Disclaimer: Just so you know, this is #1 in my vignette stand-alones series. The song "Show Me Love" is not mine and is used without permission (please don't sue!). This takes place with Stephanie singing at the special assembly. If you haven't read my story Shades of Violet, you'd better do so, or you'll be very confused!

Show Me Love
by Snowflake

A young teenage girl of about sixteen fidgeted nervously with her curly brunette mane as she waited anxiously to be introduced. She clenched a cordless microphone tightly in her left hand, careful to hide it, as she glanced around the auditorium of Angel Grove High School in Angel Grove, California.

Who would've thought that me, little old Stephanie Marie Marks, would be such a famous vocalist in such a short time? Stephanie wondered silently, a slight smile on her face as she listened to Aisha Campbell, Kimberly Hart, and a girl she didn't recognize but knew her name, Katherine Hillard, talk to each other about the possible reasons for the special assembly.

Stephanie looked around her old school again. God, I haven't been here since freshman year, she thought. There's Jason Scott, as fine as ever...Trini Kwan and Zack Taylor are sitting with him...Billy Cranston?! Oh my gosh, he looks so good with contacts, and he's really filled out since I saw him last. Who's he talking to? she wondered as her gaze fell on Adam Park and Tommy Oliver, whom she didn't recognize. They were sitting directly behind Aisha, Kimberly, Katherine, and yet another friend of theirs, Tanya Sloan.

Stephanie's heart fluttered as she gave Tommy a once-over. Cute ponytail...twinkling deep brown eyes...muscular yet lean body...God, he's perfect! she mused, unable to tear her eyes away from his form. Just then, a snatch of conversation floated over to her ears.

"The rumor going around school is that someone famous is coming here," Aisha was saying. She shrugged. "All things are possible."

Stephanie grinned as she leaned over and joined their conversation. "Whoever said that someone famous is coming was right," she confided as her thoughts flitted back to Tommy.

Always been told that Iíve got too much pride
Too independent to have you by my side
Then my heart said all of you would see
Just wonít live for someone until heíll live for me
Never thought I would find love so sweet
Never thought I would meet someone like you,
Well now Iíve found you and Iíll tell you no lie
This love I have for you could take me Ďround the world
Now show me love

Show me love, show me life
Baby show me what itís all about
Youíre the only one that Iíve ever needed
Show me love and what itís all about
All right

Stephanie stood up as Mr. Kaplan introduced her and began to sing as she lifted the microphone to her lips. Turning around so she faced the audience, she took in everyone's looks of shock and recognition as she sang.

Looks like they've recognized me, Stephanie thought wryly as she got onto the stage and gazed at Tommy as she danced. Man, who is that guy? He is the finest guy I've ever seen in my life!

At the end of the song, Stephanie bowed and smiled brightly. "Thanks. You guys are so sweet," she responded to the applause, her cheeks turning slightly pink.

Later on after the assembly, she walked down a hall of the school at random, searching for her locker. He is so cute I can't stand it! I'm surprised I didn't jump off the stage and pounce on him the moment I saw him, she thought dreamily. He is my dream come true, though. Does he have a girlfriend?

All thoughts of Tommy flew from her mind as she opened her locker and saw the mess inside. She put her things away and came face-to-face with Tommy Oliver. I swear to God, my heart is beating so loudly, I bet Tommy can hear it! "Oh my gosh! It's you! Tommy, right?"

So donít waste this love I wanna give to you
Show me what you got, tell me what you can do
Show me love, show me everything
I know youíve got potential so baby let me in and show me love

Show me love, show me life
Baby show me what itís all about
Youíre the only one that Iíve ever needed
Show me love and what itís all about
All right

Stephanie and Kimberly stood toe to toe, glaring at each other in the middle of the youth center. I really can't believe that this little brat is a Power Ranger! Stephanie mentally screamed. You'd think that the other Rangers would have better sense than that! "Don't mess with me, Kimberly Anne Hart."

Kimberly's eyes blazed as she listened to the petite woman. She lifted her chin defiantly and looked her enemy straight in the eyes. "You don't scare me, Stephanie Marie Marks," she declared.

Aisha came out onto the floor just then. Stephanie watched her approach the two, knowing already what she was coming for. There's a reason they have to be at the Power Chamber. What they don't know is that beside the fact they're transferring their powers to other people, they'll also be meeting the Purple Ranger, she told herself.


Kimberly turned to Aisha. "Yeah?" she asked, her eyes searching her best friend's face.

"I really need to talk to you. It's an emergency." She looked at Stephanie, who nodded.

Show me love
Show me everything youíve got and show me life
Show me love baby
Show me everything and what itís all about
Iíll love you
Iíll miss you
Iíll make sure everything will be all right
Iíll give you my heart if you show me love
Every day and every night

"So what are you trying to tell us?" Rocky asked their mentor, his curiosity piqued.

"What the floating head up there is trying to tell you people is that there's a new Ranger, obviously," Stephanie spoke up. Oh my gosh, this is unbelievable! I'm one of the Power Rangers! She watched with interest as the others there spun around, obviously not expecting anyone to pop up uninvited.

"Who are you?" Tommy demanded.

That boy really should relax. It's not like I'm an evil Ranger or anything! Stephanie thought. "Relax, Tommy! I'm not here to attack you. Zordon brought me here to help the Power Rangers."

"Then who are you?" Aisha questioned softly.

So strikes the perfect opportunity to reveal to everyone who I am! How's that for suspense? Well, here goes... Stephanie popped the latches on the sides of her helmet and set it down on a console, allowing the teens assembled to observe her true identity.

"Stephanie?" Tommy whispered, stunned beyond belief.

Show me love, show me life (all right)
Baby show me what itís all about
Youíre the only one that Iíve ever needed
Show me love and what itís all about

A scream caused Stephanie to look up. "Oh my gosh. What happened to everyone else? They're attacking Kimberly!"

She heard the spell that had bound her captive audibly snap as she called upon her weapon, the Starblade, and began to sing 'MMMBop.'

Stephanie waved to Grooveman. "Say goodbye, loser!" she giggled as she pointed her sword at him. And what a loser he is, she groaned mentally. Chalk it up to being one of Zedd and Rita's monsters. "Star Strike!"

Stephanie was pulled out of her reverie by Tommy placing a hand on her arm in the Youth Center. "Stephanie, are you okay? You seemed kind of out of it for a moment there," he inquired.

Stephanie grinned at him. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just been a really interesting day," she replied, forming an image of Tommy morphed in her mind. Yum... her mind screamed.

The other Rangers around the two tables pushed together all laughed and agreed with her comment. "You got that right!" Kimberly declared as she winked at her new friend.

Show me love, show me life (all right)
Baby show me what itís all about,
Youíre the only one that Iíve ever needed
Show me love and what itís all about
All right