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"Tri-Fold Mini-Series"

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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Paladar`'s Exclusive

Background of Characters

Addition to the Family
New Rangers join the fight against evil. . .!

Love Bites, or Does It
Love suck!!! . . .

A Hard Tough Life
We weren't promised a rose garden!

Everything Changes
High School endings?


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Second Place
The reason behind Kimberly's letter was not what most people thought...

Second Place, Part Two
The Air Force builds up its forces in Angel Grove, and Hal is in
the thick of battle.

Second Place, Part Three
Hal starts falling...


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Rocky's Day Out
Rocky takes a day off!

Rebellion of the Power Rangers
The Power Rangers Rebel!

The Unseen Scene
A Perfect life . . . Sometimes!.


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"Stellar Ranger Series"

When The Star Shine
A old "friend" of Zordon comes at the right time.

Two Much
Dave is introduced to Angel Grove!

The Spell
A magical trap can mean a raise of heat for the Rangers.

Mystic Travel
The Power Rangers and Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
face the ultimate enemy!

Wrath of the Falcon
Will Dave be able to rescue Ninjor before the FalconZord
destroys the Rangers?

Spirit Encounter
Who are the Spirit Ninja?

The Stellar Saga, Part 1
Who is Zedd's new master,why would he want the ranger
to get the Fallen Star Crystal?

The Stellar Saga, Part 2
Zedd's new monster has a growing appetite.

The Stellar Saga, Part 3
The entire city is trap,and only three heros are left to save it.

The Stellar Saga, Part 4
Kratox add a new piece to his collection.


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"At the End of the Rainbow"

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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"The Crowmeowme Brothers"

The Crowmeowme Brothers
The New Arrival
Good News, Here to Stay
Passing the Torch
Cousin Bart

"The Crowmeowme Family"

Log Entry I
Log Entry II
Log Entry 2.5
First Date
Log Entry III
Marriage of the Millenium...Message

"Crowmeowme MiSTings"

MiSTing #1
MiSTing #2
MiSTing #3
MiSTing #4

"Other Stories"

Somewhere Over the Youth Center


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Rangers and Flowers
The Power Rangers go on vacation and meet a team of
teenage female superheroes.


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Emerald Rising
A new ranger is added to the team.

Cassandra is on a quest into her forgotten past.

New Arrival
A new villian has arrived on Lunar Palace, and
that means trouble for the Rangers.

Change of Sides
The price of trying the save Tommy may be a little
more than what they expected.

"Stand Alones"

Faces of Comfort
Karone get comfort from a somewhat unexpected source.


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What if ?
Zhane's back and has a surprise for the rangers.


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Formerly Known as Traci Spangler

"Love Saga"

Getting Over You
Is it really over between Tommy and Kimberly???

Hearts on Fire
Have Rocky and Kat found common ground . . . Love??

"Stand Alones"

Broken Road
Loss does hurt . . .!


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"The Beginning Saga"

The Beginning
Rita creates a evil twin of Tommy!

"The Clone"

The Heart Won't Lie
Death would be heaven for Alex!

The Discovery
Has Tommy's worst nightmare come true!

"The Mirror"

Through The Looking Glass
Who said friendship didn't come in handy?


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Wrongfully Accused
Tommy is the victim of a horrible attack.

The truth cannot come out yet.


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"Broken Souls"

Tommy's hiding something.

Breaking Point
Josh drops the hammer . . .


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"Buried Secrets"

Shadows of the Past
Some secrets are more painful than others...

The Long Road Home
As her nightmares fade, Ashley slowly learns to live again.


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"A Rhyme and Reason: The Purple Ranger Saga"

"Best Kept Secrets"
A seventh Ranger has joined the team, and just in time.

"White Knight"
The White Ranger as we know him is no more. Of course, that says
nothing about the White Ranger as we don't know him.

"Family Reunion"
Some interesting facts about the Purple Ranger's heritage come out.

"Return of the White Knight"
The White Ranger has returned. Again.

"Spirits of the Past"
Adam and Andréa both discover something that
finally explains a good deal of things about their relationship.

Dawning of the Prophecy
Co-authored with Kaliana Blademaster.
How things began.


Chance of a Lifetime
What if Carlos . . . really did leave??


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"Love Eternal"

All in the Mind
Kim pays Tommy a special visit.

Tragic Tale
Why was Billy back on Earth?

First Date
Everyone has a first date.


My Brother, the Ranger
David is impressed by his brother.


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Tortured Souls
"Kim and Tommy miss each other. . .but not for much longer, if their
Friends have anything to say about it!"

Tortured Souls 2
Kim and Trini get caught up on old times.

Tortured Souls 3
Kim and Trini talk, as do Jason and Tommy.

Tortured Souls 4
Will Kim allow herself to trust Tommy with the truth behind her letter?

Tortured Souls 5
As the rain pours, So does the truth.


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"Power Rangers in Cyberspace"

Headline News
It all starts with a morning paper.

"Stand Alones"

Begin Simulation
Zhane toys with the Psycho Rangers. . .or are they toying with him?

A Mirror of Dark Glass
Ecliptor's life is changed when he adopts a human child.

Saffron Golde and Hunter Greene
Two warriors search for their pasts.

After Dark
Karone and Maya have a late night talk.

Skin Deep and Otherwise
Not your usual romance.

Culture Shock
Cassie discovers something odd about the Phantom.

Destined for Darkness
Why couldn't Billy take the Gold powers?

Honor, Love, and Peace
Behind the scenes of Journey's End..

Dancing in the Moonlight
A little music . . . a little love.

If I Never Knew You
Cassie's love life is not normal.

A Matter of Courage
Falling in love is the bravest thing you'll ever do.

Ivory Tower
Karone's life was like a fairy tale.

Mender's Game
Do Billy and Aisha have the power to heal a broken world?

There's more than one way to look at things.

Hopes, Dreams, and Shampoo
A change of clothes inspires some daydreams.

Brother For Hire
Astronema has found her brother..hasn't she?

A Dream Deferred
Some dreams take a long time to come true.


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The Purple Hawk
A new friend of Adam's falls prey to King Mondo.

Love is a Many Splended Thing
This time . . . it's Adam that needs help!


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"Superstar Series"

Shades of Violet
There's a new girl in town, and new powers that are forming from the past.

The Boy is Mine
Kim is being just a bit jealous of someone.

Some surprises can be fun ????

Seeing into the Future
Stephanie's been having nightmares lately. Are they a result of nearly
being killed, or is there something more to them?

Eye of the Storm
There's a storm rolling in . . . !!

"Vignette Series"

Show Me Love
A new girl is at Angel Grove High, and life is about to take a major turn!

Close My Eyes
Stephanie has a secret she is keeping from everyone.


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"New Surroundings"
Two dimensions. . .two Tommys. ..same fight against evil.

Mixed Feelings
When Rangers collide. . .

New Surroundings
The switched Tommys' was only the beginning. . .

"Unwritten Future"

Unwritten Future
Kat's dream's are becoming a frightening reality.
Tommy's new powers are beginning to revolt, and some
wounds just can't be healed.

Dealt a Losing Hand
Rocky has a brush with death, Zedd recreates the
Horsemen of Apocalypse, and Kat's dreams did more
than she first realized.

"Ranger Academy"
After the end. .. a new beginning.

Ranger Academy
A year later, a very special school opens up, at a very special place.

Outside the Walls
The students learn there is more to being
a Ranger than what meets the eye.

Breaking and Entering
For a special task, Karone is given temporary Ranger powers.

It doesn't hurt to see a professional at times.

It turns out Droz may be good for more than just what everybody thought.

Demons are Forever
Karone has some an inner demon to fight.

In the Family
Tommy's brother David has a power problem.

The Man Without A Home
Guess who's back.


Episode One
A possible chronicling of how the legend began.


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"Super Ranger Series"
The Lightstar Rangers have to seek out a new power.

Changing of The Power
The Lightstar Rangers have to seek out a new power.

Head Ranger
The Rangers get new Zords, and try to decide who should be leader.

With New Power Comes New Responsibility
With new power comes new responsibility...

Jamie and Hillary get a zord to share.

Fire, Gravity, Water, Air, Earth
Astronema has a new tactic in mind.


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Paladar`'s Exclusive

The Beginning Of A Disaster
Kimberly and Tommy are captured by P.C.


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Paladar`'s Exclusive

Tommy and Kim leaving Angel Grove to get away from it
all, but their going to... Sunnydale?!


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