A Wrestler's Nightmare
By: Chasarae Albert

Michael and Tommy are hanging out at home about to watch Monday Nite Nitro.

"Tom, hurry, WCW is about to be on." Michael yelled into the other room.

"Who's wrestling?" Tommy yelled back.

"It's Sting versus Rick Flair." Michael yelled.

"Turn it up bro." Tommy yelled into the room. In Lord Zedd's palace, Zedd is watching the whole thing.

"So, the boys like wrestling. I'll give them a match they'll never forget. Goldar, prepare to grab Kat and Kim. They're boyfriends will do anything to ensure their safety." Zedd said.

"Yes my lord. The tengas and I shall obliterate them." Goldar said. In the park, the tengas appear before Kat and Kim.

"Oh no!, Tengas! Run, Kat, get out of here. I'll handle these bird brains! Ninja-Ranger Power!" Kim shouted.

"You're coming with me, puny Pink Ranger." Goldar said.

"Yeah right." Kim said in a cocky voice. Tengas sneak up behind her and grab both of her arms. Then Goldar sends her to the Dark Dimension. Then they capture Kat as well. Then Lord Zedd sends a message to the Command Center.

"Aye-yai-yai-yai. A message from Lord Zedd for Michael and Tommy." Alpha cried.

"Contact them at once." Zordon ordered.

"Right away Zordon." Alpha confirmed.

"You called?" Michael's voice sounded over the communications channel.

"Yes. Lord Zedd is at it again. He has captured Kim and Kat hoping to make you wrestle Goldar and Rito." Zordon explained.

"We have no choice. We have to do this." Tommy cut in.

"That is what they will want you to do." Zordon warned.

"We have to. They might hurt them. We'll use our powers." Michael pleaded.

"Even though it is against my better judgment, I must let you go. Two lives are in danger." Zordon said.

"It's morphing time! White Ranger power!" Tommy shouted.

"Yin and Yang Power!" Michael joined in. In the wrestling arena, the announcers are talking about the match.

"Mean Jean Oaklen here at what promises to be the match of the century. Goldar and Rito for the evil aliens on the moon versus the White and Yin-Yang Rangers. Here comes Rito and Goldar now. Gentlemen, do you have anything you would like to say?" Mean Jean said.

"Only one thing. Those power dorks are going to be history when we're through." Goldar said.

"Yeah, especially with our cheap moves." Rito chimed in.

"Those were the evil aliens and here come the Power Rangers. What do you have to say versus what the evil aliens just said?" Mean Jean says.

"This is going to be what people call a massacre." The Yin-Yang Ranger said.

"Yeah, but if they lay one hand on those girls, I will personally kill both of them!" The White Ranger said as he pointed at them.

"Oh boy, this promises to be one heck of a match. Back to the booth." Mean Jean sighed.

"I don't know about you guys, but my money is on the Rangers." The Brain says.

"Especially since the Ref. just asked them to remove all weapons. The White Ranger is going to start off with Goldar. And Goldar starts off with an arm to the neck followed by a body slam and a drop kick. He is on the ropes. If the White Ranger is going to get up, he had better do it now. He has rolled over before Goldar could land on him. He completed a tag. Goldar is in trouble now. Ouch. The Yin-Yang Ranger is really hurting Goldar. Both Rito and Goldar are in the ring. Holy cow, the Yin-Yang Ranger is cleaning house. Goldar jumped out of the ring. He has grabbed a young girl and is using her as a shield." Tony said.

"No, not Katherine!" Michael shouted.

"Goldar is back in the ring with his hostage. He is ramming the Yin-Yang Ranger's head into the post. That helmet can't take much more of this. There went the helmet! The helmet is off!" Tony said.

"You're as good as dead." Goldar said.

"Goldar is hitting him across the back of the head. The Yin-Yang Ranger is reaching for the White Ranger. Holy cow, look at this recovery! One, two, three! The Power Rangers have won. The Yin-Yang Ranger has collapsed on the mat and he isn't moving. He's hurt bad." McMichaels said.

"Somebody get the paramedics down here now!" It was the last thing Tommy said before he joined Michael in collapsing to the floor unconscious. Katherine is kneeling down in front of Michael's body. She is sobbing. Someone tried to tell her that it was not her fault. The ambulance crew came in, put the boys on the stretcher, and took him to the hospital. Katherine went home. Once the boys were in the hospital, they began working on keeping them alive. Michael had a weak pulse, a low oxygen intake, and low brain activity. Mr. Oliver was there wondering what they were doing at the wrestling match.

"He was severely beaten over the head several times. He was very lucky that he is still alive." The doctor said.

"But what the hell was he doing in that ring to begin with?" Mr. Oliver asked.

"We did an energy scan. It shows that he is a Power Ranger. It could be that he was trying to save the world from those things in that ring." The Doctor answered.

"Do you think he'll live?" He asked.

"It's hard to tell at this point. His chances are slim. Is there anyone that could keep him alive?" The doctor said.

"Maybe his girlfriend Katherine." He answered. They call Kat at her house, and she comes to the hospital. She goes straight to the side of his bed and immediately starts to hold his hand.

"Come on, Mikie, hang on." She pleads. Michael wakes up and tries to get up. "No, don't get up. You're hurt bad." Kat warned. Michael begins to have trouble breathing. "Mikie?" Kat said. Beep, beep, beep! Was the response she got as his heart began racing.

"What's wrong? We'll just put this oxygen mask on." The doctor says. He starts breathing normal again.

"Why did you not go around me and get Goldar to let go?" Kat asked.

"I was afraid that he might hurt you. I didn't want to be the cause of your injuries." Michael answered.

"That's sweet. How's your head?" Kat said.

"I have a headache the size of California's big quake." Michael said.

"Ouch. You can thank Rito and Goldar for that. They really did a number on the back of your head and after that, they kicked the crap out of your right knee." Kat said.

"No wonder everything hurts. So, how long am I looking at to stay here?" Michael said.

"They said about two or three days because of the damage to your head. They also said that they plan to run a cat scan on your head to make sure you're okay." Kat said.

"To bad you can't perform it." Michael said.

"Very funny. You'd better get some sleep while you still can." Kat said as she left.

"Bye." Michael said and began drifting to sleep. Outside, Mr. Oliver was talking to Kimberly about the now mobile Tommy.

"Where's Tommy? I thought he was up and about now." Mr. Oliver said.

"He'd told me that he would meet me here in ten minutes." Kim said. Tommy walked up in his clothes.

"How's he doing?" Tommy asked.

"He's fine. You had better visit him before he takes a nap." Kat said.

"I'm history." Tommy said and walked in. "Hey bro." He said.

"Hey Tom." Michael said.

"How are you doing?" Tommy asked.

"Besides a gigantic headache, I'm fine." Michael said.

"This is my fault. I should have broken the rules to help you. I shouldn't have stood there." Tommy said as he began crying.

"Cheer up. I don't blame you at all. I blame myself and that Gold-goon. I should not have let them beat on me like that." Michael said. "I'm going to let you take your nap." Tommy said and walked out the door.

"See you later." Michael said. While he was sleeping, they ran the cat scan on him and found nothing wrong. He had a lot of questions he had to answer from Mr. Oliver. He answered all of them and began his therapy. He had to repair the damage that was made in his body from the match. He went down to start his second day of therapy.

"Come on Michael, you can do it." The therapist said. He tried to get up, but fell on his face. He clutched the back of his head in pain. "Are you okay? Do you need your medication?" He asked.

"No, I'm fine. "Maybe we should start a little bit slower. Like eye-hand coordination?" He said.

"Okay, I'm game for that." Michael says. He gets back to his wheelchair. They push him back to his room. Katherine is there waiting for him.

"How did it go?" She asked.

"Not to well. I fell flat on my face. I think I hurt something back there." Michael says as he points to the back of his head, not noticing that his ears and nose are gushing blood.

"Does it matter that there is blood coming out of your ears and nose?" She asked.

"Yes." Michael says as he checks those spots. He starts to freak out. Kat starts pushing the buzzer to get a nurse or doctor in there. They are in there as soon as they hear it.

"His blood pressure is rising. Get her out of here!" The nurse said.

"No! I've got to stay with him." Kat says. As soon as Michael hears this, he starts to reach for her. As soon as they take her out, his condition starts deteriorating. In a matter of minutes, his heart stops. He sees a bright light lifting him towards it. Then a flash occurs and Michael is between doorways. He sees his mother coming towards him.

"Mikie, you still have a great many things you have to accomplish. The gift I have given you is that all of your injuries are healed and you'll find you can walk again. That includes the brain damage. I have given you more control over the power to heal the unhealable so you will always be healthy. I will always love you." She said. It was then that he fell back down to Earth and returned to his body. When he woke up, he found that everything his mother had said was true. He walked around the room for ten minutes. The doctors did not ask any questions, they just signed the release forms. He went home the next day.

The End