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What If
By Kitsy

"how can you guys lock my sister up I know she's done bad things in the past but she's changed now" Andros protested to the other rangers.

"You don't know that she could just be using you to set a trap for us" T.J. replied.

Before Andros could complain Zhane stormed through the door "Where is she?! "he asked looking very angry "Zhane your back!" Andros went over to greet his friend but was met with a glare "Where is she?!" He repeated "Who?" Andros asked "You know very well who. Where is your sister" Zhane said looking as though he was about to kill someone. "I'll take you to her follow me..... how did you know she was here?" Andros asked "that's none of your business" Zhane snarled Andros walked off with Zhane and the other rangers following when they got to the room Kerone was asleep. Zhane took out a blaster and shot the chains then picked her up "Zhane? is that you?" Kerone's eyelids fluttered and her voice was weak. his expression softened and then changed into a smile "Yeah it's me go back to sleep" he said softly as he pressed a kiss to her forehead.TJ was about to say something when Zhane glared at him "You even think about chaining her up again and you're going to be very sorry." then he carried her out of the room "Hey where's he taking her we had her chained up for a reason" TJ whined "You wanna try an stop him be my guest" Andros said as he left the room

(in Zhane's room) Zhane placed Kerone on the mattress and she woke up again "Zhane your really back it wasn't a dream" she said with hope in her voice then put two fingers to her forehead recalling the kiss. he smiled down at her then went across the room and brought back a box "Alpha told me you were here and that they'd chained you up I had to come. I uhh... brought you back some clothes I though you might want to change out of that" he said handing her the box inside was a duplicate of the outfit she had worn when she had 'accidentally' bumped into him outside the theater, on top of some other things "You knew?" she whined. "of course" shocked and embarrassed thinking to get even she pulled out the picture of her that he had dropped "while we're on the subject of that day.." she regained her composure and a mischievous smile crossed her lips "you dropped this outside the theater" she handed him the picture The urge to kiss her was so bad that he almost didn't hear what she said. he took the picture and opened it and a blush spread through his cheeks "O.K. now were even." she said with a cute smile "I'll leave you to change before I kiss that grin off your face " he said as he left the room She thought he was joking but she couldn't help but catch the gleam in his eyes that told her he was serious 'Maybe I should have asked him to stay.'

(in the hallway) 'man she was gorgeous when she smiled like that' Zhane thought as Kerone stepped out of the room donned in a small purple sundress with spaghetti straps, and a small barrette in her short blond hair "Wow....." was all Zhane could say when he saw her "Well, what do you think?" "Wow, you are going to give the others a heart attack. Come on let's go" he said taking her hand in his as he led her down the hall.

(on the bridge) "Man I have never seen Zhane so angry" Andros said pacing the bridge "Yeah, but is was impossible to miss the way he looked at Kerone he obviously has strong feelings for....." Ashley was cut off as Zhane and Kerone walked in, her gaze was fixed on Kerone. the other rangers were shocked when they saw her Kerone couldn't help but blush and lower her head Andros was the first to speak "wow Kerone you look great" "Thank you" was all she could say suddenly she felt a little dizzy "Zhane I don't feel very good" she said weakly Zhane managed to catch her before she hit the ground and put a hand to her forehead "she's burning up!" he lifted her up and started to walk towards the door "DECA have some medicine ready when I get to the medical bay". "I will Zhane" Zhane left the room with Andros right behind him when they got to the medical bay Zhane set Kerone down on the bed and Andros was about to inject a serum in to Kerone's arm but she woke up an jerked away "if you think I'm going to let you give me a shot your nuts you know I hate needles" she said in a childish voice Andros laughed and put away the seringe and came back with two pills and a glass of water "Better?" "Mmm-hmm" she murmured swallowing the pills "What happened to me all of a sudden I was dizzy then it all went...ah... ah.. ahh achoo. ehh.. I guess I have a cold"

"No kidding" Zhane said with a grin on his face "you also have a high fever and should stay in bed a couple of days is there anything I can get you?"

"hmm.. I want pancakes with blueberries, whipped cream and peanut butter" she said in a way that made her look like a little kid "Yuck sis, you still eat that stuff?" Andros said faking nausea as Zhane left the room a few minutes later Zhane came back with a tray of pancakes with a glass of grape juice "Yummy I love grape juice" she said as she began to eat the pancakes with a speed that would have made Rocky jelous "Woah sis slow down before you choke" Andros said worried just then the alarm went off "Andros, Zhane Darkonda and some quantrons are attacking angel grove" "come on Zhane. Lets rocket!!" The two rangers morphed and teleported out "I hope they'll be OK." Kerone thought aloud "Don't worry Kerone they'll be fine" Alpha said carriing a box "while we're waiting you wanna play a game" "sure!!"

"rangers Dark Spectre wants you alive so you can make it easy and come quietly or you can resist" "Don't be stupid of course we intend to resist now give us a minute" Zhane said as the rangers huddled together "let's see about twenty of them and six of us not exactly fair if you ask me" "Maybe we should give them a chance to surrender" Andros sugguested the rangers broke apart and faced the monsters "Okay now we are prepared to resist" Andros said as they began to fight soon all the Quantrons were gone and Darkonda left. the rangers teleported back to the megaship

"Ahh not again!!!" the rangers heard alpha's voice from the hallway "It's coming from the medical bay lets go" they ran to the medical bay as fast as they could "Alpha what's wrong!" "this is the fourth time she's beaten me!!" the robot whined "What?" "It appears alpha's not very good at chess" Kerone said with a sly grin on her face "oh" "um guys can I talk to Zhane alone for a minute" "sure come on guys" "Zhane I've been meaning to talk to you I wanted to apologise for Zapping you into the mud and saying those awfull things to you on our date" "It's all right you don't have to apologise" "But....." he cut her off by covering her mouth with his, he kissed her with a tenderness that shook her to the core then broke the kiss keeping his mouth less than an inch apart from hers. "It's in the past all that matters is here and now" he kissed her again this time it was more passionate and demanding. "Oh, Zhane" Tears were begining to form in her eyes "Shhh" He pulled her into his embrace and kissed the top of her head then whispered in her ear "you realize there are people listening at the door." "of course" she quietly walked over to the door and pressed the button to open it. when it opened Cassie and Ashley fell into the room. "don't you two have anything better to do than listen to us" Kerone asked somewhat amused. " you guys are so interesting plus were bored" Ashley whined. "Why don't you guys drag the others to some mushy foriegn film your good at that" Zhane suggested. "All right" Cassie said they left the room. "Sometimes I'm not sure who's worse, Elgar or those two " Kerone said with a sigh "Oh come on now, Elgar's not that bad."Zhane said grinning. "your right. now where were we before we were interupted" Kerone looked up to him with a sugguestive look in her eyes "I believe I was about to kiss you again"Zhane said closing the distance between them "That sounds about right" she murmered as she pulled his head down to hers

(on the bridge) " Guys, we're getting an incoming transmission from the Phantom Ranger." Andros called to the other rangers. "Rangers I have information on Zordon I will be arriving in two hours" after the message stopped the rangers remained silent until Zhane and Korone walked in. "hey guys what's up?" Zhane asked in his usual cheery mood. "We just got a message from the Phantom Ranger he has information on Zordon and he'll be here in two hours". Andros said with an unreadable expresion on his face. "The Phantom Ranger?" A excited smile crossed Zhane's face. 'I wonder if he'll reconize me it's been four years.' Zhane thought to himself as he left the room. "What's wrong with him?" Andros asked worried about his friend. "I have no idea." kerone said as she left the roomin search of Zhane.

(two hours later) "The Phantom ranger has just arrived on the Megaship" DECA anounced just before the Phantom Ranger walked onto the bridge. "Hello Rangers, I bring news about Zor...." Phantom cut himself off as he noticed Zhane. "Zhane?" At Zhane's nod the Phantom Ranger demorphed and were he was now stood a teenager of about nineteen with shoulder length black hair with a few blond streaks, he was donned in a Black top made of chinese silk with a manderin coller and gold trim and black martial arts pants with a black sash tied off at the side. "Zhane it's been to long" the boy said drawing Zhane into a fierce bear hug. "I missed you to brother" Zhane said gasping for air. "Brother?!!!" the rangers jaws hit the floor. "I guess introductions are in order. Guys this my older brother Zarin". at this Andros stepped forward "Zhane you never told me you had a brother." "You never asked."


The End... for now

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