Disclaimer: The characters Andrea Capster, Christina Olson, Dana Wilson, Suzuki Murakawa, Wanda Prokowski, Sandra Carter, Aliana Poinsettia, Florina Buttercup, Alana Plain, Joe Plain, Chuck Williams, Thornelia, Pollen, Pricker, and the magical petals belong to me. The rest of the characters belong to Saban. I'm not writing this to make a profit. I just enjoy creative writing. Please do not sue.

Timeframe: Third Season after Christmas

Rangers and Flowers
by JMM

Tommy Oliver was sleeping in his bed when his alarm went off. He turned it off and got out of bed.

"I'd better get moving. I need to meet my friends at the airport in a couple hours." * * *

"Where is Tommy?"Katherine Hillard asked.

"He should be here any minute,"Aisha Campbell said.

Just then, Tommy rushed over. "Did I miss anything?"he asked.

"Not a thing," Rocky DeSantos replied.

"Our plane will be boarding in ten minutes,"Billy Cranston reported.

"It'll be great going to a place like Flower Valley,"Adam Park said.

"The flight to Flower Valley, Pennsylvania, is now boarding,"the intercom announced.

"We'd better board the plane,"Billy said.

"Good thinking, Billy,"Tommy replied.

Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Kat, and Aisha went to the gate and gave the flight attendant their tickets. Then they went through the gate and found their seats on the plane.

* * *

A couple hours later, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Kat, and Aisha arrived in Flower Valley. They entered the airport and headed for the baggage claim area.

"Let's find a good place to eat once we get our luggage together,"Tommy suggested.

"Great idea,"Kat replied. "I'm starving."

"I could really go for a nice juicy hamburger,"Rocky said.

"I think we're all set,"Aisha said once the luggage was claimed.

* * *

Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Kat, and Aisha were eating lunch at the Flower Valley Hangout. An Italian woman walked over to them.

"My name is Giovanna Granelli,"the woman said. "Do you need anything else?"

"I think we're fine,"Billy said. The others nodded in agreement.

"If you need anything, just let me know,"Giovanna said. Then she walked away.

Just then, eight teenage girls entered the hangout. Kat started staring at the blond girl in pink.

"Kat, are you OK?"Tommy asked with concern. "See the girl in pink that just came in?"Kat asked.

"She's really pretty,"Adam mentioned.

"I have a feeling I've seen her somewhere before,"Kat said.

"Let's go introduce ourselves,"Rocky suggested.

Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Kat, and Aisha stood up and went over to the eight teens. The eight teens stood up and smiled.

"Do you live around here?"the Japanese girl in orange asked.

"We actually live in Angel Grove,"Tommy replied.

"Are you on vacation?"the blond girl in green asked.

"For a few days,"Aisha replied.

"What are your names?"the light blond girl in blue asked with a Southern accent.

"Tommy Oliver."

"Rocky DeSantos."

"Adam Park."

"Billy Cranston."

"Katherine Hillard, but everyone calls me Kat."

"Aisha Campbell."

"Andrea Capster,"the brunette girl in purple said.

"Christina Olson, but everyone calls me Chris,"the girl in pink said with an Australian accent.

"Now I know where I've seen you,"Kat said. "You won several trophies back in Australia for swimming. I've always wanted to meet you. You seem like a natural swimmer."

"Glad to hear that,"Chris replied.

"Dana Wilson,"the girl in blue said.

"Suzuki Murakawa,"the girl in orange said.

"Wanda Prokowski,"the girl in green said with a Polish accent.

"Sandra Carter,"the African-American girl in white said.

"Aliana Poinsettia,"the blond girl in yellow said.

"Florina Buttercup,"the red-haired girl in red said.

"We're going to the park,"Wanda said. "You want to come?"

Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Kat, and Aisha agree with enthusiasm.

"Then let's go,"Andrea said.

The fourteen teens leave the hangout.

* * *

"Mistress, six teenagers with special powers are on vacation in Flower Valley,"Pricker said.

"We should give them a welcoming party,"Thornelia said.

"I'll send an army of magical petals and then I'll deal with them,"Pollen said.

"Then get moving,"Thornelia ordered.

* * *

"This park is really beautiful,"Aisha said.

Just then, two teenage boys with shoulder-length hair and a teenage girl with shoulder-length brown hair walked over.

"What's up, Joe, Chuck, and Alana?"Chris asked.

"We're going for a walk,"Alana Plain replied.

"What are your names?"Billy asked.

"Joe Plain,"the guy with shoulder-length brown hair said.

"Chuck Williams,"the guy with shoulder-length black hair said.

"Alana Plain,"the girl said. "Joe and I are twins."

"We should go now,"Joe said.

"Before you do, could you introduce yourselves?"Chuck asked the Rangers.

"Tommy Oliver."

"Rocky DeSantos."

"Adam Park."

"Billy Cranston."

"Kat Hillard."

"Aisha Campbell."

"Nice to meet you,"Alana said. "Maybe we'll see you later."

"Maybe,"Adam said. Joe, Chuck, and Alana waved as they were walking away.

Just then, an army of magical petals arrived. The fourteen teens fought the magical petals.

"So much for a peaceful vacation,"Tommy said, using a spin kick on a magical petal.

A few minutes later, the magical petals vanished. Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Aisha, and Kat looked confused.

"I don't get it,"Billy said. "Rita and Zedd don't usually send flowers to attack us."

"Those flowers are magical petals,"Suzuki explained.

"They work for an evil villainess named Thornelia,"Wanda added.

"Thornelia must be really bad,"Rocky said.

"She is,"Aliana said.

"She wants to destroy all that is good,"Florina said.

"Sounds like Rita and Zedd,"Aisha said.

Just then, Pollen appeared. "I am Pollen, head servant of Thornelia. I see that you Spectaculars made friends with some very powerful people."

"Leave them alone,"Wanda ordered.

"I don't think so,"Pollen said.

"Flower transform,"Suzuki said.

Andrea raised purple iris and called out,"Purple iris flower power!"

Chris raised pink rose and called out,"Pink rose flower power!"

Dana raised blue forget-me-not and called out,"Blue forget-me-not flower power!"

Suzuki raised orange tulip and called out,"Orange tulip flower power!"

Wanda raised green stem and called out,"Green stem flower power!"

Sandra raised white daisy and called out,"White daisy flower power!"

Aliana raised yellow dandelion and called out,"Yellow dandelion flower power!"

Florina raised red poppy and called out,"Red poppy flower power!"

An army of magical petals arrived. Flower Spectaculars fought the magical petals.

"Show me your special powers!"Pollen ordered Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Aisha, and Kat.

"It's morphin time,"Tommy said. He raised his morpher and called out,"White ranger power!"

Adam raised his morpher and called out,"Black ranger power!"

Kat raised her morpher and called out,"Pink ranger power!"

Billy raised his morpher and called out,"Blue ranger power!"

Aisha raised her morpher and called out,"Yellow ranger power!"

Rocky raised his morpher and called out,"Red ranger power!"

The Power Rangers and Flower Spectaculars were fighting the magical petals. Pollen was watching with evil glee.

"All of you will soon be destroyed,"Pollen said with an evil laugh.

* * *

"We should make Pollen more powerful,"Thornelia said.

"Pricker, fire the flower!"

"It shall be done,"Pricker said, firing magic flower.

* * *

The Power Rangers noticed the magic flower heading for Pollen. "Looks like we're going to have big problems,"White Ranger said.

The magic flower lands on Pollen and gives him full power. "I'm now powerful enough to destroy all of you!"he said.

"Deal with the magical petals,"Orange Flower Spectacular ordered the Power Rangers.

"We'll deal with Pollen,"Green Flower Spectacular said.

Power Rangers fight the magical petals until they vanish. Then they run over to the Flower Spectaculars.

"We want to help you out,"Blue Ranger said.

"Sure thing,"White Flower Spectacular said.

"I will succeed in destroying you,"Pollen said.

"White saber!"White Ranger called. White saber appears.

The other Power Rangers bring out their weapons. "All right, let's bring 'em together!"Red Ranger ordered. "Power Axe!" Black Ranger said throwing power axe in the air.

"Power Bow!"Pink Ranger said throwing power bow which connects with power axe.

"Power Daggers!"Yellow Ranger said throwing power daggers which connects with power bow.

"Power Lance!"Blue Ranger said throwing power lance which connects with power bow.

"Power Sword!"Red Ranger said jumping and putting power sword on the other weapons.

"Purple iris crystal!"Purple Flower Spectacular called out. Purple iris crystal appears.

"Pink rose crystal!"Pink Flower Spectacular called out. Pink rose crystal appears.

"Blue forget-me-not crystal!"Blue Flower Spectacular called out. Blue forget-me-not crystal appears.

"Orange tulip crystal!"Orange Flower Spectacular called out. Orange tulip crystal appears.

"Green stem crystal!"Green Flower Spectacular called out. Green stem crystal appears.

"White daisy crystal!"White Flower Spectacular called out. White daisy crystal appears.

"Yellow dandelion crystal!"Yellow Flower Spectacular called out. Yellow dandelion crystal appears.

"Red poppy crystal!"Red Flower Spectacular called out. Red poppy crystal appears.

"Combine flower crystals now!"Orange Flower Spectacular ordered. Flower crystals combine.

"Fire!"White Ranger ordered the Power Rangers.

"Fire!"Green Flower Spectacular ordered the Flower Spectaculars.

Beams are fired from both sets of weapons. Pollen vanishes.

* * *

"I can't believe you got defeated by fourteen teenagers!"Thornelia screamed at Pollen.

"I'm sorry I failed you, mistress,"Pollen said.

"I'd better leave,"Pricker said sneaking away.

"Pricker, if you think I'm not angry with you then you'd better think again!"Thornelia screamed."Both of you are useless at destroying our enemies!"

* * *

The fourteen teens were at the airport. Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Kat, and Aisha were getting ready to go back to Angel Grove.

"How did you like Flower Valley?"Andrea asked.

"In a way, it did remind us of Angel Grove,"Billy replied.

"It must have been the attack that occurred,"Aliana said.

"Must have been,"Rocky said.

"Glad you could help,"Florina said.

"Anytime,"Adam said.

"Hope you come back soon,"Suzuki said.

"Maybe we will,"Tommy replied.

"Have a safe trip home,"Wanda said.

"We'll do our best,"Aisha said.

"Keep on winning swimming awards,"Kat told Chris.

"Sure thing,"Chris replied.

"Flight to Angel Grove, California, is now boarding,"the intercom announced.

Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Aisha, and Kat said good-bye to the eight teens. Then they rushed to the gate.

"I'm going to miss them,"Sandra said.

"I think we all are,"Dana said.

* * *

Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Aisha, and Kat were on the plane back to Angel Grove. They were having lunch. "I never thought I would meet another Australian girl on this vacation,"Kat said.

"I never imagined that we would get attacked by magical petals,"Tommy said.

"Or have to deal with a pale green creature named Pollen,"Billy said.

"Not to mention meet a team of female super heroes,"Rocky said.

"Wait until Bulk and Skull hear about our vacation,"Adam said.

"They'll never believe it,"Aisha predicted.

"Either that or they'll plan their spring vacation there,"Kat said.

* * *

Later that day, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Aisha, and Kat were sitting at a table drinking smoothies. Just then, Bulk and Skull entered wearing their junior police uniforms and walked over to the table.

"How was your vacation?"Bulk asked.

"Let's just say it reminded us of this place,"Tommy replied.

"Maybe Bulk and I will go there for spring vacation,"Skull said.

"Beware of attacking flowers,"Rocky said.

"Not to mention a pale green creature named Pollen,"Adam added.

"I think we'd better plan our spring vacation elsewhere,"Bulk said.

"Let's go before Lieutenant Stone catches us not doing our work,"Skull said.

Bulk and Skull rush off. Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Aisha, and Kat laugh.

The End