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Authors' Note: This is the third of my 'Beginnings Series'.

The Surprise
by: Ashley

June 17, 1998, two teenagers had just entered the Hammond's home. It was yellow, with a large backyard, that had a swimming pool in it. "Mom, we're home." the girl in the black jeans and a white tank-top yelled. She was almost sixteen years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. The boy next to her was in blue jeans and a black tank-top. He had long blonde hair and green eyes. He was almost seventeen years old.

"Welcome home, Macy and Thorne. Come in. John, Macy and Thorne are home."" Macy's mother, Mary, yelled to her husband.

"Macy, Thorne, finally after five years, your home. Ashley will be so glad to see you. She still thinks you've been in Stone Canyon, though. We haven't told her you were actually at the Temple of Power." John explained.

Thorne and Macy wpent the next day telling Mary and John about their Ninjetti training and unpacking their things. They then went to bed.

June 20, 1998, was the day the Hammonds were throwing Macy and Thorne a 'Welcome Home Party'. It was also going to be a beginning of the summer party. There were alot of introductions to be made.

Ashley walked through the gate of the backyard in a yellow bikini with blue jean shorts on. Behind her was Andros with black swim trunks and a red tank-top on. Ashley walked up behind Macy and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around.

"Ashley!" she exclaimed happily.

"Macy, Thorne! What are the two of you doing home? When did you get here?" Ashley asked.

"We came home, because it was time to come home. And we got home two days ago. What have you been up to for the past five years?" she asked her older sister.

"Um. . . where do I start?" Ashley asked aloud. She then told Macy and Thorne what had happened in the past five years, including what Carlos' brother had done.

"Ricardo did what, Ashley?" Mary and John asked together.

"Can we discuss this later, mom?" Ashley asked.

"Sure, of course, sweetheart." Mary told her.

Cassie, TJ, and Carlos walked through the gate. "Hey, guys. What's up?" Cassie asked.

"Guys, I'd like for you to meet my little sister, Macy, and her boyfriend, Thorne. They've been in Stone Canyon for the past five years."

"Um . . . Ash, there's something we need to tell you, later." Thorne said. The party was a blast, and it ended with a bang. Macy and Thorne told Ashley about being at the Temple of Power with Ninjor, instead of being in Stone Canyon. She learned that her sister was now a Ninjetti, a well trained warrior, ready for anything. Thorne was also a Ninjetti. They said their good-byes. Macy and Thorne went upstairs to their rooms, while Andros and Ashley had teleported up to the Megaship.

June 21, 1998, on the Megaship Bridge. "DECA, scan the Tripox galaxy for Kin-Won or any other Kerovans." Andros commanded the computer.

"Scanning the Tripox galaxy now." DECA told the boy in red. "I have detected Kerovan DNA on the planet Tripo 4. Shall I set a course?" she asked.

"Not yet. I'll tell Ashley, maybe Thorne and Macy." he said.

"Andros, I have detected five Kerovans on Earth. I'll have a location on them in a moment." DECA told him. "They are at the Hammond residence. Shall I get visual?" she asked.

"Please?" he asked kindly. "I can't believe it. Ashley, Thorne, Macy, Mary, and John are Kerovan. DECA, contact Ashley." he told her.

"Yeah, Andros." Ashley said into her communicator.

"I'm teleporting the five of you up here now. I have some questions for your parents." he told her. In two minutes, Ashley, Macy, their parents, and Thorne were on the Megaship Bridge.

"Wow! this place looks so cool." Thorne said.

"Welcome to the Astro-Megaship." Andros said to the four who had never been on the ship. "Mary, John, you're not from Earth are you?"

"No, Andros, we're not. We are from KO-35, just like you. So are Ashley, Macy, and Thorne." John said. They sat in the leather chairs on the Bridge for an hour while he told them the reason they went to Earth.

"I have good news. DECA has found Kin-Won, and other Kerovan Rebels." Andros informed them. "If you would like to come with me, the Megaship leaves tomorrow morning." he told them.

"Well, I think it's time for Macy and Ashley get reaquainted with their grandfather and aunt." John said.

"Yes, I miss my father and sister, Tykwa." Mary told them.

"Tykwa's your sister. I didn't know that." Andros said.

"Actually, Andros, the four of you, along with Zhane and Kerone, have known since birth. Since we had to make new lives for ourselves on Earth, Kin-Won wiped your memories of each other out and saved them on disks." John told the four teenagers.

"You should all get some rest now, if you plan on going to Tripo 4." DECA told them. "We will leave at seven in the morning."

"Will you stay on board tonight?" Ashley asked.

"Of course we will, sis. But first we need to run home and pack some things. How long will we be gone, DECA?" she asked.

"We don't know, Macy." Andros answered.

"In other words, bring two suitcases, and hope you can fit enough clothes in them." Ashley finished. The Hammond's and Thorne left Ashley and Andros alone on the Bridge. "That's alot to learn in one day, Andros." Ashley said.

"If you have any questions, you can always ask me. I'll tell you whatever I can." he told her.

"You are so sweet. Have I ever told you that? I love you." she told him.

"I love you, too." he said, as he pulled her into his strong, warm, loving embrace.

One hour later, Macy, Thorne, Mary, and John returned to the Megaship. They had a quiet dinner and then they went to bed.

June 22, 1998, DECA's red light came on in Andros' room. "Andros, Ashley, it is time to wake up." she told the two sleeping forms. "It is six a.m. The time you requested to be awakened."

"Alright, DECA, we'll get up in a minute." Ashley said.

"Morning, Ash."

"Morning. Are we going to eat breakfast or work out first?" she asked.

"Work out. DECA, wake the others at forty-five after." Andros told the onboard computer.

"I will do that."

They got up and changed into their flight suits. Ashley's was yellow, with the golden Astro symbol on back. Andros' was the same, but it was red. Andros pulled his brown, streaked blonde hair up into a neat ponytail, while Ashley french-braided hers. They then headed for the Simudeck.

"DECA, begin simulation." Andros said, tapping a few buttons on the control deck. The Simudeck changed into Angel Grove Park. They then began their stretches. "Okay, are you ready?" he asked Ashley.

"Yeah." she said. He then charged her. She swiftly dropped to the ground and tripped him.


"Thanks!" she cheerfully said.

"Andros, I have woken Macy, Thorne, Mary, and John." DECA told the boy in red.

"Thanks, DECA. End simulation." he said. He then turned to face Ashley, "We should go get showered up."

"Okay." she put her hand out and helped him to his feet. They walked out of the Simudeck hand-in-hand and headed for the showers. They showered up and changed into some of their civilian clothing. When they got to the Bridge, they found Macy, Thorne, Mary, and John sitting in the chairs.

"Are we ready to go?" Thorne asked.

"Yes. DECA, set a course for Tripo 4." Andros commanded.

"Mom, dad, have you eaten yet?" Ashley asked.

"No, not yet sweetheart. We were waiting for you and Andros." John responded.

"DECA, how long will it take us to reach Tripo 4?" Macy asked.

"It will take us two days." Alpha 6 told them.

"Thanks, Alpha." Mary said. They went to the recreation room and had breakfast from one of the many Synthetrons on board the ship. For the rest of the day and the day after, they worked on the ship and made sure everything was in working condition.

June 24, 1998, they had arrived on Tripo 4. They were given a warm welcome. "Mary, John, welcome home. You, too, Andros." Kin-Won said.

"Thank you, father." Mary said.

"Who are tehse three teenagers?" Tykwa asked.

"Tykwa, I'd like for you to meet your nieces, Macy and Ashley, and this is Thorne." John said.

"Do they have the tatoos?" she asked her older sister.

"Yes, they do. Ashley, Macy, go with Tykwa and show her your right hip. Thorne, you go with Kin-Won and do the same as the girls." Mary told them. They did as they were told.

"Well then, it's true my nieces have come home." Tykwa said. "Ashley's yellow rose with a red crystal by it, and Macy's white rose with a black crystal next to it prove it."

"What are Thorne and Andros' tatoos of?" Ashley asked.

"Mine is of a Black Lion with white eyes." Thorne said proudly.

"And mine is of a Red Phoenix with yellow eyes." Andros told them.

"Macy, Ashley, the crystals by your roses tell you who your soulmates are. Thorne, Andros, the color of your spirit animals eyes are that of which your soulmates wear." Kin-Won explained.

"So that means that Macy and I are soulmates." Thorne said.

"Yes." Tykwa answered.

"And Ashley and I are soulmates, as well." Andros concluded.

"Correct, Andros." Kin-Won said. "Would you like to remember the pasts that the four of you shared?" he asked.

Everyone said together, "Yes, please."

"Alright, it's a small procedure, and it should take about fifteen to twenty minutes." they were told. "Follow me please." They followed him quietly. When they reached a small room, Kin-Won hooked each of them up to a small machine. They came out fifteen minutes later remembering all that they had done together as children on their home planet of KO-35.

"Grandpa, is there anyway we might be able to relive those memories on the Simudeck?" Macy asked.

"Here, take these disks. This way you can relive those memories on your Simudeck." he told them.

"Thank you, grandpa." Ashley said, as she took the proffered box from Kin-Won.

"Macy, this is for you." Kin-Won said, handing her a device that looked like a cellular phone.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It's your Digi-morpher. You are an Astro-Ninjetti. Here are your Battlelizers, also." he told them. "Ashley, Andros, and the rest of the Astro Ranger team will be Astro-Ninjetti's as soon as they go through their Ninjetti training." he said. "I shall tell you more later, but for now, we will show you to your rooms." Kin-Won lead them to two small rooms. "This one is for the girls. Andros, Thorne, you two will share Andros and Zhane's old room." he then took Andros to the side. "Has Zhane woken up yet?"

"No, but he will soon, I hope." Andros told him. They walked bakc over to the group.

"Mary, John, you remember where your old room is, don't you?" Tykwa asked.

"How could we ever forget?" John asked back, with a smile on his face.

"Kin-Won, may Ashley and I speak with you for a moment?" Andros asked. The older man took them a little ways away. "Kin-Won, you never taught me Telepathy, not atleast until I was nine. Did you teach Ashley before she left KO-35?" Andros asked.

"No, I never taught her Telepathy, why?"

*Because I can talk with Andros like this.* Ashley thought at the two men.

*Who taught you?* Kin-Won asked.

*No one, Andros just thought at me once and I thought back.*

*I was very amazed at how she quickly learned Telekinesis and Telepathy. I didn't know she was Kerovan, though.* Andros thought at the two.

"Well, you two will need alot of rest. Tykwa and I are testing the four of you for the next few weeks."

"Goodnight." Ashley and Andros said together.

"Goodnight." he said as they turned and walked back to their rooms.

"Goodnight, Ash."

"Goodnight, Andros." He then learned forward and gave her a gentle kiss. They went into their rooms, and went straight to sleep.

June 25, 1998, the four began their testing. Tykwa had taken Ashley and Macy for Telekinesis testing. While, Kin-Won took Andros and Thorne and tested their Telepathy skills.

"Very good, Ashley. Try lifting Macy." Tykwa instructed. She pointed at Macy and the girl suddenly started to fly through the air.

"Ha, this is so much fun." Macy said excitedly.

"Now, Macy, pick your sister up." Tykwa said.

Macy did the same and Ashley was flying through the air as well.

"Girls, put each other down, gently. You have both passed."

"Thank you, Tykwa." they said together.

"Your welcome. It is time for lunch. You'll need it for the energy." They headed for lunch. It was very quiet. Finally, Ashley asked Andros, "When's your Telepathy test?"

"After lunch." he told her. "How'd you do on your Telekinesis test?"

"Tykwa told us that we'd passed." The rest of the lunch was held in absolute silence.

Later, Andros, Thorne, and Kin-Won were sitting in what seemed like complete silence. But it wasn't.

*Andros, you really seem to like my eldest grand-daughter.* Kin-Won thought.

*Yes, sir. We love each other.* Andros responded.

*Thorne, you feel the same way about Macy?* Kin-Won asked the other boy.

*Yes, sir. Macy and I absolutely adore each other.*

*Thorne, say something to Andros.* Kin-Won instructed the boy in black.

*Andros, you're thinking about Ashley, aren't you?* he asked the boy in red.

*Who else would I be thinking about?* Andros asked back.

"Well, boys, you have both passed. Congradulations!" Kin-Won said. "Tomorrow is defense training."

"Thank you for letting us know, Kin-Won." Andros said.

"You have the rest of the day to relax." they were told. The two left to go find Ashley and Macy.

"Mary, John, the two of you did a good job with Ashley, Macy, and Thorne." Kin-Won told them.

"Thank you!" they said together.

"Hey, beautiful!" Andros said to Ashley.

"Hey, yourself." she said as she ran into his arms and kissed him. "Hey, Thorne."

"Hey, where's Macy?"

"Gotcha." Macy said from behind him.

"Funny, Ashley. Where is she?"

"She's behind you." Ashley said. "Macy, prove it to him."

"Alright." suddenly, there was Macy. She had used her invisibility powerr.

"Andros, how'd you guys do on the Telepathy test?" Macy asked.


"Can I talk with you for a minute?" Ashley asked Andros. They walked off. "Here." she said, handing him a datapad. He started to read it:

Thinking of You

I've been thinking,

Thinking only of you

Wanderring what you're thinking of

Thinking only of you,

Loving only you

Always wanting you

You and only you

"Ash, that's beautiful."

"Thanks. I wrote it for you."

"Thank you. I love it." he leaned forward and kissed her. They sat together under a tree for the rest of the afternoon.

"I could sit here for the rest of my life. Here in your embrace, I'm so comfortable and I feel safe." Ashley said to him.

"I feel the same," he told her.

"Can I see the datapad? I wanna write something." she asked. He handed it to her. When she finished, she handed it back, and he read this:


I look up into the sky

And look up at the stars

Suddenly, there's a flash,

And in front of me stands a beautiful angel

He tells me not to fear him,

He was sent to Earth to love and protect me

We sat and looked up at the stars

For the rest of the night.

"You're a great poet." he told her.

"Thank you." she looked at her watch. "Andros, we've got to go. It's almost time for dinner." He stood up first, then offered her his hand, and pulled her off the ground. They headed for the dining hall, hand-in-hand.