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It Begins
By: Chasarae Albert

A Caucasian birdman looked through one of the windows there at the time matrix. Being at a place where he was surrounded by clouds, there were plenty of windows. He was the chosen guardian for time and had a young apprentice by the name of Mavoc. At this time, young Mavoc was off doing a task that Gesixn had given him. He knew that Mavoc would soon turn on him, but it was required if the other guardians were to be flushed out and tested. Only the next time guardian, the one that would take his place, would be actually trained by Mavoc.

Young Mavoc was at the Onyx Tavern getting a drink when a mysterious stranger approached. Mavoc had black eyes that had a touch of ice to them, he wore his pitch black hair in a pony tail, he stood six to seven feet tall, and weighed close to one hundred and eighty pounds.

"I can train you to be more and I promise you that you will have your chance for revenge." The stranger stated.

"Will I be running errands or actually be out having fun?" Mavoc asked.

"That is up to you." The stranger answered.

"When can I start?" Mavoc asked.

"As soon as you're ready." The stranger stated.

"Then let's go." Mavoc said.

Meanwhile, Gesixn stood and watched the whole thing.

"So, it has begun." Gesixn stated.
Years before........

Air Blast Village existed high in the mountains that had plenty of high gusts. Gesixn was a teenager exploring nearby caves. He came to a stop at the back of the cave and soon realized what he had found. His being there would be considered sacrilege among his people. He was in the Lost Cave of Fujin, God of Wind. He didn't know what to do. A breeze blew his hair as he saw an energy crossbow sitting on a stand.

"Take it my Avatar. Your village shall soon need your help." A male voice said.

"Who are you?" The boy asked.

"I am Fujin and you are my Avatar. Take the energy crossbow and use it to defend your village when the need arises." Fujin stated.

The boy took it and a flash of white light engulfed him. When the light left, he stood there in his new armor. There was gold armor on his wing tips and the bone of the wings, a silver helmet that took on the shape of a falcon, a chest plate with a falcon engraved on it, and some lower armor.

"Great Fujin. Thank you for such an honor." The boy said gratefully.

"Choose your new name." Fujin stated.

"I choose the name Gesixn." The boy answered.

"Very well, Gesixn it is. That is the name your people will forever know you as. Now, here is the phrase that you will need to say to use the armor. Listen carefully. I call on the armor and power forged by Fujin for my people! Use this wisely and the power will always be there." Fujin stated. "Yes Fujin, it shall be as you command." Gesixn answered as the armor retracted.

Gesixn returned to the village with the energy crossbow hidden in the pouch at his waist. As he walked, he did not see a dark demon watching behind some rocks. His eyes are all blue with no pupils and his hair is purple.

"So that is Fujin's Avatar. I will follow him back to his village and observe this one closely." He said as he began following Gesixn.

Gesixn walked into his home where his mother and sibling were.

"I have chosen my new name mother." Gesixn announced.

"Tell me what it is, so that we may announce your manhood before the village." His mother replied.

"I chose the name Gesixn and I wish to be one who guards the village." Gesixn told his mother.

"We can tell that to the village elders. Now, come along." His mother said.

As they walked, the demon made preparations to attack.

"The Plague Touch would be perfect. Slow deaths are always fun to watch. The humans thought the Black Death was bad, they haven't seen the worst part of it. Unfortunately, Gesixn will be protected from this, so I'll have to take him out directly. Oh well, it will bring me some small pleasure to watch the look on his face." The demon thought maliciously.

As Gesixn was telling the whole tribe what he told his mother, the demon made his presence known.

"I am Assinest. Prepare to die!" Assinest spoke in a cold voice.

"Stand down Assinest. I am Gesixn, protector of this village. You shall not conquer this village." Gesixn said in a commanding voice.

"You know what, you're right. I won't be conquering this village any time soon." Assinest spoke as he touched his first victim with the plague touch and began touching the whole village.

He disappeared when he was done. At first, everyone seemed fine, but then the first victim of Assinest fell to the ground. As the week went by, more people began to become ill. Only Gesixn was sparred. As soon as the last of the villagers were given a proper burial, a portal opened before Gesixn.

"Welcome to the Time Matrix, Gesixn. We know that you are Fujin's Avatar, but you have also been chosen to be the Time Guardian." The voice spoke.

"Who are you?" Gesixn asked.

"We are the System Lords. We have a couple of rules that you will have to follow. One, you are to only watch, never interfere. You can only interfere when we give you permission. The rest you will learn in time." The System Lords spoke.

"I'm honored. I will do my best to make you proud." Gesixn stated as he took his post for the first time.

It wasn't long until Assinest made another appearance. People all over Earth began coming down with a new strain of a disease. The human had given the disease a name. They called it Cancer. He went to another window to see what the result of this disease would be if left to Assinest to spread this disease. The image appeared and he saw desserts where the cities were, skeletons everywhere. It appeared that none of the human race would survive.

"System Lords, the time demon is infecting the world at an uncontrollable rate. If this is allowed to go on and it's not stopped, he will kill every human on Earth. I request permission to intervene." Gesixn stated.

"Permission granted, but you have only three chances." The System Lords replied.

Gesixn teleported to where Assinest would strike next. Two minutes later, Assinest found Gesixn.

"Stop this at once." Gesixn commanded.

"No. I will have this world to create my own world and you cannot stop me. Your power and my power cancel each other out. You can do nothing." Assinest laughed evilly.

"No, but I can do something far worse." Gesixn returned.

"What is that, pray tell?" Assinest asked with an eyebrow arched in curiosity.

"I call on the armor and power forged by Fujin for my people!" Gesixn chanted.

The blinding white light returned, and put Gesixn's armor on him. Gesixn stood there in a fighting stance, ready for battle.

"What's the matter, chicken?" Gesixn taunted.

"No, but this will be one battle you'll not soon forget!" Assinest returned as he got into a fighting stance.

Assinest opened with a firewall. Gesixn stepped back as the fear took control.

"It's not real, fight back." The wind told Gesixn.

"Our time powers may cancel each other out, but I wonder if my natural powers will do some damage." Gesixn thought.

Gesixn raises both hands into the air and then throws them out in front of himself. From that, the wind begins to blow very rapidly, with enough force to blow until only your skeleton is left. It sends Assinest flying backwards, causing him to land on the ground hard. He stands back up.

"Impressive Gesixn, however, I'm still stronger than you." Assinest spoke.

Assinest is surrounded by bright, intense light, which begins getting hotter as the intensity rises. As it reaches its peak, it explodes with a force of an exploding sun, sending Gesixn flying backwards with small burns. Gesixn stood up.

"Not bad, but I still have an ace up my sleeve." Gesixn stated.

"We'll see about that." Assinest said as he began to charge toward Gesixn.

Behind Gesixn, swirling light appeared as an unstable portal opened, called a Time Vortex. Gesixn stepped aside and let Assinest run right in as he realized to late what it was. The portal closed, dooming Assinest to his fate. Gesixn powered down and returned to the Time Matrix. As he began looking through one of the windows for the other guardians, Mavoc returned to the Time Matrix. The first person that appeared was a beautiful female with tanned skin that stood five foot six and wore animal skins that looked like it came from a lupine creature.

"Be prepared Tenya, you will be the first." Gesixn stated, not realizing that he wasn't alone.

The second person was a female with pale complexion. All that could be seen of her planet she lived on were buildings. There were no trees on that planet.

"Oligaana, you are second. Be prepared." Gesixn stated.

The third person was a male with dark skin. His hair is brown that has a touch of gold. He stands five foot five and weighed one hundred and thirty pounds.

"Cerin Tor, you will be third." Gesixn stated as he realized that he wasn't alone. "Show yourself Mavoc."

Mavoc stepped out of the shadows.

"It is good to see you Gesixn." Mavoc stated.

"You made your choice, now deal with it." Gesixn stated.

"I'm here to take over the Time Matrix." Mavoc stated with an evil voice.

"Over my dead body." Gesixn stated.

"Now that's a good idea. I've grown stronger since we last met Gesixn." Mavoc stated.

"The System Lords will not allow you to have full run over the Time Matrix. Now leave here." Gesixn said to Mavoc.

Mavoc begun by creating a black force that erupted at the center of Gesixn, trapping him inside. Gesixn powered up and forced his way through the sphere. Gesixn responded with a psionic scream in Mavoc's head, giving him one heck of a headache.

"So, you want to play rough do you. Two can play that game." Mavoc said as he began preparing to attack again.

As Mavoc sent his attack, Gesixn burst into blue flames. While Gesixn was in pain, Mavoc sliced Gesixn with his sword. The blue flames died down, and immediately, Gesixn's wound burst into flames. As Gesixn was recovering from that blow, Mavoc took the form of air and began hitting Gesixn. Gesixn stood up, the blows doing nothing to him.

"Big mistake." Gesixn stated. "Wind, be gone from this place!"

Mavoc began being removed, but not before he saw the window show another guardian. He stood five foot seven, weighed one hundred and eighty seven pounds, had black hair, hazel eyes, and Caucasian colored skin. He wore army boots, black slacks, a black vest, a black cloak, a sword belt that hung at his hip, a gold head band, and wrist bands. There were some rather interesting features on this boy. There was a blue crystal in the center of his fore head, his hazel eyes had a hint of a draconian warrior, his ears were pointed, just like an elf's, and there was the symbol of Yin and Yang in the center of his chest. His aura gave off great power.

"Other Guardians. I know where their planets are, I will conquer them and make them my servants and then Gesixn will have to surrender and give me control of the Time Matrix. Then I'll hold all the cards and will be able to shape everything to my desire." Mavoc laughed evilly.

Gesixn turned and saw what Mavoc saw. "I hope he's ready for this. This shall be his greatest test. He is their leader and the strongest of all the guardians. He is destined to become a Time Master."

The first place Mavoc went was to the newly discovered planet of a race of the last guardian. They called themselves Acconies.

"So these are the enforcers of the galaxy. Let's see just how strong they are now." Mavoc stated as he began his attack.

The Acconies fought back with every power they had in their possession. None could get through Mavoc's force field. There was one Accony who stood off to the side and watched with great interest. He hated his own kind, and he wanted them to be annihilated. As their powers diminished, Mavoc hit all of them with a blast that sent them to their knees. Finally, it appeared that he was about to speak.

"Surrender and I shall spare you. I need fine warriors like you." Mavoc stated.

He took a chance and stepped forward.

"I wish to pledge my loyalty to you, master." He stated.

"Traitor!" They shouted at him.

"I accept your pledge. I shall grant you a form. Name what you wish." Mavoc stated.

"I wish to take on my people's strongest form. I wish to have the power of a dragon." He stated.

"What color?" Mavoc asked.

"Red, one with altered powers. I don't just want to breathe fire." He stated.

"It is done. What is your name?" Mavoc stated.

"I have no name. They were not kind enough to provide me with one." He stated.

"We have one for you now traitor! If you want to be a dragon, you shall have the name of one too! Veiarothiumthargarmereua is your name!" One of the Acconies shouted.

"I like that name, but my master may call me Voar if it pleases him." Voar stated.

"Voar it is. Now, teach them a lesson and make them submit." Mavoc commanded.

"Yes master." Voar stated as he became a red dragon and glared at the other Acconies. "Do as the master commands and you won't be my dinner."

"We'll submit, but there'll come a day when one of our kind shall rid us of you." An Accony stated.

"He shall die, before that will happen. Now, shall we be off to find a guardian?" Mavoc stated.

"Yes, let's master." Voar answered.