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Authors Note Pam: This story takes place while Tommy is the green ranger. Now if you will please familiarize yourself with the nearest emergency exit and pull out a box of tissues and on with the tear jerkier I mean story. Oh and thanks to my new co-author for agreeing to work with a nut like me =-D. If she doesn't have any thing to say then on with the story.

Authors Note Kawaii Tigress: Thank you Pam for asking me to co-write this story and for putting up with all of my crazy ideas. Hope you guys enjoy and as always feedback is welcomed.

Wrongfully Accused
by: Pam Marks and Kawaii Tigress

Tommy Oliver hummed a tune to himself as he was on his way to meet his best friend and teammate Jason Scott at the docks for practice.

Tommy found it rather odd that Jason wanted to practice on the docks today rather then the park as they usually did on Saturday morning. Jason had been up and called unusually early in the morning; Tommy usually got a few more hours off sleep. The docks didn't scare Tommy it was the fact that it was so dark at this time you would never be able to see any of Rita's minions lurking around. Tommy quickly banished the thought with a shrug and concentrated on how he was going to kick Jason's butt this time.

Tommy got to the docks and went to pear tree where Jason had told him to wait for him. Seeing a shadowed figured doing katas on the roof of the old gray five-story building and Tommy rushed up the rusty stairs to meet Jason. When he got up the stairs he saw Jason warming up and dropped his green duffel bag and put his morpher and communicator in to it. Then he threw it aside near the edge of the rectangle roof and grinned as he greeted his best friend "Hey Jase."

Jason whirled around and smiled devilishly and replied "Hi Tommy." Tommy smiled as he began to warm up; this was going to be a fight that Tommy would never forget.

"Where's your morpher and communicator Tommy?"

"They're in my bag. I didn't think I would need them."

Jason smirked and walked over to where Tommy had dropped his bag and kicked it a few times until it went over the edge and crashed on the cold cement below.

Jason turned around and said "Opps!"

Tommy's eyes went wide and he said "Jase. Why did you do that for? Man, what's up with you?"

Jason smirked and walking until he was toe and toe with Tommy replied " I did it because I felt like it. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm just going to have a little fun with you that's all."

With that Jason sent a powerful sidekick to the side of Tommy's head and Tommy was sent flying to the ground his vision going into a haze. Tommy tried to get up but couldn't as Jason rolled him over. Tommy watched in a haze as Jason put his feet on his rib cage and put his entire body wait on his robs. Tommy screamed as he heard the painful cracking and called out "Stop it!!"

Jason smirked and then jerked him off the ground and demanded Tommy to fight "Come on. Fight! It'll be more fun that way."

Tommy replied "I don’t want fight you Jase, not any more, we’re on the same side man."

Jason smirked and said, "Have your way." Then he whirled Tommy around and held his arm behind his back and pulled up hard until Tommy let out a mangled cry to notify his attacker that his arm broke. Jason let Tommy fall to the ground and then was about to crush his ribs again when he was met with a kick to the gut that sent him back.

Tommy staggered to his feet and held his arm protectively. Jason got his bearings back and growled "That was one huge mistake Oliver!" With that Jason picked up a led pipe that he had brought with him. Jason advanced on Tommy and Tommy tried to kick Jason again but this time Jason knew it was coming. Grabbing Tommy's foot Jason tripped him twisting his leg in the process. Tommy cried out as he hit the ground and Jason advanced on him once more.

Jason ruthlessly beat Tommy physically with the led pipe and mentally with his words. "You were never wanted on this team Tommy. We only let you hang around so you wouldn't bother us again. I'm gonna get rid of you once and for all. No more having to save Tommy, no more having to deal with your forgetfulness, your stupid nightmares or your up and down moods."

Once he was finished he went over to his work out bag and got a pocketknife from it. He advanced once more on Tommy and picked him up half way whispering "Nothing personal Tommy. It's just business." Then he stabbed his fallen teammate in the gut.

Tommy let out a strangled cry as Jason pulled out the knife and stabbed him once more. 'NO!! Jason what are you doing? How could you do something like this? You'd never do this to any one, no matter what they did. When did you change so much?' Tommy started to sob more at the harsh words thrown at him then any thing else. Seeing the moist eyes Jason whispered, "Hush now Tommy, you will be dead in a little while."

Then he took the knife and slashed Tommy's check form his eye to his jaw. Tommy let out a cry of pain and coughed up a little blood. Jason smirked and dragged Tommy over to the edge off the roof. Tommy saw the waves crashing against the old gray rusted building and tried to scream but instead coughed up more blood.

"Now to let you in on my little secret. Tommy I'm not Jason. I'm a clone of your friend. Rita sent me to kill you. Once I kill you all I have to do is return the bag to Jason's room and everyone will think he did it. It is to perfect isn't it? Oh and don't worry about Jason he's sleeping peacefully for now."

With that the clone smiled and said, "Have a nice flight Tommy." Then he tossed him off the building.

Tommy felt himself fall like an old rag-doll and then everything went black.

Tommy regained consciousness several hours later and looked around dazzlingly as he coughed up some more blood. His whole body ached and he looked around to get his bearings. He was on the sandy shore. The waves pushed him to shore or a nearby deserted beach. Tommy knew what he had to do but he couldn't get his body to move. 'Tommy if you don't move then you will die! The clone will find out you are not dead and come back and finish the job! You have to clear Jason! Now move!'

With that thought he managed to stagger to his feet and herd the crack of bone. He knew that his legs were broken and there had to be some other ones, but that didn't matter, he had to clear his best friend. Tommy staggered to the stairs that lead up to the street and crawled up them. Once there Tommy thought frantically to himself 'Where do I go? Who will know...BILLY!! Billy yeah he'll know what to do.' Tommy nearly choked as more blood came up. Tommy looked down at his stomach and saw the front of his dark green shirt was covered with blood and he put his hand over it to stop some of the bleeding.

Tommy staggered to cross the street but tripped and fell to his knees, which caused him to cry out in agony. Tommy fell to the street as tears of pain came to his eyes. Tommy tried to get up but he fell back to the gravel of the deserted street. Tommy moaned and though 'I am going to die. I am going to die out hear and my best friend is going to get all of the blame and it isn't his fault. NO!! I can't hurt him again! No!' No matter how much he tried he couldn't get up and finally rolled over and holding his stomach closed his eyes to keep the pain from washing over him. * * *

Billy Cranston gazed out the passenger window of their family van. His dad had wanted to get away from it all for an afternoon. Billy rolled his eyes when his dad suggested they take a day off from work, technology and most of all Angel Grove. ‘That's what dad’s had been doing ever since mom died eight years ago.’ They were headed back from Dagger Cove, a deserted beach that nobody comes to anymore because it was locate about five miles away from the pier and the Dragon Zord made it even worse. The two had spent the day just sitting around the beach, his dad was reading magazines in the sun while Billy found a shaded area to study his calculus. Billy smirked as he thought of the Dragon Zord and watched as the sun lit up the sky with its multi colored rays. He then turned his attention to his dad who was not paying much attention to the road. The young genius shook his head and looked out the windshield just in time to see what seemed like someone lying in the middle of the road.

"DAD WATCH OUT!!" Billy's dad looked back to the road and immediately stomped on the breaks. The car stopped inches away from what was body that was curled up on the road. Billy immediately got out of the car, slamming the door shut and ran in front of the car. Billy took an easy breath as he saw that they did not run over him the young man. Billy visually saw him shaking and cautiously started walking towards the stranger. "Excuse me sir are you lost? Do you need help?"

"Bill...Bill...Billy. Iss...iit..really...really...you?" a strangely familiar voice asked.

Billy took a sharp breath as he recognized the pained voce and whispered "Tommy." The figured turned his head to reveal that it indeed was Tommy. All the colour from Billy’s face drained as he saw his newest teammate lying there. There was blood in the long mahogany hair, on Tommy’s hands and all over his face.

Billy quickly went into action and ran back to the passenger's widow and almost yelled "Dad call 911 now!!" Billy's dad picked up his cell phone as Billy ran over to Tommy and rolled him off his side and on to his back. Billy let out a surprised gasp as he the bruise’s and scratches. Then he took off his over-shirt and moved Tommy's hand off his stomach and put the shirt on it. Putting Tommy's hand back on it, Billy pushed down on Tommy’s hand and the shirt hoping to stop or slow down the bleeding. His eyes grew wide as the shirt soon became tainted with blood.

Billy swiped some the matted hair out of Tommy's face. Bending down he whispered "Hang in their Tommy. Help is on the way. Please hang on. You’re going to be OK."

Tommy's eyes flickered and then he faintly whispered "Billy...you're….re...here...you are……….are really here."

Billy faintly smiled and said "Yes Tommy I am right hear now don't talk. Please, you really need to save your strength."

Tommy coughed up some more blood and faintly whispered "Jason...he...he...did...did." Billy's eyes grew wide 'Jason did this???!!!!!!! No way? The two are to close for that. The whole team knows that their friendship is very tight. Tommy must be trying to say something else. Jason could never…….'


please..................don't............believe.........it." Then Tommy's eyes fluttered shut.

Billy sat there, so stunned by the statement that Tommy had just said he almost stopped applying the pressure on Tommy’s stomach. ‘Jason did this to Tommy??? Tommy doesn’t want us to believe Jason’s pleas of innocence. This can’t be………..not Jason. The Jason I know, that Kim and I grew up with would never. Would he?' Billy thought, his tears blurring his vision as he heard the wail of the police sirens and the medical helicopter in the distance.

"Son, do you know him?" Ryan asked as he knelt down beside his son.

At first Ryan wasn’t planning to get out of the car, blood and cars together reminded him of the accident that took his wife away from their family years ago. But seeing his son’s grief stricken expression made him come out to check on him. Slowly Billy nodded, letting a few tears slide down his face. "Don’t ask yourself why it happened son, at least not yet. Focus your thoughts on praying for your friend." Before Billy could say anything the medical crew had already landed and were walking over to bring Tommy to the emergency room in the Angel Grove General Hospital.