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Guest Speakers
By: Brooke

Kiara, Raidan, go away! I thought as I sat in English class on Monday afternoon. The two little dragons, who had been absent up until now, were feeding me all sorts of ideas while I was trying to listen to a reading from Hamet. I couldnít see either of them, but I knew they had to be near. I can only talk to them telepathically over short distances, which is usually quite a blessing (just donít tell them I said that!). They were probably either in my bad or at the open window behind me, but I didnít bother looking for them. I tried ignoring them, but they kept projecting ideas to me.

Kiara, I know youíre a hopeless romantic, but come on! Four romance fics?! I mean, Iím not even halfway through my sixth Reunion fic, for heavenís sake! Kiara started arguing with me at that point.

Come on, Brooke! she insisted, using my pen name for emphasis. Iím giving you great ideas! Suddenly, Raidan began voicing his own two cents.

And donít forget about that Aisha/Zordon fic that I came up with!

Raidan! I exclaimed. Donít give away my fic ideas!

Oh, relax! Raidan chided. They donít know whatís going to happen, or that-.

Raidan! I yelled mentally. I could almost envision the little dragon wincing at the telepathic rebuke. Look, Iím sorry. You two just managed to catch me at a really bad time.

Ah, thatís OK, Raidan replied. But I donít see why youíre upset. You were already beginning to envision Jason Lee Scott as Romeo and you as Juliet.

Hey, who gave you permission to drop in on my thoughts? I demanded, reddening. I heard Kiara and Raidan giggling at me mentally.

And now youíre wondering who would be a better Romeo: Jason, Adam or Rocky, Raidan continued, still chuckling.

All three! I crowed mentally before I could stop myself. I smiled at the peals of laughter that comment spawned. OK, listen up, you two: I have to get to music class. Go home or something, all right?

Weíll come with you! Raidan volunteered.

No, really, itís all right I replied hastily, checking the clock. 5 minutes to convince these two muses that music class is no place for a dragon. I had a sinking feeling I wasnít going to be successful.

As class ended, I had the uneasy feeling I was being watched. At my locker, I caught the flutter of wings as a pair of winged four-inch dragons flew out of my locker and into the busy hallway behind me. That was a really bad idea on their part, however, because they immediately flew back into the safety of my locker.

ĒSpectacular idea, you two,Ē I muttered wryly, earning myself a weird look from my best friend who was standing beside me at her own locker.

ĒBite me,Ē Raidan growled.

ĒThatís not a nice thing to say to someone who has two cats at home,Ē I replied with an evil gleam in my eyes. Raidan rapidly hsut up. ďNow, either stay here or go home. Your choice.Ē

ĒWeíll be at home when you get there,Ē Kiara answered.

ĒGood.Ē With that, I let my muses out of my locker, shut it, and hurried to class.

* * *

Three hours later, I felt like I was going out of my mind as Kiara and Raidan kept sending me ideas telepathically.

I donít know were you two are, but when we get home, youíre cat food, I vowed silently.

But Courtney, these are really good ideas! Raidan claimed, at that point probably more concerned with self-preservation than my admittedly-dwelling creative genius at that point in time.

Yes, they are good ideas, I told them. But do you have to remind me of them while Iím trying to sing in choir?

Uh, yes? Raidan answered sheepishly. I sighed silently and rolled my eyes during a four-bar rest.

You guys had better not still be here during my band rehersal tonight, I threatened.

* * *

Three hours later, I was an unhappy music student. The only time Kiara and Raidan had left me alone was when they went to find something to eat. For a brief hour, I had lived in hope that they had heeded my advice and had gone home. No such luck. I was putting my flute together when I heard, Write, dammit!

Raidan! I fumed. Get lost!

Now, is that any way to treat a poor, forlorn muse? Kiara asked sweetly. I raised an eyebrow.

íPoor, forlorn museí? I echoed silently. Geez, where do you guys get your material? Kiara and Raidan started to reply, but I stopped them mentally. Never mind, I donít want to know. Listen, you guys, I really need to concentrate tonight. Weíre performing Friday night, and this is an important rehersal.

All the more reason for us to stick around and bother you! Raidan replied, and I could almost envision the evil grin that would be playing across his lizard-like visage.

Come on, guys! Please! I pleaded.

What do you think, Kiara? Should we give her a break? Raidan inquired.

Wellllllll...... I donít know.... Kiara trailed off.

Kiara! I cried.

Oh, all right. Weíll go home, Kiara replied finally. But when you get home, youíd better be ready to write!

I will be! I promised.

Then I guess our work here is done! Bye, Courtney! Raidan said just before he and Kiara flew off from their unknown location, presumably heading towards home.

I breathed a sigh of relief as they flew out of communication range and sank back into my chair.

ĒAre you all right, Courtney?Ē one of my friends asked me. I looked at her for a second.

ĒIím fine. I just had an encounter with some really annoying guest speakers today,Ē I replied.


I winced. Didnít you guys leave? I asked mentally.

You canít get rid of us that easily! Raidan informed me, chuckling evily.

I deep sighed again. It was going to be a very long night!