Note-This I was inspired for by watching Turbo: A Power Rangers Adventure very late one night. If anyone would care for a sequel, feel free to e-mail me at scorpina60@hotmail.com.

All in the Mind
by: Scorpina

Tommy Oliver had never been so confused in his life. He'd been dating Katherine Hillard for five months now, since not long before the end of the Machine Empire, but now that Kimberly Hart had returned to Angel Grove. . .he could somehow sense the old feelings that he had once had for her stirring up again. But what he felt for Kat wasn't changing. . .or going away.

He sat in his room, trying to figure out what he was feeling. He wasn't having much success at it either. What he felt for Kat was just as strong and true as what he felt for Kim, and he knew he couldn't have them both.

You're being an idiot, he reminded himself harshly. Remember, Kim dumped YOU, and whoever that other guy she's got in Florida, she's still loyal to him. She's hardly even spoken to you since we all got back from Murianthus.

He laid down, hoping to find some peace in sleep, only to find himself tossing and turning endlessly. He was finding no sleep, much less peace, now. He considered going to talk to Kim. . .then knew he wouldn't. He didn't think he could bear to look into her eyes and have her tell him that she didn't love him anymore. Doing it by a letter the first time had hurt him enough, and those had been just plain words.

Without any instructions from his brain, his hand dipped into a box by the bed and pulled out the top letter. He didn't unfold it, he didn't have to. He knew what it said, he knew every word of it as he had since he had first seen it. They had burned themselves into his brain, and in his worst nightmares, he could see her cool gaze riveted on his as she spoke them in her soft, sweet voice.

"Tommy, I've found someone else," that one sentence rang over and over again in his soul, and he let loose a small whimper, feeling the pain all fresh again for some reason: for one reason. For having seen her again. For the first time in almost two years.

He dropped his head back onto the pillow, the letter not dropping. Once he'd picked it up, he couldn't ever drop it. The thought of treating something she'd sent him, even this, like that was revolting to him.

"Tommy," he lifted his head just a little at the sound of a very familiar voice, and his eyes very nearly bugged out of his skull at the sight of Kim standing there. She looked just as she always had: beautiful and so small a breath could blow her away.

"Kim?" his voice was just as small, and so full of worry that she would vanish at it, that he was just hallucinating, that his grief had done his mind in at last. "Kim?"

She nodded, coming in a few steps. She'd been in his room before, but it had been so long, and the decor had changed. A Ranger's color affected their taste not only in clothing, but in how their rooms were decorated. He'd redone his twice in his life. From the time he had become the White Ranger, he'd had his room done in shades of green. Then afterwards, he hadn't been happy until he'd been able to redo it in white. Less than a year after that, everything had been done over in red. He hoped that this would be the last change, quite frankly the shifting was getting on his nerves. And though he felt comfortable in the room no matter what the colors were, he never felt as if it were his room since he had shifted to white.

"Nice decorating," was all she said in response. She looked back at him, feeling her heart thumping as it always had when it came to him. "Tommy. . .we need to talk."

"Yeah," he sat up, the letter still in his hands. "We do."

Kim took a long breath, reaching out to pick the missive from him. Slowly, she unfolded it, though she already knew what it was. It was the only thing could have ever sent him that would turn his beautiful eyes so dark and sad. "I'm sorry about this," was the only thing she could think to begin with. "It was the worst way I could have done what I did."

"Was it true?" he had to know if she had lied to him. If she had, he didn't think he could maintain his composure another moment. Finding someone else, falling in love with someone else he could handle. But for her to have lied to him. . .he was half-certain he'd be flying off the cliffs just off Angel Grove within moments.

She nodded quietly. "It was. . .and it wasn't at the same time," she said. "When I wrote it, it was true. But now. . .it isn't."

His eyes darkened even more. "What are you talking about?"

"When I wrote it, I was in love with Damon. He was. . .well, he was a lot like you. Tall, dark, gorgeous, kind of mysterious. But I knew he wouldn't ever get killed in a battle with some monster. I knew that he wouldn't get put under some spell and try and destroy us all. He was everything. .."

Her voice failed, and her head dropped. He could see tears dripping out between her fingers as she covered her face with her hands. "He was everything you wanted me to be, and that I could never be," he said softly, reaching out to touch one hand gently. "He was everything you wanted and couldn't have as long as you were dating me."

Ashamed of herself, she nodded quietly. She'd known when she'd written the letter that she only loved Damon because of his strong resemblence to Tommy, and that she wasn't really being fair to him. She'd thought for the next year after breaking up with Tommy that she would eventually grow to love Damon for who he was. But it hadn't happened. She had never been able to think of him as anything more than a friend.

She and Damon were at dinner, just after the Pan-Globals. They had been absolutely happy. . .or rather, he had been. She had kept her heart to herself, as she had for the last twelve months. Her eyes were shut as she toyed with the food on her plate, remembering another dinner, one in Angel Grove before she had left for Florida. Tommy's lips had pressed against hers in the sweetest of kisses, and she had returned it with every inch of her soul. "It won't be easy to be apart for two years," he told her nervously. "If you. . .if you want to break up. . ."

"No, Tommy," her voice was firm and full of conviction. "I don't ever want to break up with you, especially not because of a few thousand miles and a couple of years. They'll be over with before you know it, and I'll be back here."

She had felt lips upon hers, and she had smiled. "I love you, Tommy," she'd said. A startled exclamation came from near her, and her eyes had flown open to see that Damon sitting next to her, leaning near her, and he looked as hurt as if she had slapped him. "Damon?"

"You called me Tommy," was all he said before getting up and leaving the restaurant. By the time she'd paid for it and returned to the compound, he had left, catching the next flight back to New Jersey, his home. He had never told her his home address; they'd never thought she would need it. She had known right then that she was still in love with only Tommy, and always would be. The next day, she had begun to pack and had made reservations for the next flight to California. To Angel Grove. To home.

To Tommy.

Slowly, she took several breaths, and looked up at him. "Tommy. . .are you. .do you. ..I mean. ..you...Kat. .me. .I...." words totally failed her, and she cursed herself, wondering why she couldn't just say what she needed to say without stumbling over everything!

He squeezed her hand softly, tenderly. Her heart lifted, soaring higher than high. He didn't love Kat, he loved her, just as she loved him. . ."I'm sorry, Kimberly," his voice had changed a little, had become more certain of what he was saying. "I love Kat. And I love you."

"What?" was all she managed to utter. This had never happened in any of her imagainings of this moment. ..either he loved Kat or her, never both. . .

The Red Ranger wasn't finished, though. When she told him of how things had ended with Damon, his mind and his heart had suddenly become crystal clear. As hard as it was, he knew what he had to say and do now. And it was hard. "I love Kat as my girlfriend, and I will forever. I love you as my sister, however, my sister and one of my best friends."

She had expected her world to fall apart if she heard those words. She had expected to fill with hate and the desire for revenge against them both. Instead, her heart lifted higher and higher than it ever had before. The strangest words fluttered through her mind, I'm free. . .I'm free. ..

"Tommy. . .," she started to say, then stopped as he placed one finger against her lips.

"I want you to do me a favor. ..and you'll do yourself one at the same time," he said quietly. She nodded, listening. "Get as calm as you can. Think about the kind of person you could love. Imagine him in every detail. Make him as real as you can, but don't put a face to him. Not until you have everything else. When you've done that, then imagine the face. Don't actively try to, though. Just let your imagination and your deepest desires do it for you. They know better than you what you really want, and who you really want."

She nodded again. "Have you done this?"

"Yes," she wasn't surprised. He wouldn't suggest something to someone else unless he'd done it himself. "I saw Kat."

Somehow, that simply didn't bother her the way she had thought it might before coming here and talking to him. She took a seat, closing her eyes, building the image of the perfect guy for her in her mind. She thought for a moment that she was forming Tommy, until a few extra details added themselves that made her forget all about the young man only a few feet away. Tommy smiled for a moment, then quietly reached over and made a phone call. He said only two words, and didn't wait for an answer.

"She's here."

As he hung the phone up, her eyes opened, and she looked quizzacly at him. He said nothing, only smiled, obviously expecting something. "I. . .I think I saw. ...," who she had seen had startled her, but he looked as if he already knew. He sat up, then stood up.

"I think you're in for a very nice surprise," he said calmly, looking at the door behind her. She turned around, and her eyes went wide to see who was there. Tommy's smile widened as she leaped up from her seat and stared at the newcomer.

Better do something to get this started, he thought, and pushed Kim gently over to the waiting arms of Billy Cranston, who had returned from Aquitar less than two months after declaring he'd be there forever. Tommy hadn't pressed him for details, and Billy hadn't given any. He heard quiet footsteps, and turned to see Kat standing in the doorway, watching the two old friends embrace. It was plain from the expression on both their faces that they had wanted that for far longer than they could have imagined.

"Good to see that at last, isn't it?" he said quietly. Kat nodded, snaking one arm around him. The two of them stood very close together, watching as a love story that had been a long time in coming at last came to a happy. ..beginning.