." She looked to the doorway where Tommy was standing wearing swim trunks and a T-shirt with a towel under his arm his brown hair which came to the top of his back hung loose

"Tommy why are you dressed like that?" Kim asked

"Aren't we going to the beach?" he asked

"Beach?!" Tommy had a tendency to forget things once in a while "Tommy we're going to the new mall."

"Oops." Tommy put his hand to his forehead "I'll be right back."

* * *

By the time Tommy had changed his clothes and they had picked up the others it was about twelve, They got out of Kim's car and looked up at the mall

"Wow!" Aisha exclaimed

"This place is huge." Kim said, "Let's go."

* * *

They walked to the mall directory

"Ok let's split up then meet at two at the food court." Rocky said looking up from the directory

"Sounds good to me. Come on Aisha we only have two hours to shop." Kim said

"Right behind ya." Aisha called running after Kim

* * *

"Liz look at this dress." Enid Rollins called to her best friend Elizabeth Wakefield

"It's nice Enid." Liz said examining the purple slip dress her friend held up "But it's more Jessica's style" Liz had shoulder length blond hair and blue- green eyes

Enid put the dress back "You're right." Enid had brown hair and light brown eyes

"This one is more my taste." Liz grabbed for a pink T-shirt dress but someone else had grabbed for it too." "Hey." She looked up to see two girls

"Oh hi." The first girl said, she had shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes the second girl had dark skin, long brown braided hair and brown eyes

"Hi." The second girl said "My name is Aisha Campbell and this is Kimberly Hart." She said introducing herself and her friend

"Hi I'm Liz Wakefield and this is Enid Rollins." Liz said

"Were you looking at this dress?" Kim asked still holding on to the hanger

"Yeah but we really didn't come to shop we just came to look around." Enid said pushing back a strand of her brown hair

"Are you from Angel Grove?" Aisha asked

"No Sweet Valley." Liz said looking at her watch "Enid we have to go meet Todd and Manny in a few minutes."

"Ok well it was nice meeting you." Enid said

"Yeah you too." Kim said as the two girls left the store

"They're nice." Aisha said

"Yeah we might as well go meet the guys now." Kim said looking at her watch

* * *

"Hey Li look at those two guys over there." Jessica Wakefield said to her best friend Lila Fowler

"Which two guys?" Lila asked pushing her auburn colored hair out of the way

"Those two." Jessica said pointing at two teens sitting at a table in the food court one boy had long brown hair that went down to the top of his back and the other boy had short blond hair

"Oh those two." Lila said scopeing them out "They're ok."

"Ok?!" Jessica exclaimed staring at Lila "The one with the brown hair is a hottie."

"I suppose." Lila said

"Let's go introduce ourselves." Jessica said pushing out her chair

"Ok." Lila said standing up; they walked over to the boys, the boy with the long brown hair looked up at Jessica and Lila

"Can we help you?" he asked looking at the blond haired girl standing next to him

"I'm Jessica Wakefield and this is my best friend Lila Fowler and we couldn't help but notice you from across the court." Jessica said flashing them her most flirtatious smile

"Oh. Well I'm Tommy Oliver." The longhaired boy said

"And I'm William Cranston but my friends call me Billy." The blond haired boy said

"You know if you're not busy." Jessica started to say

"Hi guys." She saw a girl with shoulder length brown hair put each of her arms over both boys shoulders

"What's up?" the girl with her asked

"Hi Aisha hi Kim." Billy said to the two girls

"We're fine. Hi Kim." Tommy said kissing Kim on the cheek she looked up at Jessica

"Hi Liz I see you met my boyfriend Tommy. How'd you change your clothes so fast?" She said

"Liz?!" Jessica exclaimed "I'm Jessica Liz is my twin sister."

"Oh I'm sorry." Kim apologized

"That's ok."

"Guys we should get going where's Adam and Rocky?" Aisha asked

"They're at the sports shop." Billy replied

"She's right." Tommy said standing up "It was nice to meet you girls."

"Nice to meet you too." Jessica said putting on a fake smile "Come on Li we better go too." She grabbed Lila's arm and pulled her out of the food court

* * *

Up on the moon Lord Zedd was watching Jessica and Elizabeth leave the mall with their friends "Twins!" Lord Zedd exclaimed, "I could use them."

"What are you thinking of Zeddykins?" Rita Repulsa asked walking to Lord Zedd

"Those ranger ruts have become friends with a set of twins." He replied

"So? What use would they be to us?" Rita asked examining her long red fingernails

"We could capture them and turn them against the rangers." Zedd said sitting down on his thrown

"Oh Zedd that's a wonderful idea!" Rita exclaimed "Rito Goldar come here now!" she screamed

"What is it sis?" Rito asked when he had gotten to the throne room

"I want you and Goldar to take some putties to Sweet Valley and capture those twins." Rita said while Rito peered through the Ritascope, it was a telescope that Zedd had given Rita, which she used to watch the Power Rangers from the moon.

"Where's Sweet Valley?" Rito asked scratching his skeleton head with his sword

"It's next to Angel Grove stupid!" Goldar growled

"Then I want you to bring them to the cave." Zedd put in

"Ok will do." Rito said

* * *

Down in Sweet Valley Liz and Jessica were hanging out at the park with their friends when Rito, Goldar, and a group of putties appeared

"Oh my god what are those?" Liz yelled pointing at the putties

"Never mind that what are those?" Jessica yelled pointing at Rito and Goldar

"We're here to bring you to Lord Zedd and Rita." Goldar growled

"Lord who?" Jessica asked "Ed?" the putties moved closer to Jessica and Liz they moved away till one of the putties jumped at Liz she did a cartwheel and the putty fell face down on the ground

"Where'd you learn to do that?" Jessica asked

"In gym you know that class that you skip." Liz replied

"Hey I don't skip gym I always bring in an excuse note." Jessica said putting her hands on her hips

"Yeah one with a forged signature." Liz snapped at Jessica, while Liz and Jessica were arguing the putties caught them off guard, grabbed them and teleported to the cave with Rito and Goldar leading the way

* * *

At the Command Center and alarm went off signaling that something was wrong

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!" cried Alpha the little robot that ran most of the Command Center

"Zordon, Rito and Goldar have captured a set of twins from Sweet Valley."

"Contact the rangers!" Zordon said

* * *

The rangers were at the Angel Grove Youth Center when their communicators went off they moved to a deserted corner in the Youth Center

Tommy touched a button on the communicator on his wrist "Tommy here."

"Rangers Zedd and Rita are at it again they have kidnapped a set of twins from Sweet Valley." His voice boomed over the communicator

"Liz and Jessica." Aisha breathed the names

"Correct. They're planning on brainwashing them to use against you." Continued Zordon

"Where are they holding them?" Adam asked

"In the cave." Zordon declared

"Ok let's go guys." Tommy touched another button then in a flash of white, pink, blue, red, yellow and black light they were gone

* * *

Down on Earth in the cave Rito and Goldar had tied up the Wakefield twins and had put a force field around them

"Let us go!" Jessica screamed trying to loosen the ropes around her and Liz's wrists

"Yeah let us go you over grown monkey!" Liz yelled glaring at Goldar

"Hey Goldar how long did Ed say we had to keep them here?" Rito asked scratching his head

"Until Finster finishes brewing that potion to brainwash them." Goldar growled pointing his sword at the twins

"Brainwash us!?" Jessica exclaimed, "Why would this Lord Zedd guy want to brainwash us?"

"Zedd and Rita want to use you against the Power Rangers." Goldar growled

* * *

The rangers were examining the scene outside the cave from the safety of a boulder

"There's twice as many putties as usual." Adam declared looking up at Kim

"Me and Adam will go inside." Rocky said "And the rest of you stay out here and take care of the putties."

"We'd better morph." Billy said reaching for his morphor

"Billy has a point there we don't want them asking too many questions like how we found them here." Aisha said

"Good idea Aisha." Tommy said "It's Morphing Time!" the five teens morphed into the Power Rangers

"You guys distract them while me and Rocky sneak in." Adam said the white, blue, pink and yellow rangers ran out in the middle of the putties

"Hey clay face!" Tommy yelled to one of the putties "You're in trouble." Tommy, Billy, Kim, and Aisha went to work distracting the putties while Rocky and Adam snuck in the cave

"Careful we don't want to get caught." Adam said as they walked through the opening of the cave

"Listen for Rito and Goldar." Rocky said, when they came to where they were holding the twins they saw Rito and Goldar standing in front of them, the twins' arms where tied together at the wrists their backs to each other

"How are we gonna get past them?" Adam asked

"Like this." Rocky walked out where Rito and Goldar could see him "Hey guys want to let us in on your plan?"

"It's one of the Power punks." Rito said

"Not one but two." Adam said walking out next to Rocky "Hey Rito when was the last time you took a bath?"

"Hey I don't smell that bad I took a bath last year." Rito said

"Let them go." Rocky demanded

"Why should we?" Goldar asked pointing his sword that them

"Cause if you don't let them go then we'll take them."

"Who are you?" Jessica asked looking confused

"We're the Power Rangers!" Rocky declared

"We two of them anyway." Adam replied, before anyone could say another word Finster appeared out of thin air holding a bottle full of glowing green liquid

"Finster what's that?" Rito asked

"It's the potion that will brainwash them." Finster replied

"Adam quick." Rocky turned to his friend

"Right." Adam and Rocky ran towards Finster and smashed the bottle between their feet

"Ugh you're gonna pay for this rangers." Goldar yelled

"You'd better get out of here Goldar." Adam said

"We'll be back rangers." With that the three aliens disappeared into thin air

"Ahh look at this it's gonna take forever to get this green junk out off my boot." Adam said examining his left boot

"Yeah same here." Rocky said looking at his right boot

"Umm I don't mean to be rude but we're still tied up here." Liz cut in

"Oh sorry." Rocky said examining the force field

"We need Bi...the Blue Ranger he knows more about force fields then I do." Rocky said looking at Adam, As if reading his mind the four other rangers ran into the cave

"Guys what happened?" Tommy asked

"Well Rito and Goldar ran after we broke the bottle holding the potion they were gonna use to brainwash them." Adam said motioning to the twins

"What's on your boots?" Aisha asked looking at Adam's left boot and Rocky's right boot

"The potion." They both said in unison

"How are we gonna disable this force field?" Adam asked

"First we have to find the weak spot in it." Billy said looking the force field up and down

"Why don't we just use our blasters?" Kim asked taking

"Could you please hurry up these ropes are terribly uncomfortable." Jessica said

"Ok I've found it we have to shoot right at the top at that thing." Billy said pointing a shiny thing at the top of the force field "But we can't just use our blasters we need to combine our weapons." They all combined their weapons except Tommy.

"Ok guys right at the top and hold it steady one false move and..." Billy trailed off

"And what?" Kim asked looking at Billy

"Well let's just say it isn't good." He replied, they focused the beam on the top of the field till it decomposed

Tommy put his hand where the force field had been "Good work guys." After they untied the twins they teleported them back to Sweet Valley and teleported themselves back to the Juice Bar

* * *

At the Juice Bar they were sitting at the same table talking in whispers about what had happened that day

"I'm so hungry!" Rocky exclaimed shoving some French fries in his mouth

"Rocky you're always hungry." Billy put in

"Well it's a good thing we stopped Rita and Zedd from brainwashing those two girls." Tommy said

"Yeah then we'd be in double the trouble." Kim said "Hey look." They looked at where Kim was looking coming into the juice bar were Jessica, Liz and their friends

Liz spotted Kim and waved

"Should we ask them to join us?" Kim asked

"Sure." Tommy said

"Hey Liz over here." Kim yelled

"Hi Tommy." Jessica said putting her hand on his shoulder

"Hey hands off he's mine." Kim said glaring playfully at Jessica

"Ok, ok you don't have to bite my head off."

"Kim you'll never believe what happened to me and Jessica." Liz said

"Oh really try us." Adam said looking at his five friends.

The End