By Dazzler

As his music box played Darien thought back to when he was Prince Endymion dancing with Princess Serenity. He then thought of his future daughter Reenie, oh how he longed to see Reenie's smiling face. His heart ached; he couldn't take the pain almost, not with Serena gone. " She's not gone you know. We will get her back, I promise Darien. " Serena's animal guardian Luna said. " I hope so... or Reenie will never be born. " Darien said. Tears came to Darien's eyes as he thought of the day that he had lost Serena to the Negaverse.

It was a warm spring day, Serena, Darien, Ami, Greg, Lita, Ken, Raye, Chad, Mina, and Mina's new boyfriend Sage, were in the park. Serena and Darien sat under a tree watching the others dance and play. Ami, Greg, Lita, and Ken were playing volleyball while Raye, Chad, Mina, and Sage were playing tag. " They look so happy. " Serena whispered as she leaned against Darien. " They do don't they? " he agreed. He looked down at Serena she looked almost sad. " What's wrong Serena, aren't you happy? " he asked. " Of course, more so then normal! " she exclaimed. She didn't want to talk about how she had not been getting any sleep because of her dreams and how she had not been eating for the last week.

Raye looked over where Serena and Darien were talking. " What's up Raye? " Mina asked. " I think we should tell Darien about how Serena hasn't been eating. I think maybe that he could help her. " Raye sighed. She was worried about Serena; she had lost the happy smile she had always worn even though it had annoyed Raye she missed it. " I think your right. He has to drive me home after he drops Serena off so I'll tell him then. " Mina said. " Oh man! It's almost five o'clock! Serena's mom is gonna go postal if Serena's not home on time! Serena! Darien! You better book it! Serena has to be home in ten minutes! " Raye yelled. " Oh no! " Serena said starting to scramble to get things cleaned up. " Don't worry about it Serena, we'll clean up. You, Mina, and Darien leave. " Ami said. The three ran to Darien's car.

" Thank you for having her home on time Darien. " Mrs. Tuskiko said with a kind smile as she closed the door to the Tuskiko home. " That was to close for comfort. " Darien said to Mina as they got back into his car. He looked at Mina; she had a troubled expression on her face. " What's wrong? " he asked. " It's Serena. Darien, Serena hasn't eaten anything in the last week. And Luna said she hasn't gotten any sleep. We're all worried about her. We think she's in trouble but she won't let us help. Raye thought that maybe she would let you help. " Mina exclaimed. " I knew something was wrong. " Darien cursed himself for not pushing Serena to tell him what was wrong. " It's not your fault. Serena has tendency to forget she needs help too. Ever since she met Reenie. " Mina whispered. " I should have known better. I'll visit her tonight. " Darien said. " How? Her Dad won't let you near Serena after dark. " she smiled. " True, but he won't know about Tuxedo Mask. " Darien said with a sly smile.

Serena looked out on the city. She had fallen asleep earlier but the dream had came back to her. She watched as Tuxedo Mask looked at her and said, " I'm in love with Queen Beryl little princess and there's nothing you can do about it. Now die! " he threw about a dozen black roses at her each one piercing her skin till the last one pierced her heart. She could remember seeing Reenie, now with black like Darien's but long and wavy like Beryl's. _ Oh Goddess Serenity no. Not my daughter too. _ she thought before the blackness closed over her. That's when she would wake up just as she had done today. Then a red rose hung in front of her. " A rose for the lady? " a voice said. " Darien. " she sighed. She turned to see him in his Tuxedo Mask uniform. " You look troubled. Tell what's going on Serena. Mina told me that you weren't sleeping and haven't been eating. The sleeping I would account to studying but not eating! You? " he asked trying to make a joke. He saw the pain the last comment had put in her. " Oh Serena I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that. " he said gathering her in his arms. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her any kind of pain, he done that enough already. " I love you. " he whispered in her ear. " No you don't. " she said. " What? " he was in shock. " What would ever make you think that I don't love you? " he asked looking at her. Suddenly a chill ran through his body. He saw the fear, pain, and sadness in her eyes. " Serena talk to me! " he exclaimed. " I don't love you anymore. " she said. She knew it wasn't true the dream must have been a warning. If she kept loving Darien the way she did, Beryl would capture and kill him or have him kill her. Serena knew that if Darien killed her then he would not be able to live with himself. " Leave please. " Serena said calmly. " Serena, can't we... " Darien said still in shock. " I said leave! " she exclaimed. She didn't want him to see the tears she was holding back. It hurt her so much but this was to protect him and it was what she had to do. " All right, I'll leave for now. " Darien said turning and vanishing. " Serena! What did you just do? " Luna said coming out of her hiding spot. " I just died. " Serena whispered and cried herself to sleep.

" She did what! " Raye exclaimed. " She broke up with me. She said she didn't love me any more and told me to leave. " Darien said. " Darien, there has to be a logical explanation. " Ami said. She couldn't believe that Serena would break up with Darien, she knew Serena loved him too much. " I hope so. " Darien said hanging his head in his hands. " Luna, can you tell me about how Serena's been sleeping? " Ami said. " She won't talk about it. All I know is she'll whisper " No not my daughter too. " and then wake up. " Luna said. " So she's having a dream about Reenie. That should just enforce Darien and Serena's relationship. " Mina said. " I'm going over to Serena's. I'll see what I can find out. " Lita said. Suddenly the all scout alert went on. " Darien? " Raye asked. " I didn't feel anything. " he whispered.

The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask found Serena hanging in the docks from a hook. " Careful Scouts, some one had to put her up there. " he said. " Right. " they all agreed and started to look around. " Go for it Tuxedo Mask. " Sailor Jupiter said. In one mighty jump he leapt, cut the rope that made her hang and caught her as he landed. " It's okay Serena, I'm here. " he whispered in her ear. " That's so sweet. " Serena said raising a dagger and shoving it into his shoulder. He staggered back and looked at her in shock. " Serena! Why? " he asked. He was afraid that once again it had been Zoyciete in disguise. " Because she with us now Prince. " a voice said. " Sapphire! What have you done to her? Why did you turn evil again? "

Darien yelled. " That would be because of me. I am Foyra, queen of all the Negaverse, daughter of Queen Beryl the only living air to the throne. " a woman said. " Serenity, show Tuxedo Mask your new identity. " Foyra said. " Dark Moon Crystal Power! " Serena yelled out. " Serena! No! " Sailor Jupiter said. There she transformed from Serena, to Dark Sailor Moon. Her once blond pigtails were now black as ebony. Her once piercing sky blue eyes had turned midnight blue. Her sailor uniform that was blue, red, and white, was turned, black, white, and red. " Serena! " Sailor Mars gasped. " Show them your power Dark Sailor Moon and then return to the castle. Dark Sailor Moon nodded her head and then said, " Dark Moon Tiara Power! " The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask jumped out of the way. " Serena! " Tuxedo Mask screamed as she disappeared. " Don't worry Prince Endymion, I'll take good care of her. " Diamond said stepping forward. " You touch her Diamond and I'll kill you myself. " Tuxedo Mask said with venom coming from his voice. " I'd like to see you try. Oh wait, I have one more thing to show you. Meet Dark Neo-Princess Serenity from the future. " he said as a ebony hared midnight blue eyed girl stepped out. " Reenie! " Tuxedo Mask her the Scouts gasped. " That's not Reenie. Reenie is the daughter of Serenity and I. Not Diamond and Serenity. " Tuxedo Mask said. " We shall see. " Diamond said disappearing.

The Scouts and Tuxedo Mask powered down at Darien's apartment. " What could have happened to Serena? Why would she change sides? " Mina asked. " I don't know. But we're going to find out. " Lita said. They grew quiet when the heard scratching at the door handle. " I wish I were taller. Or that Mommy or Daddy was here. I hate being a latchkey kid. " they heard a young voice say. They looked at each other, Darien stood up and opened the door. " Daddy! " a blur of pink hair flew at Darien. " Reenie! " Darien cried out picking her up. " I missed you Reenie. " Darien said. She looked at his sad eyes and then remembered why she had come to the past. " I started disappearing! Mommy's hair started turning black and so did her dress and her eyes started getting a darker shade of blue and you started disappearing and then I started disappearing! Oh Daddy, I was so scared. You told me to go to the past that something must have gone wrong. " Reenie said in a gush. " So the future is changing to fit the present. " Ami said. " Where's Mommy? " Reenie asked. " I'll explain later. Right now we need to get a hold of your Uncle Travis and you need to get some sleep prince. " Darien said turning toward the bedroom. " Okay Daddy. " she said with a smile.

Darien walked in and looked at the Sailor Scouts, his friends. Mina had fallen asleep her head on Lita's lap. Lita had fallen asleep her leaning back on the couch with her mouth wide open. The scene would have been funny if it had been at some other time. Ami looked frustrated at her computer trying to figure out a scientific reason why Serena would turn on them while Raye was outside looking at the moon for answers. Darien went into the kitchen and started boiling water for tea. He picked up the phone and dialed the number the Watson mansion. " Hello?" a cheerful voice said. Darien recognized it as Mary, the Watson's maid. " Hi Mary. It's Darien. I have a question. When is Travis coming home? Serena misses him terribly. " Darien hated lying but it wasn't a total lie. " The young master should be home about one in the morning tonight. " Mary said. " Tell him to call me the minute he gets home. I don't care what time it is. Tell him its S.M. business. He'll understand. " Darien said. " Aye sir, I shall do that. " she said her Irish accent heavy. " Thanks. " Darien said hanging up. He dreaded the conversation her was going to have with Travis but it was nice to know that Travis was still on their side.

" Why won't you give a good reason! " Ami said grouchily. " Calm down Ami. Here have some tea and try to go to sleep. " Darien said offering her a blanket. She closed down her laptop and lay down on the plush carpeting. " Thank you Darien. And remember Serena loves you. Always has and always will. " Ami muttered drifting off to sleep. He smiled at the girl. Then went out to Raye, " Hey. " he said simply. " Hey, I was just thinking about... " Raye started. " ...Serena? " he finished. " Yeah. She may have annoyed me to death but she was and still is my best friend. I would do anything for her. And now the one thing she needs I can't find the answer for. " Raye whispered. " Don't worry Raye. We'll get her back. And I promise she'll go back to annoying you in no time. " Darien said giving her a hug and a cup of tea. Then phone rang that Darien had been carrying around in his pocket. " That'll be Travis. " he said. " I'll leave you to that then. " Raye said with a jester's smile. " Thanks. " Darien said with a lopsided smile.

Travis Watson walked into his guardian's mansion. " Hello Master Travis. How were ye trip? " he was greeted by his maid Mary O'Conner. She was a woman in her 50's with green eyes and a kind smile. " Fine Mary. Thanks. Any calls for me? Did Serena call? " Travis asked about his twin sister. " Aye, and so did Darien. Just a couple of moments ago made it sound extremely urgent. " Mary said. " Said to call him the moment ye got home. No matter what time it was. Said something about S.M. business I think. " " Thanks Mary. " Travis said running up the stairs. He hit the speed dial to Darien's apartment. " Hello? " a voice answered. " What was so important that I had to call you the minute I got home? " Travis asked. " Travis! It's Serena. She's turned against us. All the scouts are over here. Come and we'll explain everything. " Darien said. " Okay. I'll be there in a little while. " Travis said. " Bye. " Darien said hanging up. He reached around his neck and brought out Serena's star locket. She had meant for him only to hold it, but he had wanted to keep it so hadn't reminded her like he had promised. Now he was glad he hadn't. It was the only thing he had left of her. The locked and Reenie. He touched the locket and it began to play a soft melody. . " She's not gone you know. We will get her back, I promise Darien. " Serena's animal guardian Luna said. " I hope so... or Reenie will never be born. " Darien said. Tears came to Darien's eyes as he thought of the day that he had lost Serena to the Negaverse.

Travis entered Darien's apartment with the key that Darien had given him. He looked around at the Sailor Scouts. They were each asleep. He could tell that it had been a rough night. He then looked at the balcony and saw Darien. He could feel Darien's fear and hopelessness. " Hi Darien. Ready to talk about it? " Travis asked putting his hand on Darien's shoulder. " She's gone. The Negaverse has come and taken her. They turned her against us. Just like... " Darien trailed off. " Beryl didn't have a daughter. I remember learning everything about Beryl she wanted to make a daughter with me! But she never got one! That's not Beryl's daughter that's Beryl! I know how to defeat her and get Serena back! " Darien exclaimed. " Well yippee. Now explain it to me. " Travis said.

" Of course, the four generals! I didn't see them with her! But how do we get to them? " Lita asked. " I know, but it's gonna mean going to Antarctica. First we have to get the generals, then we get Serena. " Darien said. " Well how do we know they won't double cross us? " Mina asked. " Because they use to be Endymion's personal guards and best friends. They use to be our friends too. " Ami said. " All of them, including Jadeite. " Ami said. They all noticed how tense Ami, Darien, and Raye were. " Who's Jadeite? " Mina asked. " Our first general. The one who got all this rolling! Darien! You have more reason to hate him then anyone! He nearly killed Serena numerous times! " Raye exclaimed. " But he's also the reason I met Serena remember. " Darien said. " Nooo, you met Serena because she made a thirty on a math test. Remember? " she said with a smile. Darien had to laugh. He remembered very well how he met Serena. " I want to hear that story when we get back. " Travis said. He had an idea but still wanted a funny story. " Travis said. " Agreed then? " Darien asked. " Agreed. " they said all together.

" Serena, darling. You must relax. I'll take care of you. " Diamond said putting his arm around Serena. She slowly looked at his arm then looked at him and back at his arm and whispered, " If you don't remove your arm I will remove it. Permanently! " " Diamond! Come forth. " Foyra said. " Yes my Queen. " he said. " You shall leave Serenity alone for now. I have other plans for her. " " But you promised her to me! " Diamond exclaimed. " And you shall have her. After I get Prince Endymion. " Foyra turned leaving him.

" Are we ready scouts? " Ami asked. She looked at all the scouts. They all had the same fears. Would their best friend, leader, and princess try to kill them and succeed! " Let's do it! " Mina exclaimed. " Mercury Star Power! " Ami yelled. " Mars Star Power! " Raye yelled. " Jupiter Star Power! " Lita yelled. " Venus Star Power! " " Sun Stone Power! " Travis yelled. " Moon Crescent Power! " Reenie yelled. After Reenie's transformation she saw all of the scouts looking at her. " What? I can't learn new tricks? " she said with a smile. " Oh yeah. That's Serena's daughter! " Sailor Jupiter said looking at how Reenie was holding her self. " Come let's go. " Sailor Mercury said. Each of the girls clasped hands as Tuxedo Mask got in the middle. " Sailor Scout Transport! " the Scouts yelled.

" Okay guys be on your guard! It won't be long till Foyra knows we're here. " Tuxedo Mask said. " Where to Mercury? " Jupiter asked. " I truly do not know. " she answered nervously. " This way. " Tuxedo Mask said leading the scouts to the Crystal Chamber. The Sailor Scouts gasped as they saw their old advisories: Malachite, Zoyciet, Nephrite, and Jadeite. Mars and Mercury both approached the crystal that held Jadeite. " I couldn't believe we beat him. " Mars whispered. " Only to have him be replaced by Nephrite. " Mercury said. " Yeah, but with Nephrite we had Molly's help. " Mars said. " Yeah but I remember Molly not believing Serena at first. " Mercury said. " Guys, this is nice to be walking down memory lane and all but we have to get Serena! " Venus said. " She's right. Let's do it. " Mars said. " How do we break them out Tuxedo Mask? " Jupiter asked. " By using your powers. " he answered. " I get Jadeite. " Mars said. " I'll take Nephrite. " Mercury said. " That leaves me with Zoyciet. " Jupiter said. " Then I'll get Malachite. " Venus said. " Start us off Mars. " Venus said. " Mars Celestial Fire Surround! " Sailor Mars screamed. " Mercury Aqua Illusion! " Mercury called. " Jupiter Thunder Dragon! " Sailor Jupiter said. " Venus Love Chain Encircle! " Venus called.

" What was that? " Diamond said. Dark Sailor Moon and he ran towards the Crystal Chamber. " No! The generals can not be broken out! They'll have their memories again! They'll turn against us! " Diamond exclaimed as he saw the four generals being helped up by the Sailor Scouts. " You've done it this time Diamond. I told you we should have killed the generals. " Dark Sailor Moon said. " Serena! " Tuxedo Mask yelled out. " What! You never loved me. Dark Crescent Wand Elimination! " she yelled. Tuxedo Mask was thrown across the room. " Prince Darien! " the generals gasped. They remember everything. Being protectors of Earth. Being friends with the Scouts, everything. " Serena! We won't fight you! " Jupiter yelled out. " To bad, Dark Moon Tiara Power! " the tiara sent Jupiter and Mars crashing into the wall. " Serena! Remember us! We're your friends. Reenie's your daughter! " Mercury yelled out. " I only have one daughter. And that's not her. Dark Power encase! " she waved her hand and Sailor Crescent Moon was trapped in a box. " Serena! Stop this silliness! Come back with me sister! " Travis yelled. " Silliness! How dare you. You pompous, arrogant, twit! Dark Power Fire! " she said letting a beam of dark energy out hitting Sailor Sol and Mercury and Venus. With this only the generals stood. " Serenity, we love you but we can not allow you to hurt Prince Darien or the scouts. In the name of air we shall free you. " Jadeite said. " And in the name of Water, we will bring you back to the good side. " Zoyciet said. " And in the name of Earth, we will reunite you with Prince Darien. " Nephrite said. " In the name of Fire, we will punish the Negaverse. " Malachite finished. " Oh please. You think you scare me? " Dark Sailor Moon said. She then froze. A soft melody drifted in the air. The generals parted as Darien came out as Prince Endymion. " You remember this don't you Serena? You would never let me forget you and I'm not going to allow you to forget me. No matter what, I love you my princess. " he said. Dark Sailor Moon stepped closer to him. She gently reached out her hand and touched the locket. Her once ebony hair turned blond again, her midnight eyes turned the sky blue she was born with. She turned from Dark Sailor Moon to the Princess Serenity. Prince Darien gathered her up in his arms and kissed her softly not wanting to let go of her. " No! She's is to be mine! " Diamond yelled. " Get over it! They're destined to love each other to the end of time. " Jupiter said. " You have not heard the last of me. " Diamond said. " He's sure to go get troops. " Nephrite said. " Then we better be ready for a fight, if those two will ever come up for air. " Mars said good-natured. Serenity and Endymion pulled away turning red. " Lack of oxygen? " Jupiter smiled. " Mommy! " Reenie said throwing her small body around Serenity's leg. " Reenie! Oh my God! What have I done? I'm so sorry, all of you! " Serenity gasped as all the memories of what she had done as Dark Sailor Moon. " Forget about it Serena! We're just glad you're back. We missed you! " Mars said giving one of her rare hugs. Serenity relaxed but could not forget what she had done and promised herself she would make up for it.

" My Princess. " Nephrite said bowing in front of Serenity. " General Nephrite, it is good to see you once again. " Serenity said helping her old friend up. " Zoyciete, how I missed you! Melchite, I wish you and Zoyciete all the happiness. " Serenity said hugging the two generals of Earth during the Silver Millennium. " Thank you princess. " they said together. " Jadeite! How can I tell you how much I missed you? " Serenity asked throwing herself around him. " Thank Mars for me being alive. " he said.

Then an evil laugh came from the darkness. " Foyra! " Serenity gasped. Endymion stepped infront of Serenity and Reenie changing from his prince form to Tuxedo Mask. " Oh, how cute, prince protecting his princess! " a bolt of black lighting hit Tuxedo Mask. " Darien! " Serena yelled. " Oh Foyra, you're going down. I don't care what you do to me. You can send yomas after me, you can try to kill me. That's fine! But no body messes with my boyfriend! Moon Crystal Power! " Serenity said changing from her princess form to Sailor Moon in a flash of light and feathers. Once again her Scout uniform was white, red, and blue. Her hair was once again blond and her eyes were once again the same sky blue. " Sailor Moon, how nice of you to come out and play. " Foyra said. Reenie ran to Tuxedo Mask's side helping him regain conciseness. " Sailor Moon! That's not Foyra! It's Beryl! " Sailor Jupiter yelled. " I know! " Sailor Moon yelled back. " Oh Serenity, how did you ever know? Dear Princess, I believe it's time to finish this! " Queen Beryl said. " Hey Beryl! I reached my eighteenth birthday two weeks ago! It's queen now! Moon Crystal Power! " she said turning back into Princess Serenity but there was a change. There was maturity about her. Her once blond hair was almost white. And her gown was more like her Silver Millennium mother's. In her small hands she held the Silver Imperial Crystal, the source of all her power. Queen Beryl let loose all the power of the Negaverse. A pure white light that pored from the Silver Imperial Crystal met the dark power. The Scouts watched in horror as Serenity dropped to one knee. " Mars Star Power. " Sailor Mars whispered. " Jupiter Star Power. " Sailor Jupiter whispered. " Venus Star Power. " Sailor Venus whispered. " Mercury Star Power. " Sailor Mercury said. " Moon Crescent Power. " Sailor Crescent Moon said.

Sailor Sol and Tuxedo Mask stood by watching as the Scouts transferred their energy to Serenity and fell to the ground. They both transformed into their former selves. Prince Endymion of Earth and Prince Tranquillity of the Sun. The renewed energy of the Sailor Scouts gave Serenity new strength, the white light began to pulse and grow stronger. Soon it began to pierce every part of the darkness surrounding and consuming Beryl. Then in a flash of brilliant blue, green, yellow, red, and white light Beryl was gone. The only one that stood was Serenity holding two crystals. One the Silver Imperial Crystal the other a jet-black crystal that Endymion recognized as the Crystal of Shadows. Serenity then transferred the Scouts back their energy. " Where's Beryl? " Jupiter said waking up. " Gone forever! " Serenity said looking at her friends. Then she felt her brother's hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and he whispered, " I am so proud of you. So is mother. " Endymion looked on at the two. He then felt a cold shudder run through his body. " Serena! " he yelled. He drew out his sword and stopped, as Diamond's sword was about to kill Serenity. " Get out of my way Endymion! " Diamond snarled. " Leave Diamond. Your queen is dead and you are a ronin. (A) " Endymion said. They clashed swords. " Endymion! " Serenity yelled and broke loose of the hold Tranquillity had on her arm. When she was within feet of Diamond he swung his sword back. A sickening sound was made as Diamond heard Serenity being run through with his sword. He looked back and saw her lifeless eyes. He quickly with drew his sword from her and watched her sway and then fall to the ground. He looked back at the horror on Endymion's face. He knew he now was going to die for sure. Endymion reared his sword back and ran it through Diamond's mid-section. He then rushed to be a Serena's side. " I'm sorry Darien. " Mercury said moving to be comforted by Jupiter. " No! No! She can't be dead. You can't give me my soul and then take away my heart! (B) I defy you stars! (C) " Endymion screamed into the blackness as her transformed into his human version of Darien. " I just wish she was alive and normal. " Sailor Venus sobbed. " We all do. " Sailor Mars said. With those words a brilliant flash of light happened.

Lita, Raye, Mina, Ami, Darien, Travis, and Reenie all woke up in the park. " Where are we? " Lita asked. " Does everyone remember? " Mina asked. " Where's Serena? " Ami asked. " I want my Mommy! " Reenie cried. " It's okay. She's in a better place Reenie. " Darien said as Reenie crawled in his lap. " What are we going to tell her parents? " Raye whispered. Then the seven heard a fimilar yell. " Oh my gosh I'm so late! Travis is going to kill me! " a voice squealed. " Serena! " Travis yelled springing to his feet and running around the corner. " Hah! You're late too! Who are your friends? " Serena said looking around the corner at the five that sat in the park. " They seem out of it. " she whispered to him. " Serena, it's Raye, Lita, Mina, Ami, Reenie, and Darien. Your best friends, boyfriend, and daughter. " Travis whispered. " Funny Travis! But it's not even April Fools Day! It's not even April! No way you're going to get me on this one. " Serena said. " She doesn't remember us! " Lita gasped. " That means she doesn't remember a thing. " Ami said. " Then how come we do? " Mina asked. " Because we wished for her to be a normal again, not all of us. " Raye said. " Hi, Serena right? " Darien said getting up. " Yeah! I'm Serena. Who are you? " she asked. It was a simple question that pained him beyond words. That the woman he loved didn't even remember his name let alone the love that they had shared. " I'm Darien Chiba. A friend of Travis' and your friend I hope. " he said wishfully. " Of course, you can be my friend. But I'm sorry to be so rude but Travis and I have to get to school. Come on beach bum let's go! " Serena said running down the street. " Go with her Travis. At least she remembers you. " Darien said. Travis ran after his twin. Tears filled Darien's eyes. " Darien? " Ami asked. " I now know what Serena felt when I didn't remember a thing. " Darien whispered. " We got you back. We'll get her back. She is after all, Sailor Moon. " Raye said.