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When The Star Shine
by Cyber-Skell

After their last victory the Ranger went to the Command Center for debriefing.

Tommy: How are we gonna rescued Ninjor from Lord Zedd Zordon?


Kimberly:And now we are one Ranger short,since I lose my Power coin.[sigh]

Suddenly the alarm goes crazy,something is wrong.



In flash of light the Rangers(except Kim who stay in the Command Center) teleport in the park,right in front of the Tengas.

Tommy:So,your up to no good again?Sorry but we have to beat you again.

Adam:Yeah!You should go back to your nest before we kick your feathered butt again!

Then,the Tengas charge and the battle start.It was an normal ninja battle,the Rangers strike,the Tengas try to reply but the Rangers disappear or use some trick like split in two or sink in the ground.

On the Moon,Lord Zedd was strangely happy,like usual he was looking at the battle from the balcony,but he was chuckling,behind him,Rita was in the middle of a spell.She was wavering her scepter atop the bottle where the evil couple was keeping Ninjor.

Zedd:Did it will be finish soon my dear?

Rita:Almost finish Zeddy.Kullaa,ragio,sinahara,makios,linkonis....And she continue her incantation

Ninjor:What are you doing witch!?

Zedd:You'll find out soon,you'll find out soon.

Rita:...Coupas!It's finish Zeddy,we should see the result any second now.

Zedd:So,let's watch.

And the two villain walk to the balcony and resume watching the battle,Rita with her telescope and Zedd with his visor.

Back on Earth,the Rangers were doing good,there was no problem.Suddenly,their ninja uniform start to flicker back to their civil cloth.

Adam:What the...

Billy:Something happening!

Aisha:What is it?

Tommy:Our power,they seam to fade away,but h...

He don't have the time to finish that his uniform disappear and he was kick in the chest by a tenga.In a little amount of time all the Ranger were throw away in the same direction and they all each other at landing.


Back to the Command Center,Alpha,Kimberly and Zordon were really worry.

Alpha:Ayayayay!Zordon,what are we going to do!The Rangers are in trouble!

Kimberly:What's happening Zordon?


Alpha:Right away Zordon.

In various color of light the Ranger appear in the Command Center.

Tommy:Zordon,what happened?


Tommy:What are we going to do?

As soon as Tommy finish his sentence a strong but yet friendly voice is heard

Voice:YO!Z-Man,how are you,it seam you're in trouble!Hee-yah!

Then one of the star of the ceiling fly down from it,and as soon as it touch the ground it transform into a magnificent white horse with someone riding it.It was a man wearing a white suit,a blue shinning chess armor,a strange helmet halfway between a medieval knight helmet and a ranger one,a blue cape and a belt with a beautiful sword attach to.Slowly,the newcomer get down from his horse,and it disappeared.

Rocky:Who are you?!

Tommy:I was wondering too


Polaris Knight:Don't forget hero Big-Z.


Polaris Knight:OK with you Z-man!

Tommy:Can you just cut it out?

P.K.:Don't be upset Tommy.I'm here to help you,I heard Zedd capture Big Blue...euh,I mean Ninjor. And like I know Zedd,your not gonna be able to reach him as easily as you reach Kim and save her.

Tommy:How did you know our name?

P.K.:I meet your double in an other dimension.

Billy:You mean a parallel universe,that sound interesting.

Adam:You two have to wait before talking about dimension and other stuff like that.What do you mean you're here to help?

P.K.:You are powerless don't you?I drained my power from the star Polaris itself,it's an infinite power source,I gonna give you a part of my power,so you could defend Earth and save Big Blue...euh Ninjor.

Billy:You drain your power from a star?

P.K.:Yes,all the Stellar Knight can.

Billy:Stellar Knight?

P.K.:Yes,Syrius Knight,Vega Knight and me.

Tommy:The point his,you can repower us.

P.K.:Yes,and this power won't be stolable,only me will able to take it from you,but the power I will gave you will disappear when you will free Ninjor,if it stay,you could be kill by the too much amount of power.And like Kimberly lose her power coin,this power won't need a morpher or something like that.Alpha,do you have prism or a crystal around here,I need it for the transfer.

Alpha:Yes,I got one in the depot.

P.K.:Well,go get it my electro-friend,meanwhile we gonna discuss about your Zords.

Tommy:What do you mean?

P.K.:I'm gonna make you the...Stellar Ranger,and a good ranger need a zord,so you can choose it from your old,or create a shape to gave it.Oh!Before I forget,white and black ranger will be replace by silver and green ranger


Tommy:Silver sound good.

Aisha:So we can choose our Zord.What about the MegaZord?

P.K.:I'll create it from what you choose ok?


Then they start discussing while Alpha was leaving the room.Meanwhile,back on the Moon,the party was on.A strange conga music was heard and everybody was dancing,bad but they were dancing.

Rita:This is so wonderful Zeddy,we finally win.

Zedd:Yes my dear,let's send a monster,this will be better.

Rita:You mean worst?Hahahaha![The couple start laughing evily]

Rito:Ho,send me please!

Goldar:You dimwitt.Send me instead.

Zedd:You two fool,we're not gonna send none of you,you could ruin the day.[yelling]Finster!

Finster:Yes my lord?

Zedd:Send the weirdest monster you have on Earth,the human will be panicked.Hahahaha!

Finster:Yes my lord,I'm gonna send the Rollpince monster immediately.

Rita:HA!Zeddy you're so evil!

And the party continue as Finster exit the room.Back in the command center,the Rangers and the Polaris Knight has finally agreed on their zords.

P.K.:Ok,[checking a paper]Aisha want to keep her ShogunZord,we will called it...the yellow Warrior Stellar Zord,ok.Tommy,you got the silver Falcon Stellar Zord.Kim will control the pink Crane StellarZord.Adam,choosing something new,got the green Mantis Stellar Zord.Rocky,also a new one,will control the red Racer Stellar Zord.

Rocky:I always want to drive a race car.

P.K.:And Billy,you want your old Triceratops Zord,now call it the blue Triceratops Stellar Zord.Now,the Stellar MegaZord.Mmmm...Surely the crane will make the head,for a change the FalconZord will be a important part,the head and body of the falcon will make the upper torso and the wing will stay on the back.The green Mantis will make the arms,the yellow warrior the left leg,the triceratops the right,and finally Rocky's car will make the lower torso.You want a particular weapons for it?

Tommy:Why not a sword?

P.K.:Too common,anyway the Stellar Sword his MY favorite weapons.

Rocky:Why not a hammer?

P.K.:Yes!That's it a "Crystal Hammer",in which you can channeling theLighth of Polaris,my finishing move",very deadly,but too much for man-size battle.Anyway I will be with you in the cockpit,I can grow like the monsters but it won't be funny.Ok,Alpha,were are you?

Alpha:I'm here and I got the prism.

P.K.:Perfect,now,stand in circle around me,Alpha give me the prism.Thank.Ready?

All:[various positive answer]

P.K.:Power of the stars,hear my call,make them,my Stellar Ranger.

From nowhere a ray of light hit the prism Dranix was holding in his hand,the ray divide in 6 little beams,each of them touch one Ranger and soon,the light was blinding.When the light fade, the Rangers stood in their new uniform.They wear a suit of their specific color,long white glove and high white boots,on themiddlee of their chest was a big white star,surround by a golden line,the girls got skirt with a line of white a the base,the most beautiful feature was the helmet.The visor was shaped like a five-branch star,but the fifth branch was not part of the visor,it was a golden spot on theiforeheadad,they got silver white ranger's like mouth-piece.On their belt hang a strange looking blaster with a little crystal pyramid atop of it,the middle off the belt was a gold rectangle,with a star of their color on it.Then they remove their helmet.



Aisha:You can say that again,twice.


Kim:I look great.

Adam:We all look great.

Billy:What are those gun?

P.K.:Those are your Prism Blaster,capable of shooting a very powerful tight beam of light,use them with care.I give you each a specific weapons.Tommy you will keep Saba [Saba appear,now in silver,in Tommy's hand].

Saba:Good to be back!

P.K.:Billy,you will use the mighty Pulsar Ax [a weird looking blue ax appear in Billy's hand]. Rocky,you will use the Solar Sword [a gold and red sword appear]. Kimberly,you will use the Comet Crossbow [the crossbow appear].Aisha,your weapon will be the Star Blade [two star-shaped blade at the end of two small staff apear].And finally,Adam,you will receive the Meteor Saber[a saber which the end look like a little meteorite appear in Adam's hand].


P.K.:Well,that's my job no?Not that annoying after all hey,Big-Z.


Suddenly, the alarm goes off completely crazy.

P.K.:[Fast]Don't tell me,a monster attacking in the park.No time for the viewing globe,I know who is it,it's the Rollpince monster.Let's go figth it with your new power.No time to waste,[as Zordon]MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU.Now,let's go!

And he disappear in a flash of light.

Aisha:Wo,that guy was gone too long.

Tommy:Well,let's go.Back to action!

The rangers and the Polaris Knight teleport in front of the monster and saw it for the first time.It got tire for feet,a metallic body,a car nose for head and two crab pince for arm.

Rollpince:Well,what do we have here,the Power Rangers.New costume are not gonna save you from ....What!!?The PolarisKnight! What are you doing here,anyway,I'm going to destroy you too!

At those word he race forward our hero at blinding speed,slashing trough them with it's deadly cutter,they were all send throwing in the air.

Rollpince:Hahaha!Not so tough.Haha!I'm going to cut you in little pieces and put you in separate can.Hahahaha!

Aisha[getting back on her feet]:This guy made me mad.Star Blade now![And the two weapons appear]Kee-Yah!

She jump in the air,as she land she slash trough the monster,but enable to cut the tick armor of the creature who send her back from where she came from.She land hard at her friend's feet.

Tommy:Aisha!Are you okay?Keep that monster from coming closer.

Rocky:Ok,Prism Blaster!

A red beam came out of the small,but powerful weapons,the monster loose his balance but quickly came back to his feet and send a barrage of laser from his "eyes"(the carlight) Before the blast could reach the Rangers a shield of ice appear and stop it.


The Polaris Knight jump in the air and strike.The strength of the hit send Rollpince against a tree.

P.K.:Taste that,seafood brain!Stellar Bazooka!

At those word the Stellar Sword transform into a large bazzoka.The Polaris Knight hit the trigger and a ball of energy was send directly in the monster stomach.He barely survive.On the Moon,Zedd and Rita were furious.

Zedd:That blasted Polaris Knight,I thought he was five dimension away!Come here my dear.

Rita & Zedd:Grow Monster!Grow!

The two scepter send a lightning bolt through the space,as it reach the body of Rollpince,he get revitalized and star growing.

Rollpince:Now try this for size!Hahahahaha!

Rangers:We need Stellar Zords power now!

Coming from the sky the six Zord land.roaming trough the desert and the plain.The ranger jump in their zord

Tommy:Stellar MegaZord now!

The wing of the FalconZord detach from the body,the crane became the head and land on the FalconZord body.The Mantis Zord divide in two,the leg fold in,the "two" head became hand and each part attach to a side of the upper torso.The Racer Zord jump in the air,splitting in two making the lower torso,the WarriorZord became a leg, theTriceratops's tail fold in and it became the other leg.The leg attach to the lower torso.Finnaly the two part link together.The Rangers and the Polaris Knight meet in the cockpit of the newly formed Stellar MegaZord.

All:Stellar MegaZord ready!

Rollpince:Hahaha:You think that overgrown trashcan can beat me?Hahaha!Very bad mistake!

The monster shoot laser at the MegaZord,but he jump in the air and deliver a powerful flying kick without receiving any harm.Rollpince strike the M'egaZord with his left "arm",but the right is stop by the MegaZord's hand,then he punch the creature in the gut's.

P.K.:I'm tire of this little game.Crytal Hammer now!

The hammer appear in flash of light,the MegaZord grab it and smack the monster with.

Rollpince:Ow!Watch it!

Tommy:Let's show him the ligth.Ligth of Polaris power!

A ray of light came from the sky and touch the hammer's head,It start to glow with a strange blue light.

Tommy:Strike now!

The hammer smack the monster twice and the third time it explode into a gazilions of little piece.I don't have to say that Zedd and Rita were very displease.

Zedd:No!How could they!Curse that stupid Polaris Knight.

Rita:A!I've got such a..[screaming]such a headache!

Back on the Command Center,the Ranger and their new ally were warmly welcome by Alpha and Zordon

Alpha:Great Job Ranger


Billy:Their something I still don't understand,were that ice wall came from?

P.K.:That?I made it.


P.K.:Yeah,I'm the Polaris Knight,Polaris is know as the North Star,so I control the ice.The Syrius Knight control the fire and the Vega Knight control the wind.

Kim:What about the other element?

P.K.:A long,very long,time ago we went on a quest to find the other elemental power,so now each one of us can summon the help and the power of the earth,water and lightening, in the shape of the Earth Crystal,the Water Crystal and the Lightening Crystal.

Billy: Interesting.

Tommy: Well,thanks for the power,how long are you gonna stay around?And how do we morph and demorph.

P.K.:You can demorph your old way,to morph,call:"Stellar Power!_Your color_!".I'm gonna stay as long as Ninjor isn't rescue,and you have to show me your world.I have a human identity too, I can have any clothe I want so,no problem and I think I'm gonna go to Angel Grove High for has long as I stay.You in fact,I'm a teenager too.Stellar Power down!

All:Stellar Power down!

In flash of light the Rangers and the Knight turn back to normal clothe.Darnix was wearing blue jean,a pair of Nike,a white t-shirt.His hair were auburn and were touching his shoulder.On his nose were a pair of cool looking glasses.

Darnix:In front of you you can see the REAL Darnix!Just one problem to solve before we go

Rocky:Which is?

Billy:His name,Darnix his too strange,he have to change it.

Kim:I know,why not pretend he's Billy's cousin,we can call him...mmm...Dave,yes,Dave Cranston!

Dave(Darnix): Dave,I like it.

Billy: That's ok with me.


Dave: Don't start that.


The END,for now