Disclaimer: Power Rangers and related characters are the property of Saban Entertainment. All similarities to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum are intentional. Coco the dog is my creation.

Author's Note: This takes place in the first season of Power Rangers, some time between Calamity Kimberly and The Green Candle.

Power Rangers in
Somewhere Over The Youth Center
by Gold Astro Ranger

It was an unusually grey day in Angel Grove. Kimberly walked into the Youth Center, carrying a small dog. "Hey Kimberly," Ernie, the proprietor of the Youth Center, greeted one of his regular customers, "Who's your cute little friend?" Kim replied, "This is Coco, he's my Grandma's dog. I'm taking care of him today." Ernie told her, "I'll try and find him a biscuit or something." "Thanks Ernie," Kim said. She walked over to a table where Billy and Trini were sitting. "Hey guys, could you watch Coco here while I change into my work-out clothes?" she asked her friends. "Sure Kim," Trini said. Billy looked at Coco, "This specimen of canine is most pleasing to my visual senses," he said, to which Kim replied, "What?" "He thinks Coco's cute." Trini translated. Kim headed to the girl's locker room, thinking to herself, "If Trini ever leaves, we'll never be able to understand Billy. But then again, why would Trini ever leave? It's not like she'd be picked to go to a peace conference or something in Switzerland or someplace." Kim smiled at the thought of it, and laughed to herself.

By the time Kim came out of the locker room, Jason, Zack and Tommy had arrived. Jason and Tommy were sparring over on the mats, while Zack was getting an unwanted ear washing from Coco. Kim laughed, and said "Come here Coco. Leave that big, bad dancer alone." Coco ran over to Kim and jumped up in her arms. At that time, Bulk and Skull walked in. Coco started barking at them. Zack said, "I guess dogs really do know the difference between good and bad." "Not even your Hip-Hapkido will save you from the pounding I'm gonna give you!" Bulk told him. "Yeah, pounding," Skull repeated, before doing his trademark laugh. "Oooh, I'm so scared," Zack said. Bulk charged towards him, Zack sidestepped, sending Bulk right into a bowl full of cookie dough. Everyone laughed, with Skull being the most audible. Bulk lifted his face out of the bowl, with chocolate chips covering his face. Bulk angrily left the Youth Center, with Skull following behind, occasionally glancing over his shoulder at Kim. "Someday, I'll learn not to leave anything lying around when they come in." Ernie said.

Meanwhile, up on the moon, Rita Repulsa looked at Angel Grove through her telescope. "Finster," she shrieked, "make me a tornado monster. It's such a nasty day in Angel Grove, they'll never know it's a monster." Finster loyally responded, "At once my queen." Finster looked through his books before finding a monster that creates tornadoes. He hurriedly sculpted it, before showing it to Rita. "Behold, Cyclone Centurion," Finster told Rita and Goldar, "He can make tornadoes no matter the weather conditions." "Excellent," Rita said. Finster put Cyclone Centurion in the Monster-Matic, and moments later, he emerged. "Cyclone Centurion at your service," he said. Rita shrieked orders at him, "Go down to Angel Grove and make them play Twister!" The Centurion obediently teleported down to Angel Grove, and began making a F4 tornado. Luckily, Cyclone Centurion's arrival on Earth did not go unnoticed. The Command Center's advanced alien detection equipment alerted Zordon and Alpha 5 of Cyclone Centurion's presence. "ALPHA, CONTACT THE POWER RANGERS AT ONCE," Zordon said.

While Finster was making the Cyclone Centurion, Kim was having troubles of a different sort at the Youth Center. Coco kept jumping up on the balance beam while she was trying to practice. As Kimberly was chiding the little dog, her communicator slipped off her wrist. Coco picked it up and started running around the Youth Center. Kim started chasing him, and was still chasing him when the six communicators beeped. Kim told them, "Go on ahead, I'll catch up as soon as I catch Coco." Kim was still chasing Coco when Angel Grove's tornado sirens sounded. While Ernie and the others headed to the storm cellar, Kim still chased Coco. She finally caught him and put on her communicator. Unfortunately, Kim didn't notice she was right under the balance beam. As she started to get up, she hit the beam and was knocked out cold. Coco just stood there, licking her face. All the while, her communicator beeped weakly. The Centurion's twister was interfering with communications and teleportation. The others saw her in the Viewing Globe, but stopping The Cyclone Centurion took precedence.

At the Youth Center, Kim finally came to. She grabbed Coco and tried to teleport. Nothing happened. She tried to contact Zordon or the others. Again, nothing happened. She headed towards the storm cellar, but stopped when she got to a window. The Youth Center was inside the twister. She saw a bus fly by, as well as her uncle's plane, except it was empty. And then she saw a woman who looked like Scorpina, except she was dressed like Rita. Kim took Coco and went over by a wall. She covered herself and Coco with one of the work-out mats. Finally, she felt a sudden thud. She lifted up the mat, picked up Coco, and headed towards the door. She could see sunlight coming in before she could see anything else outside. She opened the door, and was surprised at what she saw. There were beautiful flowers everywhere, and there were these strange looking buildings. They were small versions of the zords. The Youth Center was huge in comparison. The sky was bluer than the sky should be, and there wasn't a cloud to be seen. Kim said to Coco, "I don't think we're in Angel Grove anymore."

As Kim and Coco began looking around, a yellow bubble suddenly appeared. It stopped in front of Kim and began growing larger. "Whoa, this place is just way too weird," Kim told Coco. The bubble stopped growing & a person appeared inside of it. It was a woman who looked like Trini, except she was dressed in the prettiest dress Kim had ever seen. "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" the woman asked Kim. Kim replied, "I'm not a witch, I'm a Power Ranger, and that's a way cool thing." The woman then pointed at Coco, "Is that a witch?" she asked. "No," said Kim, "Coco is my grandma's dog. Who are you?" The woman answered Kim, "I am Trinda, the witch of the North." "Treen-da, huh?" Kim said. "Yes, and this is Alphaland, home of the Alphas." Trinda told Kim. Soon, Kim, Coco, and Trinda were surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of little metal people, all of whom said "ay-yi-yi." Trinda continued, "The Alphas are grateful, for the large building you arrived in landed upon Wicked Scorpian of the East, who had enslaved them." Kim blushed, "Well, it's not like I meant to do that or something."

As the Alphas looked at what remained of Wicked Scorpian, a ball of fire landed in the center of Alphaland. From that ball of fire stepped... Rita? At least it looked like Rita, Kim thought. "Who killed Wicked Scorpian?" the woman asked, and then pointed at Kim, "Was it you?" "Like, get out of my face," Kim told her. Trinda whispered to Kim, "Be careful, this is the Wicked Queen of the West, and she's twice as evil as Wicked Scorpian." Kim told Trinda, "I've faced worse." The Wicked Queen moved towards the Youth Center, "Where is her sapphire belt?" she asked. Suddenly, the sapphire belt appeared on Kim's waist. The buckle looked like a morpher, except it was sapphire blue. Trinda told the Wicked Queen, "Here it is, and here it shall stay. Now begone, before someone drops a big white building on you." "Very well," said the Wicked Queen, "but that belt will be mine. I'll get you, my pink pretty, and your little dog too." And then, she disappeared in another ball of fire. The Alphas, who went back into hiding when the Wicked Queen appeared, came out and nervously said "ay-yi- yi."

Kim looked concerned, "So, like, is there any way to get back to Angel Grove?" "There is one who might know," Trinda told her, "and that would be the great Wizard of Nodr'Oz." Kim asked, "So, like, where do I find this wizard?" Trinda told her, "His Diamond City lies at the end of Silver Cobbled Road, a good long journey from here. If anyone can get you back to Angel Grove, it would be the Wizard. He is a very good Wizard, but he is also very mysterious." As she started to turn back into a yellow bubble, Trinda told Kim, "Remember, just follow the silver cobbled road." The Alphas lined the sides of the silver cobbled road, all the way to the border of Alphaland. Before starting off towards Diamond City, she went into the Youth Center and found Ernie's picnic basket. She loaded it up with smoothies and snacks, in case she got hungry. She also put her street clothes, including her morpher, into the basket. She hoped she could still morph, just in case the Wicked Queen caused trouble. With the basket loaded, she picked up Coco and started to follow the silver cobbled road.

After traveling a while, Kim and Coco came to a fork in the road near a cornfield. In the middle of the cornfield was a green-clad scarecrow. Unfortunately, the scarecrow was surrounded by crows, eating the corn. Kim looked at the road, and said "Like, I wonder which we to go?" "You could try going that way," said a voice from behind her. Kim turned around, the scarecrow was pointing down one fork of the road. "Excuse me," Kim said. "Or you could try going that way," the scarecrow said as he pointed down the other fork. "You can talk?" Kim asked the straw man. "Yeah, man," he replied, "I can talk, I'm the, the, the..." "Scarecrow," Kim helped him out. "Yeah, that's me." the scarecrow replied sadly. "So, like, what's wrong?" she asked him. "Well," he began, "I have.. ahhhhh" A crow had pulled out the nail that held him to the pole, the crows started cawing in a laughing manner. "Coco, get the birds," Kim told her grandma's dog. Coco ran into the field and scared off the crows. Kim ran in and helped the scarecrow up. "As I was saying," he continued, "Uh, what was I saying?"

"Let me guess," Kim said, "You have trouble remembering things." "Yeah, that's it," the scarecrow said, "I guess that's because I don't have a, a, a..." "Brain," Kim said. The scarecrow nodded, "That's it, I don't have a brain. That's why all those, those, little black things are there. I forget how to do my job." "Well, ya know," Kim told him, "Coco and I are on our way to the Diamond City, to see the Wizard of Nodr'Oz, hoping he can get us home." "A wizard, huh?" the Scarecrow asked, "Maybe he can get me a brain?" "Or at least some Post-Its to help remind you of things," Kim told him. Kim helped the scarecrow to his feet, Kim realized they still didn't know which way to go. "Have you seen any travellers coming this way?" she asked her straw-filled new friend. "Not that I remember," he replied. At that moment, Coco scared the last crow out of the field. It flew down the left fork of the road. Moments later, they heard faint echoes of what Kim though was a slightly familiar melody. It soon flew back, his tail feathers smoking. "That way," Kim and Scarecrow said in unison, pointing right.

Kim, Coco, and Scarecrow traveled down the silver cobbled road, until they came to an apple orchard. "Ya know," Kim told Scarecrow, "Those apples would help stretch out the snacks I put into the picnic basket." Scarecrow told her, "Well, I don't eat, but I'll be glad to help you get those apples." Kim easily lifted Scarecrow up, since he was only made of straw, and he picked the apples from a tree. At least, he did, until the tree knocked him over. "Excuse me," said the tree, "But did I give you permission to pick my fruit?" Kim thought to herself, "Does everything talk in this weird place?" The tree spoke boldly, "Well, no one picks apples from C-apple-an the Apple Tree without permission." Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew all the leaves from the top of the tree. Kim and Scarecrow couldn't help but laugh at the tree. "Laugh at me, will you?" said C- apple-an, "Well, I have a little friend who will take care of you." From out of the tree, came a chubby little insect. The tree told them, "This is the Apple-bee, and it's sting will put you in detention."

Kim, Coco, and Scarecrow scrambled across the silver cobbled road to get away from the Apple-bee. "Uh, Scarecrow," Kim said, "why are you running from the Apple-bee? It shouldn't be able to hurt straw?" Scarecrow replied, "Oh yeah, I forgot." The Apple-Bee flew around trying to sting someone, until it slammed head first into something made of metal, with a slight "Clang!" The Apple-bee flied limply back to C-apple-an. Kim looked at what the Apple-bee crashed into. It was a man, made of tin that had been painted red. A slight creaking sound came from the Tin Man's mouth. "Like, did he say something?" Kim asked Scarecrow. Scarecrow put his "ear" near Tin Man's mouth. Tin Man creaked again. "He said oil can," Scarecrow told Kim. Kim noticed an old-fashioned oil can on a nearby tree stump. She picked it up and started oiling Tin Man's mouth, then handed it to Scarecrow to do the other side. With his mouth fully oiled, Tin Man said, "Whoa, it feels good to talk again. Now, do my arms and legs." Moments later, with all of Tin Man's joints fully oiled, he creaklily assumed a karate pose.

"So, like, who are you?" Kim asked Tin Man. He replied, "I am called JS-1, Journeyman Sentry #1. I was built to be the leader of a corps of sentries, like myself, who would defend the Southern Kingdom from Wicked Scorpian and The Wicked Queen." "Well, you don't have to worry about Wicked Scorpian, she was squished by the Youth Center when I arrived here," Kim said. Tin Man continued, "Anyway, when I was activated, I was the perfect sentry, so others were designed after me. I was to be the leader, but I didn't feel like a leader. One of my designers said I didn't have the heart of a leader. So, I came to this forest to try and become a true leader. Unfortunately, it started raining before I could seek shelter, and so I rusted. That was one year ago, so, there I stood until you came along and oiled me. For that, I am in your debt." Scarecrow said, "Your designer said you lacked the heart of a leader, well, we're going to see a wizard, and if he could possibly give me a brain, maybe he could give you a heart."

Kim smiled, "Great idea, Scarecrow, I can put your oil can in the basket here, just in case we need it. And, you can protect me from the Wicked Queen, she wants this Sapphire Belt." Tin Man seemed to smile at the thought, "Seeing as that was the reason I was built, I would be carrying out my duties. I'll join you, and maybe this wizard can give me the heart of a leader." So, Tin Man joined Kim and Scarecrow and they continued their journey along the silver cobbled road. After several hours of traveling, the trio, and Coco, came into an area of forest so thick that the sun couldn't be seen through the trees. Strange noises came from the dense forest. "Like, what was that?" Kim asked her companions. Scarecrow said, "Sounded like a Mastadon, or a Sabretooth Tiger, or a Bear." Tin Man replied, "Not a Mastadon, a Lion." "Mastadon, Lion; what's the difference," Scarecrow replied. "Well," Tin Man explained, "A Mastadon is like an elephant and a Lion is a big cat." "Oh yeah," said Scarecrow, "I forgot."

Kim said, "Lions, Sabretooth Tigers, and bears, oh my." Scarecrow and Tin Man joined her, "Lions, Sabretooth Tigers, and Bears," they said in unison. Suddenly, a black furred lion jumped out of the woods and blocked the silver cobbled road. His movements were like a dance as he moved towards the frightened travellers. Kim, Scarecrow, and Tin Man were petrified with fright. Coco, however, was not frightened. He jumped out of Kim's arms and barked at the lion. Lion growled at Coco and prepared to charge. Coco ran and Lion chased him, until Coco ran under Kim's legs. Lion stopped about a foot away from her, he looked nervous, almost scared. Kim, without thinking, asked him, "Like, why'd you stop?" The lion replied, "Because, I get sort of nervous around girls. Every other creature in the forest has a mate except me. My friend, the Sabretooth Tiger, Griffin, knows this beautiful lioness who's perfect for me, but everytime I get near her, I get too scared to talk to her." Kim, Scarecrow, and Tin Man huddled, then Kim said, "Come with us, the Wizard of Nodr'Oz might help you."

Lion told them, "Sounds cool, and once I get a mate, I can become King of the Forest." And so, with the Lion now a part of their group, the travelers continued their journey towards Diamond City and the Wizard of Nodr'Oz, unaware that they were being watched. In her palace, in the Western regions, the Wicked Queen watched them through her magic telescope. "I must make sure they never make it to Diamond City," she bellowed. She turned to her assistant, "Sin'ster, make something to delay them!" she ordered. "Yes, my queen," Sin'ster replied obediently. He looked through his books and found just what he needed. "Behold my queen," Sin'ster said, "The dreaded Spit-Flower field. It's pretty blooms will spit pollen at them, until they can no longer move." "Excellent," the Wicked Queen said, as she waved her magic wand over the picture and a Spit-Flower field appeared between the edge of the forest and Diamond City, covering even the silver cobbled road. Wicked Queen bellowed, "Those fools will soon come out of the forest, and once they're covered with pollen, that belt is mine!"

The unknowing travellers soon emerged from the forest. "Like, there's Diamond City," Kim told the others. With Coco in the basket, the four of them started running across the field of flowers towards Diamond City. They never noticed the flowers spitting pollen at them. Halfway through the field, Kimberly fell down. Lion soon fell down also, just mere inches from where Kim fell. Scarecrow and Tin Man tried to pick them up, but the pollen was starting to effect them as well. Suddenly, a strong wind comes out of the north, blowing away most of the pollen. A gentle rain shower then washed away the remaining pollen, letting three of the four move again. After re-oiling Tin Man, they made their way out of treacherous field and found themselves at the gates of Diamond City. Kim pulled a bell cord, and two little hatches opened up. "Who rang that bell?" asked the first guard. "Yeah, who?" echoed the second guard. "Like, I did," answered Kim. "Didn't you see the sign?" the two guards asked in unison. "What sign?" responded the four travellers.

While the first guard, the slightly smarter of the two, looked for the sign, the second guard had his gaze fixed squarely on Kim. Soon, the second guard's head was pulled back through the door. The weary travellers could hear him being hit by the first guard. Soon, both guards re-emerged, and the first guard hung up a sign. "This sign," the first guard told them." The sign read "Use bell after sunset only!" The two guards closed their hatches. Kim then knocked on the door, and the two guards reappeared. "That's better," said the first guard, "now, what do you want?" "Yeah," echoed the second guard, "What do you want?" Kim said, "Like, we're here to see the Wizard." "No one sees the Wizard." said the first guard. The second guard, who was drooling slightly from looking at Kim, said "Hey Balk, isn't that Wicked Scorpian's Sapphire Belt she's wearing?" The first guard looked and said, "You're right, Shull. If you can get that off of Wicked Scorpian, you're worthy enough to see the Wizard."

The two guards close their portholes and open the gates. As they enter Diamond City, Kim is awestruck at how beautiful it is, "This place is better than the mall," she exclaims. The travelers make their way towards the center of Diamond City, the Wizard's palace. Meanwhile, someone else is heading towards Diamond City. The Wicked Queen is riding her magic bicycle, carrying her wand. Once she arrives at Diamond City, she circles the walls three times before zapping the sky above the city with her wand. Soon, the clouds above Diamond City start to change into words. As the Wicked Queen rides away, the message "Surrender Kimberly" is seen above Diamond City.

The citizens of Diamond City, worried about the message, all head towards the Wizard's palace. They are all met by Bernie, the Wizard's guard. "The Wizard says there is nothing to worry about, so you can all go home," Bernie tells the people. Soon, the citizens disperse, leaving only Kim, Coco, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion outside the palace gates. They walk up to Bernie, and Kim says, "Like, we're here to see the Wizard."

Bernie, with a look of surprise on his face, tells them "Nobody gets to see the Wizard. Not nobody, not no how." Tin Man then informs Bernie, "But she's Kimberly!" Bernie is even more surprised, "The Wicked Queen's Kimberly? Well, that's a smoothie of a different flavor." Bernie opens the door and the four travellers walk down the long hallway to the Wizard's chamber. They stop before a giant tube, in which a giant head appears. "I AM NODR'OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL WIZARD. WHO ARE YOU AND WHY DO YOU SEEK ME?" asks the head in a booming voice. Kim thinks the head looks slightly familiar. Kim steps forward, "Like, I'm Kimberly," she tells the Wizard, "And, like, Coco and I just want to get back to Angel Grove." The Wizard responds, "AND WHAT OF THE REST OF YOU?" Scarecrow says, "I need a, a, a" "Brain," Kim whispers to him. Scarecrow continues, "A brain, to help me remember things." Tin Man steps forward, "And I need the heart of a leader." Finally, Lion dances forward, "Hey man, I need the courage to ask a lovely lioness to be my mate."

The Wizard tells the travellers, "I WILL HELP YOU ALL, BUT, FIRST, YOU MUST BRING ME THE WAND OF THE WICKED QUEEN OF THE WEST. ONLY THEN WILL I HELP YOU!" And then, the Wizard vanishes as suddenly as he appeared. The travellers leave Diamond City and head west, towards the region of the Wicked Queen. Of course, their arrival in the Western region did not go unnoticed. The Wicked Queen watched them with her telescope, and turned to her winged monkey. "Boldar," the Wicked Queen shrieked, "Go down there, bring me the girl and her dog! Take some clay brains to distract her companions!" Boldar flew off to do his queens bidding. Soon, the travellers were surrounded by clay brains, the Wicked Queen's expendable soldiers.

Their sudden appearance kept Kim from noticing Boldar swooping down to grab her and Coco. Her screams alerted the others, but they were too busy fighting the clay brains to save her. Tin Man shouted orders, "Watch you flanks!" Scarecrow asked Lion, "What's a flank?" Lion replied, "I think it's a steak."

While her new friends finished off the clay brains, Kim and Coco were deposited in the Wicked Queen's throne room. The queen wasn't there, so Kim decided to try something. She reached into the basket and grabbed her morpher. "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" Kim shouted as she whipped out her morpher, "Pterodactyl." Nothing happened. She tried again, and again, nothing happened. She put the morpher back into the basket, just as the Wicked Queen arrived. The Queen asked her, "Are you ready to give me the belt?" "I'm not afraid of you, I've beaten meaner creeps in my worst day," Kim replied, thinking about the Samurai Fan Man. "Very well," the Queen said, "Boldar, grab the dog and drop him into the river of lava." Boldar started towards Coco, who ran. Boldar ran after him, but couldn't catch up to him. The Queen told Kim, "You have one hour to give me that belt before I take it from you." A magic stopwatch appeared, and the seconds flew by, rapidly turning into minutes. "Remember," the Queen told Kim, "One hour, use that time well." And then she left.

While Kim watches the time fly by, Coco makes his way to Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion. Lion, who happens to speak various animal languages, translates Coco's barks, "He says the Wicked Queen has Kim locked in her throne room." "We've got to save her," proclaims Tin Man. With Coco leading the way, the three travellers make their way along the path to the Wicked Queen's castle. When they reach the castle, they peer into the courtyard. Inside the courtyard, a battalion of clay brains are being drilled by the Queen's generals, Splott and Badgoon. "O e o, o o. O e o, o o!" the Generals say as the clay brains march back and forth. Scarecrow observes, "These clay brains are wearing armor. If we could get some of that armor, we could sneak into the castle." The travellers are so busy watching the courtyard that they don't notice three armor-clad clay brains approaching them from behind. Coco alerts the travellers to the clay brains' presence. Lion growls, and scares the clay brains right out of their armor. The travellers don the armor and head into the castle.

In the throne room, Kim is pacing back and forth. According to the stopwatch, the witch will return in about five minutes. Kim spies a nearby bucket of water. "Well," Kim thinks to herself, "It works in the movies." She grabs the bucket of water and hides it in a convenient place.

Suddenly, she hears a pounding at the door. One minute later, her three new friends, and Coco, burst into the throne room. Kim was relieved, "Thank goodness you guys got here before the Queen. She'll be here any minute," Tin Man looked at the stopwatch, "Then let's get out of here." Kim grabbed the bucket as they ran out of the throne room. Unfortunately, the noise they made breaking down the throne room door alerted the Queen and her entire legion of clay brains. The group was surrounded in the courtyard. The Queen emerged from the hundreds of clay brains. "Now, I shall deal with each of you," The Queen shrieked, "You, Lion, will be a rug on my throne room floor. You, tin man, I'll throw you in the river of lava. And you, scarecrow, how about a little fire?"

The Queen grabs a torch off the wall and lunges towards Scarecrow. Kim, seeing a chance to kill two birds with one stone, throws the water at the Queen and the torch. The water extinguishes the torch, but the witch is no worse for wear. The Queen tells Kim, "Thanks, it was hot in here, and now, I'll eliminate you and the Sapphire Belt will be mine." The Queen heads towards Kim, her magic wand charging up to a lethal blast. Unfortunately, the Queen does not see the now empty bucket in front of Kim. The Queen trips on the bucket, and starts shrinking. "No, no," The Queen whines, "What have you done to me, I'm shrinking, shrinking." Luckily, in tripping on the bucket, the Queen dropped her wand. Soon, the Queen was a few inches tall and mystically pulled inside the bucket, and a lid appeared on top of it. The bucket then vanished, as did Boldar, Sin'Ster, Splott, and Badgoon. The clay brains were magically transformed into normal looking people. "We're free, free," the former clay brains exclaimed. Kim grabbed the Queen's wand and the travellers headed back towards Diamond City.

Within a few hours, the group was once again in the Wizard's throne room. "SO, YOU DEFEATED THE WICKED QUEEN, DID YOU?" the Wizard asked. Kim said, "Yeah, and here's her magic wand, just like you asked for." Kim placed the wand in front of the giant head. "VERY WELL," says the Wizard, "COME BACK TOMORROW AND I WILL HELP YOU." "Tomorrow?" the group says in unison. "Like, I've been away from home long enough," Kim says. "WOULD YOU RATHER I NOT HELP YOU AT ALL?" The Wizard asks. Tin Man steps forward, "After all you've put us through, you should help us now." Coco jumps out of Kim's arms and heads towards a curtain at the side of the audience chamber. He pulls the curtain open revealing a bespectacled young man standing at a rather elaborate console. "PLEASE IGNORE THE MALE HOMO SAPIEN BEHIND THE CLOTH PARTITION" the Wizard's voice booms as the young man closes the curtain. Kim and the others walk over and re-open the curtain.

"Like, who are you?" Kim asks. "I AM NODR'OZ, THE great and powerful Wizard," the young man replies.

Scarecrow says "You're no more a Wizard than I am a race car driver." "You are right," the Wizard confesses, "I am not a Wizard, just a brilliant inventor. I was testing a new method of transportation I developed when a storm developed. I found myself here in Nodr'Oz, where I was proclaimed a Wizard." Tin Man asked, "So, does that mean you won't be able to help us?" The Wizard replied, "I don't believe you need my help, JS1. For once Kimberly was captured by Boldar, you took command like a true leader. But a leader has one thing you do not have, a rank insignia, Therefore, I hereby designate you leader of the Journeyman Sentries with this badge." The Wizard reaches into a drawer and pulls out a heart-shaped magnet, upon which is written the word "Commander". The Wizard places it on Tin Man's chest. Lion asks, "So, what about me?" The Wizard says, "You, my furry friend, your problem is not lack of nerve, but to much nerve. You aren't scared around females, your nervous. And that is something all men have been at least once in their lives."

The Wizard continues, "Allow me to present you with a little ice breaker." The Wizard reaches into a second drawer and pulls out a collar. He puts the collar on the lion. The Wizard tells him, "The proper fashion accessory can be extremely helpful." The lion looks at his new collar in a mirror. "Totally stylin," Kim tells him. Tin Man then asks the Wizard, "And what about Scarecrow's Brain?" Scarecrow steps forward. The Wizard tells him, "Your problem, my friend, is not lack of brain, but a problem remembering things. Where I come from, there is a simple solution to such problems." The Wizard reaches into a third drawer and pulls out a ball of string, a note pad, and a pen. "Whenever you have something important to remember, write it down, then tie a piece of string around your finger. Try and remember what it is before looking at the note pad." Scarecrow puts the stuff in his coat, "You know, man," he says, "I just remembered I had a pocket in this coat." Kim then asks the Wizard, "I'm just guessing that you don't have anything in those drawers for me?"

The Wizard tells her, "You are correct, I don't have anything in these drawers that will help you. But, behind this palace, awaits my experimental vehicle, in which I arrived here. It will take me but a few hours to ready it for a journey back to Angel Grove and surrounding municipalities, such as Stone Canyon." And so, two hours later, the populace of Diamond City gathers as the Wizard, Kim, and Coco prepare to depart in what appears to be a car attached to a hot air balloon. The Wizard tells Kim, "The Balloon is merely for the purpose of gaining altitude. Once we reach maximum elevation, the automobile's modified internal combustion engine will propel us at speeds in excess of five-hundred miles per hour. However, once we begin our ascent, there is no turning back until we reach our destination." Surprisingly, Kim understood every word the Wizard said. She thinks to herself, "I guess when Billy and I switched bodies, I kept a little bit of him." The Wizard, Kim and Coco are ready for lift-off when Coco sees a cat and leaps out the window to chase it.

Kim gets out of the car, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion help her to catch Coco. Unfortunately, a slightly jagged edge of Tin Man's body began cutting through the rope, and the Wizard begins lifting off before Kim and Coco can get back inside. "Come back, come back," Kim screams, but soon, the Wizard vanishes. "Now we'll never get home," Kim says sadly. Her new friends start to comfort her, when a familiar looking yellow bubble appears. "Trinda!" Kim shouts. Trinda tells her, "Now that the Wicked Queen is defeated, you have the power to get yourself home." Like, I do?" Kim asks. "Yes," Trinda tells her, "Just hold the Sapphire Belt in front of you and say 'Take-me- home-now' three times." Kim grabs Coco, and says tearful goodbyes to her new friends. "Scarecrow, just remember, if you go back to your cornfield, that other path leads to a dragon or something. Tin Man, good luck with your troops, even though they probably aren't needed anymore. And Lion, I'm sure that Lioness is still waiting for you." Kim then removed the belt with one hand and yelled "It's Travellin' Time!"

"Take-Me-Home-Now! Take-Me-Home-Now! Take-Me-Home-Now!" Kim said.

Soon, she and Coco were surrounded by a familiar pink energy field. Kim opened her eyes and found herself in the command center, surrounded by her fellow Rangers and Alpha. "What happened?" she asked. Zordon told her, "RITA CREATED A TORNADO MONSTER TO ATTACK ANGEL GROVE. YOU HIT YOU HEAD ON THE BALANCE BEAM AFTER RETRIEVING YOU COMMUNICATOR. LUCKILY, DRAGONZORD IN BATTLE MODE WAS ABLE TO DEFEAT CYCLONE CENTURION. WITH HIS DEFEAT, ALPHA TELEPORTED YOU AND COCO HERE." Kim shook her head, "Well, I had the wierdest dream, and all of you were there. Trini, you were a good witch, Tommy, you were a scarecrow who had trouble remembering, Jason was a Tin Man, and Zack was nervous around Girls." Zack interrupted her, "The Zack- Man, nervous around girls, never gonna happen." Kim continued, "Billy, you were an inventor who pretended to be a wizard, using something that looked like Zordon, And there were a whole bunch of Alphas. But the best thing of all was, I finally came home. You know, there's no place like Angel Grove."