Love is a Many Splended Thing
By : Ashley Snow

It was a beautiful day in Angle Grove Ashley was waiting for the others at the youth center.

"Hey what's up?"Adam asked sitting down at the table, Ashley smiled warmly at him.

"Not much, just waiting for the rest of you." She said, Rocky put a finger to his lips signaling Adam to be quite, Adam covered a smile. Rocky brought his hands down right on top of Ashley's shoulders, and she jumped right out of her seat.

"Rocky de Santos"she shrieked, the two broke into a fit of laugher their faces turned red Ashley started to laugh.

"Hey what's so funny?"he asked chuckling a little to himself, Ashley quickly filled him in. and he too started laughing.

"You should have seen your face it was priceless."Rocky said ince her caught his breath but lost it again when Ashley elbowed him in the gut.

"Tommy, where's Kat and Tanya?"Ashley asked noticing their absence during class.

"Well Tanya is staying with her grandparents and Kat is sick."Tommy said.

Unknown to them Sandra had been watching them, she despised them all except Adam she'd do anything to make him her's. Sandra strolled and walked over to the table Ashley was now studying, and looked up as she approached.

"What do you want Sandra?"Ashley asked.

"Just one thing watch out."She said and walked off, Ashley watched her go and when she was gone Tommy spoke up.

"Who was that?"he asked Ashley quickly told them everything that happened between the two.

"What did she mean by watch out?"rocky asked.

"She meant watch out for her she's like the black widow she lures in her prey and then kills it and eats it."Ashley said they looked truly confused.

"I mean that she wants to take Adam from me."She said they nodded their anser to the explanation. Ashley sighed and her communicator chimed they went to the deserted part of the youth center and answered it.

"We read you Zordon."Ashley said into the wirst communicator.

"You must morph and teleport to the park mondo as sent down damentor go and may the power protect you."he said they.

"Right zordon its morphin time." Ashley said.

"Zeo ranger 3 blue." Rocky yelled.

"Zeo ranger 4 green." Adam followed.

"Zeo ranger 5 red." Tommy chimed in.

"Purple hawk power!" Ashley called out.

"Let's go guys." Ashley said. they teleported to the park, the monster seemed interested in Adam.

"Awwww Adam i think it likes you."Ashley teased. Adam snarled at her joke.

"very funny Ashley now would help me."he said they help Adam with the monster. the cogs appeared and kept the rangers busy while Adam was taken to mondo by the damentor. after the cogs disappeared they teleported to the command center.

"Zordon see if you can clear this up that monster only interested in Adam why is that it seem like Sandra."Ashley the pother cracked up and that remark.

"well I am sorry to say I don't know but when we find out we'll tell you now go and may the power protect you."with that the five teenager teleported home ashley toke her keys out of her bag and started the jeep, she pulled out of the parking lot and started home when she got there her parents were arguing so she didn't bother to make herself a plate of dinner she went straight to her room, she threw her bag by the closet door and threw off her shoes and flopped down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling she was deep in thought when a flash of green caught her eye she glanced toward the window and for a moment thought she was going insane for in the window of adams room was Adam??

"Adam hey Adam!"she called out threw the window Adam looked over at her and smiled.

"hey I'm coming over there."he said Ashley nodded you agreement and he took off for the house he arrived seconds later ashley out in the yard playing with shadow when came around.

"hey so you got away huh tell me how did you do it?'she asked holding a pretend microphone in her hand.

"well I didn't he let me go."Ashley looked surprised her hand dropped like a rock.

"let you go why?"she asked Adam to, ld her what he knew. ashley nodded.

"okay cool come on back and play with shadow."ashley suggested adam agreed and came into the back yard. shadow backed away glowing at him.

"what's the matter boy it's adam you remember adam don't you?"she asked. shadow stopped growling at him and they played for while and them Adams mom called him in for the night.

the next day adam acted different he would talk to Ashley and he wouldn't kiss her hello like ususal. Ashley shocked her feeling of unease maybe shadow had a right to growl at him.

"hey guys have you noticed how Adam has been acting a bit strange today?"Ashley asked they just shrugged.

"oh well I guess it was just me then I'll see ya later."she said and the of for fourth hour.

Later that day, Ashley arrived at the youth center to find Adam flirting with Sandra she walked right past him pretending not to notice him. then he walked over to the table with her.

"hey guys you already know Sandra."he said kissing her on the cheek.