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Authors Note: This story has angst in it of course gee Tommy is my favorite character and I love picking on him. Go figure! This is when Tommy is the White Ranger and Trini, Zach, and Jason is still there.

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by: Pam Marks and Starfire

Tommy Oliver was tossing and turning in a restless sleep. For the last two weeks he had been having dreams; weird dreams. Dreams that were full of horrible things that Tommy didn't want to remember, much less dream about, but they wouldn't leave him alone.

Tommy was a little boy about the age of eight he was playing in the sand at his elementary school. All the other kids were keeping their distance from him, he heard there giggles and scuffs at him but he paid them no mind and kept digging. Tommy was a very quit shy kid so in turn he got picked on and left out quit often. Tommy felt a tear slide down his cheek and he wiped it away quickly and winced has his hand hit the bruise his father had left him with the night before when he wouldn't stay still.

The teachers and employees of the school didn't pay any attention to Tommy's bruises and such because they thought it was Tommy's fault because of his short fuse temper. Tommy threw his shovel down and slowly got to his feet and walked over to the swings and sat down in one of them. Of course when the kids saw him coming towards the swings they all got up ran away giggling.

Tommy had his head lowered and it popped up when he heard someone sit down beside him. He looked up and was met by the smiling face of Kimberly Hart the bounciest most popular girl in school. Tommy liked her a lot but what boy didn't. She was going out with Jason Lee Scott and every guy knew it. Tommy squirmed in his seat and more meanly then he meant to said, "What do you want?"

Kim smiled and said calmly "I saw you over here all alone and I thought that you might need a friend."

Tommy pouted and said, "I don't need a friend especially not a girl friend. I am perfectly fine by myself. So go away."

Kim seemed not to be fazed by this statement as she continued "Well from where I was standing you didn't look like you were perfectly fine by yourself. Who gave you the bruise on you cheek?"

Tommy scuffled his feet and replied mumbling "I fell. What's it to you? Don't you ever fall little ms perfect?" Tommy didn't mean to be so mean. He couldn't help it. He just wanted to be alone and wished she would go away back to her perfect boyfriend and perfect life.

Kim looked a little hurt now but still continued, "Yes, I do fall, all the time but I never fall on my face."

Tommy giggled and replied, "Yeah, well you could have fooled me."

Kim frowned and replied, "What do you mean?"

Tommy laughed and said, "You must have fallen a lot on your face because it sure is ugly."

Tommy saw the tears whiling up in Kim's eyes as she whispered, "I'm sorry I was just trying to be nice to you. You big bully! You jerk!" Then she got up and Tommy watched as she ran to her boyfriend and pointed to him. He took a deep breath as Jason started to walk over to him.

When Jason was looking down at him. Tommy got up so that they were eye and eye as Jason said, "Who do you think you are!?!"

Tommy shrugged and said "Tommy Erickson you?"

Jason said, "Nobody talks to Kim like that! Especially not you! "

Tommy smiled a sarcastic smile and said, "Oh did I hurt her feelings? Oh I'm sorry, not! I told her to leave me alone! She must have a listening problem!"

By now kids where starting to crowd around the two as Jason said, "You better take that back punk!"

Tommy shrugged "Or else what big man? You goanna fight me? Go a head it want faze me! I still want take back that she is a air head and a dumb ass!"

Jason balled up his fists and said, "Take it back!"

Tommy smiled and said "Ummm...no!"

When Tommy said this Jason pounced on Tommy and they both rolled and tumbled. Tommy vaguely heard the shouts of the other kids saying, "Fight! Fight! Go Jason! Beat him up!"

Finally they stopped and Jason started pounding Tommy and Tommy tried to roll Jason off of him but Jason had a good straddle on his stomach. Jason finally said though clenched teeth "Take it back!"

Tommy yelled "NO!"

Just then Tommy punched Jason in the stomach and Jason rolled off him. Tommy seeing is opening pounced on him and they both went rolling again. This time the only thing that stopped the two was a tree that Tommy ran into. Tommy let out a cry of pain as his back hit the trunk and Jason started pounding him again. Tommy curled up in a ball and started to take hit after hit until suddenly it stopped. Tommy was scared to open his eyes until he felt someone help him up. Tommy opened his eyes and saw Mr. Jenkins holding Jason back and then once he was standing again he felt something soft go to his nose and wipe away some of the blood. He looked up to see Ms. Swanson his teacher and the only one that Tommy could relate to smiling at him. Then she picked him up and Mr. Jenkins with Jason and Ms. Swanson with Tommy in her arms walked inside to the principal's office, a place where Tommy had been many times before.

Tommy sat in one of the brown chairs facing the principal Jason right beside him as the principal talked to Tommy's stepfather. Tommy bowed his head and thought 'Great now he is really going to kill me.' Tommy held the tissue to his nose and glanced over at Jason he was so jealous of him. He had everything the perfect family, the perfect friends, the perfect girlfriend, and the perfect life. What did he have to be unhappy about? "Tommy."

Tommy's head popped up as the principal called his name. Once he was sure that he had his attention he continued, "You have been in many fights in this school. Correct Tommy?" Tommy shook his head slowly. The principal took a deep breath as if he was about to sentence someone to death, maybe he was.

"I'm sorry Tommy but this is the last fight you are going to be in here for a while. I just got of the phone with your stepfather and he agrees that you need some time to think about all of fights you have been getting into. Tommy I'm sorry but you are suspended for two weeks. Tommy we have warned you over and over again. I'm sorry."

The principal stiffened and Tommy watched as he turned his attention to Jason and said "Jason. You are not going to get off free although you were standing up for another student we don't hit people. You will spend your recesses and lunch periods in here with me for one week. I hope this will teach you both a lessen. Jason you may go back to class and Tommy your dad is on his way to pick you up. That it is all." With that Jason got up and passed by Tommy and went out the door anger in his every step. Tommy sat there with his arms crossed and waited for his father to come and pick him up.

Later Tommy had just gotten in the front door of his home with his step dad right behind him. He slowly put his book bag down beside the door. His step dad had not said a word on the ride home and this worried Tommy for many reasons. Tommy headed towards the stairs to go to his room and his step dad stopped him "Where do you think you are going young man?"

Tommy timidly turned around with puppy dog eyes and replied "My room."

At that Tommy's step dad blew up and screamed, "Don't try that on me Tommy! What has gotten into you!?! Do you know what you have done!?! You are suspended from school for two weeks!! You are going to have to stay around here for two weeks! You better get your act together or else!"

Tommy started to back up towards the stairs as his stepfather came closer and screamed "Oh no you don't I am going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget!" With that Tommy's step dad grabbed him by the arm and jerked him to the dinning room table. He then through him down on the table and took of his belt and started to whip him with it.

Tommy sat up in his bed covered in sweat and crying. His mom ran into the room and over to Tommy. She wrapped him in her arms and rocked him while he cried. Tommy cried for a few more minutes and then calmed down. "Honey what was this one about?"

Tommy took a deep breath and replied "He was hitting me he wouldn't stop. Why? Was I really that horrible Mom? What did I do to deserve that?"

His mom ran a hand through his silky wet hair and said, "You didn't do anything Tommy and you certainly didn't deserve that. You are a very bright, talented young man and you did absolutely nothing to deserve that."

Tommy gave his mother a small smile as he lay back down and his mom tucked the covers around him. She then sat down beside him and kissed him on the cheek and said "Go back to sleep angel. I love you Tommy." Tommy lay there and listened to his mom's sweet soft humming until he fell into a light sleep.

Carol Oliver got up from her position on her sons bed once she was sure that Tommy was fast a sleep again. Carol had loved Tommy ever since he had come to live with her and John when he was nine. She had loved him at first glance. She once more ran her fingers through his hair and turned and exited the room shutting the door behind her.

The next day at school Tommy was about to go to sleep on his feet and was shoving books into his book bag. Then two hands went over his eyes and a bouncy female voice said, "Guess who?"

Tommy smiled, as if he didn't know who it was, but he played along "Umm...Jason."

The hands went down from his eyes and he heard a laugh as Kimberly Hart wrapped her arms around his stomach and said "No silly it's your loving, sweet, and don't forget caring girl friend Kim."

Tommy smiled and turned around and looked down at his petite girl friend. Kim got a puzzled look on her face and asked "Tommy is there something wrong?"

Tommy giggled and replied "No there is nothing wrong. Every thing is perfect. I love you."

Kim smiled and wrapping her arms around his neck said, "I love you too."

Tommy smiled and got closer until their lips meat in a fiery kiss. "Hey you two don't make me get the hose!"

Tommy giggled as he pulled away from Kim and turned his head until he was looking his best friend Jason Lee Scott in the face "Oh you are just jealous!"

Jason shrugged and replied "Kim why do want Tommy when you can have a great guy like me?"

Kim smiled and retorted, "Because you are ugly."

Tommy started to laugh as Jason acted hurt and said "That hurt Kim. I am not going to talk to you again." With that Jason turned around and crossed his arms.

Kim smiled and said, "Fine with me."

Jason turned back around and replied "Kim! You are supposed to say I am sorry Jason and I will never do it again."

Kim smiled as she said "But I'm not sorry and I might do it again. I don't lie Jason."

Jason smiled and shook his head as he turned his attention back to Tommy who had once again started putting notebooks and books in his book bag. "Hey man you going to be at the youth center this afternoon?"

Tommy thought for a second and said "Umm...maybe. I have a big history test tomorrow."

Jason shook his head as the bell for first period rang. "See you later sweetie." Kim said as she gave him a peck on the cheek. Then she scurried off for class.

Jason smiled and said, "See you later sweetie." Then gave him a peck on the cheek.

Tommy immediately wiped off his face and hitting Jason said, "Get out of here!"

Jason smiled and said, "See ya Tommy." Then began to walk off to his class. Tommy smiled as he slammed his locker door. Tommy thought to himself 'I have it so good here. Everything is perfect.' Then he walked in the opposite direction toward his class.

Tommy walked fast to get to the lunchroom. He was late meeting the others for lunch and he cursed himself the whole way. Tommy walked into the crowed lunchroom and quickly spotted his friends and smiling walked over and dropped his book bag in one of the chairs. He kissed Kim on the cheek and pulled up a chair beside her. Billy looked up to meet Tommy in the eye as he said "Tommy did you take that device in you garage to the command center?"

Tommy's eyes widened as he said "Oh no! I forgot about it!"

Billy smiled and rolled his eyes as he replied "Figures, the old Oliver memory. Why don't you go do it now Tommy before you forget again?"

Tommy smiled sheepishly and said, "Umm...yeah I guess I should. Jason it will take to people to left it, you up for it?"

Jason smiled and replied "Oh yeah!"

Tommy then turned to face Kim and said, "We also need a driver are you up for it?"

Kim smiled and retorted "Well I can't leave you to alone. There is no telling what you will do alone."

Jason smirked "Yeah we might have fun. Heaven forbid!" Then he started to giggle.

Kim glared at him as Tommy giggled. "Hahaha...very funny you two."

Jason smiled and said, "We thought it was. Didn't we Tommy?"

Tommy shook his head, as Kim said "Don't edge him on Tommy, please?"

Tommy shrugged as he got up and Kim and Jason followed suit. After Tommy had made up a cheesy excuse to give the principal to get out of school the trio were on their way. Tommy hummed a tune to himself as he pulled into his driveway. That's when he noticed the green Toyota that he hadn't ever seen before. Tommy got a concerned look on his face as he said "Uh that's funny. I have never seen that car before."

Kim shrugged "Maybe it's one of your mom's friends."

Tommy relaxed a little "Yeah you're probably right. Lets go get that machine and get back to school. I have a math test in one hour."

Kim rolled her eyes as she exited the car. Tommy with Jason's help loaded the machine into the back of his white explorer. Tommy slammed the hood down and turned to face the two "Ok I am going to go say hi to my mom and let her know that it was us that was making all this noise. To let her know that it isn't a robber or any thing."

"Cool will come along. I want to say hi to." Kim replied. Jason shrugged and started to follow the two.

Tommy was half way to the door when he glanced in the living room window. Tommy's face went white and his hands began to shack at the scene before his eyes. There in the living room where his mom Carol talking to his step dad. Tommy gulped as he heard Kim say, "What's wrong Tommy?"

Tommy didn't answer her as he rushed up the walk and into the house. Once he was inside he cautiously approached the living room entrance. Once he was standing in the doorway he said so that he could be herd over the chatter going on "Mom what's going on?"

Carol immediately looked up and surprise washed over her face as Tommy stood there staring at her. She the slowly began to speak "Tommy! What are you doing home honey?"

Tommy rolled his eyes and replied, "We had to come pick up a project I left here this morning. What is going on mom? Why is he here?" Tommy said the last sentence has he looked at his step dad. Tommy shivered has he meat the dark black eyes of Josh Erickson and turned away.

Jason and Kim came to the doorway and Kim said, "What's going on Tommy?" Then she got a good look at Josh Erickson and smiled.

"Hey I know you from when I was younger the umm...oh shot what was his last name Jason?"

Jason shrugged and said, "I forgot."

Kim made a face and said "Oh you know they had the little boy with the temper that you beat up. Remember him boy what a jerk!"

Tommy bawled up his fist as Kim continued, "Damn it! Oh yeah the Erickson's!"

Tommy smirked and said "Oh gee yea Kim figured it out! What a shock! Little miss perfect strikes again!"

Kim and Jason both looked at Tommy and Kim said "You. You were the little boy!"

Tommy smirked and retorted "Yeah that was me. I'm the jerk! Well you are still an air head and dumb ass Kimberly!"

With that Tommy fled from the house wanting to ignore the tears that formed in Kim's eyes from his harsh words.

Jason was furious and he put a hand on Kim's shoulder as he saw the tears falling from her eyes. Jason was surprised when Kim knocked it off and turned to him and said "Jason I am not nine years old any more ok? I am not going to run to you again. This time I will handle Tommy ok?"

Jason shook his head as Kim rushed by him and out of the house. Jason then turned his attention back to the living room. Josh Erickson and the social worker that was with him got up and Josh said "Thank you Carol for having me in your home unexpected like this. It's just with the death of Tommy's mom I really had some time to think about things. I love Tommy and I never meant to hurt him. It's good to see that Tommy has been loved." Carol smiled and they all exited the house and soon it was just Jason and Carol.

Kim ran to the lake because she knew that Tommy would pick that place. When she got there she saw Tommy sitting on a bench looking out over the lake. She stomped over to him and said "Tommy Oliver, Erickson oh who ever you are."

Tommy looked up and Kim's heart melted at the defeated look that was in Tommy's eyes. Tommy hadn't looked that way since he lost the green powers. Tommy looked pale and was shaking although he was trying to hide it. What melted Kim's heart the most were Tommy's eyes. Those once warm vibrant full of life chocolate eyes were now dead and defeated. All it took was Josh Erickson to do it but what could be so bad about Josh Erickson? "What do you want Kimberly?"

Kim was taken out of her thoughts by Tommy's cold uncaring voice she shook her head and responded "You looked like you could use a friend."

Tommy umpped and said "Yeah well lets just skip the next part and why don't you just go running to Jason ok?"

Kim sat down beside Tommy and said "No Tommy not this time. What is wrong with you?"

Tommy didn't meat he eye as he said, "Why do you want me Kim? Out of every other guy in Angel Grove why me?"

Kim smiled and replied "That one is easy your kind heart."

Tommy laughed bitterly as he said, "I am still the same person I was back then Kim just taller."

Kim took a deep breath and said, "That may be but you grew up Tommy and now you control that temper."

"Why aren't you with Jason? You two were close in elementary school everybody thought you were so cute so what happened did he dump the innocent miss perfect?"

Kim sighed this was going to be harder then she thought "No it was a mutual break up we got to middle school and we grew apart that's all. Plus I found you and I love you Tommy jerk or not."

Tommy looked around as he said, "Yeah well I don't know why! You are supposed to hate me Kim! Why don't you just scream at me and leave already! I want you to leave! Just like everybody else did!"

"No Tommy I am not going to leave! You can't make me either! Tommy you are stuck with me so deal with it!"

With that, Tommy broke down crying in Kim's arms and Kim held him and rocked him. "I'm sorry Kim! I am so sorry! I was just scared...when I was little! I didn't think I deserved any thing and I.... I just...I just wanted some one to love me!!! And.... no one...no one would! They all ran away...from me! I wanted it so bad!!!"

Kim felt the tears sting at her eyes as listened to Tommy "My step dad...he...hit me Kim. .He hit me so hard! What did I do to.... to deserve that!?! Was I really that bad!?!"

Kim was in shock he hit him! "Oh Tommy you were just a kid! You didn't know any better!" With that she held Tommy and rode out the wave of emotion.

Meanwhile Jason and Carol had just sat down at the Oliver's kitchen and Jason asked, "Ok what's going on?"

Carol took a deep breath and began her long story "Tommy came to John and me when he was nine. We had put in for an adoption and we got Tommy. When we got him he had a very bad temper and anger problem. We went to the social worker that had brought Tommy to us and asked what was wrong with him." Carol paused as if trying to decide withier to go on with her story or not.

"And what was wrong with him Carol? Tell me!" Jason commanded

Carol looked at him and replied "Jason I am not sure you are going to like what you hear."

Jason was consistent "Carol I will understand believe me I have herd it all and from where I am sitting I don't think that Tommy had an excuse to act that way when he was little."

Carol umpped and replied "Oh he had a pretty good reason Jason. Jason he wasn't mad at us or any of the other kids. He was mad at himself."

Jason sat there stunned as Carol took a deep breath and said "Jason Josh Erickson beat him on a daily basis basically."

Jason about fell out of his seat when Carol hit him with this information. "What?" Was all Jason could manage to stutter.

Carol looked out the window as she continued "Jason did you ever notice that Tommy would come to school each day and have new fresh bruises?"

Jason shrugged and replied, "We all thought that Tommy got into fights and got beat up."

Carol giggled and said "No, Jason Josh Erickson gave them to him. Then one afternoon a neighbor heard some screaming coming from the Erickson's and called the police. The police got there and they herd some screaming going on like someone was hitting something. They burst in and they found Tommy on a table getting wiped with a belt, they guessed he had long since lost consciousness. There was blood everywhere and Josh would not quit hitting Tommy. The mother was on the floor with a black eye. When the police grabbed Josh to stop him from hitting Tommy Josh kicked on if the cops and punched another. He then tried to run out the back door but two cops were waiting for him there. They finally got handcuffs on him and into a police car. They then handcuffed the mother after getting her statement and took her in to. They called an ambulance and rushed Tommy to the hospital. The mother said that Tommy had gotten in a fight and got suspended for two weeks. Josh was drunk and furious so in turn beat Tommy. The mother tried to get the dad to quit hitting Tommy because she said that she was scared for Tommy's life. The dad hit her and went on beating Tommy. Tommy stayed in the hospital for two weeks. He spent one of those weeks in ICU because he had been beaten so severely. Once he was released he came straight to live with us. Any way after we found this out we took Tommy to therapy and it took some time but eventually Tommy came to terms with what happened to him. He finally realized that it wasn't his fault. As for his anger we got to root of it and he started Karate to help channel it. Now Josh wants Tommy to go live with him in New York. He claims that he has changed but there is something about him that scares me Jason. There is something not right."

Jason sat there for a moment trying to let what Ms. Oliver had said sink in. Carol shook her head trying to clear it as she changed the subject. "Well Jason I am going to go get a shower. Tonight is John and mines fifteen-year wedding anniversary and he is taking me out to eat. Stay as long as you like but don't forget to lock the door on your way out."

Jason nodded slowly as Carol slowly got out of her chair and disappeared up the stairs. Jason slowly sat back in the chair and closed his eyes as the flashes of the past invaded his thoughts. (Flash)

Jason was sitting on the grass waiting for his mom to come and pick him up. It was his seventh birthday and his mom and dad were going to take him out to eat. He smiled he loved his mom and dad. He took a deep breath as he turned his head towards the entrance of the school to watch for his friends and girlfriend. Jason didn't see his friends come out but someone else caught his attention. Tommy Erickson the meanest kid in school walked out. Jason rolled his eyes as he watched Tommy take a seat underneath a tree by the pick up zone and watch timidly for his dad.

Jason rolled his eyes everybody in town knew Tommy's stepfather and knew what a great guy he was. Tommy had no reason to be such a troublemaker. Jason for some reason couldn't take his eyes of Tommy. There was something about him that didn't seem right to Jason. He watched as a green Ford truck pulled up and Tommy slowly got up and walked over. Jason watched as Tommy went to the passenger side and opened the door and a hand grabbed his shirt and yanked him in. Jason once again rolled his eyes 'He must have got into trouble yet again.' Then his friends joined him and girl friend and they waited together for Jason's mom. (Flash) (Flash)

Jason hummed a tune to himself as he walked with his best friend Billy home. Today Jason was in high spirits and loved the springtime. Jason looked across the street just in time to see Tommy Erickson get hit in the head by a book that his stepfather threw at him. Jason heard a gasp come from beside him and Billy say "What is going on?"

Jason smirked "Probably got in trouble again."

Billy looked concerned and replied "Yeah but I don't like the book thing."

Jason laughed bitterly and said "His head is so heard that is probably hurt the book."

Billy frowned and replied "I think not Jason the probably of a head injury is large in probability."

Jason not wanting to talk about Tommy right now changed the subject "Come on man my mom is waiting for us at my house and I bet she baked cookies." Smiling the duo walked on. (Flash) (Flash)

Tommy was crying in the back of the school tears were falling down his cheeks and his shirt was off his back he was slowly trying to put water on his back to make the burning pain from the whiplashes stop. It was early in the morning and Tommy's step dad had just dropped him off. Tommy had not gone to class however he had gone straight to fountain.

Jason walked out of his classroom to get a drink from the fountain and when he rounded the corner he gasped at what he saw. Tommy was there with his shirt up off his back and ugly red whiplash marks were all over Tommy's back.

Jason winced as the water hit his back and Tommy winced in pain. Jason shook his head and thought. 'Man he must of done something bad to get into this much trouble.'

Jason then left the water fountain with out getting any water and headed back to class the haunting sounds of sobbing haunted his mind as walked away. (Flash) (Flash)

Jason umpped to himself Kim was making him go to Tommy's house and check on him. Jason had just beat him up he didn't want to see him again. In fact he had done it for Kim and now Kim was making him check on him? Girls.

As Jason drew nearer to Tommy's house he heard a cry of pain. As Jason drew closer the house he realized that the cries were Tommy's. Curious Jason snuck to the back of the green and white house and peeped in the dinning room window. Jason gasped in shock at the way Tommy's stepfather was beating Tommy. Jason covered his mouth as he saw Tommy's body convulse. Jason paled and fear struck his soul. He pried his eyes away from the window and ran away trying to block the horrible scene from his mind.

Jason ran all the way back to school where he was meat by Kim who was waiting "So is he alright?"

Jason looked at her blankly "What?"

Kimberly growled angrily "FORGET IT!!" Then she stomped away from Jason leaving Jason alone to sort out what he had just scene. (Flash) (Flash)

Jason smiled has he entered Kim's room they all were having a sleep over. Jason put his bag down and smiled as he looked through it for his sleepwear. Jason grimaced "Damn it I forgot my sleepwear!"

Billy looked at Jason and smiled "Well then walked back to your house and get it."

Trini joined in "You got your key right?"

Jason pulled it out of his pocket and said "Yup right hear. I will be right back."

Jason rushed out of the slumber party and to house. Jason sighed to himself his mother was out of town on a business trip and he was lucky to be at the slumber party. Good thing that Mr. Erickson was watching over his house. He slowly walked up the stairs that lead to the front door of his house and heard cries of pain coming from with in.

Jason reached the door and heard "Please dad no more please stop!"

Jason pin pointed the voice coming out of the living room and silently put his key in and unlocked the door and snuck to the living room entrance to see what was going on. Jason's eyes widen and shock paralysis froze him in a statue state. Then Tommy was tied to the ground and he was being beaten with a broom. Jason felt fear and his mind blanked out. Tommy's face was swollen from tears and the blood was flowing from a gash on his for head. Mr. Erickson yelled "That will teach you for breaking that vase TOMMY BOY!!"

Jason quickly ran from the area forgetting his clothing. When he got half way back he remembered and ran back to his house. When got there he saw that it was deadly quiet. He ran up the stairs and grabbed his bag and ran out the back door blocking the horrible scene from his mind. (Flash)

Jason put his head in his hands as the tears started to sting at his eyes. "How could I have been so stupid!?! Why didn't I tell someone!?! Oh god! Poor Tommy! Oh my gosh TOMMY!!'

The fear stricken thought struck his mind Tommy had ran out and Jason had to find him and make sure he was all right. With out thinking Jason got up and ran from the house forgetting to lock the door on his way out.

Meanwhile at the lake Tommy was lying in Kim's lap and his mind was in turmoil. "Are you alright Tommy?" Tommy vaguely heard Kim say but Tommy kept on looking at the water has things he had buried came back again. "Tommy?" (Flash)

"TOMMY ERICKSON GET IN HERE NOW!!!!" Tommy's step dad yelled. Tommy winced and slowly walked into the kitchen. His step dad stood there his face flushed from alcohol and the area stunk with the smell of beer.

Josh glared at Tommy "Thomas! What did you make in your classes?"

Tommy shivered and looked at his step father and stuttered "I...I...got an...an A in math class."

Tommy's step dad growled "Is that the best you can do? You are supposed to get higher then that!!"

Tommy trembled and didn't dare speak out against his stepfather. In his state of mind his stepfather would be more abusive then normal if he rebelled against him. His step dad narrowed his eyes "You good for nothing little shit!"

Tommy winced at the harsh words of his stepfather. Josh growled "What kind of job do you want?"

Tommy cowered "I...I...want to be the...the...president of the United States."

Josh laughed "You are too stupid to be anything but a bum. You good for nothing son of a bitch."

Tommy shivered as Josh yelled "GET OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!!"

Tommy scrambled out of the kitchen and ran for his life. (Flash) (Flash)

Tommy shivered in the closet of his room he quietly tried to pretend that he was not home Mr. Erickson grunted and walked through the house "Where is that boy?"

Ms. Erickson pleaded with her husband "Please Josh don't!"

Josh said harshly "Don't tell me what to do!"

Lindsey cried out "He was not doing anything why do you have to pick on my son. Don't I earn enough for us to be happy?"

Josh swung around "You don't earn nothing bitch you are my slave like that boy for my pleasure."

Josh then hit Lindsey. Lindsey cried out "AHHHH!"

Tommy ran out of his hiding spot and started to pound on his step father "Don't you dare you hit my mother."

Josh growled "Stop defending the bitch." He then slung Tommy into the wall on the opposite side of the room.

Tommy's world went black and the last thing he heard was his mom yell out "TOMMY!!!" (Flash) (Flash)

Tommy shivered in the hospital bed. His mother held his hand and was asleep. His stepfather was not seen in the area. Tommy eyes hurt from the hospital lights as he weakly opened his eyes. "Mom...." He croaked out, his throat sorely bruised.

Lindsay looked down at her son. "I am so sorry son I am so sorry."

Tommy looked around confused "What happened?"

Lindsay sobbed and lied through her teeth from the fear of her husband. "You fell."

Tommy tried to move his arm and winced. He looked down and saw that his hands were cut and bruised in dark circlets. (Flash) (Flash)

Tommy was sitting on the couch silently watching his parents fight in the dinning room a couple feet away.

Lindsay screeched out at Josh "You will not hurt my baby anymore."

Josh laughed bitterly "What are you going to do? You are nothing but a weakling. You are pathetic."

Lindsay growled, "I am going to divorce you. You bastard you are not going to hurt my son anymore."

Josh narrowed his eyes and slapped Lindsay. "You belong to me you bitch you and your stupid lousy son."

Lindsay sobbed "I don't care I will leave you and take my son."

Tommy growled when he saw his mother hurt and he jumped onto Josh's back and hit him. Josh growled and tossed Tommy onto a table and secured his arms. He then start to punch Tommy and whip him. Lindsay screamed and tried to push Josh away. Josh threw Lindsay into the wall and watched her slump to the ground. Shortly afterwards there was a poodle of blood on the floor underneath her.

Tommy screamed out "NOOOO MOM!!"

Josh then turned his attention back to Tommy and hit him heard on the head and Tommy blacked out looking at his mom. *******

Emergency lights were flashing red and blue. Chaos entered Tommy's ears and he slowly opened his eyes. "Mom?" Tommy managed to say in a raspy voice.

A police lady was by Tommy. The pretty young lady smiled gently "Don't worry you are safe."

Tommy then blacked out again. (Flash) (Flash)

Tommy was 16 and he stood in Karate class. His Sensei smiled at Tommy "Well done Thomas Oliver." He hands Tommy a black belt and looks around the whole room.

"Tommy Oliver has excelled in all degrees of martial arts."

Tommy blushed and lifted his head. John Oliver smiles in pride "That's my boy!!" Tommy blushed and bowed to his sensei. Carol Oliver's eyes shone with love for her adopted son. (Flash) (Flash)

Tommy shivered in the dark closet hoping that Josh would not find him. However his fears were confirmed when Josh stopped in front of the closet, opened the door, saw him, and grabbed him by the collar and drug him out. Tommy yelped out "NO! NO! DON'T DO IT! ANYTHING BUT THAT!"

Josh looked back at Tommy as he drug him "Shut up you little brat!"

Tommy cried out "If you do this then mommy will hurt you."

Josh laughed evilly "Like that whore could save you! Piece of crap!"

Josh drug Tommy to the back yard and across the lawn. Tommy winced as the sticks and leaves scratched his back. Josh reached a big oak tree in the center of the yard and grabbed the strings tied around the tree and tied them around Tommy's wrists. Tommy screamed in pain from the painful tug that Josh put on the ropes around Tommy's wrists. Josh laughed harshly "No pain no gain. Huh Tommy boy!"

Tommy screamed out "LET ME GO!!"

Josh grinned with devilish eyes "Don't talk to your father that way Tommy boy."

Tommy screamed out "You are not my father!"

Josh grew angry and with rage pulsing through his veins he said "I might not be but I am the only thing you got! So live with it and learn to respect me you little shit!" He then proceeded to beat Tommy up. Tommy's screams were not herd because the neighbors were out. (Flash)

Tommy began to cry hard on Kimberly's legs and Kim whispered "Tommy what's wrong?"

Tommy rolled his head until he was looking at Kim and whimpered "He hit me!! He hit me so hard!!"

Kim took Tommy in her arms and silently rocked him until he calmed down a little. Then she said "Tommy it was not your fault. You were the victim and only a little boy. You had no way of defending yourself or your mother."

Tommy sniffed and laying on Kim's shoulder "But I should of done something or told someone. Why didn't any one notice or see what he was doing to me?"

"I did Tommy."

Tommy quickly got off Kim's shoulder and looked behind her to see a pale frigid Jason standing there. "I just didn't want to except that you were being hurt. It was easier for me to believe that you brought it on yourself and block it from my mind. Oh god Tommy I'm so sorry! If I would have known back then what I know now about child abuse if I hadn't been so scared or proud then maybe things would have turned out differently for you! I'm so sorry Tommy!" With that Jason broke down into tears.

Tommy felt tears sting at his eyes and got up from his position on the lake bench and went over to Jason and grabbed him up in a hug. "Jas it's ok you were just a little boy to. Don't blame yourself, just like I don't need to blame myself. This was none of our faults it was Josh's. He did it and he could have stopped it but he didn't. It is fault and I don't want you to blame yourself. Okay?"

Jason pulled out of the hug and looked Tommy in the eye "Ok."

Then Tommy put out his hand and smiled "Partners and friends still?"

Jason smiled and clasped his hand in Tommy's and replied "Forever."

Then Jason pulled Tommy into a hug in which Tommy returned whole-heartedly. "Oh I think I am going to cry!"

They smiled and turned to face Kim as Tommy said "You are always just about to cry."

Kim looked hurt and replied "I do not Tomas Oliver and watch it!"

"Oh you better watch it their Tommy you don't want your girl friend mad at you believe me." Jason said smiling.

Tommy smirked and sarcastically said "Oh I am so scared of Kim!"

Kim narrowed her eyes at Tommy but then got serious "Tommy are you sure that you are ok?"

Tommy looked around and smiled "Yeah I'm ok Kim, now. It was just I guess I had to get that stuff off my chest that's all. But I am feeling much better."

Kim smiled and looked at her watch "Oh my gosh it is already 5:00 o'clock. Oh well I guess we missed the rest of school uh?"

Tommy giggled and replied "Yeah I guess we did. Look guys I have to get home my mom and dad are going out tonight and they want me to stay home. My dad gets home at 6:00 o'clock so I better get there before he does."

Kim smiled and got up off the lake bench and said "We will walk you home and then Jason and I can walk to the youth center from your house."

Jason agreed and they all three started to walk towards Tommy's house. Once they arrived Tommy said his good byes and walked over the lawn and up the stairs and into the dark house. "Mom I'm home!" Tommy called out

"Mom!" Tommy was met with no answer but silence. Tommy shrugged it off and bounced up the stairs to go to his room. Once he got too his room he went in and walked over to his computer and booted it up not noticing the pair of dark eyes watching him.

Tommy took of his jacket and through it on the bed. He stretched and didn't see the person that was sneaking up behind him until it was to late. Tommy felt a cloth go over his mouth and screamed and acting on instinct grabbed the arm and flipped the person over him. Tommy staggered and looked down and saw Josh shaking his head trying to clear it. Tommy screamed and tried to run out of the room.

Josh grabbed Tommy's ankle and Tommy went crashing to the ground. Tommy kicked Josh until he let him go and scrambling to his feet he fled from the room and the stairs. Tommy ran into the kitchen and picked up the phone and found out the line was completely dead. Tommy cursed the phone and wasn't prepared for the punch that connected with his cheek and sent his spinning to the ground. Tommy looked up and saw Josh standing there "So the little piece of shit has learned how to defend himself huh?"

Tommy scrambled to get to his feet but the chloride on the cloth had slowed him down and it took him more time the normal to get to his feet. Josh grabbed a telephone book off the counter and through it at Tommy. Tommy swatted it away and Josh pounced on him. As Tommy ducked Josh pressed the cloth to Tommy's mouth and nose. Tommy screamed and the last thing he heard was "Night night Tommy boy!"

Then his vision blurred and it all went dark.