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Authors Note: This story is based on something that happened to me and that I am still getting over. To get over this I bury myself in my writing and this is why I decided to write about it. I WILL NOT READ ANY FLAMES ESPECIALLY ON THIS STORY! This story is Power Ranger based but it is based on my experiences. The song in this story is "Broken Road" by Melodie Crittenden. This story is rated PG.

Dedication: To my wonderful friends who were there for me through this mess and to my x which will always have a place in my heart no matter what Van Will McChesney.

Broken Road
By:Pam Marks

I sat out on a narrow way
Many years ago
Hoping I would find true love
Along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
I wiped my brow, and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign
Pointed straight to you

Kimberly Hart sat on her window seat and looked out into the pouring rain and sighed. Was she really falling in love again? Was it a dream? Tommy was something else that was for sure and he was interested in her. She knew this to be a fact because she had found a note that he had dropped in the hall. It had been addressed to her so she opened it and read it. It was a note asking her to go out with him and she guessed that he had not the courage or the strength to give it to her. She smiled to herself as she remembered his face when she had handed it to him at lunch that day. She had said that she hadn't read it, so she lied.

It wasn't that she didn't like Tommy, who wouldn't like him? Was she ready to fall in love again after what happened with Will? That name still brought a smile to her face and a pain to her heart. He had been her first love and that is something you don't get over easily. Kim caught a tear as it streamed down her face as she remembered domes day as she had come to know it. She still had no idea why she did what she did. Maybe she was crazy then or maybe he had too much of a temper. She sat her head back against the white wall and let the memories come and wash over her.

Every long lost dream
Led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart
They where just northern stars
Pointing me on my way
Into your loving arms
This much I know...is true
(That) God blessed the broken road,
and led me straight to you

Kim bounced into Angel Grove High School she was just a ninth grader but she had a boy friend that she loved with all her heart and soul. She knew that she would do any thing that he asked of her, any thing to make him happy. She remembered how he made her feel alive inside and full of energy. She was always smiling and happy when he was around and why not he completed her. She ran to her locker which was in the other building, she wanted to get to her first period class but most of all she wanted to get to him. Just thinking about him made her squirm with excitement.

She shoved her books she needed in her pink book bag and rushed off to her first class but most important to him. She bounced into the classroom book bag on her shoulder and a big bright smile on her face. When she saw him her heart started to beat a little faster, her hands started to sweat, and her stomach did back flips. She went to her seat, which was right beside his seat and through her book bag to the floor and walked over to where he was sitting and squeezed his shoulders and said "Hey." He tensed and laughed and Kim amusingly said "Gee I thought you weren't ticklish." Then he looked up at her with his big chocolate eyes and said "Right there I am." She smiled and said "Well I am going to have to remember that for future reference. Like for the times when you tickle me." Then she squeezed his shoulders again and he squirmed. Little did she know that there would be no future reference. That was the last time she would ever touch him.

I look back on the years I spent
Just passin' through
I'd like to take the time I lost
And give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there...you understand
It's all part of a grander plan
That is coming true

The bell rang and she took her seat and listened to the teacher as he began his lesson. She couldn't keep her eyes off Will he was so cute and she thought 'Man I am so lucky to have him.' Then she tuned into what the teacher was saying and caught half of it.

Kim felt like she could walk on air when she went into her second period math class. She bounced beck to her seat and gazed at her best friend Kalee who was sitting right next to her. She smiled but she did not return the smile and she got a concerned look on her face as the bell rang.

During the middle of class she heard Kalee call her name and she turned and Kalee handed her a peace of blue paper that had Kim on it. She slowly tore it open and what she read shocked her. Her best friend had tried to commit suicide while she was visiting relatives in another state. She looked up as the shock took hold of her. She looked over at her best friend and said "Why?" Kalee looked at her sadly and said, "I just couldn't take it any more. Please forgive me." Kim looked down at the note and before she could stop her self she said, "I thought about it to." Kalee looked at her the shock of what Kim had just said evident on her face. Kalee said, "You have to tell Will." Kim looked down and shook her head as the bell rang.

Every long lost dream
Led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart
They were just northern stars
Pointing me on my way
Into your loving arms
This much I know...is true
(That) God bless the broken road,
and led me straight to you

Kim walked nervously to the out side pick nick tables and sat down with her best friend Kalee in toe. She was holding the peace of blue paper that had Kalee's confession on it and hers. She sat down on the cold bench as her bulky boy friend Will walked over. The sun was shining but she didn't feel it. She handed him the note and waited for his reaction. She was not prepared when he sat down and the pain shout through his eyes. He looked at her and she quickly looked away. She was able to make out a "Why?" She couldn't even look him in the eye and she said, "Every thing was going wrong in my life." Then he said, "You promised me you wouldn't. I have to think about this, us." Then he got up and she watched him walk away. Kim turned to Kalee the tears coming to her eyes and said "Can we go?" Kalee sadly said, "Yes." When they got up to the sidewalk Kim let the tears flow, as Kalee tried and calm her.

The rest of the day went by in a haze for Kimberly all she could think about was Will. When she got home she immediately called her best friend Robert and asked him about it. He tried his best to console it but she knew that it was over and that there was no way around it. At the end of the conversation she said, "I lied to Will Robert. I didn't try to or think about it. Oh god what have I done!" Robert thought about this and replied "You have to tell him Kim." Kim broke down crying and said, "I know." Then Robert said "Look I have to go." Kim said good bye and they both hung up. She dialed the filmier number of her boy friend but no one answered. She hung up and cried. She didn't eat much at dinner and that night she tried once more to get him but it failed and she cried herself to sleep thinking she had lost him for good.

The next morning she called him again this time getting him. She took a deep breath and told him every thing that she had done. He got mad and she could tell it he said something then that plagued her "I can't deal with this." Then he said he would talk to her at school and hung up.

When she got to school he didn't talk to her and the rest of the day seemed to go by in a haze of pain and sorrow. When she got home she ran to call her best friend Rob and he told her that he had talked to Will and what he said hurt her deeply. "The only reason he went out with you is because he felt sorry for you, but then he started to care for you. He called you a psycho and said you need help." She broke down into sobs and said, "How could he?" Then Rob said "Don't tell him I told you." Then they said there good byes and Kim picked up the phone and dialed Will's number not prepared for what was going to happen next.

Kim hung up the phone and started to bawl and cuss him out. He had yelled at her and told her she needed help and that they should make a clean break from each other. He also denied ever saying those things and that he just wanted to get his grades up and into MIT and he didn't need this. Kim couldn't control her crying and called Rob for support which he gave her because he liked her and couldn't stay mad at her for long. Nothing he could say or any one else that would dull the pain of a broken heart.

Straight to you

Now I'm just rolling home
Into my lovers arms
This much I know...I know it's true
(That) God blessed the broken road and led me
straight to you

Kim got up from her window seat and wiped a stray tear from her cheek and got out a yearbook her ninth grade yearbook. She turned to her picture and looked at it her eyes filling up with pain as she read what Will had wrote 'Kiss my ass you one tooth bitch. Will.' She had told her mom about that and Will had to replace it and this made him hate her even more. They hadn't talked since the whole yearbook thing and it didn't look like they were going to start to talk any time soon. She had tried to call him three months after they broke up but his mom had said that she was no longer to call Will and that Will would no longer talk to her on the phone.

Kim sighed and put the yearbook away and picked up the phone to call Tommy.

(Yes) God blessed the broken road and led me
straight to you

The End.

Author's Note: Gee! Sorry I didn't go into that much detail but a lot of painful memories involved. Thank you to all my friends who stood by me during this ruff time and I love you all. I would love comments/questions NO FLAMES at puppy67@yahoo.com. Thank you for reading.