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Two Much
by Cyber-Skell

Two days after their victory upon the Rollpince monster,the Rangers and their new friend Dave Cranston,who's in fact Darnix the Polaris Knight,were hanging out at the Youth Center.

Kim:So,Dave,how did you find Angel Grove?

Dave/Darnix:Well,if you forget Bulk and Skull,[laugh]it's very beautiful city.I saw a lot of city,town,village,but nothing like here.It's like a gigantic village,everybody is friendly.Except Bulk and Skull [laughing].

Billy:And what about you first day at school.

Dave:The physic class seam to me alittle outdated,but the history class was interesting,they're so much I want to lern about your world.

Tommy:We'll be happy to help you discovers it.So,did one of you think about a plan to rescue....

They were interrupt by the familiar beep of their communicator,so they head for an alcove who always dark and empty.Tommy tap a little button on his communicator.

Tommy:What's up Zordon?

Dave:Don't tell me,Zedd send some tenga and Rito.


Dave:Of course I'm rigth,I'm always rigth.Sure you can tell us what's happennig,but you always loose so much time,I prefer say it fast and clear ok?


Tommy:Guys,we are losing time.Dave what do we do?We can't figth the tenga unmorph and if we morph,it's somekind of energy losing.

Dave:It's not,I say it,Polaris is an infinite source of power,we just morph and figth them,but let me get Rito.

Tommy:Ok.It's morphing time!Stellar Power,Silver!

Rocky:Stellar Power,Red!

Billy:Stellar Power,Blue!

Adam:Stellar Power,Green!

Kim:Stellar Power,Pink!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

Dave:Polaris Knight Power now!

They all morph and teleport to the battle scene(the lake shore) at the same time.


Rito:So,the Power Brats and the Polaris Geek finnaly arive.Tengas,attack!

The tengas jump into action,they are welcome by the ranger.After a few punch,the Polaris Knight came out of the little batling group and charge Rito,sword drawed

P.K.:You're going down Bone Head

Rito:Hey!That was mean!I'm gonna...euh...destroye you,yeah!

Dave charge,the two sword clash together,Rito kick Dave in the guts.Rito strike with his sword,even if Dave's armor was to solid,he was throw away.

Dave:Stellar Bow!

At those word his sword transform into a blue and white bow,he shoot a barrage of arrow at Rito,the creature was throw away by the blast.

Meanwhile,without their Ninja trick,the Ranger were having trouble with the tenga.Tommy was tire of being beat by a bird brain,so he draw Sabba and start slahing and cutting throiugh the tenga mass,their was feather everywhere.

Aisha:Great idea Tommy.Star Blade!

The two blade appear and Aisha star attacking the tengas.During this time,Rocky and Billy were having trouble with six tengas

Rocky:I'm tire of this.

Billy:Me too,let's use the Prism Blaster.

Rocky&Billy:Prism Blaster!

The two start shooting beam of blue and red ligth at the tengas,sending them back to Lord Zedd.The Tengas were once more defeat,everywhere their was someone attacking them or shooting them.

The Stellar Ax strike Rito,the Stellar Lance throw him away,and the Stellar Bow blast him hard,in a flash of black ligth,Rito return to the Moon.

Tommy:Way to go Polaris Knight!You realy beat him up!

Adam:Yeah you wer incredible.

Billy:So your sword can trans form into any weapons?

P.K.:Yes my friend.You did well too.I wonder what this was all about?

Tommy:Me too,Zedd is surely up to no good.

On the Moon,Zedd was very unplease,his brother-in-law Rito Revolto has been defeat once more.Zedd was thinking why he always made the mistake of sending him.

Zedd:You incompetent numskull!Why do I even let you live here?

Rito:Because I'm your brother-in-law?

Zedd:You fool,next battle I'm sending Goldar! Goldar:Yes!

Rita:For now we still have the advantage,we still holding the original FalconZord and Ninjor

Ninjor[from his bottle]:Let me out you fool witch!

Rita:Shut up or I put you in the paint shaker!We need a plan!

Zedd:Yes,did you see how the Polaris Knight prefer figthing alone,maybe we can use that at our advantage.[Yelling]Finster!I want you to make me monster who will defeat the Polaris Knight.

Finster:I have exactly what you need my lord.

Zedd:Hahaha!And I will make a monster to figth the Power Rangers,hahaha!What could I change into a monster?

With his visor,Lord Zedd start looking at the Earth,not finding anything interesting.Them he saw Kat,in her cat form.

Zedd:Yes that's it,that girl was quite a monster,she was near to defeat the blue and the black ranger.My dear?Can ou go down there and change Kat into a monster again?

Rita:Sure Zeddy!

And she dissapear.Lord Zedd start laughing evily,and soon Goldar and Rito try to do the same and start laughing stupidly.

On Earth,the Ranger and Dave were back to the Youth Center.Tommy and Adam were sparing on hte training mat and the other were watching.Bulk and Skull enter the room,in their junior patrol uniform,they quickly spot the Ranger and their new friend.They aproach their table

Bulk:So,it's true,they're a new geek in town.


Dave:Who are you talking to?

Bulk:To you,geek.One Cranston was enough,two is too much.

Dave:Really!Well,that's your opinion.I don't remember your name,what are they?

Bulk:I'm Bulk and this is Skull

Dave[unsincerely]:Wow,the famous Bulk and Skull my cousin is always talking about!I will be proud to shake your hand.

Then Dave grab the hand of the two junior patroller and in a swift move he throw them against the wall [BAM!],this action his follow by large amount of laugh and clap.Angry,they leave the room.

Dave:No one call me geek,and no one make fool out of my...family.

Billy:They deserve it but you shouldn't have use your super strengh that way you know.

Dave:I'm a warrior,honnor is something important to me,you should understand that.

Kim:Anyway,they deserve it.

Suddenly,a loud explosion his heard and the ground shake.Everbody was panicking,and the ranger barely heard the sound of their communicator,they quickly reach the alcove.Before answering,Tommy look at Dave.

Tommy:What is it?

Dave:A monster call Demolion and a cat monster are attacking the warehouse district,the cat monster is scaring people away and ask for revange,she wants you six,I think you meet her already.Demolion his a demolition monster and he shoot dinamyte at the building.I take Demolion,you give the cat what she ask.Let's-go!

Tommy:Woah!Are you sure you can you want to figth the monster by yourself?

Dave:Yes,don't worry,I can handle a monster,I'm the Polaris Knight.

Tommy:If you said so.Ok guys.It's Morphing time!Stellar Power,Silver!

Rocky:Stellar Power,Red!

Kim:Stellar Power,Pink!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

Billy:Stellar Power,Blue

Adam:Stellar Power,Green!

Dave:Polaris Knight Power now!

They all morph and then teleport.In flash of light they appear in the street of the warehouse district, they run through the fleeing crowd and finally meet the monsters.They have already meet the cat monster but not Demolion,he was looking like a black and gold lion, carrying dinamyte on his belt and wearing a construction helmet.

Cat:Ah! Power Rangers,we meet again.This time I'm gonna use you as scratch pole!

Billy:You again!I tough we destroy you a week ago!

Tommy:How that possible?

Demolion:Stop your chating,let's beat them.You're going down!Bing bang boum!Hoho!

Aisha:Not a laughing maniac again!

P.K.:Let's go,I take Demolion.Go for the cat.


P.K.:Sure.Go get her guys!


The hero charge their chosen enemy.The stellar sword slash the monster at the same time Sabba hit the Cat monster.Demolion shoot a dinamyte stick,it throw away the Polaris Knight.The cat monster charge the ranger and hit each of them with her claw,she dodge the arrow launch by Kim's crossbow and kick her in the gut's.

P.K.:Ok,that's enough!

His hand start to glow blue,he point the monster and a beam of ice came out,flying through the air,suddenly,the monster breath fire,stopping the beam.

P.K.:What!Try to burn this for a try.Stellar Bazooka!

The Stellar Sword became the Stellar Bazooka,he shoot a ball of blue energy,instead of trying to stop it,the monster jump in the air,and the blast hit the nearest building.

P.K.:Damn it!

Meanwhile,the Cat monster was beating the ranger hard.Tommy was the only to have been able to hit the creature.The Solar Sword has been broken in two,the Pulsar Ax lying at the bottom of the sewer,Meteor saber has been blast in to oblivion,the Comet Crossbow wasn't effectivre and the Star Blade were unusable since Aisha was unconsciuos.Tommy was now figthing hand to hand and Sabba was flaoting around,shooting the monster,the strategy was working as long as Sabba was too high but he was knock away by a little slap and was now stuck a barrel of tar.

Sabba:Help me get out of here!

Soon,tommy was thrown away,he help Sabba and meet with the other as Aisha get back on her feet. Adam:What do we do now?

Tommy:Let use our 6 Prism Blaster at the same time.Prism Blaster!

All at the same time 6 beam of ligth came out of the 6 small weapons.The monster couldn't stand the strengh of the blast,then,Aisha and Tommy jump in the air and strike the monster with their weapons.The creature fall,explode,but without letting any debris.Meanwhile,the Polaris Knight was figthing Demolion.

P.K.:You're going down I'm gonna find the rigth weapon and you will be destroy!


P.K.:Oh yeah!Earth Crystal power!

At those word,two golden bracelet appear covering his two forearm,on the left arm was a big eggshaped orange jewel,the Earth Crystal,on the rigth was a silver circle with a golden circle in the middle,and his armor turn golden(Exept the blue star in the middle).

P.K.:Let's see if you can survive that!

His left arm start to crackle with orange energy,when it was at maximum power,he punch the ground,the energy travel through the ground and the ground start to shake unde the monster feet.Suddenly,Demolion is lift from the ground by a fast emerging rock column,throwing him high the air.He land hard betweem the Rangers and the Polaris Knight.

P.K.:Ligthening Crystal power now!

The orange crystal his replace by a yellow one,and the symbole in the silver circle became a small ligthening bolt.Raising his arm to the sky,the Polaris Knight shoot a ligthening bolt at the monster,the blast was incredible,but somehow,Demolion survive.

P.K.:You see.I was rigth.

Demolion slowly raise a hand,he was holding a dynamyte stick,bigger than the other,with evil chuckle,he throw it at the rangers.After the smoke made by the explosion clear,the rangers were lying on the ground.

P.K.:NOOOOOOOOOO!.[Yelling angrily]Demolion!Now you made me mad!You gave me no choice![with a eerie voice]Ligth of Polaris hear my plee,strike my enemies,now!

All the gold and the ligthening crystal dissapaer,our hero close his eyes,then the sky turn black.In front of Demolion,the Polaris Knight start to glow of a brigth white ligth,the monster was scare and impress.Suddenly,a big ray of pure white ligth strike him from the sky,the ground shake when this ray touch it,he just have the time to scream before being blast into a large explosion.The sky turn back to normal as Dave open his eyes,Demolion was gone and his friend were still alive,in fact they were slowly regaining consciousness.

Tommy:What happen?

Billy:The last thing I remember was the monster throwing that thing at us.

Rocky:Me too.

Kim:Oh my head.

Adam:What happen to Demolion.

P.K.:I send him back to hell.

Tommy:I don't know how but,congratulation.

P.K.:That was nothing.

Adam:Nothing?Those move were incredible,that column of rock,that blast of electricity!

P.K.:You did well too destroying that Cat monster.

Billy:I don't think we destroye it,their were no debris.

Aisha:And after all,cat have nine lives hey?

P.K.:In fact they just have eigth lives Aisha,well I'm not sure about this dimansion but...

On the Moon,the atmosphear could being describe as dangerous.Lord Zedd was angry,he was glowing red,and Rita got...

Rita[screeching]:..Such a headache!

-------The End,for now---------