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Wrath of the Falcon
by Cyber-Skell

It was a sunny saturday,but the Rangers and Dave weren't outside having fun,they were in the Command Center trying to figure out a way to get through Zedd anti-teleportation shield and rescue Ninjor.

Dave:I can enter Zedd's castle using a dimensional portal,but is surely watching us all the time,he can't see inside the Command Center,but he will notice easily the dimensional rip my travel will cause.

Billy:What we need,is a way to distract Zedd.Draw his attention on only some of us.

Dave:When we fight, he always watch us and nothing else,but,he will notice if one of us is missing,esspecially me,we can also make our move during the nigth,but Zedd and Rita lock themself with Ninjor in their room.

Kim:So the idea of waiting an attack is the best,all we need is a reason why some of us don't answer,the problem is,did Zedd know about your ability to know all of the present Dave?

Dave:I don't know,I think he think I have sensor like Z-man,so I can't know without knowing their something to know,you understand?



Dave:If you want....

Zordon:NOR BIG-Z!

Dave:Ok Zordon.

Tommy:We also have to find a way to make the situation suitable for an attack.

Rocky:Like when you three go scuba-divi....That's it!Kim and Adam just have to "show Dave the wonder of the sea",so Zedd will make is move while you will be under water,then when Dave is aware of the attack,he use his dimensional porthing.

Billy:Good idea Rocky,I couldn't think of a better plan.

Dave:Good,but I add something to it,when I will feel the attack,I will lead Kim and Adam into a underwater cave with a air pocket,it will be easier to me to travel through dimension, and if you need help,they can be there faster.

Alpha:You go it!






Dave:So?Complain to the writer.

Aisha:What do you mean by writer?

Dave:Nothing,let's go to the Youth Center and play our little act.

Later,the Rangers and Dave go to the Youth Center and act like all was normal and Kim and Adam "ask" to Dave if he wants to go scuba-diving while the others will be at the park playing basket-ball,from the Moon Zedd watch their little chating,then he quit the balcony and sit on his throne.

Zedd:My dear,I think it's time to use our little plan.

Rita:Isn't it dangerous to loose.

Zedd:we can't loose this time,three of those brat will be missing,and power in the FalconZord is incredebly high compare to their.Now,Faltron,arise!

At those word he shoot evil energy at the FalconZord in his falcon mode transforming it into a monster,it was looking like a Bird-man made out of metal,his metalic feather shinning under the pale light of the candle ,it has a red jewel in the middle of his chest,his red eyes were glowing with evil energy.With a mechanical voice empty of feeling he said:

Faltron:Faltron at your oder my liege.

Rita:Hoo!I like him Zeddy!

Zedd:Ahaha,this is pefect!Now go,and destroy the Power Rangers!

The beginning of the plan went well,Dave,Kim and Adam enter the water as the other start their game,the swim or play for a couple of minute then,Faltron appear behind bushes near the court.Underwater,Dave realize that the Rangers were going to be ambush!He didn't have much of a choice,free Ninjor,or risk that one of the Rangers get hurt,he give the signal to the others and he lead them to the cave,they exit water and they remove their gear.Dave make appear a ball of blue light and put on a rock,providing light for the entire cave,who was near as big as the Command Center main room.

Dave:Two bad news and two good news guys

Kim:Start with the bads.

Dave:Well,a monster is sneaking on the Rangers and we can't contact them,only hope that Zordon is aware of this,and second,this monster is in fact the Ninja FalconZord,it has enough energy store inside him to destroye the entire city.

Adam:And the good news?

Dave:If the monster grow,is energy won't decuplate,and if we win the battle,we can have the Falcon Zord back.

Kim:Well,at least Zedd don't know our plan.

Dave:Well,it's time for me to go,Polaris Knight Power now![he morph]Now,open portal to coordonnance 10489,10545,132,19831999,with transit through dimension 18150-0X0DM,coordonance... 123,456,789,10111213.

In front of the three heroes a portal of bright light open,after a last glance at the Rangers,he step in.Meanwhile,the others weren't aware of Faltron watching them,he made appears a staff with a metallic feather at the end,and he shoot a bolt of energy in the middle of the court,sending the four Rangers to the ground,he leap in the air and land near them as they came back on their feet

Faltron:Rangers,I am Faltron,surrender,or I will have to destroy you.

Tommy:You don't really think we're gonna surrender,Tin-CanTron.It's Morphin time!Stellar Power,Silver!

Rocky:Stellar Power,Red!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

Billy:Stellar Power,Blue!

Faltron:Your pathetic costume won't save you,surrender or feel the wrath of the falcon.


Faltron didn't wait and he shoot laser from his eyes,sending Tommy flying.Rocky,Aisha and Billy summon their weapons and leap in the air,one after the others they slash Faltron,but the robot doesn't even flinch and they're was no sign of damage,Faltron easily get rid of the Rangers by swinging his staff.They regroup while Faltron was laughing,well trying,it was more like "Ha" repeat ten times without any tone.

Rocky:Man!This guys is tough!

Aisha:And he's really annoying too!

Tommy:Let's try the Prism Blaster,at least it should stop him from attacking for a few second.

The made a perfect line in front of Faltron and they all draw their blaster and the shoot at Faltron.The robot bring his hand in a "X" shape in front of his red jewel,stoping two blast while the others hit unprotected part of his body without letting a scratch.Faltron open wide his wing,showing missiles underneath,he shot two of them in the air,and once again the four ranger were throw away at the ground.

Meanwhile,Dave has cross the portal,after a second in another dimension,he appear in the Moon Palace,in an hallway near the throne room.

P.K.:Portal stand by.

He slowly and silently walk to the throne room,near the throne was a table,on it lies a empty cage,a bottle and little box.The Polaris Knight look around the room and saw Zedd and Rita at the balcony, watching the battle scene.He was near the table when Rito enter the room,holding a pizza,covered with bug and spider.

Rito:UH!Intruder!The Polaris Knight

Zedd:What do you think you're doing?

P.K.:I'm taking Ninjor and the Pink Power Coin outta here!

Ninjor:At last!

Rita:Ahhh!You can't let him do that,Rito!

Rito put his entire pizza in his mouth and run betweem our hero and the table,Dave call his sword and exchange a flew blow with Rito,but after a few second,the creature was defeat, he was about to touch the bottle when a blast of energy send him bacward.

Zedd:You don't seriously think you can run in here,take Ninjor and go away with it?Hahaha!You fool!You're gonna paiy dearly.

The bottle lift off from the table and Zedd grab it,he gave it to Rita and went in a defensive stence.

P.K.:Ho,so you want to fight?I think you're gonna have your sorry butt kick,Ed!

Rito:Hey!I'm the one who call him "Ed"

Zedd:Shut up and fight.

They circle around the room,looking at each other "face",the Zedd shoot a energy bolt,the Stellar Sword easely stop the blast,the Dave leap in the air,sword first,the sword and Lord Zedd's staff clash,sending sparkle of light all over the place,for a little time the two enemy come face to face.

Zedd:So,am I too much for you?Hahaha

P.K:What,you were fighting was just warming up.

Zedd:So you want to warm up!

Zedd broke their position by pushing hard with his staff,when Dave was a few step away Zedd hit the ground with his staff.Soon,a wall of flame encircle Dave.

Zedd:Hot enough for you?Hahaha!

P.K.:Now I know why your monsters always loose,because they made mistake as stupid as their master.You know,I prefer it cool.

At those word he made appear a ball of blue fire and he send it to the ground,in a second,the flame around him became blue,then he step through them,when he got to the other side he clap his finger and all the fire unite in a single ball of blue light in his hand.Angry,Lord Zedd send another blast at the Polaris Knight,who sent his light ball at hit,the two blast destroy each others.

P.K.:Zedd,that was fun,but I can't play all the days,I gotta go.

Zedd:Oh,I'm sad,I would prefer if you stay here,forever!

P.K.:Sad isn't it?But I won't go without giving you a gift.Stellar Bazooka!Fire!

The energy blast caugth Zed off guard and he was send flying into the wall,even if the evil tyrant was strong enough to resist the blast,he was knock out for a few minute.While Zedd recover,Dave rush to the table and get the box.

P.K:At least I'll come back with something,sorry big-blue.Bye bye!

Rita:Tengas!Stop him.

Dave run to the portal as a squad of Tengas rush into the room,just in time...to saw the portal closing.While all this occur(I mean at the same time exactly)The rangers got another missile of Faltron in the [BEEP].

Tommy:They're must be a way to defeat it!

Billy:Maybe,remember when we use the Prism Blaster,he protect his chest,but the blast didn't affect any part of his body,that mean his weak point is in the chest,and what do we saw in the chest...

Rocky:A red jewel!

Billy:Yes,exactly,the only problem now is to hold his arm open.

Aisha:Why not the Forest Crystal Dave bring back from our trip in time,I call it and you three shoot with your blaster.

Tommy:Right!Hey Faltron!We got a surprise for you!

Aisha:Forest Crystal Power now!

The entire Forest Crystal gear appear in green and golden flash.

Aisha:Liana grip now!

She punch the ground and liana came out near Faltron,holding his arm away from his body,the robot was too surprise and occupied to get rid of those pesky liana to see that the rangers as draw their blaster,at the same time they shoot,aiming at the red jewel.


In an incredible explosions,Faltron dissapear,but back on the Moon,Rita decide to do what her husband would have done,she sent her scepter down and make grow the monster!

Faltron:Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Now I'm unbeatable.

Back in the cave,Kim and Adam were tire of waiting when finally the Portal open again and Dave step out.

Kim:Did you get Ninjor?

Dave:No,but I didn't quit the Moon without kick ol'Zedd butt and getting this:The Pink Power Coin.For now it's useless,but at least I got it back.Now we must hurry,the other need our help,Faltron just grow.

Kim:Well,It's Morphing Time!Stellar Power,Pink!

Adam:Stellar Power,Green

Dave:OK,if you like call,I can do it too.Back to action!

They teleport to meet with the other,the Silver-Red DoubleZord was already in battle,but he was getting beaten.

Billy: Finaly, you're here.We can call the Stellar MegaZord now.

P.K.:Yeah,Tommy!This monster is in fact the FalconZord,if we destroye it,he will return back to normal,but you can beat him with the Double Zord.Undo the DoubleZord and prepare for Stellar MegaZord formation,do you copy?

[Tommy]:Yes,Double Zord,unlink!Stellar MegaZord now!

The four other Zord came down from the sky,they all link up and the Rangers and the Polaris Knight met in the control room of the newly form Stellar MegaZord.

Tommy:Crytal Hammer!Energize!Strike,now!

The crystal hammer appear,the he strike Faltron three time on the jewel,but when the light came back to normal,Faltron appear with not a scratch!He swing his staff and hit the MegaZord three time,then he fire a missile,the MegaZord fall to the ground.

Adam:80% of the shield are gone,we can't take another one like that.

Aisha:Energy depleated,we're now at 20%,we can't even energize the Hammer again.

Tommy:How can we defeat him if he can destroy that jewel!

P.K.:They're maybe an solution,I'm going out there,Tommy,when the moment will come,I want you to push that blue button.

Tommy:What blue button?I didn't see any...Wow,it just appear,how?

P.K.:No time.Light of Polaris,make me grow!

He teleport outside and appear at giant size,he slash Faltron with his sword forcing him to back away..

P.K.:Now Tommy!Polaris Mega Knight now!

When Tommy push the button,Dave and the Mega Zord leap in the air.The Zord separate in multiple part of an armor,RacerZord attach to Dave chest armor,the FalconZord,now complete,link with his back,the two part of the MantisZord became some sort of glove,covering most of the Polaris Knight arms,the same happen with his leg, finally, the CraneZord became an helmet who fold on the Polaris Knight one.



Billy:I didn't know you were able to do that!

Polaris Mega Knight:Not before,I just think about it,now Faltron,your going down!

Faltron:This cheep costume won't help you,Polaris Jerk.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.

P.M.K.:Stop that stupid laugh.Kee-yah!

The two of them went into a fight, the sword and the staff blocking each other,then Faltron kick the Mega Knight in his unprotected ribs,then,forgeting the pain,Dave slash the red jewel,Faltron suffer but wasn't destroy,he just fall to the ground.

Tommy:We need more power.

P.M.K.:I know,Polaris Ultra Knight now!

From his resting place,came the migthy carrier Zord,Titanus.Its back open and the Polaris Mega Knight hop in,then,when on position,the Stellar Bazooka giant size appear,various weapons came out of their hidding place all over Titanus.


P.U.K.:Yeah!Polaris Ultra Knight,fire!

Faltron raise back on his feet and was welcome by a barage of missile,blast and laser,all aim at his jewel.Energy run all over it and finally he explode in a great flash of light,the light take the shape of the original FalconZord,then it flew up in the sky.The Zords disappear and Dave return top normal size,and they meet in the park.

Kim:Yes!We did it!


Tommy:Now we have the FalconZord back.

P.K.:And Pink Power coin!

Rocky:Were the FalconZord go?

Billy:Surely were are all our other Zord.

Adam:Now,all we need is Ninjor.

P.K.:Sorry I wasn't able to rescue him

Adam:Nah!It wasn't your fault.

Tommy:And you did a great job.

P.K.:I think what we all need is a good shake at Ernie's.Stellar power down!

Rocky:Yeah!And some fries,and maybe a burger,also a cheese pizza,why not some ice cream and...

Aisha:Rocky!You'll never change!

Rocky:Hey.I migth change,why not?Who knows?


---------The End--------