Disclaimer: I Don’t own any part of the Power Rangers, I got the ideas from the PRiS, MMPR, PRZ and PRT TV shows. All else I created, thank you. So please don’t copy without permission. This is part four in my overall Super Rangers series

By Super Ranger VI

Two weeks after getting their powers Jamie and Hillary were at the rangers usual table at the Surf Spot talking about how they had helped with ground atacks, but missed out on zord action. Suddenly their comunicators went off, and they paid the tab and were in the dark alcove were they usually get instructions.

“Rangers, report to the Power Chamber.” Zordon’s voice boomed thru the comunicators.

“Right away Zordon.” Jamie replied.

Ninjor and the rest of the rangers were in the Power Chamber as Hillary and Jamie teleported in. “Rangers I have bad news, Jamie you and Hillary can’t fully power zords, but together you can pilot a zord...” Zordon said

Ninjor continued “I give you the Superzord VII, Titantis.” On the viewing globe a giant blue Titantis with yellow guns, head and neck. “Learn it and it will serve you well.”

“Let’s go.” was all that was said by Hillary before leaving.

Tommy and the other rangers minus Hillary and Jamie were walking along then sudenly a Blue and Yellow Super Ranger teleported in and fired upon the unmorphed rangers and knocked them unconcius. Then they stole the other rangers gems and morphers and tied them up.

“This is great! I control the guns ...” said Hillary

“...while I pilot.” Jamie finished the sentence. “Have you seen the ultrazord configuration?”

“Yeah, this is so cool, it even has a seven disk CD player.”

“Same here, have you found the headphones yet”

“Acording to the readout there built into our helments, seems the originals liked music during fights to.” Hillary replied. All of the suden the alarms went off.

“Jamie, Hillary, bring Titantis to the abandoned warehouse district it seems the Super Gold, and Super Megazord is destroying everything in sight and I can’t contact the other rangers.”

Jamie said, “Okay Zordon. Back to action!”

“How are we going to fight our friends?” Jamie asked.

“Just consider them the enemy, but no killing them.”

“We can’t.”

“We must.”


When the rangers woke up they were in the dark dimension with Ecliptor holdin their morphers and power gems. “I thought that P. E. would have destroyed you by now.” T.J. said jokingly.

Ecliptor replied “No, he decided to destroy Astronama and Darconda, because they were leading. Me, I get you.”

“Split up rangers.” Andros yelled. The rangers circled Ecliptor and fought bravely until Cassie snuck behind the then fighting Ecliptor and got all six morphers and gems. She passed them around the they all morphed and teleported to the park.

As the rangers teleported in the blue and yellow rangers were getting their buts handed to them. “We need help.”

“Never fear T.J.’s here” T.J. yelled as the REAL megazord and Gold Tiger warrior mode showed up and destroyed the fake megazord before it could react but as it fell it turned into a cyclopsis monster.

“Guys form the Super Ultrazord and fire all weopons.” Tommy yelled.

“Lock on and fire.” came the reply in unison. Tommy wondered how things never changed as the cyclopsis fell and blew up.

The End... for now

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