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The Stellar Saga
Part 3: The Shocking Shield of the Shelled Monster
by Cyber-Skell

Two days after their defeat over Vamplant,a saturday,the Rangers were with their friend Nick Wilkins,the Red Spirit Ninja,at the Youth Center,disscussing about the various monster they have fougth over the time they battle evil.

Nick:I wonder were the bad guys get those stupid name idea,like Demolion,Motor Raider,Bullfrog,Vamplant,Flamouth,Drillotor,Disgusco,Rito.

Rocky:You're rigth,I never think about it,but they some kind of thing for wierd name.

Dave:Yeah,but those name describe them perfectly.

Billy:We can say those name are efficient.

Tommy:But still weird.

Aisha:Ho,look at the hour,me and Adam are going to the beach,we have to catch the 12 o'clock bus,so of you want to come?

Dave:Sorry,can't do that,I promise I help Billy.

Billy:We are working on a shielding device,to be more protected during figth.

Tommy:I got a karate lesson to do.

Kim:I have to practice,you known,they will soon choose people for the Pan-Global game.

Rocky:Got to do the lawn.

Nick:I'll go,I never see the beach of Angel Grove.

Adam:All rigth it set,met us at the bus stop.

Nick:Rigth,wich one?

Aisha:The one in front of the school.

Nick:Ok.Later guys.


Adam:See ya later.


And the three teenager leave the room.


Lord Zedd Moon Place.The now well known dark cloud appear in front of Lord Zedd throne.

Zedd:You!What do you want again?

Kratox:I want you to create a monster with electric power and the capability to create shiled.I want you to send it atop the tallest building of Angel Grove to create a shield who will covert the entire city.Do it at once,I am watching.

Zedd:All rigth I'll do it.

Rita:Will you tell us who you are?

Kratox:This is none of your buisness,for me,you are nothing more than mere pawns.

At those word the cloud dissapear.

Zedd:If I could.....

Rita:Don't forget he can control us Zeddy.What about the monster?


In the middle of the room,appear what can be call a sludge-man,with a body made out of a snail shell,with a little antenna on the midle,it was also wearing a construction worker helmet.

Electroshell:I am here to serve you my liege,and to shock your enemies!

Zedd:Ha!Listen and Listen well,I want you to go atop the tallest building in Angel GRove and create an electric shield around the city.

Electroshell:But,if I want to be able to move freely,it have to be hold by something,like an antenna.

Rita:You dimwitt,they're always antenna atop high building.

Zedd:Now go!


Adam,Aisha and Nick finnaly arrive at the beach,Nick was surrely amaze by the beautiful long beach of Angel Grove.

Nick:Wow!What a beach,back home in Cherry Hill Valley,we don't have a beach that long,because of the harbor.

Adam:Where did they got that name?

Nick:Well,in the middle of the valley,there is a hill,and the first person to come there use to grow cherry tree atop,with time they call that hill Cherry Hill,and when the city was found,they decide to call it Cherry Tree Valley.

Aisha:Interesting,I never wonder were they got the name Angel Grove.

Adam:Neither do I.


Back to the city,Dave and Billy were trying to get their shielding device to work,but it was the third time it blow in their face.

Dave:We should try to calculate the rigth flow of energy needed.

Billy:I know,but it will take some time to recalibrate the energy signinture of the device to match our morphing power signiture.

Dave:Especally when you will get your Ninja Power back.

Billy:Hey,we almost fogot about Ninjor!

Dave:You are absolutly rigth,we haven't came up with a new plan.

Billy:I wonder why Zedd donot try to destroye him?

Dave:Because Ninjor is a being of good,if Zedd destroye him,the wavo of good energy will certainly destroye him.The same goes for a lot of good being,including Zordon.


Dave:Did you hear that?

Billy:Hear what?

Dave:Oh no!I feel danger.

The two heroes riun outside,just in time to see Electroshell atop the highest building in Angel Grove.

Billy:What is he doing?

Dave:It's Electroshell,he is creating a force field around the city,the term electric shield could describe what he is doing better.

Billy:We got to do something!

Dave:Too late,the shiled is place.

Dave was rigth,in a split second a shield of yellow ligth expend from the antenna and cover the entire city,exepte...the beach.

Billy:We're trap,we got to get the other.

Dave:Let's teleport.

Billy:I won't be able,neither the other,our teleportation depend on the Command Center,and we are isolate from it,it doesn't even worth a try.

Dave:Aisha,Adam and Nick are still out there,I will contact them,let me teleport.

He dissapear in a flash of blueish white,20 second later,a loud buzz is heard,Dave reappear,a little out of balance.

Dave:Woh!I...I hit the....shield...ouch!

Billy:So,we're trap.

Dave:Lets go to the Youth Center,the others must be there.

Billy:Good idea,we'll take the Rad Bug.

Dave:Great idea my friend.

The two rush to Billy's modified car,hop into it and start driving to the Youth Center.


Outside the shield,Adam,Aisha and Nick were throwing frisbee after a great lunch,when the two Rangers communicators beep.

Nick:What's that?

Adam:Our communicators.Go ahead Alpha.

[Alpha]:Rangers!Electroshell trap the city into an electric shield,the other are trap inside,you must do something.

Adam:We're on our way.

Aisha:Look well Nick,it's not every day you can see the Power Rangers morph.


Adam:Yeah,It's Morphing Time!Stellar Power,Green!

Aisha:Stellar Power,Yellow!

Nick:Cool!Now my turn.Spirit High!Spirit Fire Power!

Nick raise his hand to the sky,his ring glow red and a swirl of fir go surround him from head to toes,when the fire dissapear,he was in his Spirit Ninja costume.

Adam:Cool!Now,we must head for the city.

Nick:By teleporting?

Aisha:Yes.Grab my hand.

The three heroes teleport in flash of green,yellow and red to the shield limit.In front of them,the big yellow bubble was standing,on the other side,people were trying to cross,but when they touch the shield,they get shocked.

Nick:I like teleporting!

Adam:The situation is critical.

Aisha:Now,how do we shut that down?

Adam:I don't know?Let's try to blast it.

Nick:No,that's surely not the answer,they must be prepare to that.Let me get a look around.Shaddow Disk!

Nick leap in the air,under his feet appear a black flying disk,hovering about a few centimeter from the ground.

Adam:So that's one of your Shaddow Disk.

Nick:Yeah,we control it with our mind,but first,Flamme Sais!Juste in case.Now,I'll take a look around,you,try to make those people understand to calm down.


Nick didn't here the question,he was already a few feet high in the sky.

Adam:Now,let find paper to deliver them a message,if they can't hear us,they can see us,they'll read our message.


The Red Ninja was hovering around the shield,looking for a gap or something,he got higher and higher in the sky,then,he saw the end of an antenna.

Nick:Of course!The monster can't hold that shield himself,he use this antenna as a pillar,maybe I can cut it out,and the shield will fall down.

He charge the antenna,extending his rigth arm when he pass by,his sai hit the antenna,but he was shocked!He almost drop out of his disk,but like it's control by mind,it compansate.

Nick:Woh!Never try that again,it will surely take me a lot of Flamme Ring to melt that down,I must go get some help.

He sweep down the shield,flying toward the location were he left the two Rangers.

Nick:Guess who's back!Hey,where are all the people?

Aisha:We show them this paper.

Nick:"Don't panic,we'll help you.Go back to your house it's safer".

Adam:Did you find a way of disrupting the shield?

Nick:The shield his resting on an antenna,if we can cut it out,the shield will fall,but I was shocked when I try to cut it manually.

Aisha:Maybe we can blast it with our prism blaster.

Adam:How can we get up there?

Nick:I can't call other Disk.We have to find an other way.


Billy and Dave burst into the Youth Center's Juice Bar,it was full of people,scared people,crying people,angry people,they made their way through the crowd,the other were at the bar.

Ernie:Calm down everybody!The Power Rangers gonna get us out of that situation.They always save us!

Dave:Hey guys!


Tommy:Have you found a way out?

Billy:No,I'm sorry.

Dave:At least the bad guys can't enter.

Rocky:So,the city is completly sealed?

Billy:I'm affraid so.

Dave:We will either died of hunger,or the oxygen will be all used up before that.

Rocky:Talk about a choice.

Dave:Adam,Aisha and Nick are still out there.

Tommy:Great,with Zordon's help,they will get that shield down.

Billy:I hoped so.

Kim:I think everyone does.[She look at the crowed bar,she sigh]What a day.

Dave:You can say that again,three times more.


Adam:I have an idea,let's call the Mantis Zord!

Nick:Your what?

Aisha:The Zord,our big machine.

Nick:Rigth,I saw them on the news,well,what are you waiting for?

Adam:I need the Mantis Stellar Zord now!

The migthy green Zord flew from the sky,it land in a big thud sound nearby.Adam jump/teleport into the control room.

Adam:Get on it's leg!


Nick and Aisha climb on one of the Zord's feet,who was for them a 20 feet long platform.

Nick:It's big!

Then the wing of the Mantis spread open ad with a gust of wind it take the air,hovering over the shieled city,the feet aproach the antenna,with trouble,Adam stabilize the zord and the feet was just a few feet away from their goal.

Aisha:Now,I will blast it.

Nick:Be careful the wind don't knock you off!You'll get fry!

Electroshell:Or something else!

Electroshell apear in front of her,he join his hand on the center of his shell,a ball of ligthening start forming,he was about to shoot it,when Nick jump over Aisha and slash the monster with his burning blade.

Electroshell:You fool!

The monster punch him in the guts,Nick try to counter but Electroshell block,grabing his arm,nick kick him on the side,the creature let go of him.

Nick:Flammes Ring!

The powerful attack was stop by a ball of electricity.Electroshell jump-kicked Nick,then he grab the dizzy ninja and lift him over his head.

Electroshell:Say good-bye,Fire brat!


Adam:Nick!No!I'm so useless in there!

Nick's eyes start to open,he wasn't very aware of reallity,but he was aware enough for knowing he was in trouble.Electroshell throw him overboard,bellow,30 feet down,the shield was grizzling,ready to zap someone.

Aisha:Nick!No!You monster!PrismBLaster!

She shoot the surprise monster,ELectroshell was force back,then Aisha summons her Star Blade,she lep in the air,her weapons were flashing with yellow energy,she slash Electroshell two times,but he wasn't really hurt,Electroshell was about to zap Aisha,when suddenly,something explode with fire on his back.Behind him,the Red Spirit Ninja was hovering on his Shaddow Disk.

Nick:Surprise to see me?

Nick dive on his Disk,he litterally go through Electroshell with his still burning sais,the monster fall to the floor,not completly destroy,but too weak to battle.

Electroshell:You haven't seen the last of me.

In ligthening he teleport away,on the ground.


Inside the Youth Center,people are starting to panth,some even faint,some are having trouble breathing.

Billy:The air is starting to thin out,if we don't get out soon,we're all gonna die.

Dave:We should get the people out,at least the air will move a bit more,so the CO gas won't stay around.

Ernie:Good idea[ouff].Com'on people!We must get out.

The get out just in time,to saw a great battle.


Zedd:Come my dear,we must make him grow.

Zedd & Rita:Make our monsters grow!

Electroshell his hit by black ligthening and he grow to giant size.

Electroshell:I'm gonna crush you!

Adam:Hu-ho!Aisha!Get in your Zord!

Nick:I think I'm a little out of league,I'll wait for you here on my Disk.

Aisha:Allrigth!I need Yellow Warrior Zord power now!

Nick hoover off the Mantis leg while Aisha teleport to her coming Zord,the migthy replicat of the yellow Shogun Zord land hard,ready to battle.Adam charge Electroshell while flying,he slash the monster,who don't seam to care,the creature catch the leg of the Mantis Zord and start to spin it around,then Aisha use the dagger of her Zord and hit Electroshell in the back,he let go of the Mantis Zord,sending him flying.Adam was able to stabilize it in time,he turn the Zord around and fire laser from its eyes at Electroshel who was boxing with the Warrior Zord.


With larg arm motion,he zap the two Zord,who were push away,they both crash nearby.

Adam:He's too strong,we can't beat him with just two Zord.

Aisha:Maybe we can.

Adam:What do you....I understand.Alpha!


Adam:Can you program our Zord to link up like the red and silver Zord?

[Alpha]:Of course,let me a few minute.

Aisha:We don't have minutes,here he come again!

Electroshell was charging the downed Zords,suddenly,a little black thingy start to spin around him.

Nick:I'm sure you can't catch me,you big stupid goon!

Electroshell:Realy,I'll crush you like a miserable fly!

Nick:Fly around a confused and angry Electroshell,who try,but to no avail,to catch the flying Ninja.Catching a fly his sometime harder than it look.Nick was able to drive the monster awaym hoping to give the Rangers enough time to recharge their Zord,and without being aware,giving time to Alpha to program the Zords.


Adam:Great,now,let's try it!

Aisha & Adam:Yellow-Green DoubleZord power now!

The Mantis Zord leap in the air,its leg fold into its body,the arm and the head separate from the body,the Yellow Warior Zord jump in the air too,the Mantis head became an new helmet,the body link to the Warior's back,spreading the wings,then,the arms attach to the Warior's arm,the claws spread on the forearm like powerful blade,finnaly,a green blet appear while Aisha and Adam reach the control room of the newly created Yellow-Green DoubleZord.

Electroshell:What the?


Adam:Now,let's finnish this creep.

Nick:Do it guys!I'll wait like I said.

The DoubleZord jump kick Electroshell,then he slash him with his claw,before the monster could counter with a punch,the DoubleZord flew away,from a resonnable distance he shoot laser from the Mantis head.Electroshell send a ball of ligthening but the Rangers block with the claw.

Aisha:It's time to finnish him.


Aisha & Adam:Double Zord Claw,Hook shot!

The end of the claw burst out of the main component,link to it by long chain,the glowing claw get through Electroshell then come back,hiting him again,the claw get back in place and the DoubleZord take a dramatic figthing stance as the monster explode.

Aisha:And now,for that shield.

The DoubleZord take the air and hoover above the shield,Nick move away,knowing what's coming,the eyes of the Mantis glow,twin laser beam came out,blasting the antenna and destroying the ligthening shield.The Double Zord land in a loud thud.

Adam:I'm recieving a transmision

[Dave]:Good job guys,everybody is cheering around here.You did it!The others thank you.

Aisha:Don't forget Nick,he help us a lot.


[Alpha]:You did it!

[Dave](Sarcastic):We're OK Big-Z,thanks for the concern!


[Dave]:Ok,Polaris Knight over.10-4!


Aisha:Don't ask

Adam:I think we should disengage the DoubleZord



Unaware of our rejoicing heroes,a piece of Electroshell's shell dissapear in a flash of black,and we all know that it mean that Kratox Zulpenk just add a new piece to his collection.

Kratox:A few other pieces and I will be ready.Hahahahahahaha!You don't know what's coming!

----------To be continued...--------------