Disclaimer: I know all MMPR characters and places belong to Saban. But the powers of the Mega White Ranger and Gunshooter belong to me.
Notes and Time line: This story is set in between Might Morphin and Zeo.

The Mega White Ranger
(The Beginning Story)
By: Jennifer Beard


High above Earth, on the surface of the moon, in his castle, the evil Lord of mayhem, Lord Zedd was trying desperately to get rid of the Power Rangers. He tried to use the evil of Ivan Ooze-who had destroyed the Power Rangers' powers-but it wasn't permanent. The Rangers had got the Great Power of Ninjetti and destroyed Ivan. Too this Lord Zedd was grateful for that since it was Ivan who put him and Rita Repulsa in that snow globe. His veins were still cold. Now that Ivan is gone he can get back to his own bad self. He knew what to do. He had to get rid of the Power Rangers' leader, Tommy Oliver. "I got it! I got it!" he yelled happy "I got away to destroy Tommy and his powers!"

His wife, Rita Repulsa came up to him. "So. What's your plan?" she asked him.

"I thought you never asked my dear." he said to her "My plan is to get a monster to shot down Tommy's FalconZord before it can hook onto the NinjaMagaZord." He rub his hands together happily "It will crash into Angle Grove's most dangerous mountains, and they will never see Tommy or his powers ever again." he finish "HA!HA!HA!"

"I like that plan Zeddie!" Rita called happily. Both of them laughed an evil laugh.

Chapter 1

In Angel Grove, California, in a place called the Juice Bar, the leader of the Power Rangers, Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger, was practicing his karate. Adam Park, the Black Ranger was watching him. "Nice work, Tommy." he said after his leader did a couple of kicks. To his leader, nothing like being a Power Ranger to get some extra Kate practice in. It as a good thing too; with Zedd and Rita on their case, practice was essential. To him, Tommy was strong and brave, he always take charge when trouble comes. Adam liked that about Tommy, he never quits. He looked over at the other Rangers-who were near by watching-exspely Kimberly Heart, the Pink Ranger. She gazes at Tommy as he practice. Adam hopes this day noting will go wrong.

On the moon, a monster-that looked like a giant gun with arms and legs and more firearm to blow up entire city-stood before Lord Zedd. "Are you the new monster?" he asked it.

"Yes sir." it said "I'm Gunshooter."

Lord Zedd was pleased with this. "Now go down to Earth and destroy the White Ranger!" he commands. The monster bowed and left.

On Earth, in the Power Rangers' Command Center, the little robot, Alpha 5, came in all worried. "Ayeiyiyiyiyi!" he whimpered "Zordon! Gunshooter is destroying Angel Grove!"

"DON'T GET UPSET, ALPHA." said the Power Rangers' inter dimensional mentor, Zordon "CONTACT THE RANGERS."

In the Juice Bar, Tommy had just finch and he and Adam rejoined the other Rangers. "Looking good out there Tommy." said Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger to his leader.

"Thanks guys." Tommy said with a smile. Just then their communicators beeped a "Go, Go, Power Rangers" tune. Tommy did a swift mostin with his head to the corridor. The others followed the motion, and they all went to the corridor. Tommy answered into his commutator. "Yes Zordon." he said.

"POWER RANGERS." said the interdimensional being's voice through the small radio "A MONSTER IS DESTROYING THE CITY."

"We'll be there." said Billy finishing up the commutation.

"All right guys." Tommy said "It's Morphin Time!" The Rangers took out their Power Coins and Morphers and held them in the air. "White Ranger Power!" called Tommy.

"Pink Ranger Power!" shouted Kimberly.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" yelled Aisha Campbell.

"Black Ranger Power!" cried Adam.

"Blue Ranger Power!" shouted Billy.

"Red Ranger Power!" yelled Rocky DeSantos.

The morphed-out Rangers teleported to the park. There, tailoring over the trees was Gunshooter. The Rangers stepped back in surprised. "This guy is big!" explains the morphed-out Adam.

"Power Rangers." called Gunshooter "I'm Gunshooter."

"Let's call on our Zords!" explains the morphed-out Tommy to the others "Ready?!"

"Let's do it!" explains the morphed-out Kimberly. They raised their hands to call on their Zords. "Ninja Falcon Zord!" shouted Tommy.

"Ninja Crane Zord!" called Kimberly.

"Ninja Bear Zord!" cried the morphed-out Aisha.

"Ninja Ape Zord!" explains the morphed-out Rocky.

"Ninja Frog Zord!" yelled Adam.

"Ninja Wolf Zord!" shouted the morphed-out Billy.

Instantly, their Zords appeared. The Rangers jumped into their Zords. Gunshooter spotted Tommy's Zord. "How about a little fire power White Ranger?" he asked evilly.

He fired his weapons at Tommy's Zord. When hit, the FalconZord started to go down. "Whoa! I'm hit!" yelled Tommy, as his cockpit jiggled a lot "I'm going down!"

As Tommy's Zord descend fast, Kimberly was very scared. "Tommy!" she called out "All right you! You are going to pay on what you did to Tommy! All right guys. Let's destroy this thing."

Meanwhile, in the fallen Zord's cockpit, pined down by racks was the knock out White Ranger with blood slowly coming from under them. Saba, the White Ranger's talking saber, was hovering near by. "Tommy." he said concerned "Are you all right?"

Tommy moaned. A couple minutes later Tommy came too, but he still could not move from under the rocks. "S-A-B-A..." he said weakly.

"Tommy?" Saba said confused.

"Get-Help." Tommy said softly.

"I'm on my way." said Saba as he leaves for help.

"Hurry..." Tommy said in a whisper.

Up on the moon. Lord Zedd sat on his throne. "Goldar!" he called.

Goldar came in, and bowed in front of Lord Zedd. "You called?" he asked.

"Go and make sure Tommy is dead." Lord Zedd said.

"What if he isn't?" asked Goldar.

"Then kill him." command Lord Zedd. Goldar smiled an evil smile, then left.

Back at the battlefield. The other Power Rangers fought Gunshooter who left in defeat. The Rangers were on the ground, looking for Tommy's Zord. Kimberly hangs her head sadly. Adam tried to reassure her. "Don't worry Kimberly." he said.

"Saba was with him." Billy said also.

Rocky saw Saba coming towards them. "Look!" he explains "Here came Saba!"

Once Saba came near, he had told them what happen. "Tommy is hurt, we must hurry!" he said to them.

"Come on!" called Kimberly to the others.

Saba took them to the Zord. There, they saw Goldar near the Zord.

"Goldar!" explains Billy.

"What's he up to?" asked Rocky confused.

Goldar saw them coming his way. "Power Rangers!" he explains "I'll be going." He vanished in a puff of flame.

When the Rangers got to the cockpit, Tommy was unconscious, and quite still. Kimberly put a hand on his shoulder. "Tommy are you all right?" she asked concerned. He didn't respond. "Tommy." she said again. He still didn't respond. "Tommy!" she screamed scared "We got to get him out of here!"

"And fast!" Adam explains.

As Kimberly stood near by, the others slowly took the rocks off of Tommy. "We'll get you out Tommy." she whispered to him.

Then they were done, Tommy was wounded very badly. His back and the back of his neck and shoulders were cut and bleeding badly. "Alpha." Kimberly said in her communicator "Can you teleport us out?"

"And Quit!" Billy explains "Tommy's badly hurt."

"Teleporting now." said the little robot's voice thought the small radio.

Back at the Command Center, Tommy's body was lying on the medical bed, as Kimberly kneels next to him. The other Rangers talked to Zordon. "Zordon." asked Adam "Why did Lord Zedd did this?"


"Tommy." Kimberly said to Tommy "Please be O.K." Tommy moaned weakly. "Tommy?" she said concerned.

"Yea." Tommy answered weakly.

"Yes!" Rocky explains happy.

"Tommy. How do you feel?" Kimberly asked Tommy.

"Not so good." he said in a whisper.


"Yes Zordon." Kimberly said standing up.

Meanwhile at Lord Zedd's castle, Lord Zedd was furious with Gunshooter. "I can't believe it!" he yelled, he turned bright red "You can't even destroy Tommy and his powers!"

"I'll try harder." Gunshooter said scared.

"Make a double of yourself and kidnap Tommy!" command Lord Zedd "Bring him to me."

"And use my double to fight the other Rangers?" Gunshooter asked.

"Yes!" yelled Lord Zedd "Now go!" The to himself. "If someone can't do my job. I guess I have to do it myself."

Back at the Command Center, the alarm came on. "POWER RANGERS, GUNSHOOTER IS BACK." said Zordon.

"Let's go!" Kimberly called "Back to Action!"

The Power Rangers teleported away. Then Gunshooter appeared in the Command Center. Tommy saw him. "Alpha." Tommy said weakly.

"I know it's here some were." Alpha said, busy looking through a box.

Gunshooter come closer, Tommy became frighten. "Alpha." he said more weakly. Then Gunshooter grabbed Tommy and throw him over his shoulder. "Alpha." he said so weakly, and loss conscious.

Alpha looked up from were he was looking, he saw Gunshooter. "Gunshoter!" he said surprised "What are you doing here?!"

"All you will know is that Tommy will be in a watery grave." Gunshooter said with an evil laugh, and disappeared with Tommy.


Angel Grove Dam, Lord Zedd held the unconscious Tommy by the neck and held him over the side. "Soon Tommy will soon be underwater." Lord Zedd said happily "Dead at the bottom of the dam."

The Power Rangers appeared at the seen. "Not if we can help it!" called Rocky madly.

Lord Zedd looked at the Power Rangers. "Power Rangers!" he said happily "You're too late!"

Lord Zedd looked at Tommy and then letting him go. Tommy's body falls into the water. This made Kimberly frightened. "Tommy!" she called, as she ran to the railing. She also jumps into the water.

She swam down, and down in the dark water. She swam down until she saw Tommy's body slowly going down, she swam to him. I will get you out. she said to herself, as she reaches for Tommy's hand. She grabbed him, and held him tightly as she swam to the surface.

Kimberly drags Tommy on to land, even though he was heavy, she did it anyway. She took off his helmet, he was still unconscious. She bandage his wounds, then lay his head on her lap. "Tommy." she said to him softy, as she tough his face "Please wake up."

Tommy then came too. His close eyes slowly opened. "Oho..." he said softy.

"Tommy!" Kimberly cried happily.

He looked around him, and then looked up Kimberly. "Where am I?" he asked confused "Last time I remember I was in the Command Center."

"Let's get you back to the Command Center." Kimberly suggested.

Tommy looked at the dam and saw the others in trouble with Lord Zedd. "I don't think so." he said "Look."

Kimberly looked up and saw the trouble too. "Come on." she said, as she put Tommy's helmet back on him, and helped him to his feet "Let's go."

As they got back to the dam, Lord Zedd was happy. "Now with both your leader and the Pink Ranger gone." he said happily "It will be easier to get rid of the rest of you!"

"You can't do this!" Adam said madly.

"Oh but I can!" said Lord Zedd "So I can rule the world!"

"That's what you think!" called Tommy from near by with Kimberly helping him.

Lord Zedd and the other Rangers turned and saw Tommy and Kimberly. "Tommy!" cried Aisha happily.

"I'll be going!" cried Lord Zedd madly, as he fled to moon.

Chapter 2

On the surface of the moon, in Lord Zedd's castle, Rita Repulsa yelled at her husband. "Zeddie!" she cried madly "Your so called plan to destroy Tommy didn't work!"

"I know that!" he yelled madly as he glowed a bright red "That's why I got another plan, and this time the Power Rangers won't be able to stop me!"

Back at the Command Canter, the Rangers were unmorphed, Tommy sat on the medical bed as Alpha was trying to clean his wounds that Kimberly had bandaged at Angel Grove Dam earlier. "Oww!" Tommy cries, when Alpha had tough a wound with the medicine that stings "Take it easy Alpha. That hurt."

"Ops." Alpha apologies "Sorry Tommy."


"Are you sure that's wise, Zordon?" asked Rocky.

"Zordon is right." agreed Billy "Tommy shouldn't fight for now, because if he did he might get hurt more. We can't risk it."

Kimberly stands next to Tommy. "I'm with Billy." she also agreed "We can do without the White Ranger for awhile."

"But Zordon." said Tommy "I what to help."


"O.K. Zordon." Tommy said with a sigh.

Later at Angel Grove Juice Bar, Tommy stood near bay as Rocky and Adam spared. Kimberly, Aisha, and Billy watch near by. "I don't think Tommy likes this idea on not fighting." said Kimberly to the others as she watches Tommy.

"He'll get over it." said Billy.

Just then Bulk and Skull came inside, they came to Tommy. "Why aren't you sparing?" Bulk asked him.

"None of your business." Tommy said not looking at Bulk.

"Oh yea." Bulk said "You're just joking." He slap Tommy on the back right were it hurt.

"OWW!" Tommy cries, as he turn to look at Bulk madly "*WHY YOU!*"

"Tommy." Kimberly said as she came up to him, and holding him gently "Are you O.K?" She turns to Bulk. "I don't what you to do that again!" she scolded.

"What did I do wrong?!" Bulk said surprised.

"Being an idiot!" Kimberly still scolded "That's what you did wrong!"

Skull laughs at this, but Bulk as mad. "Let's go Skull." he said "I see we're not wanted here."

Bulk and Skull left out the door, Kimberly looks at Tommy. She still held him gently. "Are you all right?" she asked him.

"Yea." Tommy said shortly.

"Are you sure?" she asked "You look hurt."

"Look!" Tommy said madly as he moves out of Kimberly's embrace "I'm fine! Just leave me alone!"

Tommy leaves out the door. Rocky watched Tommy leave. "What's wrong with him?" he asked the others. They looked at him madly. "What?" he asked throwing his arms up in confusion "What did I say?"

"I'm going to get change and go find him." Adam said as he left.

"Good luck Adam." Kimberly said as he leaves.

Later, Adam found his leader in the park. His keen eyes picked out the White Ranger sitting on a rock next to the lake, flicking stones over the water. Adam came near. Tommy knew it was Adam but he don't bother to turn to look at him. "Hey Adam." he said softly.

Adam sat down on a rock next to him, not speaking, not offering a comforting hand on the shoulder, just being there. He picked one of the stones from the grass and skipped it over the lake's surface. He noted that Tommy's stone outdistance his own. He skipped a few more, then gave up, and let his hands hang lose over his knees. "Hit anything yet?" he asked Tommy.

Tommy looked at him confused. "What?" he asked.

"The stones." Adam said, making a throwing motion with his wrist "You hit anything?'

"Yea." Tommy said, looking back "Some ducks got mad when I first started."

Tommy smiled a bit, but not mush. Adam nodded. Good sign, but smile left too quickly, and replace by the sad gaze that had been fixed on his face since Lord Zedd wanted to kill him. Adam knew how that felt too. "Good, good..." Adam said "hit what you were aimin' for?"

Tommy looking back at him confused. "What would I be aimin' for?" he asked. Adam shrugged. "I never knew either." Tommy said. He stood up quickly, walked a few tentative steps, then turned to Adam. "You think you know what I'm going through, don't you Adam." Tommy said a little angry "Well you don't Adam. I'm not Adam Park, I'm Thomas Oliver, and I'm not you." Adam just sat there, chucking stones over the surface of the water. His breathing was even and steady. "Well?" Tommy said still a little angry.

Adam stretched. "You're right, you're not me." Adam said "See, if I were you. I will have a beautiful girl waiting for me. To hold me. To comfort me. To draw out some of the darkness, and give some of her light. I'd be with her. Not off moping to myself."

Tommy leaned heavily against the tree, putting a hand to his eyes. "I don't-" Tommy started to say.

Adam came over to him. "Yes, you do." he said.

Tommy sat down. "I can't...." he sputtered "it's not.... it's my problem not-"

Adam puts a hand on Tommy's shoulder. "Tommy, she wants to help." he said "She did stop Bulk from knowing what's wrong with you." He touch the bandages that peeked out from Tommy's shirt sleeves.

Tommy hanged his head. "Tell her I'll be here." he said.

Up on the moon, Lord Zedd saw Tommy alone in the park. "Tommy is all alone." he said happily "My plan is going perfectly. Putties go down and capture Tommy!"

Back at the park, Tommy heard a familiar sound, he looked up. "Putties." he said to himself. The clay beings appeared, as Tommy stood up, they quickly surrounded him. "Sorry Zordon." Tommy said as he went into fighting stance "I got to protect myself." Tommy started to fight the Putties, but the number was great. They started punching him right to left. Tommy was starting to hurt all over, more at the places were he was all already hurt. Two Putties kicked Tommy into a tree, knocking him out. His body collapses in a heap on the ground.

Kimberly ran into the Juice Bar, and ran to the other Rangers, they were siting at a table. She was panting, and very frighten as she came to them. "He's not not there!" she explains to them "Tommy is not here!"

Adam stood up from his chair. "Are you sure?" he asked "That's were he was when I left him." "Well he's not here now!" she said, then quieter "Lord Zedd must had capture him!"

"Let's get to Command Center." Rocky said.

"Yea." agreed Billy "Zordon might know were his is."

Tommy slowly came too. He was in a weird place with fog floating around on the ground. He moans as he slowly raised his head, and gasped in fright. He was looking up at Goldar! "Welcome White Ranger." Goldar greeted him with a growl.

Tommy stood up fast. "Goldar!" he explains "What am I doing here!"

"You will know soon White Ranger." said Goldar.

"I'm getting out of here." Tommy said as he went to his communicator and tries to teleport, but with no success.

"Can't you see." Goldar said with a laugh "Your teleporting powers are no use here."

"Then be prepared to fight Goldar!" explains Tommy "It's Morhin Time!"

Tommy went to grab his morpher, but it wasn't there. "Looking for this?" asked Goldar. Goldar held up Tommy's power coin and morpher in his hand.

In the Command Center, the Rangers told Zordon what had happened. "THIS IS VERY SERIOUS RANGERS." said Zordon, he turned to Alpha "ALPHA. MAKE A SCAN ON TOMMY'S WEREABOUTS."

Then the alarm came on. "What's going on Zordon?" asked Adam.


"Let's do it guys!" explains Rocky "It's Morphin Time!"

"Pink Ranger Power!" shouted Kimberly.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" called Aisha.

"Blue Ranger Power!" cried Billy.

"Black Ranger Power!" yelled Adam.

"Red Ranger Power!" cried Rocky.

The Rangers teleported to Down Town Angel Grove, which was almost destroy by Gunshooter. "Hey, what do you think you are doing?" asked the morph-out Aisha.

"I'm destroying this good-for-nothin' city!" explains Gunshooter.


"Yea, who do you think you are?" the morph-out Rocky asked.

"And what did you done with Tommy?" asked the morph-out Kimberly.

"I'm not tellin'!" Gunshooter teased "Let's just say Tommy is havin' a red-hot-time!"

"Let his go, you over-grown piece of junk!" the morph-out Billy called.

"Go to hell!" call Gunshooter "Hahahaha!"

Back at the Dark Dimension, Goldar continues to taunts Tommy with his Power Morpher. "The only way to get out of here is to get your morpher and morph." said Goldar.

"Give it back, Goldar!" called Tommy madly.

"Strong verbal language you got there White Ranger," said Goldar "but you have to fight me to get it back."

Back at Down Town Angel Grove, the Power Rangers prepared to fight with Gunshooter. "Let's finish this guy for good!" called Rocky. They started to fight Gunshooter.

Up on the moon, Lord Zedd and Rita had other plans. "Let our monster grow!" they called as they cross their staffs.

Back on Earth, Gunshooter grew. The Rangers stood back. "Now this is better." called Gunshooter.

"We need NinjaZord Power Now!" called the Rangers.

"Ninja Crane Zord!" shouted Kimberly.

"Ninja Bear Zord!" cried Aisha.

"Ninja Ape Zord!" called Rocky.

"Ninja Frog Zord!" yelled Adam.

"Ninja Wolf Zord!" explains Billy.

Back at the Dark Dimension, Goldar still taunts Tommy with his Power Morpher. "What are you waiting for?" asked Goldar. Tommy attacked, but being unmorphed was a problem. Goldar was too strong for Tommy. After some punches and kicks Goldar pushes Tommy away. "Give up!" he explains "You can't win!"

Back at Angel Grove, the NinjaMagaZord was joined and was fighting Gunshooter, but soon Gunshooter disappeared from the fight. "Guys!" explains Kimberly "Gunshooter got away again!"

"Man!" explains Rocky "That guy is really starting to bug me!"

"Let's get back to the Command Center." said Adam "Maybe Alpha had found out were Tommy is.'"

Back at the Dark Dimension, Goldar laughs after he kicked Tommy to the ground-who starts to get up. "Soon I'll destroy you!!!" explains Goldar with a growl. Tommy was now scared and frighten.

Chapter 3

In the Dark Dimension, Goldar laughs at the hurt Tommy-who shirt, and pants were ripped, and where they were ripped he was cut, and bleeding, he also has a couple of facial wounds-as he tries to fight Goldar with no success.

Meanwhile the Power Rangers teleported inside the Command Center. "Zordon." asked Adam "Any luck on finding Tommy?" "I'M AFRAID GOLDAR GOT TOMMY IN THE DARK DIMENSION, RANGERS." said Zordon.

"So." asked Rocky "What's going in over there?"


On the moon, Lord Zedd was angry with Gunshooter. "This is your last time!" Lord Zedd yelled, as he turned red "Destroy the Power Rangers, or you're going to sharp metal!"

"Yes sir." said Gunshooter.

Back at the Dark Dimension, Tommy was about to attack Goldar. Goldar closes his fist, a crushing sound was heard. He opens his fist, and pieces of what was left of Tommy's power coin and morpher fell to the ground. "No!!!" Tommy yelled madly.

"Ops." said Goldar with a growl "Sorry."

In the Command Center, the alarm came on. "RANGERS." said Zordon "GUNSHOOTER IS BACK IN THE CITY."

"Man!" explains Rocky "Don't that guy ever quit?"


The Rangers turn to look at the Viewing Globe. The image of Tommy trapped in the Dark Dimension by Goldar appeared on the screen. He was badly hurt. "You will never leave!" explains Goldar's image "Not even the other Rangers can save you!"

"That's were you're wrong Goldar." Tommy's image said "The others will find me. We'll win. No matter what you do."

"Tommy!" Kimberly said scared "He's hurt! We must help him!"

"But we have to stop Gunshooter." said Aisha.

"Adam." said Rocky "You and Kimberly get to the Dark Dimension and help Tommy. The rest of us will get Gunshooter."

"Right." said Adam. Rocky, Aisha, and Billy teleported out of the Command Center.


Back at the Dark Dimension, Tommy ran at Goldar-who grabbed him and threw him up and over. Tommy landed on the ground with a thump. His eyes closed, and loss conscious. "Lord Zedd will be proud of me." Goldar said with an evil laugh. He took out his sword. "Now to finish this."

Meanwhile, on the Command Center, Alpha looked at the two Rangers. "Teleportation is ready to teleport you to the Dark Dimension." said Alpha.

"Thanks Alpha." said Adam then he turned to Kimberly "Are you ready?"

"Yea." she said "Let's do it."

"Back to Action!" explains Adam. They teleported away.

In Angel Grove, the other Rangers came to face Gunshooter. "All right." Rocky explains "You're finish!"

"Try your best!"" explains Gunshooter. Gunshooter shot his weapons at the Power Rangers.

Meanwhile, at the Dark Dimension, Goldar came closer to Tommy with his sword. "I'll destroy you for good." said Goldar.

Adam and Kimberly teleported inside. "Don't think about it Goldar!" explains Adam.

"Tommy!" Kimberly said scared, as she saw Tommy's still body near by.

Goldar turned around and saw them. "Power Rangers!" he explains with a growl "What are you doing here?!"

"Stopping you!" explains Adam " Hyi!"

Adam started to fight Goldar. Kimberly ran to Tommy. She knells next to him and gently lifts him into her arms. "Tommy are you all right?" she asked concerned. Tommy didn't stir, only a weak breathing was heard. "Tommy." she said again "It's me Kimberly. Wake up."

Tommy still didn't stir. Adam came up to her. "Goldar is gone." he said "Is Tommy all right?"

"He's hurt badly." she said. She went to Tommy's belt to feel for his morpher-but it wasn't there. "Adam!" she said surprised and scared "His morpher! It's not here!"

"I know." said Adam softy.

"What do you mean?" asked Kimberly confused. Adam held out the half Power Coin in his palm. "Because it's right here." he said "Or what's left of it."

"Let's get Tommy back to the Command Center." said Kimberly.

"Right." said Adam.

They teleported inside the Command Center. Adam lay Tommy on the medical bed. "We got him, but his hurt." he said as he lay Tommy down.

Kimberly came near. "His morpher and coin is gone."

"We're having trouble out here!" explains Rocky's voice.


"Right." said Adam "Back to Action!"

Adam and Kimberly teleported to Angel Grove. The others had just got hit and were getting up. Adam and Kimberly ran up to them. "We're here." said Adam.

"You guys came just in time." said Rocky "This guy was getting too strong for us."

"Now I'll finish you!" explains Gunshooter.

"Let's get him!" explains Rocky.

"Hyi!" shouted all of them.

Back at the Command Center, Alpha was running a scan on Tommy. "Zordon!" explains Alpha worried "The scan shows Tommy's condition is weakening at an accelerated rate!"


Back at the fight, the Power Rangers were losing fast. "I'm winning!" explains Gunshooter.

"Not on your life!" shouted Adam.

On the moon, Lord Zedd was pleased, and he deiced to bring Gunshooter back. "I think it's time to bring Gunshooter back for awhile." he said.

Back at the battle filed, Gunshooter was about to fight them. "See you later." Gunshooter said as he disappeared.

"He's gone again." said Aisha.

"Let's get back to the Command Center." said Rocky. They teleported away.

Chapter 4

The Power Rangers teleported to the Command Center. They saw Tommy was in worse condition then last time. "What's the scoop on Tommy?" asked Rocky.


"What do you mean?" asked Kimberly scared.


This frightened the Rangers. "What can we do?" asked Rocky.


This is the Mega Power." said Alpha "Tommy's life force won't last long. It is very dangerous. We can teleport you there but there won't be enough power to get you back."

"So how do we get back?" asked Rocky.

"We just hope the power is there." said Kimberly."Tommy's life depends on it."

"Are you ready?" asked Alpha. The Power Rangers went over to Tommy. Both Adam and Rocky lifts the stretcher that Tommy was on. "Hurry Power Rangers." said Alpha "Tommy doesn't have much time." Alpha teleported them away in a colorful rainbow of light.

On the moon, Rita was angry with Lord Zedd. "Zeddie!" she screamed "You let the Rangers go to the Mega Power!"

"Don't worry." said Lord Zedd "Gunshooter!"

Gunshooter came in. "Yes my lord." he said.

"You!" Lord Zedd commanded "Go down to Earth and start destroying it!"

"Yes my lord." said Gunshooter. He vanished.

"Tengas!" Lord Zedd commanded "Go to Phaedos and destroy the Power Rangers!" The Tengas flap away to Phaedos.

The Power Rangers arrived on the beautiful and familiar planet of Phaedos. "Here we are." said Rocky.

Adam had the end of the stretcher were Tommy head was. "Now let's find Dulcea." he said.

They slowly climbed over the rocks. Kimberly stopped and looked out at the sea sadly. Billy saw this and stopped too. "Hey." he said "You O.K?"

"I was just thinking about Tommy." Kimberly said.

"Don't worry." said Billy "He's going to make it." Just then the Tengas appeared. Kimberly saw them. "Billy!" she called "We got company!"

Billy turned and saw the Tengas. Guys!" he called to the others "Tengas!"

The Tengas attacked. Adam and Rocky put Tommy down. "I'll protect Tommy." Kimberly said as she ran to Tommy.

They fought with the Tengas, until a woman appeared. It was Dulcea. She fought with the Tengas, the scared them off with her bow. The Rangers came to her. "Rangers." she said as she saw them "What are you doing here?"

"It's Tommy." said Rocky. "What do you mean?" she asked. The Rangers stood aside. She saw Tommy's wounded body. "Follow me to the Temple of Power." she said.

"They followed Dulcea, to the long journey to the Temple of Power. "How fare is it?" asked Rocky "It has been so long since we last came here."

"We're almost there." said Dulcea laughing a little.

Kimberly walks near Tommy's head where Adam was. "We got to hurry." she said "Tommy doesn't have muchtime."

Chapter 5

They arrived at the Temple of Power. They came inside. "Ninjor!" Dulcea calls out "Come out! We got trouble!"

The ninja warrior, Ninjor, came out of his blue jar. "I'm here, Dulcea." he said "What's the trouble?"

"It's Tommy." said Aisha "He lost his power, and he's dying."

"Oh." said Ninjor "Why didn't you say so?" He comes up to them. "There is only one way." he said.

"What way?" asked Rocky.

"Tommy needs to get a new Ninjetti Power." said Dulcea.

"A new power?" Adam asked confused.

"It's the only way for Tommy to get his new power." said Ninjor.

"First get into your Ninjetti suits." said Dulcea.

"Right." said Rocky "Ninjetti! The Ape!"

"The Crane!" called Kimberly.

"The Bear!" shouted Aisha.

"The Frog!" yelled Adam.

"The Wolf!" cried Billy. All five Rangers wear in their Ninjetti uniforms, and they took off their masks.

"You must take Tommy and journey to the Mega Temple." said Ninjor "That's were Tommy's new power is."

"How can we do it?" asked Rocky.

"We must call upon the powers of the MegaNinjetti." said Dulcea.

Hours later, the Rangers were in a circle around Tommy with Ninjor and Dulcea. Dulcea poured some magic dust in her hand. "Buried deep inside each of us is a MegaNinjetti Animal sprit waiting to come out." she said "Close your eyes and help Tommy find an animal sprit."

They did, Dulcea blew at the dust, which sailed over to Tommy. The fire resin and magically changed Tommy's cloths into a new Ninjetti outfit, but it was ripped and Tommy's wounds still showed. Tommy still breathed weakly and he didn't stir. The Rangers looked at Tommy's new outfit. Dulcea and Ninjor came up to Tommy. Dulcea kneeled down next to Tommy, put her hand on the medallion, and then looked at the others with a smile on her face.

"You chose a good animal power." she said "Tommy now has the power of the tiger, with strength and courage."

"Tiger?" Kimberly asked confused "Wasn't that Tommy's power?"

"His old power." explained Ninjor "The Omega Power is muchstronger then your old power."

Dulcea stood up. "I thought we would see you all get the Omega Power at the same time." she said as she glances at Tommy "But since this happened, Tommy has to have this new power before you." She looks back at the others. "To be in harmony with the MegaNinjetti Animal Sprit is to have the force of the MegaNinjetti." she said "To those who are MegaNinjetti anything is possible."

"We are afraid you must do it on your own." said Ninjor.

"You guys aren't coming with us?" asked Aisha.

"If only we could." said Dulcea "We have to protect the temple form any intruders. The strength is inside you, trust it. Your Ninjetti Animals will be your guide."

"Where do you go to get the power?" asked Rocky.

"Deep inside the jungle is the Mega Temple." said Ninjor "Inside is the great Mega Powers. It's heavily guarded against intruders. No one has survived in attempt to reach it."

"Then how can we?" asked Kimberly.

"You are the Power Rangers." said Dulcea "We have faith in you in helping Tommy get the power."

An hour later, Ninjor and Dulcea were outside of the door to the Temple of Power bidding good-by to the Power Rangers. Rocky and Billy switched places on taking the other end of the stretcher. "Good-by Rangers." said Dulcea.

"Good luck." said Ninjor.

"Thanks." said Rocky. He turns to the others. "All right guys." he said "Let's go." After they wave good-by to Dulcea and Ninjor, they started their long trip to the Mega Temple.

Back at the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha watched the news on the Viewing Globe. Behind a woman reporter, people ran every direction while Gunshooter was destroying the city. "The mayor has declared a state of emergency." the reporter said "The monster, Gunshooter -who the Power Rangers have been fighting for weeks- is attacking again. Where are the Power Rangers?"

Well, the Power Rangers were on Phaedos slowly traveling through the jungle. "This jungle seems to go on forever." said Adam.

"You're telling me." said Rocky.

"We got to keep going." said Billy "Tommy's time is running out."

They finally came to a place littered with bones. "Welcome to the Lost World?" joked Rocky.

"Very funny, Rocky" said Aisha.

"Yea." agreed Kimberly "Quit joking."

Billy and Adam put Tommy down. Billy was looking at a skull. He didn't notice a bony tail moving until it was too late. A monster made out of bones attacked them. Kimberly ran to protect Tommy as the creature came near him. Rocky grabbed a stick and hit the creature to get it away form Kimberly, and Tommy. "Come here Bone head." he said.

The creature became interested in Rocky and chased after him. Rocky ran up a tree and fell onto the creature's back. "Rocky!" called Aisha "Hang on!"

"Yahoo!" called Rocky as he holds on to the creature. He then saw a piece of bone that held the creature together. "Hey bone head," he said as he yanks the piece off "I got a bone to pick with you." The head of the creature fell off. "Huh?" asked Rocky confused, then realized what he had done "Oh on!" The creature fell apart with Rocky on it. "Whoa!" he cried.

The Rangers came to him once he was on the ground. "Are you O.K. Rocky?" asked Billy.

"Yea." said Rocky.

"Then let's get out of here before he deiced to put himself back together." suggested Adam.

"I agree." said Rocky. They went, took Tommy, and left.

Chapter 6

Hours passed when they finally came to the Mega Temple. "We're here." said Rocky.

"Let's put Tommy down." suggested Adam.

Adam and Billy putted Tommy down. "Stay here." said Rocky. Rocky came up to the door, he touched one of the stone statues that decorate the door. He turns to the others. That statue and four others change into monsters with different weapons. The one that Rocky touched slashed at Rocky's Ninjetti outfit and made a hole. "I just have this dry clean!" said Rocky when he looked at the hole. The other monsters attacked. "Ninjetti!" called Rocky "The Ape!"

"The Crane!" shouted Kimberly.

"The Bear!" cried Aisha.

"The Frog!" yelled Adam.

"The Wolf!" explains Billy.

Magically, their Ninja masks came on. "Everyone!" called Rocky "Try your best to protect Tommy from these things!"

"Right!" called the others.

They started to fight the monsters. Each one tried to keep the monsters away from Tommy, until they each got separated. One of the monsters saw the unconscious Tommy, and slowly came near. Near by Kimberly saw this, and she got mad. "Get away from him!" she screamed. She jumped from were she was at, and fought the monster away from Tommy. After awhile, she kicked it away. "I said say away from him!" she called. She quicky kneeled next to him, put a hand on the medallion, and was ready if another monster tried to come near.

After awhile the last of the monsters was destroyed. The others came to Kimberly and Tommy. "Is he alright?" asked Billy.

Kimberly stood up. "Yea." she said.

The ground started to shake. "What's going on?" asked Aisha.

Adam looked at the door to the Temple. "Guys," he said "Look."

The door to the Temple started to open. Then a large pyramid slowly came out. When it stopped, the Rangers saw in the center was a large glowing shield with pictures of the MegaNinjetti Animal Spirts, one was Tommy's -the tiger. "The MegaNinjetti Secret Animals." said Billy.

Then the picture of the tiger glowed, and flew out of the shield. "Look!" Kimberly said happily "Tommy's new power!"

The power flew by them and went to Tommy, and turned into a very small Zord. The Rangers turn to look at him. It flew around him for awhile. "His new Zord!" Adam said happily.

The power then flew into the medallion on his chest. His MegaNinjetti suit change into a new White Ranger suit, on the gloved fingers and the near the end of the boots where some kind of sliver tingles, and a new Saba strapped to his golden belt. "His new Ranger suit." said Billy happily.

The suit then glowed, but Tommy was still unconscious. "What's wrong?" asked Aisha worried.

"Nothing," said Billy "The power is just starting heeling him."

"Then let's take him back." said Rocky. They went to Tommy, and Adam and Billy took the stretcher. "Ready?" he asked.

"Let's go!" explains Kimberly. They went to their communicators and they all teleported away to Earth.

Back at Angel Grove, people ran every with way to get away from Gunshooter. "I'm beginning to like this!" he explains.

The Power Rangers teleported inside the Command Center, the alarm was going on like crazy. "We're back Zordon." said Rocky.


"Let's do it!" said Rocky "It's Morphin Time!"

"Pink Ranger Power!" called Kimberly.

"Black Ranger Power!" yelled Adam.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" shouted Aisha.

"Blue Ranger Power!" cried Billy.

"Red Ranger Power!" called Rocky. They grabbed their belts and teleported away.

They teleported to the night sky of Angel Grove. They could not belive their eyes. Destruction was every where. The streets were littered with broken glass, ruble of stones, and burning cars. "Look at is place." said Aisha bewildered.

"It's a mess." said Billy.

"This got to be Gunshooter's handy work!" explains Rocky.

Then they heard a noise. "What's that?" asked Kimberly.

"I think we're about to find out." said Aisha "Look!"

They looked at saw Gunshooter. "Oh man!" explains Rocky "Gunshooter has ben busy while we were gone!"

Back at the Command Center, Tommy was slowly beginning to stir. "Zordon!" Alpha said happily "Tommy is regaining his strength!"


Back at Angel Grove, the Power Rangers knew what to do. "Let's call on the Zords!" explains Rocky.

"We need NinjaZord Power Now!" they called.

"Ninja Crane Zord!" shouted Kimberly.

"Ninja Wolf Zord!" called Billy.

"Ninja Frog Zord!" yelled Adam.

"Ninja Ape Zord!" cried Rocky.

"Ninja Bear Zord!" shouted Aisha. The Zords appeared. Each of them hoped into their Zords.

Back at the Command Center, Tommy stirs more. He moaned and sat up. "Oho... What happen?" he asked as he felt his head, and felt the helmet "What?" He took the helmet off as he got up, and looked at it. He them looked at his outfit. "Huh?" he said confused "What's this?"


Tommy looked at his new suit. "Wow." he said in surprised.

"Tommy," said Alpha "Go to Angel Grove. Gunshooter is there and the other Rangers need the Mega White Ranger."

"Right." said Tommy "It's Morphin Time!" Tommy takes out his new power coin and morpher, held it in the air, and took stance. "Mega White Ranger Power!" he called. The power of the tiger surrounded Tommy, morphing him into his new Mega White Ranger suit.

Tommy teleported to the almost destroyed Angel Grove. "Man!" he explains "Gunshooter really out did himself this time!" He takes out his MegaSaba. "Are you ready, MegaSaba?" he asked it.

"Ready." said MegaSaba.

"All right!" Tommy explains "I need MegaNinjaZord Power Now!" He raised his hand. "MegaNinja Tiger Zord!" he called. The medallion on his shield glowed, and the glow shot out into the sky. The MegaNinja Tiger Zord then slowly came form the sky. Tommy saw his new Zord. "MegaNinjaZord!" he explains "Cool! MegaNinjaZord Power Up!" With a great leap, Tommy flew up in the air, landed inside his cockpit of his new Zord, and put MegaSaba into the control panel. "Ready to Rock!" he explains then to MegaSaba "All right MegaSaba! Let's get to the guys!"

Meanwhile, the NinjaZords were fighting Gunshooter -who was getting tough on them. "We can't hold out muchlonger!" explains Rocky.

"Hey guys!" they heard Tommy called "Need some help?!"

Billy saw the MegaNinja Tiger Zord coming their way. "Guys!" he explains happily "Tommy's back!"

"Yea!" they all explained happily.

"I'll destroy this Zord like I did with the other one!" Gunshooter explains.

"Not on my life you don't!" called Tommy "All right guys! Let's get him!"

Adam's Frog Zord wrapped around Gunshooter. "Tongue tied and twisted!" Adam explains.

"Oh yea!" Gunshooter called madly. He shot his weapons at the Frog Zord.

"Bad move!" explains Adam. The Frog Zord zap an electric charge through the tongue at Gunshooter -who shot back at Adam again. "I need help!" he explains.

"I'm on my way." said Billy. Billy's Wolf Zord got into position. "Wolf Zord lock on target." he said "Keep his tied Adam until I'm ready."

"I'm holding on." said Adam.

The Wolf Zord jumped up and bit one of Gunshooter's arms. Then Aisha's Bear Zord came in. "Time to Boogie with the Bear." she said. Gunshooter, using his free arm, shot at her Zord. "I'm hit!" she explains.

Rocky's Ape Zord was on a building behind Gunshooter. "Ape Zord lock on target." he said. Ape Zord jumped onto Gunshooter's back. "Yeahoo!" he called "Ride them Cowboy!" Gunshooter tried to get the Ape Zord off his back.

"Hang on Rocky!" called Aisha.

"Oh I'm hanging!" Rocky explains.

Kimberly's Crane Zord came in. "O.K. I got a lock on him." she said "One order of melted metal coming up."

Gunshooter saw this. "So you want to play tough, Huh?" he asked evilly. He shot at the Crane Zord.

"He hit me!" Kimberly cried.

"Hang on Kimberly!" said Tommy.

The Wolf Zord tried to hold onto Gunshooter's arm. "I'm getting air sick up here!" explains Billy.

The Frog Zord tried to keep Gunshooter tied. "I can't hold on much longer!" Adam explains.

The Crane Zord tried to dodge Gunshooter's firearm. "I don't know muchlonger I can dodge him!" Kimberly said.

"Use your thrusters!" Tommy said.

"Right." she said.

The Crane Zord flies out of danger. The Wolf Zord broke off Gunshooter's arm, and went flying. "Whoa!" Billy called.

The Frog Zord was losing its grip. "I'm losing my grip!" Adam explains "I can't hold on muchlonger!"

"Let me give it a try." Tommy said. Tommy's MegaNinja Tiger Zord ran at full speed at Gunshooter. The MegaNinja Tiger Zord jumped up and hit Gunshooter with it's claws. Gunshooter flew the Ape Zord off his back. "Everyone close in!" Tommy said "This street's a dead end!"

The Zords closed in on Gunshooter. He grabbed a tall water tower. "I can use this." he said "How about a little sword play?"

"We need NinjaMegaZord Power Now!" called Rocky.

"NinjaMegaZord Power Up!" called the other four Rangers.

All five of the NinjaZords join together to form the NinjaMegaZord. "Tommy," said MegaSaba "You can convert your MegaNinja Tiger Zord into warrior mode."

"Thanks MegaSaba." Tommy said "MegaNinja Tiger Zord Convert into Warrior Mode Now!" The MegaNinja Tiger Zord sprang into warrior mode. The tail of the Zord was now a sword. "Cool!" explains Tommy.

"Power Sword Now!" called the five Rangers.

The NinjaMegaZord now has its sword. Both Zords prepared to fight Gunshooter. "All right guys." said Tommy "Let's finish him for good!"

"Right!" called the other Rangers.

Both Zords fight Gunshooter. Gunshooter then lifts up the NinjaMegaZord and threw it in the air. "Get ready for impact!" explains Billy.

The NinjaMegaZord crashed into a building. "Guys!" Tommy explains "My data shows my Zord can join with your Zord to from the MegaTigerNinjaMegaZord! Do you guys want to give it a try?"

"If it can work." said Kimberly "Do the call Tommy!"

"MegaTigerNinjaMegaZord Power Up!" called Tommy. Tommy's MegaNinja Tiger Zord join with the NinjaMegaZord to from the MegaTigerNinjaMegaZord. "MegaTigerNinjaMagaZord!" explains Tommy. He grabs MegaSaba, as his chair started to go backwards. He joins the others in the cockpit, as he came in, the others turn their chairs to look at him. He takes a main helm. "All right guys!" he called "Let's destroy Gunshooter for good!"

The others turn back to their helms. "Right!" they explain.

They fount with Gunshooter until he was destroyed. "We did it!" Rocky explains happily, as some of the Rangers got out of their chairs.

"We save Angel Grove!" explains Billy.

"And saved me." Tommy said as he glanced up at Kimberly as she hugged him "Thanks guys."

"Don't mention it." said Adam.


The Rangers teleported to the Command Center. "YOU DID ME PROUD RANGERS." said Zordon.

"We did our best," said Adam "when Tommy couldn't."

The morphed Power Rangers were at a special ceremony in their honor. The Mayor of Angel Grove came to them. "As mayor of Angel Grove." she said, as she started to putting metals around each of them "I would like to give these metals to the Power Rangers for finally destroying Gunshooter, and we the people of Angel Grove would like to welcome the Power Ranger's new leader." She puts the last metal around Tommy's neck. "The Mega White Ranger!"

The citizens cheered. The Power Rangers saluted. "Power Rangers!" they called as they went into fighting stance. The citizens still cheered.

Back at the moon, Lord Zedd was mad as he watch the situation in his red vision. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" he yelled as he hit the rail with his fist "I hate those Power Rangers! I do!"

The End?

Author's Note: Don't miss an other great avcenture of the Power Rangers and their new White Ranger, the Mega White Ranger! In "Mega Learning" Comming Soon!