Disclaimer: I Don’t own any part of the Power Rangers, I got most of my ideas from the PRiS, MMPR, PRZ and PRT TV shows. All else I created, thank you. So please don’t copy without permission. This is part five in my overall Super Rangers series

Rangers Fall
By Super Ranger VI

The alarms blared at the command center. In response a pair of droids shuffled in together.

“Alpha 5 check the monitors, Alpha 6 call the rangers, there is a disturbance in the morphing grid’s dark side.”

“Yes, Zordon.” replied A-5

While A-6 said, “Sure thing, big boss man.”

“Alpha, don’t call me that.”

“Sure thing, Z-man”

“Why bother?”

A group of eight totally diferent teens with one big secret were sitting at their usual table when the timeless six tones came from their braclets. They all ran to a corner of the Surf Spot that strangly was never ocupied.

“Yes Zordon.” Andros and Tommy said at the same time.

“Sorry.” Tommy said quietly

“Please teleport to the Power Chamber”

“On the way.” Andros said alone.

“Rangers, the time that I have always feared is upon us, Pure Evel has released the sentenals of the evil side of the Morphing Grid.” Zordon explained to the rangers who had just arrived.

“Don’t worry Zordon, we have experience with evil from the M.G.” replied Tommy.

“You don’t understand, you can’t destroy them.”

All the rangers had a simple answer, “Huh?”

“The are the embodiment of the evil side of the grid. If you destroy them, then there are two posibilities. One, the Morphing grid will be destroyed, including your ranger powers. Two, the powers will return to the person who called the sentenels. You all will have to face your sentenels alone. Andros, you will face Fier, Tommy, you will face Gravetae, Jamie, you will face Watar, Hillary, you will face Eir, T.J., you will face Deth, Carlos, you will face Erth, Ashley, you will face Plent, Cassie, you will face Enargy. You must defeat them but don’t destroy them. This will be a great chalenge,”

“We can do it, Zordon.” said Andros.

“We can do nothing until they strike, so return to your lives but be careful.”

Not finished...Yet