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Return of a Friend
Pink Homecoming
Part 1
by : Arielle

"Andros catch!" Ashley the yellow ranger yelled tossing the basketball to him

"Got it Ash" Andros the red ranger called out catching it he ran towards the basket dodging Carlos the black ranger who had tried to get the ball from him

"Andros I'm open." TJ the blue ranger called putting his arms in the air

Andros threw the ball to TJ; he caught it and slam-dunked it in the basket

"We win!" TJ yelled throwing his fists into the air in a sign of triumph

"Yeah!" Ashley yelled leaping into the air

"You only won by one point." Cassie the pink ranger declared pushing back her long black hair

"But we still won." TJ said, the five lightstar rangers were playing basketball on the simudeck on the Astro Mega Ship far above Earth

"I want another game." Carlos said picking up the basketball

"We are coming up on Angel Grove." DECA The ship's computer declared

"End simulation." Andros commanded the computer "Let's go guys." The five teens pressed a button on their communicators and vanished in flashes of red, pink, yellow, blue, and black light


Down on earth in the city of Angel Grove the five teens were sitting at a table in the Surf Spot the local Teen hang out

"I can't believe how quiet it's been around here." Cassie said taking a sip of her soda

"Yeah Astronama hasn't sent down a monster in over two weeks." Carlos put in

"This is not like her." Andros said looking at his four friends

"Yeah I know." Ashley said "But at least we've had few days to ourselves." She twisted a piece of her light brown hair around her finger

"Hey why don't we go over to the basket ball court I want a rematch." Carlos said his dark brown eyes focusing on TJ

"Ok you're on." TJ declared, they finished their drinks then went out to the courts


A young woman waited at an airport in Florida she was finally going home.

"I can't believe I'm finally going home for good!" She thought excitedly as she waited for the flight to Angel Grove, California. The young women was

Kimberly Hart she had gone to Florida to practice for the Pan Global Games which had just ended, Kimberly had come in fourth.

Now Kim was on her way home for good hopefully nothing bad would happen this time, last time she had gone back 17 months earlier her and her long time friend Jason Lee had been captured by Divatox an evil space pirate who was trying to destroy the Power Rangers

They were captured because they were once Power Rangers.

So this time she hoped nothing would happen. All she wanted to do was get home and contact her friends especially Tommy her ex boyfriend, They hadn't talked much last time she was in Angel Grove

Her thoughts were interrupted by the over head speaker "Flight 123 to Angel Grove, California is now boarding at gate 23"

She picked up her carry-on bag and made her way to the gate


"We win again!" TJ yelled giving Ashley a high five

"Yeah." Ashley agreed

"Oh stop gloating." Carlos said bouncing the basketball off the ground "But I want one more game."

"Ok." Ashley said "But loser buys the smoothies."

"Fine. Hope you have your wallet." Cassie said


"Astronoma!" Elgar called from the bridge of the Dark Fortress

"What?" Astronoma asked as she appeared in the doorway

"When are you gonna send a monster down to Angel Grove?" Elgar asked

"When I feel like it." She snapped at him

"Don't you think you've let those power punks have enough time off?" Ecliptor asked

"I need to wait till the time is right." She said her lilac hair bouncing in curls above her shoulders "As soon as the time is right I'll strike."


"I'm sorry Kimberly but Tommy's out of town." Kim had gotten home a few hours ago and had tried to contact her friends but so far she was unsuccessful "But when he gets home I'll tell him that you called."

"Thanks Mrs. Oliver bye." Kim said, she hung up the phone then leaned back on the couch so far she'd called Adam, Rocky, Jason, and Kat and she'd gotten their answering machines

Kim looked out the window and decided to go for a walk

Kim walked down the street and stopped in front of Billy's house she missed him most of all since he moved to Aquitar she couldn't tell him that she was back

She continued walking till she found herself at the basketball courts; she had played numerous games there with Tommy, Jason and the others

As she walked by she was hit in the ankle by a basketball she bent down and picked it up as a boy about her age with shoulder length brown and blond streaked hair wearing a red shirt and jeans ran up to her

"I'm real sorry." He apologized

"That's ok." She realized he reminded her of Tommy in a way

He held out his hand "I'm Andros." "Wow" he thought as he looked into her brown eyes, which seemed to smile "This girl is beautiful."

She took his hand "I'm Kimberly but my friends just call me Kim."

"Nice to meet you Kim. Would you like to join us? We need a sixth to make the teams even." He motioned with his hand over to the basketball court

"Sure I'd love to." She replied smiling

"Come on." They jogged over to where the others were waiting "Guys this is Kim. And she's gonna join our game."

"Hi I'm Ashley this is Carlos, TJ, and Cassie." A girl with light brown hair said introducing herself and her friends "And you already know Andros."

"You can be on our team." Carlos said, "We need a third player."

"Thanks." Kim said, "What's the score?"

"Ashley, TJ, and Andros five. Me and Cassie four we're going up to ten." Carlos said raking both hands through his straight black hair, which fell just below his ears

"Who has the ball?" Kim asked

"We do." Andros replied

"Ok." Kim said


"That will be five bucks." The person behind the counter at the Surf Spot said

"No problem." Carlos said, "I can't believe we lost again." He said as he reached the table where they were sitting

"Well you shouldn't try and beat us." TJ said taking a cup from Carlos

"So you just came back from the Pan Global games?" Cassie asked

"Yeah but I came in fourth so I figured I'd come home." Kim said she had been telling them about how she had been chosen to practice with a world famous coach in Florida

Andros couldn't figure out what attracted him to this girl but all he knew was that the moment he saw her walking by the basketball court he had to find a way to get her attention

"So how long were you in Florida?" TJ asked

"I was there for about a year and a half." Kim replied her eyes meeting Andros's; he looked down at the table when he saw her looking at him

"I've gotta go to the ladies room." Cassie said standing up "I'll be right back."

"I'll come with you." Ashley stood up "Kim?"

"Sure." Kim stood and the three girls disappeared around a corner

"Kim's pretty nice." TJ said when the girls were out of their earshot

"Yeah she is." Carlos agreed "She's pretty too."

"What do you think Andros?" TJ asked

"Huh... Yeah." he replied still looking in the direction the girls had gone

Carlos looked at TJ then back at Andros "I think somebody has a crush."

"What?" Andros asked looking at Carlos with a puzzled expression on his face "Crush?"

"Yeah. It's when someone likes someone else." TJ replied

"Oh and who would that be?" Andros asked

"You. You like Kim." TJ said

"I do not." Andros said

"Oh come on admit it." Carlos said

"Ok maybe I like her." Andros answered

"Is that why you threw the ball past me and in her direction when she was walking by the basketball court?" TJ asked

Andros looked at Carlos then at TJ and smiled a little "Yeah. I just saw her and I was..."

"Swept away?" TJ suggested

"Yeah. I'd never seen anyone as beautiful as her before and I had to get her attention somehow." Andros could feel his ears getting red, and he knew Carlos and TJ saw cause his hair was pulled back halfway

"If you like her then ask her out." TJ suggested

"I can't I've never asked anyone out before. Never"

"Andros what's the worst that could happen?" Carlos asked

"I really like her." Andros thought to himself "I've never felt this way about anyone before."

"I really like her." He told them

"Then ask her out." TJ urged him

Andros thought for a few minutes "I guess I will."


"So?" Cassie asked looking at Kim

"So what?" Kim asked pushing back her brown hair while looking in the mirror

"What do you think about Andros and the guys?" Ashley asked

"They're ok." Kim answered twisting her communicator, which she had kept as a reminder of her days as a Power Ranger, around her wrist

Ashley and Cassie noticed this and exchanged puzzled expressions "What's that?" Cassie asked pointing to Kim's wrist

"Oh nothing." Kim replied putting her hand behind her back

Ashley looked around the empty bathroom just to make sure it was empty and lowered her voice "That's a communicator isn't it?"

Kim looked at them in shock "How do you know? The only way you could know is if you were."

"Power Rangers?" Ashley suggested

"Yeah." Kim replied "You're the ones they gave the Turbo power to aren't you?"

"Yup." Cassie replied "You must have been one of the original rangers."

"Yup I was the first pink ranger." Kim said

Cassie smiled "Cool."

"Yeah. So Kim what do you really think of the guys?" Ashley asked

Kim looked in the mirror then at the two girls and smiled "I really like Andros."

"I knew it." Cassie yelped

"But I'm not sure I like him for him or just because he reminds me of Tommy." Kim declared

Ashley smiled sympathetically "I'm sure you'll figure it out."

"I know." Kim replied


"That's it!" Astronaoma exclaimed

"What's it?" Elgar asked

"I'll kidnap that girl and demand that the rangers give me their powers."

"That's perfect." Ecliptor exclaimed walking over to Astronoma "They wouldn't want one of their friends to get hurt so they'll have to listen."

Elgar scratched his head "There's something familiar about that girl but I can't put my finger on it."

"Elgar what are you babbling?" Astronoma snapped

"It's just that, that girl reminds me of someone."

Astronoma rolled her eyes "Monitor those rangers and when they're alone send down some quantrons to kidnap her."


The girls returned to the table and sat down,

"Guys Kim knows." Cassie said tapping her own communicator

"How'd she find out?" TJ asked

Ashley lowered her voice "She used to be a ranger."

"Awesome!" Carlos exclaimed, Carlos and TJ glanced at Andros and gave a look that said "Now's your chance"

Andros noticed and cleared his throat "Ah Kim would you like to go for a walk with me?"

Kim glanced at Ashley and Cassie then smiled "I'd love to."

"You would?" his brown eyes grew wide

"Yeah." She replied

"Ok then let's go." They both stood up and left the Surf Spot leaving the other four rangers behind


"Astronoma, Andros and that girl are alone in the park." Elgar called

"Excellent! Send down the quantrons." She said

"Right." Elgar said


In the park Andros and Kim were walking near the picnic tables talking about their pasts and there presents

Andros took Kim's wrist and stopped her from walking "Kim I want to ask you something."

"What?" Kim asked

"I know we only met today but I feel really close to you already." He said

Kim swallowed "I feel the same way."

"You do?"


"Well as I was saying would you…" he couldn't finish asking Kim out because right in front of them appeared about a dozen quantrons "Oh great." He mumbled

"I'll help." Kim said getting in a karate stance

"Guys we need you in the park right away." He said into his communicator

"We'll be right there." Came TJ's voice over the small device, in a flash of pink, yellow, blue, and black light the other four rangers stood in front of them in similar karate stances

"Let's send these creeps back to space." Ashley said, the five rangers plus Kim started kicking and punching the quantrons

Kim's shrill scream cut through the air and Andros jerked his head towards where she was fighting, four quantrons were holding Kim by her arms and legs

"Guys help!" she screamed trying to get lose of the quantrons

"Guys they've got Kim." Andros called to the other rangers

"Let me go!" Kim yelled as the quantrons carried her away.

Andros started running towards them but just as he reached them all the quantrons disappeared in a flash of light

"Guys they got away." Andros said as the others ran to him "And they have Kim."

"Don't worry Andros we'll save her." Carlos reassured his friend

"We have to." Andros said looking at his friends "If anything happens to her I'll never forgive myself


"Let me go!" Kim screamed holding the bars of her prison on the bridge of the Dark Fortress "I said let me out."

"Now why would I want to do that?" Astronoma asked an evil grin forming on her lips

"The Power Rangers will save me." Kim said

"Oh I don't think so." She replied

"That's it!" Elgar exclaimed turning away from the controls

"What?" Astronoma asked looking frustrated

"I know why she looks so familiar." He said pointing at Kim

"And why is that?" Astronoma asked

"Cause she's one of the power brats I kidnapped when I was working for Auntie Divatox." He replied "The other one was Jason some thing."

Astronoma's eyes widened "Are you telling me she used to be a Power Ranger?"


"This is perfect." She said grinning an evil grin "Elgar contact the Mega Ship so I can tell the rangers my proposition their powers for the girl."