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Spirit Encounter
by Cyber-Skell

Lord Zedd enter is throne room,he sat on is throne,then he look at the planet called Earth,then he mumble something and yell:

Zedd:Rita!Come hear my dear!

Rita:What is it Zeddy?

Zedd:I think we go the wrong way with our latest attack,we try to get Earth by brawl,but we should have try to do it by brain.I just created a devious plan to destroye the Rangers.Finster!

The little monster enter the room as fast as he can.

Finster:Yes my liege?

Zedd:I want you to make me something you haven't done since a long time,a lot of putties!


Zedd:Yes,a lot of them and fast!

Rita:What is your plan Zeddy?

Zedd:Like every year,the Rangers are going to participate the "clean-up the park" opperation tomorow,while those little brat and their friend will be cleaning,I will send the putties to make a circle around the Rangers and their humans friend,and then I will send a monster.The Rangers will be unable to morph in front of the other human,and they will be easily destroy.Hahahaha!

Rita:This is a deliciously devious and evil plan Zeddy,but you don't have a monster yet.

Zedd:I know,I just have to make one,all I need is something disgusting and gross,to turn it into a monster.

Then,at full speed,Rito enter the room holding a Taco in his hand.

Rito:Did I heard "disgusting and gross",is it dinner time yet?

Zedd:No you idiot,and I told you a hundred time not to bring those disgusting tac....Off course.Rito put your taco on the ground,I order you.

Rito:If you insist Ed.

Rito put his taco on the ground and lord Zedd zap it with his staff,the taco transform into a large version of himself,with arm,leg,a face through is filling and a little sombrero on the top of his "head",there was a disgusting sauce slowly pouring on the ground.

Disguco:Aye!Caramba! I'm Disguco,the Evil taco,king of disgusting and gross thing.Ayeyayaye!

Zedd:Perfect!Tomorow Rangers!Tomorow will be your last day!Hahahahahaha!


Kim rush through the hall of Angel Grove High,and finnaly she reach the person she was looking for,Dave,also known as Darnix the Polaris Knight,he was with Billy,talking about Quantum Physics or something like that.

Kim:I guys!Do you...

Dave:Yes I will be happy to help clean the park tomorow.

Billy:Well,me too.

Kim:Can't you stop doing that?

Dave:Sorry,that's a bad habit of mine.

Billy:You should try to do something about that.

Dave:I know,let's give me a try.So when and where?

Kim:Tomorow,3 o'clock,North entrace.Don't forget to bring bags and have gloves

Billy:Good,you didn't say a word while she was talking.

Dave:Your rigth,all migth not be lost for me.

Kim:See ya tomorow guys!

Dave+Billy:Bye Kim


It's 3 o'clock and the clean up team is gather at the North entrace,off course all the Rangers are there and 14 more student,you can see Bulk and Skull in the back ground,doing a patrol,laughing at them.Then Miss Applebee arrive.

Miss Applebee:Please people,we are going to start from here and we will clean up all the way to the South entrace.You will divide in group of....let's say,of 7,when you have finnish,we will meet in the center of the park for some fruit juices.Allrigth?No question?Ok,let's go!

The day went well,after only an hour of cleaning,it was over and the little team gather around the picnic table in the center of the park,and they drink juices deliverred by Ernie.

Tommy:Thanks for the juices Ernie,I was so thirsty.

Ernie:No thank,I will do anything to help saved the world.

Dave(whispering to Adam):Well he can take my place anytime.Think about it,Ernie in a thight suit.

Adam was about to throw out his drink by his nose,but he manage to hold in laugh long enough to swallow.He didn't have time to laugh.Something like a hundred putties appear,forming a big circle around the little team.

Rocky:Oh no,putties!

Kim:I tought Zedd forget about these guys.

Tommy:Let's get them before they hurt someone.

Then,a squad of Tengas appear and send everyone in the middle of the circle,Dave got near Tommy and whisper to him:

Dave(w.):We surely can't morph,I don't have to follow the secret identity rule,but I can't morph without putting your secret identity in danger.Sorry.

Tommy(w.):It's not your fault,I understand.

Disgusco jump in the circle of putties,at the sigth of this gross creature,the team of clener was froze in fear,Miss Applebee and two other girl faint and a boy try to make a hole in the wall of putties but he was kick away by several of them,and beat up by the Tangas.

Disgusco:Ahahaha!Human!I'm letting ya a chance,if seven of you can defeat me,I'm letting you go!Hahaha.Caramba!

Dave:There's our chance.We volunteere!

Tommy:Yeah!And your going to get beat up.

Rocky:Your going down you big...taco?!mmmmm tacos.

Aisha:We're gonna kick your butt!

Kim:You can count on that.

Adam:Nothing else to say than...Kya!

Adam leap in the air,he try to kick Disgusco but was throw away by a powerful punch.Kim try to kick him after a front flip,but she kick him in the filling,her feet was stuck,then a powerful streem of sauce throw her away she land on a table,cover with disgusting sauce.



Dave and Rocky circle around Disgusco,trying to find a open in is defense,every time they try to attack,the monster raise is defense.

Dave:It will be better if we attack at the same time,watch my signal.

Disgusco:Oh!A smart one!Thank's for the tips amigo.

Ernie:Get him guys!

Disgusco was distract long enough for Aisha and Billy to jump and do a flying kick,hitting the monster on the back,then,in the blink of a eyes,Dave make the sign(he touch an imaginary communicator,Rocky and him kick Disgusco on each side,sending its filling across the circle,sending some on the group of forced witness.


Disgusco:That does it!Tengas

The Tangas,who were innactive since they beat that boys,jump into action,the Rangers were losing,they were outnumbered and unpowered.When all was seam to be lost,a battle cries was yell and four masked figure jump over the Puties heads.The four were wearing black ninja costume(not like the Rangers,but like reals ninja),one has a red belt and head band and was carrying two sai,the second who seam femal was wearing a yellow belt and headband and was carrying two golden ninja star,the third has a green belt and band and was carrying a bo staff,and the fourth was another female,but this time with a orange belt and headband,she was carying a bladed staff.The red one charge Disgusco,his two sai flare up with intense red flammes,he strike four time the monster before it could react.The green and orange use their weapons against the tengas,while the yellow one shoot her now glowing ninja star,they made perfect curve and they strike each puties rigth in the "Z" plate,all at the same time the putties shatters away.


The cleaning team run away as fast as they could,not even looking back,but the rangers stay.The red was now figthing Discusco and the three other were figthing the Tengas.

Tommy:We got to help them!It's Morphin time!Stellar Power,Silver!

Dave:Polaris Knight power now!

Billy:Stellar Power,Blue!

Kim:Stellar Power,Pink!

Adam:Stellar Power,Green!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

The Rangers attack the Tengas while Dave charge Disgusco,he strike him with his Stellar Hammer,then he step back,letting the red stranger striking again.

P.K.:Stellar Bazooka!

The Stellar Hammer transform and the Polaris Knight open fire on the monster,Disgusco was sent against a tree,but before Dave could fire again he teleport saying:

Disgusco:You haven't seen the last of me!

Then the Tengas teleport too.The Ranger meet and go face the four strangers.

Tommy:Who are you?

P.K.:You four are part of the Spirit Ninja team isn't it?

Red Ninja:Yes,your rigth,but how?

P.K.:I am Darnix,the Polaris Knight,protector of all the dimension,defender off all the innoncent,and I can know anything from the present of the dimension where I am,and know what the people of this very dimension know.

Green Ninja:So you know who we are.

Tommy:But we don't.Hi,we are the Power Rangers.

Oranger:Yeah,we know,we heard about you.

Rocky:Can someone please explain to me who and what they are and what they are doing here?

P.K.:Let me handle this.You see Rocky,inside each of us,there is a power,call Spiritual Power,who can be directed througth special talisman with extra power,like the 8 Spirit Ring.Since the begining of time,they had been protected by the Master of Shaddow,a powerful and benevolent being of good who have control over the shadow,with those ring he was able,in time of need,to create a team of heroes,know as the Spirit Force.But,over the age,he learn about a now ancient art,the art of Ninja,warrior of the shaddow,so it was normal for him to use the power of the Rings to create a team of ninja,instead of a simple team of warrior like any other.So he create the Spirite Ninja.The Rings have control over what are call,the Spiritual Element,they designed each of the 8 type of Spiritual Power,so,if they want to be activated,they had to find the personne with the rigth type of power and with the rigth amount of power.Not enough mean weak,too much can mean megalomania,a dangerous perspective.The four we saw here had been surely sent by the Master of Shaddow because we were in real need,there job is like mine,only,just for this planet,they appear when needed.We have the Ninja of Fire,the Ninja of Ligth,the Ninja of Forest and the Ninja of Ligthening.Interesting fact,the power use by Power Rangers always come from the outside,like the Power Coin or Polaris,but they use a power from inside of themself.


Red Ninja:Wow!Well that pretty all of it,but we also have real life outside this hero buisness.My real name his Nick,Nick Williams.

Orange Ninja:My name is Noa.

Green Ninja:I'm Akhim

Yellow Ninja:And I'm Sophia

Tommy:Well I'm Tommy.

P.K.:People here call me Dave.

Billy:I'm Billy


Kim:Hi,I'm Kimberly,but my friend call me Kim.

Rocky:I'm Rocky.

Adam:I'm Adam.

P.K.:Now that intruduction are done,I think we better go to the Command Center,the Rangers base,to rest before Zedd strike again,he won't let that go unpunnished.

Nick:If you say so,how do we go to your Command Center?

Tommy:We teleport.

Noa:Teleport!Wow,that is surely more faster than our mode of transportation.

Rocky:Wich is?

Noa:Flying Disk,they are disk of pure shaddow,strong enough to hold us,they are like flying skateboard.

Akhim:Well,are we going?

P.K.:Yes,Nick,hold on my hand.Noa,hold Kim's hand,Akhim take Adam's,and Sophia hold on Aisha's.Ready?



They teleport away,their normal flash of ligth plus four new flash,a green,a orange,a yellow and a red one.Meanwhile,Disgusco has report his faillure to Lord Zedd.

Zedd:What!Spirit Ninja!How dare they interfere with my plans!They will pay for that,I swear it.

Rita:What are they doing there anyway!

Zedd:I'm sure they are here because they don't have any enemies to figth.Let's forget about plans,let's sent down Disgusco,Rito,Goldar and two other monsters,we attack in force,and they won't know what hit them.Hahahaha!Even if we loose,it will be fun to look at.

Rita:Where are you gonna get two monsters?

Zedd:That's easy,one will be made my Finster,and the other will be...[looking down Earth]that motorcycle!

He shoot a beam of evil energy with his staff,near the Youth Center,a motorcyle dissapear under a man,as he fall to the ground,a monster appear in the Moon Palace.It has a pump-up body,with the motor as a chest,the wheels as feet,the head ligth as head and the handle as horn.

MotorRaider:Haha!MotorRaider ready my liege!

Zedd:Ahaha!Finster!Make me a monster,a powerful one,Hahaha!

Rita:This migth not be a bad day after all.

Zedd:You're rigth,it's worse!Hahaha!

In his lab,finster was making the adjustement on his monstermatic.Soon,a monster came out,it was a slimy frog looking creature,thin and tall with a big pair of horn like a bull,it was holding a chain in his hand.

Bullfrog:Bullfrog ready to rumble!Hahahahaha!Give me somebody to beat up,now!

Finster:Off course,master Zedd will be glad to give you someone to destroye,especially the Power Rangers.

Bullfrog:Humm,the Power Rangers,yeah!Hahahahahahaha!

Zedd[from a other room]:Finster!Bring me the monster!

Back on Earth,the introduction has been made in the Command Center.


Nick:Is very well,he sent you his regard Zordon,he is sorry he has civic matter to attent to,he has a secret identity too you know.

Dave:Yeah,I know.

Billy:I thougth you said you would stop bragging about the fact you always know all.



Dave:That's not a good idea Zordon,we're gonna need their help,Zedd just sent 5 monster.Rito,Goldar,Disgusco,Motor Raider and Bullfrog.



Suddenly the alarms went crazy.

Alpha:They are in the park.

Sophia:I think we better go,hurry,beam us out!

Akhim:Calm down,we need to know what to do first..

Dave:He's rigth,they want us,they won't bother hurting people,for now.I have an idea.

Aisha:Like always.

Dave:We must separate,I can take care of Goldar myself.Tommy and Nick should battle Disgusco.Adam,Aisha and Noa take care of Rito,Rocky,Kim and Sophia attack Bullfrog,and Billy and Akhim attack Motor Raider.


Kim:I hate frog!


Kim:Euh!...I mean Bullfrog.Forget what I said.

Dave:Let's go.Back to action!

After teleporting the Rangers and the Ninja,Zordon open a comunication channel.

In the Park,the Ranger and the Ninja appear,facing their enemy.

Disgusco:Look who's back amigos the Power Geek,the Polaris Punk and the Spirit Twit.

All monster:Hahahahahaha!

Goldar:Your going down Rangers!

P.K.:No,it's you who is going down Goldar!Charge!

Nick:Flame Sas!

Noa:Ligth Star!

Sophia:Thunder Staff!

Akhim:Wood Bo

The Ranger and the Ninja jump into action.The Polaris Knight charge Goldar sword up,the two weapons clashes in a cascade of spark,they start a noisy swordfigth.Nick strike Disgusco with his burning sai,cutting the filling,but it fix itself.

Disgusco:Is that your best,fire boy?

Nick:No,but I stil have some surprise under my sleeves.

The creature was surprise by a flying kick of the Silver Ranger he hadn't spotted yet,this time Tommy hit the side,sending Disgusco against a tree,then drawing Sabba and his Prism Blaster,he shoot at the downed monster.

Tommy:That should do it.

Nick:Don't be so sure.

Nick was rigth,Disgusco was back on his feet.He shoot ball of is filling who explode when contact with the two heores.On the other side of the field,Bullfrog was giving trouble to Rocky,Kim and Sophia.Kim try to shoot him with her weapons but he stop the arrow by swirling his chain.Sophia leap in the air and try to slash the monster with her bladed staff,she was sent flying away by a blast comming from Bullfrog horns.Bullfrog charge,slashing Rocky with his chain and blasting Kim before she shoot.Sophia raise back on her feet just in time to see Bullfrog throwing his chain at her.Meanwhile:

Noa:Your one big ugly skeleton.

Rito:Well thanks,I take care of my bones.

Adam:Well,we're gonna broke them.

Rito:Really?Take that!

The horrible brother of Rita shoot black beam from his eyes,sending the three heroes to the ground.

Noa:Now you make me mad.Ligth Star,Shines!

She shoot her twins ninja star,they hit Rito square in the chest,but Rito still stand.

Noa:Ligth Flash!

She held her two star high above her head and they start shingin with an incredible ligth,blinding Rito.

Noa:Go guys!

Adam and Aisha call their weapons and leap in the air,they both hit Rito.He fall on his butt,very mad he shoot black beam out of his eyes,sending the three heroes on the ground again.

Noa:Com'on guys,let use some ligth power.

Adam:Good idea,Prism Blaster!


Noa:Ligth Ball!

Noa join her two star in one and a big yellow ligth follow the twin blaster beam,hitting Rito rigth in the head,a minor injurie for him,but it was strong enough to send him to the ground.Dave was still in a flashy sword figth with Goldar when the ugly creature send him to the ground with a vicious feet trick.

Goldar:I will be a hero among the evil of the universe for destroying you,Polaris Punk!

Goldar was about to administer the fatal blow when dave shoot a ball of blue fire at him,sending him crashing to the ground a few feet away,the arm frozen solid.The Polaris Knight jump on his feet,call upon his bazzoka and fire,the creature was throw away by the blast.

Motor Raider roam betweem the two heros,striking them on the chest for the fourth time.He stop nearby a tree,Akhim start smiling.

Akhim:Your first mistake,monster,Forest help me!

A tree branch hit MotorRaider in the back,he was recieve by the blade of Billy's Pulsar Axe,Akhim punch the creature in the "guts",then under the "chin" and finnaly the two jump kick it.

Motor Raider:That was good,but not good enough,Hahaha!

His ligth flash and send a orange blast a the Billy and his friend,but akhim use his bo staff as a baseball bat and send back the blast to Motor Raider.

Akhim:I use to play baseball.Merging Roots!

He plant his staff in the ground and in front of him appear a big fist made out of hundreds of roots.

Mortor Raider:Huho!

The giant fist hit the monster before he can react,punching him away,then it plounge back into the ground.

Billy:Very interesting,were those roots came from?

Akhim:From all the tree around.

Bullfrog caugth Sophia in his chain,but suddenly electricity surge througth the chain and hit Bullfrog,he loosen his grip and back away.

Bullfrog:But how?

Sophia:Hey,ligthening is my element,what do you think,that I only use a fancy named staff?And guest what?You're going down.


Kim shoot an arrow and hit the creature's hand,and he let go his chain.Bullfrog shoot at Kim with his horn,but she roll aside,then Rocky leap in the air and strike Bullfrog's horn,cutting them like butter,BullFrog punch Rocky away before he can strike again.

Bullfrog:What have you done!My beautiful horns!You're gonna pay for that.

Sophia:I don't think so.Thunder Blast!

A ligthening strike the blade of the Thunder Staff and it start crakling with electricity,then Sophia swing it and the ligthening fly rigth at Bullfrog.The blast was so powerful that he was thrown away.

Nick:Time to cook this freak!

Disgusco:Well,why don't you try,it can be fun.

Nick:Get ready!Fire Round!

Nick's sais start burning,he spin on his feet and the fire quit the sais,forming a ring of fire.The fire explode on contact and it run all over Dissgusco.The blow sent the monster flying at the same time the other do and all the five creature hit each others and land hard.

Rito:Enough!I'm outta here!

Goldar:Me too!Arrg,this is no finnish,we'll be back to destroy you!

Rito and Goldar dissapear in flash,leaving the three dizzy monster.

MotorRaider:What about us?

P.K.:Simple,we're gonna do some serious ass kicking!Let's Give them all what we got!


Ranger:Prism Blaster!Fire!

Two beam hit each monster,then Tommy fire with Sabba at each creature.

P.K.:Stellar Bazooka,Fire!

The ball of ligth explode,hurting each monster.

Aisha:Ligthening Crystal!Ligthening blast!

Billy:Water Crystal:Water Stream!

Rocky:Earth Crystal!Seismic Punch!

Adam:Forest Crystal!Liana toss!

The four crystal appear,first the water stream ,then the water-amplified ligthening zap the three monster,then suddenly when Rocky punch the ground they were all lift from it by a collumn of rock,and finnaly three liana came out of the earth,each grabing a monster by the feet and tossing it hard to the ground.[WAM!]

Dissgusco:You...can't win...we...are..too powerful...

Nick:We'll see about that!Fire Ring!

Noa:Ligth Ball!

Akhim:Merging Roots!

Sophia:Thunder Blast!

The migthy elemental attack of the Spirit Ninja strike Motor Raider,Bullfrog and Disgusco.

P.K.:And now,for the grand finnale!Ligths of Polaris,hear my plee,strike my enemies,NOW!



MotorRaider:Ho shit!

The most powerful attack the galaxy ever now,the Ligths of Polaris,hit the three monster,the migthy ligth ray send them into oblivion with a blinding flash of pure white ligth.

Rocky:We did it!


Sophia:Super cool!

Noa:That's what I call a ligth attack!


Billy:That's three more monster who won't be bothering us anymore.

Akhim:You said it man!Gimme five![clap!]

Tommy:That was great,good job Dave.

P.K.:Hey,it was a team job,and we make quite a team,that final part was extreme.

Aisha:You say it,that was cool but I hope we never have to do that again.

P.K.:Yeah,me too.Com'on Ninja,before you go,what about a shake at Ernie's juice bar?

Nick:Why not?Spirit down!.

Tommy:Power down!

For the first time,they can see their new friend face,the red hair of Nick,the afro-american face of Akhim,the wonderful blond hair of Noa and Sophia.All of them seam to have the same age the Rangers does.

Dave:Well,what are we waiting for?

Sophia:Let's go!

The little groups walk off,not aware of what happen next.on the burned grass,a few of Dissgusco horrible filling,one off bullfrog horn and a shredded remain of Motor Raider's tires dissapear in a flash of black ligth.


Back to the Moon Palace,Rito and Goldar were in a "disscusion" with lord Zedd.

Zedd:How could you run away like that!

Goldar:But my lord,they were too strong.We were outnumbered.

Rito:Listen to him Ed.

Zedd:It's ZEDD,now shut up!This is all your fault again!One day,they will pay for that hoooo!

Zedd wasn't aware,but someone was watching him,someone really evil and very powerful.

Evil being:Why not,that could be fun.but first,I have to put the pawn in place before we can play.Hahahahahahaha!

------The end,for now...-------