Kimberly Hart sat at a table in the Juice bar waiting for her old friend to get there. She had moved back to Angel Grove two months ago but things were different. There was still a threat but Kim didn't mind. She knew that the Power Rangers would protect the Earth even though Kim didn't know who the new Rangers were. Then Tommy Oliver stepped into the Juice Bar. Kim stood and embraced Tommy. " Hey! What took so long? " Kim asked. " Sorry. Took some extra laps. " Tommy said hugging Kim back. " So how's Laura? " Kim asking about Tommy's new girlfriend. " I'm okay. Trying to get use the idea of my racing. " He said with a half smile. They began talking about what the two of them had been up to. Then Tommy noticed a distance in Kimberly's eyes. " What are you thinking about? " he asked. " Surprising enough, Billy. " she said thinking of her brainy best friend. " You do know he's happy. " Tommy said. " Yeah. But it still doesn't stop me from missing him. " Kim said shrugging.

On Aquitar Billy sat next to the lake watching Cestria swim. " So have you given any thought of going home? " Cestria asked coming out of the lake. " Yeah but I can't leave Aquitar without giving my powers to someone else. " Billy said. The healing waters of Aquatic had restored Billy back to the Blue Ninja Power Ranger. " You don't have to give them back. They're yours. You just need to be healed. " Cestria said. " Maybe, But not right now. " Billy said looking lost in thought. " Your thinking about Kim aren't you? " Cestria asked. " I don't know if I could look at her. I might just break down and tell her how I felt. " Billy said. " Any way, everyone in Angel Grove thinks I'm dead. Even Brandy. " Billy said thinking of his lovable little adopted sister. He had only seen her once but he had felt so protective of her. His dad had known her parents when they were alive so when they died in a car crash Brandy had been adopted by his dad and now lived in his house. " She misses you I bet. " Cestria said. " I hope she remembers me... " He was then interrupted by the sound of his communicator. " Got go. See ya. " Billy said and in a flash of blue he was gone.

At the Juice bar Kim sat with Aisha and Rocky's new girlfriend Megan. Aisha and Megan watched Tommy, Zack, Rocky, and Jason face off against each other. Kim sat watching Billy's new sister Brandy as she practiced with the rest of Angel Grove High flag corp. Kim knew later that Brandy would go and work with her dance teacher for Dance Troop. _ Oh Billy. She's so great. She reminds me so much of you. _ Kim thought. " What are you thinking about? " Aisha asked. " Hum? Oh. Billy, I miss him. I even miss his crazy inventions. Do you know what he did to his can opener? " Kim said. For the last month Kim had been watching the Cranston house along with Brandy for Harry Cranston who had to move to New York for six months. He had trusted Kim with his daughter and she felt extremely honored. " No. What? " Aisha asked. " Its no longer a can opener. It's a super can opener. What time is it? " Kim asked. " Two o'clock, hey guys get off the mat. Flags need it. " Aisha yelled to the four guys. " Sorry. " They said. Brandy and friends took their places and then body warm up music came on Somewhere In My Broken Heart.

You made up your mind
It was time it was over
After we had come so far
But I think there's enough
Pieces of forgiveness
Somewhere in my broken heart,

Kim thought about how at first she had begged Billy not to stay forever. How she was just then realizing how she felt about him.

I would have not chosen
The road you have taken
It has left us miles apart
But I think I can still find
The will to keep going
Somewhere in my broken heart

It was right. Kim wouldn't have chosen the road they had taken if she had realized earlier how she felt about him.

So fly, go ahead and fly
Until you find out who you are
'Cause I will keep my love unspoken
Somewhere in my broken heart

She had let him go to Aquitar with out him knowing how she felt.

I hope that in time you will find
What you long for
Love that's written in the stars
And when you finally do
I think you will find it's
Somewhere in my broken heart,

She hoped being there that in all reality he belonged in Kim's arms and not Cestria's.

" Kim? Kim! " Tommy said shaking her. " Hum? " Kim said, " Sorry I went somewhere else. " " I can tell. " Tommy said with a funny expression on his face. " What were you thinking about? " Rocky asked looking fearful on his face. " It's nothing, really. " Kim said. " Really? " Zack asked. " Really. " Kim said a little more forceful. Jason sat back and watched Kim he knew that something or someone was on her mind. A girl about a senior then addresses the crowd. " Can I get a little quite here? Thank you. My name is Cindy I'm a senior at A.G.H. and I'm also flag corp. captain. This year we thought we'd go against the grain and did modern show tunes, from the movie Mission Impossible we're doing the theme. From the show Dawson's Creek, " I Don't Wanna Wait. " From the movie Batman and Robin, " Poison Ivy. " And from the movie Men in Black we're doing " M.I.B. " Right now we're going to do " I Don't Wanna Wait. " So if I could get the people on the side of the mats to come in front. Thank you. " Then the words the song came on. Billy and Kim had started watching the show together and loved it. It had been one of their favorites. _ Billy liked it and he's not usually a teen drama fan. _ Kim thought with a smile.

So open up your morning light and say a little prayer for I.
You know that if we are to stay alive and seen the peace in every life
She two babies one six months one was three
In the war of forty-four
Ever time the phone rang
Every heart beat standing
When she fall and it was Pa calling her
Oh would her son grow to know his father.
I don't wanna to wait for our lives to be over.
I wanna to know right now will it be.
I don't wanna to wait for our lives to be over, will it be yes or will it be sorry.

The song continued but Kimberly had to leave the Juice Bar. Too much was reminding her of Billy. When Kim left Jason motioned for Tommy to stay that he would go after her. " Hey wait up! " Jason shouted outside. " Where are you going? " Jason asked. " The Cranston's, to tell you the truth, I'm going to go in there and first sit in Billy's lab chair and if that doesn't work. I'm going to his bed. " Kim said looking at a shock Jason. " I didn't... I didn't thought that you were that in love with him. " Jason said. " Yeah. I miss him so much! " Kim said as she broke down crying. " Calm down sweetie. Billy will be back. Hey has your big teddy bear ever lied to you before? " Jason said lifting her face with his fingers. " Let me drive you home. " " Okay. " Kim said with a smile.

At the Cranston's house Jason and Kim walked into an empty house. Kim walked up the stairs to Billy's room. She stepped in the room. She began looking around, saw his old glasses. Saw all of the pictures he had of his friends around an Albert Einstein poster. She then found what she was looking for, a lone blue wolf she had bought him in Florida for his birthday. That described Billy through most of his life. A lone wolf, Cunning and quick. She then noticed that there was a long lump in Billy's bed as if someone had been sleeping in the bed. _ Brandy. _ Kim thought. She knew that Brandy had nightmares and would sleep in Billy's bed, she said it made her fell safer. One night after a nightmare Kim tried it. Brandy had been right. Kim felt right at ease and was able to sleep the rest of the night. It felt like Billy was there with his arms wrapped around her hugging her.

She lifted her hand and hit what she thought was and air pocket but the pocket yelped in pain. " What! " Kim said jumping back. " Kim? " the pocket asked. " Billy? Billy! " Kim squealed. With her squeal Jason raced up the stairs he through open the bed to find one tired Billy Cranston in bed and Kim sitting on the bed hugging him. " Billy? " he asked. " I'll say hi as long as you don't smack me like Kim just did. " he said with a lopsided grin knowing that he was embarrassing Kim. Something he enjoyed doing when he found something that embarrassed her. " Hey buddy! What are you doing here? " Jason said bending down to give Billy a hug. " I'm back. " he answered. " Back for a visit or back, back? " Kim asked. " I'm back and I'm not going anywhere. " Billy said. " It's good to see you. Sorry I got to cut it short but I'm suppose to be somewhere in a little while. " Jason said. " Cool. Hey Jason. You haven't seen me. Okay? " Billy said. " Okay. " Jason nodded. " God it's good to see you. I missed you. " Kim said hugging Billy again hugging her.

It had been an hour since Kim had discovered Billy and now they sat on his bed talking. _ This feels right _ Kim thought looking at the soft brown eyes of Billy. A shiver ran up her spine. " Cold? " Billy asked getting up. He went through one of his drawers and found his blue and white flannel shirt. He draped it over her shoulders, " Thanks. " Kim whispered. She looked at the shirt and snickered. Jason, Tommy, Zack, Rocky, and Adam all had one like it each with his own colors. " What do the six of you do? Go shopping together? " Kim asked. " Huh? " Billy asked. " The shirt, the guys each have one like it. " Kim said. " How did you know? " Billy asked. " Where do you think they go? " Kim asked playfully. " Oh. " Billy said sounding disappointed. " I've got two of your. " Kim said. " Really? How any of Tommy's? " Billy asked. " One. " She answered. Billy smiled and then said, " Where's Brandy? " " On my jeepers. Billy she thinks your dead. If she sees you it may give her a heart attack. " Kim said.

" I guess we better think up a story for you. "

Billy grinned and said; " Already got that covered. Rita captured me and wanted me to work for but the beautiful pink ranger saved me. " " Billy! Then we need to talk to the new pink ranger. " Kim said. " Okay. So where's Kat? " Billy asked. " You don't know? Kat went back to Australia! There's a whole new team. He's from another planet. " Kim said. Billy looked shocked. What about Tommy? " " He races cars with his Uncle John. " Kim said. " So you two are going out? " Billy asked. " No. Tommy's going out with a girl named Laura. She's sweet. She's really smart. Oh! Oh! Jason! Trini and him! " Kimberly said. " They finally got together! " Billy said excited. " You knew! " Kim exclaimed. " Yeah. I knew that Jason liked Trini. I also knew that Trini liked Jason. " Billy smiled. " So what's Adam up to? " Billy asked thinking of his best friend and his " lil' brother. " When Adam needed a big brother to help him Billy stepped into the roll and had ever since then he had been Adam's best friend and Adam's older brother. Besides Kim, Adam was the person Billy missed most. " He's still single. He misses you so much. " Kim answered. I've got to see everybody. I've got to go to the Juice Bar. " Billy said looking at the floor. " Okay. " She said standing. She hated to see Billy in such pain.

At the Juice Bar the crowd had thinned out. Jason, Laura, and Aisha sat watching their friends start to warm up for Dance Troop. " Hey Jason. Jas. " Trini asked standing next to him. " Huh? " Jason asked. He took Trini's hand and said, " Sorry sweetie. What were you saying? " " I wasn't saying anything. What were you thinking about? " Trini asked. " Hopefully you'll find out in a little while. " Jason said with a smile. " Okay guys. Let's get going. " the teacher said reaching over pushing play. Then a loud laugh was heard and Wannabe came on:

Yo I'll tell you what I want what I really, really want
So tell me what you want what you really, really want.
I huh? I huh? I huh? I huh?
All I really, really, want is zigzag
If you wannabe my lover.
Ya got get with my friends.
Make it last forever, friendship never ends
If ya wannabe my lover you have got to get.
Making this too easy but that's the way it is.

The song was heard in the halls where Kim and Billy stood. " Are you ready for this? " Kim asked. " Yeah. It's about time I come back. " Billy and Kim walked in the Juice Bar they went up the stairs and walked behind Aisha. Jason looked up and saw Billy. Billy quickly put his fingers to his lips and then said, " Hey Aisha. Why aren't you out there? " " Hey Billy. I didn't feel like being out there. Billy? " Aisha said as amazement crossed her face. She jumped up and turned around to see the smile she had longed to see for a while now. " Billy! " she squealed.

On the floor Adam heard Aisha squealing he looked at her and saw Billy. " Billy? " he whispered. He ran off the dance floor jumped the railing and looked what looked like his best friend. " Billy? " he asked. " Adam!! Man I missed you! Do the stars still look the same from the roof of your house? " he asked. Adam grabbed Billy in a bear hug. " God I missed you. " Adam said. Tommy, Rocky, Trini, and Zack all ran over to their friend giving him a hug. Billy then went down the stairs and looked at Brandy who stood staring at him in shock. " Brandy? " he asked. " B..B..Billy? " She gasped. " Yeah kid its me. " He said holding his arms out. Brandy ran into them crying and gripping him afraid if she let him go that he would disappear. " Its okay sweetie. I'm okay. " Billy whispered. " Don't leave please. " Brandy gasp between sobs. " Listen to me. I'll never leave you again. I promise you. " Billy said stroking her hair. " I love you. " She said looking into his eyes.

" Hey girlie. God you grew so much. " Billy said as Brandy walked into the kitchen in pair of blue short up to mid thigh and a white crop top. " Go get some clothes on! " he exclaimed looking at her. " Please. " Brandy said rolling her eyes. " Who bought that for you? " Billy asked. " I did. " Kim said walking in wearing the exact same thing expect in pink. " See you look okay in it. Not my little sister. " Billy said. " For today? Please? " Brandy said. " Yeah please Billy. " Kim said. " How can I say no? " Billy said with a half smile. Then the doorbell rang. " Can you get that Kim? " Billy asked. " Yeah. Sure. " She said leaving. " Which one? " Billy asked. " Huh? " Brandy asked innocently. " Which do you like? " he asked. " His name is Sage Hover. He's like you. Smart and sassy at the same time. " Brandy said with a smile, " Don't scare him off. Please. " " I won't. But I want to meet him. " Billy said with a smile.

" Great eats. But why is there so much of it? " Zack asked. " Because you and Jason are here. " Kim piped in. Billy looked over to where Brandy sat with a guy, Sage, and most of the A.G.H.S. flag corp. He went over to her to met Sage but heard a voice, " And then I walked right into the guys bathroom. Jeepers, today just hasn't been my day. " " Did you just say " Jeepers? " Only one girl I know says jeepers. " Billy said as Cindy turned around and hugged him. " Billy! I knew you were to smart to get dead. " Cindy said. Cindy had been a freshman with him. She wasn't as shallow as some of the other freshman had been. She understood Plato and Edgar Alan Poe. She was reading Shakespeare and theories in physics for fun when he first met her. " Hey girlie. How have you been? Staying out of trouble? " He asked. " Yeah. I'm flag captain, and speech president. " Cindy said. Billy could tell from her eyes that she was dying to tell him what else she was involved in. " Anything else? " he asked. " Well. I'm in French and German. I have a chance at being president of the senior class and one of the top ten. I'm vice of young scientist club. " She was perky. The gleam of innocents showed in her eyes. The same gleam that showed in Billy's when he was truly happy.

From a far Kim watched Cindy suck up to Billy. _ And he was enjoying it! _ She thought. " He's not in love with her. " Tommy said. " I know. It's just. I don't know. I know that he's not mine. But it just seems. Oh he's just so wonderful. Why didn't I see when I could have him? " Kim whined. " Amazing how clear everything is when it comes to insane jealousy. " They both laughed. " He is great. " Tommy said, " You're pretty great too. " " Does this mean you forgive me? " Kim asked. " Of course, I did a long time ago. I'm sorry I put you through so much pain. " Tommy said hugging Kim.

Billy looked back at Tommy and Kim. " Are they back together? No. Kim said that he was dating a girl named Laura. It's just a friendly hug. No reason to be jealous. " he thought. His sudden sting of jealousy surprised him. He then turned his attention back to the small red head in front of him. " So if everything works out I'll have my medical degree in about six years and you haven't been paying attention to a word I've said have? " Cindy said. " Sorry. Must have drifted off. It's nothing against you. Hey are Tommy and Kim back together? " He asked her. Something in his mind told him that if anyone would know it would be Cindy. " Not that I know of. Last I heard he was with a new girl named Laura. I think they tried to get back together but it wasn't the same. " She said with a small smile. Though she liked Billy, she knew he saw her as nothing more then Brandy and his friends. She was a person who could sit a talk about Shakespeare and Plato with. She thought _ What a tangle web we weave when first we try to deceive. _ She had no idea where the thought had come from but it was there and there it stayed.

_ So Billy's back, and in love with Kim. How ironic is that? They both love each other but nether shall tell the other. _ Astronema thought as she watched the retired Rangers laugh and joke.

_ I bet the Space Rangers would come after them should they be captured. _

She then yelled, " Ecliptor! " " Yes my queen? " the monster said walking into her thrown room. " Go down to earth. Capture the boy they call Billy and the girl they call Kimberly. And do it quickly. " She ordered. The servant bowed and in a flash was gone. _ Now to get a hold of an old friend. _ Astronema laughed.

The next day in the Youth Center Billy stood next to Cindy on the dance map trying to learn the steps along with her to the Dance Troop's latest dance. " Okay. Now this dance is called the Lambda. Or the forbidden dance. I like. Okay I need everyone to pair up with someone. " Billy was about to be brave and ask Kim if she would be his partner but he felt a hand grab his, " Billy would you be my partner? " Cindy asked. " Billy looked back at Kim who was now paired up with Tommy. _ Too late. _ If Billy could have kicked himself he would have. " Yeah sure. " he answered. " Now listen. Guys extend your arms. Now ladies you extend yours and the two join hands. Guys quickly twirl them in and ladies stop when you feel their chest. Try it. " Billy twirled Cindy in. She shivered has she felt his hot breath on her neck. " Good, that should take three counts. Then girls I want you to stretch from side to side extending your arms. Now guys take her by the waist and lift her up. Turn two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And on eight bring her down. From the top, five, six, five, six, seven, eight. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Good. Good. " The lesson proceeded. But Kim's mind was else where. _ Why didn't Billy ask me. It's Cindy's fault. I think he was going to ask me but she grabbed him by the hand and stopped him. And when he turned Tommy was already asking me. God that's so unfair! The one chance I have to get really close to Billy and that bimbo takes it away from me. _

At the end of practice Billy walked up to Kim. " Hey. Talk about vigorous work out. " " Yeah. I can't believe I forgot how hard dancing can be. " Kim agreed. " Can I give you a ride home? " Billy asked hopefully. " Sure. I don't feel like driving. " Kim noticed that Brandy had her license but no car. She thought it would be okay if Brandy drove the white convertible sun bird home. " Hey Brandy. We're leaving do you want a ride? " Kim called. " You're leaving? I wanted to stay awhile. " She whined. " Don't whine it's unbecoming. Here take my car home. " Kim said tossing the keys to her. " Really? " She looked hopeful. " Yeah. Why not? I trust you. " Kim said turning to leave.

Outside Billy turned and looked at her. Her brown hair shining in the Saturday afternoon sun. He just felt he had to touch her hair. He loved playing with Kim's hair because it made her so relaxed. " Let's go to the park. " Kim said suddenly. " Okay. Sounds good. " He smiled. He was remembering the times he and Kim had, had picnics in the park.

At the park they found shade under an oak. Kim and Billy sat down. Kim put her hand to her neck and rubbed it. " What's wrong? " Billy asked. " Just tense. " she said. " Turn around and I'll massage your neck. " She smiled and with much obliged turned. He began to massage her neck. She purred with joy, she had forgotten how magic his hands were. She laid down so that he could work on her back that was just as tense. He smiled. He loved to massage Kim, it meant he got to touch her. Then words got out Kim's mouth, " If we were alone I'd let you massage the front of me too. " she whispered but then in shock she realized what she had just said. " What did you say? " Billy asked. " Nothing. " she sighed in relief then suddenly she felt a tingle in the back of their necks. " Did you just feel that? " Kim asked sitting up. " Yeah. Stay here. " He said. Billy left looking for whatever it was.

After several minutes of searching he found nothing, but when he returned to the tree where they had been sitting Billy found what he had been looking for. " Hello Billy. " the black monster. " Who are you? And where's Kim? " Billy asked. " My name is Ecliptor and your pretty little friend is right here. " He answered pointing to a box where Kim stood helplessly watching Billy and then monster. Billy looked around. There was nobody was around he thought, _ Now's as good as any to tell Kim that the wolf is back. _ The out loud he yelled, Nejetti. The Wolf! " and in a flash Billy was covered in a blue Ninja uniform. " What? " Kim asked. " The wolf? Then maybe. " She sat down and started to search her soul. There she found what she was looking for. A small pink flame. She knew it was there. Now to make it grow. She began to think of the past. The power had never left her. Even when she had given the power coin to Kat the power never left her. And it was Kat's power coin that was destroyed not Kim's. " Nenjetti! The Crane! " She shouted. Soon she was in the same Ninja outfit that Billy was in except her's was pink. " Now to get out of this. " she said.

Outside Billy fought the monster named Ecliptor. " Little Ranger. The Space Rangers are not even a threat to me. What makes you think you are? You've already been dead once, do you wish to return. " Ecliptor said. " I maybe dead. But I'm still pretty. " Billy said, " Time to pull out the big guns. " he said he reached behind him and found his morpher waiting for him. " Its Morphin time! Wolf! " He said and suddenly he was the Blue Ranger again. " Ranger, I'll give you a chance to save your friend. " He said pointing to Kim. " I'm listening. " Billy said. Then suddenly he felt hands on his arms. He looked behind him and found that there were three putties behind him.

In the box Kimberly yelled and banged trying to get to her friend, her secret love. Billy was in danger and she couldn't do anything about it. She had never felt so helpless. She hated it. She had seen the putties come out of the portal she had seen them grab him she had seen him disappear. " Now pinkie. Milady wishes to see you. " Ecliptor said. And they disappeared.

" Has anyone seen Billy and Kim? " Brandy asked. She entered the Youth Center to see Jason and Trini shearing a laugh. " No, why? " Jason asked. " He told he was going home. But they never made it. I found his car in the park. I looked everywhere for them Jason. I'm worried. Billy's never lied to me. And he would never lied to me. Not after what happen. Jason what if he's... " she trailed off. " Don't. Don't even think it. We'll find. I promise. " Jason said.

Kim awoke on a cold slab. " Hello Kimberly. " A voice said. She looked up to see Billy. " Billy! " she sputtered. " Hello my love. " he whispered. " My love? " Kimberly asked. " Yes. I've loved you for a long time Kim. " He said pressing his lips to her's. " Do you want to be with me? " he asked after letting go. " Of course. " She said. Astronema watched on as Kim's eyes started to glow red. _ Good. It won't be long till she can begin working on Billy. Only if she knew that the thing she believed to be her Billy was really a putty dressed as Billy. _ She thought. In the room she listened in, " Then join with me. Into the fire my love. " the putty said.

Billy awoke chained to a wall in the dungeon. " What the? " he said aloud. " Good your awake. " a female voice said. " Kimberly? " he asked. " Yes. " she said. Billy looked at his friend. She still wore the denim shorts and pink mid-drift that she wore when they were at the park. But she had changed. He looked at her eyes. They had gone from the happy-go-lucky they use to be to full of lust and passion. " What have they done to you? " Billy asked. He fought back the feeling he was getting deep down. The one he had gotten when he had ran into her when she was wearing only a towel. The one he had gotten when she laid down in the park. " Don't you think I'm sexy? " she asked coming closer. He could feel her hot salty breath on his neck. " Of course I do. " he answered. She kissed him deep and passionate. This was not the sweet, shallow kisses he had seen her give Tommy. This was full of repent lust. " I love you. " Kim said her fingers running down his shirt. She reached behind her and brought forth a dagger. She took the bottom of his shirt and sliced up cutting his shirt off. She ran her hand over his chest and slowly kissed his neck. At that moment Billy was glad that he was changed to a wall or he would have fallen. Each kiss she gave him made his knees weaker. She then looked into his eyes and unbuttoned his pants and kissed his lips deeply again. At that moment he didn't care what the cost was. He only wanted to hold her. Suddenly the chains came off and he slid to the ground. Kim straddled him and bent down to kiss him. In one quick movement Billy rolled Kim unto her back looking up at him. He kissed her, letting go of years of pent up passion. He slowly pulled her shirt over her head and arms and began to kiss her neck.

When Billy awoke he found himself in his own bed. Then he looked at who was laying next to him. He smiled and kissed her check. " Hi. " she mumbled. " Hi sweetie. How'd you sleep? " He asked. " Billy... " She said sitting up looking up at him, " Do you regret...I mean were you under a spell? " she asked. " You were. " He said sadly. " I was under a truth spell. If you asked me the truth I had to tell or do what my true feeling were. I do love you. " She said. " I love you too. " He said kissing her. " Want to know something funny. We have Astronema to thank for it. For bring us together. But what did she want from us? " Kim asked. " I don't know. But whatever it is we'll face it together. " He said then with a smile he said, " You know what you're missing? " " No. But I think you're about to tell me. " Kim said. " You're missing a ring on that finger. " he said. " What? " She said looking at him. " Yeah. Come let's get dressed. " Billy said getting up. " Why? Where are we going? " Kim said getting up. " Cause. I'm gonna go buy you a ring for that hand. " Billy said grabbing Kim by the waist and kissing her. When he looked at her she had a smile on her face. " I love you so much. " Kim said. " I love you more. " he challenged. " Not likely. " she said.

" Thank you so much. " Kim said admiring the ring he had bought her. They were in his blue Jeep. The ring was a pink diamond and a blue sapphire. " It's a promise ring. My promise is to always love you and be with you. " Billy said kissing her hand. " I love you. " She said kissing his lips. " Do you realize how many times we've said I love you? " Billy asked. " Not enough. " She smiled.

Billy and Kim walked into the youth center to be greeted by Brandy, " Where the hell have you been! I'm so.. God! What the hell were you thinking! " " I'm sorry. We thought you got our note. " Billy said. " Your note? What note? " Brandy asked. " We went camping in the park yesterday. We decided to go into the woods and camp. " Kim said. Adam looked at his friends and then looked at a shining thing on Kim's finger. _ A ring? With pink and blue? Oh boy! _ Adam thought. Billy saw the realization cross Adam's face. He had to chuckle at Adam. He was one of the greatest guy. " I'm going to the mall with Sharon and Cindy. I've got to work off this anger some how. " Brandy said. " I think she's pist. " Kim whispered. " I agree. " he answered. " So what really happen? " Tommy asked looking worried. " Kim and I got kidnapped last night. " Billy whispered. " By Astronema? " Jason asked. " Yeah. She put us under a spell but then we woke up in bed. " Billy finished. " You mean two different beds right? " Trini said. " Not exactly. " Billy started. " We woke up together. Last night Billy and I sleep together. " Kim just blurted out. " Really? " Rocky said. " That must be so weird for you two. " Aisha said. " No. Billy and I are in love. " Kim said looking so loving at Billy. Tommy felt a ping of jealousy. _ I'm so glad they found each other. They deserve each other. _ Zack thought. " Congratulation. " Tommy said hugging Kim and smiled at Billy. " I need to talk to you in a minute. " Billy mouthed to Tommy. He shook his head that he understood. " What is that on your hand. " Aisha said grabbing the hand that Billy's promise ring was on. " Its beautiful! " she said. " Thanks. Billy bought it for me. " Kim whispered almost embarrassed. " Girl. If you don't ever want. Give it to me child. " Trini said. " I'm really happy for you Billy. " Laura said coming up behind them giving him a hug. " Thanks Laura. " he said. " So now you have a date. " Jason said with a laugh. " For what? " Billy asked. " To the collage banquet this Friday. " Zack said. He draped his arm around Aisha. Kim looked Aisha in a shocked expression and then mouthed, " You two? " " Yeah. " Aisha mouthed back. " Ohhh! " Kim squealed in excitement and she hugged her friend.

" You know who we need to get together next? " Aisha asked Kim. They were sitting at their normal table watching Rocky and Jason sparring. Trini and Megan sat on the side waiting for the mat to be free for gymnastic practice. " Who? " Kim said. " Adam needs a girlfriend. " Aisha said. " Any ideas? " Aisha asked. " Oh yeah. " Kim said with a wild smile. " Do tell. " Aisha said. " You know Cindy? Brandy's friend. " Kim said. " Yeah I do. You think they would make a cute couple? " Aisha asked. " Yeah. I do. " Kim answered. She proceeded to tell Aisha her plan.

In the locker room Billy and Tommy were getting ready for a sparring. " Is this okay with you? " Billy asked. " Yeah. At first it bothered me but now. You guys deserve each other. I'm glad you're happy. But I'm still gonna kick your butt on the mat. " Tommy said lighting the mood. " Not likely. " Billy shot back. It made him feel better that Tommy was okay with him and Kim together.


Billy looked at Kim. She was wearing a beautiful pink gown that set off her brown eyes. " You look beautiful. " he whispered in her ear. " I can't believe you did all of this. A limo? A great dinner. What else could I ask for? " Kim said. " How 'bout five other couples joining us? " Billy asked. " What did you do? " Kim asked. " Jason is going with Trini. " Billy said hinting to her his plan. Adam already liked Cindy. He just needed a swift kick in the butt. Cindy was trying to get to him through me. She's likes him and thought I could put in a good word for her. " Billy said looking at the disappointment cross her face he had to snicker. " What are you laughing at. " Kim asked. " You. " Billy said kissing her.



Billy entered Kim's apartment with the key she had given him. " Kim? " he called from the front door. " In here. " she yelled back from her room. She had called him and was serious when she said she needed to talk to him. " What's up? " Billy asked looking at her. She sat on her bed looking at the bathroom. " We need to talk. " Kim said. " Kim. You're worrying me. Tell me what's on your mind. " Billy said kneeling in front of her. " Billy, I'm pregnant. " she said. " What? " Billy asked. " I'm gonna be a Mommy. And your gonna be a daddy. " she whispered. She half expected to be upset. " I'm gonna be a daddy? " he said sounding excited. " Your happy? What about your doctrine? " Kim asked. " Hon, that can wait. " Billy said. " What? " Kim said shocked. " But if you stop then you won't go back. " Kim said. " I'll go back. I promise. " he said. " You promise. " Kim said. " Yeah. " he said. " So what about the baby? " Kim said. " We're going to be parents. You are going to be the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen. " he said kissing her nose. Then he got a serious look on his face. " I was going to wait till tonight to ask you this but now's the perfect time to ask you. " he said pulling out a black ring box. " Kimberly Hart. Would you make me the most lucky and happy man on Earth? Will you marry me? " Billy said. He saw the tears well up in her eyes. " Of course! I love you. " he said kissing. " Your parents send their blessing. " Billy said. " They know? " Kim asked in shocked. " Yeah. They knew I was going to ask you. Do you know what it's like to have to ask two fathers for your hand in marriage? " he said as a joke. " No. But I can guess. You know who the next people were going to have to tell don't you. " Kim said with a smile. " Are these people's names Tommy, Jason, Zack, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Kat, Cindy, Brandy, Megan, Trini, Laura, and Zordon? " Billy asked. Kim nodded.

Billy and Kim entered the Youth Center and then feeling brave and bold Billy jumped on a chair. " Billy! No Billy! " Kim said. She knew what he was going to do. " Can I get everybody's attention? " Billy shouted. " Billy get down. " Kim whispered. Jason, Tommy, Adam, and Zack had been sparing on the mats when Billy had jumped up on the chair. The bold move had surprised them. Aisha, Trini, Brandy, Cindy, and Megan sat a table over watching Rocky eating a giant banana spilt. " Friends, Roman, Country men lend me your ears. I am the happiest man in the world today! As most know that Kimberly Hart and I have been dating. And if you didn't your really out of it. But today, by God's good grace. Kimberly Ann Hart agreed to marry me today. " Billy announced. He jumped and down hugged her. " I can't believe you just did that. " she whispered burring her face in his chest. " Congratulation! " Aisha said hugging the two of them. " I'm so happy!!!! " Trini said hugging Kim. " Really? " Kim said. " Yes. We're so happy for you. We have to start planning a wedding. " Cindy said. " We seriously need to talk to you guys. " Billy said.

At the park the eleven friends sat down. " So what's up? "Tommy asked. " I'm pregnant. " Kim said with a smile. " Oh my gosh! That's great! " Aisha said hugging her friend. " Congratulations you two. Your gonna make great parents. " Jason said. " Yeah let hope it gets Billy's brains and Kim's looks. " Zack joked. He was answered with an elbow in the stomach from Aisha. " Thanks. " he moaned. " I should be thanking you two too. " A female voice said. " Who's the walking fashion disaster? " Aisha said. " Astronema! What do you want? " Billy said getting in front of Kim protectively. " The children in her womb. " Astronema said. " Not in this lifetime. " Tommy said. " Oh really. It's thanks to me that the children were even conceived. They belong to me. " Astronema said. " They belong to no one. " Kim said. " Oh really. " the woman said.

High above the Earth in space the Astro Mega Ship orbited the Earth. Suddenly the alarms went off. Five teens scrabbled to see what was wrong. " Astronema's on Earth. She's in the park herself. " T.J. said. " Any idea why? " Andros asked. " None. She's talking to. Oh my gosh! " Ashley said. " What's wrong? " Carlos asked. " It's Tommy! And Adam! " Ashley said shocked. " What? " Casey asked. " We got to get down there! " Ashley said. " Let's do it! " Andros said.

Down at the park. " Come with me Kim. " Astronema said. Suddenly a redness came over Kim's eyes. " Coming my lady. " Kim said. " Kimberly wait! " Billy called after her. " Billy? " she asked. They had staled enough for the Space Rangers to set in. " Hey Astronema. Are we wrecking your plans? " the Black Ranger said. " No. I was just about to make my friend come back to me. " Astronema said pointing at Kim who began to walk towards Astronema once again. " Kim. No! " Billy shouted as a ball of blue energy shot from Billy's fingers toward Astronema. The ball knocked Astronema back. " I'm not going to let you have her! " he shouted again the ball of energy shot out of his fingertips. " Ecliptor. Get me out of here. " Astronema said. She disappeared just before the energy hit her. " What the hell was that? " Aisha asked. " I don't know. " Billy said in a shock. " It's your physic abilities coming to the surface. " a woman in a white gown said She stood with a man about 25. " Who are you? " Tommy asked. " My name is Leia. Princess Leia Skywalker Organa Solo. And this is my brother Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. " the woman said. " Yeah. And I'm the queen of Shiva. " Aisha said. " Who are you really? " Rocky asked. " I believe that you may have heard of us through a man named George Lucas. He is a man who has seen us through dreams. " the man said. " Really. Maybe you can help us with our friend's spell. " Jason said still skeptical. " Is any way we can prove ourselves to you? " Luke asked. " Yeah use the force. " Adam joked. " This child has a love. I sense her children in her womb. They're strong in the force. Much like you yourself Billy. " Leia said looking at Billy. " If it's true. They would be. They're mine. " Billy said. " You love her very deeply. Only you can bring her out of it. " Leia said. Billy took Kim's hand. " You must calm down. Reach out to her mind. First brush it. Then speak to it. " Luke said. Billy did as he was told.

_ Billy? _

_ Yeah. It's me Kim. _

_ How are we doing this? _

_ You wouldn't believe me if I told you. _

_ I sense others. _

_ There are others. Kim you have to come back to me. Just follow my thoughts out. _

_ Lead on flyboy. _

" Oh wow. What a rush. " Kim said falling to her knees. " Are you okay? " Billy asked dropping his knees. " Yeah. " she answered touching his face. She then looked at the Rangers and the two new people. " Umm could somebody like come back down to Earth and pick me up, because I am like totally confused. " Kim said. " This is Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. " Billy said. " Yeah. Billy you're under a spell. " Kim said. " I'm serious sweetie. " he looked at her. " You are serious aren't you? " Kim whispered. He nodded. " So who are our new Rangers? " Kim asked. " Hi Tommy. " T.J. said taking off his helmet. " T.J.! That would mean. " Adam said. " Hi Adam. " Ashley and the others said taking off their helmets. " Casey! Carlos! How have you been? " Adam asked. " Fine and you? " Carlos asked. " Fine. " he answered. " Who's your new friend? " Adam asked nodding towards Andros. " This is Andros. He's our leader. " Carlos said. " Let's go to the Youth Center. We can explain everything. " Ashley said.



The nine friends sat in the waiting room listening for a cry. " Twins. " Billy said walking in the waiting room with the biggest smile he had, had in a long time. The same smile he had, had when Kim and he were married. " What are they? " Aisha said. " A boy and a girl. " Billy answered. " Well what did you name them? " Rocky asked. " We're leaning towards Lindsey for the girl and Anthony for the boy. " Billy said. " Why not Bryce and Kyle? " Adam asked. " I like those names. I'll give them to Kim. " Billy said walking back into the delivery room.

" So how are Mom and babies doing? " Tanya said walking into the recovery room where Kim, Billy, and the babies were. " Fine. Come in. Please. Come look! They're so beautiful. " Kim said. " So did you figure out names? " Rocky asked. " Yeah. We choose Kyle Adam Cranston for the boy. Hope you don't mind Adam. " Kim said looking at Adam turning red. " And the girl? " Aisha asked. " Bryce Trini Cranston. Do you like? " Kim asked. " Bryce and Kyle. I like them. " Jason said. " We want all of you to be in these babies' lives. We think. No we know they're destined for great things. " Kim said looking at the babies.

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker looked down on the children. " These are the children that will protect the Earth against the dark empire as the next Power Rangers. " Luke said. " No. The next Jedi Knights. " Leia said.


To Be Continued . . . MAYBE?