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Author's Note: Here is my fourth story.Teaser:Zedd send Dave,Billy and Aisha back in time,but where? The second part in a another e-mail. Author's Note 2: I created the character of Dave Cranston/Darnix the Polaris Knight,the Stellar Knight,their power,their weapons,their history,the Stellar Ranger idea,their power,their weapons and their Zord,if you want to use them,it's ok with me,but ask me first.Legal disclaimer a the end of the story.(i don't want to spoil the plot.)

Mystic Travel
Part 1
by Cyber-Skell

Lord Zedd Moon palace is a big place with plenty of room,one of those room his occupied by Finster,the scientist of the place,also monster maker,but Lord Zedd doesn't use him as much as Rita did when she was alone,but today,Zedd need him.The little creature was working on his Monstermatic machine when Lord Zedd enter.

Zedd:Finster!Did you finish the monster I ask you to make?

Finster:Almost done my lord.I wasn't able to find a decent form for your idea,so I decide to just put two thing in the Monstermatic and to mix them,the machine his ready now.

Zedd:What are you putting in?

Finster:First your favorite Earth animal,the clockroach and a second a little clock.

And he did so,soon a monster came out of the machine,it was looking like a big coackroach with only four limb and in the middle of his body was a clock.

Finster:My lord,may I present to you,Clockroach!

Zedd:Excellent!This monster will send the Ranger back in time,at a random period,separating them from their new ally,there I will send another monster,but full size to crush them.Unable to call their Zord,the ranger will be only spot on the grass,and their Polaris Punk will be destroy by Clockroach.Hahahahaha!It's the perfect plan!Hahahahahahahaha!

The school was out and the Rangers(and Dave) were hanging in the park,unaware of Zedd dark schemes.

Billy:School was so boring today,I don't know why,it seam like they were teaching us thing we already know.

Dave:Just tell yourself I feel like that in almost all class,except the history and English class.I know maybe all about physic,but writing without any mistake is impossible for me.

Adam:That's why school exist.


Kim:So,are we going to do now?

Dave:Fight,Zedd just send some tengas and a monster,Clockroach,they will appear in front of us,now!

As said,something like 6 tengas and a Clockroach appear in front of them.

Clockroach:Ranger,this is your last hour!You got 30 second to surrender before we attack.

Dave:30 second is just what we need.It's Morphing time!Polaris Knight Power now!

Billy:Stellar Power,Blue!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

Adam:Stellar Power,Green!

Kim:Stellar Power,Pink!

Rocky:Stellar Power,Red!

Tommy:Stellar Power,Silver!


the tengas charge and the battle start,it was a normal battle,nothing special,the rangers get hit a few time,the tengas very much,and the Polaris Knight never.Then the four tengas manage to catch Billy and Aisha,holding them by the arm and legs.Clockroach move a few step forward and his clock start to run wild counter clockwise,it start to glow,he was about to shoot when Dave realize what he going to do.


He rush to his friend,jump in the at same time Clockroach let go a blast of black energy,the three of them were stuck in the blast and they disappear.

Tommy:Billy,Aisha,Dave!What have you done you monster!

Clockroach:Something who was supposed to happen only to your blue and yellow friend.

Tommy:I'm gonna destroy you myself!

Tommy call Saba,he charge the monster and hit him in the guts,Clockroach loose his balance and fall,but instead of exploding or something,he and the tengas disappear.


Adam:What happened to the other?

Tommy:I don't know.

Rocky:Zordon might,let's go back to the Command Center.

The four remaining Rangers teleport to the Command Center,as they appear they remove their helmet.

Tommy:Zordon,what happened to them?Did he destroyed them?


Adam:Is there a way to bring them back?


Rocky:When are going to know where they are?

Alpha:I'm trying to figure out when and where,but without Billy's help,it will be longer.

Tommy:We better prepare for the next battle.

Dave open his eyes,he saw Billy and Aisha unmorph near him,the three of them were back to their normal clothes,he raise back on his feet and look around,they were in a forest,near a pond.Dave rush to his friend to awake them.

Dave:Aisha,Billy!Wake up!

Billy:Where are we?

Aisha:I thought that creature destroyed us.

Dave:No,but he send us back in time.We are now on the island you call Ireland,something like more than 1000 years back.

Billy:More than 1000 years!Did you other info to tell us?

Dave:Well,even if we are unmorph,our power still working.We are a the border of the island two kingdoms,Kells and Temra,those two kingdoms are at war because the Queen Maeve of Temra wants to rule the island,she is helped by Mider,the Dark Fairy of the sleeves,he give her black magic.But to protect Kells they are the Mystic Knight,five young person who has powerful magic weapons who control the elements,in time of need they can call their Mystic Armor,made by the Ancient,their weapons were given by Fin Varra king of the little people of Tir Na Nog,enemy of Mider.They just win a battle.

Aisha:Whoa!You mean they control element like you control ice?They are some kind of Power Rangers?

Dave:Well,not like me,less powerful,without my attribute,like knowledge of what is happening,and each of them control one of 5 ancient element,the Fire,the Air,the Water,the Earth and,I know it sound strange,the Forest.

Aisha:Can you bring us back with your power?

Dave:No,I'm not the one who send us in the past,his power block me,but don't be afraid,a portal will open when the other will destroy Clockroach,they don't even have to use the MegaZord do to that.

Billy:Well,I guess we have just one thing to do,as long as we are here,we should try to be helpful.

Dave:That's more my duty then yours,but that's a good idea.Let's go this way and we can meet them.I better morph so I will take for a Knight.Polaris Knight Power Now!And I will use my old name.

Aisha:What are we waiting for,let's go.

And small group star walking through the forest,Dave/Darnix in front.Soon they reach a plain,and they watch the troop of Temra running away from the battlefield,behind them appear the five Mystic Knight,shooting with their weapons at the troops.

Angus:Run you Temra dog!

Garette:What a bunch of coward!

Deidre:You can say that again.

Ivar:Look!Their someone in the bush.

Rohan:Hey you three!Come over here!

Careful Darnix came out of the shadow,follow by Billy and Aisha.

Darnix:We mean no harm,we come in peace.My name is Darnix the Polaris Knight and those are my friend Billy and Aisha.We heard about you Mystic Knight.

Rohan:What a beautiful armor you have,with a strange helmet,and your friend have more strange clothes.So you came in peace,where do you came from?

Darnix:A place so far that you can imagine,our...kingdoms is call California and our village Angel Grove.We are Mystic Knight of some sort from where we came from and we fight an evil sorcerer and his wife who his a witch.Billy is the Blue Stellar Ranger and Aisha the Yellow Stellar Ranger,and like I said I am the Polaris Knight.

Angus:Those two are just kid,how can they fight properly?

Aisha:We aren't kid,we are 16 years old!

Angus:Kid,like I said.

Rohan:Angus!What his a Polaris Knight?

Darnix:I am THE Polaris Knight,one of the three Stellar Knight my power came from a star named Polaris.

Angus:A star?So the kids and you protect your kingdoms,did they have armor like you?

Darnix:Not like me,they Power Rangers,in fact I went to their kingdom to help them,I'm from even farther away,you won't even believe it so,let just I came from California.

Angus:Rohan,did you think we can trust two kids and a man we don't know what he look like?

Rohan:We never saw your face Darnix.

Darnix:Ok.Don't be fool by my young face,I'm much older than you five unite[he remove his helmet]

Ivar:You sure have a young face.

Angus:Like a kid.

Aisha:That does it!I'm gonna show you what I'm capable of!You and me hand to hand,are you ready?



Darnix:No,let him have a lesson.

Angus try to punch Aisha in the face,she dodge,then she hit him in the gut with her knee,the she grab his arm and do a judo move,Angus land hard on a rock.All the other are laughing, especially De´dre.


Aisha:Not bad for a kid hey?

Darnix:You see,never made a Rangers made.So,when do you plan to go back to your castle?

Rohan:Why not now.

De´dre:The king my father will be happy to meet you,you never tell us why your here?

Darnix:It's an accident,our enemy,Lord Zedd send us here,without knowing about you,but I heard about you.We should be send back when the other destroy what send us here,so while stay we would like to help.

De´dre:So they're other like you.

Darnix:Yes,other Stellar Ranger.

Billy:So you are a princess.

De´dre:Yes,I'm De´dre,we never introduce I think,this is Rohan,Angus,Ivar and Garette.

And the group start is road to the castle of Kells to meet the King.Back to the present,Lord Zedd was displease by the failure of Clockroach.

Zedd:What were you thinking!Sending the Polaris Knight back in time!You idiot,be happy that he do not have the power to travel in time since it's you who send him there,now,it won't be easy to destroy them with the help of the Polaris Knight.At least we can send another monster to attack Earth while the Ranger are weakened,you will stay here I don't want to risk my plan to fail.Rita my dear come here.

Rita:Yes Zeddy?

Zedd:Would you like to go back in time and Destroy the two Ranger and that Polaris Punk.

Rita:Sure!I will bring a batch of Putties and Goldar,that could be useful.

Zedd:All Right my dear.Maybe we can salvage this disaster after all.I need something to turn it into a monster.Goldar!

Rito:Rita and him are Already gone Ed.

Zedd:My name his Zedd,so you find me something too turn into a monster!

Rito:Well,take this,I was keeping it for Christmas but...

He reach for something in his back hand over Zedd a old rotten potato.

Zedd:A potato?Bah,anyway!

And the evil lord blast it with his staff,it grow to human size,leg and arm appear and a big eye open in the middle of the potato.

Monster:I'm Rottenor at your odor,euh order my lord!

Zedd:At least he look like a monster,I want you to go down on Earth and destroy the Power Rangers.

Rottenor:Yes my lord!

Clockroach:Easier said than done.

Zedd:Shut up if you don't want finish in a bottle like Ninjor!


In the Command Center,Alpha was working hard to find the Rangers in Earth history,when the alarm goes off,he push a few buttons and read the reading of the scanner.

Alpha:Ayayayayaie!Rangers,Rottenor is attacking Angel Grove.


The globe lit up and a Rottenor appear in a street near the park,he shoot beam of brown energy at everything around and all who was touch by the beam became rotten or rusty.


Rocky:Rotten to the bone.

Adam:It's not the time for joking Rocky!

Tommy:Even without the other,we must handle the situation.Back to action!

Rottenor wasn't even surprise to see the four remaining rangers teleport in front of him.

Rottenor:So you finally show up!I will change you into rotten meat!Tengas,attack!

A dozen of tengas jump into the scene and charge the rangers.They were welcome by a barrage of laser send by the Prism Blaster.In a few second all the tengas had disappeared.

Tommy:Stop playing game Rottenor,we're here for you,not the tengas.Saba!

At those word the other draw their weapons,ready to strike in just a fraction of second.

Rottenor:Talking about game,you beautiful toy,too clean for me!

Then he shoot beam of brown energy and the rangers were throw away,Tommy was the only one to avoid the blast.

Kim:Our weapons!Their rusting,we can't use them,their useless.

Tommy:Not Saba.

The Silver Stellar Ranger leap in the air and strike the monster,Rottenor quickly punch Tommy,but Tommy block the hit and kick Rottenor in the guts.Then he shoot with his prism blaster Right in the eye of the creature.Rottenor went mad and shoot a powerful blast of energy at Tommy,knocking him off.

Back to Kells,Billy,Aisha and Darnix were introduce to Conchobar,king of Kells.

Conchobar:so you are hero from far away,you are some kind of Mystic Knight.

Darnix:Something like that,with some difference,what if we show to the king what we can do guys?I'm already in costume,so you no the call.

Billy:Does it broke the rules of the Rangers?

Aisha:You really think it matter here,their no problem showing them who we are,anyway we already broke the secret identity rule,so let's do it.

Darnix:We agree.It's Morphing Time!

Billy:Stellar Power,Blue!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

The crowd in the throne room were very impress by the morphing of the two Rangers.

Rohan:Strange costume.We have also that kind of "power".

He look at the other and the nod silently.They raise their weapons to the sky and said:

Rohan:Fire within me!

Deidre:The Air above me!

Ivar:Water around me

Garette:Forest before me!

Angus:Earth beneath me!

Their Mystic Armor appear,this time it's Billy and Aisha who are impress,Darnix was tougher to impress.

Rohan:What do you think of our Mystic Armor.

Darnix:Great but can your sword do this?Stellar Bow!Stellar Ax!Stellar Hammer!Stellar Lance!Stellar Sword!

And his sword change into each weapons he call.

Rohan:what a weapons!Where did you get that?

Darnix:That part of my power.

Conchobar:So you said you want to help us as long as you stay.I don't know if I can trust you.Cathbad,what do you think about them.

Cathbad:I feel pure goodness into them,especially into Darnix,I think we can trust them.

Conchobar:So,It's settle,your gonna stay with us and help the Mystic Knight in battle.

Suddenly,Darnix and Cathbad grab their head and collapse to the ground at the same time,their friend rush to their side,after a few second they were back on their feet.

Deidre:Cathbad!What's happening!

Cathbad:I feel a powerful being of evil appearing on the island.

Darnix:I feel it too,and I know exactly who it is.It's Rita and Goldar,they just appear in Maeve Castle,oh no!Mider know her and they are preparing something,Maeve seam to find their babble interesting.I think we are in trouble!

ConchobaR:How can you know that,who is Rita.Are you sure of what you are seeing?

Billy:Rita is a the sorceress married to our enemy,Lord Zedd,he surely send her here to finish us.Trust Darnix,he is always Right.

Rohan:What do you mean,we are in trouble?

Darnix:Rita has the power to make monster,but not like those you know,more intelligent,more dangerous,they are like human with monster power and appearance,and she can make them grow to a gigantic size,bigger than your castle.Goldar is her henchman,some kind of winged monkey in a armor,very fierce and lethal.I think it will be better to organize the defense.

Conchobar:If what you said is Right,maybe we are in trouble,better prepare the defense.

And the preparation begin,the soldier shine their weapons,the archer and pikeman went get more arrow and pike.The Mystic Knight,the Rangers and Darnix make sure their weapons are OK.Meanwhile,Rita,Mider and Maeve had finish their own preparation.

Maeve:Are you sure your monster will be worthy enough?

Rita:Don't talk to me that way,I am far more powerful than you can imagine,you are just a little human witch.

Mider:Please,ladies,don't argue like that,Maeve,call the creature of your choice,and you my dear Rita,make a monster.

Maeve:Yes lord Mider.

Rita:Yeah yeah Mider.

Maeve:Force of sorcery,send to me,a Hypogriff!

At those word,her runestone shoot green lightening in the center on the room,and a creature appear,it was like a big horse,cover by scale,with reptilian wing,burning red eyes,two big goat-like horn and a long scorpion tail.Maeve look over Rita with a boastful smile,Rita however wasn't even a little bit impress.In fact she wasn't impress at all.

Maeve:Do you think you can do better?

Rita:Pffff,basis witchcraft,me I prefer a more imaginative way,I create a monster,I don't summon it.Goldar!

Goldar enter room,with something in the hand,it was a rat and a spider.

Rita:Look and learn.Rader,arise!

Using her scepter she shoot beam of evil energy,and the two critter merge into a large monster.It has the head and the leg of a rat,with six spider like arm with hand with two finger at the hand,it was wearing a black armor and a black sword was hanging from it's belt.This time it was Rita who was looking at Maeve.The Queen was trying to hide,Unsuccessfully her surprise.

Rader:At your order my Queen!

Rita:you see what you can do when you became more creative.

Mider:Now,we are ready for the battle.Maeve,gather your troops.We will attack before dusk.

Back to the present.Tommy is throw away by the blast,Rottenor approach the unconscious form of tommy when three beam of light hit him in the eyes,the creature backup a few step.The three remaining ranger rush to Tommy as he raise back on his feet.

Adam:How can we finish this creature,our prism blaster can't finish him and Saba is our only remaining weapons.

Tommy:did someone have an idea?

Rocky:I know!

All:You know?

Rocky:Yes,Tommy,call the Lightening Crystal and shoot when I will say it.OK?

Tommy:If you said so.Ligthening Crystal power now!

Rocky:Water Crystal power now!

Each of their forearm was cover by gold bracelet,on Tommy left arm appear the yellow Lightening Crystal,on Rocky's appear the blue Water Crystal,on their Right appear a silver circle with the symbol of the element they were calling,a water drop and a lightening bolt,and on their chest appear a golden armor with the element symbol on it.

Rottenor:Nice toy!Will that be enough?

Rocky:You'll see!Water stream!

At those word a powerful stream of water came out of the Water Crystal,soaking totally Rottenor,but the monster still on is feet and haven't move even a bit.

Rottenor:that was refreshing,thank you!

Rocky:Now Tommy!

Tommy:Lightening bolt!

A powerful blast of electricity came out of Tommy'crystal,magnified by the water the blast was incredible,in a few second,Rottenor has been change into a pile of mashed potato.

Tommy:That should do it,good idea Rocky.

Suddenly,their was a big explosion and Rottenor appear,fully healed and full sized,toward the Rangers.

Rottennor:Now,what are you going to do?Hahaha!

In Kells,Darnix,Billy,Aisha and the Mystic Knight were in preparation for battle,the Knight call their armor,the Rangers were still morphed and the same for Darnix.The Plain in front of the Castle was cover by Kells soldier.The heroes came out of the Castle and the people cheer.

Darnix:I think we are ready.Listen!We are gonna fight a terrible army,their will more than hundred Temra soldier,the same number of grey creature called Putties,two monster,Tyrune and four catapult.I believe the you can handle the Temras soldiers,if you came face to face with man in grey,the Putties,don't forget to hit them in the plate on their chest and they will be easily defeated,the Rangers and I will destroy the catapult first,them we will take care of the monster who look like a rat.The Mystic Knight will fight the Hypogriffe send by Maeve and Pyre should be here in any minute to deal with Tyrune.Be ready,and to it,for Kells!

All soldiers:For Kells!

Rohan:Great speech,are you sure about your information.

Darnix:100% my friend,did Pyre will be here in time?


Then they here a horn being blow.From the forest came Temra Soldier and Putties lead by Rader,the Hypogriff land in front of the troop,soon Tyrune and Pyre arrive ate same time and the two start a fierce battle of fireball.The Temra and the putties charge and meet the Kells soldier.Quickly the Mystic Knight send a few blow in the troop of Temra then rush for the Hypogriff.Meanwhile the Rangers has Tetra destroying the catapult with their Prism Blaster and the Stellar Bazooka,the three rush through the fight to get to Rader,kicking and punching through it will better describe the situation,soon they reach the monster.

Rader:Ah! Polaris Geek and two Power Punk.Finnaly we meet for the last.

P.K.:Yes 'cause we're gonna kick your butt!

The three hero charge Rader with their weapons,but using three sword at the same time,Rader was able to block all the attack and even punch the Rangers sometime.Meanwhile the Mystic Knight were figtheing the Hypogriff who was hoovering in the air,dodging all the blast send by the Mystic Weapons,then it shoot fire from it's horn,sending the Knight to the ground.

Angus:Ouch!I land on a rock again.

Ivar:how can we defeat this thing if we can't hit it?

Rohan:We have to try!Maybe if we shoot at the same time?

They all shoot at the same time but the Hypogriff raise in the air and nothing touch,it fire again at Knight,this time they were ready but they couldn't avoid completly.

Garette:It doesn't work!

Angus:We have to be smarter than it.

Rohan:You're Right,listen...[whisper].

Deidre:Great idea.

Billy was throw away by Rader,like Aisha and Darnix next.The two Ranger try their Prism Blaster,but using it's sword,Rader block the hit.

P.K.:This guys is bugging me,Stellar Bazooka!Fire!

Rader block the blast again but he was throw away,Aisha leap in the air and slash Rader with her Star Blades,at the sme time Billy draw his blater and shoot the creature,Aisha retreat the three regroup.

In the Sky,Pyre was victorious and start to shoot at the Temra troops,the soldier run away scare and the Kells men were finnishing off the Putties.

The Mystic Knight Circle the Hypogriff,then Deidre shoot,as guess the creature raise in the air ,but it didn't notice Rohan who shoot it,surprise it fall to the ground and all the Mystic Knight open shoot,in a second the creature dissapear in a flash of light.The last putties were defeat,then the only remaining battle was the battle against Rader,through the battle field the voice of the Polaris Knight was heard.

P.K.:Light of Polaris hear my plee,strike my enemy,now!

The Kells men and the Mystic Knight look in amazement the sky turning black and Darnix glowing with bRight light.They were more amaze when they saw the big ray of light falling from the blackened sky and striking the monster,it didn't have time to scream that he explode in a gazillion of pieces.The people remain silent for a moment,but soon cheer of victory start to explode litterally everywhere.Back to the present.

Tommy:We need Stellar Zord power now!Stellar FalconZord power!

Kim:Stellar CraneZord power!

Rocky:Stellar RacerZord power!

Adam:Stellar Mantis Zord power!

From the sky apear the four Zord,the RacerZord land and the other stay airborn,the Zord roam through the Desert,the plain and the City.

Rocky:RacerZord Red Warrior mode!

The Racer jump,the front part became legs,the rear one became arms and a head pop out,the head was looking like somone wearing a car pilot helmet.Red Warior charge Rottenor,but he was throw away by a powerful kick,the three flying Zord fly in it's direction and shoot at him,the monster barely feel the hit and fire back at the three Zord,they land hard on the ground.

Rocky:We can't defeat him without the MegaZord,but we can't make it without Billy and Aisha.

Adam:There must be a way!

Tommy:I have an idea.Alpha,I'm sending you a command,can you program into the Zord computer?

Alpha[over com link]:Yes Tommy,it will be done...now!

Tommy:Ok,Rocky did you see it on your screen?

Rocky:Yes,I understand,I'm ready,we can do it anytime.

Rottenor:What you two are chating about?

Tommy:You will find out soon.Silver-Red DoubleZord power!

Rocky:Silver-Red DoubleZord power!

The FalconZord became again airborn,the head separate from the rest of the body,Red Warior jump in the air,the head link to Red Warior one giving him a man-bird looking face,while the body and wings link to the back,a silver belt appear and two yellow eyes light up in the visor of Red Warior,Tommy and Rocky meet in the newly formed Silver-Red DoubleZord.

Rocky & Tommy:Silver-Red Double Zord ready!


Rocky:Yeah,good idea Tommy.

Rottenor:Haha!Now I can beat two Zord at the same time using only half the energy,thanks Power Geek!Hahaha.

Tommy:I don't think so.Mega Sword!

A siver and red sword appear in the Double Zord hand.

Rocky & Tommy:Energize!Power slash!

The blade of the weapons glow white and the DoubleZord leap in the air,striking Rottenor with the glowing blade,deadly hit,the creature fall to the ground and explode.

On the moon and in Maeve Castle,Rita and Zedd were very angry,and they were thinking the same thing:

Rita & Zedd:At least three of them still stuck back in time.

Back to the Command Center the Rangers were worry and Alpha was about to cheer them up with a good news.

Alpha:I find them!

Tommy:Realy?Were are they?

Alpha:About 1000 years in the past,in the place you call now Ireland,and we were Right,they will be back if you destroy Clockroach.

Adam:I hope Zedd will send that damn roach down here soon.


Part 2

Aisha:When are we going home?

Darnix:Relax,just do something and time will flies,oops!Forget it[giggle]

After their victory over Maeve and Rita forces,the people of Kells made a great celebration for the Rangers and Darnix.The festivities end late in the nigth and they all go to bed,but when the sun rise up,they're wasn't any news from the present,so the Rangers,Darnix and their new friends the Mystic Knight,were trying to do something to be kept busy.Darnix was practicing sword play in the courtyard with Garette and Rohan,watch by Angus and Deidre,while Billy was debating about the shape of the Earth with Ivar,but Aisha didn't know what to do and was walking around the castle courtyard.

Rohan:He's Right Aisha.

Deidre:Why don't you show me some of those move you use in combat,how do you call it?Ka...kara....tea?

Aisha:Karate.Why not,joining us Angus?

Angus:Oh no,I don't want to hurt my back again.

Deidre couldn't help but laugh at Angus.At this moment,Aideen the fairy fly in the courtyard,she look at the scene and rush to Darnix.

Aideen:Long time no see Polaris Knight.

Darnix:Aideen!Happy to see ya!How's Fin Varra?

Rohan:Wait a minute,since when do you two know each other?

Aideen:He visit us a long time ago,he help us get rid of a race of creature sent by Mider to conquer Tir Na Nog,he litterally crush them.

Darnix:Yeah,in return,Fin Varra was willing to acord me a favor,I ask him something,but I had to go early and I never get it.Aideen,did you know if he finnish what I ask him?

Aideen:Sure,you can use antime now.

Billy:What you three are talking about?I never saw a Fairy before,happy to meet you,Ivar told me your name is Aideen,Right?


Billy:What were you talking about?

Darnix:A little surprise I want to show you later.

Then they start chating about what happen in Tir Na Nog and other thing.Back to the present,Lord Zedd wasn't really happy,a messenger just came from Rita,telling him about her defeat.

Lord Zedd:Unbelieveable,even a army can destroye those stupid Power brats!And even with two rangers missing they still can destroye my monster!

Clockroach:I'm telling you,send me back down their and I'm sure I can beat them!

Zedd:You fool!If I send you down there you can be defeated as well,and if it happen,those three brat will came back!I can't let that happen.

Rito:Ha,fool!i much dumber than that,euh! I mean,he's less dumber than that,no!I mean...what do I mean anyway?

Zedd:Shut up idiot!

Rito:Okay Ed!

Zedd:It's, Zedd!Z-E-D-D!Zedd,can you repeat it!






Zedd:why do I even bother!Finster!

Finster:Yes my liege?

Zedd:Make me a monster who can defeat the Power Rangers!

Finster:Yes my liege,[whispering]again.

Zedd:What did you said?

Finster:Just that I must hurry,my liege.

Zedd:You better will.I'm surrounded by incompetent.

Back on Earth,the four remaining Rangers were waiting in the Command Center.

Tommy:When this stupid monster will attack?I hope the other are okay?


Billy:Why don't you like him Zordon?


Billy:He seam a little irresponsible,but heprovee to us he can act seriously when needed.

Alpha:Well Zordon didn't like his communication system with here being cut.

Suddenly the alarm went crazy,Alpha push afew buttons and the viewing globe lit up.


On the viewing globe appear a creature looking like a pile of rock was seen in the middle of the street,he was shooting rock ball from his big mouth.


Tommy:Well,you know what time it is.It's Morphing Time!Stellar Power,Silver!

Rocky:Stellar Power,Red!

Kim:Stellar Power,Pink!

Adam:Stellar Power,Green!

They teleport to the street and meet Rockster.

Rockster:Ha ha!Power Rangers!It's time to rock!

Rocky:Very funny,I can make better one.

Tommy:We will rock you Rockster,the hard way!

Rocky:See,that,is a good one.

Rockster:Ho,will you just shut up and fight!

Rockster open is mouth and shoot ball of rock at rangers,the ball explode at their feet,sending them flying.Adam call is saber and made a leap attack,but when it's blade touch the shoulder of the creature,it break in two,Rockster take advantage of Adam surprise and punch him away.

Tommy:Adam!Are you okay?

Adam:Yeah,I just got the headache of my life.

Rockster:I tell you,I'm hard rock!

Tommy:Let's see if you can resist that!Prism Blaster,maximum charge!

Four beam of light,two times lager than usual hit the monster,sending him through a wall,but when the smoke clear,Rockster appear,without a scratch.

Tommy:How could that be?

Rockster:That wasn't very fun!Take that!

Once again,the monster shoot rock ball,but this time the Rangers where ready and they jump behind a car,Rockster don't stop at all and every time a rangers try to lurk out of their hiding place he shoot,the car take the hit,but it won't resist for too long.

Tommy:Our weapons are no use,our blaster just make him more angry.Is there a way to defeat him?

Kim:We can try the Elemental Crystals.

Adam:Good idea,but which one?

Tommy:Surely not the lightening one,it surely won't be effective.

Kim:Why not the Water Crystal,after all,water erode rock,no?

Rocky:Kim is Right.Do it Tommy.

Tommy:Okay.Water Crystal power now!

At his call,the water crystal,the gold bracelet and armor appear.Tommy leap on top of the car and shoot a powerful stream of water from the crystal,Rockster back up a few step,but it seam like he was trying to smile.

Rockster:Fool!Like you can erode me that easely,at this pace it will take a thousand years,and I have all my time,human!But I don't want to loose a perfect day for destruction like that.

Tommy was hit by a rock ball and he fall to the ground.

Kim:Are you okay?

Tommy:Yes,but,we have to think about something else.

Rocky:Their just one thing left.Earth Crystal power now!

The Earth Crystal and its specific gear appear on Rocky,he charge the crystal with seismic energy.He run out of the hiding place and made a leap attack on Rockster,punching him with the charge up Earth Crystal.Rockster feel the pain for the first time,he look at his smoking chest and his anger grow.

Rockster:What!How dare you do that,how can a puny human make me feel pain!That's imposible,you gonna pay for this,big time!Raaah!

Rocky and the monster ingage a fierce punch battle,Rocky blocking with a hand and puching the monster with the always charge uped Crystal.On the Moon,Lord Zedd watch the battle going,and knew perfectly he was going to loose.

Zedd:Rito!Clockroach!Go down there and help Rockster,hurry!

Clockroach:Yes master.

Rito:Okay Ed.

Before Zedd could say something,the two creature were gone.Back to Kells,Maeve and Rita had just imagine the pefect plan to defeat both their enemy,and Goldar was the principal piece of it.

Rita:Goldar!i want you to go to Kells Castle and challange the Rangers and the Mystic Knight,in a Gamoran Challange.

Goldar:A Gamoran challange,but...Mistress...

Rita:Shut up and just go!I don't want to spent more time in this dirty castle.

Maeve:What do you have against my castle?

Rita:Nothing,I just prefer mine.

Goldar Teleport away,he appear in the forest near the castle and walk to their with a red flag on his sword.

Kells sentinel:A...creature his coming,helding a red flag.

Billy:A red flag?What does it mean?

Darnix:It mean Goldar wants to challange us.[Shouting]Let him coming closer!Tell him to wait outside The Mystic Knight,the King,Cathbad,Darnix,Billy,Aisha and a few soldier came out of the castle gate.

Rohan:So this is Goldar you talk to us about.

Billy:Yes,watch out,he is a fearsome fighter.

Darnix:What do you want Goldar?

Goldar:I challange the Heroes of Kells and you three the Gamoran way.

Rohan:What is the Gamoran way?

Darnix:It's when one person challange a group during a war,if the challanger win,he can dispose of the defendant and he wins the prize,in this case it's us against Goldar and the prizes is Kells.If he loose,he has to retire from the war,that mean if we win,you don't have to fear Rita anymore,I doubt Maeve will retire,but at least it will be more easy to deal with just her.The challange work by set of one vs. one combat,if he loose one time,we win,but he have to deafeat us all to win,so it's at our advantage,but Goldar is no ordinary warrior,he has more experience than you can'T even hope to have in a hundred life time.So,King Conchobar,do you wish to accept the challange.

King Conchobar:We accept your challange Goldar.

Goldar:Okay,we will start Right now.

Suddeenly,green lightening fall from the sky and a battle arena appear,It was a big plate of green marber with a gold line shape like a circle,around the plate was placed eigth big dark crystal.

Aisha:What those crystal are for?

Darnix:They will hold us if we loose,if one of us loose,he will be trap until the end of the challange.We should morph,and you Mystic Knight,call your armor.It's Morping Time,Polaris Knight power now!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

Billy:Stellar Power,Blue!

Rohan:Fire Within me!

Deidre:The Air above me!

Ivar:Water around me!

Angus:Earth beneath me!

Garette:Forest before me!

Goldar:Who will be the first one to be defeat?

P.K.:I shall go first I'm the one with the most experience.

Garrette:No,I will go first,I'm the best swordman around.

Before Darnix could react,Garrette jump into the circle,a protective shield lift around the arena,enabling any distraction.Garrette figth well,but Goldar was just too good,just before Goldar's sword hit Garette in a lethal way,he dissapear and reappear in one of the crystal,froze in his last position.

Ivar:Garrette!No!I will avange you my friend.

Ivar jump in the circle but he easely defeated by Goldar and his thousand years of training.Soon,their weapons uneffective on Goldar,all the Mystic Knight were trap into crystals.

King Conchobar:Can't this thing be defeated!By Dagdah!Do something.

Aisha:I will go.

P.K.:Aisha!No don't...

Too late!Aisha leap in the air and slash goldar with her Star Blade,he kick her away then he charge,she block with one blade and hit Goldar with the other.Goldar kick her in the guts and slash her with his sword,then he perform a series of combo and finnaly she's send in a crystal.

Darnix grab Billy by the arm.

P.K.:Before you go,listen,I know you know Goldar better than any of us and you want to avange your friend,but I am the most trained figther around here,Ishould go.

Billy:I know,but,what if something happen to you,at least I can tire Goldar out,he will be more easier for you.Please,let me go.

P.K.:Okay,if you want too,I can't force you to stay and watch.

Billy run to the circle and make a perfect flying kick,sending Goldar to the ground,Goldar charge him,instead of trying to block,billy leap in the air and land behind the titan,then he use his Prism Blaster,using this oportunity he leap in the air and slash goldar with his Pulsar Ax,thus enable to block,Goldar was able to hit Billy with his sword,once again Billy use his prism blaster,he perform another flying kick and hit Goldar with his Ax two time and the golden titan fall,the migthy Goldar had bean defeated,the arena and the crystals dissapear in flash of green.

P.K.:Good job Billy!I can't believe it

Aisha:Thank you Billy.

Angus:Yeah,you really save us this time

Goldar:You...haven't destroye me yet,you may win the challange,but I will destroye you anyway!

Goldar start shooting beam of laser from his Eyes sending the heroes flying.The creature didn't stop and continue his attack on the heroes and then on the castle.

Rohan:Do something,our weapons are no use on this...beast.

P.K.:It's time for my little surprise.Forest Crystal Power now!

The gold bracelet appear,on the left appear a green egg-shaped crystal,on the Right their was a silver circle with a golden leaf in the center,the armor of Darnix turn gold,exept for the blue star in the midle.

P.K.:That's what I ask Fin Varra,puttng the power of the Forest into a crystal.Liana Grip now!

Darnix Punch the ground,liana came out of it near the feet of Goldar and wrap around his arms,enabling him to move,quickly the Polaris Knight leap in the air and strike Goldar with his sword,but Goldar break the liana freeing himself.

Goldar:Now,you make me mad!Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

Before their eyes,Goldar grow to gigantic size,bigger than the castle.

Goldar:What are going to do now?Shoot arrow at me?

P.K.:Not really.light of Polaris,make me grow!

From the sky,a ray of blueish white light hit Darnix,amazingly he grow to the same size than Goldar.

P.K.:No more trick,Crystal Power down!Let's settle this the old fashion way.

Rohan:Amazing,I never see somthing like this.

Angus:How can he do that?

Aisha:Don't ask me.

And a real titan battle ingage,the two sword clashing together,making sparkle,the ground shake under the step of the two giant.Their was no sign of a loser,the two of them had equal strengh,normally,Darnix would win,but he has to be careful not to step on anything else than tree,and like it wasn't oldar style t do so,he had to be careful for two.Suddenly Goldar take a step back and shoot at him.

P.K:So,you want to act dirty,well in that case,Stellar Bazooka maximum power,fire!

Caugth by surprise,Goldar wasn't able to avoid the blast of energy,he explode in a millions of light sparkle.Slowly,Darnix shrunk back to normal and demorph.

Rohan:That was amazing.

Ivar:Where did you get such a weapons,a ba...zoka you said.

Darnix:A bazooka,it's...euh..it's a magical weapons created by one of my many friend. Billy:I think you as many friend as their star in the sky.

Darnix:I don't know,I never count the number of star AND the number of my friend,but I think I have more friend than they're star in the sky.

Tommy strike Rito with Sabba,since they had appear,Rito and Clockroach were doing quite well,while Rocky was boxing with Rockster,he had to figth Rito while Adam and kim figth Clockroach.Tommy was now winning over Rito,and he take a second to watch the other fights.

Rocky was doing something like good,their was lot of debris betweem him and Rockster,the creature was all cracked.Rocky made a backflip and charge up the Earth Crystal to maximum,he charge and punch powerfuly the monster in the guts,Rockster was throw away by the strengh of the seismic energy,he hit a wall and collapse into a pile of small rock.

Adam was punch by Clockroach,he make a back flip,clearing the path for Kimberly,who shot two arrow with her Comet Crossbow,take by surprise clockroach wasn't able to avoid the first shot,but the second miss,quickly,Adam draw out his blaster and fire at the monster,soon Kim and Rocky did the same.

Tommy strike Rito again,like a coward he teleport away,shouting something,something I shouldn't write here because they're maybe kids reading,so Tommy quickly rush to the other.

Clockroach:You haven't win yet,Power Rangers,hahaha.

He turn around,facing the remainning of Rockster,he shoot beam of black energy,has his clock start spinning,suddenly,Rockster appear,without a scratch.From the Moon,Zedd sent down two of his potion,making Clockroach and Rockster grow.

Tommy:Huhoh!We need Stellar Zord power now!Falcon Stellar Zord power!

Kim:Crane Stellar Zord power!

Rocky:Racer Stellar Zord power!

Adam:Mantis Stellar Zord power!

The four Zords appear in the sky,the Racer Zord land and they roam through the desert,the plain and the finnaly the street of Angel Grove,the Rangers hop in their cockpit.

Rocky:RacerZord Red Warior mode now!

At the command the red car Zord became a human-shaped robot,with a racing helemet for head.

Rocky&Tommy:Silver-Red DoubleZord now!

The head of the FalconZord separate fromthe body,it link to the Red Warior head,then the body link with back of Red Warior,finnaly,yellow eyes lite up in the visor of the newly for Silver-Red DoubleZord.

Tommy:Adam,Kim,Keep Rockster busy,while we destroy Clockroach.


Adam and Kim Zord start to fly around Rockster firing at him.

Tommy:Now,Clockroach,prepare to meet your doom!

Clockroach:Really?Ahaha!Stop joking,get serious and prepare yourself to loose.

Rocky:We'll see,Mega Sword!

A silver and red sword appear in the hand of the DoubleZord.

Tommy&Rocky:Energize!Power slash!

The DoubleZord leap in the air and strike the monster with the glowing blade of the Mega Sword,Clockroach fall to the ground and explode,at the same time Rockster turn back into dust and a time portal open,from it exit Dave,Aisha and Billy.The four other jump out of their Zord and rush to their friends.

Tommy:Glad to see you back.

Billy:Glad to be back too.

Aisha:You guys won't believe what we saw back there.

Kim:Well meanwhile,here,Rocky and Tommy create a new Zord configuration,the DoubleZord,you should have see that.

Billy:Dave receive a new Elemental Crystal from...an old friend,the Forest Crystal.

Adam:The Forest?It's an element?

Dave:Well,in spiritual term it is,lemme explain.....

And they slowly walk away while Dave was telling them the difference between Spiritual element,Natural element and Fundamental element.On the Moon,Rita and Goldar just came back from the past too,like usual,Rita was complaining about her headache,and Zedd was glowing red,then a sound attract his attention,it was the original FalconZord in falcon form in his cage.

Zedd:That's it!Ahahahahahahaha!They won't stand a chance!Ahahahaha!

-------------That's all for now!--------------