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The Stellar Saga
Part 2: Sucker!
by Cyber-Skell

Kratox Zulpenk look over his collection,Drillotor's drill has been add to it.The evil being has wait so long for this,he was now ready to add another piece to his collection.

Kratox:It's time to ask that idiot Zedd another favor.Hahahaha!Soon,I will be out!


It was "oral presentation" day at Angel Grove high,miss Applebee has made an assigment:show and tell about something important in your life.It was now Billy's turn,he was talking about the sun.

Billy:The sun is at the base of all life form on this planete,he nourrish the plant who feed the animal...

And he was talking and talking,unaware that one of the most evil being of all was watching.

Kratox:Off course,the sun,the plant,that's a great idea,why not giving the plant,the turn to feed on the animal,espescially the Power Rangers.

Rocky was sitting next to Dave,and he was kind of worry,he whisper to his friend:

Rocky(w):Aow!Man!I didn't prepare anything,what am I gonna do?My turn is tomorow and I didn't find my subject yet.

Dave(w):Easy,talk about some thing important,I'm gonna talk about the stars in general,why don't you talk about food and the digestive process.

Rocky(w):Bulk already choose the subject.

Dave(w):Rigth.What about your car?

Rocky(w):Johnny pick that.

Dave(w):Who's Johnny?

Rocky(w):The guys with a dead beaver on his head.

Dave hold his laugh,but he stop laughing when he saw Rocky's face,he was worry.Billy finnish is presentation and finnaly the bell rang.

Dave:Don't worry,we'll ask the guys and they'll help you out.



The dark cloud make his appearence in the Moon Palace,Lord Zedd and his wife Rita feel the anger grow inside of them as the cloud aproach.

Zedd:What do you want?

Kratox:You shall not speak to me like that!I don't have time today to punnish you,but feel lucky I need you.I want you to send Tengas down on Earth,then,while they figth,make a monster out of a carnivorous plant and unleash it on the city.

Rita:That is a deligthful plan,and that creature will smash the Power Rangers!Hahaha!

Kratox:No!I want him to be weak,get it?Maybe you me to teach you some manner.

Zedd:No,but why it has to be weak.

Kratox:I have my reason,now get to work.

The cloud dissapear as Zedd walk toward the balconny and look down the Earth.

Zedd:He said it has to be weak,but he didn't say it has to STAY weak.Hahahahaha!

Rita:You have somthing in mind Zeddy?

Zedd:Off course,but first,let finnish that Tengas buisness,I don't want HIM to come back.Tengas!Attack!


Rocky and Dave had to meet the other in the park for a basketball game when their comunicators beep.

Dave:I'm still not use to that.What is it Alpha?

[Alpha]:The Tengas are attacking the Youth Center,you must get their fast.

Dave:We're on our way,Polaris Knight out,10-4.

Rocky:Well,I think it's time.It's Morphing Time!Stellar Power,Red!

Dave:Polaris Knight power now!

they morph and quickly get to the Youth Center,there,a squad of Tengas was wrecking the place,people were hiding behind table while the bird creature were making fun of them,then Ernie take a peek from behinde the counter.

Ernie:The Power Rangers are here!We're safe.

P.K.:Cool down,we haven't finnish them yet.

The two heroes draw out their sword and charge,striking two Tengas each.The batle wasn't really tough but it seam like the Tengas were more perseverant than usual,and it looked like it was going to be a long figth.


On the Moon Palace,Zedd was preparing an other of his trick.


A small plant looking men with a flytrap head and two vine instead of arm appear,it was something like 4 feet tall.

Vamplant:I'm here to suck up!

Rita:But Zeddy,it's too small.

Zedd:Not for long,Vamplant,get down there and suck the life out of those humans!


The monster dissapear in a flash of green.

Vamplant appear in the mall behind a false plant,near,a man was sitting on a bench,the little monster grab himn with his extendable vine,suddenly,green wave of energy travel from the man to Vamplant and finnaly the poor man fall lifeless (not dead,just fainted) and Vamplant start growing,something like 4 inches.

Vamplant:Soon,I will be full size and super powerful!

The creature start to laugh evily as he start to roam througth the mall,catching innocent people in is vine,growing each time he suck life forces.


Back to the Youth Center,Rocky and Dave just finnish their last Tengas and decide to help Ernie fix up the place.

Ernie:I can't believe it,thank you,a lot!

P.K.:Just doing our job sir.

Rocky,com'on,help me put the mat in place.


Boy1:Can we have your autograph,please!

Boy 2:Yeah,please!

P.K.:Off course.Here,done.

Boy1:Thank you.

Rocky:Here you go boys.

Boy 2:Cool!

Suddenly,Dave freeze,like he was in a block of his own ice.

Rocky:What is it?

P.K.:Danger,in the mall,I was so caugth by the batle that I didn't detect it before now.Sorry sir but we have to go.

At those word,they teleport in flash of ligth.


Boy 1:Cool!

Boy 2:Cool!


Dave and Rocky arrive at the Mall's parking lot,the other Rangers were already there.Now,Vamplant was 5,8 feet tall,and a few victim were still around.

Kim:No one mess with the mall and expect me to let him go without trouble!

Tommy:We're gonna cut you down.

P.K.:Prepare to be mowed!

Vamplant:Ooh!I'm so scared of the big bad Rangers!

P.K.:You should be scared.

Trying to surprise the monste,Rocky and Aisha leap in the air,calling their weapons,they were about hit Vamplant when he grab them with his vine and beat up the ground with them,and then sucking there life force,letting them fainted to the ground.

Tommy:Rocky!Aisha!Prism Blaster,fire!

The four remaining Rangers shoot at Vamplant,but he open his mouth and a spray of poison make the blast explode before reaching their goal.Using the effect of surprise,Adam,Billy and Tommy strike Vamplant,they were able to hit him a few time but he grab Billy and Adam with his vine and force Tommy to back away with his poison spray while he was sucking life force out of the Blue and Green Rangers.Vamplant was now fully grown to 6.4 feet.

P.K.:No!Now it's my turn,Stellar Bazooka,fire!

The bazooka shoot a big ball of blue and white ligth,the blast was about to reach Vamplant when he just dodge the hit by stretching his vine body,the blast explode when it touch a car,blowing it up to smitherins.

Kim:We got to do something.

P.K.:Let circle him,he can't get all of use at the same time.

The three remaining heroes begin circling the evil creature,Vamplant knew what was coming,he was prepare.Kimberly shoot an energy arrow with her crossbow and all went fast,she was hit by a poison spill of Vamplant and back away,Tommy charge and was caugth by the vines,quickly he was fainted and Vamplant muscle grow.


The Polaris Knight charge,his Stellar Sword shining from his anger,he avoid the vine with extreme agility,dancing litterally on air,but all of the sudden,an other vine grow from the monster belly,holding Dave by hisneck,the monster lift him from the ground,trying to choke him to death.Kim try to shoot,but an other poison spit made her loose her crossbow in a pile of car debris.The Polaris Knight was almost choke,when all of the sudden,a flamming blade cut rigth there the choking vine.


THere,was standing the Red Spirit Ninja,his Flammes Sais still burning,surprise,Vamplant back away a few step.

Vamplant:What are you doing here?!?

Nick:Just visiting some relatives,look like you guys have all the fun.

P.K.:Rigth[cough],you can say that again.

The three heroes regroup.

Kim:I think it's time to terminate that bad seed.

Vamplant:You can always try.

Nick:How,we can't aproach him.

P.K.:Why do we would need that,plant are fragile to ice and fire,isn't it?

Nick:Off course!Fire Ring!

Nick's sais burn with intense red fire,he spin around and then shoot a ring of pure fire,explosing when it made contact,then Dave shoot a ball of blue fire,making a deep cut in Vamplant's "chest".

Vamplant:I'm not finnish yet!

Kim:But you will soon be,Comet Crossbow,Triple charge!

She held her crosbow high above her head,a ray of ligth touch it,creating an arrow of pure ligth,she put it down and Nick and Dave put a ball of their fire on the arrow point,creating a ball of blue and red energy.


The burning arrow zip across the parking lot,making a perfect bull's eye,Vamplant was instantly frozen solid,then he explose in a powerful blast of fire,all the life force he stole return to the personne it belong to,soon,the Rangers are up on their feet.

Tommy:Ow!My head.What happen?Nick?What are you doing here?

Nick:I'm staying at some relative's house for the week,and I was trying to find you when I saw this thing trying to choke Poly here.

P.K.:Don't call me Poly.

Billy:That's wierd,usually,when we destroye a monster,Rita and Zedd make it grow,I wonder what's wrong.

P.K.:You're rigth,that's wierd.Power Down!

Nick:Spirit low!I have some great news to tell you guys,you won't believe it.We got a new team member.


Nick:Shadowka!It's a long story,but to make it short:a friend of us was capture by one of our enemy,the Raven Lord,he was turn evil...

Tommy:Poor guys.

Nick:Then Raven Lord use is body to ressurect the first Shaddow Ninja,Shadowka, spirit,Sam,the guys,was controlling it's incredible power,being able to melt into the shaddow.We were able to release him by reaching for Shadowka's Spirit,trap inside Sam,and now,Sam can call Shadowka's spirit and became the one we call no Shadowka,who is in fact a body with two spirit.He sound so wierd when he transform,he has that double voice,Sam says that Shadowka is talking to him while he isn't transform.

Dave:That's great,you certainly have a great team now.


Rocky:I'm hungry,let's get somthing to eat at Ernie's.

The group of teenager walk away laughing,they didn't notice,one of Vamplant debris dissapearing in a flash of black.



Ms.Applebee:Now,it's Rocky's turn.Rocky.

Dave(w):What did you choose?

Rocky(w):Wait or ask yourself.


Rocky take a few card from his bag then walk to the front of the class.He seem confident enough,but still a little bit nervous.

Rocky:Today,I'm gonna talk about something important to all of us,the Power Rangers!

As Rocky continue his presentation,talking about the Rangers color,zord and weapons,Dave smile for himself,but suddenly his smile freeze,he felt an evil being entering and exiting our world.

Dave(w):I wonder.....

------To be continued...-----------