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New Surroundings
by: Spartacus

Those who marvelled at the home, awed at the garden. Squinting through a pair of glasses, a frail hand carefully trimmed a banzai plant. The thin eyes then shifted focus. His ears did not detect a thing. Perhaps that is how he knew someone was there.

"Hello, Adam," the old asian man acknowledged. A young man with chin-length black hair stepped onto the garden patio, his green canvas hi-tops pressing on the stone a little more assertively.

"Hello, Grandfather." he returned. "Are you busy?"

The old man shook a bony finger in the air. "I am never too busy for my grandson. Sit down." he ordered, patting the two-foot high stone wall. "Tell me your troubles. Is there dissention in your team?"

Adam shook his head. He was actually glad that he came clean about being a Power Ranger to parts of his family. At the moment, only his mother and father, frequent travelling businessmen, were unaware of his secret. "No, we had a problem, but we kinda fixed it, I guess."

"Ahh, the Tommy ordeal," Grandfather chuckled.

"An unusual solution, but as long as it worked out for them both. Well then, if it is not the team?"

"It's Maggie." Adam admitted.

"Hmph. If you think sisters are difficult, wait until you have children. But that is not for some time now, is it?" Adam didn't answer, concerning Grandfather. "Is it?"

"No! God no!" Grandfather sighed relief. "Tanya and I aren't anywhere near that part of a relationship." Adam realized he was now discussing his lovelife with his Grandfather. "The real problem is Maggie. She's a little-- upset with me."

"How so?"

"Well, she's upset that I haven't recommended her for the team. She was mad that I didn't ask her to be the Gold Ranger, even though it was deadly for humans. Then it was because I didn't ask her to be the new Blue Ranger. I mean, I wasn't thrilled with Justin at first, but it's actually working out. It's getting on my nerves, and she won't listen to me."

"Adam--" Grandfather began. "In order to solve this problem, it must be seen from both sides. Maggie was attending a private school in Stone Canyon, therefore no one on the team even knows you have a twin sister. I realize that you are trying to protect her, but have you even attempted to introduce her to your friends since she has returned home? Have you even told any of your friends about her?" Adam's head sank lower into his shoulders. "I do not believe she chooses to be a Ranger, but I think she wishes to fit in much like you do. Since she has been in Angel Grove, she has not made the tight group of friends that you have. And she attributes that, effectively, to you being a Power Ranger."

"So she doesn't want to be a Ranger, just someone's friend?"

"Sounds right to me."

As Adam watched his Grandfather return to the banzai, the subject of conversation entered onto the garden. Maggie shared many of her brother's features, but her hair was nearly twice as long. She had the same effect on men that her brother had on women. "Adam," she scanned her eyes over the many plants searching for her twin. "Tanya's here." She suddenly found the head of her brother float over the top of the bushes and run past her.

"Men," she sputtered, walking to her grandfather. "Grandfather, can I talk to you about Adam?" Walking onto the large foyer, Adam found Tanya staringaround the house, admiring the paintings on the wall. She then did a double-take as she noticed the signature.

"--you did these?" she asked her boyfriend. "I always thought you were a writer, you never told me you could paint." As if on cue, Adam blushed. Apparently the sudden rush of blood to his face was also a hidden talent. "These are incredible!"

"Is it?!?" Grandfather could be heard shouting through the home.

"NO! NO!" Maggie followed.

Adam groaned. He was simply glad his Grndfather didn't have a heart problem. "So-- um, what brings you by?"

"I think I left my pager here yesterday. I was so busy worrying about the science test that I forgot to take it with me."

"Lemme check the lost and found." Adam said, leading Tanya into the kitchen.

"Your family has a lost and found?" Adam opened one of the lower cabinets.

"Actually it's just a bucket that Ben puts random stuff in. Someday I'll have to tell him something about that." Adam pulled out a large blue bucket loaded with miscellaneous items. The first thing he found was his old black-band communicator. "Maybe I'll tell him tonight." Adam quipped, shuffling through the bucket. "Ahh!" he displayed a pager made of clear yellow plastic. "Eesh-- thirteen pages!" he exclaimed, tossing it to the young woman.

"Let see," Tanya began scrolling through the pages. "Adam, Adam, Adam, Kat, Adam, Adam, Bill--" "Bill?!"

Adam leaped to his feet. "Who's Bill?!" Tanya flashed him a smile that made him feel like jell-o. She kissed him on the cheek.

"Gotcha." She then finished running through the pages. "Geez Adam, you called me so many times I'm surprised you didn't find this sooner!" Tanya watched a six-year old version of Adam stumble into the kitchen. "Speak of the devil," she said, crouching down to the floor. "Hi Ben, how's it going." The boy greeted her with a hug. "Awww--"

"Actually," Adam noted, "Ben gives everyone hugs. Except Rocky--" Adam sent himself staring into the air. "Why doesn't he hug Rocky?" Tanya simply giggled.

"Well, I hate to run-- but Kat and I have plans."

"Eww--" Adam shuddered, "Girl stuff."

"Eww." Ben emulated Adam's movement.

Tanya gave Adam a parting peck on the cheek. "I'll see ya tomorrow." she said, darting out the door. "Bye." Adam fumbled the black communicator in his hand when he returned to the garden. He stumbled directly into Maggie's path, dropping the communicator at her feet. "What's this?" she said, picking up the band. "You never told me you kept your old communicator. Another secret your sister couldn't handle?" Just when Adam was ready to lose it all, he remembered the words of his Grandfather.

"Tell ya what," he coughed. "Why don't you come down to the youth center with me. I'll introduce you to some of my friends." Maggie's eyes went wide.

"You mean it?" Adam nodded. "This isn't some cruel joke?" Adam shook his head. "Okay, let's go."

* * *

Jason's eyes drifted from Tommy to the doorway of the youth center. "Hey, who's the new girl?" he asked to whoever could answer. A small rush of words flashed by his ear.

"She's my twin sister." Adam hissed, as Jason spun around startled. "Geez--" Jason panted, "Didn't see you there, Adam. Come to think of it, I didn't know you had a sister." He quickly turned to Tommy. "Is it now Ranger law to have a twin?" The team leader shrugged.

"Well," Adam explained. "That's sort of Maggie's doing. She always said she wanted to be her own person, rather than being known as my twin. In fact I haven't had much contact with her for the longest time."

Justin came running into the center, almost clipping the shyly approaching Maggie. "Guys! Guess what?"

"You have a twin?" Jason asked skeptically.

Justin paused and shrugged it off. "No, I got an 'A' on my history test."

"Good job, Justin. Guess the study session paid off, 'eh?" Tommy examined the test the young boy was flaunting.

Finally, Maggie worked up the courage to  approach the table. Adam broke the feeling of awkwardness. "Guys, this is my sister Maggie. Maggie, this is Tommy, Jason, Rocky, and Justin."

"Nice to meet you." she waved.

"Have a seat," Jason invited. "So how come we haven't seen you before today? I mean, Tommy's brother was living in the desert for almost twenty years. Somehow you don't strike me as a nomad."

"I'm not." Maggie smiled.

"I was attending a private school in Stone Canyon. I chose to stay there rather than move in the middle of a semester. I finally got enough credits to graduate. Unfortunately, my graduation was the same day as Adam's. Plus I only moved here a few days ago."

"So what do you like to do for fun?" Rocky probed. He was still shocked that he new Adam for a year before the two moved to Angel Grove, yet his friend never told him about having a twin sister.

"Y'know, the usual stuff. I mean, I don't beat up space aliens or anything." Her mysterious grin sent the Rangers spinning.

"Oh, yeah--" Adam confessed. "She knows." Tommy turned to his second-in-command.

"You told her?"

"I don't keep anything from my family. Don't worry, my parents don't know, only her and my grandfather." With everyone else caught up in the conversation, Justin was the only Ranger to hear Alpha page him.

Sneaking off into the empty men's room, he quietly answered. "Go ahead, Alpha."

[Yo, we got a problem.]

"I didn't think this was a social call. What's up?" There was a metallic 'urk', but no reply. "Alpha?" Justin began to panic. "Alpha are you there?" With a worried heart, Justin swiftly returned to the table. "Guys!" he said in a little over a whisper. "Guys, we gotta go!"

"What's wrong, Justin?" Tommy asked. He had not known the young boy personally, but he had memories of him. Justin was never one to lose his cool over something small in scale. "Calm down, it's okay. What's the situation?"

Justin took a deep breath. "Alpha, he told me there was a problem, and that was it. I got cut off. I tried my communicator, nothing."

"I'm sure it was just a malfunction Justin."

"I don't think so. I think there's a serious problem."

Seeing Justin's worry was not going to be easily subdued, Tommy created a solution. "I'll tell you what, let's go to the Chamber. We'll see what's up. Okay?" Justin nodded and the two seperated from the group.

Rocky sputtered. "I've never seen Justin so upset."

"He's probably still not adjusted to the life of a superhero. It takes time. I know it took me a while." Jason said.

* * *

"Oh my God," Tommy choked. He and Justin were at a loss for words. The Power Chamber was in ruins. The tops of the control panels had been ripped viciously from their housing, dangling from their stands by a few burnt and frayed wires. The tube where Demitria once lived was now a pile of glass around a large open column.

"Tommy," Justin gasped, "Look!" A shakey finger pointed to a pile of gold and red rubble. Alpha 6 was dismembered and thrown into a heap on the floor like the neighborhood trash. "What happened here?" the Blue Ranger asked.

"The zords," Tommy realized. "Without them the Turbo Keys are useless!" Tommy ran to a large metal door, and pried it open with his own ten fingers. At first the traditional smoke was released from the opening, but upon further expection, "Fire!" Tommy let the doors slam shut. Slumping against the door, feeling it's icey sting, he had no worries about the fire burning through the holding bay.

"What do you mean, the keys are useless?" Justin quietly asked. Tommy returned his attention to the boy. "Oh. It was a problem with the Turbo Power. Tanya, Adam, Kat, and-- me, I guess, still had the Zeo Powers at the time, trying to change the properties of the crystal would've been dangerous to all of us. The Turbo Power was actually drawn from the zords, and channeled into the keys. When we inserted the keys into the accelerator bracelettes, we took the form of the zords, but a costume form. "That's why we could drive the zords un-morphed, they were the power. The other zords were derived from other powers."

Suddenly, Tommy regained his ability to stand. He moved Justin aside with understandable force, and began digging through the debris. "C'mon, Zordon! Come through for us!" Tommy stopped as he hit a manhole-style covering on the floor of the Power Chamber. It was decorated with a stylized 'Z'. Lights began to circulate around the manhole. "IDENTIFICATION!" it demanded. Tommy coughed up a reaction.

"Tommy Oliver!" He was pleased as the hatch spun open and revealed itself as a pedistol. It rose off the ground to three feet, where the Zeo Crystal materialized over it. "OH, Thank you Zordon!" he praised, quickly snatching the crystal. WIth that motion, the Chamber's power source was gone, and all life left the room. "Let's get going, Justin."

"Where are we going?"

"You're staying with Adam tonight. I have to make a stop somewhere else."

* * *

"So where's Tommy now?" Adam asked the boy. Justin shrugged a response. The remaining current and former Rangers had assembled in Adam's home to discuss what Justin had found. "This is bad. Everything's gone?"

"Now it is. Tommy found the Zeo Crystal and said he had to stop somewhere."

"How'd he find the Zeo Crystal?" Kat asked. "He's never even used it!"

"Unless he has our Tommy's memories!" Adam assumed.

"The purple flash!" Justin added. "Both Tommy's shook hands and the last thing we saw in the dark dimension was the purple flash! They must've seen inside each other's head! That's why the other Tommy's in our world now! They both wanted to stay where they were! And in order to live in each world, they probably absorbed each other's memories!"

"Okay, but where would he go with the Zeo Crystal? The only one who knew as much about it as Zordon was Billy?" All of the Rangers lit up except for Justin.

"Who's Billy?"

"Tanya, you and Jason check out Billy's lab." Adam commanded. "Kat, I want you and Rocky to hit the Power Chamber. Salvage anything you can. Justin and I will go to the shelter to get his laptop. As of now, no one is to split up. Everything is to be done in teams of two." Rocky raised his hand shlyly.


"No," Adam chuckled, even in the darkest hour. "Not everything." Each team took their assignments and left the house, leaving Justin to wonder. "Who's Billy?"

* * *

"What's to salvage?" Rocky asked, kicking away at a chunk of miscellaneous debris. "If Tommy already has the Zeo Crystal, what else of value is here?"

"Do you remember which terminal was the communications system?" Kat asked.

Rocky nodded. "Yeah, number three. Why?"

"Because if we want to use the comunicators, we'll need to reassemble the system." Kat stumbled over to the location of terminal three, surprised to find most of the circutry intact. "Looks likes everything's here. Just where to set it up? This complex is useless now. At least we had the Chamber to fall back on last time."

"Didn't Tommy say there was an upper level? A living area for the team?"

Kat pondered the thought. "But the primary stairway was in the Command Center. And that's long gone. Let's get this stuff to Adam's house. We'll work on relocating it later."

"Is all this stuff gonna fit in your Tracker?"

"I'm not taking the whole console, Rocky, just the circuit boards. So we should have room forthis and more. So what's left?"

"Hey Kat!" Rocky called from a back room. "C'mere! Quick!"

* * *

Jason easily lifted the garage door of the Cranston home, but not without making his fair share of noise. Before Tanya could even tell him to keep it quiet, Jason spoke. "Don't worry, Mister Cranston isn't home, his car isn't in the driveway."

"Seems like he's always working."

"Not always, just since Billy left. He doesn't have much here, anymore. He does allow us full access to Billy's lab, though."

"Must be tough on him," Tanya said, entering the garage-lab ofthe former Blue Ranger. "I knew it," she exclaimed. "Tommy, what're you doing here?" The young man in question was sitting at Billy's computer.

"Looking for information. If Billy the scientist is anything like Billy the leader, than he would've left some of his notes where we could find them."

Jason smacked his forehead. "I can't believe I forgot about it!"

"Forgot about what?" Tommy querried.

"Back when you-- the other you-- ah screw it. Back when Zordon created the White Ranger, Billy took a CD from the Command Center containing all of it's schematics. It should still be around here."

"Where's the Zeo Crystal," Tanya asked. Tommy patted a bookbag next to his chair.

"It's safe, don't worry. I wasn't about to lose it now." Suddenly, Tommy's eyes lit up. "Yes! I found it!"

* * *

"It can't be!" Kat gasped. "I saw them destroyed!"

"So did I, but look closer." Kat leaned in for a closer look at the Power Coins hidden in a back room. "These aren't the same coins. First of all, count 'em off."


"Not only that, each coin used to have a glitter to it, matching it's  color. These don't have it."

"So what does that mean?"

"My oh-so-uneducated opinion?"

"What else is there?" the Pink Ranger quipped.

"Good point. I don't think they're active. You wouldn't recognize 'em, but these are the Thunderzords. A dragon, a lion, a griffen, a unicorn, and a firebird. These were never coins. The only Thunderzord coin was the White Tiger, which Tommy used. Just before time went all wonky."


"Techincal term."

"I see." Kat surpressed a giggle.

* * *

Once the group reconvined at the Park Home, Rocky and Kat shocked their friends by dumping the coins on the coffee table. Tanya and Justin didn't seem amazed, rather confused.

"Where'd you find these?" Jason asked skeptically.

"One of Zordon's hidden labs." Rocky answered. "I think they were left there for us to find."

"That would explain this," Tommy displayed one of Billy's floppy disks. "It has a map and blueprints of a remote base called the Thunder Outpost. It's not anywhere near here though, and it seems that's where your Thunderzords are. I think once we find the outpost, we'll find a way to use the coins."

"Speaking of which," Adam began. "Five coins. Who gets them? There's seven of us."

"I'll pass," Rocky offered. "I can't risk breaking my back again. It sucked."

"The best bet is to use the current team." Jason said. "You guys are doing pretty well together, so why ruin a good thing?"

"Can you pilot a Thunderzord, Tommy?" Tanya logically asked.

"I suppose. I had no trouble with the Dinozords. A few glances at the control panels should retrieve Tom--- umm, 'his', memories." Without warning, a supposed wave of dizziness washed over Tommy.

"Are you okay, bro?" Jason questioned.

Tommy nodded. "I just-- I just need some air." With those words, Tommy stepped out onto the garden. Finding it empty, he attempted to cure himself. "What is it?" he asked himself. "No, it's not. Listen, I can't do this right now, I'll contact you later." Tommy spun around to find Justin staring at him.

"W--Who are you?" Justin asked coldly. "You were talking to someone! Who?"

"Calm down, Justin."

"Tell me who you were talking too!"

"I can't!" Tommy snapped. "Not now. It's too dangerous." Seeing Justin's icey stare, Tommy knelt down to the boy's level. "Please. You can't tell anyone about this. I'll tell you as soon as I can, but that's not until we reach the Thunder Chamber." The else-world Ranger then returned to the living room.

"By then, it might be too late."

* * *

Justin furiously punched the speedbag in the youth center before Rocky approached him. He waited until the youngest Ranger was done with his practice before speaking.

"What's wrong, Justin?" he asked bluntly.

"Nothing. I just needed to get some aggression out. I'm okay now." He turned his level to a whisper. "Rocky, are you sure you don't want the Thunder Powers? I mean you can have mine.."

"Keep 'em." Rocky smiled.

"Jason and I looked over that disk. It takes two people to run the Outpost."

"But we don't even know where it is!"

"Actually, yes we do. Tommy and Adam went looking for it early this morning."

"Sooner the better. We can't go much longer without powers." Neither of the two noticed the small golden periscope sticking out from a glass of water.

* * *

"Unbelievable!" Divatox laughed. "The Rangers are powerless!" Her mirth was soon dismissed. "ARGH! I don't believe it! This can't be happening!"

Rygog was confused. "Umm, Divatox, wasn't your mission to destory the Power Rangers?"

"YES! It was my mission! Whoever did this is in serious trouble!"

"I umm--" Porto waddled closer. "I guess you won't need my newest monster?"

Enraged, Divatox punched the face port of the chubby villan. Porto gasped for air as he passed out on the ground, leaving the other two side-kicks in shock.

"Oh my God!" Elgar cried. "You killed Porto!"

"You bastard!" Rygog followed.

* * *

"I don't see anything," Adam spoke into his headset. He and Tommy had created quite a distance between themselves, wandering the desert of Angel Grove. It was commonly referred to as the "Bad Lands," due to the fact it was where many of the monster attacks began. Justin suggested it might be the result of an electro-magnetic pulse. Rocky suggested it might be the result of a really good taco joint. "How about you?"

[Just a big gold coin on the ground with six animals on it.]

"--- And you couldn't tell me this before?"

[It wasn't annoying before,] Tommy cracked.

Geez, Adam thought. All the Tommies in infinite realities and we get the joker. "Okay, I'll be there in a sec." Adam flipped open the top of his rebuilt communicator. Without an Alpha Unit to control where the Rangers teleported, they needed to be modified. Since the central terminal was also sitting in Adam's bedroom, the communicators had now become strict teleporters. He pushed down on one of the many colored buttons, when the bracelette spoke.

[Destination] it said coldly.

"Red," Adam simply replied. Seconds later, he found himself by Tommy's side. "What're you doing?" he asked, as Tommy began pulling at the coin. He got his answer once the coin was removed from the ground, revealing a dark accessway. "We should see what's down there."

"Sure," Tommy said promptly. "I'll go first." The former Red Turbo leapt into the air and darted down the small tube. He landed with a distinctive thump and a groan.

"Are you okay?" Adam called.

"I landed on my keys!"

"Be careful!" Adam called down the chute. "We don't know what's down there!" He wiped some sweat from his forehead, and pulled some hair that managed to wind it's way around the wires of his communications headset. It was a moment or so without conversation. "Tommy? Y'okay?"

[Hold on,] Blasted through the headset. Adam fumbled blindly for the volume control. [And you might want to stand back.]

Adam did as he was told, just before the very ground began to split apart! "Tommy! What did you do?!" The man in question raced back up the chute and stood on the other side of the seperating earth.

"I think I found the 'on' button."

The gap between them increased dramatically, as did the shaking of the ground. Both men were sent to the ground, nearly missing the wonderous event that took several minutes.

[Adam,] Tommy announced, out of breath, from nearly a half mile away. [May I present... the Thunder Outpost.]

The former green turbo was astounded. The Outpost was far more advanced than the Power Chamber. In it's simpliest description it was in fact, "A city!"

A city of several square miles, set directly in the badlands. It's walls were gleaming white metal, except for the roadways, which were a solid dark gray, easily contrasting from the buildings.

In themselves, the buildings where magnifficent. The central building was two stories higher than any other, obviously the observation tower.



"Maybe we should disable the reset button."

[Good idea.]

"No wonder this place'll take two people to work."

[Actually, I think the file was referring to someone like Zordon and Alpha. It's unlikely that only two normal people can run this place.]

"Well, we have three..."


"Bingo. She knows about the team, so it shouldn't be a problem."

[A..m] a third voice coughed over the headset.

"Tanya? I'm barely reading you, what's up?"

[Mon...rs....lot's o.... hydro-el...] The message continued with pure static.

"Not now.." Adam cursed. "TOMMY!" he called across the sand, disregarding the headset. "TELE-PREP!" Adam once again went to his wristband. A necessary feature for the teleportation system was the tele-prep for a multiple transport. If the five individual rangers each requested the same destination, there would be a great chance of the system overloading. Thus Justin had added a function. Any communicator prepped for teleportation, would follow the next destination requested. In this case, it was, "YELLOW!" Adam cried, finding himself on the bridge of Angel Grove's hydro electric plant.

* * *

Indeed there was cause for alarm. No one, Rita, Zedd, Mondo, or Divatox, had ever created such disturbing creatures. The shock troops were apparently composite of any body part they had come into contact with. Some had multiple arms and legs, some had added apendages such as wings, claws, or tentacles. There was even one with three heads, one facing forward, the other two watching it's back.

Adam watched as the fight continued. Tanya and Kat fought with the best of their ability, while Rocky protected Justin enough while keeping himself from the battle.

Tanya sweeped one of the creatures, and nearly introduced the concrete platform to her lunch. The leg broke off, and twitched on the ground for a few seconds. The shocker was the creature easily and successfully reattaching it in the blink of an eye.

"It's not hard to knock 'em down!" Tanya told Adam, who had yet to engage the enemy. The creature disgustingly removed his own arm in order to club Tanya over the head.

"It's getting 'em to stay down, that's the trick!" Kat finished.

Adam didn't hear. He couldn't. Rage flowed through him. He charged, drop kicking the head off of the creature that struck his love. With a blind conciens, he raised his foot, and brought it down on the skull of the alien menace.

Tanya ended her fight once the headless body fell to the ground. That's it she discovered. Then, with a scream, she gazed out of the corner of her eye. "Kat!"

The battle stopped on one side only. The Rangers turned to see the coming danger. Fear ran through the minds of Justin and Jason. Rocky received an unpleasing feeling, for through a similar situation, he believed he was no longer an effective member of the team. Tommy had a much stronger feeling, and as he ran to the edge of the bridge, silently prayed.

His other, the Tommy the team knew and loved, tried to fill his lonliness with the one-way relationship Kat Hillard offered. This Tommy however, could not understand that false love. Since he knew the Kat of his world, he had been working up the courage to confess how he felt. And then, through his Adam, he was told he had been two days to late. Kat was forbidden fruit, the girlfriend of the White Ranger, Billy. Challenging for Kat would seem selfish, egotistical, but most of all, idiotic. Who knew how Kat felt about him, and he could not risk alienating himself from two members of the team.

He raced to the railing. His fingers lightly touched those of the former Pink Ranger, as her descent to the secondary concrete level, one-hundred feet below, began.

He continued to stretch, hoping for his hope alone to save her. He began to weep only seconds before the distinctive 'whump'. "No..." he whispered. "Kat.. don't leave me... I can't be alone any more..."

The others gathered around Tommy, Jason holding his shoulders in an attempt to comfort his 'long time' friend. "Tommy..."

Tommy squirmed from his friend's grasp. Visions of Trini's death flashed back to him. It was a powerful pain that he didn't want to live through again.

"Tommy, c'mon." Jason began leading the man away.

"I've lost her again..." Tommy sulked.

* * *

"Adam," Jesse Hillard, Kat's father, raced into the hospital waiting room. The group of collected Rangers plus Maggie were sitting in a secluded area. "What happened?" he asked out of breath.

Adam stood immediately. "Sir, I think you should sit down. I assume you've already guessed ...."

"Since the Zeo escapade, yeah." Jesse nodded, as Adam relayed the afternoon's occurances.

Justin took this time to pull Jason aside.

"What's up, blue boy?" Jason asked.

"Jason, have you noticed anything... odd about Tommy?"

"Justin, he's been replaced by his parallel universe double and we didn't even notice for three days. Be speciffic."

"Well, he seems a little unstable. I caught him talking to himself the other day."

"So? A lot of people talk to themselves."

"No, he was only carrying on one half of the conversation, but he was having it with himself."

"Don't worry. I plan on staying at Tommy's apartment tonight. Making sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

"Like what?"

There was no way Jason could verbally explain it. "You'll understand someday." Jason shivered, trying to contain the tales Tommy had told him. The image of Trini's death, even if it wasn't his Trini, shook him to the core.

He sighed to himself as Justin walked away. I should've told her. he concluded. He came close to releasing his feelings to her during the peace conferences. Damn communicator, he cursed the gold band on his wrist. Trini had just come to the door when he was called away to replace the Triforian Prince, Trey.

The situation was not a one-way street, it was obvious that Trini's interests forked. Billy, he remembered. Months before Billy had left for Aquitar, the two found themselves becoming better friends than they had ever been. Jason would help him with weight training and martial arts, and Billy would educate Jason in technology and other sciences. Is that why you left, my friend? Jason asked, hoping for a reply. Trini's decission would've all but killed one of us. Where you afraid? Did you give her up? Jason looked at his watch. Calculating the difference, he determined it was roughly nine AM in Geneva. He reached for his wallet, fumbling a plastic slip between his fingers. Sorry Dad, he examined the PIN number. I'll re-emberse you. The long walk to the payphones began.

* * *

"Eat," Jason emphasized. He sat with Tommy at the apartment's kitchen table, and the saddened man had not touched his food within ten minutes. He merely stirred it around, sometimes turning his attention to the window. Jason's request was disregarded. "Hunger won't ease the pain, Tommy."

"What will?" Tommy asked harshly.

"I don't think anything will." Jason sincerely answered. "I know acceptance helps a little, time helps a lot."

"How would you know? You never lost anyone..."

"Baby Sister, Crib Death." Jason said flatly. "Wasn't 4 months old. Mom never got over it, Dad barely did." He could feel Tommy's regret. "So don't give me any of this 'you-don't-know-pain' crap."

"So what do I do?"

"You eat! Kat's not dead! She's in critical condition, but she's not dead! I understand that you're torn up inside! I know you love Kat with all your heart! And when she pulls through, she'll need all the support you can give her."

Tommy sat silent for a few moments. "So where were you during that whole time? Someone went looking for you --"

"I called Trini."

Tommy's eyes widened. "You didn't--"

Jason shrugged. "I had a moment of clarity."

"You are so stupid..." Tommy shook his head with a fraction of a grin.

"Excuse me?" Jason leaned in.

"You're goin' for a girl who's all the way in Europe when you've got someone right here!"

"Bull crap," Jason spat. "Who?"


"Maggie?" Jason echoed. He saw Tommy's nod. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"Maybe not, but Adam does. Apparently she's been bugging him for any info he has on you."

"This is crazy."

"Maybe so. But you better straighten things out with her."

Jason looked up from his coffee. "I don't even know her!"

"Exactly! Jason, you called Trini to find out how she felt about you. You waited years for that revelation. It's not right to keep someone else in the dark."

Jason sighed. "You're right."

"Course I'm right, but what're you gonna do about it?"

* * *

Maggie nudged the lump on the living room couch. "Wake up, Tanya."

The young woman wiped at her eyes. "Maggie? What time is it?"

"Elevn thirty, PM if your interested," she smiled. "Couldn't go back to Mr. Hillard's could you?"

"Hope you don't mind."

"It's no problem. Any news on Kat?"

Tanya sat up and shook her head. "No, aside that she's still out cold, they won't tell us anything. It's really getting me worried."

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll pull through. According to that loser of a boyfriend you have--"

Tanya held up a finger in mock defense to the joke. "Watch it!"

Maggie giggled. "Well, he tells the tale of Jason's impending doom after the Gold Power fiasco, and that guy pulled through fine." Maggie released a low grunt of satisfaction.

Tanya paused. "Oh my god," she laughed. "You've got a thing for 'im, don't you?"

Maggie stood up firmly and brushed her hair behind her ears. "I-- I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh please, it's been obvious that you eye him whenever you get the chance!" Maggie stuttered a response. "See! That's a typical Park answer! You've got a bad case of puppy love for that man." Maggie blushed. "That's what was missing," Tanya smiled.

"You gonna tell 'im?" she asked meekly.

"Nah. That's your choice, not mine." Maggie exhaled deeply. "'Course, if your brother's detected this it's already made it's way through the male portion of the team."

Maggie folded her arms on the back of the couch and dropped her head. "I hate my life---"