Rocky's Day Out
A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Parody
by Catherine Cobern

Starts out with all the rangers in the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Good job Rangers. I am very proud. I love it when you smash King Mondo's monsters to Moon Dust--er I mean smitherines.
Tommy: Thanks my big man Zordon!
Zordon: Well, have a nice day! See you tomorrow when King Mondo attempts to defeat us!!
Rocky: Wait!!! I've to ask you guys something.

All look at Rocky, shocked. Rocky looks down and folds hands. Speaks sweetly with syrup dripping from his words.

Rocky: As everyone knows, I've been good all week. I've done all the chores from mopping the Power Chamber's floors to polishing Alpha's head, just like Billy ordered. And I've done all your laundry, and teleported to each of your rooms and cleaned them. I even did the job of walking, feeding, and changing Kat's kitty litter. Something, may I add, no one likes to do. So could you let me have the rest of the day alone, in the real world?

All look like they're deep in thought-- Except Kat.

Kat: (Whispered, to Rocky) You're not supposed to tell the others!!!
Billy: Well Rocky, even though it is against my intelligent-over all-super human judgment to let you do anything without a chaperone, I guess you can go. But if you get a boo-boo, don't go blaming me. Here's some money. Don't spend it all in one place.
Rocky: (Jumps up and down clapping his hands and takes the money.) Oh thank you master!!!! (Walks away, dragging one foot and teleports.)
Tommy: (Angrily) Hey, man! I thought I was the leader!!! I'm supposed to make the decisions!
Billy: (Rolls eyes) Tommy, how many times must I tell you this?! If you were the leader, you would have good hair. Like me! (Puts on macho smile, winks, and runs a hand through his ever so cute blonde hair.)
Tommy: (With a look of enlightenment) Oh yeah!!!!!

Rocky is skipping through Angel Grove Monster-Attracting Park. All in the Power Chamber hit their heads with their hands and groan.

Rocky: Ah it's so good to be free! I don't know why all the other Rangers thought I was too stupid to face the world by myself. And look at this load of cash!!! A whole quarter!! I've only ever received pennies before! I'll live like a King!

Rocky fails to notice a monster in the background.

Monster: (Running after a girl) Woman!! Woman!! Woman!!
Rocky: Now for a shopping trip! I'll go to the candy store!!!!

Rocky skips with histongue hanging out over to the Candy Store.

Rocky: (Jumping up and down.)I want one of those and one of those and one of those!
Clerk: (Stares at him and then hands him four gum balls costing six cents each.)
Rocky: Will this be enough? (He flips the quarter in the air and it lands with a ring.)
Clerk: (Gives him a weird look and rings it up. He hands him a penny back.)
Rocky: (Now leaning on the counter.) No, no, my good man. Keep the change.
Clerk: (Whispering to himself.) Yeah right!
Rocky: (Walks confidently out of the store. When out, he pops a gum ball in his mouth.) Wow! This is the best daaaay of myyyy liiiiife!

He sees a sign at a theater, "Barney Seminar Today! FREE!"

Rocky: EEEEEE! Barney!! I've got to see it!!!

He runs into the theater and takes a seat in the empty theater room. The shows start. Rocky's mouth opens in amazement when the Toy Barney turns into an even bigger toy Barney.

Rocky: How do they do that????!!!

He continues to watch, crossing his legs in his chair and bobbing head from side to side as they sing.

Rocky: (Stepping out of theater.) Wow that was the best thing I have ever seen. Now, to the Park!

He goes to the Park and whistles The "Power Rangers ZEO" Theme as he walks. In the background, the Power Rangers Fight a Monster who suddenly grows and Squishes the Purple Ranger. So that's what happened to him!!!
In the Power Chamber, Billy and Adam watch Rocky in the viewing globe.

Billy: Maybe I was wrong. He seems to be getting along fine. Though he is acting like a little idiot.
Adam: (nods, showing no intention of ever talking at all throughout this scene)
Billy: (Suddenly begins to weep.) I'm losing my baby!!

Billy leans on Adam and cries. Adam pats him on the back. Then they hear that familiar "D'oh!!!!" They look over at the Viewing Globe which is showing Rocky who had fallen into a manhole.

Billy: (Who stops crying.) Then again... Maybe not.

Later... Rocky finds himself on the internet (Who knew?) in the newsgroup, at a computer store.

Rocky: (Who suddenly seems to wake up and look at what he is reading.) Waaaaaaaaaaah!! I'm not dumb!!! (He is reading "Rocky's Day Out," which you are reading now. Furrows his brow) Wait a minute! (Moves hand up, then reads his action on the computer. Then turns to see Billy there.) Hey!!! What is this?
Billy: What you are reading is now.
Rocky: Huh?
Billy: We're at now, everything you read now is happening now.
Rocky: What happened to then?
Billy: We've passed then.
Rocky: When?
Billy: Just now. We're at now, now.
Rocky: Go back to then.
Billy: We can't.
Rocky: Why?
Billy: We missed it!
Rocky: When?
Billy: Just now.
Rocky: When will then be now?
Billy: Soon. (He grabs Rocky and teleports with him to the Command Center.) We the Power Rangers believe you are too stupid to leave the Command Center ever again!!
Rocky: Oh well. I did have the best time of my life.
Billy: (Whispers to Rocky.) By the way, could I borrow your Zeonizer?
Rocky: Sure old buddy, old pal!
Billy: (Laughs maniacally as he snatches it.) It's mine!! It's mine again!!!!!
Zordon: (Says in a warning tone) BILLY!!!

Billy poutingly hands over the Zeonizer and averts his eyes. Then he sinks to floor and pouts some more.

Rocky: I've had the best time in my life. I don't think I'll ever be stupid again!!!!! (Turns to walk away and bumps into the wall.) D'oh!!