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Emerald Ranger Series
Book 3: New Arrival
By : Helen

Mediva looks out of the window of her ship and spots the back entrance to the Lunar Palace.

"Stop the ship right here." she commands. A dog-like creature with long slender fingers at the control panel hits a blue button and the ship lands quietly on the floor of the moon with barely a hiss. The exterior door slides open and a ramp extends from the ship to the ground. Mediva steps onto the ramp and walks toward the Lunar Palace entrance. She did a quick motion with her finger and the ship immediately takes off the left side of Lunar Palace.

Mediva passes through the entrance arch, and her three inch heels make rhythmical clicking noises along the concrete hallways. She turns and winds through a series of different hallways as if she had live here all her life. Soon, she emerges into the center of Lunar Palace. She looks around and sees Zedd's empty throne. She looks toward the balcony to find Zedd standing there, with his staff in his hand.

"Well, hello Zedd." says Mediva in a rather cold voice. Zedd turns at the sound and find Mediva standing next to his throne. Her pitch black curls seem to fall just below her shoulder blades. She is dressed in a rubber-latex like suit, with a cape made out of the same material hanging from her shoulders. Her shoes were black also, with three inch heels. Mediva's eyes are a shade of blue that even makes Zedd's blood run cold.

"It's a pleasant surprise to see you Mediva. What brings you here?" Zedd finally replies.

"Dark Specter had assigned me to assist you with your plans of conquering Earth. By the way, where is Rita? I heard that you two have married. " Mediva replies.

"RITA!" Lord Zedd hollers.

"What is it Zeddy? It had better be important. I was in the middle of my meditation!" grumbles Rita as she walks into the room. She stops right in her tracks as she sees Mediva standing next to the throne.

"Mediva!" Rita gasps in surprise.

"It's nice to see you again Rita. You still haven't changed a single bit." says Mediva.

"What are you doing here?" Rita asks.

"As I have told Zedd. I was assigned here by the command of Dark Specter to assist you in your plans of conquering Earth." repeats Mediva.

"Really? Why does Dark Specter want you to help us conquer Earth? Zeddy and I are perfectly capable of conquering that little pathetic planet." says Rita defensively.

"Oh? Is that true? While you had been trying to conquer Earth, I had already conquered much of the Sigma Galaxy." says Mediva, walking slowly toward the balcony.

"Well, that's no reason to gloat. If it wasn't for those Power Brats, I would've conquered Earth a long time ago!" exclaims Zedd. He looks over at Rita and sees her glaring at him. "I mean, we would've conquered Earth a long time ago."

"So I see. Zordon had made a little Ranger Team here too." says Mediva, looking at Earth.

"There are rangers here and Zordon himself is on Earth also." quips Rita.

"Zordon himself? That may prove to be useful sometime in the future. What we need to do now is to get rid of those rangers." says Mediva, turning toward Rita.

"Ha, good luck. We have been trying that for a long time now, and we still haven't gotten rid of them." says Zedd, with a hint of a snicker in his voice.

"You don't trust me? Zedd, it not about how long you've fought them. It's about experience and strategy. If you had failed once you need to figure out what went wrong and try not to make the same mistake over again, or else you'll be standing in the same place that you've always been in. You two need to learn that. Also, about henchmen, you need to have absolute control over them. You can't let them get away with a mistake, or else they'll make the same mistake over again. For every mistake that they make, they need to be punished." says Mediva.

"Are you saying that we are incapable of controlling our henchmen?" asks Rita narrowing her eye.

"No. I am just saying that you should have more control over them." Mediva replies. Rita and Zedd are silent.

"Goldar!" Lord Zedd finally calls out.

"You called me master?" says Goldar as he emerges from the shadows.

"Give Mediva a chamber to stay in." growls Lord Zedd.

"As you wish, Lord Zedd." Goldar bows and then leads Mediva to her chamber.

"What will we do now Zeddy?" asks Rita as soon as Mediva is out of earshot.

"What to do? Now you are asking me what to do? Dark Specter thinks we are incompetent. The only thing we can do right now is to conquer Earth before Mediva gets her dirty claws on it. Or else, we will just have to work with her, or should I say, work for her." says Zedd as he pounds the end of his staff against the ground.

"We cannot let that happen Zeddy. But you know very well that we can't conquer Earth that quickly. Those Power Pests keep on getting in the way!" screeches Rita.

"Ah, but my sour muffin, we'll give Mediva a few chances to take over Earth. I doubt that she will succeed. Then we'll see who's better." says Zedd, glancing at Earth.

"Perfect plan Zeddy, but what if she does succeed?" questions Rita.

"That will be a totally different matter. But I very much doubt that she'll be able to." says Zedd, letting out an evil laugh and Rita soon joins him.

* * *

The pond casts another ripple as Cassandra threw another stone into the water. She is bored, really bored. Kat and Aisha went shopping. Billy, Rocky and Tommy are in the Youth Center helping Billy out with his Martial Arts skills, and Adam . . . is somewhere.

"Cassandra." a voice calls out from behind her. She whirls around to find Adam standing there.

"Hi Adam! What brings you here?" responds Cassandra cheerfully.

"Boredom. I thought I might find someone to talk to, since the others are busy. I-I'll leave if am interrupting anything." says Adam quickly, turning to leave.

"No that's okay, stay. I'm kinda bored myself here." replies Cassandra.

"I'm surprised that you didn't go shopping with Aisha and Kat." says Adam as he sits down on a boulder.

"Call me strange if you want, but the mall really isn't my kind of place. It's stuffy and has way too much carbon dioxide if you ask me. I usually wouldn't go there unless it's an absolute necessity. I would much prefer a quiet and serene place, away the massive pollution of the cities." Cassandra replies, sitting down on a boulder next to Adam.

"Really? Personally, I like a little peace and quiet myself." agrees Adam with a slight chuckle.

* * *

"So those two rangers are bored. That's perfect!" Mediva evaluates as she looks down on Earth from the balcony of Lunar Palace.

"What are you up to now Mediva?" asks Rita.

"Having a little fun. Those two rangers will be sound asleep before they can even try to morph or call their pathetic friends for help. Be prepared to receive guests in your Dark Dimension." says Mediva with a thin evil smile and the teleports away in a flash of electric blue.

"Whatever she does, it had better fail. But on a second thought, maybe she will be getting rid of those pesky rangers once and for all." says Zedd, growing ever more amused.

"Yes, and Earth will be for ours to take!" agrees Rita.

"Yes, my little rotten apple!" Zedd and Rita's loud evil laughter echoes throughout Lunar Palace.

* * *

"You know, we've never really talked like this before. I mean one on one. We do have a lot in common. I was thinking maybe we should talk together like this more often. " says Cassandra, looking across the now calm surface of the pond.

"Well, sure, I guess. Anytime." says Adam, looking away, blushing slightly.

"Want someone to talk to Rangers?" comes an unfamiliar voice. They both whirls around to see Mediva standing there with her staff. The staff has a sharp point like an arrow's on one end, and a dark blue tassel on the other end.

"But, just skip the evil part." Cassandra mutters.

"Who are you and what do you want from us?" Adam asks. Adam and Cassandra both quickly shift into a defensive stance.

"What a warm welcome." says Mediva, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Glad you liked it. Now tell us, what do you want?" Cassandra asks, not taking her gaze off of Mediva.

"Well, for starters, my name is Mediva. I'm here to assist those two pathetic fools up on the moon. They don't know how to do anything right. Enough chatting. Down to business." says Mediva raising her staff. She points the sharp end at the rangers and an energy beam erupts from the end. Adam and Cassandra both rolls away to the side, avoiding from being fried by a mere inch.

"Hey watch it! This is my favorite shirt!" Cassandra says with a touch of humor.

"Enough with the fun part." says Mediva. She slowly raises her staff into the air. The end with the tassel is being held up to the sun. Suddenly tiny particles scatter from the end of her staff and surrounds the two rangers. Before they had any time to react, they can feel themselves slipping away into a deep sleep.

_Adam, stay awake. You have to. Fight the spell._ Cassandra directs Adam through telepathy, although she is having trouble keeping herself awake.

"I'm trying . . ." Cassandra can her Adam whisper. They tried but it was to no avail, soon both of them drop to the ground where they had once stood on.

"Weaklings." says Mediva as she teleports away with her new captives.

Just seconds after Mediva left, the rest of the ranger team teleports in.

"Man, looks like we are too late." says Rocky, looking around.

"I see their foot prints, but no prints leaving this ground." agrees Billy pointing to the dirt-covered ground with foot prints on it. A very thin layer of dust is just settling too.

"Come on. We need to get to the Command Center immediately. I get a hunch that it isn't exactly Rita or Zedd behind this. Whoever did this is quick to the point." directs Tommy. They touched their morphers and then teleports away in a rainbow of colors.

* * *

"That was close Mediva! Almost too close." screeches Rita back in the dungeon of Lunar Palace.

"So? I got them didn't I?" Mediva replies nonchalantly.

"So, what are you going to do with them?" asks Lord Zedd, pointing at the two crumpled figures in the cage.

"We are going to make a bargain with the Power Rangers." states Mediva, holding up the Emerald Crystal and Adam's power coin along with their communicators. "I don't know about how the Emerald Ranger is going to react, but I know the Black Ranger is going through the Power Drain. The other rangers are bound to surrender."

"How can you be so sure Mediva? After all, this is still your first time." says Lord Zedd.

"I don't care if I fail this time, I am just gaining some experience. Although it would be good if I can get rid of them in a single try. Besides, Zordon's rangers are just so predictable. They always come up with the same stuff." says Mediva, who turns around and teleports out in a quick flash of electric blue.

"You think she'll be able to do it?" asks Rita as soon as Mediva is gone. Lord Zedd looks at the two crumple figures in the cage again.

"I don't know, but we still have reputation to keep. Either way, we can't let her plan succeed, even-even if I-I have to help out the Power Brats." says Zedd as if spitting out something really horrible. As soon as Rita hear that, she faints.

"What was I thinking . . ." Lord Zedd grumbles as he teleports Rita and himself out of the Dark Dimension.

* * *

"Zordon, do you have an idea of who did this? It certainly did not seem like Rita and Zedd work. It's . . . too clean for something that Rita and Zedd would do." asks Tommy, looking up at his mentor.


"So what you are saying that is that the new evil force had kidnaped Cassandra and Adam?" asks Rocky.

"Yes Rocky. The energy signature around the area where Adam and Cassandra was, is not that of Rita's or Zedd's." confirms Alpha.

"Zordon, do you know who this new evil is?" asks Kat.


"Billy, can you do a scan to see if you can find Adam and Cassandra?" asks Aisha.

"I'll get right on it." Billy replies.

"I sure hope that we find them soon. If the evil really took Adam's power coin, then he will be going through that energy withdraw." says Kat, looking down at her shoes, thinking about the evil deeds that she had done that nearly cost Kimberly's life.

"Kat, it's okay. It wasn't your fault." says Tommy, stepping next to her.

"Zordon, will Cassandra feel the power drain too, if the Zedd got his hand on her crystal?" asks Aisha.


"Good, that's one less thing to worry about." says Rocky.

"Wait, we have an incoming transmission from the Lunar Palace." interrupts Billy turning around to face the viewing globe.

"Well, looks like they had found us." Tommy says under his breath.

"Greetings rangers." Mediva begins. "It seems like you are missing a few teammates. Don't worry they are safe for now, especially that Black Ranger of yours, but not for long. . ." Mediva holds up Adam's Power Coin and the Emerald Crystal.

"Who are you and what do you want from us?" asks Rocky.

"The name's Mediva and what I want from you is simple. Surrender your power coins in exchange for their lives." says Mediva.

"If we surrender our Power Coins to you, our bodies will go through the energy drain." states Billy.

"What do you think I am? Stupid? I know you have the ability to sever everyone's connection from their Power Coin, Blue Ranger." says Mediva with a snicker.

"What would you do if we surrender our Power Coins?" says Tommy.

"If you do, you'll get your two pathetic rangers back, but if you don't, you can enjoy watching the Black Ranger's life force tick away." The view changes to the Adam and Cassandra; two limp figures in inside a cage.

"The Emerald Ranger will be a different matter. I might put her in the Spell of Eternal Sleep if I am in a good mood, if not, it'll be something much worse. I'll give you all three hours to decide. Remember that the clock is ticking." says Mediva as the View Globe flickers off.

"What are we going to do now Tommy?" asks Kat. Everyone turns around to face Tommy. To Tommy, it a nightmare that is repeating itself over again, only this time, it's two of his friends' lives at stake.

* * *

"Uhnn. . ." groans Cassandra as she tries to open her eyes which feel more like lead than anything else. She sits up, carefully studying her new and seemingly dark surrounding. Cassandra stands up and realizes that she is in a huge cage. The top of the cage is about one foot above her head.

"Mediva." she mutters under her breath. She looks around and spots another limp figure in the other corner of the cage. As she got closer, she sees black energy currents traveling throughout his body.

"Adam. . ." she whispers as she kneels next to his limp body. She grabs his wrist to feel for a pulse; the beat is still strong and rhythmical. _Okay, he's still alive._ she calms herself. She sits down beside him and watches helplessly as the energy currents course through his body. _He seems to be going to through some sort of energy withdraw._ Cassandra fishes around her pocket to find that her Emerald Crystal is gone. She realizes that someone had taken her crystal while she was unconscious. They probably took Adam's Power Coin too. _I wonder if that energy withdraw have something to do with his Power Coin . . . _

Suddenly she feels Adam stirring slightly. She holds her breath as Adam slowly opens his eyes. She lets out a sigh as Adam looks up at her.

"Oh, thank heavens you are all right!" whispers Cassandra, closing her eyes briefly.

"Are you okay?" Adam whispers in a hoarse voice. He tries to stand up, but Cassandra pushes him into a sitting position. His back rests against the back of the cage.

"You should be more worried about yourself. You seem to be going through some kind of energy drain. You better take it easy, and try not to use too much energy." says Cassandra. Adam lifts hands and sees the energy currents coursing through his body.

"My Power Coin." Adam says, still staring at his hands.

"They took them." Cassandra responds.

"If I don't get it back, I'll be history soon." says Adam, letting out a sigh.

"I am sure the others will get us out of here." says Cassandra, trying to be optimistic.

"Where are we any ways?" asks Adam, looking around.

"I don't know, but I do know that we are in a cage. We might be in a one of Zedd's Dark Dimension." Cassandra replies.

"We probably are, knowing Zedd and Rita and perhaps that new villain Mediva." says Adam.

Suddenly a blue energy streak teleports in, near their cage. As the figure re materialized, she showed herself to be the villain that they had encountered, who-knows-how-long-ago in the park.

"Mediva." Cassandra growls.

"Hello, my pets. I see that you two are awake. Did you have a nice nap?" purrs Mediva, her lips forming a thin and cold smile. "If you think your multicolored friends are going to save you two, think again. You see, I made a deal with them. If they surrender their Power Coins to me, then I will send you two back to them, for I am a villain of my words. But if not, they can all enjoy the Black Ranger's life force tick away by the second. And you Emerald Ranger, it'll be a totally different matter. I know Zordon's rangers. They will surrender . . . haven't they always?"

"No." says Adam in a firm voice from inside the shadows.

"No? Really? Well, then this is only my first time. There are many more chances for me to get to know you all better. Then I'll see who's stronger." says Mediva. She then teleports out in a blue flash.

"I really hope that Tommy makes the right decision." says Adam.

"I hope so too." agrees Cassandra, giving Adam an understanding look.

* * *

"Billy, anything yet?" asks Tommy, walking up next to Billy.

"No. Nothing. All the scanners have showed up blank so far." replies Billy, typing furiously into the control panel. "I going to start to scan for Zedd's Dark Dimensions."

"All right. Let us know if you find anything or need any help." says Tommy. "Rocky and Kat, why don't you guys come with me to the park and look for some clues."

"Sure." they replied in unison. With that, they teleported back to the park.

Aisha watched as the minutes dragged on. They haven't heard anything from Tommy, and nothing have turned up on the scanners. She is getting worried, they had already used up two hours of their three-hour limit. The possibility of doubt is starting to creep up into the back of her mind.

"Bingo!" says Billy as he looks at the little green dot on the screen.

"Did you find Cassandra?" asks Aisha excitedly.

"Yes. I have pin pointed the exact location, but there seems to be some kind of energy block around the area. I won't be able to open the dimensional portal if that block is going to be there. Aisha, can you contact the others for me?" says Billy.

"Sure." responds Aisha and then contacts the others with her communicator. Seconds later, Tommy and the rest of the gang teleports in.

"What do you have there Billy?"asks Tommy as soon as he teleports in.

"Well, I've pinpointed the exact location of Cassandra and Adam seem to be with her, but it seems that his energy signature is too weak for me to confirm that it's him." replies Billy, looking up from the print out sheet.

"Where are they?" asks Rocky.

"In one of Zedd's Dark Dimensions. But I won't be able to open the dimension portal this time. There appears to be some sort of energy block surrounding the area which blocks our signals."

"Well, if it blocks our signals, how did the scanner get through?" asks Aisha.

"The scanner's searching signals operate on waves of a different frequence which travels at a speed much faster than light. The wave is suppose to bounce back when it hits the correct object or the particular thing that we are searching for. In this case, it's Cassandra and Adam's energy signature." replies Billy.

"Do the scanner's waves bounce back when it doesn't hit their energy signature?" asks Aisha.

"No. I know what you are thinking about Aisha, but it couldn't possibly work. The scanner's signals weren't designed to carry any mass loads. It'll just overload the system if you do try and it still won't get you too far." answers Billy.


"How do Zedd and Rita get into the Dark Dimension?" asks Kat.

"They have their own teleportation signals which . . . allow them to pass through. Wait, I think you have something there Kat. I think it might work." replies Billy, typing furiously into the control pad.

"Wait, you guys just lost me. What might possibly work?" asks Rocky raising an eyebrow.

"You are not the only one Rocky." agrees Tommy.

"I think Billy is trying to get a hold of Zedd's, Rita's, or Mediva's teleportation signals. If he can find that, he might be able to use the signals to teleport us into the Dark Dimension." responds Kat.

"Correct. I will be able to clone the teleportation signals and apply them to our signals, thus letting us through the energy barrier." replies Billy.

"How long is that going to take you?" asks Tommy.

"Half an hour, maybe less." Billy answers.

"Okay. That should work. We have forty-five minutes left." says Tommy, mostly talking to himself.

* * *

"How are you feeling?" asks Cassandra, crouching down next to Adam.

"Fine, just a little tired I guess." replies Adam, staring at his hand as another strain of energy coursed through his hand.

"Mediva is going to pay for this." says Cassandra, clenching her fist.

"Maybe you should be the one to take it easy. You've been pacing way too much." states Adam with a slight chuckle.

"Yeah, maybe I can wear a hole in the floor so we can crawl out." says Cassandra in a very sarcastic tone.

"Nah. Your shoes will be worn out way before that happens." Adam replies with a grin on his face.

"Hi Rangers!" says a cheery and hoarse voice from outside of their confinement. Cassandra stands up automatically and walks toward the direction where the voice was coming from. From the shadows emerges Rito, walking toward them with a large ring on his hand and there was something dangling from the ring also. As Rito came closer, Cassandra realized that the object dangling from the ring might be the key that may open the cage's door.

"Rito, how often do you take a bath?" asks Cassandra as Rito stood about three feet in front of her on the outside of the cage.

"Hey! I just took one three months ago!" replies Rito defensively.

"Eww. So what are you here for anyway?" asks Cassandra, taking a step back just to relieve the horrible stench.

"Lady M tells me to keep an eye on you two. But hey! I am suppose to be the one asking the questions! " says Rito suddenly. Cassandra had to think quickly. She can exactly have Rito standing around all day and watching them.

"Well Rito, I am really sorry about my improper manner. Please forgive me." says Cassandra in her most innocent tone.

"Uh. You're forgiven! As long as you two be good little boys and girls, you will have no trouble coming from me." responds Rito.

"Oh thank you Rito! I promise you, we will not bring any trouble to you." says Cassandra quickly.

"Really? Well, in that case, I guess I could take a short nap. Just a short one. If I find that you two are planning anything, it'll be no more Mr. Nice Guy." says Rito, who leans against the cage and quickly dozes off. Cassandra gets one good look at the key ring and then starts to lift it up telepathically, trying not to disturb Rito at the same time. After what seems like hours, Cassandra grabs the key with her hand without making a single noise.

"Man that guys sleeps like a rock." Cassandra whispers to Adam. "Can you walk?"

"Yeah, but I don't think we should get out just yet. If Billy has found us, then it's for the best that we stay where we are because they are going to look for us." replies Adam.

"You do have a point for now. But I have the key just in case." says Cassandra.

"So now we wait." comments Adam.

* * *

"How are you doing Billy?" asks Tommy.

"Almost done. Let me just mask that over there. White, pink, blue, red . . . and yellow. Done." says Billy.

"Are you sure that's going to work?" asks Rocky curiously.

"We'll just have to trust Billy on this one. We don't have time to test this thing. We have less than fifteen minutes left before Mediva decides to do something to them. Besides, Adam is probably very weak right now." replies Aisha.

"It should work. I copied the code exactly from the scanner readout." says Billy, adjusting some knobs.

"Okay, you guys get ready to teleport." announces Tommy. Soon they disappeared in multicolored balls of flame.

"MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU RANGERS." says Zordon as the Rangers teleport away.

* * *

Cassandra watches helplessly as Adam's life force drains away. The minutes ticked on, unmercifully. Rito is still outside, letting out snores that can shake the roof off of her house.

"Where are you guys?" whispers Cassandra desperately. She reaches out and holds Adam's hand which feels cold, meaning he is losing a lot of energy. He is already becoming very disoriented. Suddenly, she hears soft footsteps almost too faint to recognize. Her eyes strain through the darkness to see what was making the footsteps. Suddenly she catches a flash of white, followed by another flash of yellow.

_Guys! Aisha, Tommy, I am here! _ Cassandra reaches out telepathically.

"Did you hear that?" Aisha asks Tommy in a hushed tone.

"Yeah, it sounds like Cassandra. I think she is talking to us telepathically." whispers Tommy.

"Hey look! Over there, to your left. That's Cassandra!" says Aisha, pointing to a faint outline of someone wearing a green shirt.

"Bingo! Lets go." says Tommy. They rush there quickly. When the got close, the see Rito there also, still sound asleep.

"Man, am I ever glad to see you two." whispers Cassandra as she hands them the key so they don't have to blast their way through the lock. The door opens with a tiny high-pitched squeak.

"Where are the others?" asks Cassandra realizing that there are only two of them.

"They are looking for your crystal and Adam's power coin." replies Aisha. "How is Adam anyway?"

"Not very good. He is unconscious right now. The energy drain is having serious effects on him." Cassandra replies gravely. They walk quietly toward Adam. Aisha takes one of Adam's now cold hand with her gloved hand.

"Take my hand." says Tommy as he holds out his hand. Cassandra takes it and they all teleports off, back toward the Command Center.

* * *

When the four of them teleported back to the Command Center, they found the others already there waiting for them.

"Hey, you guys are quick." says Cassandra as Kat gives Cassandra her crystal back. Alpha also placed Adam's power coin in his hand. Once it made contact, the power drain immediately stopped.

"He should be back to normal in a few hours." says Alpha.

"Well, at least he looks normal now." says Cassandra, letting out a sigh. She was getting really worried about him.

"So, how did you guys get back so quickly?" asks Cassandra.

"Three words: bad security system." replies Aisha. "When we got there, there were only a few tengas guarding it, and we kick their butt in record time. However, there was a force field surrounding it, but Billy here solved that problem."

"Yeah, once again Billy and Kat saves the day." quips Rocky.

"It was nothing, really. Billy did the work." Kat says quickly.

"Well, the idea was really important. Without it I still won't know how to solve this problem." replies Billy.

"Aww. You guys are just being modest." says Aisha.

"Thanks you guys, Adam and I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for you." says Cassandra, grinning.

"CASSANDRA, WE ARE A TEAM, AND HELPING EACH OTHER IS WHAT A TEAM DOES BEST." booms Zordon. Cassandra looks at Zordon and smiles.

* * *

"How could you let them get away when you had them on the palm of your hand?" screeches Rita.

"Calm down Rita. You don't always succeed the first time you try something new. And the brother of yours, mind if I borrow him for a while, he's got some serious training to do." says Mediva.

"Rito? You can take him and keep him for all I care. He is nothing but a useless bag of bones!" says Lord Zedd.

"Hey, it's my brother that you are insulting here!" says Rita defensively.

"Very well then. I must get ready for my next confrontation with the Power Rangers. Just to see what level of rangers I am up against." says Mediva and then teleports away back to her ship.

"Uh! I hate that woman! She is just going to ruin everything for us!" screams Rita, rubbing her temples.

"Don't worry, my little ticking time bomb. I promise you, she won't succeed." says Lord Zedd.

"You have a plan Zeddy?" asks Rita.

"No, not yet. But I am sure I will think of one soon." replies Zedd, sitting back onto his throne.

"Well, whatever it's going to be, it had better be good. I am just not going to sit around and watch you fail once again." says Rita, and then walks out of the throne room.

* * *

Cassandra makes her way to the cliff by the ocean. The sun's warm and golden rays splashes on her face, making her feel relaxed. She often comes here to watch the sun set. It is truly a spectacular sight for anyone who has seen it. When she finally reached the top, she found to her surprise, Adam standing there, facing the ocean, watching the waves splash ashore. He didn't notice her presence. That is until she accidentally stepped on a dead twig. It lets out a sharp crack and Adam whirls around in alarm.

"Hi . . ." was all Cassandra could utter, as she feels her cheeks burn red.

"Oh, hi Cassandra!" greets Adam. "What are you doing here?"

"Me? The sunset is just so beautiful! All the warm colors coming together, like some artist's dreams come true. It just gives you this warm feeling and some unexplainable beauty. I could just come here and relax. It takes my mind off of some things, for a little while at least." replies Cassandra. "How about you?

"Hmm. I just come here to think most of the time. It's peaceful, and I need a peaceful place to think. To think about my life's unexpected little adventures, my family, and about you." replies Adam. His voice was barely a soft whisper when he got to the last part, Cassandra couldn't really hear what he had said.

"What was that you said?" asks Cassandra.

"The last part? Uh, I said . . . school. Yeah, school." replies Adam quickly. Cassandra gives him a strange look. She swear he had said something else. Cassandra could've easily read his mind telepathically, but that would be invading other people's privacy, and she would never do something like that. After a moment, she just politely let the matter drop.

"How are you feeling?" asks Cassandra, changing the subject.

"Great. Never been better." replies Adam.

"That's good to hear." says Cassandra walking up next to Adam. They fell into an uncomfortable silence.

The sun is starting to set. The only sounds they can hear are cries of the seagulls and the crashing of the waves. They watched as the sun's rays turned to shades of gold, red, and purple touched by just a tiny tint of blue.

"It's beautiful." whispers Cassandra.

"Yeah. Breathtaking." responds Adam

The sky gradually becomes darker and darker as the sun just seems to sink to the ocean floor.

"Talk about a starry night." says Cassandra as she looks up into the sky. Thousands of stars filled the night. "Ooh! That's Hercules, and that over there, that's Leo, and Pegasus!"

"I take it that you like Astronomy also?" Adam asks with a smile on his face. Cassandra's expression is like a little five-year-old at the candy store.

"Not really, just the stars." replies Cassandra as she continues to stare up the sky.

"They are beautiful, aren't they?" asks Adam.

"Magnificent." Cassandra answers. She takes a peak at her watch and gasps. "Look, I've really got to go before my Dad gets worried and calls nine-one-one and report me as a missing person."

"Well, I need to go home too. Would you like me to walk you home?" asks Adam.

"Sure, if it's not a bother for you." replies Cassandra.

"Oh, no. Not at all. I only live five blocks down the street, remember?" says Adam

"Well, c'mon. Let not get our parents worried." then with an evil grin she adds before taking off, "Race you to the bottom of the hill!"

"Oh, no you don't!" answers Adam good naturally and then takes off after Cassandra..

The End