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Addition to the Family
by Cisero213

Ernies' Juice Bar and Gym

It was a typical sunny day in Angel Grove. It has been a week since Rita Repulsa has attack. Trini Kwan and Kimberly Hart are sitting at their usual table waiting for their friends Aisha Campbell and Katherine Hillard. Tommy Oliver and Jason Scott are teaching karate to their young students. Zachary Taylor and William Cranston are watching and waiting for their friends Adam Park and Rocky DeSantos. Three teens just entered the establishment. They spot their friends and head for them.

Aisha: (smiling) "Hey Kim! Hey Trini!"

Kim and Trini: "Hey Aisha"

Aisha walks over and sits besides them. Meanwhile Adam is walking over to Zack and Billy while Rocky is heading for Tommy and Jason.

Adam: "Hi guys."

Zack: "Adam my man how is everything going???"

Adam: "Great. We got everything straight and we will be attending Angel Grove High next week."

Billy: "Superb!!"

On the mats, Jason and Tommy have ended their class. Rocky is waiting for them.

Jason: "Remember to practice everyone."

Students: "Yes sensai."

The children gather their things and leave. Rocky walks over to his pals and wraps his arms around their necks.

Rocky: "I still can't believe that you guys are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."

Tommy: "Yeah, but remember what Zordon told you and the others. No one else must know."

Rocky: " I know, I know. Does Shayla, Chad and Lisa know?"

Jason: "No. But that's the hard part. When our communicators go off, we have to make sure no one else heard it. And when we have to morph we have to go in a secluded place. Speaking of the others, where is they?"

Tommy: "She and Chad are at track practice. Lisa is helping Mrs. Turlington with the banquet and Kat's at her dance class."

Rocky: "Kat was all over you when she came. (laughing) I can still remember how mad Shayla was when she moved here."

Tommy: "Yeah, but know she and Chad are flirting with each other."

The three guys join their companions and talk.

Angel Grove High School Boys' Gym

Shayla is outside the boys' gym waiting on her friend Chad. The young African-American teen is playing with a letter in her hand. Chad walks out. His auburn hair is wet from the shower. Both are Angel Grove High School Track Team windsuit jackets.

Shayla: "Guess what I got?"

Chad: "What is it?"

Shayla: "Your SAT scores. Mr. Kaplan asked me to give them to you." Chad: "Great. Thanks."

Chad takes the letter and opens it. He reads it and yells.

Chad: "I got a 1565."

Shayla: "Congrats, pal."

Chad: " I got to show the gang. C'mon let's see if Lisa is done and head over to the Juice Bar."

Madam Dupree Dance Academy

Class has ended and the girls are getting their stuff. Kat Hillard is one of the first girls out the door. She is rushing out to meet her mother when she accidentally bumps into a young girl. The blonde Aussie teen is on the floor stunned at what happened.

Kat: "Oh my. I'm really sorry about what happened. I should have watched where I was going. Are you okay."

Teen: "I'm fine. Hi my name is Tanya Sloan."

Kat: "Hi Tanya, I'm Katherine Hillard, but my friends call me Kat."

Tanya: "Hi Kat. Do you know a place where alot of teens hangout out at?"

Kat: "Sure. My mum can take you and me to Ernie's Juice Bar."

Tanya: "Who?"

Kat: "Don't worry. You'll know soon enough."

Ernie's Juice Bar

Kat and Tanya enter the hangout to find the gang at the table celebrating.

Kat: "What's going on?"

Kim: "Chad got a 1565 on his SAT's"

Kat: "Congratulations, Chad."

Chad: "Thanks, Kat."

Tanya clears her throat.

Kat: "Where are my manners. Everybody this is Tanya Sloan. Tanya this is Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan, Chad Kincaid, Tommy Oliver, Jason Scott, Aisha Campbell, Lisa Lane, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, and my best friend Shayla Curry."

All: "Hi."

Tanya: "Hi."

Kim: "It's nice to meet you Tanya. Are you going to school here or Stone Canyon?" Tanya: "Here. My mom registered me in today."

Aisha: "Hope your in a class with us."

Tanya: "Me too. I not used to staying in one place."

Lisa: "Don't worry, Shayla and Tommy used to travel alot before the moved here six years ago."

Suddenly the rangers communicators go off.


Trini: "You guys remember that meeting we have to go to?"

Zack: "Yeah, it's an important one too!"

The rangers get up to leave. The six head for the doorway. Jason lifts his communicator to his mouth.

Jason: "We read you, Zordon."

Zordon: "Rangers, teleport to the Command Center immediately."

Jason: "We're on our way."

In a six flashes of pink, red, black, white, yellow, and blue, the rangers head to the Command Center.

Command Center

The rangers have entered the Command Center. Alpha 5 is at the control panel pushing a few buttons. Zordon is in his tube.

Kim: "What's going on, Zordon."

Zordon: "Something I have feared many millenniums."

Billy: "What do you mean?"

Zordon: "Your six coins weren't the only ones."

Trini: "There's more."

Zordon: "Yes, long time ago I was trusted with five of those coins. Then there was only eight left. Then Rita stole the Green Power Coin."

Tommy: "That's how she got and gave it to me." Zack: "So that leaves seven left."

Zordon: "Yes. After Rita stole the coin. The Great Elders hide the remaining coins in another dimension where they are today."

Jason: "Where do we come in in all of this?"

Alpha: "Rita has found that dimension and know she is after those coins again to create more evil rangers."

Tommy: "Great. First the Green Powers and now this."

Zordon: "Alpha, have you found the coordinates to the dimension?"

Alpha: "Yes, Zordon."

Zordon: "Rangers, you must get to those coins before Goldar, Scorpina and the putties do."

Jason: "No problem. It's Morphin Time."

Tommy: "Tigerzord."

Zack: "Mastodon."

Kim: "Pterodactyl."

Billy: "Triceratops."

Trini: "Saber Tooth Tiger."

Jason: "Tyrannosaurs."

The rangers are in the dimension. The area around them reminds them of earth, except for the red mist.

Kim: "Where do we begin looking?"

Billy: "Let's try there."

Billy points east to where they are standing. The rangers head in that direction. Hours later and the rangers still haven't found what they are looking for. As the head more in the direction, it becomes warmer.

Zack: "Wow, this heat is intense."

Trini: "Maybe we're heading in the right direction."

Tommy: "What do you mean."

Trini: "Remember that game we used to play hot and cold. The farther you are the colder you get and the closer you are the..."

Kim: "hotter you get. Yeah I remember that."

Jason: "C'mon then we have no time to lose."

The rangers soon arrive at a cave. Suddenly they see Goldar, Scorpina and a gang of putties.

Zack: "We got here just in time."

Jason: "No kidding. C'mon rangers, let's do it!!!!" All: "Right!!!"

The rangers jump out and head for the pack. The fight is on. Kim and Trini are fighting Scorpina,Tommy and Jason are fighting Goldar while Zack and Billy handle the putties.

One by one the putties disappear. The attack is to much for Goldar and Scorpina, the retreat.

Kim: "Let's go in the cave before the come back with more clayheads."

The rangers head for the cave. They search and search. Billy leaves the rest of the team for and opening he sees.

Billy: "You guys, come quick."

The rangers head toward Billy's direction. When they arrive, they see an awesome site.

Trini: "Wow!!! They're beautiful."

Jason: "Let's teleport back."

The rangers teleport back to the Command Center.

Zordon: "Rangers, you did it."

Tommy: "What do we do with the power coins?"

Trini: "Well there's four people we can give them to but then that leaves three left."

Alpha: "Make that four left."

Zack: "What do that mean?"

Alpha: "While you were gone, we were able to recreate the Green Power coin."

Billy: "Morphinaminal!!"

Jason: "Alpha, can you teleport the four."

Alpha: "Right away Jason."

In four clear flashes, Rocky, Aisha, Adam and Kat are at the Command Center.

Kat: "What's going on?"

Kim: "We wanted to ask you four something."

Adam: "What's that?"

Jason: "Would you like to join the team?"

Rocky: "As in taking someone else's' place?"

Zack: "No, we mean as is having your own power coin."

Aisha: "No way."

Kim: "Way."

Zordon: "Do you accept?"

The four look at each other and then the say yes.

Alpha grabs three coins from the box and the reconstructed power coin. He hands them each to the Kim, Trini, Zack and Billy.

Kim: "Katherine Hillard, I want you to be the Maroon Ranger, controller of the Torosaurus Dinozord. Do you accept?"

Kat: "I will be honored."

Kim hands the coin to Kat and she is engulfed with a maroon light.

Trini: "Aisha Campbell, I choose you to be the Lilac Ranger, ruler of the Pterosaur Dinozord. Do you accept."

Aisha: "You bet."

Trini hands the coin to Aisha and she is engulfed with a lilac light.

Zack: "Rocky DeSantos, I choose you to be the Gray Ranger, commander of the Raptor Dinozord. Do you accept."

Rocky: "I will."

Zack hands the coin to Rocky and he is engulfed with a gray light.

Billy: "Adam Park, I choose you to be the Green Ranger, owner of the Dragonzord Dinozord. Do you accept."

Adam: "Yes"

Billy hands the coin to Adam and he is engulfed with a green light.

Zordon: "Welcome new rangers."

Four: "Thanks."

Alpha: "What about the other four coins."

Tommy: "We can take care of that."

Ernies Juice Bar.

Jason walks in and heads for the mats.

Teen: "Hey Jase. Where were you?"

Jason: " I got caught up. Could you go with me right quick?"

Teen: "Sure, what's up?

Angel Grove High School Auditorium

Aisha walks in and finds her choice on stage.

Aisha: "Hey!!!"

Teen: "Hey Aisha."

Aisha: "We need to talk right quick."

Teen: "Alright. I'm done anyway."

Angel Grove Park

Kat is walking towards a teen and starts talking.

Kat: "What are you doing out here."

Teen: "I just wanted to think for a moment."

Kat: "I have a proposition for you."

The teen looks at Kat quizzically.

Gino's Pizza Express

Tommy walks in and head for the counter.

Tommy: "Your mom told you were working to day."

Teen: "I'm about to get off in two more minutes."

Tommy: "What are you doing after that?"

Teen: "Nothing. Why you ask?"

Tommy: "You know the Power Rangers right?"

Teen: "Who doesn't. Man are they cool. Why you want to talk about the Power Rangers?"

Command Center

Tommy: "We told our choices and they understand the responsibilities."

Zordon: "Let the ceremony continue."

Kat: "Tanya Sloan, even though we haven't known each other that long, I knew you were a trust worthy person. That is why I want you to be the Orange Ranger, owner of the Mammoth Dinozord. Do you accept?"
Tanya: "Of course."

Kat hands the coin to Tanya and she is engulfed with a orange light.

Aisha: "Lisa Lane, you are the coolest senior that I know and I choose you to be the Purple Ranger, ruler of the Stegosaurus Dinozord. Do you accept."

Lisa: "More than anything in the world."

Aisha hands the coin to Lisa and she is engulfed with a purple light.

Jason: "Chad Kincaid, because of your strength and dedication to the martial arts and people, I want you to be the Magenta Ranger, commander of the Galamitus Dinozord. Do you accept."

Chad: "Yes."

Jason hands the coin to Chad and he is engulfed with a magenta light.

Tommy: "Shayla Curry, your are my best, best friend. Our friendship has survived through the years, I choose you to be the Cyan Ranger, commander of the Archaeopteryx Dinozord. Do you accept."

Shayla: "I do."

Tommy hands the coin to Shayla and she is engulfed with a cyan light. In a flash all of the rangers are morphed. They remove their helmets.

Lisa: "I can't believe this is happening."

Alpha: "Believe it sister. Here are your communicators. Billy will show how to use them."

Alpha 5 hands them to the newest rangers. All the rangers look up at Zordon.

Zordon: "Welcome in to the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Family."