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Authorís note Ė This is set before Turbo. Billy is on Aquitar and Jason has given Trey the Gold powers back but Trey is still hanging around. If you have any comments about the fic, Iíd greatly appreciate them.

Hidden Identities
By Cara Fox

" I am a sorceress of Delfa, you may have sensed my presence around your students during the last two months. I have recently completed my training and my first assignment has been to watch over Thomas Oliver, Katherine Hillard, Tanya Sloan, Adam Park, Rocky De Santos, Jason Scott and William Cranston. You probably know why.

I know I am breaking several rules by contacting you but there are some things that concern me. Firstly the previous Rangers arenít being watched over and I feel that they may be in danger soon. Secondly Jason Scott is constantly being attacked by some unknown force that is also preventing me from helping him. There is someone else who is protecting him against these attack so he does not know about them. My main concern is that William Cranston has vanished, he is not on Aquitar as my reports told me. He left a day after contacting you. I have managed to trace him back to Earth but then his trace vanished.

The changes in your students may occur at any time now and they will need all the help they can get to cope with them."

Alpha finished reading the letter that had mysteriously appeared a few minutes ago. Silence filled the Power Chamber.

" Zordon?" The little android asked nervously " What do you want done?"

" Monitor all Rangers past and present, set up a communications link to Aquitar and try to locate that sorceress." Zordon finely spoke.

" Is the situation that serious?"

" One of her kind would never break the communication rules lightly, there is more trouble then she has told us about."


In America summer holidays were drawing to a close and school was about to begin.

" Two days left." Rocky groaned. " I donít wanna go back to school yet."

" Come on Rocky, itís our last year." Kat tried to cheer her friend up, it worked.

" Then weíre outta here!"

" You canít hate school that much." Tommy commented.

" No I donít, I just want the rest of my life to start. School is so boring."

" Only when there arenít any monster invasions. " Adam joked.

" Even theyíre getting boring. Why canít anything really interesting happen?"

" Donít jinx us." Tanya cried.

" Donít think I could even if I wanted to." Rocky grumbled.

" Excuse me." All the Rangers turned to look at the speaker. She was short with brown hair and brown eyes. " Iím lost, Iím trying to find the Youth Center." She smiled awkwardly.

" Iím headed in that direction, why donít you come with me?" Jason stood up.

" Iím Jason, this is Tommy, Tanya, Rocky, Adam and Kat."

" Iím Chareal. I just moved here from Australia."

" What year are you doing in school?" Kat asked.

" The last year. Iím supposed to be at the Youth Center for a job interview."

" Weíd best hurry then. See you later guys."

" Bye." A chorus of replies followed them as they left the group in the park.


" You wanted to see me sir?" The girl entered the principalís office.

" Yes I did. Iíve decided to change part of your assignment."

" Sir?"

" I think watching over seven people is a bit too much for you at this stage. You no longer are watching over the Ranger Jason Scott,"

" But I can handle looking after them all." She cried.

" Iím sure you think you can, but I donít think youíre ready."

" But heís powerless. Tommy could look after himself for a while, if you ..."

" Are you questioning me?" He bellowed

" No sir." She looked out of the window at the alien landscape.

" The Gold Ranger is no longer your concern. Do you understand?"

She looked back at him. " Yes sir."

" You may go now."

Quietly she left the office before teleporting back to Earth. " I donít think Trey needs to be looked after anyway." She muttered happily.


" So why did you move here?" Jason asked Chareal as they walked along one of the many paths in the park that eventually led to the Youth Center.

" My Dad was offered a really good job here. I was supposed to be going to University this year but my Australian grades werenít high enough so I had to redo this last year."

" Thatís tough."

" Tell me about it. How long have you been living here?"

" My whole life."

" Could you tell me something?"

" Yes?"

" Do the Power Rangers really exist?"

Jason stopped dead in his tracks the burst into laughter.

" I guess they donít." Chareal laughed.

" No. No they do, really."

" Then why are you laughing?"

" Because it never occurred to me that other people wouldnít believe in them."

" O.k. then aliens are really trying to take over the Earth?"

In response there was a loud thump beside her and Jason was flung in the air. She turned in time to see a black armoured creature charge towards him. She was about to attack it when a blurred figure appeared and took up the fight.

Chareal ran to where Jason was lying. He groaned and sat up.

" Are you alright?" She asked

" I think so." They watched the blurred figure fight the armoured monster for a few moments.

" Is that one of the Rangers?"

" No I have no idea what that is." Jason replied . Maybe Rocky has jinxed us. He thought.

A sword appeared in the armoured beastís hand it swiped at the blurred figure. For an instant the blurriness vanished revealing a tall teenage girl, a few drops of blood fell from her right arm before the blurriness appeared again

She stood back from the creature and muttered a couple of words. A ball of light appeared where her hands seemed to be. Suddenly the light flew at the monster, which vanished. Moments later the blurred figure also vanished.

Jason turned to Chareal to see how she had coped with the situation, he groaned when he saw the look of shock and confusion on her face. " Well youíve seen you first alien attack, youíll get used to it after a while."

" Itís not that. I think I recognised that girl. No it couldnít have been her." She looked sharply at him. " Iím going to be late for that interview can we go?"

The started walking away, Chareal looked back and noticed that the only sign that a battle had taken place there were a few drops of red.


At the same time a girl appeared in a darkened kitchen in Australia. She moved around quietly so as not to wake her family. Too many awkward questions would be asked. She found the first aid kit and took it to her room.

Maybe I ought to keep it in here she thought wryly to herself. Only when her door was shut did she turn on the light to examine the wound.

It was a shallow cut near her wrist, it would be difficult to hide the bandage this time. She cleaned the cut and bandaged it quickly while she tried to think of an excuse to explain it.


Jason didnít tell the Rangers about the attack and he wasnít planning on telling Zordon, besides Zordon probably knew. Questions kept gnawing his mind. Who was the attacker, who was the person that saved him and why was he attacked. Finely it became too much. After dinner he went up to his room and teleported.

" I am sorry Zordon, I thought you knew he was coming back to Earth."

Jason decided not to interrupt the conversation between Zordon and Delphine. Instead he stood back and waited unnoticed. After a short period of time he noticed a letter on one of the consoles. Thinking it was probably sent by Billy he picked it up and began to read.

He finished reading and started again unable to believe what was being said.

" Uh oh." Alpha groaned. " Jason what are you doing here?"

" I was attacked." He paused and looked up at the great wizard. " Again it seems. Zordon whatís going on?"

" Unfortunately I do not know who is attacking you or who is helping you."

" But this sorceress would know?"

" I do not know that either."

" She canít be very strong if sheís unable to help." Jason muttered. His life was becoming more confusing in these few hours than it had been before.

" Whatever it is that is preventing her from helping you is also preventing me from knowing you are under attack."

" So what am I supposed to do?"

" Stay with the Rangers as much as possible they will be able to help you."

I would have been able to help me if I still had my powers. Jason thought bitterly. " Do you know where Billy is?"

" I canít find him anywhere!" Alpha cried.

" Could he be in danger as well?"

" It is possible." Zordon conceded

" Maybe his Dad knows where he is."

" That is a good suggestion. "

" Iíll find out tomorrow."

" Jason. For now I donít want anyone else knowing about the letter or the attacks on you."

Jason picked up on the strangeness of this request. " Thereís something really wrong isnít there?" He asked concerned.

" It is possible, but I do not want to alarm the Rangers yet.."

" I understand." Jason left more worried than he had ever been in his life. Zordon had kept serious things from them before but this time seemed to be different, there was something about the wizards attitude and tone that was different. Suddenly Jason knew what the difference was. Zordon had seemed frightened. Jason knew then that the fight they been in for the last three years had been easy compared to whatever was in the future.


" Hey Melony, howís your day been?" Amelia finely caught up with her friend at the Melbourne University cafeteria.

" Bad. Howís your day?"

" Worse." She tried to joke. Melony glared at her. " Ok whatís the problem?"

" Iím sorry, I havenít been getting enough sleep, I didnít mean to be so grumpy." Melony smiled slightly.

" And what else?"

" Nothing else."

" Come on, Sleep is not the only problem."

Melony frantically looked around for something else to talk about. She found it in the form of a youth holding a tray and looking very uneasy. " That guy looks really lost."

" Stop trying to change the subject."

" Do you mind if I ask him to sit with us?"

" Go ahead." Amelia smile and watched as her friend went over and talked to him. Absent - mindedly she rubbed the bandage under her sleeve.

" Amelia, this is Billy."

" Hi." She smiled as he sat down next to Melony. " What course are you doing?"

" Science. How about you?" He still looked slightly uncomfortable.

" Iím doing Law." She continued smiling.

" History." Melony commented. " Weíre both first year students."

" I only started this semester." He glanced around. " Iím from America, I didnít finish high school until March this year."

" No wonder you look lost." Melony smiled.

" I didnít expect the Campus to be this big."

" Neither did we." Amelia laughed. " If you need directions just ask us."

" And weíll have to ask a second year student for directions." Melony chuckled.

" Seriously we do know our way around." Amelia stopped laughing.

" Speak for yourself, I got lost going to my lecture on Medieval history. I ended up in the medical section of the Campus."

" I only know how to get from the parking lot to the science labs." Billy commented.

" Thereís a parking lot here?" Melony asked in mock surprise.

" I only stumbled on it by accident." He grinned back.

The three students agreed to meet after uni to show Billy around Melbourne and the explorations of the city went well for a few hours. It was about three p.m. when they were having a snack in a Mac Donaldís restaurant when things started getting strange.

Amelia suddenly left saying she had to phone her parents.


" Hey isnít that Chareal?" Adam suddenly asked pointing to a lone figure walking through the park. They were walking home from a late movie.

" Yes it is." Jason agreed before yelling out. " Hey Chareal. Did you get the job?"

She walked over. " No I didnít. I think he was going to give me the job until he saw me practicing Judo."

" That doesnít sound like Ernie." Tanya sounded confused.

" Well Ernie said that I ought to concentrate on practicing for competitions."

" Youíre that good?" Tommy asked startled.

" I donít know. I only do it for fun." She grinned.

" Youíll probably find a job somewhere else." Kat reassured her.

" I know I will. " She stopped what she was saying to yell a warning. " Jason look out. Itís back."

Jason instinctively dodged as the creature swung itís sword at where he was. Without thinking Chareal run into the attack kicking the sword from itís hand.

" You shouldnít have done that stupid human." It grated before lunging at her.

She side stepped catching itís arm as it ran past using itís momentum to flip it onto the ground. The Rangers snapped out of the daze they had been in and lent a hand.

In the chaos that followed only Jason noticed the blurred figure appear and stick a knife through the creatureís chest.. It growled before collapsing. The figure was gone the next time he looked.

" The bodyís not vanishing." Kat cried.

" I want to know whatís under the helmet." Jason declared needing to know the source of his nightmares.

Tanya and Kat turned away as he bent down and removed the helmet. Human eyes stared back at him.

" The fight isnít over yet." It rasped. " More will come. You will die." Itís eyes glazed over and the body turned cold.

" It was human." Kat had looked back. " We killed a human." She screamed.

" None of us had a knife." Chareal pointed out calmly. " And it would have killed Jason if someone hadnít have killed it."

Suddenly there were red and green streaks of light as the red and green Zeo Rangers appeared.

" Weíve come to take the body." The red ranger stated as he and has fellow ranger picked it up. Before anyone could ask anything more they teleported. Chareal looked around unable to believe all that she had witnessed, she noticed that Tommy and Adam had vanished and a suspicion began to form.


" Dam. Heís been attacked again." Melony muttered angrily.

" What?" Billy asked around a mouthful of burger.

She groaned as she held up a small black box, which could possibly be a pager.

" Itís my brother. Heís been getting into fights lately. Mum was just warning me to be ready for his complaining when I call in tonight."

" Oh."

Amelia rejoined them. " Anything interesting happen while I was gone?"

" Not really." Melony replied.


Jason had left the group to go and visit Billyís dad. He was still shocked that something human had attacked him. The other Rangers had made excuses and left to teleport to the Power Chamber. Chareal had offered to come with him incase anything else attacked but he had refused doubting that they would try again so soon after a failed attack.

Jason rang the doorbell lost in thought.

" Hello Jason."

Jason started " Oh. Hi Mr Cranston. I was wondering if you had Billyís new address. I lost my copy." He smiled apologetically. " He hasnít written and I wanted to know how heís going."

" Thatís unlike him. Maybe itís because heís so busy settling in."

Maybe he is on Aquitar. Jason thought hopefully.

" Come in and Iíll find the address for you."

" Howís he going?"

" Well he started University last week and heís finding it difficult locating all his classes."

Maybe they have university on Aquitar.

" Hereís the address, Iíll write it out for you.." Mr Cranston handed the slip of paper over to the teen who quickly read it.

" Australia?" Jason asked surprised. Maybe Mr Cranston didnít know that they knew. " I thought he was going to somewhere called Aquitar."

" Whereís that?" The older man asked.

" I donít know. Maybe I misheard. Thanks for your help." Jason left and found a place to teleport.

" I do not know why Jason was attacked." He had arrived during mid explanation. " The being was not human, it was a fighter from Parox four. It seems his mission was to kill Jason and he wouldnít have stopped until he had completed it." Zordon finished.

" He said that more would come." Rocky quoted.

" Then I want one of you to stay with Jason at all times until this is over.

" Great now Iím being baby sat." Jason grumbled.

" Jason!" Tommy spun around. " when were you?"

" Speaking to Billyís Dad. Heís in Melbourne, Australia."

" Mr Cranston?" Rocky asked confused.

" No Billy. Heís started Uni there."

" Why didnít he tell us?" Tommy exploded.

" Iím going to find out."

" You canít teleport there, itís not Ranger business." Adam reminded him.

" I want Jason and Tommy to see him tomorrow." Zordon ordered. " I am afraid that whoever is attacking Jason will try to attack Billy as well."

" Tomorrow then." Tommy stated.


Billy was waiting in the cafeteria for his two new friends to finish their classes.

" Hey bro whatís up." Someone asked over his shoulder before sitting down beside him.

Billy went white. " Jason..."

" Why didnít you keep in touch with us? We had a hell of a time trying to track you down."

" Tommy..." Billy went whiter still. " Howíd you find me?"

" Your dad gave us your address and Zordon found the uni you enrolled in and your class schedule." Tommy sat down opposite him. " Why didnít you tell us where you were?"

" I.. " He looked around for something to save him. He smiled and relaxed when he saw Melony heading over. She stopped suddenly and looked shocked. Worried that she might leave he waved her over. She smiled and came over.

" Hi Billy, howís your day been?"

" Not to bad. This is Jason and Tommy theyíre friends visiting from Angel Grove."

She sat down. " Angel Grove in America?"

" Yes." Jason nodded. He noticed she was having trouble deciding whether to ask another question or not. I bet itís about the Power Rangers. He groaned inwardly.

She decided. " Do you know a William Cranston?"

The three guys sat in shocked silence. " Er. Iím William Cranston." Billy said quietly.

Melony turned bright red and buried her head in her hands.

" Howíd you hear of him?" Tommy asked still in shock.

Melony was silent for a moment seemingly from embarrassment.

" Er. I um have a friend whoís just moved there, she wrote back telling me about some of the inventions heíd designed."

" Youíre not talking about Chareal are you?" Tommy asked.

" Yes. You know her?" Melony had gone redder.

" Yes, sheís been hanging around us for the last two days."

Melony started to panic. The Rangers would ask her friend questions. She only hoped that Chareal had heard of Billy or theyíd start getting suspicious, maybe theyíd think she was the one attacking Jason, that would cause trouble. She was still furiously trying to think of a way out when Amelia joined them.

" Melony why are you so red?"

" She asked if we knew who William Cranston was." Jason laughed. Amelia stared at him in shock. " Iím Jason, this is Tommy and that is William Cranston, we lived in Angel Grove." He finely took a good look at the new arrival and stared at her, heíd seen that face before. He looked down at her right arm and saw a bandage poking out from underneath her sleeve.

" Iím Amelia." She sat next to the still red Melony. Jason was beginning to wonder who Melony really was, heíd check her story with Chareal later but heíd have to make sure that Amelia was who he thought she was.

" What did you do to your arm?" He asked.

Amelia pulled her sleeve over the bandage covering it completely. " I er, I cut it accidentally when I was er cutting vegetables for dinner last night." Jason had told enough excuses to know one when he heard one.

" Iíve got to get to class." Billy suddenly stood up

" Weíll call you later." There was a hint of steel in Tommyís voice and Billy cringed.

" Alright." He left.

" So when did you meet Billy?" Tommy asked.

" Yesterday." Melony replied.

" Has anyone been picking on him?"

" Not that we know of." Amelia replied shocked. " Why would anyone want to pick on him?"

" He was a geek in high school, a few people beat him up because of it. Weíre just worried about him."

" Things change in University." Amelia tried to reassure him.

" Would you watch out for him, just in case?" Jason looked directly at Amelia.

" Sure, but I donít see who would attack him." She replied genuinely confused. Jason realised that she really had no idea who Billy was and what he had been. He turned to Melony and saw that sheíd changed colours to white.

" Yeah, weíll watch out for him." She replied softly.

" Jason he can look out for himself." Tommy glared at his friend.

They spoke for a few more minutes before Tommy announced that they had better get going if they wanted to catch their flight.


Rocky met Jason just as he left home the next afternoon.

" So you get to baby sit me today." Jason commented dryly.

" You heard what Zordon told us?" Rocky looked slightly embarrassed.

" Yeah. I guess I would need help if one of those things appeared again."

" Someone has to hold your stuff while you fight it." Rocky joked Jason laughed. " So where are we heading today?"

" Letís go somewhere original - how about the Youth Center?"

" Iíve never been there before. Letís go!" Rocky ran on ahead. He turned his head laughing and collided with a small person.

" Rocky! Canít you watch where youíre going?" The person bellowed.

" Er sorry." He helped Chareal pick up her gear. " Youíre going to the Youth Center to practice judo right?"

" Howíd you guess?" She asked in mock surprise.

" I donít know. Weíre going there, want to join us?"

" Sure."

" Chareal, I got a call from William last night, it seems heís met two of your friends."

`" Whoís William?" She asked. Well that proved Melony was lying, now it was time to see if she really knew Chareal.

" Heís a friend who just moved to Australia. He met Amelia and Melony a couple of days ago."

" Oh my gosh, I forgot to call them and let them know I got here safely!" She exclaimed. " Amelia will be worried sick."

Ok she knows them Jason thought.


Halfway around the world it was late morning, for Billy and Melony classes had just finished. They had decided visit the Museum until Amelia finished her classes.

There were surprisingly few people near the entrance of the museum. Billy stopped to tie his shoelace by a statue. Melony stared at it.

" Thatís new." She murmured , a memory nagged at her, a picture in a book, a alien book. " Billy get back." She cried pulling him away.

" What?" He started. " Itís just a.." The statue chose that moment to attack him. He stumbled backwards and fell. The knight advanced, Billy stared at it horrified. Heíd left all this behind - hadnít he?

There was a loud metal clank as Melony kicked the monster in the back of itís knee. It fell to itís knees, she wrapped her arm around itís neck and pulled tight.

" This is your one and only warning. Get lost." She hissed. To Billyís surprise the monster vanished leaving Melony holding onto thin air.

" What was that?" Billy asked standing.

" I thought it was just some kid playing a joke, but, but it just vanished. Thatís impossible." She didnít look at him

" I think weíd be safer if we go inside."

" Yeah. You really think it could come back?"

" I have no idea."

" It was after you though."

" I guess it was." The attack had shaken Billy more than he would admit, he was almost tempted to go back to Angel Grove, or at least talk to Zordon. But that was impossible. he didnítí t have his communicator.

" Are you sharing a house with anyone?"

" No." He caught onto what she was thinking. " You think it could attack when Iím alone."

" I donít know. My flat mate just moved, if you want the room you can have it."

" Iíll think about it.


A week passed. In America Chareal had joined Jasonís group and her suspicions were confirmed when they vanished for the second monster attack while she was there. Jason had been attacked nearly once a day but he was defended by the rangers and the blurred figure. The mysterious helper had everyone confused.

In Australia Billy took up Melonyís offer after he was attacked again. Heíd agreed with her that Amelia wouldnít be told about the attacks. They were sort of getting used to the routine when disaster struck.

" Tanya they havenít attacked for a couple of days. I think Iíll be alright walking home by myself." Jason was sick to death of being babysat.

" You spoke too soon." Tanya groaned as the familiar armoured figure appeared. " Itís morphing time. Zeo Ranger Two - Yellow."

She ran into the fight. After a few seconds the blurred figure appeared and took over. Tanya stood back and watched.

" Jason are you sure you donít know who she is?? She turned around. " Jason! Behind you.

Jason turned to see a second knight standing over him sword raised above his head. He rolled away as the sword came down. Tanya ran into attack it but it was obvious she was going to loose.

The blurred figure ran to help, but the knight she was fighting against attacked Jason, she had no choice but to defend him. Jason turned back to Tanya. The knight was slashing at her and it was cutting through her suit. He ran over, in slow motion it seemed. Tanya slowly fell. The knight stamped on her leg. The sickening sound of bones crunching was cut off by Tanyaís scream. Jason launched himself at his enemy pulling it off her. Itís sword fell from itís grasp as it wrestled with the teenager.

" Jason move now." Someone ordered. He pushed backwards and felt the disturbance in the air as a sword slashed through it. There was silence. " Are you alright?"

He looked at the blurred figure kneeling beside him. " Amelia can you help me get Tanya to hospital?" He asked quietly.

She paused for a moment before solidifying. " Alright." She walked over to Tanya " Tanya Iím going to pretend to be the Yellow Ranger. Weíre going to take you to hospital...."

Jason turned and looked at the body of his second attacker then he looked a few feet away to the place where itís head had finely rolled to a stop.


" Iíll get him for you Jason." Melony covered the mouthpiece of the phone. " Billy, itís Jason for you." He came out of his room and took it from her.

" Hi Jason." He smiled as she started cooking their meal. Slowly his smile faded. " Iíll be on the next plane over."

" Whatís wrong?"

" Jason was attacked by two of those knight things. One of my friends, Tanya, tried to help him. Sheís in hospital. Iíve got to go over." He picked up the receiver again.

Melony leant over and gently pushed his hand down again. " Can you still teleport?" She asked quietly.

" What?" He asked surprised.

" Can you still teleport?"

" No. I donít have a communicator. How did.."

She took hold of his hand. " I know the hospital layout fairly well. Thereís a corridor on the third floor where no one goes, weíll appear there."

" How?" He started asking before he realised that they were indeed there.

" Thereís a nurses station nearby, weíll go there." She led the way there. A nurse looked up. " Weíre lost. Weíre supposed to be seeing a friend of ours, Tanya Sloan. She was brought in today."

" I know, poor girl. Sheís on this floor. Go down this corridor, turn left at the end. Take the next turn right , sheís in room 309."

" Thank you." Billy stammered as he followed Melony away,

She stopped before the final turn. " Iíll wait here for you, if they ask how you got here tell them you made another teleportation unit." Billy went on.


Tanya was crying. " I donít know who to give the powers to."

" You wonít have to give them up." Adam sat on her bed, concern showing openly, he hated seeing his girlfriend in such pain.

" I have to for the time being, you heard the doctors, I wonít be moving for a while now.. " Someone has to be the yellow Ranger while I canít do it."

" Donít worry Tanya, weíll find someone." All the Rangers were there. Jason had left to call Chareal and Billy.

" Maybe Billy could take the yellow powers." Rocky said in an attempt to cheer her up.

" No thanks I wouldnít look good in a skirt." A voice laughed from the doorway.

" Billy!" Tanya cried. " What are you doing here?"

" I came to see you. They really got you." He whistled at the sight of the bandages covering her arms and chest . " Can I sign your cast?"

" I got first dibs." Rocky declared.


Jason hurried down the corridor towards Tanyaís room. He stopped before taking the last turn.

" Melony?"

She jumped. " Er. Hi. Jason um."

" You brought Billy?"

" Yes, heís with Tanya now. "

" So you are the sorceress?"

" Yes I am. Jason Iím so sorry. I didnít know you were being attacked until after it happened."

He knew he should be angary with her, but for some reason he knew that she was telling the truth.

" I should have done something sooner but then they started attacking Billy and it took all my effort to protect him. "

" Theyíre attacking Billy as well?" Jason was shocked.

" Yes, I thought it was to distract me from you. Doesnít Zordon know about those attack?"

" No."

" Theyíre really trying to kill you both. But why." She mused. " This is more serious than I thought. Can you get me to the Command Center?"

" Canít you just teleport there?"

" Only if I go with someone who is or has been a Ranger."


Tanyaís injuries were worrying Amelia. She decided to go to the hospital in the guise of a student nurse. She had to skill to make anyone who saw her think she belonged there, the fact that no one knew her helped a lot. She changed into her uniform and teleported.

Laughter was coming from her room, that was a good sign. She walked in smiling.

" Amelia?!"

She stopped." Billy what are you doing here?"

" Mel.. I er I." He was suddenly lost for words. The pieces of his puzzle clicked.

" You were a Ranger. " She glanced around and pointed at Tommy " Thatís why you and Jason asked us to keep an eye on him."

" Thank you." Tanya broke the following silence.

" For what?" Amelia asked surprised.

" For helping Jason and us."

" Your the blurry girl!" Kat cried.

" Thatís me."

" Why were you looking after him?" Tommy asked.

" Itís my job."

" Jason was calling Chareal." Rocky stated. " Does she know who you are?"

" Er no. Iíd best go before she arrives. I just came to see how Tanya was doing."

" I hurt." She laughed. " Guyís I think Chareal should take my place."

" Are you sure.?" Adam asked concerned again.

" Yes."

" Amelia. Do you know what Melony is?" Billy interrupted. " I mean is she like you/"

" No. Why"

" She was always protecting me and she teleported me here."

" This is getting incredibly weird." Rocky groaned. Amelia wanted to tell them all that it was going to get worse soon.

" I think we need to talk to Zordon. Will you come with us?" Tommy asked.

" I think we ought to get it all sorted out now." Amelia sighed.

" And I think you all ought to go. Iíd like to talk to Chareal alone. Yes Adam I am sure." She foresaw her friendís question.

They teleported out just as Chareal entered.

" How are you?"

" I hurt." Tanya grinned. " I have to talk to you about something.?"

" Ok. Can I sign your cast?"

" Rocky and Billy have first dibs."

" I thought he was in Australia."

" He was." Tanya tried to think of a way to start the important conversation.

" I guess the Rangers will have to do without their Yellow member for a while."

" What?" Tanya exclaimed.

" The Rangers will have to do without you for a while."

" How did you know?"

"You all kept disappearing just as the rangers were needed."

" Do you want to be the yellow ranger?"

" You are. I canít be." Chareal laughed.

" Someone has to take over the powers while I canít use them."

" Youíre serious? Why me?"

" Because you get on well with the rest of the team and you can fight."

" Iíll do it."

10 minutes before.

" Jason!" Alpha exclaimed. " Howís Tanya?"

" Sheís doing as well as can be expected. Zordon this is Melony."

" Tanya chose her to be her replacement?" Zordon asked surprised. Melony paled.

" Was she hurt that badly?" She asked, Jason nodded.. " This is really bad if theyíre willing to hurt people who arenít their targets."

" Zordon, this is the Sorceress of Delfa." Jason announced.

Melony sighed before starting. " I believe that treason has occurred within the Academy of Light."

Zordon was silent. " Do you have any evidence to support this."

" The attacks on Jason and Billy. They havenít changed so the Dark Legion shouldnít be able to find them but they can. Also Iíve been told not to watch over Jason but heís the one being attacked."

" I hadnít realised Billy was being attacked." Zordon replied. horrified. " Do you have any idea why they are being focused on?"

" No. The only thing I could think of is what they are going to be..."

She was cut off by a large group of people appearing.

" Hey who are you? What are you doing here?" Rocky demanded when he saw her.

" Melony?" Billy pushed his way through the group.

" Er, yeah."

" I thought you werenít allowed to contact them." Amelia commented as she met her friend.

" I wasnít. What are you doing here? Hang on youíre the one whoís been looking after Jason. Why?"

" Would someone please tell me whatís going on here?" Rocky demanded.

" Rangers. I think it is time that you were told the history of your positions."

" Weíre here to defend the Earth, right?" Tommy asked confused.

" That is only part of the Ranger story. A ranger is a being that is in training for the main battle against the Dark Legion."

" Who?" Adam asked.

" The Dark Legion is a force wholly comprised of evil. Since the beginning of time they have tried to take over everything in the universe, the only thing stopping them from succeeding were the forces of light. Any one who was skilled enough to block the Dark Legionís magic from taking them over was trained at the Academy of light or as Rangers, fighting against underlings. A thousand years ago we were successful in trapping the main body of the Dark legions in prisons which you humans call black holes. Over time fewer beings trained for the fight and the number of Ranger teams were cut down to one per solar system instead of twenty. "

" Whatís this change that Melony was talking about?" Jason asked.

Melony took up the story. " No Ranger is ever human, only because no human can hold the Morphing powers. Each of you are one of two things. You are either an Earthly power, such as a wizard, witch, druid or something else along those lines. Or you could have an alien soul."

" Ew." Kat cried. " Sorry."

" I didnít explain that very well did I?" They nodded. " Occasionally a child will be born on another planet that will need to be protected for one reason or another. They take part in a process called soul casting. Their soul leaves their planet for another one where they can hide, usually Earth. They will then be reborn and live out their lives as Humans. On a rare occasion the body will change to the souls form and they will once again be alien and be in the same danger they were in before."

" Why are we being told this now?" Tommy asked.

" I was never going to mention it." Zordon announced. " But I fear that the Dark Legion is escaping."

" How do you know?" Kat asked fearfully.

" Because thatís the rare occasion that we start changing, last year I was human. Now Iíve been training at the academy as a Sorceress of another planet. Iíve been watching over all the current Rangers in case they start changing. Also the Parox four fighters are solders of the Dark legion, equivalent to putties."

" If your supposed to be watching out for us how come Jason was attacked so many times?" Tommy demanded.

" Because they knew her power signature and were able to block her from seeing the Danger." Amelia spoke up. " Iím a warrior of Delfa, I was trained by one of the academyís teachers in secret to protect Jason once the attacks started."

" Why in secret?" Jason asked.

" Because the only way you can find out a power signature is to be one of the ones who taught it. The only one who taught me magic was Principal Karhm." Melony replied sternly.

The Rangers were trying to figure out everything that had been said to them and Rocky was about to ask another question when the Yellow Zeo Ranger appeared.

" I thought Tanya was in hospital." Melony whispered

The Ranger took off her helmet. " Did I miss something?"

" She gave them to Chareal." Amelia whispered back. " You get to look after her."

" Great."

" Hey what are you two doing here?"


Lunchtime at Melbourne University seemed normal to everyone else the next day but three teenagers were discussing the hidden threat.

" So Karhm is in a position to release the Dark Legions?" Billy asked. " Why werenít his intentions noticed before this time?"

" Because he is the highest ranking official an no one can argue with him." Amelia glared at nothing in particular.

" Why does he want Jason and me dead?"

" He can see what youíre going to be, maybe that threatens him. Itís the only thing I can think of." Melony replied thoughtfully.

" Did you know when I was going to be attacked?"

" No, that was also blocked. Thatís why I was around you so often."

" And I thought you liked me." Billy joked.

" I do." She reassured him before catching on to the joke. " Come on this is serious." She smiled.

" Why donít you change your power signature?" Amelia asked.

" Because I canít."

" Youíre a sorceress of Delfa, you can change it as many times as you want. I thought you would have been taught that." Amelia commented.

" I wonder why I wasnít. Iíll try and figure out how to do it."

" Should we contact the old Rangers?" Billy asked. " I mean if they change what will happen to them?"

" Zordonís keeping an eye on them. As soon as anything happens weíll look after them." Amelia stopped glaring.

" You donít want them to change do you?"

" The more of us that change the more likely it is that the Dark Legion has escaped."

" Canít you just watch the black holes for that?"

" Yes, but theyíre being covered by an illusion that no one can break through" Melony sighed.

" Has a group of mages tried." Amelia asked suddenly.

" Various groups have with no success." Melony replied.

" Have you tried?"

" No, but I doubt I could. You have some magic, why donít you try?"

" A warrior doesnít have that sort of magic. Howís your power signature?"

" I donít know, Iím trying to think of a way to change it but I canít."

" Maybe youíre thinking to hard. Billy do you think Zordon could penetrate the illusion?"

" Huh?" Billy asked.

The girls focused their attention to him. " You donít look so good." Amelia said concerned.

" I think the meat pie was a bit off." He wrapped his arms around his stomach.

" Do you know any healing spells?" Amelia turned to Melony.

" Yeah, a few. Billy take your arms off your stomach, Iíll try to cure your food poisoning." He lowered his arms and she put her hand on his stomach. A few moments passed. " Uh oh."

" Uh oh what?" Billy asked panicked.

" Just relax, lean back and close your eyes, itís normal."

" I feel really sick." Billy whimpered.

" Donít worry it will pass. Just think of something else, the beach, a forest."

" I take it he doesnít have food poisoning." Amelia whispered. Melony shook her head and put her hand on his forehead.

" I feel really sleepy." Billy looked around confused.

" I know, youíre going to be asleep for a few minutes." Billy just nodded before dozing off.

" I was asleep, when it happened to me. I didnít feel it." Amelia commented softly.

" You remember when I was really sick during Mr Smythís English class last year?í Melony asked. Her friend nodded." That was when I changed. I was lucky he was one of the Academyís masters on holiday."

" So thatís how you ended up going there?"

" Yes. How were you found?"

Amelia laughed, then stopped suddenly remembering her sleeping friend. " Mr Smyth found me too. It was the day after I changed. I didnít know what had happened to me, I guess I was pretty scared about it. I met Mr Smyth when I was shopping, he tapped me on the shoulder and I flipped him."

" Really?" Melony asked shocked.

" Yes. I apologised. And he just said ĎYouíve gone through the change havenít you.í I somehow knew what he was talking about. That was two months ago."

" Hey, is your friend alright?" A student asked stopping by their table. " He looks really off colour."

" Heís just got a stomach bug." Amelia explained. " We were trying to convince him to go home when he fell asleep."

The student nodded and left to find his group of friends.

Amelia turned back to find Melony grinning.

" What is it?" She demanded.

" I just figured out how to change my power signature."

" I know youíre dying to tell me how you do it so go ahead."

" Well itís found by colour. Each person is identified by a different colour, all I had to do was slightly alter my colour and they can no longer block or find me. I wonder what else I can do."

" Donít go experimenting in front of everyone." Billy warned. " I feel a lot better now. So what am I?"

They took one look at him and replied simultaneously.

" Youíre a sorcerer of Delfa."


Aisha woke with a start. She lay in bed wondering what had woken her. The sky was turning grey as dawn approached , the village was asleep. She could hear the grass blowing in the wind outside. A hyena howled then was silent. Everything seemed normal but she had a feeling that something was wrong. She needed to go home.


The lords of the Dark Legion waited at the entrances of the black hole prisons, they could feel the barricades between the worlds fading. Soon they would be free. They planned their take over, and this time no one would stop them.


In separate dormitories Zack and Trini sat bolt upright in bed. Everyone else was sound asleep as they slipped out of their rooms. Quietly they headed towards each other through the darkness. They met in the recreation room, knowing the other one was there without touching or speaking.

" We have to go home." Trini finally said.

" I know." Zack replied.


On the moon Rita and Zedd were sitting down for their evening meal of worm surprise. They were grumbling because the Rangers had defeated another of their monsters and theyíd managed to find someone to replace Tanya.

Suddenly Rita screamed dropping her fork, and Zedd was reduced to shaking.


Tanya was trying to finish her Jell-O before her visitor - Rocky could con it off her.

" Youíre going to put on weight if you eat it." He commented.

" Itís my Jell-O, leave it alone." Tanya warned.

" Iím hungry." He whined.

" Thereís a vending machine down the hall."

" But I came to see you, not the vending machine."

Tanya laughed before realising that it would hurt if she did. To her surprise it didnít hurt. She stopped and concentrated on that feeling. To her shock she could feel her body healing, the bones in her leg merging back together. Faintly she registered Rocky calling her.

" You want me to get a nurse?" He asked concerned.

" No. I think Iím alright."

" Somethingís going on isnít it?"

" Yeah."


On Triforia Trey walked towards Pyramidis wondering what was going on. He had to go back to Earth. Something was wrong and he had to warn the Rangers about it. He had to hurry, there were hundreds of light years between the two planets and time was running out.


Kimberley was practicing on the beam, she concentrated hard before starting her routine. Halfway through a wave of uncertainty hit her, she faulted, missed her footing and fell. Her coach ran up.

" Are you alright?" He asked.

She looked at him. " I have to go home, somethingís wrong."


Adam, Kat and Tommy were helping Ernie close up the Youth Center. They were going to visit Tanya afterwards, and take a tub of Jell-O for either her or Rocky, knowing that one of them would have missed out.

" How bad do you think this is going to get?" Kat asked.

" I donít know." Adam replied truthfully

A sudden wave of coldness swept through the group.

" I think itís going to be worse than we can imagine." Tommy finished.


A moment of weakness at the entrance of one black hole was enough for itís occupants to escape. A warrior, less powerful than the lords but enough to cause terror exalted at her freedom. The attack began.


" You did well in the battle today but there is much you have to learn." Zordon spoke to Chareal.

" I know, but Iím sure Iím up to it. How do I call on my weapons?"

She froze as the coldness swept through her. Zordon frowned as it happened and he knew that the moment he had dreaded had come. Alpha sensed the unease of his companions.

" Zordon whatís happening?" Chareal asked.

Before Zordon could answer the viewing screen lit up and an alien face appeared.

" This is Xerwa, Chief of the Theras Army, Our planet is under attack. We need help.." The screen went black.

" Itís started." Zordon said quietly.


At the Academy Principal Kahrm stormed through the corridors. The sorceress on Earth had vanished. He halted in front of the reception desk.

" Find the position of the Delta Four Sorceress - Melony." He ordered the frightened receptionist.

" Right away sir." He stammered as he typed in commands on a keyboard. They watched as a three dimensional image of the universe appeared. Usually the image would focus on galaxy, then solar system, then planet then finely a position on the planet. That didnít happen, a flashing message appeared.

We donít have any records of a sorceress from Delta four but there is one from Delfa."

Kahrm hissed, someone had tricked him, she should have been dead.

A cold wave hit him. She wouldnít be alive for long now.


" Youíre a Sorcerer of Delfa."

" No Iím not." Billy shook his head. " Iím a scientist."

" But.." Amelia started.

A cold wave of unease hit them. They looked at each other.

" Weíve got problems" Billy stated. They stood and walked out of the cafeteria.


" She is a fewich." Zordon told the assembled group. " A fearsome warrior, she and her followers have destroyed Theras and are moving towards Earth."

" Weíve got to stop her." Tommy announced.

" Your suits arenít strong enough to withstand her claws. And they arenít equipped to deal with the conditions of a fight in space." Zordon said gravely.

" Canít we use our Zords?" Adam asked.

" No. She will not increase in size so you can not escalate the battle."

" I might be able to adjust the suits to deal with space combat." Billy mused. The other Rangers stared at him " It was an idea I had when I met The Aquarian Rangers. And Iím sure thereís some way we can strengthen them."

" Get to work man. Weíve got to stop her." Rocky exclaimed.

An hour later saw the suits finished.

" How did you get them done so fast?" Chareal asked.

" I had some of the equipment already set up." He turned to Amelia and Melony. " See Iím a Scientist, not a Sorcerer."

Chareal was looking at some of the gadgetry. " I can see it works, but I canít see how. Itís got to be magic as well."

" Are you two going to come and give us a hand?" Kat asked the girls.

" Neither of us has been taught how to adjust our bodies to the conditions of space." Amelia said ruefully. " Billy could you make us a couple of space suits so we can help?"

" Make that three suits. Iím coming too." Jason stated.

Billy sighed. " Iíll see what I can do."

" Ok Rangers letís go." Tommy ordered and they teleported.


Aisha watched the scenery go past from the back of her Uncleís four wheel Drive, sheíd managed to convince him to take her to the airport, she had three hours to go. Zack and Trini were packing their bags after finally convincing their supervisor that they had to go. Kimberley waited impatiently at the airport waiting for her flight to be called. Trey rocketed through space. Although he was the furthest away he would be the first to arrive.


" That is one ugly cat." Rocky commented sourly.

They had appeared at their destination only to find a troop of the black fighters led by a humanoid black cat. She was large, her fur was course and there were patches of it missing. Her eyes were blood red, one of her ears half torn. The focal point were her teeth and claws, long and sharp.

" Rangers from Earth." She snarled. " Is this the best they could find to fight me? Prepare to die." She rushed at them her troops following. They managed movement in the zero gravity of space with ease. The Rangers found it more difficult.

Tommy dived down to catch hold of the catís neck, he overshot the mark. He flew past just as the cat swiped her claws. Rips momentarily appeared in his suit then repaired themselves before they could really be seen. Tommy re adjusted himself to the pressure of the suit in time to avoid the sword stroke of a fighter.

The other rangers were faring just as well. Two fighters were teeming up on Adam. Heíd avoid one then be attacked by the other. Rocky was trying to fight but he found that if he kicked high heíd end up upside-down, if there was such a thing out here. The fighters he was against took the opportunity to hit him. Rocky knew he was being played with. Chareal was having the double difficulty of learning how to move in her suit as well as in space. She was at least relived that only one fighter had come after her. Kat wanted to get at the fewich, she felt that she was the one to deal with the problem, but every time sheíd get close fighters would block her way.


Tremors rocked the Power Chamber.

" Whatís happening?" Jason asked fearing the enemy had reached Earth.

" Pyramidis has landed." Alpha exclaimed. " Help has arrived!"

" Iíll go and meet Trey." Jason grinned. " Give me a call when youíve finished the suits."

" Iím coming with you." Amelia announced.

" Iíll contact you both." Billy looked up from his work as they teleported.

" Do you have a spare communicator?" Melony asked.

" You want to go and meet Trey too?"

" Later. I was just thinking that someone should fill Tanya in on whatís happening."

" Good idea." Billy started pulling things out of his pockets. " Found it." He gave the communicator to her and she left. " Iím going to need some more pressurising units." He muttered before leaving.


Tanya heard a soft knock at her door. She turned to see a girl with red hair, green eyes and a friendly smile standing there.

" Tanya?" She asked.

" Yeah?" Tanya sat up.

" Hi. Iím Melony. Iím a friend of Billyís."

" Oh youíre Melony. Rocky said your an alien sorceress or something."

" Thatís right." She came in.

" Thanks for looking after Billy."

" Thatís alright. Have you been told everything?"

" Yes. Do you know what Iím going to be?"

" No I donít. Sorry."

" Hey thatís fine. Has any one changed?"

" Billy has, heís a Sorcerer of Delfa."

Tanya laughed. " I always thought his inventions were pure magic." She looked at her broken leg. " Itís almost mended."

" Iím sure itís healing nicely. But itís still going to take a while."

" No, I mean. I can feel it healing, itís just about right." Tanya insisted.

Melony put her hand on the cast and looked up in surprise. " Youíre right. It should be completely healed tomorrow. I wonder how that happened."

" I thought you might know."

She shook her head. " Iím still relatively new to all of this. Iím sorry it ever had to happen."

" You didnít know about it." Melony was silent for a while. " Thereís something else isnít there?"

" Yes. A warrior escaped from one of the Black holes. The Rangers have gone to fight her."

" What about the second rule?"

" The second rule?"

" Yes, weíre not aloud to attack unless weíve been attacked."

" She attacked and destroyed a planet, thatís enough reason for them to go. As soon as Billy finishes the space suits, Jason, Amelia and I are going up to help them."

" The Rangers can handle her." Tanya grinned.

Melony hated to scare the girl but she needed to know the truth. " The thing that put you in here was the equivalent to a putty. What theyíre fighting against now are several of them and the equivalent of one of Ritaís monsters. Sheís stronger than anything youíve come across before and there are stronger things than her that are still trapped."

" They can handle it." Tanya whispered.

" I hope so." Melony reached over and squeezed her hand.


Slowly the Rangers were learning how to move around, even landing one or two hits. But still they were being toyed with. The fewich would drift over to one Ranger or another slashing at them then heading off. At each slash Kat grew angrier and angrier.

Suddenly Chareal had a brainwave. " Zeo two numb chucks." She yelled and the weapons appeared. Gleefully she swung them around. She did more damage in the next thirty seconds than the other Rangers had done in the last ten minutes. Slowly the other weapons appeared and the battle became more even.

The fewich moved around to Chareal. " Foolish Human, do you think that you could really defeat me with those sticks. " She hissed and opened her eyes wide. Chareal stopped transfixed by the sight. They eyes opened wider and wider.

" Chareal move." Tommy ordered. The girl stayed where she was.

Suddenly a blast of red light swept over her. When it cleared her figure floated motionless.

" Rocky get her back to the Power Chamber." Tommy ordered.

He drifted over and took hold of her then teleported. Kat fumed.


" Zordon where are the Rangers?" Trey asked as soon as he appeared in the Power Chamber.

" They are fighting a Warrior of the Dark Legion. Where is Jason and Amelia?" Zordon replied.

" I donít know. I teleported here as soon as I landed. Where is the monster?"

" Zordon, Charealís been hit by a red beam from the fewich." Rocky announced as he appeared carrying his fallen comrade.

" Lay her down Iíll check her." Alpha ordered carrying over a portable scanner.

" Trey can you watch the results?"

" Yes." He moved over to the screen as Alpha started the scan.

" Rocky can you take off her helmet?" Alpha asked

Trey continued staring at the results, noting the two different readings.

" Oh, uh where am I?" A female voice said from behind him.

" The Power Chamber." Rocky informed her.

" Oh." Trey turned around to see her stand up. " Oh hi Trey."

" Hello Chareal." He replied.

She stared at him as trying to remember something. Let the memory go and went looking for her helmet. Rocky walked over to him

" How do you know her?" He asked.

" I think sheís my sister." He replied.

" There it is." Chareal walked up to Rocky and took her helmet out of his hands. " Can we get back to it now ?"

" Iím coming with you." Trey stopped them before they could teleport. " Gold Ranger Power." He yelled and morphed.

" Can we go now?" Chareal pleaded.

" I think you should stay until we are sure the beam has no ill effects on you." Zordon told her.

" Oh.." She started.

" Sheís fine." Trey reassured the wizard.

" Right. Back to Action." Rocky yelled and the three of them teleported just as Billy re entered the Room.


" That is it!." Kat screamed when Rocky left with Chareal. The Fewich turned and looked at her.

" You have a problem?" She purred.

" Yes you give catís a bad name." Kat moved to face her ignoring the battle around her."

" And youíre going to do something about it?"

" Yes. Zeo one shield." The shield appeared in her hands and she charged hitting the fewich strait on.

The fewich clawed and eventually broke free, her eyes grew wide. Kat dodged just as the red beam appeared. It hit a fighter that was about to decapitate Adam but neither woman noticed. Kat charged again, this time the fewich was ready for her, she grabbed Katís foot and held her still as itís eyes grew.

Kat was desperate at this stage, she thought frantically about what she could do, nothing seemed possible. Suddenly she yelled. " Power bow." To her surprise the weapon appeared in her hands, without pausing to think she fired. At this range there was no chance to miss. The fewich looked at the human in disbelief then down at the arrow.

" You have killed me. How is it pos..." The cat let go of the girlís foot and floated drops of blood balling in the non-atmosphere.

" Kat behind you!" Adam yelled and she was brought back to the battle.

" Reinforcements have arrived!" Rocky yelled as three Rangers appeared. " You didnít leave much for us to do." He grumbled.

" Shut up and give us a hand." Tommy ordered.


" Tanyaís asleep." Melony announced as she teleported into the Power Chamber.

" How is she?" Billy asked.

" Healing. She should be able to fight again in a couple of days."

He looked at her horrified. " Donít joke."

" I wasnít. Her leg has almost mended completely and there are no signs of her cuts. She has the doctors baffled. They think the Rangers might have done something to help her. I just let them believe that."

" Well the suits are ready, Iíll contact Jason and Amelia." He leant over the communications panel. " Jason?" There was static. " Jason/" He repeated, still no response. " Jason are you there?"

" I canít locate either of them." Melony commented. " Theyíre being covered by something."

" Aye, yi, yi. I canít find them on the viewing globe either." Alpha cried.

" Teleport us to their last location." Billy grabbed Melonyís hand as Alpha teleported them.

They appeared in an empty area of the park. Billy listened for a few moments. Sounds of battle could be heard nearby. " This way." He pulled her along.


They had made it to the park before they were attacked. There were two fighters and an old man. Amelia cursed as she saw a fighter go for Jason. She ran towards it and the other one attacked him. The old man laughed.

" This would not have happened if I still had my powers." Jason muttered as she managed to get close to him again. He had a split lip, a black eye, she looked down and noticed that he was trying to hide a broken arm.

" Get back to the Power Chamber." she ordered.

" I canít. My Communicator wonít work."

" Thereís no escape. Youíre both going to die here." The old man chortled.

The fighters charged them again. They had to separate to avoid the sword swipes. Amelia felt a stinging sensation through her shoulder, she ignored the pain and concentrated on getting back to Jason. To her horror she saw another two fighters appear.

" I want the Delfarian dead." The old man screamed. Instead of running at her like she expected the fighters ran at Jason. She blurred as she ran to his aid, against three of them he had no hope.

" Sheís one too. Get her!" The man screamed. One of the fighters turned to her, then a second and finely a third. She still couldnít get to Jason and now she was out numbered. She lunged for one and managed to grab his sword before darting out of harms way. In the next few minutes she managed to get back to Jason and kill off one of her attackers. She glanced down, Jason was barely moving, his breathing was shallow, and his blood covered the ground. She almost gave up then.

" Amelia, hang on." Melony ran up to her followed closely by Billy. She saw Jason and then the attackers. She grabbed Billyís hand and closed her eyes.

" Thatís right give up." The old man laughed coldly as the fighters charged again.

Melony smiled slightly as one then another the fighters bounced off a barrier,. Blue green flashes showed their impacts. " How.."

" Itís a shield of combined strength, youíll find that thereís one around you too. You canít escape." She called

" Oh my God Jason." Billy exclaimed kneeling by his friend.

" Donít worry bro. You wonít have to look after me much longer." Jason smiled slightly.

" Youíre going to make it. Just hold on, weíll get you to hospital." Billy reassured him

" Itís to late for that." Amelia said softly, tears running down her cheeks.

" Heís not going to die." Billy shouted defiantly.

" Yes he is. You all are." The man laughed.

" No heís not going to die." Melony calmed her friend.

" Jason, weíre going to have to force your change. Itís the only way to save you." Amelia took hold of his hand.

" Itís going to hurt, I can put you into a sleep if you want." Melony offered.

" No. I want to be awake, just talk to me."

" Roll him onto his back." Amelia ordered. Gently they rolled him over. He bit his lip against the pain.

" What are you doing?" The man bellowed. " You canít heal him, heís going to die."

" Donít listen to him." Amelia whispered taking his hands. Melony put one hand to the left side of his head and over his heart.

" Billy, put your hand on his head and heart." She ordered quietly. He did so, putting his hand on the right side of the injured youths head and the other over Melonyís hand. " Weíre going to start now. O.k." Jason nodded. " Billy just let your energy flow through him."

Glowing light formed around the three studentís hands.

" Jason, can you see the clouds in the sky? Donít talk, just nod." Amelia said. He nodded slightly. " When I was little I used to think that there were castles on the clouds, that I couldnít see. I used to wonder what sort of people lived up there."

Jason screamed in pain.

" Jason. Listen to me. The pain is just your wounds healing. Listen to Amelia and try not to focus on it." Melony ordered

" Hurts." He mumbled through tears.

" I know it does, but it will be over soon. Are you sure you donít want Melony to put you into sleep." Amelia asked quietly.

" No sleep." He said determinedly.

" You were always stubborn." Billy started. " Remember when you tried to get me to learn Karate? It took you months to persuade me. I didnít want to but you kept encouraging me. I finely agreed and look at what happened, we became Power Rangers and helped save the world."

Jason screamed again.

" Sssh. Hold in there, youíve been cut up fairly badly, thereís a lot to heal." Melony whispered.

" If I had my powers none of this would have happened." He gasped.

" It would have, look at what happened to Tanya, and look at me a little later." Amelia whispered. " Powers only give you a small amount of protection. Skill helps more. Thatís what youíre going to get now. New powers and skill."

Jason bit his lip. " Why is this happening to us?"

" Weíre going to find out soon." Melony said. " Weíve nearly finished. " Breath in and out. See you can breath easily now." He looked at her surprised, it nearly took his mind off the stabbing pain in his legs, almost.

" Hey mate, youíre doing better than I would have done." Billy commented.

" Why did you leave?" Jason asked.

Billy paused before continuing. " I didnít want to be hurt anymore, growing old was all I could take, I felt every pain associated with age. I didnít want that to happen again. I didnít want anyone to bring me back into the fight so I vanished. I guess I donít have a choice now."

" Did you miss it?" Melony asked.

" You know I really did miss it. Ordinary life is fine, but it really got boring after a while."

" Glad youíre back mate."

" Jason, itís over. Just lie still for a moment then slowly sit up." Amelia smiled.

Jason groaned. " I feel like Iíve been pulled inside out then put back the right way again."

" Thatís a good way of summing it up." She grinned

" How bad was I hurt?"

" You really donít want to know." Melony replied.

He slowly sat up. He closed his eyes as a wave of dizziness hit him. He opened his eyes again and groaned. " How long have you guys been there?" He asked when he saw his Ranger friends standing near by. He could see by the tears in their eyes that theyíd been there long enough.

Melony took Billyís hand again as she lowered the shield around them.

" Oh Jason." Kat knelt beside him and wrapped her arms around his neck. " We saw you lying there but we couldnít get to you."

" Sorry. I had to put a shield up to keep the three fighters away from him."

" I know, we dealt with them." Tommy snarled. Billy glanced around at the three bodies.

" Amelia stand still while I patch you up." Melony ordered. They watched as she ran a finger over the gash in her shoulder.

" It hurts more healing it fast." Amelia groaned.

" But it doesnít hurt for as long." Jason pointed out as he stood up. " Now I want some answers and I think heís going to give them." He pointed to the old man.

" Yes Kahrm, why donít you tell us why you want us dead." Melony snarled.

" Youíll never get any answers from me." He laughed as he ignited into flames. The teens watched horrified as the laughing man burnt to death.

Rocky ran behind a tree before throwing up, the other Rangers felt the same.

" Youíre going to get used to that sort of thing." Amelia said sadly.

" I know, thatís what scares me." Adam replied fresh tears in his eyes


Two hours later Amelia, Billy and Melony were back in Melbourne. Aisha was an hour away from the airport. Zack and Trini were on a plane home. The Rangers were either awake thinking about the dayís events or having nightmares about them and Kimberley was arriving at the Angel Grove Airport, happy to be home and excited to see her friends again.


Kat eventually gave up on trying to sleep, she got dressed and teleported to the Command Center.

" Katherine, why are you here?" Zordon asked surprised.

" I couldnít sleep. Did I have to do it Zordon?"

" Do what?"

" Kill that creature. She wasnít like other monsters, she was flesh and blood."

" Yes you did. Watch the viewing screen." Kat turned to the screen, she saw a red landscape with two moons rising in the pink hued sky.

" Itís beautiful." She breathed. " Where is it?"

" That is Theras. The planet is sighted at the edge of the universe." The images switched to show a sprawled city made from the red stones of the planets desert. People talked and laughed. Children played on an obstacle course, one child tripped and grabbed onto another childís tail for support. " They were one of the few reptilian races left in the universe. The fewich attacked their planet an hour after this scene was monitored." The scene changed again. The city was now burnt and deserted. Bodys littered the streets.

" This is all that is left, just that one warrior and her followers did this. You had to kill her to save the next planet that she was going to attack."

" Were there any survivors?" She asked crying.

" Yes there were a few. They will move to another area to rebuild."

" How come we couldnít stop it?"

" You couldnít get there in time and she had escaped without us knowing."

" Will we know when the next one escapes?" Kat already knew that this was just the beginning

" Not unless the illusion has been removed."

Kat was silent for a while. " I was able to call the Power bow during the fight, I shouldnít have been able to do that right?"

" No and the Power bow wouldnít have been able to kill her."

" Itís because Billy put some of his magic into the suits." Melony commented as she and Billy appeared.

" I did not. Zordon can you tell her I am a scientist." Billy asked.

" He wonít believe heís a Sorcerer."

" Iím not!"

" Trust me you are."

" I havenít the slightest interest in magic."

" It doesnít matter, you can still use it."

" No I canít. I havenít done a magical thing in my whole life."

" Because you didnít have the powers then."

": I am not a Sorcerer."

" You are."

Kat couldnít help herself she burst into laughter at their argument. They glared at her. " Sorry. Itís just that you two have been the most serious during this whole thing and now youíre arguing like a couple of kids."

Melony smiled. " I guess we are."

" Well Iím not." Billy frowned when the two girls burst into laughter.

" Zordon can you help us sort out this little problem?" Melony asked gaining control over her laughter.

" Youíve got to prove that she made a mistake." Billy pleaded.

" Whatís wrong with being a sorcerer?" Kat asked.

" Theyíre weird. It goes against everything Iíve learnt."

" Youíre calling me weird?" Melony asked,

" Yes. Zordon, please?"

" Alpha run a scan on Billy." Even Zordon was trying to hide a smile.

" Running scan now." Alpha stated.

" Billy, Iíve got to know. How did you make the suits repair themselves?" Kat asked.

" Eh?"

" When she scratched us the suits repaired themselves."

" I just strengthened them." He replied. " Melony, donít say anything."

" Scanning complete." Alpha reported before laughing.

" No. No, no no no." Billy shook his head. " I am not one of them."

" Iíve got an idea, Kat can you morph?" Melony requested.

" O.k. Zeo Ranger One Pink."

" Alpha run a scan for energy colours."

" O.k., but only pink will show." The android adjusted the scanner before running it over Kat. " Hey, thereís traces of blue showing."

" Who do we know that has blue power and has worked on the suits recently?" Melony smiled. Billy glared at her.

" Iím a scientist and Iím going home to invent something to prove it." He teleported out.

" Has he always been this stubborn?" Melony asked.

" Yes, especially on the subject of magic. Heís spent the last three years trying to find a scientific reason for Rita and Zeddís monsters growing." Kat smiled back.

" You look really tired."

" I know but I canít sleep. I just keep thinking about.."

" Donít. The more you dwell on it the worse it will seem. You had to do it and thatís it. Thatís the past. The problem for the present is trying to convince Billy that he is a Sorcerer, concentrate on that."

" You donít give us easy tasks do you?"

" No. Iíd best get home and check that Billy hasnít raided the toaster for spare parts. Sleep well." Melony left after touching Katís forehead.

" Go home Kat. Sleep well." Zordon said as the pink Ranger left. " I think youíll need it."


Jason woke the next morning. The sun was streaming through his window. He shook off the last of the nightmares and tried to think of a way to make the best of the events of the day before. He grinned as an idea struck him. He got dressed, ran down stairs, grabbed a piece of toast on his way through the kitchen. Opened the door and stopped.

" Hi I was hoping to catch you before you went to school." The girl said.

" School?" Jason asked. " Thereís school today?"

" Yes. Itís Monday."

" Oh shit." Jason bolted up the stairs again, hunted around for his backpack and books, and raced down the stairs again. " Come on Iím going to be late." He ran past the girl pulling her along. " I havenít done my home work for Math. Iím history.!" Jasonís mind finely caught up with his body. He stopped and stared at his companion. " Kim what are you doing back here?"

" I came to visit." She replied giving him a hug. " Come on, weíre going to be late. I want to see the others."

" We really missed you, especially Tommy." Jason groaned as Kimberley winced at his name.

" I missed you all too. So whatís been going on?"

Jason stopped and he realised that she had been drawn back by something. " A lot. Iíll explain it when weíre all back together."


Zack and Trini stumbled off the plane.

" Man I hate jet lag." Zack grumbled.

" I know Zack. Youíve told me a hundred times at least. Letís go home, then see the others."

" I canít wait to see the expression on their faces." He grinned. " Whatís say we meet at school in two hours and ambush them before lunch." He rubbed his hands grinning in anticipation.


Aisha was also getting excited at the prospect of seeing her friends. Only a few hours left of the plane trip.


" Hey Tanya. How are you doing?"

Tanya looked up to see Amelia standing in the doorway.

" Fine. Iím trying to convince them that my legís better, but they wonít listen to me."

" Weíll convince them to take another X - ray. All youíve got to do is pester the nurses enough." Amelia grinned before sitting down.

" Thatís what Iíve been doing." Tanya smiled and rolled her eyes. " Howíd they go last night?"

" They won and everyoneís alive and well."

" I told her that theyíd do it."

" Who? Melony?" Tanya nodded. " I think she knew that theyíd do it. Itís a lot tougher fighting against these creatures than youíre used to."

" Yeah I know. I want to get back into it to help them."

" Do you want to be a Ranger again?"

" What do you mean?"

" I donít think thereís going to be much time before all the Rangers change forms. Itís possible that you could train at the Academy, or go to other planets as a representative for Earth."

" Are you saying I canít be a Ranger again?"

" Not at all. All the Rangers will have the same offer."

" Iíll think about it. Hey can you get a passing nurse, I want an X - ray done."


" I hate Math." Rocky grumbled. " I donít get all those linier equations and stuff."

" Itís easy." Chareal commented.

" Itís math, how can it be easy?" Tommy asked.

" Easy." Adam grinned. " That is if you have a head for figures."

" Kimís meeting us in the Park for lunch." Jason grinned as they left the math room. " Can I get Billy over here?"

" Why not, might as well get him to bring the girls." Kat grinned. " Itís nice to have a few Australians to back me up against you Americans."

" Weíre not that bad." Rocky protested.

" Youíre American."

" Weíll youíre Australian." Rocky stated loudly. " Hang on, donít we know them?" He asked pointing to two teenagers walking their way.

" What are you doing here?" Tommy asked.

" We thought you were having a boring time without us. So we dropped in." Zack grinned completing a complicated looking handshake with Tommy

" Boring? I donít think so. Hi Iím Chareal."

" Iím Zack and this is Trini." He looked at her wrist. " So whereís Aisha?"

" Probably on her way here from Africa." Jason grinned. " Kimís meeting us in the park, sheíll be surprised to see you. Hang on Iíll contact Billy." He stepped into an area beside some lockers. The other teens surrounded him and chatted loudly as he spoke into his communicator. " Billy are you there?"

" Jason?" Billy asked laughing.

" Yeah itís me. What are you laughing at?"

" The communicator startled Melony, she dropped an egg."

" Youíre not going to believe whoís come back."

" Who?"

" Come to he park and youíll see. Bring Amelia and Melony with you."

` " I donít know where Amelia is, but weíll try to find her. See you in a few minutes."

" Ok guys, letís go." Jason led the way out


Kimberley sat alone in the park. She wasnít sure how sheíd go with Tommy. Sheíd wished she had spoken over the phone instead of breaking up with him through a letter. Of all the stupid insensitive things to do. He probably hated her now.

She could hear laughter coming towards her. A large group of people were approaching. She recognised Rockyís laugh above the others.

She saw a flash of blue out of the corner of her eye.

" Melony. Youíve got to stop making us appear in open areas."

" Hey you were the one that teleported us." Kimberley watched the arguing pair. " Anyone could have seen us." The girl looked around and groaned when she saw Kimberley " And someone did."

Billy looked around and stared. " Kimberley!" He ran to her and wrapped her in a bear hug. " What are you doing here?"

" Hey look whoís here." Rocky yelled before joining in the hug. Eventually the whole group had joined in except Chareal and Melony who stood aside feeling awkward.

The group eventually broke up. Kimberley looked around then exclaimed. " Hang on I know you two. Why are you here?"

" Same reason you are. Did you miss the Zack man?" Zack grinned and bounced around.

" Hi Kim, Billy." Trini smiled. " Now all the original Rangers are together again. What have you all been doing?"

" Not much. My lifeís been pretty boring lately." Billy smiled.

Behind him Melony laughed. " You have had anything but a boring life William Cranston."

" I guess itís been fairly eventful. This is Melony."

" Your girlfriend right?" Kimberley grinned.

Melony blushed. " Er no. Iíve just been keeping him out of trouble."

" You said you liked me the other day."

" Weíre friends." Melony tried to explain. She saw the look in Kimís eyes and recognised it as one she had seen several times in Charealís, just before she tried to pair her up with someone. " You have to be Kimberly Heart, the first pink ranger."

" Yes, theyíve been telling you my history. What colour are you?"

" Iím just a civilian helper."

" You are anything but a civilian Melony Jacobs." Billy laughed.

" And youíre not a scientist." She shot back.

" I think we out to leave them to their arguing. Iím Chareal. " She shook hands with all the old rangers. " Iím standing in for Tanya."

" Who?" Zack asked stopping mid bounce.

" The yellow ranger who replaced Aisha."

" Oh." He replied then shivered. " Itís cold out here."

" Just a cold breeze." Jason replied strolling over.

" How are the gold powers going?" Trini asked.

" I had to give them back." He replied. " Iím a Delfarian warrior." He smiled proudly.

" O.k., whatever you say man." Zack obviously didnít believe him. " Whoíd you give the powers back to?"

" A Triforian named Trey. Hey where is he. He should be here." Jason looked around hoping to find his alien friend.

" Heíll be here in a couple of moments." Chareal said.

As soon as she finished a teenager walked up wearing jeans, a mustard T-shirt and a worried frown. " Here he is now."

" Is there something wrong?" Trey asked.

" No." Jason replied surprised. " Why?"

Trey glared at Chareal. " No reason."

" Hey Treyís here." Rocky yelled bouncing around. He and Zack were having a bouncing competition, Rocky was winning.

Introductions started again and everyone had settled back into separate conversations.

" Tommy?" Kimberly asked tentively. Tommy swung around breaking off his conversation with Kat and Melony.

" Weíll go talk to Adam and Trini." Kat said before pulling Melony away.

" Hey Kim." Tommy smiled, but there was an old hurt in his eyes.

" I donít know how to say this well, so Iíll just say it. Iím sorry I didnít call you instead of writing to you. I knew youíd be hurt, but talking to you would have hurt me as well. I didnít want that."

" Kim..."

" Go ahead just say it, Iím a self centred bitch." Kimberly started crying.

Tommy stood silently for a moment. " Youíve been watching too many soap operas again havenít you?"

She looked at him startled. " You must hate me."

" No. I was very hurt when you wrote, but I would have done the same thing eventually. I fell in love with Kat, it was just a matter of time - really. So whatís he like?"

" You donít want to know." She replied uncertainly.

" I do really." Tommy reassured her.

" Well heís romantic, funny and heís completely different from you, no one could take your place."

" I guess he doesnít fight monsters then." Tommy joked.

Kim smiled. " No, and neither do I. Iím enjoying a nice, normal, quiet life."

Tommy winced. " Listen Kim, I donít think.."

He was interrupted by an excited cry.

" Itís Tanya!" Adam yelled. " Tanya what are you doing here? Youíre supposed to be in hospital." He ran up and hugged her.

" We finely managed to convince the doctors that she had made a full recovery." Amelia answered for her.

" Really?" Adam asked never taking his eyes off his girl friend.

" Yes really." Tanya smiled back.

" I guess you want your powers back donít you?" Chareal asked slightly disappointed.

" Not yet. I think you might need a bit more practice with them."

" Thanks." Chareal grinned.

The group talked for the rest of the lunch period, nearly forgetting the disaster that had brought them together. They left for their classes or the Youth Center. In an aeroplane getting closer to Angel Grove Aisha grew more and more excited.


After school the Rangers that were in America gathered again in the Youth center. Ernie had given them all drinks on the house, he would have given them a snack as well but he knew Rockyís appetite and though better of it. Tommy and Adam were sparring on the mats, Jason, Rocky and Zack were trying to out do each other on the exercise equipment and the girls were gossiping about their boyfriends and Tanyaís recovery. If only Billy and Aisha would turn up then there would be a real Power Ranger get together.

Ernie smiled to himself, heís know about their secret for a long time now, covered for them and even put Bulk and Skull off their track once or twice. He snorted, they actually had though he was a Power Ranger for a while. He glanced at Chareal, who was laughing at something Tanya had said. He had know she would eventually be a Ranger when he saw her practicing Judo, and he suspected that she had taken Tanyaís place. Now sheíd have to give the Powers back. It was strange they were all here together. Something was probably up, heíd better prepare for the worst, stack...

" Can I have a Spinach shake?" The request shook Ernie out of his thoughts.

" Now the only person I know of who orders that is Billy." He looked at his sheepish customer. " I thought you were supposed to be in Australia."

" Er, I came to see Tanya." Billy shuffled his feet.

" Just make sure you get back to your class on time."

Billy laughed. " Itís nice to see you."

" Nice to see you too, the others are over there. Iíll bring your shake over."

" Thanks Ernie." He started moving away.

" Billy." The boy swung back to face him. " Tell me if anythingís going to happen."

" Yeah alright." He moved over to the girlís table confused.

" I though you had class." Chareal pointed out.

" We had a break. Can I join in on this gossip session?" He grinned.

" You donít have anything to gossip about." Kat pointed out.

" How about Melony?" Kim asked.

" Donít start Kim, weíre just friends." He warned.

" Come on, sheís not that bad." Chareal smiled.

" You donít really know me so you have no say about it."

" I know Melony." Chareal pointed out.

" And I think I know the both of you equally." Kat grinned.

" I think Iíll go over to the exercise equipment." He walked off quickly, hearing the girls giggle behind him.

" You shouldnít pick on Billy." Jason called from the exercise bike.

" Do you want us to pick on you instead?" Tanya called back.

" Billy youíre on your own." Jason told his friend who just groaned.

" Pick on me!" Rocky laughed.

" Ok who should we set Rocky up with?" Kat asked loudly before the girls returned back their normal conversation.

" Well this is a real get together isnít it?" Someone asked from the door.

" Aisha.!" Rocky cried. " Aisha, Aisha, Aisha!" He started bouncing around again.

" Nice to see you again too Rocky. Hey guys."

" Ok guys, Food on the house as well." Ernie grinned, thanking his lucky stars that Bulk and Skull werenít there.

" Aisha, can I ask you something/" Kimberly asked. " Why are your suitcases here?"

" I had to talk to you about that. I donít have anywhere to stay."

" Iím sure you could stay with one of us." Kat replied.

They all settled into party mode. Billy also managed to miss the beginning of his next class Ė Not that he minded much.