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The Beginning
By: Pam Marks and Chris Brown

A dark haired woman ran threw the dark ally ways of Angel Grove cradling a white bundle in her tanned hands. A clap of thunder made the white bundle start to cry and the woman quit running and ducked into an ally way and tried to calm the baby she was carrying. "Shhhhh...It's OK, Alex. I am not going to let any one hurt you. I am not going to let that monster have you. You are not going to be evil. I love you." The bundle stopped crying and the woman quickly got up and ran back into the pouring rain down the street and stopped in front of an old brick building that said "Douglas Home for Children". She put the bundle down and got the necklace from around her neck and put it around the child's neck. The necklace was a sliver claw with a ruby ball in the claw attached to a black chain. The woman looked at her baby's tanned face and chocolate brown eyes as a tear fell from her eye said, "You stay good. I love you; you are my hope. Don't ever turn to evil, I will be back for you as soon as I can. You will see me again. Be a good boy." With that she kissed his forehead, rang the doorbell, and got up and ran into the stormy night.

Seventeen years later... "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" Tommy Oliver rolled over and smacked his alarm clock and rolled over and closed his eyes again. Then he heard his mom say "Tommy! Tommy get up its time to go to school! Don't be late again! I have to go, see you tonight! Bye honey!" With that he heard the door slam and put a pillow over his head and groaned. His mom was a dance teacher and worked from 7:00 to 4:00 and his dad worked with Frank and White Co. and was always away on business. Tommy didn't care he and his dad where never close they did not have the time to get close. His mom and him that was a different story he loved his mom and told her every thing, well almost every thing.

Finally, Tommy threw the pillow on the floor and got up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He stumbled to the bathroom where he showered and dressed and bounced down the stairs. Once down the stairs he went into the black and white kitchen and put a pop tart in the toaster and plopped down in one of the chairs and picked up the newspaper. It was the usual the amazing power rangers had destroyed yet another off Rita's monsters. Tommy smiled to himself as his pop tart popped up; he grabbed it and headed for the door. Tommy grabbed his green book bag by the door and slammed the door behind him.

Tommy was half way to school as a bright light blinded him and putties appeared out of nowhere and circled him. Tommy threw his book bag to the ground and said "Great now I am going to me late for school." Then one of the putties attacked and Tommy blocked him and flipped him on his back and elbowed it in its stomach. Then as Tommy was fighting the other putties one single putty appeared out of nowhere behind him with a injection tube in his hand and put it in him and drew some blood. Tommy screamed as it was jammed in him and then jerked out. Then the putty for good measure slashed Tommy in the back and blood started to fall from the deep gash in his back. Tommy screamed and doubled over in pain as the putties disappeared with the needle full of blood.

Tommy lay on the ground hurting and brought his communicator up and pushed the yellow button on it and instantly reappeared in the command center and Alpha and Zordon both gasped as they saw Tommy's back. Alpha quickly got Tommy up and on a medical table and Zordon asked "TOMMY WHAT HAPPENED?" Tommy looked at his mentor with hazy vision and said "I was attacked on my way to school and a putty drew some of my blood the slashed me." Alpha said "Aiyayah Zordon it isn't that bad he should be fine but he is going to have to stay hear for a while." Tommy smirked and said, "There goes school." Zordon smiled and said "I AM SURE YOU ARE HEART BROKEN TOMMY." Tommy smiled and said, "You don't know how much." Then he fell into a light sleep.

At Ritas lair the putty that had the needle if blood appeared at the foot of Ritas throne. The putty timidly looked up at Rita and said "My empress hear is the blood you ordered me to get." The putty handed the needle of blood to Rita and Rita took the blood with a small gleam in her eye and said, "Yes now we will teach that little green traitor never to betray me." Then the putty that was standing there said "Just for good measure I slashed the green ranger in the back and he doubled over in pain and the cut was deep. He should be out of it for a long while." Rita smiled at this and said "Good work and now lets see how my little green ranger is dealing with the pain." Rita looked throw her telescope and saw Tommy slashing around in pain and Alpha trying to calm and hold him. Rita crackled and turned to the putty and said "Poor green ranger." Then she crackled more and said, "Now lets take at look at the traitors DNA and see if we can make a clone."

Finster came running in the room with a frantic look on his face and said "My empress! My empress!" Rita said "I have a headache Finster and you are making it worse! What do you want?!" Finster took a minute to catch his breath then said "My empress the traitors DNA almost exactly matches yours. The blood type is the same." An evil smile came over Rita hard face as a plan started to develop in her twisted dark mind. Finster got a look of worry on his face and said, "Are you alright my empress?" Rita crackled and said, "I have new plan forget the old one. This one will destroy the rangers once and for all." Evil crackled threw space.

Back at the command center Alpha was threw putting alcohol on Tommy's cut back and Tommy was lying on the medical table gripping the pillow in pain. Zordon was looking at Tommy with worry in his eyes, as Alpha scanned Tommy for any or Rita's horrid disease. When he was done Alpha quickly walked over to the computer and scanned for all the rangers and saw that they were all together at lunch and keeping a sharp look out for Tommy. Alpha looked up at Zordon and said "Should we contact them and tell them?" Zordon said, "YES ALPHA CALL THEM."

At lunch the rangers were sitting at the table staring at their lunch worrying about Tommy when a familiar beep got their attention. They looked around and quickly stood up and went out of the lunchroom into the empty hall and Jason said "Zordon what's up?" Before Zordon could say any thing the rangers heard a high pitched voice of fear in the back ground "Alpha what's that behind your back? Alpha is that alcohol? It is! Help! Stay away from me! I'll morph and well I can't but any way!" Then they heard screams of agony "AHHHH! OWL! NO! AHHHHH!" Then Kim said, "Um is that Tommy we hear?" Then they heard Tommy scream "Yeah it's me help! Get me out of hear! Alpha's gone nuts! He's obsessed with alcohol!" Then Jason looked confused and Zordon said, "YOU BETTER GET UP HEAR BEFORE TOMMY KILLS ALPHA OR VICE VERSA." Then they heard Alphas mechanical voice say, "Tommy put that down. Tommy you are delusional. Put that down. Tommy." Then they heard the sound of mettle hit the floor. Then Alpha screaming "Owl! Tommy stop it! Help!"

The rangers started at each other and Kim said, "We should get up there before Tommy kills him." The rangers pressed the yellow button on there watches and was instantly teleported a few feet away from Tommy just as he was saying "You want alcohol back, hear it is!" Then he tilted his wrist about to pour and Kim grabbed his wrist just as he was about to pour the alcohol on the shivering mechanical body below him. Kim yanked Tommy away from Alpha and before Tommy had time to react she grabbed the alcohol out of Tommy's hand a screwed the lid on tight and sat it down on the table.

Tommy whirled around and smacked her on the cheek and screamed "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!! I COULD HAVE STOPPED HIM!!!! YOU HAD IN RUIN IT!!" Kim getting over the shock of the hit said "Tommy you are delusional, guys help me get him on the medical bed." All the rangers came over and took hold of Tommy and led over to the medical bed. Tommy lay down on his stomach and the rangers saw the cut on his back at the same time. Kim looked over at Alpha and said "Alpha what happened to..." Then Alpha started to talk nonsense and walked into a chair and fell over it into the floor. Kim giggled and Jason turned to Zordon and said, "What happened to Tommy?"

Zordon looked at Jason and said "TOMMY WAS ATTACKED BY PUTTIES ON HIS WAY TO SCHOOL AND THEY TOOK SOME BLOOD AND SLASHED HIS BACK. HE WILL BE OK BUT HE WILL NEED SOME TIME." The rangers looked back at Tommy and Tommy said, "I'll kill you all. Let me at them." Then Kim rolled her eyes and went back and picked up the alcohol and over to Tommy and sat him up and took the shirt of his back and laid him back down and genteelly tended the wound.

Rita who had been watching all the commotion with evil glee, then she said rubbing her hands together "The time is perfect to start our plan." Then one of the stupider monsters said "What is your plan my empress?" Rita looked at the monster and zapped him with her wand and said "Watch." Then with her went around in a circle and turned into a beautiful woman with shoulder length brown hair black eyes that perched your soul, and tanned skin. Then she started to explain her evil yet cunning plan. "You see with the same blood type and DNA I can come back as his long lost mother. Which we all should know that she has been missing for seventeen years, and that Tommy is adopted. I will come back as long lost Cindy Davis. That's it yeah Cindy Davis." Finster was confused and said "My empress how will this help?" Rita glared at him and said "You idiot by getting close we can take him back to the evil side once and for all." Then Rita burst into evil laughter and they all followed.

Later that same time at the Oliver house Tommy had just gotten back and was still hobbling with pain. At this very moment he was sitting watching Tiny Toons and eating his burrito, when suddenly the doorbell rang and Tommy cussing him himself under his breath got up hobbled over to the door. Tommy slowly opened the door and said "Yes who is it." There stood a tall dark skinned lady with dark hair and perching black eyes and said " Is Tommy home?" Tommy looked at her with keen interest and said "I'm Tommy. What do you want?" Then lady smiled and said "Tommy this may come as a shock but I'm your mother."

To be continued...

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