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The Stellar Saga
Part 1: The Wish of the Knight
by Cyber-Skell

One weeks after their encounter with the Spirit Ninja,the Ranger and the Polaris Knight are at a BBQ party at some school friend house,the night is beautiful and the star are shining, tomorrow is Sunday and everyone is expecting to go to bed very late,the music is loud and the hot dogs are about to be just perfect.

Kim:We're going to eat soon,is everyone ready.

Adam:Wait,where's Dave?

Billy:I think I saw him going to the front yard,he mumble something about star,I'll go get him.

Dave,also known as Darnix the Polaris Knight is sat on the front yard and is watching the stars shining in the sky.

Billy:Their you are.What are you doing.

Dave:Thinking,it's easier when you are alone,even if I can't be alone with my tougth.

Billy:What do you...Oh,right,you can know anything about the present,that surely is fantastic.

Dave:No it's not,it's curse.


Dave:You don't know what it is to have all those voice in your head,at the beginning it was simple,I could know about the present of what was in 10 meter of radius,then it start growing,and growing,finally becoming what it is know.I can feel all the joy of the universe,but I can also feel the pain.I wish their was someway for me to change this power,enough so it can still be useful,but yet not that annoying.

Billy:I understand it's not that fun.

Dave:You can say that again,do you ever have a surprise party?


Dave:I haven't got a surprise party for my birthday since I'm 14,and that was quite ago,all of this because I cannot be surprise anymore.

Billy:I suppose the life became dull.

Dave:sometime they are places who are protected by magic who cannot be pierce by my power,I like to go there and relaxe.I wish[sigh].I brag about it,not to hide my pain from the other,but much more from me.

Billy:Well,maybe Zordon know somthing you don't that can hel,after all is not in this dimansion.

Dave:You're rigth.

Billy:Com'on,the hot dog's are ready.


Between the bigger dimension exist pocket dimension,some are use for storage,some for prison,when they are use for prison,they are usually call "a void" or "a vortex".In one of this void,was emprissoned by the forces of good an evil being,a real demon,going by the name of Kratox Zulpenk.He has been emprissone there by forces of good eons ago.The barrier which was enabling him to escape has became thinner from year to year,aloying the demon to make quick entrace in bigger world,usualy to steal something or to give something,the barrier was now so thin that he was able to look into the Rangers dimension,he was now watching them all the time.At his side was resting remains of monster the Ranger defaet since Dave arrival.Demolion's belt,one of Flamouth's scale,one of Rollpince pincer,Rottennor mushrooms,a few of Dissgusco filling,Bullfrog's horns and a piece of MotorRaider tire.Kratox look at his collection,his gas form almost smile.

Kratox:Sad i didn't get any part from that stupid Clockroach or that Rader,but I don't think it would worth it anyway.Now is the time to put my piece in place.The time has come to allow the Polaris Knight to make is wish.Hahahahaha!


On the Moo Palace,Lord Zedd and Rita were watching the Rangers.

Rita:Zeddy,we should send the Tengas to crash this party.Hahahaha!

Zedd:This is a great idea my dear,and I shall turn one of those hot dogs into a terrifying monster.

Rito:Did someone says "hot dog"?I prefere boiled dog but I...

Zedd:Shut up!Idiot!Now,Tengas atta...


Zedd:Who dare to order Lord Zedd,emperor of all what I see?

In front on the three vilain appear a dark cloud,at his center were burning red eyes.

Zedd:Who are you?How dare you enter my castle?

Kratox:And how dare you ordering me.You do not deserve to no my name.I am requesting your help,I want to conquer the universe,and your gonna help me.

Zedd:What!Me helping you?You don't know who I am?

Kratox:Yes I know,and you don't know who I am and it shall remain that way,now bow before me,all 3 of you.


Rita:Why should we?


Suddenly a black ray coming from the cloud hit the three vilain and they collapse to the ground in pain.

Kratox:You see,I can destroye you easyly,but if you serve me in my conquest,I may give you the status of Earth governor,or something like that.Now,let get down to buisness.

Zedd:We will do what you said,great Dark Lord,for now.What is your plan.

Kratox:My plan is none of your buisness.Now,read this map.

An old map apear in front Zedd.He unroll it and read it.

Zedd:This is the map that lead to the famous Fallen Star Crystal,the crystal that allows the one who find it,a selfish wish.That is your plan,you want to get the crystal so you can be ruler of the universe?

Kratox:No!You fool,I want the Ranger to tougth YOU want it,and I want the Rangers and their ally to get it.

Zedd:What?I don't understand?

Rita:Yeah!I thougth you want to rule the universe.

Kratox:SILENCE!You shall only know what I want you to know.For now,sent a monster after it,but only instruct him to slow the Rangers.His primary goal should be to destroye the Ranger,not getting the crystal.And don't make it too strong,just enough so it would look normal.Is that understood?




Kratox:Now,I shall go,execute my plan.

And the dark cloud dissapear the same way it appear.

Rita:If he think that we're gonna do is dirty work,we wil get the crystal for ourself,and WE shall rule the universe.

Zedd:That is a wonderful idea,our monster will...

Suddenly the two vilain collapse in pain again,and the booming voice of Kratox Zulpenk make the palace shake.

Kratox:Do what I said!


Rito:I suppose you don't have a choice Ed.

Zedd:It's Zedd!Whatever.Drillotor!Arise!

In the middle of the room appear a robotic mole with a drill for nose and long ginat claw on each hand,it didn't have eyes,juste one long line of blue glass in the forhead.

Drillotor:Ready to drill it!Drihihihihi!

Rita:Too bad it has to loose,it would be a perfect monster for destroying those pesky Rangers.

Zedd:Drillotor,I want you to follow this map,when you get to the location on it,I want you to wait,when the Rangers will get there,destroye them,only if,and only if,you destroye the Rangers you shall take the treasure this map lead to,is that clear.

Drillotor:Very clear you highness,when shall I go?Dri,dri,drill!

Zedd:Rigth now.


The party was great,the Rangers were stuffing their face with hot dogs,dave was at his fifth hot dog when he seam to be trouble by somthing,he look at Tommy on his left and touch an imaginary comunicators.The two of them went to the front yard.

Tommy:What is it,an attack?

Dave:No,but Zedd just found something dangerous,we should get the others and go to the command center.



Later,they all teleport to the command center,Rocky still holding a plate of hot dogs.

Alpha:Rangers,what are you doing here?

Dave:This is an emergency,Zordon,Zedd just found the map that lead to the Fallen Star Crystal.


Billy:Zordon,what is so important about that crystal?


Aisha:If we found that crystal,we can wish to get rid the unverse of all evil.

Dave:No,the Fallen Star Crystal can only be use to make a selfish wish.

Billy:That's your chance to get rid of your curse.

Dave:You are rigth,but maybe some of you have wish to make,I can't use it myself.

Kim:Yes you can,what is your curse anyway?

Billy:His knowledge of the present is too much,it's a torture.

Tommy:Well,you gonna get yourself a wish.

Dave:Thank you guys,but I won't be able to make my wish if Zedd's monster get there first.

Adam:Zedd send a monster?


Rocky:Wha' a na'e,[gulp]

Aisha:Rocky,don't speak with your mouth full.


Tommy:What are we waiting for?It's morphing time!Stellar Power Silver!

Dave:Polaris Knight Power now!

Billy:Stellar Power,Blue!

Kim:Stellar Power,Pink!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

Adam:Stellar Power,Green!

Rocky:S'ella' Powe','ed!


Rocky:'orry[he swallow].Stellar Power,Red!

Once the morphing complete,the Polaris Knight move to the console and type something.

P.K.:Behold the viewing globe.


P.K.:Nevermind,this is the planete Firgoulan'x 31,an deserted space colonie of the Kajeman,that's where is the crystal.

The Viewing Globe shows what seam and endless desert with litle pile of rock all around and a few ruin of what was centuries ago magnificent cities.

Rocky:Can we breath on that planete?

P.K.:Yes.Anyway we won't stay there long,look,this is the cave entrace where we should teleport so we can get to the crystal.

Suddenly Drillotor appear on globe,he look at the map and then goes underground.

P.K.:We must hurry,with his abbility to dig,he can be there before us.Alpha,teleport us now.


Tommy:We're gonna need it.

Alpha:Good luck Rangers,teleporting,now.

The 7 columns of ligth travel througth space at an incredible speed,finnaly they apear on Firgoulan'x 31,near the cave entrace.

Adam:So that's the cave,why don't we just follow the monster underground.

Billy:That's not a great idea.

P.K.:It will be like shooting fish in a barrell for him.Com'on guys,it's this way.

They enter the cave and walk a few feet when Dave stop like he was in shock.

Tommy:What is it?

P.K.:This place,it's protected by a magic sheild,I can't use my power of the knowledge,but don't be affraid,I've got an excelent memorie,and I remember the map completly.

Billy:When we find the crystal,it will always be like now.

P.K.:Yeah,that's great.

A few yard later,they come by a large room,with two exit other than the one they just use.While Dave try to remember,the Rangers sit on rock around him,none of them saw Drillotor ,hidden in a hole on the wall.From his drill-nose,little missile exit and hit the ceiling of the room,pound of falling rock caugth the Rangers off guard.

P.K.:Whatch out!

With amazing reflexes,the Polaris Knight made a protective shield with ice.The rock finish falling and the litle team can exit their ice cocoon,all the room is fill at half with rocks and the three exits are block.

Rocky:That was close.

P.K.:You can say that again.

Kim:How can we escape this trap?The exits are block.

P.K.:I know,we should only open one of the exits,the left one is the rigth one,the one that lead to the crystal.

Aisha:How do we open it?

Rocky:I know.Earth Crytal Power now!

The Earth Crystal entire gear appear in flashof gold and orange.

Rocky:Seismic Punch!

The Earth Crystal start glowing with seismic energy and Rocky litterally punch a way out.

P.K.:Good job Rocky.

Aisha:Yeah,good idea too.

P.K.:Com'on,we have to hurry.

The Rangers follow the Polaris Knight througth the dark tunnel,only ligthen by the lamp on the Rangers helmet(The fifth branch of the star on their helmet is the lamp),they run for about 10 minute when the found themself in front of another junction,one tunnel on the left,one in the center and one to the rigth.

Billy:Wich way?

P.K.:Mmm....to the rigth.

They take the rigth tunnel,it start to go down and suddenly the way is blocked by water.

Tommy:Water,here?I thougth this planete was a desert?

P.K.:No totaly,their is just more water underground than on the suface.The tunnel go up in about twenty feet,but I don't think we can hold our breath that long.

Billy:What are we gonna do?

P.K.:Easy.Like that!

At those word,he shoot a ball of blue ligth in the water,who turn to ice in one second.

P.K.:Now,all we have to do is punch a way out with the Earth Crystal.

Aisha:That would take to long,let me handle this.Ligthening Crystal Power,Now.Ligthening Blast.

The ligthening struke the frozen water,dig a tunnel in it.

Aisha:It's not very large but we could be able to get to the other side quickly.

Rocky:That's a great idea too.

Aisha:That was nothing.Ligthening Crystal Power down!

Tommy:We must hurry,before Drillotor find the Fallen Star Crystal.

The little group easilly croos the ice tunnel,once on the other side,they discover a major obstacle.

Adam:A canyon.

P.K.:How can we cross that?It's almost 30 feet large.Maybe I can make an ice bridge.

Billy:That won't holde,it's too large,we need a suspended bridge.

Adam:That's easy to say,where are we gonna find ropes?

Billy:No nead for ropes.Forest Crystal Power now!Liana Grip,make a bridge.

Billy puch the ground and blue liana(it's an other planete remember) cross the canyon,then,smaller liana link the two big one togther,finally,two other liana cross the canyon,hanging from the wall and link to the other two,making a perfect suspended bridge.

P.K.:Good job,I should have think of that.Now,we must cross one by one,just in case.

One by one,the Rangers cross,trying not to look down,a little scare but alrigth,the Rangers made it to the other side.

P.K.:Now,the room with the crystal should be near.

They run for 15 minute and they finnaly arrive to the main room,ine the middle of the circular room,lies on a pillar,a big crystal ball.

P.K.:The Fallen Star Crystal.We succeed,we get here before Zedd's monster.

Drillotor:Not really,I was just waiting.Hahahaha!

The ground explode,revealing Drillotor,laughing as he emerge from the ground.

Drillotor:I'm gonna drill you!Hahahaha!Prepare to meet your doom,Rangers!Haha!Drill!Drill!

P.K.:Shut up and figth!Stellar Bow!

Dave shoot an blue arrow directly at the monster chest,then he leap in the air,transform his bow back to a sword and slash Drillotor,then he make a quick back flip,giving room for the Rangers to fire with their Prism Blaster.The robot loose his balance but didn't fall.

Drillotor:That was fun,but it's my turn!

He leap in the air,slashing Tommy,Dave and Kim with his claws,the he shoots small needle from his drill,they explode when they made contact with the other Rangers,then he dive underground.The Rangers get back to their feet,they look around,ready to strike when the monster will came out,all of them call their weapon and get in figthing stence.The ground explode under their feet,sending them flying througth many direction.Dave head hit something hard at landing,e realise it was the pillar.Drillotor was about to fire his missile again when Dave attract his attention.

P.K.:Hey!Drill boy!You just loose.

Dave touch the crystal,close his eyes make his wish mentally.Suddenly the Crystal shine with white ligth,the ligth move into Dave's body,then,the Crystal shine again,blinding everyone in the room.When they open their eyes,they were back outside the cave,even Drillotor.


P.K.:Every time someone make a wish with the Fallen Star Crystal,it teleport to a other location,the map and the people near it too,we were send outside the cave,while the map went God know were.

Billy:But you make your wish,no?

P.K.:Yes,now,I can feel danger near me,and I can scan thing,people and the universe.Uhoh!Danger!

Drillotor needle missile hit the Rangers,but this time they were ready and they didn't fall.

Drillotor:You forget about me?How sad.Let me remind you!

He shoot misiles again,then he leap in the air and charge the Rangers,blocking their weapon with his claw and hitting them with his drill.Tommy,however,jump out of the way,the he jump kick Drillotor and slash him with Sabba.

Tommy:Com'on guys,Prism Blaster,fire!

The six beam hit the creature,sending him to the carpet.

Drillotor:I'm not finish,look what I got from my master.

He shows one of Zedd's bottle of growing potion and break it at his feet,growiong to giant size.

P.K.:I absolutly sense danger here.

Tommy:We need Stellar MegaZord power now!

The six migthy Stellar Zord soar from the sky of Firgoulan'x 31,the six zord quickly form the Stellar MegaZord.The MegaZord charge the creature and try to punch it,Drillotor grab the two arm and hit the MegaZord's chest with his drill,spark explode in the command room.

Adam:He destroye half of the chest shield in one strike,if we get an other hit like that,he may destroye our energy center.

Like he has heard that,Drillotor drill the chest again,the energy center explode,provoking bigger explosion in the command room,the only good side is that the explosion free the MegaZord from Drillotor's clawed hand.

Billy:Energy to 0%,we won't be able to holde the MegaZord for long.

Tommy:How long before Polaris recharge our batteries?

P.K.:Too long,26 minute,26 and 37 second to be exact.

Kim:Watch out,he's coming back.

Drillotor was charging,nose first,ready to strike the imobile MegaZord and crush the Rangers with it's remain.

P.K.:Polaris Ultra Knight,now!

The Polaris Knight teleport outside,giant size,he and the MegaZord jump in the air,the MegaZord shatter in different armor piece,Titanus appear underneath and open,The Polaris Mega Knight fall in,many hidden weapons came out of Titanus and the Stellar Bazooka giant size appear in the Hand of the Polaris Knight.

P.U.K.:Polaris Ultra Knight,fire!

The many weapons fire all at the same time,blasting the charging creature into oblivion,he explode in a giant fire,shattered piece of the creature flew around,one dissapear in a flash of black ligth.


Zedd:Why did you want me to send a fine monster to his doom?

Kratox:Listen,and listen well,now that the Polaris Knight is no more aware of the present,I can everything I want,but you will continu to execute my order if you don't want to end up like that overgrow drill you call a monster.

Zedd:If you said so.

The dark cloud dissapear once again,in it's void,the evil being look at his growing colection.

Kratox:Soon,I will rule that universe,and no one,no one,will be able to stop me conquering other.Hahahahaha!I must device another plan,for next time.


The next day,after school,dave found a piece of paper on his locker,giving him rendez-vous to the Youth Center,when he couldn't find the guys he decide to go.He enter the Juice bar,but all the ligth were down,it was dark and quiet.

Dave:If that what I think it is...


The ligth go up,revealing balloon and other kind of birthday decoration.Ernie and the rest of the gang came out from behind the counter while other people he know from the school came out from everywhere.

Ernie:Billy told us it was your birthday,and he also told us you havn't got a surprise party since a long time,so me and the kids decide to throw you one,hope you like chocolate cake.

Dave:Off course.

Kim:We didn't know what to give you,but we came up with some idea,open it.

She grab a big package from under the counter.Inside was a blue t-shirt of the school team of football,one of those souvenir snowball of Angel Grove and a watch,who was in fact a communicators,but it's suppose to be a watch.Dave was almost crying.

Dave:This is my best birthday since a very,very long time,thank you guys.

Kim:It's not much I know but...

Dave:Don't say more,now,let's eat the cake and have some fun!

Rocky:All rigth!

--------To be continued...--------