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Muse stories will be posted here from now on!

BulletBrooke Bullet

It Starts. ..
It has to begin somewhere...

Guest Speakers
They respect nothing....not even school.

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BulletDana Bullet

I Swear He Made Me Do It
Muses are more trouble than they are worth!

Substitute Muse
When the muse is away...he sends a friend.

The Christmas to Remember
A special present.

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Button Ellen Brand Button

Battle Royale
Just how do you decide what to write? Sometimes the fics want
to decide for themselves. . .

Technical Difficulties
The fics still can't agree on anything!!

Attack of the Mary Sue Brigade
They're coming....

The Sound of Muses
They fight over a song.

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Button Emily Button

Muse Trouble
Those young muses can be a handful.

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Button Robert Gutheim Button

Even Plastica's writer has Muse Problems.

Is Epson Friend or Foe?

To Kill a Muse
More trouble from Epson?

Maybe A Muse can be helpful
Robert actually asks Epson for Help.

More Musings
Ah the wonders of a muse.

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Bullet Cynthia Harrell Bullet

The Bargain
Cynthia's muse is giving her a hard time...

The Agreement
On the eve of finishing my fanfics..I run into a slight problem.

Enough Already
Windflame helps me out when I need it the most.

Four Muses
Don't ever take your muse on vacation.

(Creativity) Demon Invasion
Oh no. This is so what I didn't need.

The Muse is Landing
I need a new muse! Hey, what's this...

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Button Amber Slade Button

Where Muses Come From
Just where do muses come from?

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