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Everything Changes
by Cisero213

Friday Afternoon.

Shayla's house: Basement

Rocky and Shayla were on the mats. Shayla had turned her basement to a exercise room for she could practice her karate, dancing, and study. She and Rocky were practicing for an upcoming tournament.

Rocky: "C'mon, kick higher."

Shayla: "I'm trying okay."

Shayla throws up her leg over Rocky's head and falls on the floor.

Rocky: ( giving her a hand up ) "I think that's enough."

Shayla: "After track and stuff my legs are too worn out. ( rubbing her legs ) I think you should find someone else to do this with."

Rocky: "Who am I gonna find? Adam and Zack are paired together and so is Jason and Tommy."

Shayla: "Chad so busy with track and everything. I guess I have know choice but to do it."

Rocky: ( rubbing his stomach ) "You got anything to eat?"

Shayla: "There should be some left overs but don't eat it all. My brother Derrick got mad because you ate all of the ham."

The two friends head upstairs to the kitchen. Rocky opens the fridge and takes out some meat. Shayla gets a glass of water.

Rocky: "When are parents gonna be back?"

Shayla: "Don't know, if this job in Germany goes well, then my mom will be there for a month. My dad is with her to get all the kinks out of the deal."

Just then, Tommy enters from the back door.

Tommy: "Are you two ready?"

Shayla: "Ready for what."

Tommy: "Me, you, Rocky, Kat, and Billy are going to that expo in Santa Cruz remember."

Rocky: "No wonder my mom made me put that bag in the car this morning. I forgot about it."

Shayla: "Mines at the door."

Alejandro, Shayla's brother enters the kitchen.

Shayla: "Alex we're about to go on our trip. Where did daddy put the money at?"

Alex: "You look in his office twerp."

Shayla hits her brother on her way to get the money. She comes back with her bag in her hand and the three friends heads towards Billy's van. Shayla puts her bags in the back and get in the back with Tommy and Rocky. The van pulls out.

Rocky: "Hey Billy. Hey Kat."

Kat: "Hey Rocky, how's your mum doing?"

Rocky: "She's fine, doctor says the baby's ok."

Tommy: "Shayla did you here the news?"

Shayla: "What news?"

Tommy: "Eric Davidson is in town."

Shayla: "WHAT!!!!!"

Kat: "Eric Davidson, who is he?"

Billy: "Isn't that famous track coach?"

Shayla: "Are you kidding, he's big time."

Rocky: "Several kids that he coached for the Pan Global Games went to the Olympics."

Kat: "Maybe he's here to see you, Shayla."

Shayla: "I doubt it. This year hasn't been good for me."

Tommy: "Maybe he's here to see Chad. He's is the best runner at Angel Grove if not the state of California."

Rocky: "Wouldn't that be something. One of our own at Pan Global Games or the Olympics."

Kat sunk down in the front seat. Just the thought of her boyfriend leaving made her heart hurt.

Angel Grove

Aisha and Kim are at the mall when the bump into Chad.

Aisha: "What are you doing here, trackman?"

Chad: "Picking up some extra equipment for track. What about you two?"

Kim: "Shopping and gossiping."

Chad: ( leaving ) "Well I gotta run see you two later."

Kim: "Bye."

Aisha: "Did hear that famous track coach is in town?"

Kim: "Jason was talking about him in Mrs. Rutger's class today. Jason was working in the office during 3rd period and the guy came into talk to talk to Coach Simms about Chad."

Aisha: "No way. About Chad. If he picks Chad, then he will be like major league material if you catch my drift."

Santa Cruz: Hotel Room.

Kat and Shayla get ready for bed.

Shayla: "What's wrong with you? You've been sulking ever since we got here."

Kat: "I was just thinking about that coach. What if he is here to see Chad?"

Shayla: "Then it's a great opportunity for Chad. For this guy to come out in person to a high school to look for a potential athlete on his team then you must be damn good."

Shayla gets in the bed and leaves room for Kat. Shayla fall asleep fast but Kat is unable to.

Angel Grove: Monday Afternoon.

The gang is at Ernie's. Kat is waiting at the locker's wearing a maroon colored skirt set. She walks over the table.

Tanya: "What's the matter Kat?"

Kat: "Chad's late. We were so opposed go to the movies at 5 and it's already 6."

Trini: "Maybe he has a good excuse for being late."

At that moment, Chad walks in sweaty and still wearing his Angel Grove track clothes.

Kat: "Where have you been?"

Chad: "Sorry." ( kisses her on the cheek ) "Coach wanted me to see me."

Adam: "What for?"

Chad: "You guys won't believe this. Eric Davidson is thinking about training me for Pan Global."

Shayla and Rocky: "I knew it!!!"

Chad: "You heard of him."

Zack: "Who hasn't."

Shayla: "You're in good hands Chad. I mean this guy is the best in track like Gunther Schmidt is to gymnastics."

Kat: "How long will he be here?"

Chad: "The whole week and get this, he wants me to train all this week. After school from 3:30 to 8:30."

Kat: ( raising her voice slightly ) "What about that dinner on Wednesday and the dance on Friday?"

Tanya: "I think we better leave."

Rocky: "Like hell we are, right Shayla."

Shayla: "Yeah, bye guys."

Aisha pulls Rocky by his ear from the table while Jason picks up his girlfriend and flings her over his shoulders.

Chad: "This is real important opportunity for me, not some dance or dinner."

Kat: "Chad we're so opposed to be dating. Don't you care about our relationship?"

Chad: ( taking her hand ) "You know I do Kat, but I can't throw something like this away because of a relationship."

Kat: ( takes her hand back and gets up ) "Then I guess this relationship is over."

Kat walks out and leaves.

A few days later

Tommy and Shayla are walking through Angel Grove Park. They meet up with Chad running.

Tommy: "Chad, wait up."

Chad stops and waits for his friends.

Shayla: "What's with you. I thought you and Davidson were only practicing to 8:30, it's now 10:00."

Chad: "I have a lot on my mind."

Tommy: "Is it Kat?"

Chad: "Yeah. I don't know why she doesn't see why this is a big deal to me."

Tommy: "You have to give her time."

Chad: "This is a once in a lifetime chance and she wants me to choose between a relationship and this. She knows I love her but I don't want to give up something like this."

Shayla: "What are you going to do?"

Chad: "The only thing I can do. When I see Davidson tomorrow, I gonna have to tell him that I can't train with him anymore."

Chad runs off.

Next day: Angel Grove High

Shayla ran to her chemistry class. Inside she sees Kat sitting at the table they share. She walks over and sits down.

Shayla: "You've done it now."

Kat: ( closing her book ) "What are you talking about?"

Shayla: "Chad's gonna tell that coach he's quitting."

Kat: "Good, then he can spend his time with me now."

Shayla: "How the hell can you be so selfish?"

Kat: ( getting up )"Me selfish. It's him being selfish. He's the one who wants to forget about our relationship for some silly dream."

Shayla: ( standing up also ) "This dream isn't silly to him Kat. Every time we go on track meets, he tells me that ever since he was little, that he dreamed of making it in the big time. Didn't you feel the same when Pan Global checked you out for their swimming team?"

Kat: ( walking to the window )"Yeah, I was devastated after that accident that I didn't dive again. Besides this is different."

Shayla: "Yeah I guess it is. Both of you had a dream but this time he has a chance to pursue his dream and keep going. You should be really proud of yourself."

Kat: ( turning around ) "Then why do I feel like dirt?"

Shayla: "Because you feel guilty about getting in the way of his dream. Kat, you can't hold him back like this." ( walking up to Kat and putting her hand on her shoulder ) "Talk to him."

Angel Grove Park.

Chad walks to the basketball court where the gang usually plays on. Kat wrote him a note asking him to me her there. He finds Kat at the table near there.

Chad: "You wanted to talk?"

Kat: "Yeah, ever since I found out that coach was in town, I had a feeling that he might choose you for the track team. I didn't want you to leave. More so leave me."

Chad: "Katherine, just because I'll be moving didn't mean I was gonna abandon you."

Kat: "I know, but it felt like you was. I thought about all week and a few good harsh words from everyone including Shayla, I thought about how I felt when the Pan Global swim team coach, Blanche Parker, came. I was so excited. Then, at that diving contest when I hit my head on the board, I felt that so disappointed. I guess I didn't want to go through the same thing with you because of what happened to me. To make a long story short, I want you to go for your dreams, Chad. No matter what happens, I'll be there for you. I love you Chad."

Chad: "I love you too Kat. I wanted to tell this earlier this week but, you was being such an ass. The Pan Global track team practices in Santa Monica. I'll be able to visit Angel Grove during the weekend."

Kat: ( blushing ) "I feel even more like an ass."

The couple hugs and kiss.

That Friday: An assembly at AG High auditorium.

Mr. Kaplan, Coach Simms, Coach Davidson and some athletes are sitting on stage.

Mr. Kaplan: "Now for our grand finale. Coach Simms will introduce our special guest."

Jason: "I can't believe that one our own is going to be in the Pan Global Games."

Zack: ( whispering ) "I wander what will Zordon do with his power coin."

Jason: "We'll deal with that when the time comes."

Coach Simms: "As you all know, Coach Eric Davidson is a remarkable man. In 1976 he took home four gold medals from the Pan Global Games and in 1978 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal from the Olympics. He is here now to select his choice for his track team that he coaches. Let's give a big applause for Coach Eric "Mercury" Davidson."

Coach Davidson: "Thank you Gregg. I'm not going to bore you with talk but I do want to say this. It's rare that I go out personally to view a potential athlete for the Pan Global Games but, when I heard of this fine man, I knew I had to get to him before anyone else does. Chad Kincaid is the most determined athlete that I ever did see. That is why I decide not to train him for the Pan Global Games, but for the Olympics."

The auditorium roared with applause.

Ernie's Juice Bar.

Chad walks in with his parents behind him. Everyone in their including Bulk and Skull, begins clapping.

Rocky: "Congrats, Chad."

Chad: "Thanks, Rocky. Thanks Everybody. I won't disappoint you."

Kat walks up to Chad and gives him a kiss.

Kat: "Congratulations, sweetheart."

Chad: "Thanks, Kat."

Jason: "I can't believe your going to the Olympics."

Shayla: "You're gonna have to write us and send us postcards."

Tommy: "Yeah, and maybe you can get us some plane or train tickets there."

Chad: "What are you two talking about. I'm only gonna be in Santa Monica."

Shayla: "Are you dense or something, Chad."

Chad: "What do you mean."

Tommy: "That's where the Pan Global track team practices. The Olympic track team practices in Boston."

Kat: "You mean Chad's going to Massachusetts?"

Shayla: "Yeah, didn't you know that Chad."

Kat and Chad give each other worried glances.

Rocky: "Hey, have decided on who your replacement for your power coin is gonna be."

Chad didn't hear what Rocky had said. He had other important things on his mind. Kat looked into Chad's eyes with tears beginning to flow down her face.