Disclaimer: All PRZ/PRT belong to Saban and they are used in this fanfic. Even the C3PO look alike belong to Gorge Lucas and I just change the name to do this. All characters in this chapter are all mine and they are not to be used unless with my permission.

The Black Is Back!
Chapter 1: Fate of the Old
By Jennifer Beard

In a dark and lush jungle two lone figures walked. One was human, and one was not. The human figure was a great warrior the other was his steed.

"It's sure is quite around here. Huh Night Shade?" A nighing came form the steed. "Yea. Me too." The warrior can understand in that his steed is saying. Then a noise came from a bush. The figure looked at there the noise came from. "Huh? Did you hear that Night Shade?" The steed nighed in approval. "Protector! This your creator!

Come to my will!"

A robot appeared next to the human figure. "You call Guardian." The Protector said.

"Listen. Do you here something?" The noise came from the bush again. More closer this time.

"Guardian!" yelled The Protector "Watch out!" But it was too late. A bunch of robot warriors jumped out and attack the warrior, The Protector, and his steed.


In a sectert building in the jungle, a man's picture appeared on the screen. "Data!"

A robot that looked like C3PO from Star Wars looks at the man. "Yes Dr. Madian." said the robot.

"Data." said Dr. Madian "I have this bad felling that Tomlics is dead."

"But sir." said Data "If Tomlics is dead then would the power be gone?"

"What is what I was thinking." said Dr. Madian. Then the Protector appeared with the lifeless warrior in his arms. "Protector." said Dr. Madian worried "What's wrong with Tomlics?"

The Protector set the lifeless Tomlics down on a table. "The master is dead, Dr. Madian." said the Protector in a low voice "The evil has killed him."

"Where is the Turbo Sword?" asked Dr. Madian "Dose the evil have it?"

"No Dr. Madian." said the Protector "The evil left for good."

"Then were is the Turbo Sword?" asked Dr. Madian. Just then Tomlics's steed appeared, all three of them looked at the steed smiling.

For there on the statle was a sword. The Turbo Sword! "Night Shade!" exclaims Dr. Madian "You have the Turbo Sword!" Night Shade nighed in approve.

"That should we do now?" asked Data worried.

"We should keep the power safe here until we need to use it again." said Dr. Madian.

"How?" asked the Protector "With Tomlices dead how can we?"

"When the time comes we will pick someone else to use the power." said Dr. Madian "Until then we will have to power down the power.

Data. Power the power down."

"Right away Dr. Madian." said Data, as he push fast at the keys. The suit that Tomlices was wearing disappeared. The body looked almost like Tommy, but deader, plae, and older. The body disappeared from the table and reappeared in a tube, glowing in a faint black light.

"Rest in peace my friend." said Dr, Madian looking sadly at the tube.

To Be Continued