READ THIS: This is my first Power Ranger fanfic. Hope you like. As you know everyone in this story

Belong to Saban. But Elisabeth and April belong to me. I am not doing this for money just love to write and hope one day to be a writer.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
The Reunion and The Wedding
Written by: Elisabeth Anne Bundy

NARRATOR: One day at the Youth Center Tommy was practicing Karate. When Kimberly walked in. Tommy was walking up to the Juice Bar for a drink. When he bumped into Kimberly.

TOMMY: Oh, sorry, let me get that.

KIMBERLY: Tommy Oliver?

TOMMY: Kimberly Hart? May I buy you a drink?


TOMMY: What are you doing here?

KIMBERLY: Memories and I'm moving back.

TOMMY: Your moving back? That's great.

NARRATOR: Tommy gave Kimberly a big hug. Then Tommy's brother came walking in.

DAVID: Tommy?

TOMMY: David?

DAVID: Hi, Tommy, how are you?

TOMMY: Fine, how are you?

DAVID: Fine, who's that?

TOMMY: Oh, sorry, this is Kimberly. Kimberly this is my brother, David.

KIMBERLY: Brother? I never knew you had a brother.

TOMMY: I didn't either until after I became a Zeo Ranger.

KIMBERLY: Dose your brother know who the Power Rangers are?

TOMMY: How do you think he knew?

KIMBERLY: I was just asking.

TOMMY: Kimberly, would you like to go to dinner and a movie tonight?

KIMBERLY: Sure, look there's, Kat.


KAT: Tommy, Kimberly, David?


KAT: Hi, how are you?


KAT: Hey, look there's Rocky and Adam.

TOMMY: Rocky, Adam!

ROCKY: Tommy, Kimberly, David, Kat!

ADAM: Where?

ROCKY: Over there at the counter.



KIMBERLY: Tommy, asked me out.

KAT: That's great, so you're in love with that tramp again?

TOMMY: I never stop loving her. Besides we broke up, remember?

KAT: Yeah, I...


TRINI: Kimberly, Tommy, Rocky, Adam?

DAVID: Calm down, Tommy.

TOMMY: Shut up and leave me alone!

DAVID: Don't yell at me!

KIMBERLY: Come on, Tommy, let's get a drink. Oh, Kat, I never stop loving, Tommy, either.

ADAM: Look there's, Justin. Justin, over here!

JUSTIN: Hi, Adam, Tommy, Kat, Rocky. Who are you?

KIMBERLY: I'm Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger.

TRINI: I'm Trini, the first yellow Ranger. Wait are you a Power Ranger?

JUSTIN: I became the Blue Ranger after Rocky hurt his back.

TOMMY: Come on, Kim, let's go to the movie and dinner.

DAVID: I'm David, Tommy's brother.

JUSTIN: Tommy, I didn't...Tommy? Tommy? Where's Tommy?

KAT: I think Tommy and Kimberly went to the movies and dinner. Why?

JUSTIN: Oh, I'll just tell him what I was going to say tomorrow.

DAVID: You didn't know he had a brother.

JUSTIN: Yeah, how did you know?

DAVID: It was obvious.

TOMMY: I know this is the first time in years we've been out and I love you even more then I ever did. I have a question to ask you. Kimberly Hart, will you marry me?

NARRATOR: Kim turned around like she did when Tommy first asked her out and Tommy thought for a moment she would say no. Then Kimberly turned around again this time facing Tommy.

KIMBERLY: I love you more then I ever did too. Yes, I will marry you!

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, there's a surprise here at the Command Center for all of the Rangers. Including the very first ones.

KIMBERLY: Who was that?

TOMMY: Alpha 6.

KIMBERLY: Alpha 6? What happen to Alpha 5?

TOMMY: Zordon and Alpha 5 had a chance to go back to their planet. So they did. Ready to teleport?

KIMBERLY: Yes, but what about your brother, Tommy?

TOMMY: Alpha 6, what about my brother?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, just explain to him to be ready to teleport. Have you ever seen a robot get sick?

TOMMY: Excuse me?

ALPHA 6: Would you quit it with all of the mushy stuff?

DIMITRIA: Would it not be wise to teleport him here to?

DAVID: Alpha 6?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, what do you want?

DAVID: Leave my brother alone.

DIMITRIA: Would it not be wise to teleport them now, Alpha 6?

ALPHA 6: Your right, Dimitria. Ready to teleport Rangers?

KAT: We all are.

TOMMY: Kim and I are ready to.

TANYA: I am.

BILLY: Affirmative.


AISHA: Ready.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, teleporting you now.

KIMBERLY: Can you break the code I made to get the message?

JASON: I've done it before.

NARRATOR: It looked like this:


JASON: The first thing I have to is write down the Alpha...

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, did someone say my name?

ALL OF THE RANGERS: Alpha 5, Zordon!

ZORDON: Surprise, Rangers.

DAVID: Have you figured out the code yet?

JASON: Yep, "Tommy asked me to marry him and I said yes."

KAT: Tommy, KIM, I'm sorry I got mad earlier today at the Juice Bar.

KIMBERLY: That's all right.

DAVID: That's great.

TOMMY: Maybe you can all be in the wedding.

ZACK: Maybe not all of us.

KAT: Kim, do you think you could find out if, David, likes me for more then a friend?

KIMBERLY: Why? Do you love him?

KAT: Yes, but I don't know if he likes me for more then a friend.

KIMBERLY: All right.

KAT: Thank you, Kimberly!

TOMMY: Why did you thank, Kimberly?

KIMBERLY: Tommy, do you think you could find out if David loves Kat?

TOMMY: Sure. Hey, David, Kat, wanted to know if you liked her for more then a friend?

DAVID: Yeah, I loved her since I first met her.

TOMMY: Thanks David, Oh Kat, loves you to.

DAVID: How do you know?

TOMMY: Kim, told me.

DAVID: Well, who told, Kim?

TOMMY: Who do you think told her? Kat, told her.

KAT: Did I hear my name?

TOMMY: Yeah, oh my brother loved you since he first met you.

KAT: Really?

TOMMY: Yeah.

KAT: Kim, David, dose love me.

DAVID: Kat, may I talk to you, please?

KAT: Sure.

DAVID: Kat, would you like to go out tomorrow night?

KAT: Sure.

TRINI: Kim, I knew you and Tommy were always lovebirds.

KIMBERLY: Trini? Tommy and I are not birds.

TRINI: It's just an expression.

KIMBERLY: Well don't use it on Tommy and I.

TOMMY: Use what?

KIMBERLY: Tommy, I really wish you wouldn't do that.

TOMMY: Do what?

KIMBERLY: Sneak up on me, ask me a question and then give me a kiss, but it's all right this time, because I'll always love you no matter what.

ALPHA 6 Yow, yow, yow, could you quit it with the mushy stuff? You're making me sick.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, shut up and leave them alone.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, don't tell me to shut up and leave them alone.

BILLY: Calm down Alpha 5 and Alpha 6.

ALPHA 5: Don't tell me to calm down when I'm mad!

ZORDON: Tommy, Kimberly, Zack and Jason get Alpha 5!

DIMITRIA: David, Rocky, Adam, Justin, would it not be wise to hold Alpha 6 too?

ADAM: We are!

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, let me go!

ADAM: No, not until you calm down.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, Rangers, I have calm down.

ZORDON: Quit you lying, Alpha 5.

Alpha 5: Aye, yi, yi, but I'm not lying.

ZORDON: Alpha 5?

ALPHA 5: OK, so I was lying a little bit, but I'm not lying when I say I hate Alpha 6.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, I don't like you either.

DIMITIRIA: Would it not be wise to try and get along?

KIMBERLY: Remember when you took my Power Coin, Kat?

KAT: Yeah, I was so sorry.

JUSTIN: What are you talking about?


JASON: Yeah, what are you talking about?

TRINI: Really that's what I would like to know.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, what are you talking about?

DIMITRIA: Would it not be wise to explain to everyone what you are talking about?

KIMBERLY: I'll ell you everything I remember. Here it goes:

After Kat came here to live. Rita put a spell on her and told her to steal my Power Coin. Aisha found a cat in the park. Which she named P.C., which stood for Park Cat. We didn't know at the time the cat Aisha found was really, Kat.

KAT: After I stole Kimberly's Power Coin. She became weak and when she went back to practicing her Gymnastics / She went up one the Balance Beam and fell. I found her and called an ambulance. When Kimberly woke up in the Hospital. Tommy went to see her first. Then Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha and Billy had to go fight a monster. So I told Kim everything.

KIMBERLY: Then when I was in the hospital I thought about letting Kat be the Pink Ranger. So I could go into the Gymnastics Competition. So I had Alpha 5 teleport Kat to the command center and I gave her my Power Coin and that's how Kat became the second Pink Ranger.

NARRATOR: As Kimberly and Kat told the story it appeared on the viewing globe. It did that for all stories.

JASON: Hey, Tommy, remember Green With Evil?

TOMMY: Yeah, but it's hard to believe I was ever evil.

KIMBERLY: Tell the story, Tommy. Zordon, could you put on the viewing globe?

ZORDON: I will for every story.

TOMMY: Thanks, Zordon. OK, here it goes:

I came here for a Karate Competition. Not only that, But I moved here. Rita Repulsa sent down some Putties, so she could test me. I defeated them so Rita took me to her palace and put a spell on me and gave me a Green Power Coin, but first I was the evil Green Ranger. So Rita tested me again to see if I was worthy of the Sword of Darkness. The only way to break the spell was destroy the Sword of Darkness. After Billy, Kim, Trini, Jason and Zack defeated the Dragonzord in combat. Jason came out of his Zord to fight me one last time. Jason knocked the Sword of Darkness out of my hand and destroyed it. Breaking the spell. Then asked me to join as the sixth good Ranger and that's how I became the good Green Ranger.

ZORDON: Dose anyone remember the three rules?

ALL OF THE RANGERS: 1) Never use you powers for personal gain. 2) Never escalate a battle unless evil forces you. 3) Keep your identities secret.

ZORDON: That's right, I'm surprised you remember that.

AISHA: Well once you learn something, I guess you never forget.

TRINI: I never forgot.

KIMBERLY AND TOMMY: We never for got.

JASON AND ROCKY: We never forgot.

TANYA, AISHA AND KAT: We never forgot.

DAVID: Kat, do you want to go to the movie and dinner now?

KAT: Sure.





ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, Bye.


KAT: The movie was great, David.

DAVID: Kat, I was kind of scared to ask you out when you were going out with my brother. I know this is our first date. Would you like to go out tomorrow night?

KAT: Sure, same time?

DAVID: Yeah.

KAT: Sure.

NARRATOR: Alpha 5 teleported David and Kat back to the command center. Kat ran over and told Kimberly, Aisha, Trini and Tanya that David asked her out again.

KIMBERLY: That's great!

TANYA: Terrific!

TRINI: Fantastic!

AISHA: Morphinominal!

TOMMY: What's great, terrific, and fantastic and morphinominal?

KAT: David asked me out again.

TOMMY: Again?

KAT: You didn't know when David and I left earlier we went on a date?

TOMMY: No, David never told me.

KAT: Tomorrow we're going to dinner, a movie and the park.

TOMMY: That's great, see you later, Kim.

NARRATOR: Tommy gave Kimberly a kiss and walked over to talk to David.

TRINI: That's how she looked when she first saw, Tommy.

KAT: That's how she first looked when she first saw, Tommy?

NARRATOR: Then all of the sudden Kimberly fainted.

TOMMY: Kimberly! What happen?

KAT: She just fainted. I don't know what happen. One minute she was standing there staring at you and then she just fainted.

KIMBERLY: What happen?

TOMMY: Kimberly! Well Kat said you were standing there staring at me and then you just fainted.

DIMITRIA: Would it not be wise to get her to the hospital?

KIMBERLY: All right, bye everyone.

TOMMY: See you later everyone.





NARRATOR: Tommy took Kimberly to the hospital.

TOMMY: Doctor, do you know what's wrong with, Kimberly Hart?

THE DOCTOR: She's been...she been....

TOMMY: She's been what?

THE DOCTOR: She's been poisoned and has twenty-four hours to live. Unless we find a cure.

TOMMY: You've got to find a cure! Kimberly and I are getting married!

THE DOCTOR: We need to know the poison before we can find a cure.

TOMMY: May I go see, Kim?

THE DOCTOR: Sure go on in. She wants to see you.

TOMMY: Thanks, Hi, Kim, how are you feeling?

KIMBERLY: Great, look who came to visit.

TOMMY: Hi, everyone. When did you all get here?

KAT: About five minutes ago. The doctor said go ahead and go in.

DAVID: We go here as soon as we heard, Kimberly had been poisoned.

THE DOCTOR: We found the poison and we found the cure!

KIMBERLY: May I please have it?

THE DOCTOR: Sure, here you go. The shot may sting a little.

TOMMY: I could hold your hand, Kim.


TOMMY: How long will it take?

THE DOCTOR: Maybe a few minutes.

TOMMY: KIM, your kind of digging your nails in my hand.

NARRATOR: Then all of the sudden Kimberly loosen her hand and then let go. Kimberly pretended to be dead.

TOMMY: Kim? Kim?

THE DOCTOR: I'm sorry.

TOMMY: You mean she's dead?

THE DOCTOR: I'm afraid so.

TOMMY: No! She can't be dead!

KAT: Tommy, calm down. Are you sure?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I'm very sorry.

TOMMY: You're not sorry. You're glad.

KIMBERLY: Tommy, calm down.

TOMMY: Kimberly, your alive!

KIMBERLY: It was a practical joke I planed.

TOMMY: You mean everyone but me knew about it?

KIMBERLY: That's right. I'm sorry, Tommy.

TOMMY: I love you, but do me a favor, Kim.


TOMMY: Don't do that to me again.

KIMBERLY: I promise.

TOMMY: So there was never any poison?


NARRATOR: Then Bulk and Skull walked in.

KIMBERLY: What are you doing here?

BULK: We know who the Power Rangers are.

KIMBERLY: Really? Who?

BULK: It's surely not you dweebs.

KIMBERLY: Dream on, Bulk, You'll never find out who the Power Rangers are.

BULK: If I'm never going to find out whom the Power Rangers are, then why did I?

JASON: Well, Bulk, if you know whom the Power Rangers are, then who are they?

BULK: They told Skull and me to keep their identities secret.

KIMBERLY: Dream on, Bulk, you and Skull run every time you see a monster.

BULK: How do you know? Unless you're a Power Ranger.

KIMBERLY: I've met with the rangers a couple of times in their suits and they told me. Everyone out!

TOMMY: I'll wait outside the door. OK?

KIMBERLY: All right, I'll be out as soon as I get dressed.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back with David and Kat.

DAVID: Ready to go to the movies, dinner and park?

KAT: Yeah.

NARRATOR: Soon David and Kat reached the Juice Bar. Over dinner David surprised Kat with a question.

DAVID: I know this is only the second date, but I've loved you for a long time. Katherine Hillard, will you marry me?

KAT: Could you give me a couple of days to think? The next time I see you I'll give you my answer.

DAVID: All right.

NARRATOR: Kat went home and called Kimberly.


KAT: Hi, Kimberly, it's Kat.

KIMBERLY: Hi, Kat, what's going on?

KAT: David asked me to marry him.

KIMBERLY: What did you say?

KAT: I told him to give me a couple of days to think about it.

KIMBERLY: Well have you thought about an answer.

KAT: Yes.

KIMBERLY: Well, what is it?

KAT: Yes.

KIMBERLY: Hey, Kat, a double wedding.

KAT: Yeah, but don't tell anybody until I answer, David.

KIMBERLY: I can't even tell, Tommy?

KAT: Wouldn't he tell, David.

KIMBERLY: You never know. Well I have to go bye.

KAT: Bye, don't tell, Tommy, ANYTHING!

KIMBERLY: OK, I promise.

KAT: I got a call on the other line, bye.

KIMBERLY: I do to, it's probably, Tommy.

KAT: The call on my other line is probably, David. Bye.

NARRATOR: Kimberly and Kat were right. David called Kat and Tommy called Kimberly. Meanwhile back at the command center Zordon and Dimitria were talking and Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 were also talking.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, we'll have to watch the wedding from here.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, I'm not watching anything mushy or I'll hurl.

DIMITRIA: Would it not make them happy?

ALPHA 6: Yow, well they haven't sent an invitation.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, they probably will.

ZORDON: But we will have to stay here.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back with Tommy and Kimberly were still talking on the phone.

TOMMY: Kim, would you like to go out tonight?

KIMBERLY: Sure, what time?

TOMMY: Is 7:00, OK?

KIMBERLY: That's perfect see you then, bye.

TOMMY: I love you, Kim, bye.


TOMMY: Yeah, Kim?

KIMBERLY: I love you too, bye.

TOMMY: Bye, Kim.

KIMBERLY: Bye, Tommy, see you tonight.

TOMMY: See you tonight, Kim.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back with David and Kat were ending their conversation on the phone.

DAVID: I'll meet you at the Juice Bar, OK?

KAT: All right.

NARRATOR: Tommy and Kimberly were meeting at the same place, at the same time. That night Tommy and David were the first to get there.

TOMMY: David, what are you doing here?

DAVID: I asked Kat to meet me here. What are you doing here?

TOMMY: I asked Kim to meet me here. Look there they are. Kim, Kat, over here!

KAT: Hi, Tommy, what are you doing here?

TOMMY: Meeting Kim. Hey how about a double date?


TOMMY: David, has Kat answered you yet?


KAT: David, may I please talk to you?

DAVID: Sure.

KAT: Remember when I said the next time I see you I'll answer you?


KAT: I love you too, the answer is yes.

DAVID: Tommy, Kat said yes.

TOMMY: That's great, a double wedding!

KIMBERLY: Kat and I already thought of that.


KAT: We were on the phone, when you two called.

TOMMY: That's why it took an hour to get a hold of you Kim.

KIMBERLY: It wasn't that long.

TOMMY: You want to bet?

KIMBERLY: Your acting like Bulk and Skull. If you're going to act like them I'm never going to speak to you again. Good-bye.

ZORDON: Wen Kimberly gets into the hallway and nobody is looking teleport her here.

ALPHA 5: Right Zordon, teleporting now.

KIMBERLY: Wait a minute here. Where am...what am I doing here?

ZORDON: Kimberly, why are you mad at Tommy? He is not acting like Bulk and Skull.

DIMITRIA: Would it not be wise to teleport Tommy here so he can hear why Kimberly is mad?

ZORDON: Teleport him here.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, already teleporting.

TOMMY: What? Oh, hi, Zordon, Alpha 5, Dimitria, Alpha 6. Kim, I'm sorry.

NARRATOR: Kimberly just ignored everything Tommy had to say.

TOMMY: Kim, please don't ignore me.

KIMBERLY: Zordon, may I go now?

DIMITRIA: Would it not be wise to try and work things out?

KIMBERLY: The wedding is off! Zordon, may I go now?

TOMMY: Kim can't we try and work things out before the wedding?

KIMBERLY: I guess we have no other chose. Sure we can probably work things out before the wedding.

TOMMY: Are you speaking to me again?

KIMBERLY: Of course I'm speaking to you again. I was just kidding. The wedding is still on. I'm sorry, Tommy. I was up all night last night.


KIMBERLY: Thinking about you and the wedding.

TOMMY: I was up most of the night thinking about you and the wedding to. Come on, Kim, let's go find Kat and David.

KIMBERLY: No, let's go to the movies, museum and dinner by ourselves.

TOMMY: All right, let's go, Kim.

KIMBERLY: Bye Zordon, Alpha 5. Nice to meet you Dimitria and Alpha 6.

TOMMY: Bye everyone.

KIMBERLY: Oh, your invited to watch the wedding.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, I'm not watching anything mushy.

KIMBERLY: That's all right, I know you don't like mushy stuff.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you got that right toose.

KIMBERLY: Could you do me a favor?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, what do you need?

KIMBERLY: Don't call me toose.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you got it.

TOMMY: Are you ready to go to that movie, museum and dinner?

KIMBERLY: Yep. I remember when you first came to Angle Grove.

TOMMY: Come on, Kim, let's go.

KIMBERLY: All right, let's go. We better find David and Kat and decide when the wedding is going to be.

TOMMY: That's why I suggested a double date.

KIMBERLY: Well then let's go find them.

NARRATOR: Kimberly and Tommy found Kat and David at the museum.


TOMMY: David!

DAVID: Tommy, Kimberly!

KAT: I thought you two weren't going to get married. Kimberly, you said the wedding was off.

KIMBERLY: I was only mad. I was tired to.

KAT: Why were you tired?

KIMBERLY: I stayed up all night thinking about Tommy and the wedding.

TOMMY: I was up a little bit of the night to. Thinking about Kim and the wedding.

KAT: Is that why you said the wedding was off?

KIMBERLY: Yeah, but I love, Tommy.

TOMMY: Hey, Kim, do you want to know something?


TOMMY: I love you too.

KAT: When are we going to set a date for the double wedding?

KIMBERLY: How about June 21?

TOMMY: Sounds fine to me.

DAVID: Me too.

KAT: Sounds great. The first day of summer.

KIMBERLY: I hope it's a really nice day.

TOMMY: It will be, I promise, Kim.

NARRATOR: Then Kat saw Billy, Jason and Rocky at the juice bar.

KAT: Billy, Jason, Rocky!

ROCKY: Hi, Tommy, Kim, Kat, David.

BILLY: Hi everyone.

JASON: What are you doing here?

TOMMY: Double date. What are you doing here?

ROCKY: Practicing karate.

JASON: Practicing karate.

BILLY: Taking a break from invention.

KAT: Hey look there's, Justin.

BILLY: Who's Justin?

ROCKY: Justin, became the Blue Ranger after I hurt my back.

BILLY: Is that why your not a Ranger anymore?

ROCKY: That's right.

NARRATOR: Then they spotted Tanya, Aisha and Trini.

ROCKY: Tanya, Aisha, Trini, over here!

Tanya: Hi, what are you doing here?

KAT: Kimberly, Tommy, David and I are all on a double date.

BILLY: I'm taking a break from an invention.

JASON: Practicing karate.

ROCKY: Practicing karate.

TRINI: Have you set a date for the wedding?

KIMBERLY: June 21.

AISHA: That's the first day of summer.

KAT: That's right, I hope it's a beautiful day.

TOMMY: All of you are invited to the wedding.

BULK: Are Skull and me invited to the wedding?

KIMBERLY: Dream on, Bulk.

DAVID: Why don't we invite them to the wedding?

KAT: As long as they dress up.

SKULL: We can do that, right Bulky?

BULK: Shut up, bug brains. If we dress up real nice you'll invite Skull and I to the wedding?

TRINI: And don't be rude.

KIMBERLY: Yes, if you dress up real nice and don't be rude.

BULK: All right, I can't believe you four dweebs are going to get married.

DAVID: My brother, fiancÚ, Kimberly and I aren't dweebs.

KIMBERLY: The only dweebs I see are you and Skull and if you're going to be rude then your not coming to the wedding.

NARRATOR: Then they spotted, Justin.

KAT: Justin, over here!

JUSTIN: What are you doing here?

TOMMY: Kat, David, Kim and I are on a double date.

JUSTIN: I came here to get a drank.

TRINI: I just wanted to come here.

ROCKY: Practicing Karate.

JASON: Just practicing karate.

TANYA: I came to get something to eat.

AISHA: I just wanted to come here.

ZACK: Who are you?

DAVID: I'm David, Tommy's brother.

ZACK: I didn't know you had a brother, Tommy.

TOMMY: I didn't either. Until after I became a Zeo Ranger.

ZACK: A Zeo Ranger?

TOMMY: I could tell you the story back at the Command Center.

ZACK: See you later.

KIMBERLY: All right.

KAT: Bye.

DAVID: See you later.

TOMMY: Bye, Zack.

KIMBERLY: Come on, let's go back to the command center.

DAVID, KAT, TOMMY: All right.

NARRATOR: When David, Kat, Kimberly and Tommy teleported to the Command center everyone else was already there.

TOMMY: What are you all doing here?

KIMBERLY: How did you get here before us?

ZACK: We just did. We can teleport to.

DAVID: Well you don't have to be rude about it.

DIMITRIA: Would it not be wise to calm down?

DAVID: Well he said, "We just did."

ZORDON: Calm down, David, I'm sure he didn't mean to be rude.

ZACK: No, I didn't mean to be rude, but it's the truth. I told everyone about the story Tommy was going to tell and then we all teleported to the Command Center.

TOMMY: Then may I tell the story? Here I go:

One day Kat, TANYA, Adam, Rocky, Billy and I were at the Command Center. Somehow Rito...

JUSTIN: Who's Rito?

TOMMY: I'll explain later.

Somehow Rito was able to get down below the Command Center and plant an explosive device. That blew up the Command Center with Zordon and Alpha 5 in it.

KAT: I thought Zordon and Alpha 5 were gone forever.


We didn't know at the time there was a lower chamber to the Command Center. Before the Command Center blew up, Zordon told Alpha to teleport Kat, TANYA, Rocky, Adam, Billy and I out of there. After the Command Center blew up. We saw something glowing. So we dug it up. It was the Zeo Crystal. It had survived the explosion. Then the ground began to shake. Then we all landed in sort of a storage area of spare parts. When we walking around we herd Alpha 5. We followed his voice. Until we were right in front of it. He told us to step through a vortex. Rocky kind of stood outside of it and looked around. So Billy pulled him through. When we were all in there we only saw Alpha 5. Then Zordon appeared and told us about the Machine Empire. So we began to fight them. Until we became Turbo Rangers.

BILLY: Rito Revolto is Rita Repulsa's little brother. Rita tried to take over the world until the Machine Empire showed up.

KIMBERLY: Zordon, had Alpha 5 teleaport us here and...

JASON: Made, Zack, Kim, Billy, Trini and I the first Power Rangers.

TRINI: At first there were only...

ZACK: Five rangers. It was about a couple of months after when Tommy became...

TOMMY: The Green Ranger.

JUSTIN: I think I figured it out, but I'm still confused from the three stories.

ADAM: Do you want to hear them again?

JUSTIN: No that's all right. I think I figured it out.

KIMBERLY: I remember being a Power Ranger.

TRINI: I do to.

TOMMY: After I became the Green Ranger I was the only one of the original Power Rangers that stayed.

KIMBERLY: I think everyone knows that, Tommy.

JUSTIN: I didn't.

TANYA: I didn't either.

KIMBERLY: OK, almost everyone. Sometimes I'm glad I gave up my powers and sometimes I miss being a Power Ranger.

KIMBERLY: I didn't really want to, I had to.

TOMMY: No, you had a choice, remember?

KIMBERLY: Oh yeah, now I remember. I had a choice weather to go to the Gymnastics completion or stay here and be a Power Ranger. I decided to give Kat my powers and I went to the Gymnastics competion. Earlier Kat and I told the story.

JUSTIN: Which one? There were three of them.

KIMBERLY: The first one.

JUSTIN: Oh, now I remember. The one when Kat took you Power Coin. When Rita put a spell on her.

KIMBERLY: That's right.

KAT: I hated doing that.

TOMMY: You were under Rita's influence.

KAT: I guess I know that now.

ROCKY: Dose anybody remember, Ivan Ooze?


ADAM: I do.

ASHIA: I do.

BILLY: I do.

TOMMY: I do.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, who was, Ivan Ooze?

DIMITRIA: Dose everyone not know the story?

TOMMY: Who's going to tell the story?

KIMBERLY: TOMMY, Kat and I already told a story.

KAT: Who wants to tell about this, Ivan Ooze?


AISHA: One day Rocky, Adam, Billy Tommy, Kimberly, Bulk, Skull and I were Sky Diving for a competion. After we were through with the competion. We went Roller Blading, and then we went to get something to eat.

ADAM: But before we could get something to eat our communicators went off. We went over behind some trees so no one would know who the Power Rangers were.

ROCKY: Zordon, explain who Ivan Ooze was and told us he had escaped and might be on his way to the command center.

BILLY: When we got to the cordants Alpha 5 gave us there was no one there. Then we found a guard on duty.

AISHA: We didn't know at the time the guard was really Ivan Ooze in descuise. Then Kim asked if the guard had seen a Morphological being.

ADAM: l Then the guard asked "Did it look something like this and turned into Ivan Ooze. Ivan brought up some ooze solders to fight us while he went to destroy the command center.

ROCKY: After Ivan Ooze got into the command center and destroyed it and we lost our powers. So we went back to the command center to investigate and see why we lost our powers.

BILLY: When we got there we saw that the time warp was broke and Zordon was aging very badly. So we were sent to the planet Phaedos to get our Ningetti Powers

AISHA: We didn't know while we were gone Ivan Ooze had recruited the parents of Angel Grove to dig up his Ecto-skelitions. We defeated Ivan Ooze and the Ecto-skelitions. But when we got back to the command center. Alpha 5 told us that Zordon had died. On our journey we had also received something called the Grate Power.

ADAM: Then Tommy said "Wait, remember what we learned? To those who have the Grate Power anything is possible." We stood in a circle around, Zordon, closed our eyes and called on the Grate Power. The Grate Power repaired the command center and brought Zordon back, and that night we all went and saw fireworks. The fireworks said


Bulk and Skull kept trying to convince everyone that it was them that saved the world.

JUSTIN: Tommy, I have a friend that is now a Power Ranger and he says he knows you.


JUSTIN: Fred Kelmen.

TOMMY: Could you teleport him here?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, already teleporting.

FRED: Hey, why didn't you warn me I was going to get teleported?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you've got a surprise and I didn't want to spoil it.

FRED: Where?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, where do you think? Over there!

FRED: Tommy, what are you doing here?

TOMMY: I was the Green Ranger and then I became the White Ranger.

FRED: Did you have a White Falcon Zord?

TOMMY: Yeah, I was the one that saved the Monorail from crashing.

FRED: Why didn't you ever tell me?

TOMMY: What is the 3rd rule to being a Power Ranger?

FRED: Who are all of you?

ZACK: I'm Zack, the first Black Ranger.

JASON: I'm Jason, the first Red Ranger.

DAVID: I'm David, Tommy's brother.

FRED: I didn't know you had a brother, Tommy.

TOMMY: I didn't either for a long time.

TRINI: I'm Trini, the first Yellow Ranger.

KAT: I'm Kat, the second Pink.

ZORDON: I'm Zordon, I was their mentor. Until I had a chance to go back to my planet and I did.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi, I'm Alpha 5, I ran the command center. When Zordon went back to his home planet I went with him.

TANYA: I'm TANYA, the third Yellow Ranger.

TOMMY: Fred, would you like to come to David, Kat, Kim and my wedding?

FRED: Wedding? I never herd about the wedding.

KIMBERLY: That's because Tommy just told you about it. You're invited to come to the wedding if you want.

FRED: All right, when is it?

KAT: June 21.

FRED: The first day of summer?

KIMBERLY: Yeah, the first day of summer.

FRED: What time is the wedding?

KIMBERLY: We haven't decided yet.

KAT: How about 12:00 p.m.?

KIMBERLY: That's fine with me.

TOMMY: That's great for me.

DAVID: Fine with me.

KAT: We have the day and time.

KIMBERLY: But where is it going to be?

TOMMY: How about the park?

KIMBERLY: On a beautiful day? That would be perfect.

TOMMY: Hey, Kim, remember the time when we went to the park and some putties showed up and Zedd turned your purse and lipstick into a couple of monsters?

KIMBERLY: Yeah, I remember and we were having so much fun, before the putties showed up.

TOMMY: I love you so much, Kim.

NARRATOR: I love you so much, Kim. Said Tommy giving Kimberly a kiss.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, have you ever seen a robot hurl?

KAT: Alpha 6?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, what do you want?

KAT: Leave them alone.

KIMBERLY: Remember, Bloom of Doom?

TOMMY: Yeah and you were almost gone forever in another demetion.

KIMBERLY: Remember, Turban Shell, the one that made you lose your Green Ranger powers, Tommy?

TOMMY: Yeah, I remember you fainted before you found out I was the White Ranger.

KIMBERLY: I remember Slippery Shark turned you and Jason against each other.

TOMMY: See you all later.




ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, Bye.


ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, bye.

DIMITRIA: Good-bye.

FRED: Bye.

JUSTIN: They're really are in love, aren't they?

TRINI: Kimberly fell in love with Tommy when she first saw him.

JUSTIN: So it was love at first site?

TRINI: That's right, love at first site.

TANYA: May we watch them through the viewing globe?

DIMITRIA: Would that not be spying?

TANYA: Why not?

TRINI: It would be spying and if they found out we would be invited to the wedding.

TANYA: All right, I guess your right.

DAVID: When did Tommy first ask Kimberly out?

TRINI: When Tommy asked Kimberly to a school dance. Then Kim and Tommy started dating.

DAVID: For how long?

TRINI: I don't know. I went to a peace conference. Why do you want to know?

DAVID: I was just going to make a book for, Tommy and Kim. I wrote down every story I've herd so far.

KAT: Why?

DAVID: For a wedding present.

KAT: I could tell you a lot of stories about the Power Rangers.

DAVID: May we go to the park and then you tell me the stories?

KAT: Sure, as long as no one hears them, bye everyone.

DAVID: Bye everyone.

TANYA: Bye, Kat, Bye, David.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, bye Kat and David.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, see you later.

ROCKY, ADAM, AISHA: Bye, Kat, and David.

ZORDON: Bye Katherine, David.

JASON, ZACK: Bye Kat, David.

JUSTIN, FRED: Bye, Kat, and David.

BILLY, TRINI: Bye, Kat, and David.

NARRATOR: When David and Kat left everyone got their picture taken with Zordon, Alpha 5, Alpha 6 and Dimitria.

TANYA: This is going to be a big wedding present.

TRINI: Is there anyway we can make two posters?

ZORDON: There is a way, Alpha set the camera and get in before the picture is taken.

ALPHA: Aye, yi, yi, all right. The camera is all set, Zordon. Say Morphinominal.


TANYA: Can you really turn these pictures into posters?

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi,yi, in the snap of a finger.

AISHA: So all we have to do is snap our fingers?

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, at the same time.

JUSTIN: When I count to three.


JUSTIN: One...two...three!

NARRATOR: When Justin said three everyone snap their fingers. Then there were two posters.

JUSTIN: That was cool!

AISHA: What's wrong, Adam? You've been kind of quiet today.

ADAM: Nothing, just thinking.

AISHA: About what?

ADAM: When I was still a Power Ranger and all of the great times I had.

ROCKY: I don't think that's what, Adam, was thinking about at all.

ADAM: Wh...what do you mean?

ROCKY: I think Adam's in...

ADAM: Shut up. Please don't tell everyone.

AISHA: Love? What's her name?

ADAM: April.

ROCKY: Are you going to ask her to marry you?

ADAM: We've only been going out a couple of months. Speaking of April I said I would meet her at the Surf Spot at 1: 30 and it's 1:28, she's probably already there.

EVERYONE: Bye, Adam.

ADAM: See you all later.

NARRATOR: Adam met April at the Surf Spot.

ADAM: April!

APRIL: Adam, where have you been?

ADAM: With a couple of my friends that I haven't seen in a long time. Would you like to go to a movie and dinner tonight?

APRIL: Sure, What movie?

ADAM: Night of the Twisters?

APRIL: All right.

ADAM: Ready to go?

APRIL: Ready, let's go.

ADAM: No, how about the Outsiders?

APRIL: All right, let's go.

NARRATOR: They got to the movie just as it was starting.

"PONYBOY: When I stepped into the bright sunlight, from the darkness of the movie house..."

NARRATOR: Meanwhile Tommy, Kim, Kat and David were at the same movie.

KIMBERLY: Tommy, look there's David, Kat and Adam.

TOMMY: David, Kat, Adam, over here.

ADAM: Hi, what are you doing here?

KIMBERLY: Tommy and I came to see The Outsiders.

KAT: David and I are here to see The Outsiders to. Who is that?

ADAM: This is Lucy, my girlfriend.

KAT: Hi, I'm Kat.

DAVID: Hi, I'm David.

KIMBERLY: Hi, I'm Kimberly.

TOMMY: Hi, I'm Tommy.

LUCY: Hi, are these all you friends, Adam?

ADAM: A few of them.

LUCY: A few?

ADAM: Yeah, a few.

LUCY: How many friends do you have?

ADAM: Let's see there's Rocky, Aisha, Tommy, Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Trini, TANYA, Kat and Justin.

LUCY: You have ten friends?

ADAM: Tommy's brother, David.

LUCY: Eleven friends?

ADAM: Yep.

KAT: May we please watch the movie?

ADAM, LUCY: Sorry.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back with Rocky, Aisha, Justin, Fred, Jason, Zack, Trini and TANYA were wrapping the presents. Just as they were hiding the presents when David, Kat, Kim and Tommy returned.

KAT: What's that?


KAT: I saw some wrapping paper.

TANYA: Nothing, it's a surprise for someone that I know and Alpha 6 and Dimtria agreed to keep it here.

KIMBERLY: That's great!

ROCKY: What movie did you go see?

TOMMY: The Outsiders.

DAVID: It was a grate movie.

KIMBERLY: It was Tommy's idea to go to that grate movie.

KAT: It was David's idea to go to The Outsiders.

ADAM: It was my idea to take my girlfriend, Lucy, to The Outsiders.

ROCKY: Where is, Lucy?

ADAM: I took her home.

TANYA: Hey Kat, remember weight and see?

KAT: Yeah, but please don't remind me.

KIMBERLY: What do you mean weight and see?

KAT: Alpha 6, could you please show it on the viewing globe?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you got it toose.

KAT: Alpha 6?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, what do you want toose?

KAT: Please don't call me toose.

DAVID: May I call you toose?

KAT: No, nobody can!

DAVID: I was just asking. I love you so much, Kat.

KAT: I know, David, I love you to.

TOMMY: Kim, there's something I forgot to tell you today.

KIMBERLY: What's that?

TOMMY: I love you.


TOMMY: Yeah, Kim?

KIMBERLY: I love you to.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, would you quit it with all the mushy stuff?

KIMBERLY: Alpha 6?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, what do you want?

KIMBERLY: Why don't you shut up?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, don't tell me what to do.

TOMMY: Alpha 6?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, what do you want?

TOMMY: Leave Kim alone.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you got it, Tommy.

KIMBERLY: How come you'll listen to, Tommy and no one else?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, how am I supposed to know?

KIMBERLY: I don't know, it just seemed like you would know. But I guess I was maybe you don't know yourself.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, don't tell me what I do and don't know.

JASON: Would you please stop fighting?

KIMBERLY: Why don't you tell that stupid little robot to shut up?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, I'm not stupid.

KIMBERLY: Well you sure act like it.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, I'm a robot to.

KIMBERLY: Sorry, Alpha 5, but you are stupid, Alpha 6.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, I'm not stupid.

JASON: Would you two shut up?

TOMMY: Don't talk to, Kim, that way!

JASON: Well Kim and Alpha 6 won't shut up!

TOMMY: Leave Kim alone!

DIMITRIA: Would it not be wise to try and get along?

KIMBERLY: I'll never get along with, Alpha 6, as rude as he is.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, I'll never get along with you either.

JASON: Would you two please shut up?

TOMMY: Leave Kimberly alone!

KAT: Why doesn't everybody just shut up?

TANYA: Yeah, you're starting to give me a headache!

DAVID: Just everybody cool it! I don't want to hear anymore of this, could somebody, please, teleport me out of here?

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi, affirmative.

KAT, TANYA: Me to!





TOMMY: Come on, Kim, let's get out of here.

KIMBERLY: I could try and get along with that rude little robot.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you don't have to be rude you know.

KIMBERLY: Well then don't be so rude to everyone else.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, how do I do that?

KIMBERLY: Quit calling me and all of us girls toose. Every time Kat, David, Tommy or I talk about the wedding quit saying your going to hurl and listen to everyone.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you got it.

KAT: What's today?

KIMBERLY: Uh...June 3rd.

TOMMY: The wedding is in two weeks.

DAVID: Really? It's getting close.

KIMBERLY: We still have to send out invitations.

KAT: Plus get a cake.

DAVID: The minister to.

KAT: We can probably get Ernie to do the wedding cake.

KIMBERLY: What about the minister?

TOMMY: We'll find someone, don't worry, Kim.

KIMBERLY: Alpha, could you get everyone back here so we can tell them about what is going to happen at the wedding?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, which one? There's two Alpha's, remember?

KIMBERLY: It doesn't matter.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you can do it, Alpha 5.

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi, thank you, Alpha 6.

ADAM: Hey, what are we doing here?

KIMBERLY: I asked Alpha to teleport you here so you could help with the wedding. It's...

TOMMY: In two weeks.

AISHA: What can we do?

TOMMY: Rocky, Adam, could you see if Ernie would make a cake before 12:00 p.m. on June 21?


KIMBERLY: Jason, Zack, do you think you could get a minister?

JASON: Sure, see you later.

ZACK: See you later.

KAT: Could everyone else help make invitations?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, what if we don't want to help?

KIMBERLY: Then you don't have to. Oh, Rocky, Adam, invite Ernie.

ROCKY: All right, see you later.

ADAM: Bye, should we find Bulk and Skull and invite them?

NARRATOR: Kat looked over at Kimberly, Tommy and David who nodded their heads yes.

KAT: Sure.


ZACK, JASON: See you later.

TOMMY: Hey, Kim?


TOMMY: I love you.

KIMBERLY: I love you to.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, yow, quit...

KIMBERLY: Alpha 6?


KAT: What?

DAVID: I've loved you since I first met you.

KAT: I know, I love you to.

NARRATOR: I know, I love you to, said Kat giving David a kiss at the same time Kimberly gave Tommy a kiss.

JUSTIN: Looks like there's a little romance in the air.

ADAM: Shhhh, quiet.

JUSTIN: I met this girl and she really, really cute.

ROCKY: What's her name?

JUSTIN: Elisabeth.

ADAM: Where is she?

JUSTIN: At the Surf Spot. I'm going to meet her right now, see you later.



ADAM: Looks like Justin's got a girlfriend.

FRED: She's also became the new Pink Ranger after Cassie and the others went into Space and Zordon renewed the power.

KAT: It dose look sort of like he's got a girlfriend.

KIMBERLY: It's spring, what do you expect?

TANYA: Look at the viewing globe its showing the Surf Spot.

KAT: Look there's Justin and that must be, Elisabeth.

TOMMY: Hey, Fred, how's Divatox?

FRED: As terrible as ever.

ADAM: Still setting detonators?

FRED: Like she always has.

KAT: Look at Justin he just asked Elisabeth out.

TANYA: We couldn't spy on Tommy and Kimberly, but we can spy on Justin and Elisabeth?

TOMMY, KIMBERLY: You did what?

TANYA: Uh-oh.

ADAM: TANYA, wanted to spy on you, bit the rest of us didn't.

TANYA: So we didn't spy.

KIMBERLY: Why did you want to spy on Tommy and I?

TANYA: I don't know.

KIMBERLY: You have to have reason.

TANYA: All right, you got me.


TANYA: What if peratrons would've showed up?

TOMMY: Kim and I could have fought them and if not we could have called for back up.

TANYA: Sorry, I wanted to spy on you.

KIMBERLY: That's all right.

TANYA: Am I uninvited to the wedding?

KIMBERLY: You're still invited to the wedding.

TANYA: Trini said that it was spying and if you found out I would be uninvited to the wedding.


TRINI: That's what I thought.

KIMBERLY: Well you thought wrong.

TOMMY: You lied?

TRINI: Not on purpose.

KIMBERLY: That's all right.

TRINI: Am I uninvited to the wedding?

KIMBERLY: What makes you think you are uninvited to the wedding?

TRINI: Because of what I said.

KIMBERLY: It doesn't matter what you say your all still invited to the wedding.

TRINI: Thanks.

NARRATOR: Then all of the sudden Justin and Elisabeth teleaported to the command center.

ADAM: Hey, Justin, who is this?

JUSTIN: This is my girlfriend, Elisabeth.



KAT: I heard you became the Pink Ranger.

ALPHA 6: You are the 3rd Pink Earth Ranger.

ELISABETH: What does Alpha 6 mean the 3rd Pink Ranger?

KIMBERLY: I was the first Pink Ranger.

KAT: I was the second Pink Ranger.

ELISABETH: So that would make me the 3rd Pink Ranger?

ROCKY: That's right.

KIMBERLY: Dose anyone remember when Rito Revolto tried to take over Santa's workshop?



ELISABETH: What are you talking about?

KIMBERLY: Could you please show it on the viewing globe?

ZORDON: Alpha 5?

ALPHA 5: Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi, affirmative.

KAT: I remember I went to spend Christmas with my family.

KIMBERLY: It was almost the first Christmas I spent without my mom.

KAT: Did she come though?

KIMBERLY: Yes and Tommy caught me under the mistletoe twice.

ROCKY: It was freezing at the North Pole to.

ELISABETH: You went to the North Pole? Cool.

ROCKY: Cool? It was freezing.

AISHA: I think she means it was cool we got to go there.

ROCKY: I know.

KIMBERLY: Then why did you say, "Cool? It was freezing."

ROCKY: But it was freezing at the North Pole.

KIMBERLY: Well no one was talking about how cold it was at the North Pole.

ROCKY: I was remembering how cold it was and telling everyone how cold it was.

TOMMY: Come on, Kim, let's go for a walk.

KIM: Why?

TOMMY: So we can talk.

KIMBERLY: All right, what do you want to talk about?

TOMMY: Why are you so mad?

KIMBERLY: What if Divatox shows up before or during the wedding?

TOMMY: The Turbo Rangers will be there. One question.


TOMMY: Why were you so rude to, Rocky?

KIMBERLY: I don't know. No one was...

TOMMY: It's not about the cold weather, Kim.

KIMBERLY: I guess I was being a grouch, because I had a nightmare and then I was up the rest of the night.

TOMMY: What was the nightmare about?

KIMBERLY: Well, before the wedding these things called Piranatrons showed up and kidnapped David and I. Do you think it will happen?

TOMMY: Not with the Turbo Rangers there. But knowing Divatox she'll try and get her way.

KIMBERLY: But we can all fight Piranatrons. She's going to try and spoil the wedding isn't she?

TOMMY: Yeah, but we won't let her.

DIVATOX: We'll just see about that.

KIMBERLY: Hey, Divatox, do me a favor.

DIVATOX: I don't do favors.

KIMBERLY: Shut up.

DIVATOX: I'll get you for telling me to shut up.

TOMMY: Leave Kim alone.


TOMMY: Just leave Kim alone or I can call the Turbo Rangers.

DIVATOX: I could be out of here before the Turbo Rangers even get here. Elgar, do something right.

ELGAR: Your coming with me girl.

KIMBERLY: Get your hands off me creep!

NARRATOR: Before Elgar kidnapped Kimberly. Kimberly screamed Tommy's name.


TOMMY: Don't worry, Kim!

KIMBERLY: Warn David!

TOMMY: Hey Elgar get your ugly hands off, Kimberly!

NARRATOR: Tommy teleaported back to the Power Chamber.

TOMMY: Zordon, Alpha 5, Kimberly's been kidnapped!

ZORDON: We know...

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, we already alerted the Turbo Rangers.

TOMMY: OK, see you later. I have to warn, David, about something.

KAT: We all heard about Kim getting kidnapped.

TOMMY: Hey everyone, I have to go warn David about something.



NARRATOR: Meanwhile back with Kimberly. She was trapped in the prison where she had been once before. When Divatox had captured her and Jason.


DAVID: Kimberly?

KIMBERLY: David, how long have you been here?

DAVID: Since about the day before yesterday.

KIMBERLY: Are you hungry? I brought some food.

DAVID: Yes, thank you.

KIMBERLY: We'll be out of here as soon as the Turbo Rangers find us.

DAVID: When will they find us? How long will it take them?

KIMBERLY: They should know by now, so probably only a couple of hours.

DAVID: So we're going to be stuck here another couple of hours?

KIMBERLY: That's right. But don't worry the Turbo Rangers will find us or we could try and escape.


KIMBERLY: We could unscrew those bolts in the door.

DAVID: With what?

KIMBERLY: With this wrench.

DAVID: How did you have a wrench before you got kidnapped?

KIMBERLY: I had a dream you and I got kidnapped. Besides it's better to be prepared.

DAVID: When did you have your dream?

KIMBERLY: Last night. But did you have the exact same dream?

DAVID: Yeah.


DAVID: Last Monday.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber. Tommy had returned.

TOMMY: I looked everywhere but I couldn't find, David.

DIMITRIA: Could Divatox have already kidnapped him?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, take a look at the viewing globe.

TOMMY: Kimberly!

KAT: David!

JUSTIN: Well at least we know they're all right.

TANYA: Remember Tommy, Kat, Adam and I aren't Rangers anymore.

JUSTIN: Could you get the other Rangers here, Alpha 6?

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you got it brain.

JUSTIN: Alpha 6, please don't call me brain.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, you got it.

ELISABETH: Why are we here?

JUSTIN: Because Tommy's fiancÚ and Kat's fiancÚ have been kidnapped.

ALPHA 6: Yow, yow, yow, are you going to stand around talking or are you going to rescue them?

ALL THE TURBO RANGERS: Shift into Turbo!



NARRATOR: Meanwhile back with Kimberly and David.

KIMBERLY: I'm pretty sure the Turbo Rangers know by now and they're on their way.

DAVID: That's what you keep saying.

KIMBERLY: I know that's what I keep saying, but we have to believe it.

DAVID: I'm not sure I can believe it. Is Tommy still a ranger?

KIMBERLY: He told me he wasn't a Power Ranger anymore. I know Justin is a ranger

DAVID: I wonder who the other four Power Rangers are now.

KIMBERLY: I don't know and really I don't care Just as long as they find us and get us out of here.

NARRATOR: Then all of the sudden David and Kimberly herd something.

JUSTIN: David, Kimberly?!

DAVID: Listen. L


NARRATOR: The Turbo Rangers also had Kat and Tommy with them.


KAT: David?

DAVID: Kat, in here!

NARRATOR: It took only a few minutes for Kat and Tommy to find Kimberly and David. Kimberly ran over and gave Tommy a big hug and Kiss. The same time Kat ran over and gave David and a kiss and hug.

KAT: It's June 21, the wedding is in a couple of hours.

KIMBERLY: Kat and I have to go get ready to go get ready. See you later, Tommy.

TOMMY: Bye, Kim.

KAT: See you later, David.

DAVID: I love you, Kat, I'll see you at the wedding.

JUSTIN: I just thought about something.

TANYA: What?

JUSTIN: Wouldn't there be a detonator?

TANYA: Yeah, but where?

JUSTIN: I don't know.

TOMMY: It probably already blew up.

DAVID: Who cares, let's just get to the wedding.

TOMMY: Yeah, let's get to the wedding.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile Kimberly's mother had just arrived in Angel Grove and headed for the park where the wedding was going to be.


KIMBERLY: Oh mygosh! Mom, what are you doing here?

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: Tommy called and said there was going to be a wedding at noon in the park.

KIMBERLY: Well if Tommy wasn't going to tell you I was.

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: When did he ask you?

KIMBERLY: Last month, why?

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: I was just wondering. Where is Tommy?

KIMBERLY: I don't know, probably getting ready.

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: Ready for what?

KIMBERLY: The wedding.

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: The wedding is in twenty minutes. If it's at noon.

KIMBERLY: I'm ready. I'm going to go see is Kat is ready.

NARRATOR: Kimberly walked across the hall and knocked on the door.

KAT: Who is it?

KIMBERLY: It's me, Kimberly.

KAT: Just a minute.

KIMBERLY: I see David and Tommy. Oh I have my mom out here to.

KAT: Come on in.

KIMBERLY: Are you ready?

KAT: Yes, but I'm scared.

KIMBERLY: Me to. The first time I saw Tommy I told Trini "He is so cute."

KAT: What did Tommy have to say?

KIMBERLY: About what?

KAT: When you said "He is so cute." What did Tommy have to say?

KIMBERLY: Nothing, he was on the other side of the Juice Bar.

KAT: Why didn't you just walk over and tell him?

KIMBERLY: Would you walk over to someone and say I've loved you since I first saw you?

KAT: Probably not.

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: Excuse me, but you have two minutes to the wedding.

KIMBERLY: Wait until Tommy see's me.

KAT: Him and David will probably whistle.

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: It's time for the wedding.

KIMBERLY: Mom, I'm so glad you came.

KIMBERLY'S MOTHER: Well Kimberly, I wouldn't miss you getting married.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile outside everyone was ready.

JUSTIN: How did they meet?


JUSTIN: Kimberly and Tommy.

TRINI: When Tommy came here for a karate...

NARRATOR: Then the music for the wedding started to play. Everyone became quiet at the sound of the music.

TRINI: I'll tell you later.

JUSTIN: All right, but I think there's a detonator in the cake.

ADAM: What makes you say that?

JUSTIN: Because listen to the ticking.

JASON: Not to alarm anyone, but there's a detonator in the cake.

NARRATOR: Then all of the sudden the detonator went off and cake flew everywhere.

KAT: What happen out here?

JUSTIN: There was a detonator in the cake and it blew up! It was real cool!

KIMBERLY: Now we don't have a cake for the wedding.

ROCKY: Ernie, said he was going to make another one.

KAT: How long will that take?

ADAM: Ernie, said probably an hour.

TOMMY: I'll announce it. May I please have everyone's attention?

NATTOR: Everyone stop talking and looked at Tommy.

TOMMY: The wedding is going to be a little delayed. So Ernie can make another cake.

NARRATOR: Ernie was making another cake. While everyone else stood or sat talking. About 1:00 Ernie came out with a new cake. Everyone stop talking and again the music for the wedding started to play. Everyone sat down.

MINISTER: Do you Tommy take Kimberly to be you wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, til death do you part?

TOMMY: I do.

MINISTER: Do you Kimberly take Tommy to be you husband? To have to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, til death do you part?


MINISTER: Next please. Do you David take Kat to be your wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, til death do you part?

DAVID: I do.

MINISTER: Do you Kat take David to be your husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, til death do you part?

KAT: I do.

MINISTER: I now pronounce you husband and wife and husband and wife. You may kiss the brides.

JUSTIN: Go Tommy, Kimberly, Kat and David!

TANYA: Quiet Justin.

NARRATOR: Everyone started to laugh.